Looking for Mackerel-- hard to find-- it'd be nice to have the frozen Ballyhoo's baits with you- either pre-rigged with Circle Hooks or J hooks.


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Lat 33.36:23 / Log 117.53:53

Tue: Winds variable 10 kt or less...becoming W 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft and SW 3 ft.
Wed: Winds variable 10 kt or less...becoming W 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. W swell 2 to 3 ft.
Thu: SW winds 5 to 15 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft and S 2 to 3 ft.
Fri: W winds 5 to 15 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft and S 2 to 3 ft.

Split Cane Bamboo Rods, Built with classic club specifications.

 3 thread, 6 thread and 9 thread rods  Each one signed and dated. Custom colors available for Christmas

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Still chasing the dorado and yellowfin/ bluefin and small yellows below the border-- although the bite was not that strong today-- a few fish but not crashing schools of fish around--  maybe it's a moon or time of day thing.

San Clemente Islands looks to be open this weekend-- enjoy it--
 Boats headed south this year-- better stock up on some wire for the Wahoos,

  All you want  on the 12- 15 yellowfin-- double 220's-12:09pm

Wednesday fishing just outside the 182 saw a feeder, spun on it and had it come up on the short tuna feather, no marlin jigs in the spread. Fish ate the jig, loaded up the rod, then was gone. Cool to see though. Water was blue and 70.5, fog and lots of windchop
Captain Bryan Z.  El Gato Sportfishing

They're down deep -- put a sinker on, drop down deep --we're down about 100 - 200 ft  on the Hidden Bank-- Bluefins and Yellowfin

---------------------Tuesdays Reports ------------------

Rat yellowtails found under a paddy 51 over 55- boaters out searching for better grounds- heading south west from there- Earlier the Hidden Bank had some yellowfin- 55/ 28 Cedar plugs purple Rapala, purple and black feather and paddy fish there .
  we're up to nine yellowfin- pretty much right on the bank-- we kinda drifted off that paddy-- it's slowed down but your welcome to give it a try--

 We could see a couple of jumpers--- had a good Jag on the meter- got over it and -- it's a giant school -- at least we know they're here--- only one hooked now - must have gotten 10- 12 of em'--     We got down here-- there's a big current break--inside it was greener where your at--   S/W it's 71.4 beautiful blue water here- there a big line of foam on that break, didn't see any kelps coming down -- maybe just one little scrap--

Warm water off northern Baja- 80 degrees below Turtle Bay

 9 up and 16 out sportboats working- fair on the kelps-

Some big 25- 30lb Dorado being taken on the troll-'

Lobster'ers said they did well with the hoops in this past weekend's opener

Marlin seen - broke off on the 209 jig fish-- where have all the marlin gone?
 Hot weather like this you'd think just about anything that could float would be on the water
-- but not the case-- at least not many on the radios these days-- a little chatter in the morning outgoing hours - some chit chat mid day and the afternoons boastful hours of the days catches-- - 4pm not that good for today's outing for many of the boats running south of the border-- the Hidden Bank ( halfway to the 1010 trench) held a smattering of yellowfin- some bigger dodo's on the troll


---------------- ---------------------
Mondays Oct 1 2012

Private and sport boats working the double 220-s, 1010 and Hidden Banks area this morning-- seas fair- a little wind swell-- scattered troll fish catches of Dorado and smaller yellowfin so far- rat yellows under some of the kelps-

Spots of thick fog- mid channel and along the coast-- most of it burnt off by noon-
couple of tailers seen 01/ 18
 Foggy mid channel

 For boats headed to the south this week--- check out  passageweather.com -- JD

a few more jumpers seen today---

got a paddy loaded here if you want it-- 21:83 and 22:02 outside Coronado islands  3:45pm

 fog went away for the most- blown away by a stiff westerly-- heat driven- towards sunset it backed off

The Weekends Reports

 If you haven’t kept up on it—good fishing south of the border with numerous small yellowtail a few keepers, yellowfin schoolies 10- 15 some 20- 25 lbers + catches of Bluefin and Albacore reported in the cooler water outside, Dorado catches in the warmer water –some nice size ones—seas much better today than yesterday although this heat we have will bring in a fresh westerly each day--  time to go fishing— 1010, double 220, outside to the N/E and S/E of the 1010,the Hidden Bank held fish Butterfly also with some tunas, marlin- looks good for another month at least—San Clemente Island looks to be open all this coming week- Oct 1- 7

Sunday afternoon- boats returning from the 1010 trench area- towards the Hidden Bank- 56 over 29/ Big 30-+Albacore on the jigs B & W, Cedar plugs--


Thank You for your Patronage

John Doughty

JD’s Big Game Tackle


The Elusive Striped Marlin--- there’s a few around but not great numbers—San Clemente island- up to the 499, top, bottom and backsides of Catalina, the Ridge below it – some seen below the border---- all seen but very few hungry for what we’ve been trying to feed them—reports of feeders on sheets of small and large sauries seen and those marlin that were caught had been feeding on squid. But don’t give up yet there’s still be better half of the season yet to come, they’ll gang up in 2- 6 sleepers at a time- and groups of tailers will surf down Fall westerly swells.Stand By

Tuna fishing reported very good near the 1010 trench and from there uphill to the west it’s developing.

Headed south this fall—Give JDs a call for Mexican fishing permits and the much needed tackle you’ll need—JD



JD--- Hope all is well. I thought I would share this dorado I caught a few days ago. Nice fish. Biggest I've seen locally for the season. We got 14 others. All were quality fish. 15 miles from home.
 Great fishing and diving. One kelp. We filled the kill box and left. Hundreds of fish around.
Sincerely, Ryan G and Charlie A.



ILTT Results--- Greetings JD-Here is an update from the ILTT ,San Diego Marlin Club.
Two fish were caught ,both released. Bob Woodard Jr. was the angler on the Flying Fish. The second fish was caught by Marcus Hale on OLD BLUE. Both fish were taken between the 181 -209 area.
The only action for the Squared Away  was a "Pesky's Tailer".We did find a area with a lot of life 8 miles NW of the 43,water temp hit 74 and a we metered a lot of bait balls.We worked that area until lines out (Saturday). We did see a large Basking Shark in the area
Wayne S.  San Marlin Club

 West side of the 1010 yellowfin tuna dorado and yellowtails-- no albis yet--

Tournament Morning

24x30 original oil painting by Kenn Backhaus Available now  at the Debra Huse Gallery on Balboa Island!  Click on the painting for a bigger view or call 949-723-6171



 Private Sportfishers getting ready to head south for the Fall season-- gearing up with the heaver tackle for Blues and Black-- or the daisy chained squids for the stripers off Mag-- which, early October will be with the Blues and Black -- They may not have to go all that far either-- the waters are pushing 76/ 80 near Turtle Bay- that 100 to1000 fathom shelf that extends out from from Punta Abrejos up to San Benitos Island should have big fish all along it--- Good Luck- JD



 --------- The Weekends events-----

Dozens of sportfishers headed to the island over the past few day securing mooring cans , making bait , pre- fishing - the $$$ games are about to begin---  starting Sunday it's the




 Official Weight on that YFT, ..427# Certified, submitting for IGFA Record


Just returned from my annual trip to Vancouver Island with my college bros. Fishing was excellent this year. Here I have an 11lb Coho I caught on a vintage Hardy bamboo fly rod. Pretty cool! Cheers,
Peter B






New Hi-5 Lures with Dorado and Marlin attracting sparkling lures!  Flyers with sparkling wings--


Hey JD, Here are a few photos of the White Shark we saw yesterday. We found some birds in the gyro's and thought they were on bait til we found this guy. An area about the size of a football field of blood. She was a big girl. Watched here nearly finish off the whole seal in about 30 minutes. Also had 4 jumpers and 2 tailers in that zone. No bites. Kelsey Lee.

  Question on eating Dorado Roe ( Dolphin Roe)

The best way to serve dolphin roe, is the same way they serve shad roe, up north.....dredged in flour and sauteed in butter with a little fresh garlic. "Sauteed," might be a little bit of a misnomer, since you want to cook all roe rather slowly, so that the outside doesn't burn, before the inside is cooked.
To me, dolphin roe tastes better than the fish itself. To the poster who experienced a strong flavor, I might suggest you ate an over-ripe pair. Dolphin roe has 3 stages, where the culinary aspect is concerned:
Under-ripe....A solid deep yellow color and undersized sacs, for the size of the fish. Individual eggs will barely be visible.
Perfect....Larger "normal" sized sacs for the size of the fish. A solid but lighter yellow color, with individual eggs visible. Extra membrane material is easier removed with roe in this stage of
Over-ripe...The yellow color lightens even more and may take on a pink undertone. Individual eggs, (yolks and whites) are clearly distinguishable. These eggs are ready to be expelled. Also, the membrane material by now is rather thick and more difficult to remove without breaking the sac. BTW, this stuff hardens up and is quite chewey when cooked.


Swordfish tides today and through this weekend--- stand by----JD's has rigged Swordfish Squids available -- pick one up before you go out of the harbor- -- better yet - with the calm seas forecasted one could go marlin , dorado and yellowtail fishin during the day --- then find a good temp break over drop-off canyon or high spot and spend a few hours deep dropping for a swordfish!  Good Luck!



Bait rigging with Ballyhoos-- simple and effective- and not too hard to do




Missing--- in action -- Jimmy and Tracy's FAD,  (Fish Aggregating Device) Their own personal wedding gift a - FAD last seen off Abalone Pt-- 33:32 21.42 / 117: 50.43.89 - storm surge, wind  and currents must have moved it away-- if found please report locations !

----------------- -------






the deep-dropping rig-- E-Mails from the wizard at it from New Zealand-- Jerry G. sent this suggestion on how they revised their deep drop rigs, I'll need a bigger boat!




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The Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research, PIER, is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable fisheries management through applied field research and public education.  Through their studies they recommend using Circle Hooks and heavy tackle to minimize fight time for the release of Thresher Sharks

 If you can save the heads - turn them in to your local landing or drop them off at the BAC  if possible for scientific study-- the Newport's White Sea Bass Grow-Out pen will be receiving an est. 4500 fingerling WSB this coming Thursday-- the fingerling have a small wire/ coded chip inserted in their cheeks which when  caught as an adult will be able to show some of their factors in rearing, salinity, type of foods used etc for a better portrayal on how they are doing



~~~~~~~~~~~This Seasons catches ~~~~~~~~



































2012 East Pacific Hurricane Season starts May 15- to Nov 30th - first five names storms--    Aletta, Bud, Carlotta, Daniel, Emilia and Fabio


New tool on the internet, access to vessels traveling throughout the world using the AIS systems -Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic and Positions     which allow one to view and identify a vessel off their radar.   For navigation  to help better ID approaching vessels by name and know it's  particulars  or even family and friends can follow the vessels transit when crossing the open seas .



Mustad  Hooks has a State and World record contest going o now---

See the current records for the 10 species included in the Mustad  Hook a million   State & World Record Contest

   For most up-to-date information seek your state’s Department of Natural Resources or Fish and Wildlife Service website.

World Records Options: For Calif State and All Tackle the bars been set high with a 14.7lb Calico Bass set in Oct 2 1993 by Tom Murphy fishing out of Newport Beach!

World Records
State Records
State Records



--------------------- no longer fishing the reefs  and kelp beds off Laguna-- the Forbidden Zone-- -


Those pleasant trips below the harbor - enjoying the scenery and good fishing with your children, wife or friends are no longer permitted due to some idiotic woman and the Laguna Beach city council--  shame on them- Hope they all get voted off their positions,



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 Boaters wanting to check their VHF Radio 's can call Ch 27 and ask for a radio check -- an automated radio replaying of your own voice is replayed back, along with some Sea Tow advertisement-- if you cant hear anything-- your not putting out!! !



Baja Mexico   Note old prices-- ! JD

--Fuel Prices change for Diesel probably up from there, fueling in Ensenada, $2.54?? , In Turtle Bay $3, at the Cape-- $2.75??, La Paz $2.45??  and on the mainland P.V. $2.63???   Turtle Bay-  Fuel at Turtle Bay -- New dock extended off the old one- -- Phone # of the fuel pier. 01 615 158 0383 -- San Jose's new marina where fueling runs $2.80  fuel in San Carlos/ Mag Bay at $2.07 a gal

Cabo San Lucas FISHING:  Fly Hooker Sportfishing



Mexico's--- Subject: Temp import permit

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https://www.banjercito.com.mx/iitv/sitio/html/cte_h_iitvembarcacion_ing_2.php?pago=S It takes about week or better to apply for - JD -

Mainland Mexico

Puerto Vallarta.  

Bahia Navidad.  

Mexico, Ixtapa/ Zihuatanejo

Costa Rica-


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This last year marks  35 years I've been here in this same location on Balboa Island  hearing fish stories,  30 years + from calling in a weekly fish report to the WON and local newspapers, now this -the web site, this past month 1,750,000 hits, 30 +years of outfitting private boats, yachts and super yachts,  of fishing around the globe or watching the Balboa Island Ferry go back and forth with it's little hoot as it crosses the bay. 30 +years of helping kids with drop lines and cut shrimp to growing up and fishing marlin, now their kids come in and I outfit their boats. This shop may not be the easiest to get to but it's one of the nicest locations to have a tackle shop-  Thank you for all for your patronage over the years- JD

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Great fishin' off Puerto Vallarta, ....some Huge Yellowfin Tuna!  302 1/2 lbs, 80lb tackle, 1hr 12 min: ---JD

Later in the afternoon when the telephone booths began to grow dark at the edges, I punched out of the creek and went home. I had that hunchback trout for dinner. Wrapped in cornmeal and fried in butter, its hump tasted sweet as the kisses of Esmeralda.

-----  Uncle Melford and Dad---My old man on the right- uncle on the left-- sold em' for a $1 apiece and went dancing at the Rendezvous ballroom that night--

A good site for the seabirds is  http://www.montereyseabirds.com/SeabirdTripSpeciesList.htm  , or--  http://www.pbase.com/jpkln/image/ 

Online Cataloga

  nihil lucratus sine labor laboris





Damn Pesky Sharks--


Nate Dunham with his Thresher shark f- Great photo-- shows how using circle hooks  lets the angler hook the shark in the mouth and can be released if wanted