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.Synopis. Generally weak onshore flow will prevail through Saturday. Days are long now enjoy them while you can-

.TODAY...Wind west 10 knots with gusts to 15 knots. Wind waves around 2 feet 3 feet this afternoon. Mixed swell west 2 feet at 5 seconds and south 2 to 3 feet at 16 seconds. Patchy drizzle this morning. .. .WEDNESDAY...Wind west 10 to 15 knots. Wind waves around 2 feet 3 feet afternoon. Mixed swell west 2 to 3 feet at 5 seconds and south 2 to 3 feet at 15 seconds. Patchy drizzle in the morning. . .THURSDAY...Wind west 10 knots. Gusts to 15 . Wind waves around 2 feet or less. Mixed swell west 3 feet at 6 seconds and south 2 feet at 14 seconds. Patchy drizzle in the morning. .FRIDAY...Wind variable less than 10 knots...west 10 knots. Wind waves around 2 feet or less. Mixed swell west 3 feet and south 2 feet. .SATURDAY...Wind variable less than 10 knots...becoming west 10 knots in the afternoon. Wind waves around 2 feet or less. Mixed swell west 2 to 3 feet and southwest 2 feet.

For the forecast the pressure gradient between subtropical Pacific high pressure centered N of the Hawaiian Islands and a surface trough in the Gulf of California will support pulses of fresh winds during the overnight and early morning hours west of the Baja Peninsula. Fresh to strong S to SW gap winds will briefly occur in the northern Gulf of California each night through the forecast period. Seas of 4-6 ft in mixed swell will persist across the Mexico offshore waters through the week.

And the East Coast??

Tropical cyclone formation is not expected during the next 7 days. North Pacific hurricane season runs from May 15th through November 30th.

! 1- 800 660 5030 1- 800 660 5030-

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2023 Tide Logs are in!






------ Tuesdays Report-- 5/30/23 good day for ducks-- drizzle and a few rain drops, overcast and on the cool side - wind light to fair from the west putting a small wind chop on it-- Tides are building again with the filling moon-- we'll see how that effects the Bluefin bite--



Spent the last week or better with a bit of free time here and there- sanding down those bamboo blanks that I've been woking on-- all dozen of the 9 thread mid/light blanks have been razor blade flat filed down, then plain sanded with 220 grit paper to get straight as possable and now only 5 left to finish off with the smoothets finish with the 400 grit sandpaper-- then to the first dip in varnish , curing and another wet sanding of 400 paper, anothre varnish dip and maybe one more sanding and varnish to get the desired smoothness and finished desired- before guide wraps and handles to be insalled- -


And in a land far away and a lone time ago-- when you could fish for them legally- Giant Black Sea Bass- the King of basses-- were sought after-- big and tough, they'd eat just about anything-- good baits for them were half/cuts bonitos tossed as chum every 15- 20 minutes, lobsters with hooks rubber banded to them, small smoothound sharks, sand dab's sewn back to back so their white sides exposed either way when they settled on the bottom, fun stuff- . Anchor up, toss out some chum, set up the bait outfit , get out a deck of cards -- throw over a bucket and get a pot full of seawater put it on the alcohol stove and boil up some onions for a sandwich later on-- a beer and a fish story or two, more chum and--- the line would move out-- click-- click-- click--- stand by for some head shaking-

May the 31st 1981 Cami's fish--


Wind backed off so did the seas-- for the late afternoon--


-- Monday May 29 2023- Memorial Day- overcast again with a south wind at 2-4 kts- with sunshine later today-- seas of- lots of boats out locally fishing the reef and structures above the harbor as well as below the harbor in the kelp beds ( no much left in the kelp these days) a few stringers.

Reports come in-- morning hours- of White Sea Bass being caught locally--local spots get crowded now that those wonderful MLPA zones concentrate all the fishermen into regulated areas, getting away from some of the other boats and noise, sea bass don't like noise- helps--- finding schools of bait being worked off the flats above Newport's pier resulted in one nice bass this morning--- and another onereported from below the harbor just a few minutes later , there's a few around- remember to save the heads and drop the off at the Balboa Angling Club

--great research comes from them--




Balboa Angling Club member G.J. Sacco picked up this 45.95 pound WSB on 16 pound, off his boat this morning, which earned him the honor of a BAC “Button” for his collection!!! Nice work G.J. !


------ Sundays May the 28th 2023--

Still overcast- but no wind-- glassy calm here on the beach-- no swell- more to the outside-- Half a dozen boats fishing the local art reefs this morning-- not much happening a few bass that's it--current switching around






------- May the 27 2023----- Sat and weather still on the overcast sky mode--wind today from the west early with 5-10 kts and a sea and swell with it- Mother Nature vs Neptune in the battle of elements for the West coast weather this year-- before you know it-- it'll clear off and expose miles of blue water- stand by--

Lots of folks out-- wandering around

Sure is a different world in regards to boating these days--- Early morning departures in the dark to get to the tuna grounds ( below Clemente) was common, today looking out the window mid morning going out the harbor was an 35 ft 'er powered by 5 big outboards heading to the grounds- , I would be surprised if they weren't back here by sunset this afternoon-- with fish!

And with an look at the other side of the coast- Western Atlantic Gale Warning: A 1005 mb low pressure is centered near 30N79W off northeast Florida. This low is expected to gradually lift northward today and move north of 31N this evening. the low is generating gale-force northerly winds along with 12 to 18 ft seas off the coast of NE Florida. Additionally, latest ASCAT satellite scatterometer imagery reveals fresh to strong northerly winds offshore from Cape Canaveral. Model and buoy data suggest seas are from 10 to 14 ft. These conditions will persist offshore from Cape Canaveral through this afternoon. Winds and seas will gradually diminish from south to north by this evening as the low moves north of the area.-


Well the west stayed with us all day-- not bad but continuous - fair traveling with the 10 kt west wind, moving offshore the water cleans up 4- 5 miles and there you'll find hoards or herds of Mola Molas facing into the west wind? 14 Mile Bank had the bottom drifters for cods and whatever bite their lines, a few Risos around water not bad looking, some bait around. -- Stand By---


May 26th Friday and the long weekend ahead of us- it's already started this morning, the harbor woke to diesels rumbling and voices carrying over the bay waters as boaters heading out early. Prospects for the weekend are fair with still an overcast sky its high up and partly cloudy a gentle west wind pushing it along , seas good. Locally live sardines at the harbors entrance between the jetty's and Dana also good bait available, San Pedro and Long Beach should have the dines and maybe some live squid left- It could be found at Catalina, maybe CH 11 VHF,

Locally as it's been for the past week an improving bite for the sand and calico bass, morning early best or that afternoon incomming tide and a switching currents either up or down hill determines your best set up for a bite-- Offshore towards the south good score for the Yellowtails, kelp fishing -bring the binos and below Clemente the bluefin bite . no marlin yet-- swordfish?

That westerly kept up for the day-- putting a swell and wind chop on the water- clouded up to after a mid day sun-- oh well still winter--

Looks a little sporty out there tomorrow morning on the tuna grounds

Windy's forecast 8 am Sat morning--


Sunday not as bad and monday better--

Coming across from Catalina this afternoon reported a large baitball seen off Long Point 2 miles looked real fishy, and five off the coast of Newport pods of Riso's whales

Good luck if you get out tomorrow- bring a jacket-- and some bait

-- JD


--------- Thursdays May the 25th 2023------ Light overcast with the chance of blue later today-- wind light from the south 2-4 kts seas calm- several boats heading out today to get a jump on the moorings at Catalina - others out enjoying a boat ride-

Well the sun tried but lost out to the overcast and cooler day wind turned west and kept cloudy.

Reports of a few WSB along the coastal haunts -and a fair bite on the calicos and sand bass, seal problems playing havoc on some of the live baits.

San Diego sports and privates working the waters below Clemente island, not many but there were a few of the 100+ model Bluefins strikes on the trolled lures- long days for a few bites.

Weekend weather looks windy on the tuna grounds Friday, Sat and Sunday-- Monday morning looks best-- stand by--



<-- a water temp image of the West Coast last year at this time

<-2022-- 2023-->


what we currently have->>- of note is the reduction of the cooler water north of us and the strength of that warmer water from the outside south from here. -- stand by

<-2022-- 2023-->

A look at a 14 day composite of the west coast Chlorophyll charts from last year 2022 and so fay this year 2023 notable is the plankton free waters South from here and to the west for miles and miles it's clean blue water





--------- May the 24th-- the sky turned blue-- seaward a layer of clouds but above the land it was blue --wind from the south for most of the day 5-10 kts light wind chop on the water-- temps around 62 degrees-

Maybe we'll get a better satellite water temp image

Good luck tomorrow if you get out--

----------------- Gray May the 23 23------ Overcast and drizzle today- doesn't look as though it will clear off later day-wind from the south2-5 kts- seas calm with a swell under it- water temps remain stable and ever increasing under this canopy of overcast sky. Coastal fishing fair- with quite a few boats out-- other than a few grumpy old bass and a calico or two and maybe a chance at a WSB or halibut off the bottom, good news at least on the amount of breezing smaller 5-7 inch green backed mackerel around,-- From Newport towards the HB Flats -- inside 100 ft depth shoals of it found.

Congrats to the T/C and SO.Calif T/C on their catches of halibuts, White Sea Basses and the Yellowtails - and a Goatfish-

Good anglers every one of them- some remarkable fights with the lighter tackle , even 8 and 12 lb dacron and linen lines making a sport out of the game fish.

- A look ahead to the Navy's schedule for San Clemente Island - From Friday 1400s/ 2 pm the Cove and most of the island is open for anchorage-Sat-- Sunday and Monday--


Little different day today switching uphill and downhill currents and the wind bounces back and forth too- not as good fishing today--

tomorrow better-


Closed on Mondays-- finished painting the fence this morning-- going fishing now! caught a few smaller calicos- and the bottom a couple times- fought good-too! -


---- May the 21st 2023- Sunday and lots of folks out - weather ok but lingering overcast sky keeps some of the excitement of the day muted --no wind- seas calm and slowly warming

Late tonight grunion run around 10:30-11 pm, have fun

Seabass halibuts and yellows towards the upper islands-- Santa Barbara Is. too-not sure if the Catalina bite every developed , calicos and sand bass here on the beach- Lots of boats working below Clemente towards the banks below there- both bluefin and yellows-- even that Mad Max Craze has started with 150 lb fish taken on them so far-

Here we go--


Note to think about-- it's the middle of May the Eastern Pacific Hurricane season has started on the 15th , of note and over the past few days was the volume of tropical moisture developing between Coast Rica and Ecuador and this morning a low is producing a large area of disturbed weather extending a couple hundred miles northeast of the Bahamas --- early for them The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th.

Widespread convection along the monsoon trough across the eastern Tropical Pacific continues to flare across Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia this morning, S of 10N, and has developed across portions of Venezuela in recent hours. Upper level atmospheric conditions are expected to remain favorable for continued strong convection across these areas through Monday

and in other News--

Two large eruptions from Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico near 19N98.6W have been observed overnight, sending volcanic ash as high as 32000 ft into the atmosphere. Winds at middle and upper levels have transported the ash E-NE to the coast, and over nearshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico------ ( New Moon Phase) the earth's plates stretches apart-



------ Sat and it's quiet so far-- not much radio traffic if any at all, seas are good overcast sky and a very light west wind here on the beach-- due to blow up on the outside later tonight and tomorrow- ,

The four of them must have caught and released fifty bass this morning-- Gold and Black was the hot color for the bass up to 4 lbs-- almost every cast was a strike they had a blast-- 62 degree water not quite clean green but no red tide--- the key was to start early-- by 8-9 am the bite was over and only a scratch bite after that-- coastal bass fishing--

SD fleet fishing the tunas were ;ust below the 43 and inside the US/Mex Border line and out to the West Butterfly- lots of boats- looks like the knife syle jigs at night accounted for the bigger 75/80lb fish-

We wont see the sun till July-


-- Friday--- May the 19th 2023-------- Again an overcast and light drizzle here on the beach-- no sun-- maybe this afternoon-- big surf on the south facing beaches-- the wedge was going off earlier- otherwise a nice ocean-- no wind-

SD report--5/19/23 The Islander called in with 21 Bluefin Tuna (40-80lbs) for 12 on there 1st day of a 3 day trip. The Pacific Queen called in with 70 Bluefin Tuna (40-80lbs) for 24 anglers on day 2 of their 3 day trip. The Pegasus called in with 32 Bluefin Tuna(13 @30lbs, 15 @40-80lbs) so far on their overnight trip with 18 anglers.

Boats heading to the island today-- good traveling weather- nice and calm-- headed to the backside of the island, some swell pushed in from the south-- churned up some of the islands waters milking up with the disturbed sediment . Anchorage a little bumpy=

Natchos. Long Beach was said to have live squid for sale-- newport has the sardines and Dana- reported to have both sardinea and chovies-- locally small mackeral and sarides to be caught for bait=-

have fun this weekend-- bring a jacket or sweatshirt- probally no sunshine-- best of Luck-- JD


Thursdays - closed--

--------------------------- Wed's report---------- May the 17th and still an overcast sky here on the beaches- May Gray--and soon June Gloom- still not bad though- waters heating up slowly under all this cloudcover--

Tides building--

T/C having their annual White Sea Bass tournament this weekend--- best of luck to them-- CI looks ok for Thurs and Friday's weather-- Sat and Sunday it'll be blowing from the dock counts 20 fish WSB yesterday for 64 anglers- , back side of Catalina looks good, some fish there too.

midday sun then it goes way again-

5/17/2023 The Liberty called in with 30 Yellowtail for 20 anglers on their full day trip. The Pacific Queen called in with 16 bluefin and 79 yellowtail so far for their 3 day trip. The Condor returned this morning with 1 Bluefin Tuna and 10 Yellowtail for 10 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 18 Bluefin Tuna and 15 Yellowtail for 6 anglers on a 2 day trip.

------------- Tuesdays Report -May the 16th and we're into the Eastern Pacific Hurracain Season- now till November the 30th-- we'll see how the approaching El Nino warming waters reflect in the tropical storms season- Stand by!

Coastal waters warming under these relative calm days and nights with the relaxed winds Tides will be flowing in and out strong through the week and into the weekends with the New Moon phase--

Locally both the sand and calico bass fishing improved, espcially off the art. reefs and structures spots north of newport and on the Huntington Flats.

A look at the current currents along the equatoral waters, we'll see what happens over the next month or two- or three or four - standing by





local fishing fair 63 and clean green till the tide switched to a red dirty tide fishing shut off after that

Closed on Mondays-- fence painting and maybe a shot at croaker-- nope only yard work, weeds and fence work


and a year ago- a visit to the past-



---- Sundays And it's Mom's Day May the 14 2023----- Still a bit on the overcast side here on the beach and seaward- clearing towards the noon hours. wind light maybe 2-3-4 kts south seas calm.

Seabass, a few halibuts and cods up off the outer upper islands, below the border Bluefin tunas, mostly a night time bite-- but that will change over the next month.



Time goes by quickly-- a year ago this weekend , fishing the Lower Tummel River , Highlands of Scotland with my Gillie and beat for the day, Atlantic Salmon with a Spey rod and reel , no strikes but had a couple fish roll on the fly, good miller hatch came off the water during the warmth of the mid mornings suns , small trouts were at them , flights of ducks winging their way upstream- Nice memories--




Sun made it out for about a hour-- then clouded up again-- stll light south wind-- no much said on the radio today about fishin'



----------May 13 2023 --- Ahaaa the weekend is upon us-- Sat and a May Gray day here at the beaches--- if like yesterday and the day before around 12-1 it clears off and a light west covers the area-- this morning wind is slight from the south 2 3 kts seas good-- Tides are fair with a early AM high and an afternoon sunset high as well

Seems like I've been at this for weeks now -- the sanding game-- the bamboo to be sanded down smooth and straight as possible- while still retaining it's flex and twist of the six-sided split cane blanks-- almost finished up with the second stage with 220 grit paper on the twelve blanks - next the 400 grit to each side ( another week or two) , #00000 steel wooled, then onto the deep dipped varnishing / curing a week or more , more 400 wet sanding, another varnish and curing- then grips and handles then guide and thread wraps--then epoxy of guides, and final assembly- a lot of work for a rod that will be something like that of a 1940's rod, old school-

finished one today- two more to go

-Gray day here on the beach-- never really cleared up-- heat inland drew in the sea's marine cloudcover- probably more the same till there's a more equal relationship



---------- Friday May the 12th 2023-- Welcome May Gray again--- no wind and no sky- clam seas and overcast, not many on the radio today-- several boats out early today-- heading to the islands for the weekend- with hopes of big fish-or sunshine

Sky cleared- west began and stayed fresh for most of the afternoon- starting to feel like a regular beach day-

Not much said on the radio these day-- couple of local sailing or yacht clubs talking-- Opening day is tomorrow--- that means you have your yacht inspected by those with high noses and preferences of the upper class-- polished hulls, oiled teak decks, chromed railing brightened, all screws in line and everything in order - Ship Shape--my boat wouldn't qualify-

The newport Bait barges is there now, I believe sardines on the menu. catalina might have the squid, a radio check will help- seabass tournament coming up next week for the T/C and other clubs,

Who knows there might be a wandering school of Bluefin tunas around?

Good luck- this weekend

--------------- Thursday May the 11 2023--- nice day-- light south wind some marine haze and cloud cover- spots of sun coming through mid morning- seas look good -slowly warming--San Pedro- Weather Buoy Water Temperature (WTMP): 61.2 °F, Torrey Pines -63.1 °F, San Clemente Weather Buoy at: 60.1 °F

San Diego boats targeting the Bluefin Tunas night time bite seemed the best-- on adverage one fish per day per angler- except the smaller yellows

05/11/2023 The Pacific Queen called in with 67 Bluefin Tuna (70 to 90 lbs. average with 20 @ 120 to 170 lbs.) and 94 Yellowtail for 24 anglers on a 3 day trip. The Condor called in with 9 Bluefin Tuna so far on their 2.5 day trip with 8 anglers. The Fortune returned this morning with LIMITS (44) of Bluefin Tuna ( 40 to 180 lbs.) from their 2 day trip with 11 anglers. They had 12 Bluefin between 100 and 150 lbs and the majority were in the 80 lbs. range. The Islander returned this morning with 9 Bluefin Tuna and 4 Yellowtail for their 1.5 day trip with 21 Anglers

Nice day except a west sprang up and kelp so0me of the smaller boats off the water--

looks like a nice weekend coming-- maybe some fog?



---- Wed May the 10th 2023-------- Nice day-wind stayed light from the south all day-- Sea Bass bite was said to be improving CI fish were a smaller grade-

San Clemente Island Navy-- Jet crash! not good

good luck tomorrow-- JD

----- Tuesdays Report- May the 9th and that month just sails along-- long days and short nights now-- enjoy them- soon it'll change little over a month from now-- Morning hours started clean by mid morning cloudcover and a gray overcast sky, wind light 2-3 kts from the south seas good- a mix of swell in there but far but not bad.

A check on th4e San Clemente Navy's schedule shows a mix of timing for this coming weekend at the "Cove"--- Friday open till 1800 / 6 pm - then Hot till 0100 / 1 am Sat , then open the rest of the night till Sat afternoon at 1800/6 pm it goes Hot/ Active again till 2200/ 10pm - open the rest of the night and day till Sunday afternoon 1800/6 pm till 10 pm open the rest of the night and Monday too- the following weekends also a mix of timing--

San Diego report-- 5/09/2023 The Pegasus just called in with 10 BFT (7 @120-170, rest at 60-80) on their 1.5 day trip with 12 anglers. The Islander returned this morning with 11 BFT and 13 Yellowtail from their 2 day trip with 11 anglers. The Pacific Queen Returned this morning with 5 Bluefin Tuna and 25 Yellowtails on their 1.5 day trip with 32 Anglers.


Closed on Monday-- took the day off -caught a small Grass Rockfish (females produce 80- 176,000 eggs annually) and some smelt, lots of them around- and a few smaller mackerels for baits - that was it- no halibuts or seabass- nice day though, dolphins working just outside us chasing mackerels and the bait - fence got a hours work on it too!

-- Sunday and a day of rest-- beautiful day-- a few clouds around wind is light from the south seas OK- still a bit on the cool side- air feels it- still feels like October-- A lot of that green algae and moss that's in the harbors and bays- is starting to break up

Newport's bait receiver is in and has sardines for sale--

---Sat May the 6th 2023-------Nice day-- started out good by noon west began by 5 it was steady west 12-15 otherwise a nice day -----------

Lots of folks out-- although no reported big catches of fish-, there's a few halibuts around mostly small males-- the grunion close to the beach might help in the shallower 30- 50 ft depth for them-- Bass should be biting

Water temps all along the coastline appear to be above the 60 degree mark- even up to 62 --all looks promising-


-May 5 2023 ---- Friday-- that wonderful day again-- let a few rain drops help the flowers and trees along ---helps the fish too- then a better weekend ahead- Cloudy sky's today- wind Sat afternoon - Moons full Cinco de Mayo and the tides are strong-

Yellows are showing up at the islands-- 10-15+lbs-



----------- May the 4th- still feels like October- scatter rain showers and some wind behind it-, seas bumpy- not may out today--


Another look a month later of the Chlorophyll chart ( plankton) for the West Coast showing a 14 day spread, The off colored plankton rich waters for the year 2022 extended off the Oregon and Wash coast westwards for 400+ miles, and the far offshore waters below the border held only a small amount of plankton.


So far this year 2023- that rich plankton waters off the northern waters have been kept closer to the coastline due to those winds of Northern Pacific Gyro systems this past winter and earth's rotation Coriolis effect . Also of note is the southern offshore waters which appear to be almost devoid of any plankton a clean clear water


With all those Vella Vellas around and the Mola-Mola feeding on them- probably be someone's gonna put on a gob of Vella-Vellas to catch a Mola-Mola,!


- Wed's May the 3rd 2023-- Still feels like October-- scattered clouds-- clearing wind then a south wind later today-- seas ok with a mix of swell and small wind chop--, coastal waters under 60 degrees and looks a little milky green today--

Wind stayed south for most of the day-- cool breeze and a bit bumppy out there today-- not many out-- local partyboats fished the 14 today-- bottom stuff.

Getting colder -- sure wish that El Nino warm water would get here--


Interesting , Steve dropped by the other day-- showed me a copy of the California dock totals for the past few years-- California did have Albacore catches last year-- mostly out of Fort Bragg Northern Calif, and the Skipjack counts were way low-- Dorados were over the 100,000 mark and a good catch of Yellowtails

----------- Tuesday May the 2nd 2023-- - Cool it's May now--- weather still not up to the date- but that's what it is-- Wind southwest 30+ kts- seas a little bumpy with the wind chop and west swell

Albacore!--- ---- The thought is that there are two bodies of Northern Albacore and the thinking is they've split a little - some still headed to the Northwest waters, other's in a more southerly path-- at 600 miles they have been reported-- -- we'll see by July the 4th --60 days 600 miles = 10 miles a day-- thats not too unreasable to guess at--





JD’s Big Game Tackle has a limited supply of Blue Ocean soft head lures for sale!!












Currently offering 9 different colors. Mean Joe Green, mackerel, dorado, booger, black and purple, petrolero, pink, KK Special and bleeding mackerel.

Guaranteed to catch something!



- Closed on Mondays -- got another 25 ft of fence painted!

April 30th Sunday and the last day- welcome to winter-- overcast all day and cool-- above the harbor red tide-- below the harbor better but no fish to speak of-- water temps holding at 59 degrees- airs cool too- May Gray soon to come-- one of these days it'll turn around--


------April the 29th- Sat and a calm day it is-- light marine cover morning hours, skies clearing mid morning- light south/west wind 3 5-6 kts- seas good, lots of boats out traveling- -- Out the harbor by 10-11 am-- gentelmen fishers-- the bigger bass having allready feed eariler in the day at sunrise are back in their haunts and resting-- watching the above anglers tossing in their frozen squid and misalinded pastict baits-

Partyboats out of SD were finding fair numbers of the Bluefin and a few offshore kelp tails in the US waters-- just below the 43 and towards the Weather bouy then further south towards the Butterfly banks- good temp breaks helped-- seas will build out there tomorrow-- -- nice catches mixed from 20 lbs to 125+ - limit only two a day per angler-- - (or boat limit)

The Tomahawk returned this morning with 15 Bluefin Tuna (7 @ 60 to 80 lbs.) for 22 anglers on a 2 day trip.,The Liberty called in with 4 Bluefin Tuna and 2 Yellowtail for 19 anglers on their Full Day trip. They are seeing good sign of fish. The Pegasus called in with 19 Bluefin, 10 ranging from 60-100lb, and 6 Yellowtail for their overnight trip. The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 53 Bluefin Tuna for 34 anglers on a 1.5 day trip.

Guy comes in the shop today-- visiting- he'd had a 12 ' ruler tattooed to his outer leg calf, said from where he's from it was a quick way to measure the bass he was catching- ---he was going out with the 3/4 boat catching sculpin-- told him wasn't a good idea to measure the sculpin with his tattoo--

Morning bite was said to be good for the local bass.

wind stayed good for the day still a marine layer seaward today

Good luck tomorrow if you get out-- J

--------------- Fridays -April 28 - almost forgot it was-- Another nice day-- light marine layer seems to be lifting towards the mid morning hours--- light south wind turned to a light west in that clear cloudcover-- 1 -3 kts not much more that that--

and it's the Start of the Sailboat Newport to Ensenada race-- and they're off--- at noon wind forecasted to be a light 5 kts-- up to 8 later this afternoon maybe by tomorrow they'll get there--

Stayed overcast till the mid afternoon hours then picked up from the west to a 6-8 kts at best mostly clouds cover-- not much said on the radio--


Thursdays and a calm day April the 27 overcast with a light west /southwest wind 2-5 kts seas calm there's a swell but far apart- med water 58-60 and air about the same- Tides are almost flat only a three ft exchange today-

Weather looks good for the weekend-


and looking ahead as they say- we're still not through with those Northern Pacfic Gyros Systems-- coming next week--


Local report-- says not much here on the coastline water temps hovering at the 59.9 degree mark- a few sand bass of good size 2-5 lbs still that offcolor red tide above the harbor--

Reports from the Rock Cod Grounds,14 mile bank--glad to have electric reels to bring back the two lbs weights from the 500- 600 ft dept--- but they never got that deep strong downhill current would bend it's decent to the outside never to get that deep- Even though it's not a tidal current it's the active ocean currents-- things are a changing--


And from our friends Jimmy and Tracy-- fishing south this week with Shawn ---catcthing some sun and a few fish.\

Looks like a Amarillo Snapper to me-- !













--- April the 26 th 2023- Wed and an OK day-- water's still on the cool side-- air feels it- wind is light from the west 3-5 kts seas look calm there's a 3-4ft swell on the beach- otherwise nice day sun trying to break though mid morning Tides are mellow-

Got some new lures in the shop the other day-- Nomad, those folks that make the Mad Max Lures-- Australian company that's on the go-- the lures seen advertised a lot these days Vertrex- kinda a shad looking lure, very transparent that's realistic looking, though wired and balanced to swim on the receive with a vibration shimmy, or allows to sunk out vertically and looks alive. Bet the Tuna will eat them well-

Last week fishing the bay- small shiner perch were sabikied for a great bait for the halibut- and match the aVertrex Max 95 Aqua Ghost color



-April the 25th and it's May Gray- or is it June Gloom- either way it feels like it-- overcast gray and a light south wind- no swell to speak of and RED TIDE, thick in parts above Newport towards the HB Flats-- not much metered in it.

With a few hours to spend each dat- a start a scrapping off that outer bark layer of the bamboo to expose it's grain and fiber. Now is the time for shaping of the blank and adjusting some of it's flex to remain stable and straight. The fun begins, each side of each blank has it's own characteristics and nature to follow.

The waters clean up below the harbor-- at least cleaner green-- 40 ft depth you might find a halibut-- got a little wind with the chop in the afternoon's westerly-

Better luck tomorrow--


-Closed on Mondays------Found and fixed the boat's motor problems and part of the fence got painted- -


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sundays April 23rd report- Morning cloud cover- wind freshened from the south leaving a hazy blue above by mid day-- light wind chop on the water-- kinda bumpy- Channel Islands doing well on the WSB and halibuts-- Catalina seeing a few more fish each day- squid related- Grunion ran well over the past few nights

That south stayed wit us for most of the day-- crossing u with a small west swell pu;t you in the tough while at anchoage-- Bass fishing good when you kept into the structureds spots--and overall it's a better weather set up for another weeks of improving conditions--

A look at the chlorophyll charts shows that counter-clockwise spiraling eddy rotation created by the Calif Bight 's and the offshore westerly that propels it.

Waters still cool so's the air- south wind expected over the next few days--

---------- April 22 nd Nice day----! light wind from the southwest- 2 4 kts seas great but still on the cool side-- lots of folks out-- seems like at the beginning of the boating season there's quite a few Vessel Assist calls-- broke down -motors dead, fuel problems etc.

VHF radio was blessed today with several radio calls between friends---receptions was well with broadcast heard within 75 + miles-- boats below the border were seeing a few schools of Bluefin Tuna- hard to get bites though-- "They're here" he says-----chummed them up ----had just hooked one on bait-- 12:47

Got picked up a couple times on the bait but it just didn't stick---

He's got three aboard------ at high speed?-- nothing above eight kts-- he had hooked three of them before he got the first one aboard-- VHF radio report 3:32---- a guess at where-- 43?

Seas wag great and the day to Catalans was nice-- Squid boats moved around from the backside to the front side and making small spanish macs and sardines substituted for the live baits-- Halibuts were targeted and deeper water cods and Ling Cods caught-- some of the halibuts were in tight- shallow 25 ft or so-

-----4/21/23- It's that day again-- the end of the work week for many-- Friday and a weekends of fun and entertainment ahead--maybe even some fishing-- water temps still holding in the 57 degree stage-- at least it's stabilized for a while- Tides are backing off and bait supplies looking better- With that morning and afternoon filling tide there should be some sort of a White Sea bass bite-- maybe even the Yellows will show up and there's the Halibuts to think of not to mention Sand and Calico bass so the weekend has positive outlook as well as the weather looks good too-

Scott was out today working the coastline looking for one of those elusive sea bass-- none for him today-- said there was good signs of bait, above the harbor-- water looked good, lots of sealife around mammals etc, but no sea bass or halibuts for him-- maybe below the harbor?-- or up to the Art reefs above NB and the HB flats.

Good luck this weekend if you get out-- send photos of catch!

--- Thursday's report April the 20 2023--------------- Nice blue sky light west wind-- staying light to fair for the day-- seas good- lots of Vela-Vela's along the beaches, I think Mola-Mola and turtles eat them--

Tides still strong

Now the fun begins-- having received the dozen raw bamboo blanks earlier it's time to get started on them. Specific dimensions were given to determine it's taper, more of a softer bend to protect the line's breaking other than a sharper fast taper which is fashioned to help lift a tunas downwards diving habits. First stripping off that outer thread wrapping that's used to secure all the six sides together during the gluing process. In older days they used horse-hide glue as it remained strong yet flexed with the bending of the fibers of the boo.

. Stripped of the threads the true shape of the blank is revealed, each side varying in bend and twist.

Selecting which is the top side, it's bend, twist and flex all come into play. From there all there's a lot of cutting, sanding and shaping-- having fun- JD


Wind was up for most of the day-- West--

------------ Wed's April the 19th and sunny to boot-- light south wind 3- 6 kts seas good and not many folks out--

Fishing at the Cape---- slow--- with that colder water pushing down from the north-- and concentrating one spot of warmth in to the Gulf.

Not much happening today-- that west wind appeared again little bumpy today--



-------- April the 18th Tuesdays 2023--------- Almost like a Spring day-- some blue sky and a few clouds --wind light from the West/southwest- slowly warming towards the summer months-- tides are still strong and deepening towards the latter part of the week-

Lots of folks out over the weekend-- the Calico and Sand Bass fishing was OK waters still off colored but clearing and warming---- slowly--- it's still cold-keeps the air cool - --

Whale watchers working offshore towards the outer islands reports seeing Fin Back Whales and a few Grays-- some dolphin-- but not a whole lot of bait-- what was there was along the 10- 12-14 mile boundary of that offcolor water and the cleaner water - they had not seen any bluefin schools yet-

S D reports--- The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 94 Bluefin Tuna for 30 anglers on a 2 day trip. These fish were in the 20 to 60 lbs. range The Pegasus returned this morning with LIMITS (40) of Bluefin Tuna for 20 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Tomahawk returned this morning with 87 Bluefin Tuna for 27 anglers on a 2 day trip.

Fished the Lily Call Bay tournament this past weekend-- 60th year-- Wish the sealife of the bay was still as good as it was then-- but it's not-- maybe its the rain, or the cold water or the algae /moss on the bottom or the tide was wrong - or--- there's just not as many fish

- Halibut was the big fish this year as Star Macdonald brought in a 8.85 fish knocking off Matt Andrews 8.71 into 2nd Place and Clayton Elosten's 5.88 took Third, Corbina were hard to find and catch and small with Ben Hervey 1.06 for 1st and Rob 1.00 lb took 2nd , Bass were plentiful with lots of them caught and released, Ryan Lawler's 2.03 tied with Colt Bitetti's 2.3 for 2 and 3rd Place and myself took the category with a 2.09 fish that fought well. Lots of fish stories were spoken of at the Awards , held at the clubhouse on the water where burgers, awards and raffle prizes given out-- good times for all- only wish there were more fish to be found-- maybe next year?-

And the Battle of the Bay-The 2 little Webb girls took 1st and 2nd and little Pierce Elsten next to them took 3rd, the next generation of masters is here! =


And it Friday again--April 14th and better weather for the weekend yahoo-- light south today 5 8 maybe 9 for the day- seas okay and anglers were preparing for this weekends outing from White Sea Bass to Bluefin Tunas and all that's in between- Bay waters have cleaned up except that carpet layer of green algae and moss that's starting to break up with the tides and wash away-

Good luck this weekend if you get out--

Made a few worms today-- will be fishing the Lily Call vicariously for Bill this weekend-- get well Bill-


---- Thursday's April the 13th report ----------------

Drizzle and gusty winds from the south-- a little sloppy today-- 8- 12 from the south- small mix of seastate-- I'ts the Lily Call Tournament- what'd you expect- sunny weather?- we're lucky it's not raining!-

Tides draning out towards the mid morning times-- the Boys were out in that lower tide this morning mucking up the mud looking for those elusive worms-- green moss and stingrays abound--

White Sea Bass- went off well in the Channel Islands-- Limits for most anglers--and some nice halibuts there too

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION Alert System Status: El Niño Watch Synopsis: ENSO-neutral conditions are expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring, followed by a 62% chance of El Niño developing during May-July 2023. During the last month, above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) became more prominent in the western and far eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean . The latest weekly Niño-3.4 index value was 0.0°C, but the Niño1+2 index value was +2.7°C, indicating significant warming along the South American coast Area-averaged subsurface temperatures also increased over the past month , reflecting the dominance of above-average subsurface temperatures across the equatorial Pacific Ocean . For the monthly average, . Suppressed convection was evident over the central tropical Pacific and over parts of Indonesia . While the warming near coastal South America was striking, the basin-wide coupled ocean-atmosphere system was consistent with ENSO-neutral. The most recent IRI plume favors a transition to El Niño, beginning June-August 2023 and persisting into the winter . While the lower accuracy of forecasts during the spring can result in surprises, the recent oceanic Kelvin wave plus recurring westerly wind anomalies are anticipated to further warm the tropical Pacific Ocean. The coastal warming in the eastern Pacific may foreshadow changes across the Pacific basin. Therefore, an El Niño Watch has been issued, and the range of possibilities toward the end of the year includes a strong El Niño (4 in 10 chance of Niño-3.4 ≥ 1.5°C) to no El Niño (1 in 10 chance). In summary, ENSO-neutral conditions are expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring, followed by a 62% chance of El Niño developing during May-July 2023

What's that mean?? who knows! we'll see if the Wahoo and Blue Marlins show up in the Summer of 2024?

The Tuna Club held their Annual Awards meeting last night-- praise was spoken of to those members who've been members of that prestigious club for 50 years-- a lifetime of camaraderie and sportsmanship-- It's not how many fish were caught but "How they were caught"-- The spirit of the club is strong-

Good luck in the upcoming weekends fishing tournament s


----- Wed's report Drizzly rain and overcast--- wind light to fair from the south- seas calm tides starting to build for this weekends bay tournament--

S D boats fishing the Bluefin-

- limits they say-- two fish per day per angler-- both small and large sizes-- 12-16 oz lead torpedo sinkers w a hook did well

A check with some of the other local tackle shops-- Ketchum Tackle Phone: (949) 646-2585 here in Newport says they will carry Lug worms , Yikes! stinky things--

Pacific Queen fishing the Bluefin-- did well 31° 52' 30.0" N/ 117° 39' 56.5" W

June Gloom here in April-- guess we'll call it screwy April--bring a jacket it your headed to the beach!


----- Tuesdays report-------- cool here this morning hours, waiting for some of that sun to warm it up-- wind from the south light 2 4 kts, seas calm, Still dirty water here on the beaches, not green but brown--- it goes out 10- 12 miles before it ever cleans up-- then it's blue and clean-- boats out looking for the whales report- clean and rich blue from the 14- 277- A Bank clean nd blue 58 degree water and not a speck of life in it! no bait offshore as of yet--

This coming weekend that 60th Lily Call Bay Tournament - 4 lb test only-- Bass, Halibut, Croaker and Corbina-- Bay Rays do not count nor do Smooth hound sharks or Stingrays -- Starts Friday night at Midnight and goes till Sunday 2 pm, register at the Club or call them at - $50 to enter comes with a Bar B -Q awards on Sunday at the club. There's been some remarkable catches made with that 4 lb test line, Halibuts pushing the 20+ mark Bass upwards to 4 and 5 lbs, 6 and 7 lb Spotfin Croakers and World Record Corbina's several times. Tides will be building all this week with a filling tide at Midnight Friday to a high at 6 am Sat morning -- dropping out till noon and again a filling tide towards sunset ,

Weather turned calm today -dead calm-- maybe 1 or 2 from the south-- overcast and slow on the bayfront--


And the BAC's Lily Call Bay Tournament coming up- Give the Club a call for info (949) 673 6316 or info@balboaanglingclub.or





April 13 @ 5:30 pm Lily Call Seminar & Potluck Balboa Angling Club 200 "A" Street, Balboa, CA




- Monday-- closed, -- got some of the fence painted, worked on the boat- batteries recharged, new oil and fuel filters and scrubbed clean the inside of the boat-- and now the bottom and sides to work at.

---------------- April the 9th 2023-- Easter Sunday-- A little on the gray side with overcast sky and a marine layer offshore- wind is light at 3 4 kts from the west southwest and seas calm Several boats out enjoying the ride-- some dolphins and whales around for those looking for them more off Dana/ Laguna than Newport -

"Don't shoot the Easter Rabbit"we cried! Woken up early one Easter Sunday morning to the sounds of a shucking shotgun, my brother and I heard Mon yelling at Dad "Put that gun away" she cried!! My old man saying in a loud voice-- "Damn rabbit is in the house laying eggs everywhere"!--- Don't shoot the Easter Rabbit we cried !

Vick and a few friends were out today locally fishing-- reports strong Red Tide below the harbor-- not as bad up the line --making bait was difficult some of it near the bottom below that red tide, now just waiting for that White Sea Bass bite--


------ April the 8 2023----- Another nice day-- good Easter Weekend for all--- wind light from the west-- seas are good and calm- a few clouds around - cooler water and warming land created them. Grunion run late tonight have fun-- Observation Only/ no Take ( New Rules!)

A phone call from a boater mid channel today, having seen dozens of boats just drifting-- what's going on he asked as he's been out of State for a couple weeks-- last time he came throught these waters the two weeks ago they had seen a school of breaking tuna-- what were these boats doing today ? tuna fishing--- -- told him Rock Cod fishing on the 14 mile bank! He was gonna troll a Mad Max around and see if he could scare up a tuna!

Sea Basses at Catalina starting to bite--

not real big ones but seabass

A Overall look at the West Coast and it's parameters on water temps and Chlorophyll from last year 2022 Feb/ March and this years 2023 Feb /March perspectives.

Water Temps and Chlorophyll of the entire West Coast and out 1000 miles

------------- 2022 --------------------Water Temps in C ----------------2023 ----------------------

----- 2022 --------Chlorophyll Charts for the West Coast ------2023-------

Common sense says with all that fresh water flow off the coastal ranges, rivers and streams that there would be a abundance of plankton and algae sealife developing--but science doesn't always agree with sense - it may develop later now that were seeing more sun and heating of the surface waters as Spring and Summer approaches but for now it doesn't show it

--2022 Chlorophyll charts of a closer look at the West coastline ---2023--

The West Coast is cleaner and warmer ( further south) this year than last year?



Mid afternoon wind picked up a bit 10-12-15kts --backing off as that cloud cover came back over--


---- Friday April the 7th and blue sly again-- nice-- still a bit on the cool side down here on the waterfront-- wind light from the south 3 5 kts seas calm-- and more and more boats heading out for the weekend-- Catalina and beyond-- F & G are out checking licenses and catches---


Just arrived--- been on order for quite a while-- grown on the Eastern Tonkin peninsula of China, hand harvested there and boat shipped to Tacoma Wash., then via rail train to Montana where they are stored, kiln dried to perfection, split cut and glue- bound together with specific dimension for use. Split Came Bamboo blanks of Medium Tackle strength- A dozen of them and it'll be at least six months work ahead for them. Just in time for those Fall season tunas .



- . It took 6 reels to make 4. Parts from one to another, spools, cross bars, base and side frames, gears, bearings and screws. But they will do nicely now a set of two 1/0 Penn Senator Reels and and pair of 3/0's

Should be a nice weekend have fun and enjoy family and friends-- Happy Easter Weekend--

Tunas not too far from home-- Excalibur out of SD out exploring this afternoon? Stand By-- 32° 00' 29.7" N/ 118° 01' 12.0" W


-- Thursdays report April the 6th and it's sunny again and not too windy-- nice

Water temps still cold 54 today-- reports from the 14 Mile Bank for Rock Cod the S/W side was said to be good fishing for them-- 500-600 ft at least a 1 lb lead sinker 2 or 3 better-- and only two hooks per rig -- long ways down and up for two fish . What's legal and what's not is a challange in the RC regulations-- We are allowed 10 fish in combination except only one copper rockfish per angler, one quillback and four vermilion as a daily sub-bag limit.

from Santa Barbara to San Diego all the sportboat counts were for rockfish and bottom stuff-

We should be getting the El Nino report next day or so--The next ENSO Diagnostics Discussion is scheduled for 13 April 2023.

---April the 5th 2023-- Wed's and it's not blowing too hard-- and the skys blue-- light southwest wind seems to be buliding ---seas are starting to settle down-- tides still moving with that full moon phase-

Not many boats out today-- should be more actitivy by this weekend-- a few spotted bay bass here in the harbor-

BAC's Lily Call Bay tournament right around the corner-- two weeks for the bay to clean up and water to start to warm up--

Local water temps cold 49 degrees here in the harbor this morning-- 50 degrees along the coastline ---yike!

Cold as it was the local bottom fishing was fair-- windy in the afternoon again but not the big swells, boats returning from the island reported to have fair to good bottom fishing for a variety of fishes bonitos to whitefish and Sand bass's and san dabs, sculpin in there too ,

Good luck tomorrow if you get out , maybe think of shallow water drifting with smelt to resemble grunion as the bait-- just thinking-- JD


-- Tuesdays April the 4th and another windy day--- Small Craft-- strong west northwest wind cool and there's lots of sheep seaward --Tides are moving with the filling moon, maybe take the kids grunion hunting later this week - or an old girlfriend

Water temps getting colder! San Pedro Buoy Water Temperature (WTMP): 54.7 °F, Oceanside Water Temperature (WTMP): 55.0 °F, Clemente Water Temperature (WTMP): 56.7 °F

looking forward to a warm summer?

Must be some sort of inshore flight for the pelicans , dozens of them hugging the coastline, slowly flying into the wind - same with the seagulls-- --- the "Birds"


Closed on Mondays-- more leaves and grass to cut and a fence to paint -- then boat work-

Sunday and nice day-- no fish to speak of

----------------------- Sat April the 1st and a fine day it is-- Spring it seems all sorts of surff crawing out from under the logs--- Blue this morning a bit hazy seaward and lots of folks out and about

Moons about to fill

reports from Clemente island--

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Clemente Monster ~~~~~~~~

Out of the Depth, The following is set down somewhat hesitantly. He who ventures aside from the accepted groves of believe lays himself open not alone to jibes, but to direct attack upon his veracity. It is human nature to scoff at those things which are not understood, or which are not simple of explanation. The most startling incident related in the following pages I experienced myself, saw with my own eyes.. Some twenty-five or thirty personal acquaintances, all of them reputable, many of them men of substance and standing in their respective communities, also saw with their own eyes the identical thing which I saw. The reader is at liberty to believe, or not to believe, what follows. However the fact remains that it happened: that I saw what I am about to describe.

It happen in September of the year 1916. I was over at San Clemente Island after Marlin Swordfish. We had left Mosquito Harbor about seven o’clock in the morning. The day was overcast with a high fog, and windless. The sea was like glass except for a small roll coming down the coast. All objects on the surface, birds and driftwood, appeared black. Visibility was perfect, the sea stretching away to the sharp line of the horizon. These details are important, so bear them in mind. By about eight o’clock we were perhaps a mile and a half off White Rock which is some three miles above Mosquito. I was sitting on top of the cabin watching for fins, my field glasses beside me. My boatman was busy at something down in the cockpit. A bait was out and the rod lashed to the fishing chair. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, and to seaward, I saw something big and black lift above the surface. I whirled, gasped, then clapped my glasses on it and yelled to my boaman to head for it. A scant quarter mile of a mile off there reared up out of the water the Thing which I instinctively knew was what, for years, we had called the “Clemente Monster,” which many had see, and about which there had been endless wonderment. I shall try to describe it to you as best I can. Try to imagine a great columnar neck, or body, eight to ten feet thick and lifting twenty feet above the surface. Surmount this neck or body with a flat-topped, blunt, reptilian head. On either side of the head place two huge, round and bulging eyes. I dont believe they were an inch under a foot and a half across, perhaps more. There you have the essentials of what we saw.

At my first shout my boatman stuck his head out of the cabin jitney and let out a queer little squawk. I don’t know that I blame him particularly! Steadily we forged towards the Thing. Remember, it was about a quarter of a mile away. My glasses were of seven power. I had them on it from the first moment I caught a glimpse of it. I don’t know precisely, but would guess that they brought it up to within a couple of hundred yards of us. Certainly I could see it plainly enough to note various details. Two things stood out above all others- those enormous eyes and its unbelievable huge bulk. I never want to look at such eyes again. They were like the creations of a nightmare! Their very size, of course, left one breathless. But that was only a detail. It is utterly impossible to describe the coldness, the expressionlessness of them. It was like looking into the dim past when earth’s life consisted of great, slimy, horrible creatures dragging their way through gargantuan forest and over dead, sullen seas. They litterally froze me in my seat. Later my man said I was as white as a sheet, my teeth chattering, my knees shaking. I wouldn’t be surprised. Neither in a museum, nor in any reconstructed picture of a prehistoric creature have I ever seen eyes which resembled those. The trunk, or neck, or whatever it was appeared above the surface, seemed to covered with a coarse, reddish-brown bristles. It wasn’t hair. They stood out rigidly from the body. It is strange that I should have gathered any impression of color in the light, but I did and, as will develop later, it is quite likely that I was correct in my impression. The trunk, or neck, was more or less erect. The head was turning slowly as though surveying the surface of the sea. The Thing did not rise and fall in the slight roll of the sea. Instead the waves broke against it. Give full consideration to what that statement means! I gathered the impression that the head was lowered. Certainly I saw nothing resembling a mouth. Others who have seen it say they saw a mouth. I didn’t. The great head continued its pivoting, seeming to make three-quarters of a circle. Then it saw us. The pivoting stopped. Those terrible eyes fixed themselves upon us coldly and without any expression noticeably through the lenses of the field glasses. For a few moments it regarded us fixedly, then, as though some great, hidden hand had seized it, it slowly sank. There was no visible movement of the great trunk, no commotion on the surface. Slowly, majestically, by comparison making the fluking of a whale seem a panicky, convulsive dive, it sank and disappeared beneath the surface. There was no swirl, no bubbles to mark where it had been, or where it sank. I don’t know how long it was up; perhaps a minute and a half, My boatman claims five or tem, but that is ridiculous. Out boat being slow, by the time we turned towards it I doubt that we approached appreciable closer. So what I saw I saw from about a quarter of a mile away and through the lenses of field glasses. It is a little difficult to describe my emotions after the Thing sank. I had always loved the sea, particularly around and about San Clemente Island. With the appearance of the Thing, and its disappearance beneath the waters across which we were fishing, something of the friendliness went out of that sea and didn’t come back for a long time. I caught myself glancing furtively overside and with a strange prickling sensation up and down my spine. We went on fishing that day but neither of us was particularly happy. I know I felt a pronounced sense of relief when we dropped our hook in Mosquito that night and I stepped out upon the security of land. Well, there it is. You know as much about it as I do. I don’t think there is a shadow of a doubt but that, here in Southern California channels there exists an unknown species of great sea creatures. Ralph Bandini, Veiled Horizons, 1939.


------- Friday March the 31st and the end of this month-- Started out ok this morning than that west wind slowly began and stayed steady and cool -coming off the ocean- maybe 12 15 today - forecast for this weekend look fair - morningS on Sat looks best then it blows again , then Sunday it's an morning south wind- and Monday not good at all.

Squid was reported at the island- and maybe for sale in LB in the morning--


And good news about Billy-- having had his tune-up today and all's well !!- happy to have it over and taking a much needed rest-- be well Bill-

Moon filling and morning and afternoon tides speak well for a White Sea Bass bite-- good luck- JD



---- Thursdays report- Nice- more tomorrow--

----------Weds report March 29 2023---------------- Rain in the morning hours then a break and more later this afternoon evening-- wind in the morning and calm towards the afternoon hours-- only a couple boats moving around--

Fred Hall show now called Bart Hall show in Long Beach conv. lots of folks and lots of toys and dogs, squirrels, boats kayaks dogs, some trout and even fishing tackle -oh yea lots of sales too have fun-

Turns out a nice day here on the beach not many people around a couple sailors in the harbor and a power boat headed to Catalina ready for a bumpy ride-- water still in the mid fifty's and offcolor - clouds seaward

nice day-- JD


--------- Tuesdays reports March 3 28 2023- Blue sky- almost like Spring is here-- or soon to be April showers for May flower-- we've still got may Gray and June Gloom to come-- stand by--

Nice day-- warming-- shorelines beginning to see more of that green algae growing- stand by-

A broad look at the West Coast's Chlorophyll charts from last year 2022 March and for this year 2023 -- Odd--- despite all the fresh water and nutrient runoff along the entire west coast the plankton ( chlorophyll) bloom has not at least to this point hasn't really extended far offshore as it had by this time last year-- maybe a month of warming sun we'll see a major difference time will tell-

---2022----------------------------------- 2023 -----


Strange sightings out towards the Clemente Island these days ?

Go Dodgers---Go Angeles!


Billy goes in for a tuneup Friday--

Closed on Mondays-- painting a fence! - yikes!

----- Sundays March 26 th going out line a Lion-- it started out fine this morning - a swell but not bad and not much wind-- but it changed - that wind line and swell from the northwest build to dangerous seas-- making 4 or 5 knots into it for a return trip back to the harbor was slow, wet and cold too- not much in the way of fishing-- a few morning sand bass and that's it-- better luck next week sometime-







Just finished up building another light tackle bamboo rod-- nice little rod with three shades of blue wraps over a dark finish to the blank and wooden butt-- now back to the heavy tackle stuff- bluefin tuna and swordfish gear.

better luck next week sometime- JD

The Halls show in long Beach this week Wed- Sunday- have fun- gonna rain wed--


------- Sat and nice-- Blue sky early on with approaching clouds morning wind 6-7 eddy south-- light choppy seas hazy sky- water temps 56-57 degrees- fair fishing at best


Lots of folks out enjoying the day-- thats it--


----- Friday that day again--March 24- and some blue sky-- but I think that's gonna change-- the weekends weather a bit scratchy - morning hours Sat and Sunday Ok a bit lumpy mixed seas but you better be heading home before the noon hours - go watch some basketball or baseball game--

Bay waters still a mess but there were several reports of spotties being caught and just undersized halibuts on the plastics-- still a lot of weeds junk on the bottom-- a drop shot method ( weight on the bottom hook/plastic upright 2-3 ft above weight) kept of baits clean for the most part- and got the bites

Best bet for tomorrow morning start early fish the Pipe or art reefs/ structures above or below the harbor- head home at 11, catch the incoming tide and maybe a seabass-

Quite day- cool west wind blew-


- March the 23 2023-- Thursdays and it's still winter-- cloudy and spots of rain and wind today--- morning south wind turned west this afternoon cool and choppy water but there were several Whale watchers out early before the wind came up today-- and there's a few Gray Whales heading north these days - a single or pairs also-- a humped back and maybe a fluke and a dive before they're gone-

Grunion run tonight?_ that's a good question- colder water murky conditions and a lot of fresh water on the coast might stall them off for another 15 days--or go have fun-

cold wind from the west today-- sorry--

----- Wed march the 22 2023------- A few sprinkles and scatter raindrops today-Wind from the south far and gusty -possible waterspouts! Yikes- tides and in and out quickly these days--

Among the projects yesterday was restoring an older Penn Senator 1/0 reel , nice little reel that doesn't looks like it's been touched/ serviced in 50 years, it's caught a lot of fish over the years. The grease and oil have solidified and the old leather drag washers were frozen together. Cleaned and washed out with added new drags,two new side bearing, new grease and oil and she's ready to go for another 50 years.


In another box of reels to work on was this wonder reel-- the base parts include drags, drive system and side plates are from a Pflueger Capitol 1989 but fabricated to fit was the addition of an shifting transmission changing gear ratio from 3:1 to a remarkable 8:1 speed--- I'm not sure who built it, but it's done very well, the shift is easy and clean by pulling in or out a knurled knob.


It's left side bearing shows a patented mechanical thumber for cast control. really a cool reel--





-------- Tuesdays March the 21-- and Spring is here--Strong clearing wind following the rain this morning-- wind west at 15-25 kts-- seas ugly and unsafe- Tides very strong today- draining out 3-5 kts with the outflow of the rain water--

~~~~~Boat for Sale~~~~~

1978 26' Offshore custom fishing boat Built by Marinus boat builders., 371 detroit diesel, inboard/outboard w/ bravo outdrive made for offshore albacore and salmon fishing . enclosed cabin, 2/3 person v berth, settee, small galley. Sinrad gps. sonar. horizon radio. built in bait tank, duel controls, below and upper bridge, 2 fuel tanks total 150 gal.. The boat has been stored for the past two years, the fuel has been polished yearly down to 10 microns. Trailer is old but works, new tires.Cruises at 8-10 knots fuel consumption 1/1.25 gal./ hour. top speed 12/15 knots fuel consumption 2-21/2 gal/ hour located in Los Osos, Calif. asking $8500. Gene Doughty (

Closed on Mondays

-----3/10/2023 Sundays and a day of rest-- maybe a short boat ride, fish then relax to a basketball game-- or not-- Overcast sky building to some rain tomorrow and spots of it through Thursday. Not much wind today some light southeast if there's any at all, swells down but tides and currents moving right along--. Of good news there appears to be a showing of bait along the coastline--- probably sardines- - with it there should be a better WSB, Sand and Calico bass bite--

AM radio fish talk show this morning- spoke of the spotter plane seeing 7 batches of Bluefin tuna and catches of the LR boats of 20-30 + 100 lbs fish too -south of the border-- and of nighttime fishing for yellowtails along Baja's northern shores

Fair fishing today- good in the early mornings incoming tide for some bass around the Pipe-- tide and currents and outflow of freshwater slowed the bite-- Southwest wind increased making a drift for halibuts --- fast--- to fast at 3 kts--

Well let this front and what's behind it go by see what developing -- update on rain water high counts---- Morro bay with 40 inches-- Yikes-!

stay dry- -

Sat March the 18th and it's Sunny- even warm- lots of folks out- boaters, kyacers, paddleboarder,s joggers and folks walking their dogs-- Tides Strong-- that incoming higher tide this morning stalled back some of that dirty outflow-it'll changes as the tide swings seaward- moss still growing- seas look good, no wind- go have fun

Sealions are a problem these days -

Afternoon hours ovecast again with the warmth of the day-lots of smaller skiffs coming back in the harbor this afternoon - dosen't look like there was a lot caught-- someone said they had caught 5 stingrays today--!

Whale watchers say not a whole lot of bait seen off out coastal waters--

I'd guess there was a few seabass around stand by--


----- Fridays March the 17 2023--------

A better day-- air temps in the mid 50 and warming in sun- hazy blue sky wind light from the southwest 4 or 5 kts- seas ok- Still lots of draining muddy rainwater flowing out of the harbors and bays along the entire coastline- this weekend looks much better- enjoy it-- another front forecasted to move in the first of next week--

A chance to get out this weekend-?-- clean up the boat-- dry it out-- Tides dropping mid day-- boat ramps mid day will be chancy

Happy St. Paddy's Day--- !!!

Westerly blew in mid day stayed that way all day-- cool water turning the wind cool too-

good luck this weekend-- you'll need it--



----------------- March the 15th 2023---- Thursdays and few few spots of Blue above- gray otherwise- wind light from the south- 4-7 kts small wind chop with it- seas fair-- bay waters draining fast this morning with lots of muddy looking water- brown and ugly- Outflows from Newport, Santa Ana river and Dana and just about any outlet for the rain waters has a plume of that brown water pouring out into the ocean.


It's started--- that algae growth in the harbors and bays - fueled by rains and phosphates and such the growth has started- give it another month of sunshine in the shallows will see a bloom of it-- Stand by--

Sunshine mid day--hurray! --warming in the sunshine bay water looks brown.

if your gonna fish it-- use either a bright colored lure or maybe a spinner bait-- water visibility 10 inches!




30' Skipjack Flybridge 1999 "Hang Ten" Price: $219,000 *Powered by reliable and economical Yanmar 315hp diesels *Full cooler and service recently completed *Northern Lights 5kw generator *Village Marine watermaker *2 bait wells, nice electronics *Super clean and ready to go!

Contact (714) 325-8181








Turns out to be a nice afternoon welcome Spring


-------- March the 15- Yikes--- beware--- rain long and steady yesterday and last night-- lots of water - this mornings still overcast and drizzly, wind fair from the south seas not good- , bay waters are full and steadily filling till tomorrow's draining tide--

As this weather starts to settle down-- several partyboats were taking a shot atoffshore fishing for the Bluefin tunas------ stand by-- yellows at the Coronado islands.

Boy is it ugly out there today-- west wind and choppy-


Saw on facebook that it was Scott Anderson's birthday- reminded me of a past trip to on the Prowler 76 with the Crean's and Capt Jim Donnelly , Left the Cape- weather turned us south to the Tres Marias Islands where we got chased out of there- West to San Benedicto, Socorro, Roca Partida and Clarion . We all pulled hard on those wahoos, tunas and sharks--- - Scott was the strongest of us all except Jim I think, Scott outlasted all of us on that big Yellowfin in the photo, Jim showed us what 130 lb stand-up tackle on a 500 lb Blue Marlin was all about-- good times--

Happy Birthday Scott!

















-------Marching right along - before you know it it'll be April showers ---3/14/2023----------- Tuesday and more rain expected-- that's ok the earth needs it.

Light wind from the south- almost dead calm- sky overcast-- mornings light rain- due to increase later today- seas are calm for now-- several whale watchers were out with rain coats on. And there's some to see as well as the dolphins -and the death boats-- they're always there-

With the amount of freshwater runoff from streams rivers and general outflow along the West Coast , there's some replications to consider- for this seasons spawn and the following few years of the growth of all the sealife- from kelp to whales they'll be a change for better or worse who knows- ol' Mother Nature and King Neptune will see to that-- -- I'm sure there's enough maine biologist and those who study these things have their theories although past doesn't always make for the future of things. there's a lot to consider--

Maybe will see a greater amount of the biomass, plankton and krill to help sustain the larger fishes growth. If the forecasted stronger El Nino Current sweeps up the West Coast in 24 they'll be a concentrated meeting of both, whether that's here, there , north , south , offshore or inshore there should be good fishing , We'll just have to Wait -and Sea.



Status: Final La Niña Advisory Synopsis: La Niña has ended and ENSO-neutral conditions are expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring and early summer 2023. During February 2023, below-average sea surface temperatures weakened and currently persist only in the central Pacific Ocean. SSTs in parts of the eastern Pacific Ocean were significantly above average, . In the last month,, ositive temperature anomalies spanning the Pacific The atmospheric circulation anomalies across the tropical Pacific are lagging the changes in the ocean. Low-level easterly wind anomalies continue over the central Pacific Ocean. Upper-level westerly wind anomalies were evident over most of the Pacific. Suppressed convection persisted over the central tropical Pacific, while enhanced convection was observed over Indonesia. Collectively, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system was consistent with ENSO-neutral. The ENSO-neutral to continue through the spring, with El Niño forming during summer 2023 and persisting through the fall . In contrast, the forecaster consensus favors ENSO-neutral through summer 2023, with elevated chances of El Niño developing afterwards. The smaller chances of El Niño relative to the model predictions are primarily because ENSO forecasts made during the spring are less accurate, and also the tropical Pacific atmosphere is still fairly consistent with a cool/La Niña-like state. However, it is possible that strong warming near South America may portend a more rapid evolution toward El Niño and will be closely monitored. In summary, La Niña has ended and ENSO-neutral conditions are expected to continue through the Northern Hemisphere spring and early summer 2023.El Niño is expected to arrive later this year, and the warmer weather pattern could continue to build up through 2024,



Beek's Anthony and Steve's seminar at the PCS show

Good show--



- Closed on Mondays---

------- Sundays March the 12th-- Overcast morning hours-- then fog-- then a light coastal westerly blew it away --then again a afternoon/ overcast sky with a light west-- overall nice day-- water temps soared up to 57-58 degree! s coastal bass fishing fair-- slow to take a baits or plastics-- baits hung at 40 ft came back alive and frisky--- those's lowered down to 50ft were cold and lethargic- Still hard to find a decent amount of mackerel or sardines for bait these days--.

Let this next front go by and some clearing wind on Wed Thursdays a break till next sunday-- what a year

------ March 11 2023----- Sat and a gray low cloud misty morning-- wind fair from the south, Sailboat race today heading south to cabo today at 1 PM fun-- Couple boats out , no reports yet-- SD partyboats found a dozen Yellowtail this morning ( Coronodo Is South of the border) yo-yo fish 10-15lb fish-

Weather to get better today and tomorrow- some clearing wind in there-

Water's still cold 55- 56 degrees-

Overcast almost foggy day-- not much happening-- like watching a slow sailboat race! -- slow--

a few whales watchers out finding an occaional Gray makingit's way north- dolphins keeps them happy -- no fish reports yet--- tomorrows another day--

-----March 10 --------- Fridays-- hey it's that day again-- moving right along-- towards Spring ( it might be late this season?) light rain wind from the south 6-8 kts- seas OK some wind chop - tides are fair-- rainwater runoff filling the bays and harbors-

Not many out today-- some local tourist in Electric boats and of course the whale watchers and sailors heading out the harbor for a bout of weather-

The Bad Company's World Tour is remarkable for it's footages and experience for all to see-- thanks Anthony and crew- --- check it out--Brazillian Blue Marlins










Still a few of the Bad Company World Tour shirts left--- Small and Meds-- drop by the shop and pick one up- free!



------------------ March the 9th 2023--- Nice day-- clear sky and forecasted to be rain thanks to the Pineapple Express, moisture laden clouds southwest from the Hawaiian Islands spiraling up to the west coast here- -- there's beginning to be a change in the dynamics of the Pacific's influence. El Nino?

A look at the local water temps-- it's in Celsius sorry- East End of Catalina? Bluefin? 16.5 = 61.5 degrees

Northern waters seas upwards to 15 -20 ft and 8 inches or rain expected along Central Calif coastline= Yikes--

Avalanche warning inland Yikes!







March the 8th 2023------- Wed's cloudy with a light south wind 4-5 kts- seas good-but cold-

It'll be a month before things get warmer- 61/62 is the goal , next week the WSB limit goes from the current three to one fish a day--

More reels to service today-- Avets and Shimano's and a couple older Penns,

Still quiet on the western front-- westerly today- and talk of Bluefin around the outer banks-- see what this rain storm will bring-- I'd guess there'd be some draining snow waters exciting from the river beds over the weekend-- watchout for that outflow-



3/7/23- Tuesdays Report --March keeps marching on- Almost like a Spring day-- a few lofty clouds around ---all's fine--- coastal waters cold at 55 degrees- feels like it as you get near to the waters edge-- it's cleared up a lot maybe 8-10 ft visibility here in the harbor- same outside- schools of mackerel in tight to the beach-

Moons full tides are greater , should be some WSB around these days--

That westerly sprang up again this afternoon-- a little bumpy and the waters being cool in that wind and chop- reported a 35 lb halibut taken a few days ago-- 65 ft of water- bait was in 60ft -

Closed on Mondays

------ March the 5th 2023 clouds and overcast-- light wind from the southwest water temps locally at 53 degrees, not as bad looking water as one might suspect after the rain and winds events this past week-- Mother Nature likes to clean herself up - making bait a little tough some was found north of the NB Jetty 1/2


Cool for most of the day-- dampened the fish and fishing

Well there goes that hope---

Fishery Scientists Announce Poor 2023 Outlook For California’s Ocean Salmon Stocks At the annual Salmon Information Meeting held virtually today, state and federal fishery scientists presented the numbers of spawning salmon that returned to California’s rivers late in 2022 and announced the abundance forecasts for key California stocks. The 2023 projection for Sacramento River fall Chinook, the most predominant stock harvested in California’s fisheries, is estimated at 169,767 adults, one of the lowest forecasts since 2008 when the current assessment method began. For Klamath River fall Chinook the forecast is 103,793 adults which is the second lowest forecast since the current assessment method began in 1997. . Salmon numbers are episodic over time and life cycles, which is generally a three year period from birth as eggs hatching to returning adults from the ocean. The data in years following wetter hydrologic years that abundance is higher. Conversely drier years regularly result in lower abundance three years later. Three years ago, in 2020, conditions were particularly severe with drought.

Hope the PCS Tackle Show was rewarding -lots of fine complements about it-- great job-

Let us put on some new line on your new reel or rig that Mad Max lure-- JD


------ March the 4th 2023- Cloudy - wind light to fair from the south-- seas still a bit of a mix but not bad-- several boas out early -- hopeful of something after the rain and wind we've had--

Full day ahead ---for service on reels and rods-- some inventory re-stocking-- wash the front windows if there's time and follow up on some special orders.


Spent some time working on a Pflueger 1420 1/2 Templar reel , nice reel, handle in great shape frame clean as a whistle and straight- replaced leather drags with new drags and lubed- filled her up with 325 yds of new 24 linen line and double backed the last 14 ft of line - She's all ready to go-a really nice reel-


Lots of folks out and about-- for the weekend--a couple from Canada with some salmon stories -- good looking fish-- and they taste well too.


Fridays March the 3rd 2023-Report - the site was down a few days-- sorry-- wind blew like crazy the other day--- ! today it's nice- warming in the sun air wind from the south was cool- seas ok light wind chop on it- water's cold-

Tackle show sounds like it was busy-- have fun there---

Nice afternoon-- they say fog tomorrow morning--



Wed's Report- March the 1st-- In like a Lion out like a Lamb was the old saying- we'll see-- Blowing and cold today-- bay waters still look like a mess-- brown and dirty- no one's out except the harbor patrol and vessel assist-and a few small skiffs-

There was a time years ago when it had gotten real cold like this- Deep water 300- 400 ft scallops would migrate into the shallow warmer water and shelter of the harbors and bays-- Blue Lipped Scallops I think they were called , you could see them snapping themselves along in the sunnier side of the harbor's beaches--

She's gusting 35/ 40 flags-- are straight and shaking--- loose sailboat shrouds are singing their eerie tunes--it's due west and strong--- 11:19

Snow in Newport ! great-- looking forward to salmon fishing--


---- Tuesdays Report Feb the 28 2023- Cold and Wet pattern Looks like we're about to get another bout of weather tonight South winds-- and strong West winds on Wed-- Stand by-- heck I just cleaned up all the leaves from the last blow-- Bay waters looks like the Missouri River , chocolate and nasty-- and no brown trout, Local whale watchers still heading out each day they can-- doesn't seen to be a shortage of paying customers wanting to see a whale or dolphin- Local water temps hovering in the mid 50's -- Salmon this year?


Only about two weeks left -- he said- good firewood in Almond or there's a pile of odds and ends ( the red eucalyptus is good)- Woodhill Firewood in Irvine has only about two weeks left - give them a call if you need good wood-- JD

This Week-- the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Show March 2-5 OC Fair and Event Center

Closed on Mondays

--Feb 26 --- Sunday a day of pick up ---pick up the tree branches, leaves and trash scattered about, check on the boat and drain out the rainwater where it's accumulated, tighten up the canvas ---a break for a day or two them more Tuesday and Wed--

Bay waters milky brown- I did see someone trolling in the harbor-- proabaly caught weeds , lots of debire/ tree limbs plastic trash in the waters. seveal boats out for the day as those walking, byciclings or just getting outside- Whales watchers were out- last reports there were good signtning of porpouis and dolphins between Newport and Dana- 3- 6 off the coastline--

Overall a nice day but cold - not much in the way of fishing-- the Gray Whales heading north now-- not many of them--close to the beach

Keep you power dry-- JD

----- Sat Feb the 25th 2023-- boy was that a rain storm or what! Tapering off today another cold front Sunday and then more wind Wed and thursday-- it's February

Stupid Pontoon boats---- they ought to be outlawed in the ocean-they just don't fit here- maybe on some lake or river but not here--tourist boats-

Closed today-- be open on Sunday-- JD



Feb 24th Friday and a windy day at that-- strong from the south with bits an showers of rain- Gale Warning-Blizzard Warning in effect! -Thunder Storms possible wind 35 to 45 gust to 50 possible- Snow in local mountains above 5500 ---Yikes!

BAC's Annual Awards last night at the club- well attended with old and new and tails told. Good food and the weather held off- Outstanding Angler of the year went to Greg Taite with a multitude of fish caught this past season, Lisa M. Kitagawa was presented accolades for her IGFA World Record 36 lb Yellowtail on 12 line. Bruce Binnquist's capture and many releases of Striped Marlin presented him with awards, His dedications to finding and raising fish behind the boat shows off his marlin catching skills. Kathy Ecklund took the Beth Simmington's Award for the First marlin of the Season for a Woman. J.E.Beeks First Tuna of the Season goes to Erik Landesfeind and Vick Sommers for the Last Marlin of the Season. and Broadbill catches by GJ Sacco deserves recognition, having landed one swordfish on heavy 130lb tackle ( the Club only allows to 80lb tackle) he goes out and does it again to get the First Swordfish Flag-- Nice one! Bluefin Tuna to 175 lbs by young Cole Taite and White Sea Bass catches were again in the 60 lb + Vick, Rory Folsom and Scott Matthews catches , Scott also doing great feats on the Corbina catches . And Member most in Conversation goes to Mike Berdine for all his behind the screens work- thanks from the Club. The Clubs opened up several of their tournaments to extend instead of a day or two day event to make them over the course a month- a lot more chances to achieve the fish and awards. More changes in the Masters this Year to also make it more accessible for anglers.

Peskys Awards tonight-

She's a hootin !

---- Feb the 23 2023 Thursdays and it's still February- more rain and wind to come--

Morning hours brings a few showers and varying winds, calm then a light breeze due to change later today--- it got calmer as the day went on-- nice afternoon-







Rumors continue to evolve with sightings or even catches of Bluefin Tuna- stand by!





Feb 22 2023 - Wed's windy day with gust to 35 miles Blizzard warning for the coastal mountains north of here reports the VHF radio weather - Blizzard Warning-- crazy- Yikes! and rain forecasted, heavy at times this coming Friday with strong south winds- Ol' Mother Nature having Her way these days-- and another northern cold front likely next week too! Today's Combined seas 19 to 22 feet Yikes-

Today's fun projects to restore several older reels for use with the old fashioned linen fishing lines-- A almost brand new Pflueger 1420 1/2 in prime shape, a pair of Pflueger Capitol 1988's , an Akerite 2068 and a pair of Capitol 1985's


Only a few boats passed by the shop today mostly the harbor patrol and those little harbor master boats-- Sea Tow and one electric boat full of people--drinking I'd guess

water's churned up- be a while before we get back to normal--

stay warm and dry-

The windy February 21st report-- Batten down the hatches!!!---- She's a gonna blow hard, cold and strong -kick up the oceans swell to over 10 foot or better--( Wed-22-24 ft! yikes), pounding the beaches, tearing up kelp beds ron the outer islands -- add in the strong tides - things are gonna get real mixed up--- hell, all we need is an volcano eruptions or another quake, (but i think we're over with them for a while) and some plague to finish us off- Stand by--

Morning wind fair to strong from the south , sky's clouding over getting cooler-- , did see a whale watching boat heading out the harbor with half a dozen unknowing souls about to get wet and bumpy ride, there were dolphins around in good numbers below the harbor, at least the ride back in will be with the wind--


Scrolling through the web sites the other day a image of Midway Atoll comes up. Satellite photo of this atoll in the middle of the Pacific, it's closer to Adak Alaska than Honolulu and almost due West from San Francisco




Early on imported Australian shade trees and housing made for a stop over with the Pan America flights or air freighters for refueling . In it's ringed reef an cut made and a inner harbor created housed the military . it's not a very big island about the size of Balboa Island-








Inside the reefs the waters are 10- 15/20 ft deep- too deep to wade, the GT's would rome through-out the reefs holes and into the shallows and gang up on anything they wanted to-- they were the bullies of the neighbored, Broad in shoulder and head and powerful in tail-- hard to stop and turn. Ended up using 18 and 20 #wt custom fly rods and 100 lb leaders. Anchored up with release buoy, Chum em' up behind the boat with cut tuna or marlin chunks, all sorts of stuff shows up behind of the boat even 10-12ft Tiger Sharks. Pick out the bruiser you wanted to do battle with, tossed bits of chum led them to within range , a cast 3 - 4 inch chum looking fly casts, if you were lucky he's gobble it up before the other twenty smaller fish would try for it. then the battle begins buoy line dropped and a ziz-zagging you'd go through the coral heads trying to stay clear of their cutting edges as the GT's wove their through or under them-a hundred , two or three hundred yards we'd race through those crystal clear water , mostly they break you off , hook 5-10 a day release 2 maybe -but good fun.

or Ride around the atoll on old bicycles, stop and cast poppers off the beach or go bird watching- lots of birds!







Be nice to go out there again-- un spoiled waters

Stay safe-- JD

- Closed on Mondays---

Sundays-- Report Feb the 19 2023 still not bad for Feb-- a few clouds around wind is light to fair from the south 5-10 kts seas calm with a small west swell wind against downhill current-- water temps 54 1/2 degrees cold and the fish are too!

Looks like those series of cold fronts have worked their way south through the Sea of Cortez-water temp continue to spread further south down the peninsula it's February--

Local fishing fair--lots of small 5- 6 inch sardines and small macks but the larger fishes -- not here yet- or not hungry - it's February remember--




Sat feb the 18 2023-- Still not bad for February-- but due to change Tues and Wed enjoy it while you can- a few clouds overhead and still cool air and warm in the sun when you find it without wind- it's February and a time for Nature to take a rest- coastal waters have cleared in the cold nights air and tides are still strong today--

A good number of boats seems to head out the harbor this morning- some not as early as others- out to Catalina or the coastal haunts, Sand Bass were showing up in the counts lately, those Art. reefs and structure spots off Huntington should be holding a few of the grumpies ( lime green plastic worked at one time) Squid should be around though theses fast moving tides on the flats doesn't help locating them- . Set up anchoring way above the spot in that fast tide.

Following the Bad Company World Tour of sportfishing -- Now in the South Atlantic-Just got word that badcompanyfishingadventures just satellite tagged a healthy 800 lb blue marlin with this $4k IGFA satellite tag. The first in the south Atlantic on a large fish. This will give vital info where these big females migrate congrats Anthony, Kevin, David, woody, Chewy, OB--

Dan-- From Anthony’s sat phone: “Just put a $4k earring on an 800Iber. Got out of the chair and tagged her myself. Fat and healthy and swam away after 16 min fight. Photos and videos later when I get WiFi. So exciting to know this lady will share with us invaluable data 200 + plus days from now. Igfa confirmed that this is the first sat tag in a giant blue marlin in the south Atlantic and the largest blue marlin ever sat tagged.”

E Mail yesterday of fishing the bay here in Newport-- Fished Thursday incoming and outgoing tides Nothing biting in that area but more giant schools of bait. The water was 56 and the Bass are cold. I hit all my areas with my buddy Tony. I got 6 bites and 6 fish. Tony skunked and never got a bite. Same lure. Technique has a lot to do with it.. Mostly just fishes too fast. Got to slow down in the cool cool waters. 1/4 oz. Jighead with a ZMan Trout Trick body in Green Lantern. The perfect smelt.

Must be a bay fishing tournament or just out of Newport as dozens of bass looking craft were in and out of the harbor today-- hope they had good catches--


- Friday-- hey it's Friday again-the weekends around the corner-- -- Feb the 17 2023-- Overcast sky- cool but not windy, yet- seas not bad-- for the weekend and the tides will be storing. Several private boats taking advantage of a window of weather were headed South today and tomorrow.

Wind light- seas fair--a look out the storefront window this morning-- Swordfish boat headed out the harbor--- two guys up in the tower and their plank out with harpoon and dart/ line all strung out ready for action--- I'd bet there was a Broadbill Swordfish out there today-- --- just a trip to the Dana Pt harbor but saw lots of sealife between the two harbors--

turns out as a nice afternoon --what west wind developed mid day backed off and was calm by the sunset hours--- sun helped to ho0ld the temps reasonable--

Another front this coming Tue and Wed then another low pressure system from Alaska forecasted to work its it way further south by next Friday


San Clemente Island looks open for the weekend-- several boats out the harbor today to Catalina-- dark of the moon should help in making squid and should be those halibuts in the shallows, bonito off Pebbly Beach and there was a report of a school of tuna seen mid channel ( why not)

Have a great weekend-- JD


---- Thursdays report Feb the 16 2023----- Mild Santa Anas' today- sky- light cloud cover- wind light due to go west this afternoon - the upcoming weekend looks OK for weather-- enjoy it- maybe wet a line. tides will be stronger, coastal water temps-- 55-56 degrees !

cold and windy again - only a few out--

International Gamefish Association yearly recognizes those who have promoted the sport of fishing with their Announcement of the 2023 Fishing Hall of Fame Inductees

Gerald A. Garrett Gerald A. “Jerry” Garrett has been actively involved in sport fishing since 1946. In 1959 he distinguished himself by becoming a member of the venerable Avalon Tuna Club, where he was the first Tuna Club member to earn the Silver Frame medal for catching a marlin on 6-kg (12-lb) Dacron line. He is also credited as the first Tuna Club member to catch a marlin on 4-kg (8-lb) Dacron, inaugurating the Ruby Frame Medal. Often named the Avalon Tuna Club Angler of the Year, he has earned 10 out of 12 possible buttons, making him the most decorated angler in the club’s history. Fishing has taken Garrett to Australia, Peru, Mexico, Hawaii and New Zealand, where he caught an 813-pound swordfish that earned him the IGFA 37-kg (80-lb) line class record. An IGFA member for more than 50 years, he was appointed as an IGFA Representative in 2012. His extensive conservation efforts include working with IGFA Fishing Hall of Famer John Chibnall and former IGFA President Rob Kramer to prohibit the sale of marlin in New Zealand, for which he testified before the New Zealand Ministry that the value of marlin in the sportfishing industry supersedes that of commercial sale. He also previously served as the Director of the National Coalition for Marine Conservation’s Pacific Region.

Pictured above is the world record swordfish (80-lb. line class) weighing 813 lbs. that was caught - after a fight of 14 hrs 20 min - May 28, 2003, by angler Gerry Garrett (l) aboard "Major Tom II" fishing New Zealand's Bay of Islands. (photo courtesy Von Behrens)

and Bill Shedd who's name is synonymous with fisheries conservation in the United States and is part of a continued legacy passed down by his father and IGFA Fishing Hall of Famer Milt Shedd. Bill is the Chairman and CEO of the American Fishing Tackle Co (AFTCO) and oversees AFTCO’s fishing tackle and clothing divisions. Shedd currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Coastal Conservation Association of California and the Hubbs/SeaWorld Research Institute. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Center for Sportfish Policy, the California Artificial Reef Enhancement program, and the California white seabass hatchery program. He previously served seven years on the Board of Directors of the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), and 30 years as Chairman of the ASA Government Affairs Committee. Bill joined the IGFA Board of Trustees in 2002 and served as the Chairman of the IGFA Conservation Committee until 2022. Shedd co-founded the United Anglers of Southern California (UASC), where he led that group’s efforts to develop the white seabass facilities to support the hatchery, and also played a key role in the UASC’s effort to eliminate set gill nets in California. He has been the recipient of many top conservation honors, including the American Sportfishing Association, Center for Sportfishing Policy, and the IGFA, among others.



- Wed's Feb the 15th- Sunlight longer and nights shorter now-- and another Gulf of Alaska band of cold weather due this weekend-- Mother Nature's playing a game of see-saw between the northern cold fronts and the desert winds that slope down from the inland mountains- a ying-yang thing- Sky is clear this morning, crisp and chilled-- warming in the sun but cool in the N/E wind , Seas look ok, a mix of small/ fair sized swell not too far apart- Catalina still there on the horizon-

She's a blowing-- today switched to a strong westerly-- chilling the water-- not much protection from that steady cool wind -drawing off whatever surface water temps there was--

That spiral of cold weather is dropping down furthersouth than expected, another northerly front due next mid week



- Tuesday Feb 14 2013--------- Cloudy and winds due stronger as a fast moving Gulf of Alaska low systems into the reign - cold overnight with temps in the mid 40's , probably the water conditions will get disturbed both clarity and temps- be another week or two or more before things start to stabilized and the Spring waters develops-

Couple of Fishing and Outdoor Sports/Travel/Boat shows due over the next months- gives one a preview of what's new old and where to go. Someplace to spend all that hard earned mullah you've got--- - Travel somewhere and enjoy the sights-- have fun-- JD

Report on the bay fishing here in Newport-- The Bay has been excellent for us this Winter. Even now we are still doing 20+ a day on the Big Tide days. 2-3 Barely s Short to barely Keeper a trip on Swimbaits. Large schools of Round Stingrays over the eelgrass, Harbor wide. Tremendous Bait schools in Lido Reach around the Turning Basin. Thought you might like to know. We got a Larger Skiff so now we can get outside the Harbor. Broaden our horizons so to say. I find those WSB for you. Bet they show up at the Pipe soon.

Good luck if you get out-- JD

Closed on Mondays -- stitches out- and finished yard work too-

Super Bowl Sunday-- and the weather is fine- Glendale AZ- 5-10 kts of wind, a few clouds gametime 72 degrees - Locally a few clouds, hazy seaward -wind is light to fair from the south there's a west swell 2-4 ft, water temp around 57 degrees-

Not much in the fishing world going on here- the bass were reluctant to bite and no real sign of the White Sea Basses yet-- a few halibut bites and that's it-- it's winter time for the fishes--

Mixed current against the wind made fishing the targeted spots here on the beach, more of a challange to get set up right-- and fishing was slow anyhow--

Better luck next week- or maybe two months from now--


- Sat----- Feb the 11 2023-- Mostly cloudy the VHF radio says-- Gulf of Alaska storm system bringing colder weather another one behind it Tuesday-- South wind this am- due to switch later seas fair with a bump developing- light wind cap from the south- Sailboats out, a few inshore and bay fishers

Quite a few folks walking around--- looking for something to do--

Good luck - hope the game is good-- JD

---------------- Fridays Report Feb the 10 22023- Another fine day slowly clouding up for the change in weather this weekend-- Very little wind- seas good--

Reported pretty good fishing at Catalina-- catchable sized bonitos on the small rapallas on the inside of the East end, and good halibut fishing-- mostly small sized fish but there were some legal sized fish there too- .

Coastal fishing still only fair despite the nice conditions, some current will help-

Have a fun weekend-- JD


-------- Thursdays Feb the 9th 2023-

Mild Santa Ana's today nice- very little wind seas calm -

It dosen't look like we'll be able to put the Super Bowl Playoff Special on this year-- we'll double it nex year-- JD

Slowly working with a new web server-


Synopsis: ENSO-neutral conditions are expected to begin within the next couple of months, and persist through the Northern Hemisphere spring and early summer. Although a weak La Niña was still apparent during January, below-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) continued to weaken further across the equatorial Pacific Ocean . Like the surface, negative subsurface temperature anomalies continued to weaken with above-average subsurface temperatures expanding eastward at depth and near the surface of the eastern Pacific Ocean ]. Low-level Overall, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system continued to reflect La Niña. The most recent IRI plume predicts a transition from La Niña to ENSO-neutral in the next couple of months . There are increasing chances of El Niño at longer forecast horizons, though uncertainty remains high because of the spring prediction barrier, which typically is associated with lower forecast accuracy. In summary, ENSO-neutral conditions are expected to begin within the next couple of months, and persist through the Northern Hemisphere spring and early summer


Looking back in past years, it wasn't until April that the Bluefin showed up again- coming up from their baja wintering stages- ,

We'll take this nice weather for February anytime-- due to cool off this weekend--




------------ Tuesdays Report feb 7 2023-- typing's a little bit slow these days Carpal Tunnel surgery keeps it pecking at the keys for a while- Mile Santa ana's for a couple days, wind is from the northwest 10- 15 kts steady-- We're on the back side of the Full Moon phase tides will mellow out by this coming weekend, Earthquake was on the Full-- Sat looks windy better


nice day today some local bass caught--

Closed on Mondays

------------Sunday Feb 5th 2023-------- Light sprinkles and a few clouds-- due to blow later today-- at least that's what the weather folks say-- strong tides with the full moon

Local artificial reefs and structure spots harboring a few Sandy and Calicos, maybe even a Giant Black Sea Bass there too, you cant really target them but the don't know that and they're a good battle if you hook one--inside 60/75 feet of water you can release them and they'll go down on their own.

Well they were right --- that clearing westerly wind did show up and blew most boats off the water-- cooling the water temps a bit too you'd imagine - its February - coldest water temps are still yet to come--- maybe we'll see Salmon this year. ?


Sat Feb the 4th 2023----- Marine Weather says Small Craft Warnings-- you'd have a hard time believing it during the morning hours, yet by noon there was a light wind ripple on the water- Westerly this afternoon- Filling moon Full Sunday night- tides strong again

E Mail the other day-- Hey JD, friend of mine got this slab off Long Beach a couple days ago. 61 lbs

A Left eyed fish



The secert is out !












Ha-- the weather stayed nice all day-- we'll see what tomorrow brings- morning bite wind to pick up 11 am 12 kts west


------- Tuesdays Report ------- Jan the 31st, the last day of this month- tomorrow starts the week of the Groundhog ( once went huntin' for them in Missouri , barked some squirrels too! ) - Santa Ana's today-cooler wind and dry- water temps might drop another degrees or two. San Pedro buoy at 56 degrees, not many places to hide in this wind, stay close to the shoreline south of Newport. --getting offshore too far and it gets you your into the NE Winds--and seas-

Water temps locally in the mid fiftys 56-57 some bait around-- bass fishing fair no halibuts to speak of-- shallow or deep- nice day though


Closed on this Thursday and Friday--


Sunday Jan the 29th 2023------------ Cloudy with the chance of rain or showers-- wind fair from the southwest 7-10 kts- seas fair bump to it with wind chop-- not a whole lot of boaters out so far-- couple boats came back in early -

Only the sailboaters and electric boats out--

Better luck next week--

---------- Sat Jan the 28th 2023 Still nice a few building clouds around- south wind as that front approaching from the N/W, seas ok for the bigger boats bumpy for the smaller crafts. S wind chop against N/W Swell. maybe it'll let down later today-

Not much in the Football games today- maybe you'll watch a tennis or golf game for the most part- finish cleaning up the yard- pick up leaves etc. an afternoon's bay trip to wet a line for that Spotted Bay Bass that's waiting for you- -

Go 49 ers!

Good customer dropped by the shop late in the afternoon- wanted a small outfit to troll the bays with -- picked out a nice baitcaster set up along w lure-- hadn't gotten 100 ft past the dock when he's released a nice sized bass- that was easy

building clouds towards the afternoon hours--


- Friday Jan the 27 2023--- Nice day-- light south southeast wind- seas are good and weather is pleasant- a little dry but welcomed for the middle of winter-- Coastal waters looking good as well as the bay waters-- good sized smelt up on the surface- topsmelt I'd guess-

E-Mail this morning from fishing the bay here in Newport- Today ( Thurs) My buddy Tony and I went out and landed 17 Spotted Bay Bass and two 18 inch Halibut. Good Winter Bite. Mostly lower Harbor Eelgrass areas. All on 5 inch Swimbaits.

and Bob and Sally K fishing the East Coast waters sends this mail with what they call a Offshore Slam-


Hi JD, While fishing in SoCal may be a bit slow right now, fishing with Ray Rosher on Miss Britt in Miami was anything but. Yesterday went 3-4 on Sails and caught a Blackfin Tuna and Dorado for an IGFA Offshore Slam. Best regards, Bob

Weather looks a little bumpy for this weekenn south wind and west swell- maybe another football day--

Boats out Deep dropping for swordfish today--- no reported hook up yet---

Nice afternoon what ever wind there was left us--- calm sunset--

Super Bowl Play Off Special coming-- Stand by--




--- Thursdays Jan the 26 23--- Windy-- and blue- sea's will flattened out tomorrow-- you'd think a Broadbill Swordfish would be up then sunning it' self sometime around the slack tide today-- maybe out by Clemente 's backside of the island--

Made four cast-- no bites- good looking water, it's cleaned up and stabilized over the past week- not too strong of flow of tide water? Maybe need another color of lure? or the dropshot sinker over time being shortened is too close to the bait, spooks em', will try another set up-



` Wed's Jan the 25 2023----- Clear again light haze on the sides seas look calm with a very light wind texture on them- swell is small- Santa Ana's later this evening- into Thursday- stand by

Talked of a couple of guys surf fishing this morning-- having caught three surfperch with the Gulp baits-- water looked clean and there were birds working 1/4 mile off the beach--

Again not much said on the radio nor did it look like there were many boats out today- despite being a nice day-- well the fish will grow a bit--



------ Tuesdays Jan the 24 2023--- Blue Sky nary a cloud seen- seaward still a light haze haze- Wind light from the south , seas are good , water clarity is cleaning up quick after the rain wash out- lots of nutrients washed out to sea, lots of other stuff- . Tides still in their strong stage, Snow level around 4500 ft.

Turns out a really nice day-- wind still from the south but gentle and seas were good-- no fish reports- heard - good luck if you get out--- maybe some deep 100- 120 ft depths for the halibuts


Closed on Mondays---

------------- Sunday Jan the 22 2023- Clear blue with a few wispy high clouds overhead- cool wind from the south 5-8 kts- water temps 53 in the harbor 57 outdside the harbor- light wind chop-- water cleaning up strong tides today-- draining out 3 + kts- catching bait was slow-

Not a whole lot going on today other than the strong tide-- , maybe let things settle down and stablize a bit and fishing will improve--

Sat Jan the 21st 2023------ Crispy cool this morning-- warming in the sun-- light marine haze seaward-- wind light to fair from the N/W 2-5 kts building -seas ok- light wind chop- strong tides over the next few days--

Good football games today and tomorrow

A check with the BAC to see if any game fish had been weighed in at the Club- not much going on - other than they do have the Football games on TV-- good place to hang for the games--- go catch a fish early weigh it and watch the games


More reels to work on-- Durring the progress of all reel developments their earos become apparant years later as wear and corrisions sets - shifting systems, bearing and drags all beng subject to repair over time-

Stand By for the Super Bowl Playoff Special--- ~!!! ~ What shall it be this year---- lures, reels, rods, tools, who knows maybe Mad Max Lures! Yikes-



------- Closed on Friday--

Jan the 19 2023------- Crispy air this morning-- sky's overhead with a few clouds, more this afternoon- seas OK but bumpy with the wind chop from the southeast and a west swell-looks like a couple smaller boats came back in-- bay waters still dirty but starting to clear- tides are building and dropping with the moon-

Couple of guys fishing the bay in their skiff, must have had the day off - didn't looks like there were catching much-

Stayed south for the day-- cooler air as that sun was covered by cloud cover , not much going on-- Spend the day working of a set of older Penn Int 50's reels , grease and oil all gummed up and stick- drag washers needed to be replaced , all bearing re lubed and frames cleaned up - tomorrows the smaller game reels to work on-- JD




--- Jan the 18th 2023--- Much nicer day- blue above and a light haze seaward- seas are good- there's a swell there but not bad- a light wind chop with the west at 5-8 kts-

took the day off- headed to the accountant for last years taxes- good to get it done early-

coastal and bay water look like a cesspool- brown- no fishing


----- Tuesdays report------ Jan the 17 2023--- Cold wind from the northwest pushing down the coastline blue above with a few clouds on the horizon- wind brisk ant 10-15 kts seas still bumpy and Small Craft Warning-- coastal bay and harbor waters look like SH*#-* , brown and cold-- made two casts quit-



Took the grandkids to the Jurassic Expo at the OC fairgrounds over the weekend-- seeing the sizes of some of those creatures would scare anyone if they ever saw one- dinosaurs going back 250,000,000 years ago! - at what was swimming in the seas - Yikes -







A work of pleasure--- over the past several months building a set of two each Six and Nine Thread bamboo rods-- the theme being Red White and Blue-



Finished them over the weekend-- now they'll have to go to work this coming season- I expect good deeds with them- JD




Baja's going off with the Striped Marlins catches-live and dead bait fishing-- who needs jigs"













Closed on Mondays

Sunday Jan the 15 2023- better weather today- more rain this evening? wind fair from the west early- clearing wind Bay waters murky with the rains runoff , another football day- quite a few folks out walking the dog, a few kayakers- sail boaters etc. - getting out of the house for some exercise

Not a whole lot of boaters out-- though the water was not bad- and wind held off to a light to fair breeze before the late afternoon rain showers.

Boy came in the shop saying' he'd caught three shovel nosed sharks for the day--- needed more squid.

Good luck if you get out next week- JD

- Sat Jan the 14 2023- a winter day- with sprinkles early morning turning to showers later on-- coastal waters churned up with the strong west swell and that south wind sweep chop- yet even several boats out out - heading to Catalina-- sailors-- and whales watchers offshore wind 10 -15 southeast seas mixed and sloppy - Sea temps at 58 degrees

made four cast- no bites

Fishing a bit on the wet side today-- better to watch a good football game this weekend-



-- Friday Jan -- it's Friday the 13th Yikes--- Calamity at hand-- stand by!--- High clouds overhead- wind from the west early in the day-- cooler too- swell still pounding the beaches-- more to come- tides have mellowed out , still some rain runoff seen in the clarity of the bay's water

Nice day-- nice sunset-- Enjoy the weekend-- JD


----- Thursdays Report an the 12 2023-- My how the years and days go by quickly-- looks like we'll have a few days of decent weather till Saturday with showers expected into Monday- fish need the water too.

Today light Southeast wind 2 kts- seas ok with a west swell there-

made 6 cast- no bites this morning- water just dosen't look of feel active- tide hadn'tstarted to run out yet.


In the approaching storm front, see all that scatter cloud cover behind it-- that's cold weather-- stand by- --





EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION January 2023 ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Advisory Synopsis:

A transition from La Niña to ENSO-neutral is anticipated during the February-April 2023 season.

By Northern Hemisphere spring (March-May 2023), the chance for ENSO-neutral is 82%.

During December, below-average sea surface temperatures weakened over the equatorial Pacific Ocean . The subsurface temperature anomalies also weakened substantially, but below-average subsurface temperatures persisted near the surface and at depth in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean Suppressed convection persisted over the western and central tropical Pacific, while enhanced convection was observed around Indonesia. Overall, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system continued to reflect La Niña. The most recent IRI plume predicts that La Niña will transition to ENSO-neutral during the Northern Hemisphere winter 2022-23 . Interestingly, the dynamical models indicate a faster transition (January-March) than the statistical models (February-April). At this time, the forecaster consensus favors the statistical models, with a transition to ENSO-neutral in the February-April 2023 season. The sustained atmospheric circulation anomalies and the weakening downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave do not support an imminent transition. In summary, a transition from La Niña to ENSO-neutral is anticipated during the February-April 2023 season. By Northern Hemisphere spring (March-May 2023), the chance for ENSO-neutral is 82%

and by July, Aug and Sept- looks like a El Nino Trend (warmer water?)

Nice day it turns out-- no wind-

Good luck if you get out tomorrow-- saw the F & G go by eariler - JD

nice sunset--


------------- Wed's Jan the 11 202023- broken cloud cover-- still cool- wind from the south a couple knots-- seas fair with a swell in there

from the west--

made 5 casts this morning off the dock-- two small tugs on the plastic bait- missed em, water still murky and cold--

For Sale one of the best sportfishing boats around-- Pacific Pioneer -54-bertram They don't get much better than this sportfisher-- maintained with perfection and about the fishiest boat around !







Weather turned nice for the day-- still light southwest at 2 kts a little hazy - several boats were in the harbor-- couple of guys going fishing with a bag of squid- wished em' good luck--

More Pacific Gyros headed our way--


- Jan the 10th ------ Beep-- Beep- the radio blares away ----US WEATHER BUREAU giving a warning---A line of heavy rain showers from Catalina Island to Newport with a strong wind reported 35-40 miles observed, causing for Small Craft and Dangerous Conditions- Beep---Beep-- that strong South wind that's been with us for the past two day suddenly switched to the West with the rain with it--

Wind backed off almost calm in the early afternoon hours--then switched again to the south , light -- not many if any boats out--- nor on the radio- -- Weather is suppose to get better for several days now-- then again next weekend more storms-- The Wild Card Football game on Sat -49ers vs the Seahawks in San Francisco should be fun--

The next month or better looks like there will be a series of those northern Pacific Gyros systems will continue to spiral into the west coast with the majority of them into Central California and to the north from there-- lots of freshwater rich in nutrients being washed out to sea- fodder for the plankton- and feed for another biomass of growth of the filter feeders/ anchovies/ smelt etc. By the mid and late summer months we may see the aftereffects of this rain runoff-


- Closed Monday

Jan the 8 2023 what a difference a day makes-- still a bit on the cool side early on- light cloud cover with a lot of blue behind it-- seas are nice- not much swell and almost glassy , wind is very light south-

Vick said there was a good amount of bait found off the Newport dropoff above the harbor 150 ft on the bottom , should be some deep water halibuts in the area or them smaller grade thresher sharks and those smoothound's too- Sculpin fishing was said to be slow--

It'd be a good day to deepdrop for a swordfish- watch a football game on the web and hook a swordfish during halftime!

Good time to reflect on the past season and what's up for the following seasons-- the Pacific Bluefin Tuna still dominated the catches for the past year-- the year of the Mad Max-- crazy trolling at 12 kts and 200 yards behind the boat at $6+ per Gal. - with an lure that went as high as $200 each even used ones were prized. It didn't seem as though there were as many 250- 300 lb-+ fish this season- The marlins were fair with only 84 listed for the BAC's yearbook this year-- yet some boats really scored on the multi catches for the day- Yellowtails were here there but no quantity , the dorados in the hundreds plus schools were found- not everywhere but in concentrated areas- feeding on all that bait offshore they grew several pounds while that were here. Swordfish-- fair here- not the number of fish hooked this year- yet reports of good scores for the airplane ( underwater fish) and commercial deep dropping boats above the Channel Islands

A year's end look at the previous three years for both the sea surface temps and that to the Chlorophyll -

------- 2020---------------------------------------------------------2021-------------------------------------------2022 --------------------------------

Sea temps look to remain about the same

but Chlorophyll charts shows a reductions of the offshore plankton rich waters with only a concentrated offshore/ green water found below SF to the Channel Islands-?



We should see the latest El Nino reports coming out shortly--


--- Sat Jan the 7 2023-- A mix of cloudcover- still on the cool side- wind light to fair from the south , se4as still have a lump to them- light wind chop- and the tides are still high and low-- water still murky here in the bay but looks to be cleaning up-- several skiffs fishing the bay today--

Radio still on the quiet side- might be some deepdroppers out there today--

building weather-- well enjoy a nice warm evening-- JD

it's winter-

------ Friday and Sunshine too! light west southwest wind 3 6 kts seas still a bit confused and the tides and high and low with the full moon phase

Quite a few folks out walking about getting out of the house for a while-- there was a few boats moving around in the harbor-- strong draining tide made it tough for the those wanting to go back up tide-- flowing out 3.5 kts or better-- !

wind mid day and backed off towards the afternoon hours waters cold and murky brown looking -- five cast6 mid low tide --no bites--

better luck tomorrow-- JD


-- Thursday Jan the 5 2023--- Well it's rainy and windy-- spots of sun breaking through mid morning-- South wind due to switch west later today- stand by-- tides built earlier and rainwater washing out has a strong influence on that draining tide .

Not much going on today-- a bag of squid to four boys going fishing here in the bay late in the afternoon , couple tee-shirts sales, a sweatshirt and watched a couple gals stand up paddle-boarders go by - best excitement of the day--

tomorrows another day--


`````` Jan the 4th 2023- Misty rain and strong rain-- more of the same due for the next few days-- flood watches in effect as that filling moon increases the morning's high tide and rainwater no where to go-- it'll be interesting - stand by--

Did see one boat go out the harbor- of all boats a Grand Banks slowly plodding it's way out the harbor against that south wind? and the sailors too were out-- sailing--

Weather backed off midday towards the later hours of the afternoon- several boats out harbor cruising - calm before the storm-

enjoy a warm evening and a good book- or movie-- JD


---- Tuesday- Jan the 3 2023--- cloudy and a sprinkle of rain- wind from the south fair to strong- more expected- Small Craft warning-

As the New Year begins- time to take down the Christmas decorations in the store-- do inventory of the store, finalized the past year's 4th Qt. Sales Taxes, and year end bookkeeping. Keep up with repair of reels and rods and general store responsibilities. Work's never done-- Good Luck this New Year- may the fish be bigger and the task easier to get them-JD

Good thing your not out in the West Pacific--Swells this coming Thursday are forcasted at 14 meters, 45 ft seas- Yikes!

Only a few of the bigger sailboats were out and about in the harbor today-- other than the harbor patrol and the smaller harbor master boats -- dreary rain and wind kept all others tied to the docks--


well I guess the fish need the water--



Happy New Year!!

---Sat ---- Dec the 31st - The last day of this year- it's been good for some- not good for others- Let's hope for better health and a more stable year to come-

Drizzle rain today- more due this evening- Winds not up yet- starting to quiet down towards the noon hour- sportfishing cattle boats up on the HB Flats catching Sculpin and some sand basses- most of the reefs and art reefs now should have a healthy population of the sandies, they for some reason did like Lime Green plastics?

Some of the 2022 catches-- Tuna, Dorado, Marlins and Swordfish









































and WHOW ~~



Good Luck in 2023--- JD

My best time- in 22-

Fly Fishing Atlantic Salmon, Lower Tummel River Scottland-


Looking back a couple years Jan the 16 we had another rough storm


-------- |Friday-- Dec the 30- Friday again-- again overcast with a drizzle of rain here- there- more expected-- Tides are good not too strong- Wind light to fair from the south 3-6 kts seas ok with a small bump and chop to them- lots of folks out taking walks etc. some vessel assist (center console stranded at Clemente Island) and barge workers on the radio

Boats were out today, some even deep dropping for swordfish-- why not- the weather's not bad-- sand bass off Dana and a few halibut bites along the Newport coast, inside the bay Decker and Eric were tossing deep running crank baits for a few legal sized bass , waters cleaned up nicely.

Another nice catch for 2022 -- the Dorados














- Thursdays Dec the 29 2022- rain Showers expected, fair to strong south wind with wind chop on it and a west swell - starting to get sloppy--and chunky- weather backed off for most of the day-- like he calm before the storm-- overcast for the day-- increasing electric bay boats out-- with guest- - forecasted to get ugly late Sat - stand by-

As the year ends- for another new season is starting next week- The days are getting longer, about a minute per day now . Looking forward the possibility of a strong El Nino- ( warming water trend) this coming Summer- the bait will stack up against the warm waters fishes- should bring great fishing- Wahoo, Blue Marlin!

The NCEP FCS V2 Nino34 SSTA forecast continues an aggressive trend that indicates ending of La Nina early in 2023 followed by a shift into El Nino middle of 2023 ECM is indicating a much stronger El Nino developing middle of 2023

Weather forecasters shows a strong wind on Sunday- stand by







-And the long view shows a series of North Pacific Gyro Systems headed out way -for a week or more- stand by-







Some outstanding catches of 2022--


Scott's massive WSB










Or giant Corbina






- WED Dec the 28th 2022-- an breezy day with scatter rain showers-- offshore Small Craft Warnings inshore, Ok but getting choppy soon.

Looks like a few bay boats out with relatives from somewhere- enjoying the sights-

Some bay fishing for those needing to wet a line- small halibuts were biting-- and small bass

Best of luck if you get out tomorrow or the next couple of days-- might get rainey and Windy after that-- Stand by-- get your canvas strapped down--

Good Luck-- JD

send in your prized catch for 2022-- JD



- Tuesdays Dec the 27 2022 - Building cloud cover with rain expected later today/ this evening-- at least that's what the forecasters say-- Wind freshened from the south mid morning- seas were greasy slick calm now starting to build with a west chop and a south wind chop- Tides by this coming weekend will have mellowed out- still a strong outgoing afternoon tide.

Several boats out early some already back in by noon

Took the day off yesterday-- a year to date from a minor stroke I had-- the goal was to go out an wrestle a swordfish, no swords yesterday but a great day on the water trying for them- then back into the beach for a shot at a deep water halibut--caught a octopus-- but came back in healthy and happy- that's all that counts-- JD


E Mail ---Hi John, I had a lazy day yesterday but finally motivated to get on the water before the storm hits. Hopped on the skiff in Dana about 3pm. Crazy dolphin and bird life south. Cheers! Fernando

Looks like a beautiful day on the water

Stay warm and dry ! JD








Closed Christmas Day Sunday and Monday the 26th-- JD

- Sat- Dec the 24- 2022-- Christmas Eve day-- foggy this AM- hazy the rest of the day-- no swordfish reported- or halibuts no swell or wind-other than that a nice day----


---- Friday, Dec the 23 2022--------------- Almost like a summer day--- morning coastal cloud cover seems to be burning through mid morning, warming - light west wind- seas good

Tides at their extreme this morning and an extreme low later today-- tides running 3 kts + draining--

couple boat out deep-dropping early--and some boys were out yesterday fishing the sheepheads and bottom stuff- raw shrimp was said to be the best bait for them-

Another nice day here in So Calif-- not much in the way of big game fish-- some bottom dwellers taken for dinner and there's a few smaller 60-80 threshers around for those bounce-balling for the butts--

better luck tomorrow-- JD


_ Thursdays report--- Dec the 22 2022. 122222--todays actually the shortest day- 9:54 hours of daylight --- High clouds milky white and seawards more of it- calm seas, for now forecasted for larger swells over the weekend?- tides are really moving now-- almost 3 kts- tomorrow's higher and lower and faster--

With hopes of a battle with a swordfish, several boats out today-- no hook ups yet- 10:18

An images of the local Chlorophyll- looks like a defined break from the Rigs towards the 14 and then towards Oceanside

no swordfish today?


better luck tomorrow-- remember to get your 2023 fishing Licence!











- Dec the 21st - short day long night- strong tides stand by! nice day not much wind a small swell and a bit hazy seaward . Made four cast no bites

A few boats out for the swords, looking for that Christmas feast--- boats down on the 9 Mile Bank off SD and up here off the Newport Canyon-- not sure about the southern waters but it sounded like it was a restful time up here-- no fish reported-

better luck tomorrow-- lots of smelt and some sardines in the harbor



Dec the 20 2022-- Only one more day till Winter Solstice, shortest day of the year--- from now till Summer we'll get longer daylight and shorter nights-- Yea!,, Chilly this morning-- sun helps - light to med west wind coming off the ocean is cool a bit hazy seas flat with some wind chop to it-- Tides starting to drop out with a 6 ft drop today, tomorrow 7ft and Thursday 7 1/2, Friday almost 9 ft ---yikes -- Quakes-- stand by--

No Swordfish reported yet-- Vick had three bites yesterday and those targeting the winter time halibuts better fish the deep stuff at 125+ deep- mackerel or sardines for bait-- -

No swords today-- westerly wind kept the deep water driffs challanging--

tomorrows another day- good luck if you get out

Just in for a Christmas gift- Shimano Speedmaster 20- 2 Speed Reel , with Free Diamond braid line and a Shimano lure--- Only $329.00

Or Penns New Fathom 2 speed 15 Lever drag-2 at $309.00 includes line and a lure too!








Closed on Mondays--

- Dec 18 2022- Sunday-- a day of rest except if your pulling on a Swordfish! Kevin K sends in this photo today-- Nice catch!

questioned was that today?---

reply---Yes today! We slept in got up made coffee had breakfast… Debated on what to do. We drop the mooring. we went out drop the line and we’re bit in less than 30 minutes. Back at Avalon before lunchtime � Weighed in at Avalon Early Christmas present.


- Dec the 17 Sat-- high cloud cover Wind calm so's the ocean nice an flat--Tides starting to build and drop--

Several Deepdropping swordfish boats out today-- why not

Not a nibble he said but a nice day

better luck tomorrow-- JD


- Dec the 16 Friday-- yep that day again-- have fun this weekend-- weather looks ok-getting better, Sunday some wind blowing up -- not much wind today-- lowering clouds cover calm seas- Several deepdrop swordfish boats out-- not to far from Newport--- bet there'd be a fish or two hooked over this weekend-- good luck

Happy Holidays

Dec 15 2022- Thursdays

The day starts cool agian-- below the 50 degree mark- light cloud cover wind almost nill at 2 -3 kts-- west cold wind blowing and building--- - no swell just small wind chop-



In BAC's Dec Newsletter- it states-- "There is still the rest of December to catch a swordfish for the First Flag of 2022.". The 1st Fish Swordfish flag was almost taken during this past IGFA Swordfish tournament-- GJ Sacco did bring a swordfish to the Club for weighing -- though many years ago the club had felt the use of 130 lb test line was overkill, so it wasn't recognized.. Guess he'll have to go out and do it on the 80 lb tackle-- and he did-- Nice Fish! 249 lbs in less than a hours battle-- Congrats-- JD

Solo Catch!!


Now he's gonna go after the First Fish of the 2023 year flag!!






--- Dec the 14 2022- Wed ---------cool morning hours -sun helps--- Not much wind maybe 2-4 kts west seas calm, not much happening-- a few boats out-deep dropping for swordfish-- - tides are mellow- but will begin to build to major tide swings this coming week-- stand by---

six more days of short sunshine hours--

Winter time os hard for some of the old folks-- Sad note of the passing of Mife Hefty--Hi JD, Thought you should know that my very dear friend, and friend of the fleet, Mike Hefty passed away on December 8th. He was one of the most well liked fishermen and boat captains during my time on the water, and his boat the Snakebit, while small in stature, was huge in its impact on the fishing community. He will be missed. Your friend, Dick S.


That westerly blew in mid day-- stayed till after the sunset-- dropped the air temps another 10 degrees or better- and the water will feel it-- bay waters were cold 54-56 in the morning hours came up to 58 degees

Stay warm-- JD

- Dec the 12 2022-- Tuesdays report-- Well no rain today- still on the cool side with the inshore waters influenced by the runoff rains have dirtied up the harbors and bays waters looks like Cra*** - offshore the waters clearing up with good visibility

Several boats with tackle headed out;t the harbor today-- bound for the islands and some bottom fishing-- maybe some seabass around of the halibuts should be shown up to--

Deep dropping swordfish boats working offshore these days - in years past the back side of Clemente Island and the banks below there were targeted throughout the winter . swordfish opah and the tunas were caught-




Reports from the Cape--- Hi JD, Quick December Cabo report for you. Tons of marlin from Cristobal to the Finger. Feeders, tailers, jumpers… you name it. Also mixed grade yellowfin and dorado around all the usual spots. My 10 yr old son Jack went 3 for 4 on marlin, all bait fish. Proud Dad moment. And as always, Kelly got a bunch too. Merry Christmas, ~Aaron G.










Closed on Mondays

------- Sunday Dec the 11th 2022 rainy morning hours-- wind from the south early then switched to a strong west wind- 20 kts --clearing blue to the west-- no ones out--

Couple of sailboats in the harbor- the usual electric rental boats moving around and the rent - a- boat were out too. that's it.

Just checking the coastal and offshore weather buoys and the water temps recorded-- it's almost a constant 60 degrees, some upwelled cooler water below La Jolla

Forecasters show a week of good weather- cool them a bit or rain the 20-21 and good for the rest of the week-- have fun- JD

Maybe we'll get a nice sunset-

-- Sat-- Dec the 10 2022--- Several boats out on this day-- clear and blue this AM with cold being the start of the day- sun warming-- Boats or Deep Drop Swordfishing over the past few days-- nothing that I heard of taken yesterday locally- several out there today- again no fish yet-- standing by--

Weather should change later this evening to clouds, strong south wind and rain before morning - ?

West wind behind that-

---- Friday-- took the day off to attend a lecture on Bluefin Tuna conducted by Dr. Barbara Block-- Very interesting-- on the positive side- showing there has been a rebounding of the Northern Pacific Bluefin stocks by the restrictive quotes over the past few years. - -leading to an adjustment to the harvest take for commercial fisherman-- recreational fishing will probably remain the same at a two fish daily take-- Spawning still felt to be in the Sea of Japan or the Taiwanese waters- at a age of one to two years olds and an average of 7-10 lbs they make the 5,000 mile migration across the entire Pacific Ocean in the early Spring to the Eastern Pacific's northern Baja waters ( note--the Pacific is almost twice as wide as the Atlantic Ocean), remaining here for seveal years along our coastline ranging from lower Baja northwards to Oregon and Washington. After reaching a size at 6 or 7 years old and 300 lbs + they again make their way westwards across the Pacific in what's known as a transition zone below the Alaskan gyro back to the Japanees waters and gain in size to the 500 -600 lbs a mature to a spawning size.. Anchovies currently making up the majority of diet,

------ Thursday's Report Dec the 8 2022--- Nice and cool- we're nearing the shortest day of the year ( Winter solstice Dec 21st) with the suns azimuth being the lowest of the year- , makes for a long period sunset. Today's clear sky, seaward some haze, wind light from the west early 4-7 kts-- some wind ripple on the water still not much of a swell- Tides still in great movement-

westerly wind picking up early- noon


Synopsis: La Niña is expected to continue into the winter, with equal chances of La Niña and ENSO-neutral during January-March 2023. In February-April 2023, there is a 71% chance of ENSO-neutral. Below-average sea surface temperatures persisted in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean during the past month All of the latest weekly Niño index values were near -1.0°C,In November 2022, negative subsurface temperature anomalies weakened, reflecting an eastward expansion of the above-average subsurface temperatures in the western and central Pacific \ Low-level easterly wind anomalies and upper-level westerly wind anomalies were evident across most of the equatorial Pacific throughout the month. Overall, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system continued to reflect La Niña. The most recent IRI plume indicates that La Niña will persist into the Northern Hemisphere winter 2022-23.ENSO-neutral is favored in January-March 2023, ENSO-neutral will emerge by the Northern Hemisphere spring. In summary, La Niña is expected to continue into the winter, with equal chances of La Niña and ENSO-neutral during January-March 2023. In February-April 2023, there is a 71% chance of ENSO-neutral

And looking ahead-- the possibilities of an approaching El Nino???( in red)

The NCEP FCS V2 Nino34 SSTA forecast continues an aggressive trend that indicates ending of La Nina early in 2023 followed by a shift into El Nino middle of 2023 ECM is indicating a much stronger El Nino developing middle of 2023


Cool wind today-- chilling off the water- and it's clear- lots of small bait/ smelt on the harbors these days-- 2-4 inch stuff-


Wed's Dec the 7th 2022---

Morning showers leading to a blue sky with a few clouds lingering behind-- westerly should pick up later this afternoon-- seas, Ok not much of a swell and only a little wind now-- tides full with the moon. water temps at 61 degrees

late yesterday afternoon / dark -- deep drop swordfish boat making it's way into the harbor-- riding low in the water?

towards the upcoming Christmas boat parades in the harbors-- boats are getting all dolled up

Newport's starts this coming week- 14-18 and Huntington Harbors is the 10 and 11th and Dana is this Friday the 9th---

weather not bad till Sunday the Holidays around the 20 to New Years will get major tide swings-- quakes? Volcanoes?


Tuesdays Report---- Dec the 6th 2022--- cool morning ho;urs lasting thoughou;t the day-- cloud cover w/ a ligh south wind at 2-5 kts- seas ok- fair-- no swell-- light chop-- Made 4 cast off the dock-- one bite missed it--

Not many boats out today--

A E- Mail from the Cape asking if this billfish could be ID's ?? small striper, black, blue, sailfish, hatchet or White Marlin??

Hey JD and Happy Holidays I caught this last week fishing in Cabo on the Golden Gate. Can you ID this guy?

What do you think-- ?

Well the jury is still not confirmed but guess ranged from the White marlin to a short or long billed Spearfish-- and that's the most popular guess- Long Billed Spearfish--- Photo sent to the IGFA have not ID' it yet--



Weather warmed a little afternoon hours-- turns out a nice day- still on the cool side though.

nice sunset-

Closed on Mondays---

---- Sundays Dec the 4th 2022- Foggy this AM with some lingering fog into the mid morning hours-- no wind yet and can't see the ocean?

Stayed fair fro the day overcast and a bit of sprinkles - there were several boats out deep dropping for the swords-- didn't hear of any hooked--

the private yachts starting to decorate their boats for the harbor's Christmas boat parades

Hope you get a chance to get out this coming week- JD

Should be some deep water halibuts starting to show up 80- 100- 120 ft , filling full moon might stir up some action?


--------- It's Sat Dec the 3rd 2022--- high misty milky clouds this morning thicking as the day goes on-- wind light from the S/W turning to the west- seas good-- light wind ripple

Both charter boats and privates were out today-- amazing to see some of the high profiled 4 and 5 outboaded go-fast boats heading to Clemente or Catalina island in the mid morning hours with only bass rods and reels . And at a price tag in the thousands!

Boat out Deep dropping today -- there were several Swordfish harpoon boats out over the past few days-- stand by

Thew BAC weighed a Deep drooped swordfish today-- est 250lbs good looking fish-and not that far from Newport-- 266.8 lbs Jim marks aboard the Luhard Inn-- nice catch-- 32 / 56 Newpot canyon--




Good luck if you get out tomorrow--


------------- Friday Dec the 2 2022--- Overcast with a few sprinkles-- nice otherwise-- wind light from the south not much of a swell if any- Couple of boaters on the radio and a large sailboat went out the harbor. Tides are building with the filling of the moon

Weather backed off nicely with flatten seas and overcast day- no fish reports-- yet-- a few short halibuts here in the bay--

Have fun this weekend-- get the Christmas lights up-early and watch a few football/ soccer games --


----- Dec the 1st-- 2022 -- 12-1-22 Pretty clouds above- chance of sprinkles- wind light from the south- 3-5-6 kts-- seas look good - darkens towards the horizon line.

A few boaters out and about- but not many- ferry's going back and forth with no one on it- some kids were in a sailboat class tacking around and a whale watcher boat went out-- pretty queit on the waterfront.- boat cleaners and tourist in the electric boats too - wind switched to come in from the southwest- 6-10 kts


Darkend skys to the Southwest-- let this front go by and a break for the weekend Sat before the next one late Sunday-

It takes time and effort-- to bring back something from the past--- Today we have all the copolymers and super braid fishing lines with their multitude of versions- and to the future? transparent unbreakable lines, who knows ? The past-- Our sport of fishing and it's tackle goes way back to the 1600 , days of trial and error with the various types of natural fibers, braided horse hair, silk threads, lamb gut and indian weed fibers were all used as fishing lines. The plant called Linen Flax was felt the best for strength and durability. Produced by a process of drying, soaking and thrashing to obtain the 2 ft long fibers, then spun and twisted into a single strand, these are again twisted in cable fashion into strands of three, called 3 x 1 thread ( 8 lb) and the 2 x 3 or 6 thread ( 16 lbs) , and so on 3 x 3 = 9 thread ( 26 lbs) , The heaviest produces was I believe 54 strands, like rope, the generally accepted as fair game line in Heavy Tackle was the 3 x 8 = 24 thread with line line not to exceed 66 lbs. .








Linen fishing lines were produced both here in the US and overseas-- the Flax came from England and Ireland and the old Irish mills turned out great quantities. In the States the East coast mills took up production with quality machined methods that equaled or surpassed the overseas products. The advent with the introduction of synthetics, nylon threads doing the late 40's (WW-II) changed all that and Nylon fishing lines were developed with it's successor Dacron's which did not stretch as much. Into Monofilament and now the braids. To get back to the old stuff-

It started many years ago-- to reproduce a fishing line of Linen to conform to regulations tackle requirements of the local angling clubs-- past history shows Broadbill Swordfish to 520 and 573 lbs caught with the Heavy Tackle 24 thread lines, Blue Marlin at 692 lbs and Bluefin Tunas over the 250 lb weight-


Throughout the years- contact was pushing the 175 e-mails. First to even find a Mill that still maintained the Cable Twisting method that was required. A mill found in Central Europe and the quality of the raw material was next to be sough out, samples eventually were sent and resent and resent, Covid problems, Holidays , the War and changing technicians and the increasing freight cost seemed like never ending challenges.

Now --In a limited amount- these fishing lines of the past will be available for use-24 thread comes in an 450 yard/ Cope 550 gram spool in either traditional Green or a White Color 1- 800 660 5030







The last day of November- the 30th 2022---------- Cooling off with the clouds from the west and a cold front workings it's way south. wind from the south today will push in stronger tomorrow- colder-- seas are fair

Only a few boats seemed to head out the harbor today-- couple of the death boats and some whale watchers . and sailors too

Sold a couple of those old fashioned Drop lines # with the green line and a bag of bait

enjoy the sunset-- JD


------ Tuesday's report Nov the 29th--- Starts out blue sky then filling in with cloudcover from the south- wind 6- 10 kts south , seas a bit bumpy with small caps--

So far only barge workers on the radio-


and of course the sailors were out---

Not much to report-- other than a few more reports of Swordfish battles over this past several weeks that resulted in lost fish - some tought ones out there-- !

And for those USC fans-- a Split Cane Banboo rod with USC color rod wraps, a pride of ownership






Closed on Mondays-- should go swordfishing! Made it to the harbor's entrance- too bumpy to be enjoyable- turned around-- another day-

Nov 27 Sundays and a day of rest they say--- morning hours great-- some chill then warming-- very light wind from the southwest this morning a few lofty high clouds and seaward that marine haze is there-- seas good

A call on the radio-- JD you there--- JD's back-- an excited voice asks "you have any Swordfish Flags?--- yep- I do-- Great we'll see you in 20 minutes--- OK I'll be there on the dock with the cameral too- JD 10:45am

Chris and Geoff with a nice Broadbill Swordfish-- fishing in 1200 ft of water off theNewport Canyon-- nice morning hours-- several bites then the buoy went slack-- getting in the second set of tackle while winding in the hooked line the both busy--- weight falls off ? but a quick wind tightens up to the fish. A jump and then sound- long strong underwater battle and then a shot up to it with the flyer as it came near-- it sounds again-- then another shot when it came up again-- and it sunk well, a tail rope and it was caught-- and then the struggle to get the fish in the boat-- King Pin--

Nice sized fish maybe 175--200 lbs- 200.8 lbs!! congrats--JD




A Christmas Gift for the selected few--

24 Thread Heavy Tackle Outfit-- Brand new original Penn Senator 9/0 reel with 350 yds of New! 24 Thread Linen Line matched with a JD's Custom Heavy Tackle Bamboo Rod with chromed reelseat, guides and gimbal. They dont get much finner than this outfit-- $1500











Only One like it!-- Call JD's or call- 1- 800 660 5030



- Saturday the 26th of November- another fine day-- mostly a south wind for the day-- not bad- sea were good--water still feels cool - lots of boaters out not doing much-- This past Wed and Thursday reported acers of anchovies on the A bank birds - looked good--- today it wasn't there -- where'd it go was asked

good luck tomorrow if out get out--


Nov the 25 Friday-- a few high clouds around-- should be a nice sunset-- wind is light from the west seas are good--

Quite a few boats out with friends and relatives from back East out here enjoying our nice california weather-

Not much said on the radio today-- lots of folks walking off their feast

enjoy the weekend-- JD


Closed Thanksgiving Day

Wed's report Nov the 23rd-- so far no quakes--- Blue and crisp these morning hours warming in the sun- some marine clouds and haze -wind is light from the south maybe 2 kts if that- seas look good- waters still cold and clear --tides running in and out strong

Nice day-- not a whole lot of folks out boating-- radio is quiet so far--


----- Tuesdays Nov the 22-------------- Earthquakes this morning- here ( Baja) and Solomon Islands, Alaska and indonesia - approaching New Moon Phase? -- High wispy clouds this AM with a light west wind springing up before noon- seas good-- a swell of good size against the beaches.

No Tsunami warning -- 6.2 off Baja-


Couple boats out early here againts the shoreline-- looking for those White Sea Bass- still elusive


still elusive--

nice weather-- still a shot at Elvis while the weather holds--- Good Luck--JD

Closed on Mondays--

----------- Nov the 20 2022 Sunday and not a bad day at that-- chilly in the morning hours warming through the day-- cooling off towards the sunset hours--- light to fair wind came up early from the west putting a chop on the water-- water temps 61- 62 degrees , deep dropping sword fishermen saying bait was metered at 800 ft--

The Flats outside HB and the structures spots should be holding good sized Sand Bass- or a few calicos- morning bite best--

strong coastal uphill running tide

Live squid was avaialble from the long beach receivers-- making the run to Catlina in search of some of the bottom dwellers-- Halibuts were the goal and a few smaller fish caught- larger fish got off-- bottom cods and dabs - crossing the channel was good only a few dolphins seen-

and just at sunset dusk - a sportfisher comes in the harbor flying a swordfish flag--


---------------- Nov the 19 2022- -- Saturday- and another nice day - some wind but not bad overall Blue sky's and the NE breezes, dry air- not many on the radio so far-- but there were dozens of smaller boats out early and some larger yachts -- SD Boats still reporting good limits of 40- 100lb Bluefin Tunas -- night time bite and morning bite--two day limits quickly -

Mark says there more and more sighs of squid showing up Channel Islands to Catalina and some reported along the Flats off Huntington/ Long Beach- - takes a while before the bigger game fish follow in on them- a month

Nice day-- lots of folks out and about-- sailing- bay cruising, bicycling, kayaking, boating--looks like all are enjoying themselves--

Enjoy the football games

nice day--

--------------------- Friday Nov the 18th 2022--------------

Blue again- light marine haze seaward-- wind light from the south maybe 3 5-6 kts- light wind ripple on the water's surface- water temps in the low 60- 61-62 degrees locally

Tides are starting to fill again-- building in that new moon-

Maybe some one will be deep dropping for swordfish this weekend and hang one-- low tide swings around noon the hour, just enough timing to hook and land one, get it to the club for photos, put it on ice and go watch a college football game at 5 pm-- good luck- JD

Looks windy tomorrow morning-- some protection from the NE Winds below the harbor tight to the beach, Crystal Cove area- bass and octopus

Have fun tomorrow better --sunday better

Thursdays Report--

Not much happening-- Few hat and t-shirt sales-- fixed a reel and heard couple of guys maybe on the 302 who were chasing something/ tuna around 2 pm --that was it-- local water temps 60 degrees


-- Wed's report ---Nov the 16th-- Windy and only a few boats out traveling - offshore wind clearing the air and waters are clearing up with the cold night's air

Another quick look at the offshore water conditions-- Water temps in Celsius and the Chlorophyll chart





Only a few boats out-- swordfish boats that stay to the outside where the wind dies down-- nice out there

tomorrows a better day------ Tuesday Nov 15 2022 --and another nice day-- Pale Blue sky with light marine haze seaward- seas ok some small swell and light wind ripple--

Vick reports seeing a marlin ( Jumper) right next to him yesterday while out deep dropping-- off the Newport canyon area--- put a bait out but no bites--- no swordfish bite either--

Bass fishers - still out there today-- reports filter in on fish under the boat- clouds of em-- hook up and fish being fought- sounds like near the long point area---12:29

and reports of tunas too -- mac banks

Catalina 's Avalon Harbor due for some wind and swell--- stand by

Closed on Mondays ---

----------------- Sunday Nov the 13 2022--- Cool morning with a few scattered clouds about--- light marine haze seaward- wind light from the west backing off mid morning-- seas OK with a small mix of swell.

Ocean cleaning up but looks cold---

IGFA's Swordfish Open had four fish weighted and another 4 fish lost and numinous bites--

1st. FV Lucas J -Jeff Richardson- Swordfish 215 lbs

2 nd. Bounty hunter -Guy James Sacco II- Swordfish 203 lb

3 rd. Chumani -Keith McDonald- Swordfish 197 lbs

4th Bounty hunter- Guy James Sacco II -Swordfish 149lbs

Nice going--


E Mail from Mike-- 300 lb sword lost 5 mi from Newport Jetty yesterday. Not us. Thanks for the info and great baits. Mike, Ace Hi

--- Sat Nov the 12th 2022 ---------- Nice-- light marine haze and a soft south wind maybe 3 4 kts-- seas fair with a swell from the outside---

Day 2 of the Swordfish Open--- yesterdays results were promising- with 2 fish weighed and a another pair lost ( three hour battle) and several bites bites-- - some of it was out by San Clemente island- ( I believe) San Diego waters too

1st place Day One, FV Lucas J 215lbs

2 nd place Day One , Bounty hunter 149lbs

at the 11:30 mark two fish were being fought

Team ---Angler----- Species---- Time ----Hooked--- Fight Time

Kryptonite #7 Mike Groves Swordfish 11/12/2022 7:58:00 AM 202 mins

Bounty hunter #13 Guy James Sacco II Swordfish 11/12/2022 7:21:00 AM 239 mins



Balboa Angling Club weighed their 1st fish Flag- Swordfish that was taken by Member GJ Sacco, on board the Bounty Hunter, captained by Member RJ Boyle, while fishing in the Southern California IGFA Swordfish Open Tournament!!! NICE WORK TEAM!!!

T/C control -T/C--- 11:44--?

Chumani 11/12/22 11:40:00 AM Keith McDonald boated a Swordfish.




-Nov the 11th - Friday and the work week is over-- cool looking wisly clouds overhead mares tails, Cirrus above 18000ft. usually formed when warm, dry air rises, causing water vapor deposition onto rocky or metallic dust particles at high altitudes -- looks like high wind to me-- on the water , nice light wind from the west---5-7 kts seas good-



Several swordfish boats out deep dropping along the coastal drop off spots and off the East end of Catalina- also outside San Diego waters --IGFA's tournamnet is today and tomorrow--

Follow the results through Catchstats--

Team Count 20 ---Angler Count 49


Not sure if I heard it right-- he said it was dead calm up here- and they'd seen 4 marlin!? 11:05

UpDate--? Hook Up--- Bight #11 Curtis Lambert --Swordfish 11/11/2022 11:05:00 PM 0 mins

Update 2:27 pm Bounty hunter #13 Guy James Sacco II Swordfish 11/11/2022 1:50:00 PM 37 mins

FV Lucas J #19 Jeff Richardson Swordfish 11/11/2022 1:26:00 PM 61 mins

Bight #11 Curtis Lambert Swordfish 11/11/2022 12:05:00 PM 142 mins


4 30 update---

Tournament FishLog

Bounty hunter 11/11/22 4:37:34 PM Guy James Sacco II released a Swordfish.

FV Lucas J 11/11/22 4:37:31 PM Jeff Richardson boated a Swordfish.

Bounty hunter 11/11/22 2:45:00 PM Guy James Sacco II released a Swordfish.

FV Lucas J 11/11/22 2:25:00 PM Jeff Richardson released a Swordfish.


--- It's Thursday--- almost that day again-- Nov the 10 2022, cold and crisp this morning even frost on the roof tops--- blue sky above seas still a bit on the bumpy side and bay waters look like poison -- dirty brown with almost a green tint to it-- not good-- the bay and harbor waters emptying out into the ocean will be evident for a few days now--

With the clear sky and the runoff waters mixing with plankton and sunshine, maybe we'll see the chlorophyll grow and become better defined for the satellite images.

A check with San Clemente Island Securitys's web site shows the island to be open Friday, Sat and Sunday ( windy on sunday)

Nice day--- calming throught the day to almost dead flat sunset--

Good Luck in the IGFA Swordfish tournament--

------------------- Wed's Nov. the 9th only 46 days till Christmas! ---- Clearing from the West--- clouds drifting southeast with a westerly wind building this afternoon-- Seas look much better-- light wind chop and a leftover swell under it--- better forecasted weather for Friday and Saturday-- Sunday it blows up on the outside --

Not much said on the radio-- a few radio checks--and barge workers ,

Just in for those who want to reel up their deep dropping gear-- Okuma's Rapid Crank-- attatchs to an electric drill -- fits the Okuma Makaria 50 and 80 class reels



---------------------- Tuesdays report - Nov 8 2022----- Rain and wind -and strong tides too boot! Full tides this morning and being pushed out the harbors with the rain water- Lots of debris, trash weeds, and riff raff out there over the next week--

Morning hours rain and a strong south wind ---the ocean looks rugged this morning--

A day to work on some reels, wind some line on a pair of Penn Int 30's and some bookkeeping

It'll change after this rain storm- both the water temps and Chlorophyll outflows from the harbors and a bays, upwelled waters and wind/swell driven surface and undersea currents will all mix and in some cases get concentrated for hard breaks

timClosed on Mondays --

---- Nov the 6th Sunday and a day of rest--- Nice morning refreshingly cool , clear and clean-- afew lazy clouds up high- wind from the south 3 5 kts+ some small wind chop on it-- seas generally good

AIS has the tunas boats below Clemente, for what looks like fair to good bluefin 40-60 lb range and bigger fish there too, inside the island there's another area of fish Mackerel Bank area- and then closer to home off the East end of Cat swordfish boats and privates on the hunt.

Coastal waters clear green and cool at .San Pedro Water Temperature (WTMP): 59.2 °F ,----0 SC weather buoy at Water Temperature : 64.2 °F

Nice day---

-- Nov the 5th 2022--- Sat and a beautiful day it is-- brisk cool in the morning hours--- warming in the sun-- a few high overhead clouds seas good- some bump in there--

partyboats out of SD fishing below Clemente Is for the tunas--

Coastal fishing fair to good for the basses-- a little reluctant to bite early on but a good incoming tide helps--

Light westerly began early afternoon-- should be another nice sunset---

three days and the Chlorophyll Chart


-------------Nov 4 - Friday-- it's that day again-- the work week is over for many--- some of us get to work the weekends-- Cold dry air this morning--clear sky- warming in the sunshine--- light wind from the south, seas are better after yesterdays flow of wind from the west/ northwest-- ocean looks dark and still bumpy

Wind stayed south southwest for the day-- not bad--- calming down for the next incoming front next week---

This weekends chances for the bigger fish are limited--- outside there's probably some of tunas there-- Catalina the squid catching becomes a little more difficult under that approaching full Moon and night's clear sky - but the Seabass might be around-- Yellows are for the most part MIA, maybe Clemente -( it's open this weekend) Calicos and the Bonito should still be there, and just in today is another shipment from Shimano their Swim Kick casting Jig in Live Squid color-- good looking and performing lure


Swordfish- Deep dropping for them will be seen by a dozen or more boats -- per fishing for the upcoming tournament- good to get the kinks out of the system-



WON's TUNA JACKPOT Tournament into there second day-- but looks to be a no or a down fishing day-- Live Catchstates report no scores till ater in the day ? there was a Earthquake along he Baja's peninsula inside the Gulf , Baja Kino Bay with a 6.5 quake- an Tsunami warning was issued in Mexico and possible the Port Captain closed it off for a while?--s-- check out Stats - WON Tuna Jackpot Tournament

Team Payouts

Team Payout Crudo $282,500.00

Prestige Worldwide $244,900.00

Chinito Bonito $216,000.00

Hooray $144,500.00

Castro's Tournament Team $54,200.00

Twice bitten $53,600.00

Consolidated Supply $46,400.00


Have a great weekend--- rain this coming week--

------- Thursdays Report--- Nov the 3rd Windy and cooler--- only a radio check so far on the radio-- other than that a few boats gearing up for a Baja trip - thats it-- oh the sailboat will be out later today-- and harbor patrol was out checking on boat probles due to yesterdays wind-


-- Nov the 2nd Cloudy morning gave way to a clearing west wind-- strong at times--- don't think there are many if any boats out today--- maybe a sailor or two-- no ones on the radio these days except a radio check or so--


And here comes the CUBAR and Baja Ha -Ha fleet-- traveling southwards along the Baja coastline-- safty in numbers--- it looks like they've got some wind to push them along---


Windy today--



------November the 1 2022 -- Tuesdays and a windy day at that-- South/Southeast east wind this morning strong at times-- wind chop assoiateated with it-- a little bulmpy out there today-- not much going on-- reports of squid being found along the coastline mainly towards the HB flats-

Only a couple of boats out-- sea bass fishing-- and seal fishing-- and when hooked they can run, jump and even bark at you !---

Windy for the day-- most boats returned to port early-- will get a clearing wind behind this front then maybe a warming tread, this time of year there's a give take in the weather conditions--

Bay fishing not bad the bay bass were biting and a few smaller halibuts in the mix


Took a boat ride yesterday- out to the 1400 foot depth for some deep dropping--- spent several hours drifting or slow rowing around --nice day but no bites,, on the way in spent a few minutes field testing a Nomad lure call a Vertrex -- great looking fishing lure and feeling to it-- almost like a hard rubber outer covering with a weighted inner body with great lifelike graphics two shinny hooks make it look attractive and it's top centered attachment position allows for deeper action-- but what I wanted to know was it trollable--- it runs great almost got 10 knts out of it-- stayed in the water and the vibration it provided was enticing --should be another great lure by Nomad--- get one you'll be glad you did--


Closed on Mondays---

---------------- Sunday Oct the 30th - Nice day--- not bad for this time of year-- water temps still holding in the high 60's to 71 degrees , even dorado reported near the 209 fathom spot-- Tuna on the outside, some yellows at the islands and bass were biting in most spots---

couple of boats out big game fishing-- pre fishing the Swordfish tournment and marlin fishing- no swordfish reported yet nor marlin- but the weather is nice---

no marlin or swordfish to report-- but a nice day---


------ Sat Report--- Clear blue sky--some marine haze seaward-- wind light from the S/West 2-3 kts- seas good--- Boats heading to the island and some just out boating for the day---

The BAC's seminar for deep dropping swordfish was informative with several notes and videos taken. Thanks Bob and Sergio for their information given. Temp breaks were equal or even more important than bottom structure when looking for the swords , keeping things simple with all the knots and various leaders connections is paramount . Circle hook vs J Hook still at odds as to which is best-- Maybe a heaver weight #8-10# helped set the J hook better and C hooks (18/0) worked better on the bouy line- Crystal kept the group entertained!

B & B is over for this year-- a follow up dinner and awards this evening-- only a part of the payoff total will be awarded, the balance either to be rolled over or refunds to be given out.

you guys still on the 209 -yea--- -how you doing----- a whole lot of nothing--- we're here on the beach, off the canyon for also a whole lot of nothing too-- not much out here--- found a spot of life-- marked a few fish -marlin? - that's it 2:33


Private yacht rally CUBAR San Diego to La Paz starts today-- depart San Diego on Sunday October 30th with anticipated arrival in La Paz on Saturday November 12.

EVENT SCHEDULE DATE/TIME EVENT LOCATION DETAILS – SUNDAY Depart San Diego for Ensenada MONDAY : Clearance of Mexican Customs and Immigration i. – TUESDAY Complete fueling in Ensenada. WEDNESDAY Depart Ensenada for Turtle Bay THURSDAY Arrive in Turtle Bay FRIDAY Finish fueling in Turtle Bayslow boats depart for Magdelena Bay. SATURDAY Depart Turtle Bay for Magdelena Bay SUNDAY Arrive in Man of War Cove, Magdelena Bay MONDAY Anchored in Man of War Cove TUESDAY Depart Magdalena Bay for San Jose del Cabo WEDNESDAY Cabo San Lucas/San Jose del Cabo area for taking on fuel. THURSDAY departure for Bahia de los Suenos (Muertos Cove) FRIDAY Another day at Anchor in Muertos Cove.SATURDAY Depart Muertos Cove for La Paz. – SUNDAY Marina CostaBaja. La Paz


------------Friday Oct the 28th---- Nice morning a few clouds hanging around-- wind light from the south--seas good-- made 5 cast off the dock this morning-- 3 bites- missed em' all-

CABO--- B & B catches show one Blue being boated so far today--- at this point in the game-- doesn't really matter if they get minus points or not-- there's no tomorrow--

This afternnoon Friday don’t miss the Swordfish deep drop seminar at the @balboaanglingclub 5:30pm

B & B catches--

1 EL MEXICANO Adrian Ponce de leon Blue Marlin 461 lbs -$1,754,475.00

2 Happy Ending Dion Beckner Black Marlin 449 lbs- $908,000.00

3 Team RV Rental Housing michael ciardullo Blue Marlin 344 lbs- $1,563,725.00


Local boats fishing deep dropping for the swordfish--- no reported fish today--


EL MEXICANO Adrian Ponce de leon Blue Marlin 461 lbs -$1,754,475.00

-------- ThursdaysReport --------- Oct the 27th 2022---------------- A few morning clouds-- light southeast wind 4-5 kts-- seas OK

not many out-- a few boaters heading to Catalina this morning-- the local partyboats happy to find some bonito at the island or rockfish--

Baja-- the B & B is in it's second day--- only the one 344 lb Blue weighted yesterday Amazing the number of small blues released- ( maybe-- they were just Stripers mistaken thought to be a blue?) lots of release points gained that way-- as of 11:30 Cabo time no other fish weighed--

Down south--- 2022 Black & Blue Marlin Tournament -- Live Catch Stats

Good time to work on some of the older stuff- Edward Vom Holf, pat. dated May 20 02, model #621 4/0 reel. It's in great shape on the outside although the inners were all gummed up with old grease that had coagulated into hard goo substance, the drag washers have to be replaced and all freshly lubed -- soon she'll be ready to fish again-- good to work with simple designs, the basics of how a reel functions, then seeing it's evolution of production-


And a E-mail from our traveling reporters- Pete and Barbara

JD!! Hope all is well!! I just returned from 10 EPIC Nights in the land of Fire and Ice....ICELAND. Fly Fishing for Huge Sea Run Brown Trout, Incredible Waterfalls, Geysirs, Geothermal Hot Springs, Northern Lights, Black Sand Beaches, Glaciers, on and on and on. My Wife and I do lots of traveling around the Globe and this trip was at the Top of our all time list. Spectacular. Great hotels, food, people to bottom awesome. Highly recommend!! Peter B.


$$$$ dosent look like there was a qulaifier today-- lots of $$$ rolled over to tomorrow-






Wed's Oct the 26th Nice day--- a few lazy clouds overhead-- warm and a light south wind -- seas are good and welcoming-- not many out though-- we should be-- good tides with a strong shifting of the tides-- Earthquakes recently ( the earth's shape bends)

Down south--- 2022 Black & Blue Marlin Tournament -- Live Catch Stats

Team Count 219/ 222?-- Angler Count 1532

Total Payout: $11,545,400.00--- Yikes!!!

It's amazing how all the fish released so far today have all been Blue Marlin-- ocean must be alive with em?

Master-Baiters 10/26/22 1:44 boated a 227lb Blue Marlin. doesn't count--

So far only one fish qualified today-with another still being fought at lines out--- -Team RV Rental Housing, michael ciardullo, 344.00 pts- (lbs) $1,759,975.00 Yikes!



Local waters--

Whale watchers were remarking on the number of Bottle nosed dolphins and pilot whales out there


------------------------------ Tuesday's Report --- Oct the 25th 2022---- Sunny and warm-- clear blue sky- nice dry day---light marine haze seaward--good ocean with a swell in there--

When asked hows fishing yesterday-- he says-- hard to keep awake-- good bait making ( macks) along the beaches but not much else locally- this morning's report has a swordfish bite locally and just now a jumper right in front of them-- 10:41am

Slack high tide today was at 9:21am

May Bay fishing reported as good as ever with bird schools on the marlin and there's wahoos on the Ridge-- good times there

and Northern waters Bluefin tunas off Morro Bay- 10-30 N/W from there-- hooked 7 landed 5 150-200lbs--!

A call from Capt Nick, East meets West whales watching boat-- saying they just come across a giant foamer of Bluefin feeding between the 14 and 267-- 60-90lb fish 3:20pm

good Sand Bass fishing today--

to date: 2022 Black & Blue Total Payout: $10,681,950.00

Teams 217 Teams

= 5 winners and 212 losers





Those were the days~~~ $200,000 --96 boats




--Closed on Mondays

--------------- Sunday Oct the 23rd -- South wind fair--some chop to it and small capping-- little bumpy with a west swell in there

With the releaseing of a couple of marlin close to the each yesterday afternoon several boats were at it this morning--- but many only a feeder seen so far-- water temps lowereed and not much in the way of birdlife -Slack High tide at 8:30 AM had some bait and birds up-- slowed down since then Low slack later today2:45 pm

- the Black & Blue starts later this coming week Oct 25 -(26-27-28 Fishing days ) 29

E Mail on a report from the Tanner--Short report from our journey to Tanner Bank . Mix of smaller and bigger Bluefin with some Yellowtail in the mix . Jen got her first tuna and ate the heart . Thanks for your knowledge , support and the T-shirts. Matt

32/55 finally saw one in the air--- 1:07

for the day-- they stuck it out-- -- but to no avail-- no marlin reported that I heard--

weather stayed fair for the day-- cooler--

Better luck next week- Padres lost--- but wait there's more-- stand by the the famous World Series Playoff Special!



------Sat Oct the 22 -- and a cooling air flow-- wind from the south and a Low approaching from the north-- light wind chop on the water, small mixed seastate-

Partyboats and private welcomed the showing of squid off the outer islands-- , it's about time-- Yellowtail and the those offshore tunas should gobble em' up.


Prospector--- 29/56--- haveing spend the morning out on the 14 and there-a-bouts--- looking for the marlins-- not finding much in the way of bait signs-- think we'll head back in towards the beach/ Newport Canyon and do some deep dropping along that drop-off---, a call from Greg /Minnow-- saging they been deep droppng 7- 9 off the beach and had seen a couple of marlin in the area one jumper and a pair seen underwater--- Bob runs in towards the area-- Jig Fish 11:59 pm hooked up--- 29 and 56

Released --Todd Garrett! on 30 dac. 6.9 from the harbor

Had a swordfish up--- 1:41 --we'll drag a bait around here-- ( 6 off the beach/ newport canyon area?)

32/ 54 another jig bite --we were heading home and it came up behind us---- closer to home--- ate a Mac clone-- were tight--- 2:59--- 3.4 from home---


Los Cabos Offshore had three fish weighed yesterday

Rank Team Angler Species Points

1 Fellin Azul----- Juan Guillermo Amador ---Black Marlin- 555 lbs= $175,649.00

2 Reelax --Catherine Carr -Blue Marlin ----507 lbs = $144,798.50

3 Team Anaya ----Michael Lester ---Black Marlin ---446 lbs-+ 176lb Tuna = $288,457.5



-------- Friday-- Hey it's friday again--- weather changing with a south wind this morning 5-8-10 kts- seas starting to get bumpy and small white caps-- -- a few boat headed to Catalina this morning- others out to sea-- behind Clemente fishing the bigger tunas-- and in closer there were several boats deep dropping for swordfish-- bumpy seas makes it a little rolly- maybe fog tomorrow-- stand by--

Down south-- the Offshore Los Cabos starts today-- a two day event w/ over 2 million on the line for 183 boats--- 5 winners and 178 losers--

A looks at the $$ tournament down south towards the 3pm --lines out at 5 cabo time-- , only one blue marlin weighed and it was small- Rules state If there are no qualifying marlin weighed, the prize money rolls equally to the Gamefish category and is awarded to the top tuna and/or dorado teams. No wonder Lots of Yellowfin and Dorado were boated throughout the day--

Fellin Azul --Juan Guillermo Amado---r Yellowfin Tuna 176

Puros Amigos --PCP Enrique-- Sanchez--- Dolphin 52


Doesn't look good on the populations of large gamefish-- that out of the 183 boats fishing for 2 millions bucks that not one Blue or Black Marlin with a estimated 300 lbs could be caught off Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico during the Fall fishing season with today's high tech catching devices, tackle, imported pro anglers, powerful sportfishing yachts and all the wizardry that can be implored.

A look into some of the early past records of the blues and blacks caught in the tournament shows that in some years only a few taken, in others a lot of them were caught but overall- it's been a steady decline-- The minimum weight has been upped from none- to 200 and now 300 lbs and still there's fewer What to make of it?-- I don't know only but is sad to see fewer of them, glad they released as many as the did-

-found old poster of the Black & Blue Jackpot Tournament --->







------ Thursdays the 20th of Oct. Beautiful day-- scattered clouds w bright blue behind them-- nice-- Very little wind on the water today-nice - almost dead calm for the morning hours- nice

Swordy boat off the east end of Clemente you on this side?-- no reply-- 11:11

Couple of boats out-- speaking of finding good signs of bait marks--

A quick check on the San Clemente Islands Security's web site shows the "Cove -SHOBA C & D" to be Active " Hot" for both sat and Sunday from 7 am till 7pm -dawn till dusk

Still nice-- no wind during the noon hours-- - Outside on the Tanner the partyboats were scoring on the bigger grade of Bluefin--

Looking forward --to approaching weather next week-- and more-- go boating while you can-- stand by-

I can see a big raft of shearwaters with a few whales on them ,, yea there's defiantly some critters here--- come on over there's a big spot of foamers right in front of us-- three other boats on it--- what size ?--- 60-70 lbers--- 1:04 pm

radio as scratchy today but there were a few boats out chasing the tunas--- -- we followed that whale--- they kept popping up in front of the whale -- we got a couple on the poppers--some on jigs and a baitfish-- radio was quiet other than that-- that last spot they came up stayed up longer-- one on the popper and lost one on bait--4:36pm



----- Wed's report--- Hot-- Hot--- clear blue sky- light south wind 2-3 kts- -probably pick up to a westerly this afternoon-- generally does in this hot weather-- seas good- some swell- several boats out--

Not much to report-- nice couple came in the shop-- having recently purchased a 20 ft Pro Line-- nice boat for these waters--Catalina, maybe Clemente ? all all the local stuff- or you and trailer it anywhere, it's big enough for two, three, four people and small enough to handle by himself and the storage is out of the water-- now the learning curve - for a lifetime of learning--








The three days scores --only three fish over the 300lb mark weighed, dozens more undersize released


Nice weather-- a call out to Scott-- stick boat--- Fall days--- warm hot days like this, swordfish should be up--- Asked if he's seen any marlins---- nope--- no marlin--- but lots of porpoise feeding but no marlins--- one swordfish

Upcoming- --- Los Cabos Offshore Tournament - noticed in the rules about no qualifying fish this year-- "Top Overall Tournament Teams — Billfish Cash prizes are awarded to the top three teams based on the single heaviest qualifying black or blue marlin as follows: Three winners 65.0%/22.5%/12.5%; Two winners 71.25%/28.75%; One winner takes all. If there are no qualifying marlin weighed, the prize money rolls equally to the Gamefish category and is awarded to the top tuna and/or dorado teams.


-------- Tuesdays Report oct the 18 2022------------------ Cooler night times without any cloud cover--morning blue sky- light west wind sprung up mid morning-- seas good--not many out today--

Cabos still in the grips of the Tournament festivities-- lots of night time bar activity and the daytime taken up with hopes of a 300 lb fish-- not many there so far-- Only one Black weighed in for 55 boats yesterday in the Los Cabos --several smaller blues and some sailfish and stripers released-- overall slow/ fair fishing-- -- follow through Live Stat One 500 Blue weighed today several othere under 300lb reported released-- 2nd day=

Local water temps looks to be dropping .






Closed on Mondays--

Sundays Oct the 1 2022--- Broken cloud cover and some light spots of rain-- wind light from the west seas very calm- flat like a lake he said

Marlin fishing still there-- had one up in the teasers and ate a dropback--- 22/ 56 early on this morning ( below the 14)

Morro Bay- having their run of the Bluefin tunas, -- Mad Max strikes again there with a dozen fish caught there yesterday-- and those fishing the Channel Islands also into the tunas-- Santa Rosa Flats-- eating the flyers there--

Another fish released near the 14 and the water reported to be bluing up closer to the beach-- no Sat images

Weather turned as they were dodging the rain sqalls out there- gusty winds also sprang up--

Congrats goes to Sally and the Royal Slam who just released a healthy est. 140 lb Marlin today-- it's now carrying a archival satellite tag---as part of the Great Marlin Race , the newly designed tags wear well for the long distances, thousands of oceanic miles to be covered . Sponsored by the Crean Foundation, it's one of many archival tags that have been deployed here off our coastline. The goal, is to help understand these fishes migrations and behavior, which helps in actual fact discussions of these fish's future management and a general amazing better understanding of the nature of the oceans . Congrats to Sally and the Crean Foundations, lets hope--"Lucky" travels far and wide and has a long healthy life--

Team Royal Slam has just deployed a 2nd satellite tag on a striped marlin sponsored by the Crean Foundation. The 1st tag was sponsored by Laguna Niguel Billfish Club members, Robert Dudley, Robert Chavers, Chuck Salinger and Bob & Sally Kurz. These satellite tags are part of the International Game Fish Association's Great Marlin Race program that has deployed tags in 22 countries to gather data on billfish behavior and migration. The data is then analyzed by the Block Lab at Stanford University.

The tag can be seen ( Black color) secured in shoulder under the dorsal fin -- adios tag!

Westerly clearing wind for the afternoon hours---




Good luck next week if you get out-- the big $$$ tournaments at the Cape start tomorrow-- hold on to your hats-- - see what the Los Cabos and the B & B do-- follow through Live Stat



-- Sat Oct the 15 2022

Well the weather man said heavy drizzle and thunderstorms-- didn't seem like the best of times to go out-- this morning light overcast no drizzle and no thunderstorms, should have gone fishin-- seas calm and flat-- very few boats on the water today.

Just finished a working on a Bamboo rod of Medium flex, Cardinal Red colors, Heavy chromed guides and a roller tip top- nice one!--- Custom made, if interested for one for an Christmas Gift, takes about a month or better to build, let me know.--JD





EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 13 October 2022 ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Advisory Synopsis: There is a 75% chance of La Niña during the Northern Hemisphere winter (December-February) 2022-23, with a 54% chance for ENSO-neutral in February-April 2023. - Below-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) continued across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean during September For the last couple of months, negative subsurface temperature anomalies remained mostly unchanged , reflecting the persistence of below-average temperatures across the eastern Pacific Ocean Overall, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system continued to reflect La Niña. The most recent IRI plume forecast of the Niño-3.4 SST index indicates La Niña will persist into the Northern Hemisphere winter 2022-23, and then transition to ENSO-neutral in January-March 2023 In summary, there is a 75% chance of La Niña during the Northern Hemisphere winter (December-February) 2022-23, with a 54% chance for ENSO-neutral in February-April 2023




-------Friday the 14 2022 ------Overcast again--- seas calm-- like a lake out there and a mix of slow swells .

Vick calls in before 10 am with a reported marlin release on the 14-- fish came in the jigs and ate the dropback--- other fish in the area,

one or two more strikes, but not fish hooked ----spotty -- water looks nice- some bait balls up at the slack tide or before--

Nice slow mid day tide today and this weekend would be prime for a swordfish showing, Sunday makes a diurnal tide day ---one high and one low---

Afternoon hours and Capt Nick calls from East West Excursions calls ----JD you on this side-- we're here 1.7 miles out of the Jetty--- nice big swordfish up --- good showing for his guest aboard-- 4:12pm

Dave made the run out to the 209 hopeful of something out there-- said it was dead- no life there-- and Nick says there's still a good showing of sealife on the 14 this afternoon.

Tomorrows Weather- A coastal eddy will deepen the marine layer tonight with areas of light rain and drizzle Saturday morning. Thunderstorms are possible over the coastal waters Saturday afternoon through Saturday night. . .SATURDAY...Wind variable less than 10 knots. Wind waves around 2 feet or less. Mixed swell west 1 to 2 feet at 7 seconds and south 2 feet at 15 seconds. A chance of thunderstorms.

Will be closed on Thursdays-( went surfin!) -JD

Oct the 12 2022 Thunder and lightning with scattered rain showers greeted one this morning-- clearing today-- wind variable west 5 this morning- seas ok- not many boats out- if any-- strong tides these days--- in and out--

Rumor has it that the payoff for the Black & Blue tournament at the Cape this year- will be pushing the 14 Million mark--- Yikes!!! poor fish wont have a chance!

A quick look at the tip of Baja's water temps and the Chlorophyll charts--



Report from Foxi lady-- Pete at Mag Bay ---2 days ago. Fishing @ 24.15. 111.59. Very good lots birds bait About 15 miles out of entrada---- yesterday went back in the mangroves. 1st time ever we were required to show fishing licenses very professional. No problem. Fuel at San Carlos $4.70 a gal.


That westerly wind picked up--- by 2 pm starting to get sloppy out there-- stayed steady West 10-12 for the afternoon--



-------- Oct the 11 2022-------------- Tuesday and mostly an overcast sky here on the beach--- brighten up towards the mid afternoon hours-- calm seas-- good viability for surface watching-- if there was much to see--- Slight west wind mid afternoon- seas great-- Some weather reported to be coming over the next few days--, then there's that old adage of the fish ( marlin) leaving these grounds after the third cold front from the northwest!


Took the day off yesterday-- it was my twin brothers birthday--, he went surfing-- I went fishingood times for both. Today, I had to double check my doubts in reflection of yesterday's marlin strike-- out to the 14 mile bank early, four live mackerel in the tank and some pre- rigged ballyhoo for baits. It had been good there the day before but conditions changed and water turned over when I got there- there were several boats in the area-- all looking- but no strikes , couple of Humpbacked whales off in the distant and some dolphin and a number of birds on the water-- the mid morning's slack had the birds up and dolphin with them- then it went quite, it was over for most of the day except for effort- I had missed the strike I was looking forward when the port ballyhoo's line sprang alive and the reels ratchet protested of letting line out-- the moments led to a slow circling and came to nothing. Replaced with a new bait, the struck bait had a small mark on it and the first 8 inches of the leader had scuff marks on it-- I had to double check it today-- yes it had a bill's strike on it all ruffed up- it was a marlin strike-- -in reflection, I achieved my goal for the day-- go fishin on my birthday in my skiff and get a marlin strike--have my shot at it - that was all I asked -and some good friends and family for dinner-- that too was a blessing .

JD's Tackle- you on this side-- the VHF comes through-- JD's back-- Hi Scott what's up-- his radio a bit scratchy as it heading back in towards Dana- marlin up-- feeders right on the slack tide today-- right on top of the 267/ 279-- he says-- thanks, how's you season gone-- good at first now they're a little spooky , thank's how's the water look there on the 267---- Black-- inky black-- as blue as you'd want-- lots of dorado out on the 289 today too-- t

Nice sunset--

Closed on Mondays-- going fishin! hope to catch one-- JD

Sundays report-- Oct 9 Overcast sky this morning--- no wind to speak of--seas good-

Good number of boats out big game fishing- marlins swordfish tunas-- and some dorado

Most of the fishing is 12-15 miles off the beach-- coastal fishing did improve as that water cleand up a bit-- still offcolor on the beach but better offshore--

Go get em'--- 10:28 Slack high tide today--- was 9:37

Ballyhoo's for a couple of marlin bites today--

14 turned over a bit greener today--but the baits still there--

Baja Mexico, Cabo San Lucas --- is busy now--- the start of the big $$$$ tournamet kicks off tomorrow-- some wind in the Gulf and a strong temp break sets up for some concentrated fishing efforts--- At least no hurricanes are on the horizon this year -- as of yet--- Any fish over 300 lbs is in trouble!!

More marlin being caught today-- singles and doubles reported! 1:02

Coming out of Whites this morning jig strikes and the 14 towards the rigs were a couple of areas for the marlins--




Saturday's report -Oct the 8 2022--------- Nice day- a few coastal clouds early on-- went away-- hazy blue sky-- wind light from the west

Fishing has improved- reported-- tunas behind Catalina and even in the inside of the island, Dorado showing also in good numbers 14- 277, 209 and the marlins and swordfish also making they way into the fish counts-- should be a OK day-- weather was forecasted to pick up this afternoon-- see what happens--

Hight Slack tide today--- 9:02, low slack later today-- 3:04pm

and another congrats from the Cest Le Vie 10:50

Good signs of bait and a few feeders around the 14 and towards the rigs---

good day on the water for most boaters-- some wind but not bad, whale watchers treated to some long beaked Common Dolphins,

Good Luck tomorrow if you get out--- JD

have a enjoyable day either way


--- Fridays October the 7th-- 2022-------- Nice today light overcast which seems to be burning off early-- probably more wind later this afternoon-- Seas ok light wind texture to Quite a few boats headed out the harbor this morning - most headed to Catalina Hooping or a shot at a dorado of marlin maybe tuna off the back side of the island.

Couple of sleepers seen Shipping lanes--

Hot Spot--- we're here on the 14 ---lots of bait and porpoise, no marlin yet--10:15

boat on the 14,, we're here-- feeder in the dolphins--- got a mackerel out--- we're hooked up in a small skiff ----- good luck 10:17


Hot Spot--- Got em' released-- had two ballyhoos out, two jigs out the teasers and it ate a dropback finally got a Cest La Vie - 12:39, close to he 14

Nice going--- 1:44 another fish released-- ?

Congrats to Matt, and to Randy and Jeff--- marlin?--Swordfish! ??? 2:02

--------------2:19 bottom of the tide's slack

Congrats on the triple??-- thanks Doug--- first day on the water-- we're super stoked! Two bait --one jig--there' were feeders up all around us while it was going down--- birds up right now-- 2:17 ---

four months out of the water -- got some payback

We've got a jig fish hooked up here-- 2:28!

jig fish released-- Bob 2:40 nice after so many trips out

Kyle baits a swordfish-- lets the bait soak out--- comes up with a marlin------- it came off too !

bottom half of this bank seems to be holding some fish-- saw some smaller tuna here too

this weekend looks good for weather and some fun fishing-- Good Luck- JD


---- Thursdays Report---------- Overcast again this morning-- light south wind maybe 2-3-4 kts seas good with a soft mixed swell -

Party boats and private craft behind Clemente Island-today - in the Zone E open to them to fish in.

A check with San Clemente Island Security 's web site shows-- this coming weekend the Cove (C & D) will be Hot from 10pm till 5 am , open after that all day Saturday till 10 Pm and again Hot till 5 am Sunday morning--

Swordfish boat--swordfish boat--- - 1:01pm--- Slack tide today--- 1:30pm


Waters cleaning up- on the 14 and also closer to the beach--

Mostly gray for the day-- couple of Marlin boats out today--? waters warm on the inside of the island-- Cat


Baja-- Boy the Tournamet schedule really gets stacked up this month-- Next Monday, Oct the 10-14th kicks off with the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, followed the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament on the 16th -20th, Overlapping the Los Cabos Offshore ( AKA Little Bisbee on the 19- 23)- followed by the Black and Blue on Oct 20-23 ( if there's any big marlin left!) This year- the 300 lb mimium weight will be challanged and then to top it off the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot on Nov the 3-6th---




--------- Wed's Oct 5 2022--------------- Overcast light south wind 2-5 kts--- seas ok with a swell in there- otherwise calm. Buccaneers Days at Catalina - with Pirate flags a flying

Radio reception good-- but not many on it--- With the Tuna moving out and the Marlin Fishing still in it's scattered catches- Swordfish are in mind now-- several schools of thought-- with a Northern body of fish and a Southern body of fish, the Northern body held larger females and the Southern body were the smaller males of the species. Early Summer the smaller males were found here and fall Winter the larger Females were caught here-.


Studies from all over the world reflect a common theory. Night time the Swordfish were near the oceans surface within 100 ft common, at dawn the fish dove vertically deep to a depth of 300/ 400 meters ( 900-`1200 ft) and stayed there for most of the day- once in a while a straight up vertical appearance to the surface , thought to be Basking in the sun to warm up, the periods coincided with the daily tides, with a noon days gradual slack tide being common. Soon after that another vertical dive down to the depth. Staying deep until Sunset then back up to the surface at night for foraging.

Their Eyesite being warmed by internal heat allows for better vision.



You see that guys Deep drop float go down--- I've been watching it for several minutes and it went under--- just popped up right now-- There was a guy who got a good one yesterday-- ya I'm not sure- but rumor was it it was caught by the rigs-- 10:09 am

Another kelp paddy -- there's a lot of dorado here-- a lot of em, your gonna have fun catchin em'-- 11:12

Couple of jumpers seen off the Can Dump --

Water temps and a Interesting Red Tide image Chlorophyll Chart









Couple boats came in the harbor today-- w/ tuna flags flying--



---- Tuesdays Oct the 3rd 2022 -- Nice day--- light cloud cover- wind is mild from the south, seas OK a small mix of seastate to them-- the overcast morning makes for good sighting of surface sealife-- but not much was there to see-

Boat gearing up for their trip south were asking about the availability of Ballyhoo baits-- JD's will be making another order for them, unrigged Large/ Medium 10-12 Pak give us a call to reserve some for you-- JD 949 723 -0883 of E mail- or 1- 800 660 5030

Nice day--- wind was from the south for most of the day--



Closed on Mondays -Sunday Oct the 2nd 46 and a day- light overcast calm seas almost calm wind maybe 1 2 from the Sw, Marlin boats out and about, tunas seekers behind Catalina, Yellowtail chasers at Clemente Is and Dorado below the border where they belong.

Scatter bites, and a dorado here and there-- but as on the noon hour only fair fishing so far---maybe that afternoon tide or ? will get them up-- nice day out there today-- calm - still overcast

said he was 7 or 8 below the 14 had five jigs out for an indian attack with five rods going off and ten more fish behind them in the wake!

As that cloud cover burn off the west wind began-- afternoon it was a steady 10- 11 + kts-- and a hazy sky , starting to feel like autumn

lots of boats retuning back from the second day of the Air Show---, some from Catalina and beyond others from the marlin grounds-- the harbors choked up again with boats--


-- Sat Oct the 1st-- marks 46 years here - seen lots of boats go by- mostly everyone's in good spirits, walking by or going boating or fishing-- the good life--

Today we've got some high overcast clouds that appear to be breaking up mid early morning- , Boats were headed up to the Huntington Flats and the Pacific Air Show-overhead and verbally. Seas look calm light south wind-- 2 kts-- good radio chatter

ILTT marlin fishing tournament on their second day-- Snooper has a double- one on jig and a drop-backed bait fish the other -- jig fish falls off- baitfish is released just before 10 am-- first two fish of the day-

You just get bit? 10:04

Slack tide today-- 1:00 stand by-- should be a few swordfish up basking in the warmth of the surface waters- bait 'll come up with the tide, so's the marlins and tunas too-

T/ Control --Konquebine ( ?) we're wired on 50lb----- grid 29 jig fish 11:21--- came off-

Checking with Foxi Lady traveling south--- Couple nice yellowfin south of Ensenada. Hand full stripes at the Ranger, Banco tomorrow is wahoo time. Thanks for check in. Put starlink system on boat. Works great give you a report in a few days--

we're just off your starboard-- had a couple, three feeders here-- 3:06 pm

we're wired again-Konquebine hooked up 3:17 grid 29, released 330

boat--- we're stretched out here-- on a double-- 3:39

Several boats released fish not in the tournament-- Congrats to Sally-

So far not the same action as yesterday-- a diferent weather day too-

Boats returning back to their ports after the air show -- hundereds of em jocking for an space between them as they came up the harbor ---

Better luck tomorrow-- JD

Swagger -- boast off 6 Marlin flags today!!!!----



----- Friday- Sept 30 2022---------- Overcast with a hint of breaking up before noon-- wind light to fair from the south/southwest 4-6 kts-- seas good--

ILTT-- International Light Tackle Tournament out of San Diego-- ( most of the boats came up here / 14 mile bank) to fish it-- A two day event---

bait fish released 11:11

T/C back-- -- ( I think a couple of fish released ) so far--

T/C we're hooked up-- 12:29 hook up time--- Drop back-- grid 29, 50lb --Jig fish

Haven't fished on this boat in two years-- first two hours-- we got one! , we're up here on the other side of the bank--

the ILTT sounds like they had some good fun fishing , several boats were in multiple releases-- bites were scattered through the tides

Dropback just release number four--- congrats--- 3:41--- go get another----

7 release so far today-

T/C Dropback-- we've got a double going-- grid 29--- 4:49pm--- make that a triple!

triple down to 1 remaining 4:52pm

Snooper hooked up grid 29-- 5:11 dropback bait fish 30lb test line

Dropback released their fifth of the day-jig fish - ! 5:20-- "Go get another one"says Bob at T/C for the Fifth time!

5:37 Snooper releases their fish-- Congrats--

no lines out today--- fish till dark---

Nice afternoon with the coastal marine clouds starting to build up and push inland in that afternoon westerly sun - still a south wind for most of the day light--

Bait making out of Newport OK -use chum helps-- bait barge has nice bait here in Newport- !-- a few Dorado around--


Roll call was scratchy db , meg, mac 300 29, cf , da, kb 29, law, pt, pv, snop 29, mt, --


---- Thursdays report ------ At least not so foggy-- overcast and marine cloudcover-- but not real fog-- Calm seas--

Only a few boats out today---

Just saw a swordfish--- was it finning or underwater-- oh he was up flagging-- swimming crossswell towards the beach--- thanks-- 57.7 / 11.7- --- 12:51, Slack tide today 11:30

Calm conditions today-- almost greasy flat-

Vick just had one on-- took 200 yds - and through the hook--- 12:57

feeders up- edge of the 14-- 2:34

This weekend the Air Show off Huntington Beach-- weather forecasted similar to today morning clouds clearing around noon- today still hazy nice-- Note was reported that the Dunes ( Newport boat launching) will have only limited parking this weekend!,but open, Call Us Direct (949) 729-1100

Weather looks good tomorrow-- for those wanting to get out before the weekend's boating crowd,

Avalon Bank to the 312 and 181



Where to go-- these overcast days don't help much in the way of visual satellite images-- have to rely on the old word of mouth- and some technologies--

Surface Currents

Strong surface currents pushing up from the south




Cabos and the East Cape gonad get windy and wet--

Sportfishers heading south were asking about fueling in Turtle Bay and in May Bay-- a reach out to Mag Bay Tours comes a reply----Plenty of Diesel and Gasoline in San Carlos. Stop in Puerto Magdalena and the locals will make the Fuel run to San Carlos for you. (Saves a Day) Bahía de Tortugas Cheers! Instagram: @magbaytours Magbaysteve, Familia e Crew !!🙂

Boats Heading south like to keep in touch with one another as they travel south-- maybe to bring down a spare part needed, etc a check on weather ahead or behind them and fueling issues--

October Sportfishers heading south, Foxi Lady already left

Capo- 55 Viking

Resilient, Captain Frankie D'Anna, is heading down October 3

Oct 6th Dan on the To the Limit--heading south


$4.32 gal Ensenada. Turtle Bay it's- 36 peso per leader-- or at 20-1 = $6.80 gal, reported at Mag Bay $ 5.60 gal,



-- Wed's Report -- Where'd the Sun go?--- Foggy here on the beach today-- clearing off inland by mid morning-- still milky here on the beach towards the noon hour-- seas? can't see them-- wind is light to fair from the south 5-6 kts--

From what was said yesterday- there was some sealife centered around the 14 Mile Bank---21/06 held some bait dolphins and tuna it was said-- a few kelps there too 11:29

24 and 08 Jumper seen-- ( marlin) few terns in the area--- 11:40 Slack tide today--- 11:00

25/ 09 lots of terns bait--- looks good -- 25/08==

267/279 outside edge three marlin, sleeper--- 312 kelps dorado 56/51

We just left that area with all the bait and got bite going away from it-- , just release one at the leader--- 1:43--

Go Get em--1:44-- that was fast! 1:47

Got another one going for us--what'd it hit on--- Mackerel Clone-- 2:26

got some feeders up-- all along that current break here-- 2:56

looks good here-- 270?

Before the foggy conditions we were able to get a one day ( yesterday) Sat Image of the water temps and the Chlorophyll chart-- concentrated warm and clear water against cooler and offcolor held the bait schools

He said there were a good number of feeders up--- but not on the tide-- also a fair showing of yellowfin between the 14 and Avalon Bank













Tuesdays Sept the 27th 2022-- Nice day Wind has backed off and seas better-- still a slight twinkle to the sea with the sun on it--


WHOW boats returning back to Newport this morning after the celebration yesterday at the Green Pier in Avalon-- much credit goes to all involved- Like what was said- Freedom is not Free--- What was given back was a minor thank you to all the Veterans-



Making the most of their trip-- stopping off on their way back to the mainland Marlin on the Avalon Bank released and some fun fishng for dorado and tunas above the 14 Mile Bank--- Nice--
















and there's a million more fish stories to be told- Next Year more Vets and more boats !



As the season starts to wind down here-- fishing still will be good for another month till some storms push their way south from the north-( 3 storms) - and to the north now an Allusions cold front is sweeping down- bering swells from the north--( Fall may be early this year-- La Nina) . And to the South- Stand By--some of the major sportfishing yachts are getting ready for their trip to Baja and the $$$ Fishing tournaments-- Stay Tuned-Orlene is due soon--- -




Closed on Mondays --

Still windy-

And Bad Company pulls it off with a nice Tuna for Maggie-- Congrats-- JD


This is what it’s all about. Just look at that smile on Maggie!! WHOW 2022. (from facebook)

Live Weigh- in at Catalina 5 pm today---








---------------------- Sunday ---------------- Sept 25 2022-----------Clear sky with a wind starting early=-----

Sunday and the WHOW continues with the fleet scattered--------far and wide, Wind and weather was a limiting factor -- There's a 11 am, 2 an 5pm roll call- Ch 88 VHF For the most part there was not responce from the fleet, Radio were out of range or coule not heart T/C -- From what was said, Calico Bass and a Few Yellowtail were caught- best news was the Kea Kai with a pair of marlin caught! And another marlin also released !

The Vet's going aboard their Private Yacht for three days of sportfishing-- each Vet was personally invited aboard with a handshake of Anthony's, Welcome Aboard!







The Fleet in a parade out the Harbor-- Lead Tournament Control Boat sending good wishes and a thank you to each boat as it left the harbor












Latest water temp image--

The fleet of WHOW vessels for the most part were of good size , able to fish in a consistent 12-15 kt wind and 4 ft seas , others felt that the safety and comfort of their guest was a better route and sought a more comfortable shelter, bottom fishing was just fine---

Out to the 499 and down towards the 289 they stretched out -finding a spot of tunas up here and there-- some dorado under kelps and marlin jigs trolled.

Weigh in tomorrow at Avalon- 4 Pm so there's still a day's fishing to be had--


Afternoon weather here on the beach was backing off-- better tomorrow morning till noon2 pm then again a west wind- 5:34 pm








----------------------------- Saturday's Report-- Morning starts out with a west wind fair-- 6-7+ kts--small wind chop on it-- swell Mix to it-- Lots of boats out and The WHOW

We were trying that deep dropping for the tunas with a flying fish bait--- we found the 200 lb models-- had em all around us---sat there for hours with the balloon finally got on then it came off-

We had a double going on the A Bank, marlin

saw one set of foamers, but they went down 11:27

had the 40-100lb stuff on the 172 late in the afternoon

277-- 71.5 just bait fish metered

couple sleepers batch of feeders--seen this morning--

Yellowtails were found at San Clemente Gold Bluff to Purse Seine smaller fish but they were biting--

Dorados outside Avalon under the paddies-- not biting though ---Mackerel Bank reported dead not much life there yesterday--

16/ 10 Kelps

Foamers were up 1:54

Reported the Bigger bluefin were half ways between Santa Barbara Island and San Nicolas -the Navy were doing some excises out there-- Pyramid Cove SHOBA C & D and open Saturday Northwest Harbor is open on Sunday











It started before then-- Jan 2018 but it's formulation began to take place aboard the Bad Company in Costa Rica, Anthony and Crew had invited a couple of Vets' aboard- to give back some life to them-- watching Mike take a ride on the Jet Ski --freeing him of a burden, it's freedom reminding him of earlier days when he had ridden motorcycles -- the ocean is a great therapy .. Let's get more Vets involved was one of the dinners discussions-- a fishing tournament -- and so it began-- now Sept 23-27 2022 --50 Yachts --125 Yets and Millions raised and Hundreds of souls raised. Thanks for all involved--JD














------ Sept the 23-- Friday and a active day so far-- radio seems to be working better-- reception from the West end of Cat to below the border--

Sports and privates working out as far as the Osborn and down two the West end of Clemente-- East end of cat 72 degrees, West end offcolor but with paddies empty

We had a pretty good stop for Yellowfin off a whale-- closer to the east end ( Cat) 9:46

there was a puddlers with the whale--

We're gonna get just west of the 312-( not much there) - find that break and work up towards the 209 and 277

Boats off La Jolla, saying they just popped up ( Yellowfin) 11:09 Slack tide today---

Just had a big breezer up ran the Mad Max through it no bites---got the spreader bar out now-- 11:18

were you on the 302 - here's the numbers--- 3 or 4 east of the 302-

277 saw only a few paddies-- -

you see that thermocline down about 125 ft-- and those big marks on it---`12:29

172 was said to have tuna-- bluefin?

we went back to where we saw the two sleepers this morning-- wasn't much there after that-- A Bank--- -- a Dana partyboat caught a marlin at the 277 yesterday

we got a good stop on the yellowfin and a nice dorado-- ( Below the border)

bottom of the North-bound Freighter lanes-- lots of terns-- quite a lot of bait here--- 12:50pm-- dolphins and whatever is with it-- yellowfin? There's quite a few spots of fish here--

We're here on the Osborn- not much here-- - heard it was going off the West end of Cat--

Had one up to the boat on 20 spit the hook-- ( marlin/ LP?)

172/ 125 seeing fish now-- been here for four hours this is the first signs of life I've seen 1:35

we got a double going-- one on a cedar and one on a hoochi 1:37pm

15/00 -

we're tight--- 1:45


Big Bluefin tuna--- 10 off the beach--- Morro Bay!

We got yellowfin all around us-- OK the parking lot below the 182-- 2:06

Plank boat-- 2:40

We're outside the 14-- OK there's a couple of bites here-- one guy is pulling on one now--2:51

there's a few around were just inside the bank-- (14)

41/41 lots of paddies no biters

T/C Conquest 30lb test--18 minutes Howard T just released his marlin-- 3:43

1 over 30 outside oceanside 30-yellowfin up 3:51

And another marlin released just outside the 14 Congrats Eric! 4:02

By the afternoon hours most of the boats -- having spent the entire day on the water were headed towards home ports-- probably the fish will come up now-- Good luck this weekend-- JD some west winds afternoons--



---- Thursdays Sept 22nd report-- that wind from yesterday seems to have blown much of itself out-- still a leftover lump and a N/W wind at 3 maybe 4 kts-- seas starting to level out--still light wind chop on it-- Moon's almost dark now-

Scratchy report ( I know why it's scratchy) said they had see a Jumper earlier this morning--- Oh oh -- know what that means---, Yesterday's discussion with a customer saying he felt the fish were moving-- water temps were lowering---- said he hadn't heard yet of any jumpers-- yet--10:18

Catches of Dorado - if you can get them to bite-- ?? /03

we're at 25 over 25 nothing really big--- from her to the Osborn all the boats were there--

just south of the 172 we saw some of the bigger fish-- they're still up--- 3:42

21/over 49 is where we ended up--- 4:29

That developing westerly today-- held off for the most part-- seemed to back off towards the late afternoon hours and tomorrow morning forecasted to be calm morning hours--

Good Luck- this weekend west winds--




------ Wed's Sept 21st Fall starts tomorrow - Not many clouds this morning--- a few on the horizons, wind early from the west-- ocean looks a little chunky -

WHOW boaters were given a break on Fuel pricing, Island Marine Fuels- ( out front of the JD's store) is extending their support to the boaters and Vets- has a special price for prime Valvtect Diesel Fuel-

Give the dock a call for details and fueling needs--949-673-1103 for Both departing and returning refueling .

JD's Matches it-- with any Fishing Tackle needs for the WHOW receives a 30% discount--JD

Both partyboats and privates fishing the backside of Catalina- and out to the 499 area-- good signs of fish and bait there-- Tunas Dorados-- probably marlin there too-









The WHOW being a multi species tournament gives the anglers such a variety of options -from Calicos to tuna or swordfish-- San Dabs to dorados, yellowtails and seabasses. Kickoff on Saturday has the Vets boarding from two pm on till the National Anthem and start of the Boat Parade out the harbor to destinations abroad- Wishing them good seas, fair winds and great fishing--

War Heroes on Water eotnspSordh86073gcu904l4ltc8gihgc2l3 4 3t164 h 45l5f57h391fimhu3 · LIVE COVERAGE FROM CATALINA’S GREEN PIER BEGINS ON MON., SEPT. 26TH AT 5 PM PST. Who will bring in the biggest fish? Watch and find out! Facebook: YouTube:


---- Tuesday Sept 20 2022---- Clouds this morning- passing low from the north- following wind behind it-- west here on the beach 8- 10 kts -light wind chop o the water . Moon going dark- water temps dropping-- down hill current -

Took a run yesterday maybe 7-8 off the beach- there wasn't much there--Did hear a couple guys ont on the 14 having caught Dorado-- had to go down to 12lb fluro and a #2 hook but it got the bites-- ran from the harbor out and then down towards Laguna-- no birds to speak of, no bait, no seals, not a whale, no dolphins or porpoise-- not much to see, came in before the wind got up-- boat ran well, teaser looked good and Ballyhoo swam nice--water was cleaner further south, . did catch a small bonito at the jetty- saved it for future bait-- they shine better - good swordfish bait-.

- The WHOW and the T/C Hunt tournament this weekend-- both fine events --

Windy on the waterfront today-- many sportfisher charters canceled today--

And from yesterday--Had some of the best local fishing in years, Hayden got a nice dorado on an iron, released a couple smaller fish, and 3 nice yellowfin on the popper. All between the mackerel and 277. Only 3 boats including us. Fish were up from 9-noon. Get the kids out there and fish! Tom



A check with the San Clemente Island Security's web site shows the "Cove" and SHOBA zones C & D to be open both Sat and Sunday-- sunday N/W cove also open

An amazing number of private sportfishers make up the WHOW Fleet of boats--- God bless everyone of them--- thanks for your contribution -- JD






and a check on the offshore water temps and the Chlorophyll charts- things are moving around,









Go Dodgers----


Closed on Monday---went fishin and mowed the lawn

-------------------------- Sunday-- a day of rest-- and for those with a pounding headache! Another nice day-- cooler it seems-- wind still from the south southwest 4-7 kts seas OK , boats heading out for a days outing and those returning for a weekends journey--


And Now-- the WHOW this coming week-- Sept the 23- 27 2022 War Heroes on Water Sportfishing tournament- a fleet of the exceptional private sportfishing yachts hosting Veterans to three days and nights of fishing for Marlin, Swordfish,Tunas, Yellowtails, Dorados, Bass and bottom grabbers --using different sets of tackle and techniques scoring points. Sharing our passion for the ocean and its healing properties of time on the water-- Kick off is Sat. with a Auction and the anglers joining their Private yacht for a harbor Parade==

Now in its fifth year, the tournament will honor 125 Veterans in person and is goal to raise $1.7M, which will support the tournament as well as additional year-round therapeutic services through our charitable partner, Freedom Alliance.


Friday 09/23Welcome to WHOW 2022 Veteran Arrival and Hotel Check-In 5:00 PM: Veteran Welcome Reception

Saturday 09/24Opening Ceremonies 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Event Kick-Off and Silent Auction 5:00 PM: Celebratory Boat Parade through Newport Harbor

Sunday 09/25Tournament Day 1 All Day – Fishing on the water

Monday 09/26Tournament Day 2 All Day – Fishing on the water Evening Ceremonies 5:00 PM: On-Water Closing Ceremony & Flyover 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM: Live Weigh-In on Catalina’s Green Pier and Donor Reception

Tuesday 09/27Awards Ceremony 5:00 PM: Awards Ceremony (closed to the public)

The Boat Parade show your support and appreciation for our Veterans as they head out to sea for the tournament. The WHOW Boat Parade is free and open to the public. Check out the public viewing areas and find your favorite vantage point to cheer them on.







Going on 46 years here now--October-- there had to be some sort of deterioration It's gone from very good, to good, to fair then bad, now not much good at all. The store's VHF marine Radio and it's 33 year old antenna-- Still able to broadcast fair but reception is limited to only a few miles.. Time to get the radio tech and get updated-! JD -


--- Sept the 17 2022 Nice morning- some cloud cover-- cooling off-- wind from the south at 5-6 kts-- here on the beach-- west on the outside-- lots of boats out today-- having fun-- Dorado from the 209 fathom spot and 15 miles from there--

The Pesky Derby---

Irish Dip scores big in the Pesky Derby yesterday ! 5 Marlin released yesterday ! and a deep drop Sword 138 pounds, Irish Dip !

EggCessive just released a fish ! this morning--- Angler Ken 11:03 am



Go Ahead says Kathy--Sea Ya-- Carlos is the angler-- got you Hooked up 11:17 16/ 13 Bait fish, mackerel, no underwear, drinking anything they can--

AIS still showa a fair number of marlin boats to the west but also more on the inside of the island -A bank etc--

As the afternoons aproaches the Lines out 4:04 pm ---at noon boats had to be within 30 miles of Avalon, 1pm it's 25 , 2pm 20 and 3pm 15 from Avalon--


Looks like the Pesky's was another success with no major injures noted , except the Marlin, Swords and DoDo's ---








---- Fridays Report------ Starting to feel the La Nina effect-- cooling down--- wind still from the south here on the beach-- 5-8 kts- marine clouds seaward and the Dorado/ Long Range fleet out of SD and other ports were working from above the West end of Clemente island 499 and down through the Mackerel Bank and a few boats southeast from there-- Bait fish accounted for most of them-- a few on the cast jigs-- and the Bluefin were still around but not as many nor easy to find-

Pesky's going on now with 90% of the fleet working outside PV's dropoff 5-7 off the coastline--

Old timers would tell you the Redondo Canyon was the spot for marlin and broadbill, Probably still is!


Perspective view looking towards the Palos Verdes Peninsula


Redondo Canyon









Last I heard the Peaky's had a half dozen on the hook- no idea it they were caught or lost or even hooked! again most of the fleet went west above catalina to the coastline PV.

Report from Dave-- heading out this morning, reports that the Newport Bait receiver is again replaced back at the harbor's entrance-- they made the run towards the East end of Catalina but got stopped short by a nice kelp paddy-- results to one of the good bait out of Newport- a nice 15lb Dorado-- sporty for the 15 year old, beautiful grade of fish-- -- on to the East end and the number of partyboats there---st reaching towards the 277 and beyond--- back to the paddy , the fish there but spooked by then-- but got to watch a Marlin gray hounding behind the Clemente partyboat Clemente-- good fun --


Weather looks ok for the weekend-- some west early on Sat morning-- them backs off mid day to being nice both days-- good luck




Thursdays report----------- Sept 15 2022------Lofty Morning clouds lends to a beautiful setting-- sun behind it-- nice-- wind still from the south but feels different some how-- cooler maybe-- seas fine still a mix to them,

The SD fleet and most of the party boats were working the 209/277/ 312/ areas. Fishing for the dorado, yellowfin and bluefin tunas-- good fishing for them-- baits and jigs--

The 32nd ANNUAL PESKY Mahlin Derby is Friday and Saturday-- It's currently the Largest Marlin tournamet on the West Coast with 36 boats and hundreds of anglers and anglerettes frm all over, N/C, Kentucky, Arizona , Oregon and Mexico-- --- it's a Angler tournament- the Angler with the most points wins! Rules and Scoring Bonus points make the difference here-- Bageling a Mahlin wins you 9 points, cream and cheese adds 3 more. Derby garb to be worn by anglers and crew, using a custom Pesky lure and calling in hook up correctly and more adds points. Awards at Catalina sat night- -- watch out for suspicious fins!

Much of the day not much said -- but later on 5-5:30 pm tunas and dorados were showing schools of em'--

Have fun-- JD







---- Wed's Report Sept 14 2022---- Morning clouds giving away to a fair day-- wind from the Southeast this morning maybe 8-10 kts got the sea a bit on the chunky side --swell still dominate from the south with that wind chop and a small west swell in the mix.

Several boats out early this morning -- making bait at the harbor entrances or breakwaters--- fair making bait-- chum will help or a small slice of squid baited on the hook-- Newport's Bait Barge was moved early last week- to the inside of the harbor-- right side mooring field going out the harbor- -- or go to Dana, Long Beach/ San Pedro , or make it yourself or frozen or lures--




Boats out fishing the tunas-- west end of Clemente-- meetering good signs of them-- trolling the Mad Maxes or spreader bars eats up the fuel, putting up the kite with a live mackerel will work just fine--- good luck--


PESKY'S Kick off at the Chicken Coop this evening--- 6 pm



Weather looks ok for this weekend-- there's that South Eddy effect for most of the day







Yesterdays images

<--Water temps--1 day

Plankton -3 days ->









The WHOW tournament is here soon- great event-- one of the best we've seen for this boating community-- Loking forward to it-- JD


-------- Tuesdays report----Sept 13th --- Tropical sky-- the month of sweat----- hard to believe Halloween is only a few weeks away! Wind light to fair from the south - swell still from the west far apart and a small west swell there too-

Dorado still out there-- Marlin too and the Tunas for those who seek them,

Swordfish!!! they are here too!!!!

Quote from Ralph Bandini, Veiled Horizons, 1939. . "He who ventures aside from the accepted groves of believe lays himself open not alone to jibes, but to direct attack upon his veracity. It is human nature to scoff at those things which are not understood, or which are not simple of explanation."

The report came in the other day-- revivified this morning--- Sunday East End of the Island-- half hour after the midday's high tides slack--- Must have been 15-20 of them-- Swordfish-- - The fleet had gone up to the west end of the island chasing the marlins-- others down towards the Mackerel Bank and Clemente looking for the tunas-there's no one here---- - Look a Sword-- they approach it and cast a bait, it gets picked up but come off after fifteen twenty minutes, leader worn through --, another sword is spotted and bait to it--- a strike and the bait gets knocked off the hook!.. a look around and a pair of swords seen another bait cast to the smaller of the two--- it sinks out but the bigger fish eats it---- it's a big fish--they're on--- makes a few jumps and it's huge!-- maybe 400 lbs, on only for a while and it too comes off--- and the show was over---- --

Fish stories--

Well the Masters is behind us (see below for Daily Score sheet) --Next up the PESKY'S Sept 16-17th

Only a few entries left-- Sign up today--- there's a scattering of Marlin off most banks now--there's still the bait between Catalina's west end and PV is holding fish there too- Weather looks good--- time to get out there and have Fun--













Sat image of water temps between the West End of Catlina and the PV coastline--



Closed on Monday---

----- Sundays and day of rest---

Clearing sky from the hurricane ( what hurricane?)

looks like lots of boat out today-- smooth sea with a swell behind it-- due to wind up--

reports of tunas off the east end- good fishing0

wind came up west - like a clearing wind of some of those clouds to give us a water temp image

But reports today of good sized Bull Dolphins from the 209 area-- and a a report of 30-50lb yellowfin off the East end the other day-- ate the paint off the boat-- gaff able as they pushed the pin bait to the boats hull- they had shut off the engines and drifted into the or the bait found them for refuge--

and a report sighing of swordfish off the East end of the island -swords?

2022 41st Master's Daily Hook Up Report ----------

Day One

Day Two


----------- Sat Sept 10 2022---




--- Cloudy skies-- left over's ---wind on the outside still strong from the south -- coastal it's backed off by a land's N/W light wind, seas have a strong south swell 3-5 ft to them and not that far apart.

Tournament boats for the most part held off from the early, early mornings start-- with the wind backing off there looks to be a window or opportunity for a shot at that mid morning's slack tide-- 50% of the bites yesterday came in that hours time frame just after the high tide slack-- Boats heading out after dawns light report the seas fair not much wind on them and should be a fishable south swell- we'll know better as they get to the grounds- Several boats opted to not fish today-

Yesterday's results had 16 marlin hook -up with 12 releases 4 lost fish, of that 4 were on 30 lb test lines, 4 on 20 lb, 1 on 16 lb and 3 on 12 lb test lines- 25 boats and 89 Anglers were entered

Not as many boats fishing the tournament today-- those that made it found a swelly sea from the south-- Double Hook-up was first up with a 30lb baitfish hooked 8:33 released , Break Away also followed with a 8:38 hook up but it came unbuttoned, must have been a jig fish-- still standing by after that -----waiting for that turn of the tide and maybe better weather--9:55-- Tide turns `10:10 am

T/C Patron 9:56 relayed from Kathy and Stan-- ( without their help we'd be without communications) thanks JD--- Patron's fish fell off--- At Grid 20-- closer to the beach--

With the past few days of mixed weather, winds and currents have upwelled creating strong breaks--

Osprey gets a double going after the turn- one on 16 the other on 20--- 16 gets loose-- 10:42

the 12:O'Clock update-- only the Double Hook up and Ospreys fish were released three others lost, Still fishing the area off PV 's AIS looks like they're dodging some of the cargo and oil tankers just outside that shipping lane-- fun place to fight a fish

Good Luck the rest of the day-- 6 boats fishing- 11 out for sure 8?

Prospector hangs a fish on 12lb Jacks the angler-- 12:19

Swagger hangs a 20lb jig fisdh-- falls off 1:12- BreakAway on another jig fish 1:16 30lb tackle released 1:38

Jack's still on his 12 lb fish 1:25pm released 2:12

Weird not to hear those out fishing other than the relayed voice from Stan or Kathy-

and Kea Kai joins the gang coming in and scoring a jig strike and hook up on 20 Charlie the angler relaeased 2:35

and Rodney aboard the Double Hook-up is on a 20lb jig fish 3:19--released and they get a second hook up w Scott on 20

and Osprey has a fish going on 20 -Neal the angler

Tick--tick--tick-- lines out at 5 pm--- tick tick

Tides just turned 4 PM

tick-tick Swagger calls in with a hookeup- 4:34---- - no it off- -- yet another fish is in the spread-- it's on 4:37! and Bruce is on with a 12 lb fish--- the ten minute rule applies ( all fish released within the ten minute mark must be tagged)--- 4:48 eleven minutes goes by and they release the fish! baitfish grid 19 and the clock winds down to lines out at 5pm

Lines out and another Masters is in the books-- not the best tournament this year given weather issues and commucatiatins

31 hook ups- 21 releases-- 5 on 30, 10 on 20, 1 /16 and 5 on 12lb test lines---


-------Friday's Report Sept the 9th 2022-----------

Morning starts with a few tropical clouds overhead-- dead calm here in Newport at dawn but that easterly wind picking up by 7 am--

BAC's Master Angler Tournament kicks off this morning at 6:30--- as of 7am no fish had been reported hooked up-- Standing by 28 boats , 5 angling clubs, 90 anglers

T/C radio reception is always a challange-- this year we've got JD and the BAC at Newport, Jimmy up on the hill and Stan and Kathy up on San Pedro's vantange point- thanks for all your help-- standing by JD

8:01 the Offshore ( replaces the Bounder) with both Jeff and Greg w hook ups both on 30lb and in grid 19 ( above the west end of catalina)-- Flying fish also hooked up 8:14 on 12lb tackle Eric's the angler-grid 19- standing by

8:30/ 8:34 both the Offshor'es fish released,, Flying Fish still fighting their 12 lb fish- 9:12

dead calm here in Newport 9:30am-- by 10 light south 6kts reports up off the west end grease

Swagger calls in 10:02 with a double going on 20!

Flying Fish releases their fish 10:20 on 12 lb test line! and the battles goes on for the Swagger with a double on twenty-- 10:25

10:14/ 10:20 Swaggers fish released on twenty, Fin and Tonic jig fish 10:24 and Bull Pen on a 16lb jig fish too! grid 19's the spot!

Fin & Tonics fish released :37---Bull Pens fish also Released :38

The fleets up to the West end of Catalina AIS helps to get a perspective of their battles--





Fin & Tonic again has a Jig fish going 10:50 on 20lb test

Pescador on a jig fish 20lb 10:57---fall off!

Island Fox-- Doubles up on 12lb tackle--and F & T released

/S/E just started to blow 8-10 kts newport 11:33

an hour goes by and they're still hooked up with a double on 12 lb string! stretched out!

one of the 12lb fish is lost-- they're still on the other one-- standing by-- 1:20pm as a wind from the Southeast starts up-

Island Fox releases their Fish 1:42 on 12lb

East wind picked up 15 + newport a spit of rain

2:30 updates no changes 12 hook ups, 9 releases and 3 lost--

Bull Pen heading in-- does a half dozen donuts over a spot-- must be something there

As the bottom of the tide starts to turn-- low slack tide today was 3:09 ---Prospector has a fish going on 12 lb test , bait fish Jack's the angler grid# 19 , 3:29 hook up- released 3:52 congrats from the fleet

Joker ends it with a double on 30 and later another 30lb fish but it's lost

16 hook ups- 12 fish released 4 lost- 4 jigs, 12 baitfish all of in grid 19 west end of the island- the tournment will continue Sat weather pending-- lines in 6:30 am till 5 pm--



--------- Thursdays Report----- Sept 8 2022--- Nice and warm --too nice and warm--too-too Nice and warm-- - seas are calm before the storm, boats out pre-fishing today- far and wide, reported one boat had 7 releases!


Well a change in plans--- BAC's Masters Angler Tournament's Committee held a vote last night at the Captains Meeting-- the question was,--- would they (the Captains and their teams/Clubs) prefer to make their own decision as to whether or not fish Friday and Saturday or would they go as the Clubs earlier change yesterday to be only a One Day event on Friday based on the forecasted weather conditions at that time. The vote, by raised hands-- was 21 to 2 in favor of being able to fish both days.

-So it's open for fishing both days if your up to it-- Weather forecasters show it'll get breezy and swells both days-now ,

Radio Control will still be done here in Newport. All that is asked by radio control is that if your boat/ team etc is in or out for the day-- Please let us know that your back in a safe port , boating safety is paramount-- thanks JD---

Boats down out of SD report seeing yellowfin tunas with the whales inside the Mackerel Bank-- headng back in-- starting to blow-now--1:05 pm

Feels like it's getting mugger by the minute-- Stand By!

Good Luck--

Lines in 6:30 am Friday till 6 pm Friday--- Lines in 6:30 Sat lines out 5 pm

have fun--JD


------- Wed's Report------ Nice but warm-- light south sea breeze helps--seas OK but conditions will change by friday- -- or not?

Boat radio traffic quiet so far--

BAC Masters Captains Meeting this evening at the American Legion : 215 15th St, Newport Beach, CA 92663 5pm


Masters Update--- Change in Plans, now it’s a One Day Tournament!!!It’ll be a Shoot-Out!!!—from 6:30 AM to 6 pm, all anglers, boats and teams better be on alert, no misses, no foul –up, no 5-3-0 counts! Every fish counts! Every Point counts! You’ve only got one day to be the Master Angler!! May the best man or woman win!

Due to pending weather conditions the Tournament will be restricted to fishing on Friday OnlyThe weather conditions look fishable on Friday ( for now) but the approaching wind, rain and swells Friday night and Saturday makes it unsafe for fishing. The Club hopes everyone understands in its decision as boating and anglers safety is paramount.

The Captains meeting will be 5pm at the American Legion , Newport Beach, call the club for further details—see ya there—JD

With the possibility of heavy rain, wind and lightening from Catalina’s mountain viewpoint location (Microwave tower) the broadcasting of Tournament Control will be done here in Newport Beach, via the Clubs or JD’s store’s VHF radios, Ch 65 , Ch 63 as a backup channel . Sorry for the inconvenience, seems the prudent thing to do-- —if no contact is made via radio- please contact or text the club with details of hook-up and catches. Thanks JD

Water temps and Chlorophyll Chart--

























Surface Currents--


Good Luck --JD



-------- Tuesdays Sept the 6 2022------- the day after Labor Day and alls quiet-- the calm before the storm-- this mornings weather other than hot and muggy a light south wind maybe 406 kts seas good, only a few boats on on the radio so far--

Any stick boat on the channel--- Roger-- Scott here-- -- 17 squared 17.8 and 17.6-- thanks generally just where is that--- off Seal rocks---- I'm not that far then---- - that was a while ago-- up high and dry-- thanks 2:20pm

A few nice bluefin tunas around the 125 today-- popper fishing 50- 60lb stuff-

Waters's warm hurricane stuff- 76- 79 degrees mid channel-- Stand by-- lots of five lb dorados under anything floating--

Marlin reported both ends of the island--

Full Moon , earthquakes, hurricanes, volcano's , it'll be interesting-- stand by


Time to get your teams together--- they're here-- not in great numbers but enough for the moment-- Call the BAC for details

1.949.673.6316 or


Then the Pesky's Marlin Derby! Stand By!












This year’s event will be held Fri., Sept. 23 through Tue., Sept. 27. This year, a fleet of 50 of SoCal’s finest sportsfishing boats will carry our Veterans on the adventure of a lifetime—sportfishing along the pristine waters of the Southern California coast. And, if they’re successful, having their catch weighed and photographed on Avalon’s iconic green pier.


Monday Labor Day Sept the 5th 2022--------- Hot inland and Hot on the water---at least nicer on the water than on the land- Nicer weather -- so far than yesterday's south eddy wind-- still south this morning but not bad-- Lots of returning boats headed back to their home ports- - -

Spent the day up there - lots of tunas and dorados there-- closer towards Santa Barbara were more of the tunas-- never had a sniff at one of the pointy ones--

Dorado were slapping at the trolled marlin lures---!

Just a couple minutes after 11am- 11:02 JD's Tackle you on this side , Sleeper--- -I'm between the 14 and the 267 had a triple up in the jigs--" that teaser works!", the one on the rigger broke off while fighting both of em' at the same time-- still on this one--- he's a big fish-- on twenty - that's great--go get em! --11:02 ----- 12:19-- Still on it-- -

You by yourself-- ---- Naturally!

Several sporties out here-- were headed back-- still out 31 miles-- not much for us-- different ocean today vs yesterday-- nice today-- had one spit the hook under the radar dome--

they just would not bite--- 33:00/ 117:45

1:29 JD you get that-- released-- 1:35 congrats

And another jig strike on marlin by a boat heading home from the island-- 1:55pm

George on the Joker and girlfriend go by the shop this afternoon flying the marlin released flag-- found a lazy tailer that came into the jigs and ate a bait-- 30lb tackle for her first Marlin!!-- congrats--33 over 15

Lets hope for the best-- JD

Kay is expected to be a hurricane when it nears the central portion of the Baja California peninsula later this week. While the details of the long-range track and intensity forecasts remain uncertain, there is increasing risk of significant wind, surf, and rainfall impacts there,














Sept the 4 2022 Hot -What’s the weather like out there? It’s hot! Damn hot! Real hot! -Damn Hot! - and muggy too-- some tropical cloud cover and very little sea breezes to comfort one. soon to change Calm seas-soon to change lots of boats out--but not much said on the radio yet-- Weather about to change--

Bait making again off the local coastline difficult to find or catch--

Tropical gusty winds along the coastline--

Story come to me-- of a marlin caught today--- it's head and tail cut off to fit in the ice chest--- out by San Clemente Island the two aboard the smaller 19 ft skiff-- tuna bound see a marlin-- a bait outfit fit for the tunas is soon presented and the fish hooked and fought to the boat though boating it became a challenge as the fish didn't want to-- where the gaff was- wasn't discussed but a knife wrapped on broom handle began stabbing it, breaking off- another set of knife and handle combo helped complete the job-- Proud of their prized catch they came back in

Pete and Crew returning north from Cedros-- ETA Ensenada tomorrow noon or so--

Swagger needs taller outriggers--!-

Several congrats to boats and their catches today -- marlin I'd guess- around the two -three period.

wind S/E kept the air cooler but the wind chop wasnt pleasant--

Hope for better weather tomorrow--

Moon's filling

--------- Sat and a day to remember-- Sept the 3rd warm and humid- Damn hot! Sea breezs were welcomed--and only light winds were found- seas good --- for now--

The harbor was alive with folks out on their boats- a steady flow of just about all that floats went out the harbor-- folks in their beach lounge chairs sitting in the bay's shore waters--

Kayakers tipping over in boats wakes-- , pontoon boats loaded with party goers whooping and laughter, music drowning out the rumble of a powerful speedboat going by-- electric boats packed with wine drinkers flutter by and sailors hoping for more wind- ahaa the bayfront on a holiday weekend-- bless em" \

Marlin reported caught 7 off the beach yesterday-

Mackerel bait making was slow- very slow close to the harbor / Newport pier-- red tide to below to Abe pt.

Fishing for the dorados was tougher today-- boat pressure and yesterday's take kept some of the counts reduced-- out towards the Mackerel Bank and inside the lee of Clemente reported all you wanted- but wind picking up-

Lee of Catalina lots of bait gathering up there--

biggest Dorado heard taken was a 40 lbers west end of Catalina --Greg R--nice fish!

What a fun weekend-- dorado's galore !

We'll enjoy it while we can-- may not see this type of fishing for a long time to come-- they grow quick and die quick- there must have been a good " Hatch" of these baby dorados nine months to a year ago maybe a little earlier that that but conditions for them were just right, Free spawning eggs float to the top of the waters surface mixing in the seas turbulence gives some generic distribution. Had to be just the right sized plankton available for their tiny mouth's to feed on and so an and so on till we see this incredible biomass of them-- a year from now -50/75% will have perished -- Enjoy em while they're here-



Heading south early to get the big ones--- Foxi Lady on their way-- a phone call from Pete today ten off Cedros --given the weather forecasted they will be returning back to Ensenada--


Weather forecasting is a bit on the chancy side-- different models shows different extrapolations of what is-and what's to come--- Windy shows it different, Passage Weather also shows different and Sail Flow shows a different forecast too--

Here's Sail Flows ( it's more colorful) next projection from next Tues, Wed, Thursday and Friday-- Stand By!! for Kay!

-- JD

--------- Fridays Sept the 2 2022 and what a fun day it is--Seas were good weather wasn't bad south wind didn't develop to much- enough to break the heat--

the Dorados and their pursuers were everywhere, mainly centered around the 209 and from there towards the 181 and towards the inside--

Finding the kelps or the other boats was what went on- between the party boats and the privates, both anglers and divers competition for the kelp paddies,

Marlin jumper seen 10:22am east end?

Slow trolling the sardines picked at the dorado,

we're right on the ridge of the 209--

That stuff went quiet- I'm sure this afternoon's tide it'll go off again---we're about 5 below the island now heading back up-- 10:06

Partyboat-- 1/2 day we went 15 for 15 and a 45lb yellowfin tuna 1/2 day boat--

Another partyboats saying he's seen two football fields wide of jumping dorado--

We just pulled up , got three-- lost three-- Hey we just put one on about 100 lbs--- What's your coordinates - we're at 33.14 / 118 17.5 ----10:43 am ( off the East end / backside of Catalina )

Fellows getting spooled off foamers-- East End

A bank had greenbacks

33:04 / 117:56 we've almost got our limit-- your welcome to come in--we''re about 10 miles above the 181--

And there's marlins around--- plenty of em--!

33:15/ 118:17

spot of foamers right in front of me-- Holly Sh@##$@*! 12:24

Slack tide today--1:40

Working out way down from the 152-- just saw a marlin-- were dragging some jigs through there now-- where you at-- down and inside the 277-- picking away at the droado- 1:24pm

Dorado off the river Jettys!

All my years I've never seen that-- like fricking tuna their schooling west--

Today's Water temps and the Chlorophyll Chart









We're here on the A Bank --we got one-- came out for a half day ------looked back and it s looked like Mag Bay-- right where your at---- there where lots of fish--- Thajnks--- we saw some jumpers as we came into the area--- we're stooked!



From Facebook--Steve Lassley What a beautiful grade of fish here in the Azores. This one got tail wrapped and came up dead. We tried to revive it but it had to be planed up and there was no hope. It’s unfortunate but sometimes they can’t be revived. This one weighed 910#. Anthony Hsieh thank you for this opportunity to share these experiences with my friends and family.



















Sept the 1st-- 2022-- Thursdays and its blowin from the south fair to strong-- steady eddy's got the seas with a small windchop and salty haze to the air-- that eddy wind probably enhanced by the rising heat inland brought a stronger south wind than expected- also coastal waters has turned a bit offcolor aided by that strong sunlight and plankton blooming--,

You see that foamer--- 11:41 am -- are those bluefin or yellowfin?-


Scratchy report--- We got some big fish there--- you won't miss that paddy we loaded up--- foamers---- and ---24 over 31, 10:46-- see ya in a little bit-- yea man--

Coming in the shop today-- he said he's had pretty good fishing yesterday- despite all the wind 5-6 ( closer to the rigs) off the beach slow trolled sardnes and a kite/ mackerel got the bites on the 60- 80lb tunas--

Thunderbird w limits of the droados today --all this south wind should push some of that warm water this way-- stand by-- JD



The last day of August the year 2022 , Sunny and getting sunnier too- light west wind this morning after a calm night, Seas ok , starting to blow on the outside--Will push 20 kts later on

Weather looks good for the next few days there's a southerly eddy mid mornings but not bad Sunday and Monday afternoon westerly 12- 15 kts- otherwise looks good on the inner waters--

Private boats heading over to Catalina in hopes of a early mooring at Avalon---

Sportboats outside the 9 Mile Bank and Oceanside waters searching for kelps-- even transponders have been placed on some of the larger ones--

Noons Slack tide today standing by--

We're just south of you-- we've got swiming fish but nothing on on yet-- 11:05

On the 209 and having 5 dorados-- nice size ones too aboard-- 11:21am

Just had one up in the jigs-stayed on that mackerel color, 11:312 -

Had that whale-- pulled out one yellowfin off it--

We're just picking-a-way on the durangos ---almost out of bait-- heading back in --maybe find a kelp-- -- looks like it's going to get ugly-- yea you can see it coming--

E-Mail--J D, Always liked your reports so I figured I give you one back with the Marlin tournament coming up. Fished the south east edge of Tanner Saturday and Sunday for school size bft. Both days we hooked striped marlin and lost them on light tackle. Morning bite Jeff

This is stupid!!-- we're 1.4 miles out of the harbor there's a hundred pounder jumping out of the water--- ya gonna fish it-- we've got the Mad Max going out right now! 3:43 PM

Dave calls in with his day's report-- heading to the East end of Catalina-- the crossing this morning was bumpy--- returning this afternoon it was windy and choppy- in the meantime they stayed in the lee of the island/ Slide area-- yep the tuna were there- came up exploded all around us-- nice sizes ones-- but we went fishless- need to improve my casting skills--

And I couldn't beleive my eyes looking out the shop window this afternoon-- that westerly's got a light chop on the water--- going into the wind passing the shop is a boat flying a marlin flag and 5-6-- no 8- marlin release flags--!!!

Weather started to back off towards the late afternoon hours-- -

On Order- Due in Friday, Just in time for the Marlin Tournaments!!

Un-Rigged and Circle Hook Ballyhoos direct from Baitmasters!


Limited supply of the Medium Large 8-1/2 "to 9", 12 pack Unrigged Baits and the 3 pack of White Marlin Special w/ tournament approved Circle Hook and 1/4 oz Chin weight and 10ft of 100 Mono for those light tackle events--

Call to reserve yours today- JD 1- 800 660 5030



Keeping the trollers out-- Cedar plugs for Dorados!

---------Aug the 30th 2022---- Tuesdays breaks sunny this morning, looks to be warm today--- light west wind early in the day--- seas ok- some wind chop on it-

Dorado catches still dominate the fun-- though tough to get a bit on the heaver tackle-- 20- 25 lb Fluorocarbon leaders helps--

Sportboats and privates working mid 209/ 181 general area.

How ya doing--- oh were looking for a bush-- any bush-- any bush-- and you --- we're pulling up to a paddy right now--- ahaa- we're thirty miles from you--12:04

9 Mile bank reported to have limits of Yellowfin tunas-- 12:19

It's pretty sparse out here-- found one kelp and got three dorados and a yellowtail off it-- but is sparse out here--

got a foamer goin north 9 trying to get the bite-- 1:52








The weather is forecasted to blow again west tomorrow-- a bit more sloppy than today he said-- much better on Thursdays








The 2022 IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open November 11-13, 2022,

Exclusive two-day swordfish tournament taking place during prime season in the famed waters off Southern California, the birthplace of big game sport fishing! The early-bird $300 per angler discounted registration fee for the IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open ends this Thursday, September 1, 2022! All registrations after September 1, 2022 will be $350 per angler. Don't miss out on your discounts, for this exciting new tournament coming to Southern California! Register today! Register Now For any questions, please contact the IGFA by calling 954-927-2628 or by emailing



Closed on Mondays -- worked on bamboo rods-no fishing-- -

--------- Sundays Aug the 28 2022---- Starts off with cloud cover--before noon it's backed off to a beautiful day- wind light from the south seas great-- Some fish to be caught and some to be lost-- On the backside of that dark of the moon now- it'll fill and so will the fishing results--

Boats returning from the weekend at Catalina with flags flying-- Dorado, tuna and even marlins flags--

The Tuna Club having it's Linen One and their Benefit tournaments this weekend- were blessed with some fun fishing-- Marlin, Dorado and Tunas all caught and lost -the dorado's were fun on the light linen lines of 6 and 9 threads and the lighter Dacron lines Marlin topped the bill with a 12 lb Dacron catch-- and several qualifying tuna over 100 lb taken. Marlins were said to be found both East end of the island and more so towards N/W of the West end of the island- 286 fathom area- Tunas showed up off the backside west end and also towards the Clemente's island's northern banks--

Said they were disappointed by the etiquette seen as they were fishing a kelp paddy-- being the first there in the early morning- were were soon joined by 5-10-12-15-+ boats, even cabin cruisers and speedboats coming in to within 50 feet of the other boats almost at full speed- regrettable they left to find better grounds--- water temps showed a little band of warmer water out below the 209-- no mans land-- finding a few kelps and dorados there unmolested--- and seeing a half dozen marlin there too!

about 5 south of the209 we found those foamers , schools of em-- fought one for about 45 minutes before we lost it-- what time did those tuna show at the Slide-- about One O-Clock-- OK thanks--

Weather looks ok for the week ahead-- Monday and Tues and Wed some outside wind- putting a damper to the nighttime tuna fishing-- Thursday, Friday and the weekend there's an southern eddy forming-- maybe drifting in some kelps from those outer Channel islands as they get pushed southwards--it'll take a week

Good luck if you get out-- JD


------- Sat Aug the 27th - another nice day--Light cloud cover early on-- gave way to a breaking sun by the 10am and hazy blue sky after that-- seas good- lots of boats out in hopes of some fish to catch-- more boats than fish so far--

Outside the 9 Mile area SD waters schools of yellowfin reported and a few dorado up the line towards Oceanside-

The mid-morning's hight slack tide had the radio active with sighting of dorados and some tunas off the east end-- and backside/ Cat--

Bob calls in-- theyjust released a Marlin off the East end of the island-- came up in the teasers and the drop backed macreen mackerel did the trick-- 3;48pm

Marlin reported at both sides of the island-- the Boot, 270, 286 areas ( between Pt Vicente and Santa Barbara island mid way) Congrats to the boats and anglers-- --

-- Friday Aug 26th - Another nice day-- morning calm-- by noon a light southwest wind picks up enough to ripple the water and a little campy later-- glassy early on nice--

Locally the fleet chasing the schooled up Dorado were to the west from the 14 Mile Bank-- maybe 5-9 miles --the A-Bank had another bunch of boats on it-- There's wasn't much in the way of sealife from the 14 inside toward the beach--

We've got two- but it's been quiet for the past two hours --haven't seen anyone with a bent rod for quite a while--

There's a jumper right in front of you-- were headed back towards the Marlin grounds now--- 12:31

Those fishing the dorado are surprised by marlin taking their live baits on the light leaders-- soon lost-- but there's a few more marlin around-- good news for the upcoming Billfish Tournaments--

how you doing on the dorado's-- -- got a couple- and you -- got one and really lost a nice one------ better bite earlier--

Nice going Bill---- Jewel Lure- (marlin released? 12:46

got two jumpers--

What's you get for a water temp-- 72-74 (off Oceanside) we've been here on the 302 dorado dorado all day long only got three so far--slow troll-- slow troll--

209 had a few unmolested kelps--

and the tunas were behind catalina--

-------- Thursday- Went fishing ---nice day--flew a kite and skipped a small flyer!-- Slow trolled rigged ballyhoos too












-------- Wed's report Aug the 25 --- a bit on the muggy side!--- light wind from the south seas calm-- lots of dorado fishers out today-- seems the fleet was working more towards the shipping lanes and A Bank, 152 was loaded too--

Old Harold was right-- you have to "Teach" the mackerel to follow the boat while slow trolling em'-- they'd want to wander away at different angles but a slight tethering of them would lead them back in the right direction-- kinda a give-- take method eventually they'd follow along like a trailing dog--

The Tuna Club, having their Linen One tournament tomorrow then Fri and ssat their Benifit Tournement--which beniftis the City of Avalon , it's home to the Club

Setting up the tackle today-- a Six-thread outfit, Pfluger Capital 1985 w/ Irish 6 thread linen, Sealey Hooks and custom wrapped rod, the Nine Thread consists of a O Zwarg narrow 6/0 w/ Duranickle 9/0 marlin hook and the Twenty-four outfit's a Penn Senator 10/0 loaded with 600 yds of the 24 thread linen line and custom Heavy bamboo rod. Should be fun!
















Up coming is the Masters and the Pesky's


------------- Tuesdays Aug the 23-- June Gloom again light wind from the southwest 2-3 kts seas calm-

These stupid dorado don't want to bite---

Dozens of party boats from the shipping lanes to the East end-- A Bank and 14 all fishing the dorado's--- Bluefin tunas showing on the 14 this morning's slack tide--

Hey JD, Tons of dorado between 267 and 209. Chris

Local whale watchers treated to a few Blue Whales 3-5 off our beaches/ Dana

up towards the 499 and off the East end of Clemente maybe smaller yellowfin schools-

interesting to listen to a spotter plane giving info out about the dorado under paddies Avalon Bank area--- and this afternoon and seeing bait schools come up in the afternoon's tide-- big brown batches of it--- 3:33


Spent the day yesterday Pre-fishing for this coming Thursday's Linen One fishing tournament ( Old stuff) -- good show on the dolphins!










Closed on Mondays-- hope to go fishin'-


-------------- Sundays report Aug the 21-- June gloom- light drizzle, wind light to fair from the south eddy stuff- seas have some capping on it-- still lots of boats out-- A few foamers seen and a catch of dorado here-- there-- seems to be a better afterno0on showing of fish--

Scratchy report-- sounded like someone had a double -- one hit a marlin jig the other on the drop back bait, 1:52

3:15 foamers off the Newport Canyon--

Between 289 and Clemente

Nice weather once you out of that south breeze this morning-- private boats heading towards the 43 and Ridge ( 181/ 182) and the 289 fathom sports found a little more elbow room as there were a few scattered kelps and some open water dorado's that played, the tuna boys still above that towards the 499/ and just outside from there--





-- Sat Aug 20th 2022-- Cloudy with a south eddy wind- 10- 12 kts-- seas a bit of a mix to them--

Continued reports of the bigger grade the Pacific Bluefin tunas abound -- 200 220 240 lb fish! , this past few days it's cloudy out there-- the Mad Max lures still taking their share but the rigged Flying fish and California Flyers have the big fish on them-- the outer banks behind Catalina and Clemente holding the bigger fish- the 499 Snail etc. and a massive school reported by the spotter planes off the backside west end of Catalina---

How's your weather--- we're out here on the 181-not bad- it's starting to cap off--- caught a few bonitos- watching foamers- but they're not biting-- looking for paddies to see what happens--- 9:59am

Came in all excited- young man- - they's gone out early and returned soon afternoon- between the 277 and A Bank -Dorado was the score and they'd had a ball- still that smaller grade of fish but they hooked a dozen and lost as many - even slow trolled small Flicker minnow diving plugs got the bites-- now the knives come in handy-- , the one they had fell overboard-- better get two! Great to see the happy smiles and eagerness in the fishing skills and time on the water of the young man--


Fridays report Aug the 19 2022-------- same weather as yesterday-- light marine haze seaward-- still a fair number of boats out-- Mid/Strong South wind tomorrow morning Sat-- better Sunday---

When we saw you- you turned left-- we turned right-- just north of the 14 that's were a the life was went off there for an hour-- that was earlier- 1:34pm

We left em' dorado all over the place couldn't get a bite-- got a few-- live mackerel-- you going tomorrow-- better check the weather -- suppose to blow --


Went 2 for 4 yesterday trolling Marauders off the West end of Clemente. 80-100 lb. range. 9 kts, 700 feet back. JewelLure.

Hey Swagger is that you with that marlin hooked--- sorry it was another boat with a tower-- 4:16 ---Slack tide today-- 4:04pm

We've been trolling off the East end-- the 152 and up to the Avalon Bank-- no signs of life- 4:26

We got a big one and paid the price-- gas and sloppy out there today

Couple of images-- water temps and Chlorophyll chart












Good luck this Weekend

Pesky's is coming-- Stand by-


------- Thursdays report-- Aug the 18 2022- fair weather here on the beach-- marine haze blowen by a fair west wind this morning-- seas still a mix to them- not as many boats on the radio today-

We'll work our way up there-- from where we're at-- kept getting jig bit one dorado and a yellowfin-- 302 area

Cut the day short-- JD

--- Weds report--- Gentle west winds with a swell far apart- nice-- coastal fog in places otherwise light marine haze- good radio reception so far today it seems to dissipate towards the afternoon hours, Speed boats were heading around the bottom of Clemente island-- heading west finding 30lb fish so far--

Another Halco trolled lure resulted in a tuna strike-- -

I'm right on top of the Mackerel-- there's no foam here--- 11:12

it's all small inside here-- there's bigger fish 15 from he's got his kite up--

Dorado fishing on the fly rods, were having a ball--we've got a kelp and it's loaded-

We picked up four on the troll-- open water stuff--

We're here on the `181 there's 10,000 dorado here-we've been on this paddy for 2 1/2 hours dorado keep jumping around it - you've got to troll for em'-- dasiy chains and a blue and purple pink pono lure-- we've got four so far and a 20 lb yellowtail on the dasiy chain-

Yoou get a bite?--- naw - we've been casting jigs right in them-- they dont want em'--- all yellowfin?-- could be-- looked a little dank in the water-- 3:32 pm

yea yesterday-- there were twenty spots of fish up like that one-- different day

made fifteen twenty casts for that one to go-- stick bait--

I'm out of here-- that last one was a dozzi--- there's another one inside on your way home-- afternoon showing of tunas-- but very few bites---


The BAC Masters Billfish Tournament is fast approaching. Sportfishing clubs along the So. Calif coastline present their teams, boats and anglers where the Master Angler of the Year is awarded for their skills in fighting and releasing Marlin on fair game tackle. It's High Team, High Boat and Sportfishing club vs sportfishing club for honors.

September 9 - September 10 Master Angler Billfish Tournament


and last weeks BAC Ladies Billfisihng and game fish tourment was well attended by ladies, boats and by some fish !

Congrats go the Pacific Pioneer w Capt Kile playing wheelman and deckhand and Bren Blower with her Marlin, and High Boat went to Escapda with two prized Pacific Bluefin Tuna -anglers Kerry Blower and Ericka Zenz-- nice going! !


------------- Tuesdays report--------- Aug 16 2022-

fair day with only a light morning west wind 3-6 kts-- seas good-- lots of radio traffic--seems foamers were up down and getting bites was dificult-- no change-- dorado under scraps of kelps-tuna -fleet working the Mackerel bank - 209/ 181/ more for the dodo's

I see breaking fish-- you see theM-- no--- over to your right--- Shi#%***-

Great White cruzing around the sport boats--

Some wind off the backside of the island--

Marlin-- feeders inside the A bank 11:24 three sets of feeders seen--

boats up on the 499 seeing breaking fish-- no bites mixed grade 15- 200!

Bluefin tuna fishing " the wave of particapation " works out of the SD waters towards the northwest waters--

Please dont run over my diver he says--- 12:45 the mid day's slack tine bringing up the bait and schools of tunas-- dorado-said to be thouasnds of em"

From Lisa

--Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Falmouth ---UK 82 inches, 207 cm. 175 kg. est 385 lb.

On TrueBlue with Capt. Steve Porter, Mate Mark Butland and Thunnus UK scientist Dr. Tom Horton

45 min standup 130# line Bait prohibited Spreader lure 21.5 C Scattered showers Measured, tagged and released

We stopped on dozens of kelps loaded with dorado-- didnt want to bite--- where were you at----- ouside the 277-- out there in the deep blue seas didn't set the wold on fire-- did find some open water dorado foaming on some bait ball- the bait stuck to the boat--we picked at em' for two or three at a time--they stuct o the boat with the bait--- did see a foamer of tuna--- guy casted in it, right in the middle of it--- -- hooked a dorado!

we landed 10 dorado- saw some bluefinn had a good time of it--

289 had some tuna and dorado---

- Mondays -- Closed- worked on the boat- yard etc.

-------Sundays report--Aug 14th hot hot and more heat-- at least not too foggy here on the beach-- lots of boaters out--even sail boats without any wind! compaining about the lack of wind-- fishers chasing tuna foamers and dorado -- a few caught--

we been running and gunning -got 4 aboard lost two --10:33

more tunas wet of the 152/277

we're 7 off the Slide-- foamers all over-- one on board- on the popper-- one hanging-- got to go-- color 11:08

Slack tide today--12:04 stand by

It was incredible-- I see your more towards the mackerel -- we're seeing more and more this way--- we were getting more on the iron than the poppers---blue chromed ---tons and ton of it -there off the island 2- 3 miles it wasn't there this morning--- breezer-- shiners that wouldn't eat anything but tons and tons it there-- spectacular to watch shiners

we're on a really good one right here-- coming up to it now 11:58

12 over 7

Good weather for the day-- the occasional squelch break with a reported tuna-- foamer or remark nay- yea on the Mad Max's trolled- other's were 2 for 2 and 40lb tunas vs 160 lbers reported on the Mackerel Bank- Dorado were picky

all fun--

From Facebook-- My lil sis Kerry Blower is on 🔥…we fished the BAC Ladies Billfish Tournament yesterday on my dads boat ESCAPADA. Kerry landed a #84 and Ericka a #49 lb bluefin….Both girls on 50 lb stand up gear. Crushing it! Super fin tournament for the ladies. Thanks Judy and BAC-- Bob

How do you clean a Opah? 2:47pm










-The slack tide off the back side-- foamers everywhere--saying 6 miles west off te east end of the island ( cat) was where they had done well-- slow trolling live mackerel-- having 6 bites and all good sized fish-- mostly north from the fleet, along that temp break 70/ 71 degeees no dorado though






Sat's report------- Aug the 13 2022--- So much confusion-- radio with conflicting reports-- boaters were taken back a little this morning--- foggy conditions greated them durring the early morning hours--- pea soup stuff--- not till you made it out 5 miles or more does it clear off-- to view lots of boat traffic-- far and wide not many ke;lps and those that were found-- those pesky divers were on it--

267/279 bank outside Dana looks good lots of bait but nothing up before the tides change--

A Bank had lots of traffic , some driving around at a madhatter speed of 13 -14 kts churring up the waters other's had the speader bars and plugs behind them--

radio checks and water temps reports amonst the fleet-- as well as the morning cussing?

We just left a paddy wide open-- yellows some drorado 32.23 /117.31

Most of the tuna fleet-- AIS shows inside west end of Clemente-- to Catalina

Turn of the Tide-- it's slack period today-is at-- 11:27--- foamers up -today- 11:26

we're bit -- it's huge!--- --- it's off 11:37

We've got two--they're just coming up now---

how ya doing---- busy--- Ok I'll leave you be--- 11:57

Lots of fuel burning today-- not as many fish though

we hooke done on the wrong tackle-- watching Alyson fight one for the past 30 minutes suffering!-- \

we're 7 off the east end-- there're still foamer out here--- 1:39

two in the box- first one 105-- the second fish right there with it--- hanging by the tail bleeding out-now!

we just got short bit on the spreader bar

Jeff just got a fish-- kicked his ass got it on a bass rod-- proablaaly close to 90-- 4:02-- you going in side - no Pacific Pioneer just hooked a Marlin--

T/C Pacific Pioneer--- we've got Bren Blower on a marlin 4:01 pm hooked up--- 3 1/2 off Church--

T/C we got the fish--- fish died so we kept it--- congrats from the fleet-- 19 Minutes -- ETA at the Club 7:30-- est

Every Day a customers walks in from the dock out front-- having spent the day or only a few hours out there-- saying they'd caught a tunas ,dorado's or something worthy--equally as well they walk in the shop disappointed not having seen a thing all day-----




-- Friday's report Aug the 12 2022- a fine day--- light west winds--- seas are fair and welcoming after yesterdays blow- some lump but fine--

Harpoon boat saying he'd seen some marlin inside the island-- A Bank-

The radio was active early on today mid mornings high tide spurred sealife-- -- good reception and lots of chatter-- scratchy reports of tuna and poppers, others say tuna off the backside of the island--a marlin sighted - more tunas and dorado's not biting - or hooked-

It looks like a marlin------ okay-- might be a sword----- it's a swordfish--11:04pm- ----a few minutes later-- naw it's a hammerhead!

07/15 we had a couple of them up---

A check with the San Clemente Island Security's to see if the island is open for the weekend, First check showed closed--then a second check several minutes later shows the island SHOBA being closed on Sat till 10m pm then open the rest of the night and all day Sunday open--- go figure

SCI Safety Zone Exclusion Schedule for 13-Aug-202213-AUG-22 0700 13-AUG-22 2000 ( 10 pm) SFC:12K SHOBALSHGT

SCI Safety Zone Exclusion Schedule for 14-Aug-2022 C Available - no scheduled operations D Available - no scheduled operations

pop up here-- pop up there-- had to hand line up that last fish-- blew up the reel-- spreader bar Purple n' Black- 1:09

saying his Parker did not troll well at Mad M ax speed-- going old school with cedar , featers and spreader bars-- still did well-

have fun this weekend--

-------------- Thursadays Aug 11 2022 -

41/08 150lb bluefin mad max 2;38

It works--- a young man walks in the shop today having just come in from fishing locally with friends today--- it works--- that lure you gave me- it works---- we got 6 dorado today-- nice sized ones-- schools or foamers of dorado on that small bait fish- straight out of the harbor 4 -5 miles--- a trolling lure for Dorado -- the young man has asked if I had one--- yea I think I've got one that will work----- in the scattered depths of old tackle that's collected after 40 years amonst the shelves -- they like pink you know-- ye old 1/2 oz -- chromed headed Jap head with a few remaining pink and white feathers. Rigged with a smaller sticky hook the old lure proved it's self again--- that particular lure I'd guess was made in the mid or early 80's -- that old stuff still works---

We did well on the bluefin off the East End--- as chunks of Fresh Bluefin were handed out--- how was the crossing--- a grinn comes across his face-- no problem he says-- today's go fast boats just skip across it at breakneck speeds-- the era of speed sportboats -JD


Wed's Report---- it got by me--- spent most of the day working on reels, rods, taking line off reels and putting it back on again- there's wasn't much on the radio though, some morning chatter from the SD waters-- not sure what happened if anything did happen out front of Newport of Dana yesterday- probably some fish in there nice weather

BAC had their Ladies fishing Tournamet Kickoff last night at the Club--- good turnout and lots of prizes raffle off- prospects for a fun event looks good-- weather is good and I think 12 or 134boats in it-- close to 40 ladies angleretts --- Have Fun!

A report from Richard-- having gone out yesterday-- ran to the 14-- found a paddy- and small dodo's - past there to the shipping lanes-- -- over to the 277- water turned offcolor almost red tide there-- returned pack though the lanes - tuna were jumping by then-- made several cast - other boats racing in drove the fish down-- - into the beach and several skiffs were into dorado there-- greenish water but the fish in it- a small kelp held-- small dorado-- slow trolled larger sardines resulted pick up after pick up with several fish 12-15 and a 20 fish losing a 25lb dorado-- straight tied 20lb p-line

16/ over 20 finding open water schools of dorado-- sinking out as we got near them-- 10:40 am

Windy today--- strong west wind--

We got one on the purple cedar plug

loud and clear on the 182-- very frustrating-- saw one small foamer-- thats it so far-- 11:47

could you repete those numbers 33.06/ 117.54 thanks--



--------- Tuesdays report -

Nice day--- lots of boats out- looking for the tunas-- saying it was a afternoon bite--

Scott baited a swordfish 10 off Dana-- no bites-- 150lb fish-

Hayden got a couple on the troll 10 off the beach yesterday.

And there were several sighting of marlin-- shipping lanes, east end- and down by the 277 ( West 3-4 miles) also a few seen towards the inside of cat.

and the tunas or the dorado were everywhere or not--

Dave called in with his report-- left the harbor o 5 am --ran out to the 14-- - shipping lanes over to the 277, back again through the lower shipping lanes-- and into the 267-- saw one foamer there-- small skiff ran it over-- that was it-- only very small Dorado under a kelp past the 14 early-- nice day on the water

We're four outside the harbor--- --- broke off four already-- got one hanging right now--- had him on for about 45 minutes now--- where you at Newport or Dana-- no right outside Newport--- outside the Balboa pier -- slow trolled mackerel---3:57 pm

Long day--- winding line on reels and fix'n em, the opportunity for tunas are here locally-- and all the way up the coastline-- reports from Carpenteria of seeing shcoolies chasing bait a couple hundred yards off the beach--

Nice weather--- go fishin!



Closed on Mondays-- should'a gone fishin

---------- Sunday and the weather is nice-- warm inland and a light west wind here on the beach--- sea's still have a bump to them- mixed swell --smaller boats notice it far more than the bigger craft-- looks like the fleets working inside the lee of catalina / east end for the tunas- and there's a few Marlin there too- good radio reception---

Water on the inside of the island (Cat) turned over a little --still warm, above 70 but greener-- backside of the island it's cleaner --outside the "V's there were fish/ tunas there yesterday afternoon, this morning we had one tack straight down the back-from Cat and had two bites there- that nice big one and anothe on on the plug-

One -Two- Bob----- we've got two down here--below your numpers --spot after spot of them--- 07/ 12 - - weather's not bad--got ours on the spreader bar--what size?--- mid size?---- yea probably 80- 60lb ers-- We're East 10 miles from those numbers 13/ 22,- chassing tunas-- 22 from Kile-- where not much was happening there on the inside so far --a few tunas--- saw a jumper

267/ 74 degrees ---302 65-68 degrees--

A reported 7 hour battle on a Tuna!

Weather got better as the day wore on--

White Sea bass were biting Central Calif-- Santa Cruz! and a few Salmon at Morro Bay!


- Sat Aug the 6th-- cloud cover clearing inland- still a bit of marine haze to the west-looks like fog--- - wind light to fair from the west /southwest due to increase later today west- seas fair--

We're out here on the 182-- there's more life inside

They were everywhere --- outside lovers cove right off the kelp--dropped the spreader bar within three minutes were had a strike--- this fish did not want to die-- beat us up heading in to weight it now--- Thanks Right off the Slide--10:30 we got the word-- ran out here--- - foaming fish-- never seen it like so- we got outs on that Yozuri Bonito--(Marauder)

Coastal water dropped to 65 degrees-- fog-- bass quit biting--

Not many on the radio today-- wind and swell probably kept boats off the water--- or kept them in the lee of Catalina--

Weather improving tomorrow and Monday - Tuesday--

------ Fridays -- Aug 5 2022-------- Nice inland, and looks to be nice offshore too- but there's a mix of seastate out there too- pretty day though- Quite a few boats were headng out to the island early today and the radio had fair reception-- maybe some salt in the air, light marine haze--

Reports on the tunas continue to come in-- some say good fishing for them, others were frustratied--

E-Mail report--- from Greg-- Hey JD, I've enjoyed your reports for some time now. Here is some info back to you for you to post or not. We were at Catalina on Wednesday, decided to stay the night and hit SBI on Thursday. There were so many tuna foamers I couldn't keep track. Lost count at 25. 100lb fish feeding on the tiny anchovies and wouldn't take any of our offerings. Frustrating to see that much fish and not get one or even a lost hookup. Fish were seen southeast of the island and on the way home to MDR. The biggest school was 28miles from MDR. I would estimate about 2 acres of boiling fish. Never ever witnessed a school of fish like that, amazing! Anyway, I got to get some sleep. Thanks again !! -- Regards, Greg

And from Facebook- Rob W was super stoked to take new Tuna Club member Mark Mettler out today on Magellan and see him catch his “Qualifer” to become a full voting member. Weighed 110 lbs on 80# dacron (line tested at 57 lbs LOL). Curtis W and his eldest son, Jordan, also joined us. What a wonderful day to see Mark have his big moment and then see Jordan catch his biggest fish ever. We closed with Curtis catching two more, both gaffed by Jordan.


They're everywhere-- we've got got hooked up w a slow trolled sardine--- Dorado I think-- 11:03-

boats were seeing only a few kelps below the 182-- and west from there-- small dorado and a few yellowtail

Windy today--- most boat took to their destinations early in the day-- hopefully

Some cloud cover prevented a daily image of the water temps and the Chlorophyll charts -- these are three day composits--













------Thursdays Report Aug 4th 2022--- clouds this morning seemed to go away- yet remained overcast for the rest of the day-- wind was light yet there was a strong mix set of swell and made for lumpy conditions today-- several boaters said it was lumpy and not comfortable--

Whale waters reported still great quanties of that mirco bait along the coastline out for several miles--- and- there were schools of tuna -- not many yet a few folks reported seeing foamer within 2-3 miles of the beach- none caught--


This coming weekend -- some weather to contend with from Friday on into late Saturday it's blowing offshore west and pushing a west swell - and there's still swell from the sound pushing in-- fun!


Be safe-- lee of Catalina looks good and a shore ride to the backside might find some tunas-- marlins or a swordfish--

------ Wed's report--- not much to say--

-------- Tuesday Aug the 2nd 2022---- Nice day not much in the way of clouds some marine haze seaward-- wind from the west early maybe 6-8 kts-- ligh wind chop with the remaining south swell still with us--

Kelps on the 9 Mile bank holding small yellows and some dodo's

Reports from the tuna grounds above Catalina to Santa Barbara island -- still there and lots of em'-- both Bluefin and a few Yellowfin--

stayed west all day--what was heard on the radio was only fair fishing -- I think marlin fishin west end--

the tunas were scattered from the Snail to the West end of Catalina-- lot of big fish !

couple of boats into the harbor this afternoon-- long run for them-- but flying a tuna flag-



Nice white seabass taken this weekend at White's cove... On a mooring. Was soaking a sardine mid day when the fish hit. Cheers, Guy & Caper-


E-mail yesterday-- Good evening JD. Fishing can’t get any better. Friday we found fish 12 miles off Redondo Harbor. We went 3-7 all nice fish. Tackle House 150 poppers and Spreader Bars are what worked.







And a E Mail from Mike and Tina--Hi JD, I hope this note finds you well.. We went out to the Osborn and found em on Friday morning. Great fun on light Tackle. Brandt earned this one for his 13 th birthday. He got it on 20 lb. Really lucky to get it in. The hook was about to give up but fortunately the fish gave out first. 2 hours. I had brought the outfit without his knowledge so that we could get a throwback pic for him to enjoy later in life…!







------Closed on Mondays----------------- Sunday July the 31st--- tropical -- nice-- South swell developing-

Foamers and schools of dorado -ya got any clear poppers---, no kelps but lots of boats

where you at N/ E of the 302-- 9 mile back had fish / tunas up-- / slow troll a bait for the dorado, and the beat goes on.

Dorado are reluctant to bite but there's lots of them--they do like cut bait-- chunked sardines--

I've got tuna jumping right next to me port side-- great I've got a giant shark next to me!11:48,

Slack tide today-- 12:30--stand by--

Said they'd been on the 14 since 6 am this morning-- did hook a big dorado-- fought it close to the boat but it broke off ----big fish it must have been 50 lbs!

Early morning start and early afternoon return-- we found em-- yep we found them--- I think everything we saw come out of the water was 200 lb s + - big as the porpoise around there--- Not sure what they were eating didn't' look like they were on that micro bait-- from the carcases we saw they were big baitfish, maybe even bonito!--- saw some of it under a paddy but couldn't ID them-- but big bait- Off the backside of the East End about a mile out-- along that shelf that runs from Church Rock around to the V's-- got a shot at them with the popper but no takes-- they didn't seem to be breezing through-- but stayed in the area popping up every once in a while--

499 had tunas but dificult to get a bite- marlin fishers had a couple of hook ups 286 area but they lost em' nice weather!

-------- Sat's Report-------

Wonderful Day-- A few tropical clouds above-- some humidly in the air-- seas welcoming-- with a light swell and wind - Enjoy it--

Hooker releases one this morning off the inside of the island-! - Nice going-- JD

Swordfish seen this morning and a few reported schools of breaking fish mid channel, but most of the action is south towards the 209/ Ridge and up the backside of Catalina and beyond towards the West end and into Santa Monica Bay!

One party boat to another-- see that swordfish pop up next to your boat-- yea-- we don't have the tackle for that one-- neider do we- be hours on it---so and so has a harpoon--- oh--how about a spear gun- would that work-- - I guess so-- 1:33pm

The marlin boats working their way to the west- above catalina-- Hooker has another bite up there-- fell off-- 2:09

So we got three dorado couple of yellowtails and a bluefin- so far

- Ross again called back out to the 43 again yesterday-- hooked another big bluefin on that inshore gear-- 30lb line-- hooked it at noon-- by 6 pm still on the fish-- able to get it within 50 ft then it's strip off another 200-- at last the fish closer to the boat-- the hooks straightens-- lost it--

Balboa Angling's Club Bay Bass tournamet great fishing-- waters warm and the fish were biting-- everyone got their limit of three Spotted Bay Bass and all legals, Spotties over 14 inches --those are big spotties- The largest three fish weights were all above the 6 lb range- that's big for spotties-- All casts jigs, no trolling or baits-- all plastics---


Kile's hooked up--Marlin---

The fis were said to be all the way from the Inside of the island to the 286 and scattered all up and down the Ridge-- we've been bit twice today--

Nice going Kile--- a scratchy report comes over the radio--- the boats up towards the West end- the receptions not that good-- Pacific Pioneer Released one two!-- Congrats--- from the fleet--- 3:04 pm

They had a triple going--- one falls off----Paul H. gets his in first, Doug W. gets the second fish , both released on 30lb dacron-- Bullpen also had fish on but they came off - as well as several oter boats had fish bites-

Game changer-- released one too- 4:50pm

Good day of foamer fishing. 499



Have fun tomorrow-- JD




--------------------- Friday-July the 29th- 2022--- tropical a few clouds around and marine layer to the west- seas nice- lots of folks out today-- radio active with the weekend crowd's rhetoric -

Seeing lots of fish but no bites-- we've stopped at three paddies no luck so far-- 10:15am

said he's four miles below the other guy saying he's seen a thousand dorado!

Tuna fleet out behind Catalina- Marlin fleet around Catalina's West end- and inside the island- Dorado fleet further south towards the 209- and below, there's scattered schools of tuna allover the place- up down- then not there- even a surface swordfish seen here and there-- Weather looks calm for the weekend--Northwest harbor/ west end of Clemente is is open for anchorage- Sat and Sunday, goes hot Monday- Price of Fuel has dropped a little but not much--$1,000 dollars for a days fuel bill not uncommon! Good to have friends chip in- Should be a great weekend--

Quoted the other day-- Marlin fishing is so much fun!-- Days end you hang it up ---nobodies going marlin fishing at night - you can relax at anchorage-- Bar B-Q going-- -you don't have to be awake all night fishing heavy jigs---not having to deal with fish guts and blood -it's so much better-

It's reported the Pescador caught a Marlin today! Congrats!

and the tunas were reluctant to show themselves---


They're going off right now--- going full speed to get a bite---- doubled up right now--- just dumped him--- 4:26 pm--- just dumped both of em!

Local trip with Sandy and my sister Kerry on ESCAPADA. Found open water dorado SW of 267. Went 3 for 5 on schoolies. Fun day Kerry was stoked🎣



Today's water temps and Chlorophyll Chart--










Have fun this weekend--- JD


---------------- Thursday's report-July 28th --------- Nice day-- a little tropical some clouds around-- wind is light from the south-- ocean is nice-- time to go--

Morning phone call from Ross out of the San Diego waters-- he's ran out yesterday to the 43-- looked ok but no fish there for him- a nice 18 lb female Dorado- back to the 182- just after the turn of the tide-- 10:30 or so and they found the tuna--- no one else around- mile of tuna-- losing one on popper and another off a baitfish-est 150 - lost after hours of struggle - a little in a lot out-- hooked it on a 9 ft inshore casting outfit-- Won't do that again--he says--need a two speed! -





Local fishing here in Newport Bay-- the BAC offers the Spotted Bay Bass Fishing tournament-- The water's are warm-- lots of smelt in the bay-- lot's of em-- the bass have been active with shore casters doing well with the plastics, and small skiffs- finding the tides not too strong yet good movement-- should be a fun tournament

Call the BAC for details--.949-673-6316

The BAC's Ladies tournament is also just around the corner-- if's you've got a boat and would;ld like to take out some energetic ladies to go fishing - give the club a call too-- Marlin, Dorado tunas--they all count-- have fun!--- Past years a ladies billfishing tournament-- the first one to spot a marlin, sleeper, tailer or jumper- gets to open the Champagne!-- After that lots of marlin were seen!

Call the BAC for details--.949-673-6316


Just coming out of the harbor ( Dana) there was miles and miles of the tiny bait here--- just miles of it-- out 7 miles-- If that tuna found it they'd sure be here-- -- 1:10pm

We just got short bit--- saw some splashes, went over it-- had a bite but it didn't stick-- came back around and got a short bite on the mackerel-- going back over it now--- 1:42pm


Up Coming Tournaments--- the fun times----


BAC's Ladies Marlin Tournamet is early this year--taking advantage of the season- includes the gamefish of tuna Dorado and yellowtails-- that should be fun--- get your wives, of soon to be wives, and her friends together and put together a team-- of call the club if you can add on another angler or two- one need a boat-- should be a hoot!






2022 Channel Islands Billfish Tournament Kick-off dinner Friday, September 9th (Awesome Raffle!) Start fishing Saturday, September 10th Stop fishing Wednesday, September 14th Awards dinner Friday, September 16th (Another Awesome Raffle!) The CIBT is a release-only tournament for marlin, with first, second, and third awards for the most released fish. A new addition for our tournament is a swordfish division that also has first, second and third places. These will be determined by the weight of the swordfish. * *Swordfish boated by casting to on the surface with rod and reel will be in first place regardless of the weight of the fish.

And the Masters--- Get ready--




---------- Wed's report--- Tropical weather-- humid and a few high clouds about- wind light and from the west -- nice--

Couple of images-- waters temps ( celius) on th L ---water clairty/ chlorphill on the R

Looks like there are several good color breaks and water temp breaks--

San Clemente Island Security's Web site shows the Cove and most of the inside of the Island "Hot/ Active" for the weekend-- althought Zone Z, Northwest Cove is open for anchorage--






Foamer right here-- 7 on the popper and one on the troll-- good fishing-- 10:58 was when it kicked off--- -- got nicer as the day went on-- some wind here in the late afternoon-

Not much said on the radio about marlin fishing-- the tunas are here-- and look to be here for a while till the bait runs out-- marlins on the chovies will at least take a cast bait to them-- better than sauries

hope to get better reports tomorrow as the anchor drags-- JD


---------- July the 26- Tuesdays report--- Again a typical summer day here this symmer -- Overcast -- almost for most of the day-- and sunny inland

Local waters warming to the touch-- pushing 70 + in most places

Eight Marlin Caught yesterday---!!!!

Swagger and a limited crew -- !-- Doubles--Triples- they lost em' and caught em'! --Up in the teasers , jig bites, Dropback's of live and ballyhoos---- Unbelievable-- and no one to bother them-- nice weather and a full days of Marlin fishing to themselves---Local waters!!- not quite to the Kiddy pond but close--Saying ---if he's had is regular crew aboard they had caught more!!!

Details to follow--JD

1st Marlin released and 1st Marlin caught for both the BAC and the Pesky's angling clubs--

Eleven trips so far this season-- all for the marlins- seeing them-- had them up in the jigs-- Zips and strikes but no fish - Avalon Bank, off Long Point, East end-- jumpers-- feeders swordfish- all seen but none stuck on the line -- for weeks-- last week seen closer to the island-fish up in the teasers looking, just taping the baits not not interested- yet- - baitfish in the water were green backed mackerel. Saturday a strike that didn't stick--A day off on Sunday- a day of rest-- Back out on Monday- bait on the banks were 5-6" sardines and anchovies-, Seeing jumpers, feeders, lots of life-- a fish up in the teasers, and a fish ripping line off the jig- a bait dropback on 30 and a bite--getting it all back in and a fish released in twenty- twenty five minutes-- Congrats- est 125lbs, Setting back the spread, the stinger jigs gets bit! the fish brought in , bleeding and the fish is kept-- fish # 2 for the day-- back up again-- 5-10 minutes later another fish up on the squid chain teaser-an drop backed ballyhoo and that fish is released healthy, #3, Another jig bite comes in on the stinger and others' raised on the teasers, doubles and triples going off at once. 8 out of 10 --- Only if I'd my regular crew we'd got more!

Lure colors-- mackeral and flying fish !


Dorado on the 209--Bluefin in the channel/ shipping lanes, Seabass along the coast- and reported Marlin on the Avalon Bank--- time to go fishin"












reports off the backside of the island-- lots of foamers--- we got one big one on the Mad Max and three more on the poppers-- clear--


- And a photo of a big tuna -- caugh off Christian's charter boat out of Dana SEAKA







---- Closed on Mondays

----- Sunday- July 24th - a day of rest-- typical day here-- morning overcast giving way to hazy sun at noon- a light south wind- nice

Boats far and wide-- especially out to the backside of Catalina and above Clemente island-- that whole back holding bait and schools of tuna-- most reluctant to bite -

Inside waters hopefully for some food fish-- not many kelps or fish found--

Not much seen in the travels back across the channel after burning hundreds of gallons of fuel chasing those tunas at 11- 13 kts-- long ways out long ways back-- fishing fair-- lots of boats and the dragging lures of the spreader bars did work-- but trying-- trolled three of Mad Max's all day - caught a 60lb on the spreader bar and much bigger one on a Halco!

Kinda a funky day- weather was ok- seas fine but not really a mid summer day--

fishing fair at best-- JD


----Sat and a fine day it is-- Soft overcast day-with a mild wind from the south-- seas welcoming and the prospects for a fine day on the water looks good-- reported dorado and Yellowtails on the 267/279 and 209 banks-- and probably from there southwards , the tunas were on the backside/ west end of Catalina-- Yellows at Clemente ( Zone B) and yellows and dorado from Catalina southwards--

Nice day-- got a little muggy mid day--

Again not much said/ heard on the radio-- despite it being a nice day-- most VHF radio reporting from the backside of the island (Catalina) gets blocked by the island - VHF= Line of sight

Reported marlin up in the jigs-- A Bank? This time of year-early in the season - coming in from the open ocean , migrating thousands of miles-- a dark hulled ( whale?) boat trolling those splashy attracting sparkly things gets their curiosity. Up and just tapping the lures to see what they are-- - Lures rigged with small heavy gauged hooks that grab - wrap around and snag's them in their bill solves that! Some of those hooks that come with Flatfall lures will work well .


Couple guys came in the shop mid morning hours today---they were off kayaks and had beached them on the sand out front of the shop--smelling like powerful weed, they needed tackle- hooks, sinkers etc. They had launched further up the bay after a morning's toke and forgot the their tackle box in the car-- not realizing it till they had made it out the harbor and down off Corona del Mar where they started to set up their gear-- where's the tackle box? , I don't have it, ----ah-- neither do I!








------- Friday-- again-- July the 22nd-- Electric Powers back one-- yahoo- boy when this nations goes dark after some sort of power shortage-- we'll be in a mess!-- but back to fishing-- weather's ok a light west at 5-6 kts some texture to the water and small wind chop with it-- otherwise OK- Sats there's a eddy south for the most part inside the islands-- starts to blow west on the outside and grows through Sunday- still ok on the inside-

Dorado lots of smaller fish 209/ 277

A change in the weather's Forecasting--- at least there's a new perspective--for Sunday's weather-- much better

Swordfish up --flagging-- 3:25 pm 267 area

greenbacks-- 50- 80 feet of water between the piers ( Balboa and Newport ) 3;30 pm

got em good job-

Mad Max-- strikes again--- two reports today -- one boater having caught three tunas today, west end of Catalina the other boat with five fish all on those Mad Max's-- pink ---wish We had some to sell-- sorry-

good luck-- have fun-- Dorado, swordfish tunas-- yellowtails and maybe Marlin this weekend



----- Thursdays report-- July the 21-- Late-- Power was shut off here on the Island for most of the day--

Dorado on the 209--he said they'd seen hundreds of them- caught one-- feeding on small baits-- sometimes a cut piece of sardine / chum helps to get them interested in taking a bait-


------- Wed's report---July 20th Nice-- that overcast July Junk still there in the morning hours--- clearing towards the noon hour nice weather thought - light south eddie like wind maybe 4 kts --seas good with a mix of low swells --

Reported Dorado off Dana - good warm water to the outside and clean too-

A looking into this weekend at San Clemente Island-- shows the Cove to be "Hot" both Sat and Sunday- but Zone "B" on the inside of the island Gold Bluff area to be open- a little more exposed to a west swell but not bad for anchorage.



One of those days when the VHF radio was quiet-- but there were several private boats headed out the harbor and skiffs making their way back in the harbor this afternoon, party boats had gunny sacks on the stearns railing-- ( sculpin and bonito fishing I'd guess)

Weather's clouded up with the tropical stuff from down south-- should make for a good sunset and sunrise over the next few days--

Weather looks OK for Sat a light south wind, Sunday it gets windy on the outside-- very windy!

Tuesdays Report---- July the 19 a early west wind day-- hot inland and a refreshing sea breeze here on the beach--

Light wind chop and a small mix of seas-- good sized south swell on the beacSrayed west all day-- not bad bun consistent much on the radio-- a couple partyboats were disappointed in their catches at Catalina-- wanted the island to sink so they wouldn't have to go there anymore-- a few bonito and a few bass- and a few seals--

that west -- further west stuff-- the tunas-- -- the RP spent the day working from the 499 and to a 20mile grid to the west and southwest from there today--

coastal fishing - ok on the bass- the live baits helped-- no local marlin or swordfish-- or tuna reported-- some day--

Hope for better reports tomorrow-- JD

the sportfishing clubs have their offshore tuna tournaments this weekend-- good luck!


Closed on Mondays

-- July the 17 and they creepy fog left early this morning cleared off quickly leaving a few clouds overhead in the blue-- warming in the sun-- seas ok and the tuna fleets moving further west-- halfway to the San Nicholas island-- that's a lot of fuel-- there and back!

JD's carries the largest selection of Eye Candy marlin lures in the world!! , - who knows pulling em' around at 12-13 kts you might get a Bluefin!

Ballyhoos are on order now and the season is here


Fun day here at work- despite the overcast clouds-- lots of folks from different parts of the globe


Well next weeks will bring in some tropical weather from Estelle-- stand by for swell and humidity


July the 16th a Saturday- Still that overcast marine cloud cover here on the beach-Foggy-- - and it goes seaward too! yesterday only partial clearing towards the mid day hours-- looks better so far today-Light S/W wind 3-4 kts- seas good-

- The tuna fleet spread out -- off the outer ridges above San Clemente Island --499 area and towards the Osborn Bank- Boats out of SD were happy to find a stringer of kelp and maybe some dorado or yellowtails under it-- - morning hours along the Ridge( 182- 181) and towards the border's corner good sighs of that smaller grade yellowfin-- birds, bait some jumpers--it dried up like a deseart till later in the day as the afternoon tide came up- they popped up then-

we got a couple-- I think 5 dorado and a couple of yellows-- party boat 10:18am

SD boats hopefull of yellowtails and dorado-- we're reduced to bonito good fun but not waht they were after--

A run to Catalina-- ok lots of boat-s and some east end wind-- better calico bass fishing near the quary and trash dump-- -- not much seen mid channel


------July 15th - Wonderful-- it's Friday again-- so quick- still that overhead calm overcast cloud cover-- inland a few miles it's warm and sunny- this stuff should back off seaward towards noon- light south wind 2-3 kts- seas good-- A few boats out-- mostly heading to Catalina for the weekend

-Radio chatter kept to the backside of the island today-- where the fleet was-- weather was good and fishing fair from what I've heard-- tomorrows mid day high slack tide around the noon should bring up something--- swordfish? tunas and proabally a marlin on the Osborn bank ans seals too-

good luck- weather looks good have fun-- JD

keep yours eyes out for the kelps-- good yellows and dorado reported yellows upwards 25/30lbs-- live bait-- surface irons--



Spent part of the day ({ put on another hat) working on some Saltwater Fly tackle-- making leaders, various knots in line installing etc- targeting from tunas , dorado to sailfish and marlins--



--------------------------- Thursdays report -- July the 14th-- my how the weeks and days go by--gray sky here on the beach this morning starting to clear off after the noon hour-- - only a little south wind- 3-5 kts seas are good-- small wind chop on it-- AIS has the Tuna Fleet working above San Clemente Island, and a check with the San Clemente's Island Security 's Web site show the Island (SHOBA- the Cove), for the most part "Hot" for the rest of this month!

Busy day- with the summer tourist and their needs - answering questions and advise of the fishing-- from what I could gather today on the fishing -- only fair for the local banks 14/ 267/ 277/ avalon etc-- the action was on the backside of Catalina all the way up the backside to Cat harbor- the front side of the island had schooling yellowtails above Gibraltar and Empire Landings - locastal fishing was said to also be fair-- water too clear!

the weather was much better than yesterday-- stayed a light south all day-- tuna grounds 8-10 out of the west-- nice-- Have fun if you get out over the next few days-- JD


------------ Wed's report July the 13-- Well we went through the May Gray, and June Gloom and now it's July Junk-- overcast cool and a fair to strong west wind early in the day-- wind chop and swell from the west--


Took a run offshore ( not too far) last Monday for a deep drop in hopes of a swordfish or Opah-- no bites, good to be back in action again---it takes a few trips to get all the bugs worked out-it all worked out-- no tangles and a good workout rowing for severel hours - next time!


and a e-mail from Chris-- the Flash Boost strikes again!

and Nomad's Rip Tide also has been catching them too- good casting lures for the Bluefin---



Sun came out after mid day--- stayed west wind all day-- not much said on the radio- , better weather in the Central California coast as several boars were out of Morro Bay in search of the Bluefin-- conditions look good there-- West end of San Clemente island still doing well for the bluefins-- the thousand dollar bank!

Spent most of the day winding line on reels-- lots of line--\

A check back East on the availability of Ballyhoo foe bait this year-- JD's will be placing an order for them this week if you're interested let us know-- freight charges being the biggest issue these days-- and availability of bait too!



---- Tuesdays report- July the 12 2022-- you wouldn't think it's the middle of July with the overcast coastal clouds and pleasant weather- nid day the sun comes out-- nice day - wind light from the west maybe 3-5 kts-- seas calm nice-

Boats out the harbor today in search of those elusive Bluefin---The fleets working up the backside of Clemente island out to the west and further up the ridge above the island the 267 and 499 and even the Osborn Bank should hold fish-- maybe even a Striper up the too!

If I remember correctly during the Masters--- boats had set upwind of the back and drifted a mackerel back under a kite and had great fishing for both marlin and tunas-- ( and seals too!)

High Tides-- I guess the new buss word is "King Tides" this evening here in Newport a High tonight at 8:40 pm with a 7.2 ft ( San Diego and 7.5 ft) and tomorrow night 9:20 with a high of 7.3 SD at 7.7 ft

Coastal fishing-- for whatever reason was fair-- the bass in the kelps were active and some small pencil barracudda in there too-, those pesky thresher sharks in the bait schools-- lots of sardines and some smaller mackerel found in the bait grounds-- Dorado south by the US Mex Border-other than that very quiet on the VHF radio today

For Boat launching in the early hours of the next few days - check the tides!

Gook Luck if you get out this week-- that full moon has things moving around.

One of the web sites that showed the surface currents has been upgrated or at least there's a changs in obtaining the sites as well as a host of other neat sites-- check it out-- easy to get lost in it--


----- Sunday's report June the 10th 2022--- Same as yesterday, coastal clouds and marine haze wind light from the south- seas OK-

Reported a few Blue Whales around ( 14 mile bank)

Bluefin?- dorado showing up 5-10lb fish--

A young couple in the shop this afternoon-- Nine year old's birthday- wanted a small bait net-- as kids do wanting to scoop up the many things they see in the waters's edge- two minutes later he's back in the shop-- sandy feet and all- having scooped up a rock crab off the pilling on the dock out front - just to see's a kids bright face all lit up with his catch- and to let go again is rewarding enough.


-- Sat July the 9th 2022- The land's are warm--- seas still cool here on the beach- causing coastal marine haze and clouds- overhead some Mare's Tails up high . seas ok with a light to fair west wind and some chop to it too-

Radio checks were common today-- most of the reception was scratchy?

Big Whale here on the 277

And the rhetoric continues-- What the F ## * !! you just trolled over my spreader bar-- an Chinese/Oriental/Japanese/ Vietnam voice returns -- yack-- yack -- yack--- Ah the summers radio !

Cold water ont he beach this morning-- reported 61 degrees off the "Pipe" !

Yea we got about 15 off of it---

nothing on the 14 but we found em' 8 miles off the beach --but couldn't get them to go--- 2:08

reported someone on a fish for an hour on the 14--- standing by-- yea we're still fighting it-- over two hous now--- ( 3:48) shark?

How'd you do-- oh we got a few-- found a kelp hooked three dorado got one-- lots of fish under it--

These westerly afternoon winds weaken what surface warm water we have-- a shallow thermocline resulting and a concentrations of currents and water conditions-- todays west will drop the water temp a few more degrees and push it further south from the HB Flats downwind/swell




--------- Friday it's Friday again , a short week-- !-- weather is nice --a few morning clouds due to go away by noon- same as yesterday light morning south with a west afternoon wind-- Great tides- Quite a few private boats heading out the harbor this morning-- Catalina or other ports their destination

San Clemente Security's web site shows the island's SHOBA C & D to be Hot today till 10 pm, open after that until Saturday at 7am till 2pm, then open all night until Sunday 6pm in the evening till 11pm -

Radio checks from the 209 -- finding a few bird schools this morning

We're on dude-- 11:56--

Finding much-- only some dorado under a kelp paddy

Scratchy report--- trolled cedar plugs-- we went 2 for three 100 lbers, lee of Clemente-- nice fishing--

A check with the AIS shows sportfishers working off the backside West end of Clemente Island -- looks ok for Sat's fishing but increased outside wind Sat night and sunday

Having just came back into the harbor-- started on the 14 this morning-- over to the East end of Cat- 152, 277, over to the Mackerel and lee of Clemente-- saw a few paddies empty--good signs of bait off the East end of Cat-- yellows in the lee of Clemente but that was it -- seemed the bluefin were down today-- deep


Looking Forward-- marlin tournaments-- the Masters and the Ladies

Stand by

It’s time to put your ladies teams together and sign up for the BAC Ladies Billfish Tournament! Call the Balboa Angling Club (949) 673-6316 e. This year we’ve added a GAMEFISH DIVISION with 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards for each species for largest Tuna, Yellowtail & Dorado, so. Great Raffle Prizes and Silent Auction Items! Kick-Off Party & Captain’s Meeting – 6:00pm Wednesday, AUGUST 10th at the Balboa Angling Club --Tournament Fishing Day – Saturday, AUGUST 13th from 6:00am – 6:00pm Awards Banquet – Sunday, AUGUST 14th at the Newport Beach Yacht Club 5:00pm $75 per angler includesYou do not have to be a member of a club to participate. California Fishing License required.


Couples of images Water temps ( L) Chlorophyll chart ( R) -













------------ Thursdays report ------------ July the 7th 2022---- Nice day-- inland it's warming up quickly-- coastal fog left us early- wind light from the south a little mix of seastate out there-- it's nice-- due to blow again west this afternoon-

Balboa Angling Club We will be hosting our Junior Anglers Seminar at the club today at 5:30pm. Bring the kids down for a great learning opportunity, as well as pizza and snacks! We will also talk about the summer long Junior Anglers Tournament, which provides a summer full of fun fishing — at Balboa Angling Club.

With the nice weather-- you'd think there would be a few signs of swordfish and marlin around-- reported last week a marlin was caught on a trolled Mad Max lure near the 43 ( it looks to have been a Blue Marlin!. Better get the heave tackle out for the swordfish--- they are around-- big ones too! real big--

Boats out today-- looking for the tunas were happy to see Yellowtail and even Dorado under the paddies -and I believe a dorado was weighed at the BAC today too!

With the filling moon there should be a few WSB around-- good luck--



--------------- Wed's Report --------------

We's report-- sorry getting to it a little late today-- nice day-- overcast in the morning clearing to a west midday-- We're on a filling moon phase -- things should pick up over the next week till the Full-

Boats were out early today-- centering on the 14 mile bank-- to the Avalon Bank-- one boater said he didn't see much on the 14 --- another said N/W a few miles he was metering fish at 100 ft-- that was at 10am this morning--

coastal fishing good -- calicos and some other basses were on the bite--- plastics!

Good weather for most of the day-- bass were biting on the beach--

No reports heard on the radio of the tunas-- but they haven't gone away-- stand by---



--------------------------------- Tuesdays the day after the Forth-- July 2022- good weather--some marine seaward- otherwise nice, light south 2-4 kts -seas are good

--- Well it was a quiet day-- some reel repairs, stocking a few shelves and that never-ending business paperwork

Wind went west from the mid day on-- stayed steady at 12-15kts--bumpy heading uphill into it--


------ the Forth of July-- 2022 and a fine day it is-- a few clouds around- wind-- light to fair from the south- some overcast to the sky seaward--

The coastal beaches are starting to fill up- beach goers, bicyclist and dog walkers-- all dressed in Red, White and Blue !


We're headed out there tomorrow-- between the 14 and the 267/279-- we were out there yesterday-- how'd you do-- oh we got a couple of them-- that's great- how--

- we'll we spent most of the time trying to cast to em or the kites, but finally gave up and put the Mad Max's out-- sardine color-- right away we got one-- driving through the foamer---



1992 the Forth of July Weekend-- Hurricane Darby

In those days-- at best, the land/ sea communication was made by the Single Side Band marine radio--broadcast radio waves were bounced off the earth's ionosphere then back to earth hundred to thousands of miles away-even half way around the globe( depending on it's angle ) . It's clarity broken by airway static and the earths shadow.

KEA - 996 was the call sign and daily radio talks with private yachts traveling to and from Mexico, Cabo and the mainland were made-relaying needed parts, information and weather- "the Golden Voice ". Use of computers for weather forecasting was not used then.

A call from the Oasis- on the Mainland-- they has come through the Canal up the line and were headed out to the offshore islands of Socorro and San Benedicto Islands, 378 miles off the coast of Mexico. Captain Lance said his weather FAX was down and wanted to keep up on any problems-- Big Bad and Ugly and moving fast! was the answer- most hurricanes move around 8- 10 miles an hour this was pushing 20 miles or more - and growing fast-- right at them! . It was the Forth of July weekend and government/ business were closed for a better weather report--The only updates were on the TV and it's tropical watch section once or twice a day.

There comes a time when actions is needed-- to alert the US Coast Guard of their situation. a phone call was made and the resulting deployment of a aircraft “a Coast Guard C-130 (land-based search-and-rescue plane ) sent and dropped a pump by parachute, but the chute became tangled in the boat’s propellers. First mate Jay with knife in clenched jaw, rope tied around waist dove in the shark infested waters to free the lines.

the SSB radio airwaves tortured and bent in the hurricanes force winds distorted the voices and wavered back and forth while keeping track of the boat and the airplanes reception--

From the LA Times

The only thing worse than facing a hurricane on land would be to meet one, as five Southland fishermen did, in a 65-foot boat at sea. “Absolutely,” said Bill Holekamp, who lost his new boat, Oasis, but was thankful to escape with his life. One engine gone. Pumps unable to keep up with the water pouring into the boat. Sea anchor ineffective. Life rafts useless. Try to inflate them in 100-knot winds and they would blow away like balloons. Mike Thomas recalled jolts of electricity coursing through the knee-deep water in the cabin. Ed Ragone figured that “if we didn't’t drown, we’d be facing the sharks in the morning.”Pick your death. Rick Macklin, resigned to it, said: “I was just hoping it wouldn't’t be painful.” Otherwise, Hal Neibling said, it was a wonderful fishing trip.

Darby, moving at 19-22 knots, caught them at the islands, there was no place to run, no place to hide. They tried the lee side of San Benedicto until a monster wave wiped out one engine and most of their electronics, causing loss of headway and control and taking them back out to sea, where they fought a 30-hour battle of survival until rescued by a banana boat the Chiquita Roma.

----The Forth brings back memories- RIP -


-- Sunday the 3rd of July 2022------------- Another nice day a few more morning clouds and some marine haze- wind stronger from the south today--small wind caps / texture against the west swell- -- the fleet went out early this morning--- Dawn was at 4:42 this AM--- !

Like the old saying here today--- gone tomorrow--, or gone yesterday too-- not much said on the radio today-- so far--- maybe as that tide fills in this afternoon we'll get some reports-- boats are saying they can meter fish at 150 ft down-- 12:15pm

They were there this morning -- where most of the fleet was between the 14 and 267/279 and the Shipping lanes--- up and down quickly- amazing how the tuna can be just a few yards away from your cast lures-- then go down-- - -- boats hoping to find a foamer all by themselves was a challenge- or a spreader-bar troller went through it. Reported one boat had a double and others were caught -- mostly not--

Bumpy conditions -- by the late afternoon hours a cloud cover came in and wind backed off- though forecasters show still a fair 10-15 wind tomorrow morning--


----- Sat the 2nd of July-- and another fine day---light west sea breeze just enough to lift the flags seas fine and lots of boaters out--- everywhere--- some foul language already on ch 72-- but I guess that's to be expected early in the season and considering it's the 4 the of July weekend- probably already celebrating with a fifth !--


E-mail this morning--- JD, Big boys 3 south of the 14. Everything we saw was 100+. No takers on the yummy. 30 second foamers. Guys we’re trying to hit them with their boats! ( must be dragging bars and Max's )

Marlin Fishing--- there's a few around--!! sleepers seen and a Jumper reported- 267/ 279 area 312 too-

Couple of customers came in yesterday-- wanting to go catch a tuna--- what to use--where to go ---how to do it- what to do if they hooked one--- etc. I think they were from out of State and were headed out on a friends boat today ( Sat) --- expectations were rampart-- even to the point about how to gaff it, not having a gaff aboard-and looking at the prices of them-- there was a 3" gaff hook up on the store's wall how much for this- he asked-- we settled on $12.95 he just need a old broomstick handle and he'd wrap in on himself.. Where to go--

-Try the 14 Mile Bank , circle around it for several miles--- and for a lure drag this natural Cedar plug a couple hundred yards behind the boat---showing him the balancing trick for the lure-

By 9:15 this morning they were headed back in to the harbor with a 60 pounder on board !-- yep !! the old cedar plug and the gaff worked wonders!



The boys on this morning's AM radio fish talk show were speaking of being how able to drop a sinker and live bait deep without it all tangling up -- the Drop Shot method was suggested where as the sinker is tied on below and the hooked bait is suspended on the line above it- simple

An JD's Tip-- suggested rigging - is tie the hook securely on the end of the leader-- then tie a second short length 3-4 ft of light 12-15 lb monofilament onto the leader, above the hook. Take the untied end of that light line and pass it down through the hooks eye and continue pulling it downwards until the knot slides down to the hook's eye, then tie the sinker on the bottom end- The weight will upright the hook's position, pointing it upwards for a better bait presentation.




----- Fridays report July the 1st 2022--- Another nice day some coastal marine clouds being pushed back by the sun -- Light Southeast wind early- they turned west mid morning--- Inner waters OK for now --outer waters it's due to blow-


Posted yesterday--- Balboa Angling Club is in Newport Beach, California. Well, this just happened!!!! The Nohoa came in with a California Cow!!! Captained by Joe F. they got this Bluefin and another over 80, within range of the balboaanglingclub Nice work guys!!

The afternoon hours -- seems they've gone down for a while --- we're going to head back in soon

That was tough-- it was totally within gaffing range-- took another run and broke me off----I was a little afraid to have my son gaff it--- I should have done things different but I didn't-- that's fishing ! that was cool to have fished with your son like that--- --

Can you believe it--- a call from a customer -- just like last year--- while walking along the bluffs just south of Newport-- Crystal Cove-- watching schools of Bluefin chasing bait with terns on them---( could be dolphins?)

Must be 75- 100 boats out there today-- and only a few fish caught-- leary fish--Shy to say where or what they were using---but a hint led to below the 14 Mile Bank htis morning 3 or 4 miles-- foamers were up - and a cast popper put on a 80lber.

- Past experiences- chunking sardines led to fish coming up the chum line after time, a kelp paddy helped and a - slow trolled bridal hooked live mackerel also worked


-------- Thursday---- June the 30th 2022--- Nice day--- no fog light west by southwest wind- good boating weather--

Reports of the Bluefins all they way up into santa Monica Bay-- 165lbs ers--

boats out on the 312 this morning report 70 degree water-- signs of bait but metered deeper-

Schools of Breaking Bluefin tunas seen off the Avalon Bank this morning--

Ant reports from the 312--- - one said there were good sized Kelp paddies and yellows and even a Dorado seen--

for most of the day there wasn't much said on the radio or -- it was kept quiet , some football sized foamers were said to be seen and fished--- private boats fished out of newport- dana, Oceanside and avalon--all looking

Several phone calls today with folks looking for the Mad Max lures--- one guy said they's lost two of them today! yikes-- A call in to my distributor of the Nomad Mad Max lures -- he relates the back word directly from the manufacture-- they are out of stock and may not be back in till the end of summer --at best!


This year WHOW will be the biggest yet. We need more yachts so please get the word out and contact our tournament director Rod Halperin. In 4 short years, we are now the largest non profit fishing tournament in the world and raised over 2m dollars with this years goal of raising 1.5m alone. Our goal is 50 yachts taking out 125 wounded vets/heroes. This is for SoCal and dates are Sep 23-27. Change a heroes life and you may find that she/he changes your life! SoCal community, thank you for stepping up for our brave soldiers. Listed are yachts commited to this year tournament, some have been with us since inception. Thank you. For more information, please visit


--------- Wed, June the 29 2022----- Only the marine haze this AM no fog to speak of - wind light from the south-- Radio reception fair to good-- boats out as far as San Clemente it was said to be good yellowtail fishing 20/25lb fish-- must have seen a 1,000 fish just crusing under the water-- once in a while a fish would roll to it's side- wouldn't touch a surface cast iron---spooked em but a wn to the 209 312 and out to the outer banks 289 etc. the fish where on the inside 312 was said to go off later, metered good signs of bait etc, slow trolled live green backed mackerel was the ticket---

We over shot them yesterday-

Pulled the hook on the first one-- on another one now-- it might have been fowl hooked? you asked for a rod belt-- I'll look to see if we've another one---11:01

Tuna at 33° 12' 59.4" N, 117° 41' 50.3" W ----33° 21' 41.1" N, 117° 48' 56.2" W

San Clemente Island Security's Web site shows the Island / Cove/ SHOBA to be open on Sat, Sunday and The 4 of July!


Anyone fishing these tuna off dana--- ??? how about the 289--- a few puddlers out here---up down-- yea I had em' up for about 15 minutes- wouldn't let me get close to them --nice fish 80- 100lbs--

277 was dead, 289 was dead all the life was off the beach in tight---

Got a couple on the troll --got one lost one---starting to show better--- 3:23pm

where'd you guys go to--- 181-- nothing---

Couple of images-- water temps in celcius on the Left and Chlorphill chart on the Right

Clementes the hot spot ---waters are blue inside both the islands

- the bait/ tuna , may have followed in towards the beach --caused by the past weeks push /eddy we've had.








---- June the 27th-- Foggy Tuesday-- hot inland scorching hot and a bank of fog against the coastline-- wind from the south 3- 5 kts seas fine-- visibility limited to a mile of less

Good radio chatter-- I guess its good to at least hear boaters out on the water-- not sure why so many have to use curse wards on the radio I guess they are immature kids who like to use foul language-- hopefully they'll learn better with age--

Radio reception for boaters working just below the Mackerel Bank- and other's inside them near the 209 and from south as far as the the 302 where it was starting to to show better signs of life- birds / jumpers-- etc. others just south of San Clemente island reported seeing some tuna fish/ birds etc

Sounds like there was a tuna bite off Oceanside--- by noon it was said to be over---

Yellows were showing at Clemente Island ( we ran out of bait we went 2 for 4 all good sized fish) -- also bulefin were seen off Gold Bluff- schools of breaking fish-- no bites 12:27 pm

You making the run inside yea my buddy is inside and says it's good-- 12 miles

sounds like the tuna were up and biting--- 2:41--New Moon phase--

those looked like the beter grade--

Quote of the Day---- " If you can dodge a wrench --you can dodge a flyer!" in referanc to the tuna missing the kite drug baits-- 3:18

that was insane --the foamer-- we were not ready for that---3:29--

we've got some Beaked Whales here---pretty cool looking--

we just landed a 60lbers on the Cedar plug--- might be a little more-- sweet-- classice cedat still working-- same area--south of oceanside-- 4:57pm

Baits up on the surface he said the 178 was coming to life--- ( 177fathom spot below Oceaside) 5:05 pm


Wouldn't be surprised if the tuna didn't show up off Dana- and Laguna and Newport over the next few days!!!! local 2whale watching boats spoke of breaking fish seen--- Stand BY!!!


- Closed on Mondays---

----- Sunday June 26th-- and another fishy report-- meaning it's fishy - coastal foggy conditions resulted from that cooler water upwelled from the previous wind of this past week-- fog should burn off towards noon they say-- wind light from the west and a lumpy sea state--

We're out here on the 43-- it's choppy- 9:57am

This mornings guest speaker on the AM radio fishing program- was one of their better ones with intelligent answers and advice-- thanks-- JD -

California Flyers- handmade baits for Big Bluefin Tuna-- and marlin will eat them too--

we started on the 43 a little cooler today --worked out way west and north-- haven't seen any tunas yet-- yea we're in the baits- bird dipping looks good but no tuna for us either--- 11:14

we're out here on the 43 ---marking fish at a hundred feet but they won't come up--- starting to get a little windy and some swell-- we're about to come in-- just stumbled on to a paddy-- we'll throw some bait at it and see what happens-- Ok we'll stay on this side--- 1:16

give it another 30 minutes then were headed home with you-- how'd you do-- they sure were finicky - slide up on them and they'd go down-- slide up on them and they'd go down- time after time-- what was going on down below-- it dried up even slower than it was by the Corner--


----- Sat's Fishy report--- June the 25-- Coastal marine haze as that water temps have dropped to 64 degrees after the past few days of that west wind blowing-- air feels much cooler despite the sunshine-- almost foggy-- Local water temps have plummeted downward-- 57 this morning warmed up to 59 degrees-this afternoon -- !

VHF radio again active today-- mostly from the tuna grounds--- around the 43 to the 182 fathom spots-

had a good school come up in front of us--- put three on board-- 10:18 we got our second one-- they were jumping around-- got two--

Unconfirmed reports from out of SD of a Marlin hooked while trolling one of those Mad Max Lures!-- makes one wonder about trolling marlin lures for the Tunas??-

Boats out on the 43-- asking if others were catching fish-- they hadn't

Clouds/ foggy conditions went away-- so did the radio reception- still a light westerly--

- reports of divers working the local Art reefs for the seabass-and scoring in 40ft depth

Parker-- Parker-- we've got lines out--- turn to Port--- Port--- your going to cut us off--

Ahaa ---the radio games begin--

Lots of boat traffic today -- fuel prices be damned




--- Friday that day again-- the weekends before us-- June the 24th-- the 4th of July only 10 days away-- Sloppy on the outside- sloppy on the inside-- looks like banks of fog to the west of Newport and the flats-- water temps 68 but might cool of a degree with this wind and chop---

Going to be a sloppy ride over to catalina this morning--sporty!

VHF- saying the Upper 9 it was 68 degrees- a kelp line and up jumped to70 degrees--

Wind starting to back off-- 11:25am

Tomorrow's a better weather day-- San Clemente Island is open ( the Cove) today, tomorrow and Sunday-- enjoy--

Looks like the Tuna Fleet has been working from the 182- towards the San Clemente Weather Buoy and the Butterfly banks-

another scratchy report-- we're about 40 mils out---now--- how'd you guys do-- we've got four aboard--- nice-- see ya when you get in-- nice job--3;33

got one on the popper

Where you at--- ? sorry I was on low power--- 43 over 50 ( about 1/2 way between the 182 and the 43 fathom spot)-- kites and flyers were hot!--


- Thursdays report-June 23 - Breezy and marine haze seaward-- windy and wind chop water's upwelled a bit--- looks greener and murky-

Scattered reports filter in of Bluefin-- foamers seen off the A Bank over this past few days-- guess if your headed to the Island for the weekend-- better put the heavy tackle out--- and a Cedar Plug too! or a big Rapala, or similar sized lure-- have fun!

The tuna Fleet is fishing near the US/ Mex Border to the 182 fathom spot---


Scratchy reports on the VHF-- might be the marine haze being part of it's bad reception--- "We've got a couple of em'' close to a hundred"-- 12:56

Sam you here-- thanks for the info-- we got a double on them-- not realy that big- 40- 60lbers-- your welcome we've limited out and heading back in now--- 1:52pm

BAC-s Offshore /Yellowtail fishing seminar this afternoon 5:30 w/ Decker and Erick

Fishing Vessel ROYAL POLARIS is currently located at USWC - US West Coast at position 32° 36' 02.7" N, 117° 51' 37.1" W










Couple of images (L) for the water temps-- and the Chlorophyll charts ( R)












------- Wed's June the 22 nd 2022-- Tropical ! thunder lighting and a chance of a waterspout!- wind here in Newport from the west maybe 7- 10/ 11 kts seas are a bit confused and a light wind chop on it--

Maybe its the barometric pressure that's changed or the humidity, clouds, wind, currents, moon, but it's changed-- local fishing for the White Sea Bass was good this morning-- though windy, bumpy and lighting strikes seen further to the south of them--the Sea Bass bit well- singles- doubles--- bait and jigs--- with the three fish limit now one can choose to let one go and fish for another--- some of the fish were big-- really big and took out great lengths of the lighter lines much to the dismay of other boats who also were hooked up with lines crossing-- all good fun--

windy and sloppy today--



------------- Tuesday Report- June the 21st the First Day of Summer and their's a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms! - Otherwise a nice day Longest day of the Year--- they get shorter starting tomorrow! -- Wind fair to strong out of the south this morning-- a bit choppy with the wind and swells-- Typical Summer Tuesday morning here on the waterfront- quiet--- a few bottom scrubber boats moving around, a sailboat of past history went sailing by , some folks out for a sea trial- the VHF radio silent so far-- -- looking out the shop door-- to the bay-- a pair of dolphins working their way into the harbor in that filling tide-- nice place to work!

A break in the tuna bite these past weeks----it was slow - blamed on the full moon--- seeing fish but for the most part reluctant to bite the baits or lures presented to them-- that's changing--Now In US waters near the 182 to the "Corner" of the US/ Mex border was the area today-- Lots of breezer, and fish up-- dead flyers, California Flyers ( lures) trolled spreader bars the Mac Max lures all scored for the tunas from 40-50lb to the bigger models of 100 lb plus-- Weather was OK for them-- good fishing and more boats joining the area as the day wore on---


A charter boat came up to the dock this afternoon-- glad to have the big kill bags - stuffed full- with four Pacific Bluefin each around 100lbs and two 50lb fish- spreader bar and Mad Max-- the lure's paint job was so shredded it's colors barely distinguishable think it was a sardine color--


His hand trying to block out the photo of the " Hot Lure"--- to preserve the secret one!



Closed on Mondays-


---- June the 19th 2022--- Pop's Day--- Father's Day-- Another nice morning with a few earlyclouds that seemed to go away by mid- morning- Wind was up a little early on ---from the west stronger that one would like- feels a little cooler today- water temp at 66 degrees - tides favorable for fishing-- sometimes it gets to strong-

One of my Dad's Photos-- hard worker he was, damn good dove shot, had his Marlboros and Jim Beam's, a loving wife and a couple of boys and a fine daughter--

Fishing was OK--- lots of boats up on the Huntington Flats- more boats than fish- - that west wind and swell made for a good downhill run back to Newport---a little sloppy going the other way-- better weather forecasted for next week--

lots of folks out today--- despite cost of fuel-

looks like everyones having a good time of it--


- Sat June the 18th 2022------ Pretty day-- a few welcoming morning clouds-- fringed with color-- wind stronger from the south-- wind chop associated with it- lumpy seas -

Low tide this morning a little tough for the trailered boat launching

Reports from a private boat making it's way to the tip of Baja this past week-- Eastern Pacific Bonito off Turtle Bay was fun fishing -white meat and 10-12lb fish-- 30-50lb Yellowfin in 63/64 offcolored water on the "Ridge" above Mag Bay- Dorado on the Morgan Bank-

Windy for most of the day-- west--- they say there's Threshere Shars here along out coastline-- could be-- its the timeof they for them- slow trolled mackeral w/ salmon flasher will find em-- speaking of Salmon flashers-- there's be a few of them up off the Morry Bay regions this past week-- tasty-

With the three fish limit on White Sea Bass- the general rule is only take what you can consume- release the others

Happy Pop's day--- Enjoy it!


-------------- Friday June the 17 2022 ---( Father's Day Weekend) ---

Nice Day here on the beach-- some sunshine and only a few scattered clouds- nice-- light wind from the southwest--- seas do have a swell to them but far apart--- nice day--- Tides are starting to mellow after this past weeks major tide swings-, still very low in the morning hours-- Some south morning wind due this weekend otherwise good weather-- ---

SD report--- maybe the full moon had something to do with it?-- The Liberty called in with 1 bluefin and 1 yellowtail for 20 anglers on their full day trip. They report seeing lots of fish but they just didn't want to play.

San Clemente Island Security shows the Cove to be "Active/ Hot " from 4:30 pm till Midnight Saturday- SHOBA 18-JUN-22 1630 18-JUN-22 2359 SFC:50K and Open all day on Sunday Dad's day--

Spent most of the day working on tackle-- penn, shimano, daiwa reels all repaired-- two other Accurate's also up and running now-- a couple of tip tops replaced- sold two droplines and some bait-, freight for the UPS lead sinker delivery ( 50lbs) almost the same for a small box of woman's visors-- freight these days is way too high! some afternoon west wind but not bad--couple of boaters talking of calico bass fishing down off the La Jolla kelp beds being good--some 14-15 inchers

Have a fun weekend-- especially if you've got Dad along-- enjoy it--


Thursday's report--- still June Gloom here on the beach-- became sunny around noon then went gray again- wind stayed south all day-- pretty quiet for the day on the waterfront-- couple folks came in for drop lines to fish the bay with-- others came in for a sweatshirt or two- some baits sold and a Torium reel returned that for the most par-t parts would exceed its value for repair- new Torium and rod replaced it--

SD partyboats ( AIS) looked like they started on the 182 and worked south from there--

Tides strong

Not much boating traffic today-- cost of fuel curtailing most boaters--


------------- Wed's Report- June the 15 2022---- Overcast here on the beach-- warm and sunny inland-- light southwest wind 3-4 kts-- seas good-- couple of boaters out-- working the "Ridge"-- 181- 182- for the tunas--

Tides strong coming in and going out--

AIS shows the tuna fleet working their way north of the US/ Mex Border----

Note on the Mad Max trolling lures- finding after short or long battles-- the lure's hooks that come standard with the lures are certainly strong enough but there's not much of a barb to them and after such a strong trolled hookup and battle the hooks can wear holes in the fished jaws and without not much of a barb-- any relaxing of the pressure and the hooks fall out!

nice day-- a little bumpy out there-- otherwise nice-- bass fishing has improved both sand and Calicos--


------------- Tuesdays June the 14th-- Full Moon and King Tides ( buzz word now) almost 8 1/2 ft tide tide swing--

Warm inland mostly sunny- some marine clouds along the coastline-- even morning drizzle-- Wind from the south eddy small mix of sea-- lumpy--

This past weekend -- the T/C held their annual White Sea Bass Tournament - good fishing for the most part-- boats fished form the Channel Island , Catalina, Clemente and the coastline-- Pete took High Angler with his 40lb fish on 12lb Dacron-- and Megellan took the Top Boat award Congrats-- JD --


23 WSB were caught this year and most boats had shots at them. This photo ( center) of Pete is a 40.5lb fish on 12lb Dac. Prospector was second High Boat.. Bob put us on the spot and we had a Blast!! Great crew. Epic weekend!!! P

Nice day-- not much said on the radio-- but I'd have to guess those that were out had a nice day of it--

Good luck-- JD





- Closed on Mondays---

---- Sundays report-- June the 12 2022- Nice day warm inland cool sea breezes here on the beach-- a few lingering low laying clouds seaward- light south wind maybe 3 5 kts seas good on the inside- starting to build outer waters-

Reports very good on the Bluefin tunas below the border and reported as close as the 9 Mile Bank outside SD-- and inside Clemente Island and probably all the other banks will be seeing schools of fish soon if not already--

Fathers Day gifts---

Another nice day here at the beach-- forecast for warmer weather this coming week-- go fishin! JD





--- Sat June the 11th 2022- Sunshine inland and a few clouds hugging the coastline and marie haze seaward-- wind light from the southwest

refreshing to hear VHF radio chatter again, " they seem to be on that warm edge of that finger or water--- we're here on the 182--- spots of tuna up"--- 10:35am

Come on over you guys--- 11:12am


You doing anything down there on the 425?

Still fishing down here outside Ensenada. 4 nice bluefin on Thursday. 2@ 90 lbs


Reports of good-- very good calico bass fishing-- chum helped a lot-- from the art reefs or kelps both north and south of Newport-- no Thresher sharks reported --yet-- a few smaller barracudas in the kelps--and the occasional Black Sea Bass that were released - White Sea Bass- from Catalina and north were caught-- one fellow kept asking what the limit was on Yellowtail--- and generally the ocean was kind to us today--





------ Friday June the 10th-- the months moving right along--- That June overcast sky is still here with us on the beach-- not real cool and not real warm just right-- wind still from the south and like yesterday- moved to the west as it cleared off-- then again south with the cloud cover in the afternoon--not much of a afternoon cloud only a few later clouds-- nice afternoon--

Bad Company World Tour shirts still available- hope to get in more XL later today?- JD

I was asked the other day-- about not having posted more detailed notes on the White Sea Bass that were being hooked and some caught over the past several weeks-- almost all nice sized fish-- some smaller fish at 20 lbs most in the 50-60lb range-- the areas to be fished can be small and those who commit themselves to the time and effort to catch one or even get the bites deserves consideration-- Most of us like a little solitude while we're trying to catch a fish-- it's respected.- JD -

VHF-- report-- we'll we've got six so far-- that's enough for us-- were heading in now--- 11:23am

Good luck this weekend if you get out-- should be improving with the building mooin, warming water and bait schools showing up-- good 6-7 inch sardines in SD mission Bay receivers-- could be some bluefin near the 302 -- and maybe soem yellows under the paddies-- T/C has their WSB tournament with results tomorrow--

good luck




June 9th Thursday-- again that overcast June cloud cover- wind the same from the southwest 4 or 5 kts-- cleared off mid day and clouded up again 4 pm

Reports of squid for sale out front of Catalina as well as over here on the beach-- Long Beach/ San Pedro-- best check VHF ch 79 to see if they've got any left--

Weather looks ok for Sat-- wind again on Sunday-

With that filling moon and the incoming tide morning and afternoon hours you'd expect there'd be some seabass to be showing up in the counts-- good luck

Another long and fun day giving out the Bad Company World Tour shirts--- all good folks- even another guy from Dana Pt!


Synopsis: Though La Niña is favored to continue through the end of the year, the odds for La Niña decrease into the Northern Hemisphere late summer (52% chance in July-September 2022) before slightly increasing through the Northern Hemisphere fall and early winter 2022 (58-59% chance). During May, below-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) continued across most of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocea However, negative SST anomalies weakened during the past month, . Subsurface temperatures anomalies also weakened with values returning to near zero . Below-average subsurface temperatures persisted near the surface to at least ~75m depth from the central to the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean]. Low-level easterly wind anomalies prevailed in the east-central equatorial Pacific, Overall, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system continues to reflect La Niña. The most recent forecasts La Niña to persist into the Northern Hemisphere winter 2022-23 [Uncertainty remains over whether La Niña may transition to ENSO-neutral during the summer, with forecasters predicting a 52% chance of La Niña and a 46% chance of ENSO-neutral during July-September 2022. After this season, the forecast is for renewed cooling, with La Niña favored during the fall and early winter. In summary, though La Niña is favored to continue through the end of the year, slightly increasing through the Northern Hemisphere fall and early winter 2022

Wed's Report--- Well lots of folks in for the Bad Company shirts-- nice shirts-- - weather -- I guess we can call it June Gloom or late May Gray -- Overcast gray-light Southwest wind 3-4 kts-- seas OK still some lump to it-- tides are building-

Email for a young man yesterday-- fishing the surf--

Hi JD! My name is Maffick , I am a 17 year old fisherman, and I'd like to share todays epic fishing story with you. So today I went shore fishin' down at newport with my buddy, we both had carolina rigs set up (with a stretch of four pound). We popped on some soft shell sand crabs and cast out. I took a second cast and started talkin with my buddy when all of a sudden my line went tight and drag started pullin'. Fish on!!! I fought the beast for a few minutes, bringing it close then it would zip right back out into the surf, until finally he was tired. Thanks to the help of my buddy, Tyler , we landed him. This has to be the largest Corbina I have ever seen. After taking a few pictures we decided to toss him back so he can help make more Corbina for our beaches. It was quite the experience! Must have been around 6lbs and 26". Hope you found my story fun :)

that's a whopper!!! congrats- Nice Catch -glad you let it go--JD


Great to help out with the Bad Company's World Tour shirt give-a way--- lots of folk came by and most of them were headed somewhere to go fishing-- some to Texas- others to Colorado, some trout fishing others on long range trips and some on private yachts or skiffs--Fish stories and flashing phone photos were made between them-- I would like to thank Everyone who was so kind as to purchase a few items, Fluoro carbon leaders, hooks, some lures, pliers etc all the things we need and somehow use up-- everyone except a couple guys from Dana Pt who took the last four X Large gray shirts and had to be shamed into finding a five spot between them-- bad Karma to them !

Looks like San Clemente Island is Off limits for this coming weekend---

SHOBA--- hot from Friday night 1900 ( 7pm) to 2am of Saturday morning--then Saturday afternoon-- from 11-JUN-22 1530 ( 3:30pm) to 2330 ( 11:30pm)

and Sunday from 1000 ( 1 pm)till 3 pm 1500 and from 1530 3:30 pm till 11:30pm 12-JUN-22 2330


-----Tuesday June the 7th ----------- ( closed Monday- went fishing - no seabass for me, a little lumpy) -today-- gray morning hours still with that cross swell from both west and south and a light south wind better than yesterday-clearing off mid day-- clouds up afternoon hours --water temps in the mid sixties - off color- it seems current switches from uphill to downhill every day.

Still a few sea bass around-- you just have to work at it- and know what your seeing on the fish finders- bottom structure, kelp etc, and setting up for a drift with the live baits or to anchor up with wind and current to your favor.

Local and the T/C will be having their White Sea Bass tournaments this weekend-- tides are building and there's lots of options-- up north to the Channel Islands, Catalina, Clemente islands, even Santa Barbara island, the Palos Verdes kelp beds-- along our shores and the various artificial reefs and kelp beds below newport, Salt Creek and all the kelp beds below Dana Point-- - Live mackerel a good choice here on the beach--the islands more common with the squid either frozen or live and either with a white jig head/ chrome krocodile lure or on a weighted dropper loop- good luck--- have fun--JD

Rumor has it several fifty lb Bluefin tunas were caught off the289 over the past week wouldn't doubt that there's schools working their way up already between the islands and the inside channel-

I'm happy to help the World Tour and all those that follow it vicariously


June the 5th0 2022- Nice morning- what marine clouds there were seemed to vanish by mid =-morning - wind light from the Southwest-- due to swing more westerly later- seas okay- some wind chop and it appears somewhat green-

Newport's bait receiver having sardines now-- not hard to make yourselves, only some time is needed both sides of the newport jetty entrances , green backed mackerel a little more tough-- you have to meter around for them-- possibly deeper near the bottom- chum helps---

The mackerels are yellow and seabass favorites by the known anglers---, using frozen or live squids will catch all the fish,----- perch, bass, sharks rays, etc, yellows and the seabass too-

Spent the day working on tackle for some customers-- this time of year- with the fishing season here-- and the realization that service is needed-- it's takes a few extra days to get them worked on-- mostly drag or bearings replaced or re-lubed. And either replacing the topshots of mono or fluorocarbon leaders and-or replacing all with new line---




For Sale: 14’ Livingston power catamaran w 2016 Yamaha 40 hp 4 stroke with trailer. $10,950.00 text or call 714-609-7888. The ultimate skiff for Summer fun! call Trent







June the 4th only one more month till the 4th of July!- it's going quickly now-- Summer-- June Gloom still with the coastal areas-- wind light to fair from the south again-- - light wind chop with it-- seas fine--

Nice day here on the beach a regular summer day-- windy on the outside


US Waters!!! ,, no need for all that Mexican runaround paperwork to obtain fishing permits etc. the Tuna Fleet has worked it's way up from the lower 500 fathom banks outside Ensenada, ( there's still fish there too) up the outer banks and into the lower San Clemente Escarpment - they should stay there for a while now--bait and currents will keep them there- Looking forward at the outer weather that Eddy will continue for weeks to come

Where is the ship? Fishing TRIBUTE is currently located at USWC - US West Coast at position 32° 36' 58.6" N, 117° 57' 46.4" W



6/4/2022 The Pacific Queen called in with an update from their 1.5 Day trip with 40 Bluefin Tuna. The majority of their fish are between 25lb - 80lb. Two of their fish are between 150lb-170lbs. The Fortune called in with LIMITS (30) of Bluefin Tuna (30 to 60 lbs.) for 15 anglers on the first day of their 2.5 day charter.







Friday it's Friday again--- and the weekend in front of us-- go have fun--- Still that overcast sky may we call it June Gloom yet-- but overcast w that south/ eddy still with us. seas are generally calm small mix if seastate

Local sportfishing landings-- dismal fish counts for the First of June-- bottom grabbers--6/2/22 Western Pride 31 anglers 1/2 Day PM 155 Sculpin, 5 Rockfish, 2 Red Snapper, 10 Bocaccio--- 6/2/22 Freelance 19 anglers 3/4 day 15 Sheephead, 25 Perch, 12 Calico Bass

Catalina Island--yellows were starting to bite better-- as waell as the White Sea Bass up at the Channel Islands also showing up in the counts-- and the tunas looks to be pushing up to the "Corner" US/ Mex border,

Weather looks ok for the weekend-- inside Catalina, blowing on the outside---

Good luck- have fun JD


------- Thursday June the 2nd 2022- Gray sky this moring and into the mid day hours-- wind light from the south- 3-4 5 kts-- seas okay--light wind chop on it--


Where is the ship? Pleasure Craft LEGACY is currently located at USWC - US West Coast at position 32° 20' 06.8" N, 117° 46' 41.2" W

33.37 NM from Point Loma 222 degrees

Well another quiet day here on the waterfront-- nice day- wind stayed south for most of the day, sun made it out for half the day then those afternoon marine clouds made their way in-- couple of boys in the shop today-- fishing the bay-- said they'd caught quite a few spottles earlier-- plastics

Good luck if you get out this weekend- JD

San Clemente Island (SHOBA- the Cove) open Fri, Sat but goes hot 6 am on Sunday--



Wed's June the 1st-- Wahoo should be here- but they're not- Another nice day with bluing skies some marine haze to seaward , calm seas "like a lake" he said --still that persistent cross swell not bad but it's there-- couple boats worked up towards the Newport Art reefs this morning-- the calicos should be biting on that incoming tide early during the morning hours--might even be a yellowtail or two on the Pipe - water temps improving--- slowly- at 64.9 San Pedro weather buoy. Sea lions causing problems

locally --- Well the bass fishing didnt go as well as was predicted--- only a few of them caught today- A little cross swell and some south wind kept it off-

Below- to Dana Point- better actitivy for them south with the anchovies, newports has the sardines

SD tuna grounds seems to be imporving each day now-- good dawn and sunset bite on the bigger fish-- day time a spot of fish up here there-- or maybe a yellowtail from a paddy-or the islands-- 6/1/2022 The Liberty just called in with 8 Bluefin tunas (5@ 90-120 lbs) on their first stop of the day of their full day trip. The Fortune called in with 7 Bluefin Tuna (140 to 220 lbs.) for 18 anglers on an extended 1.5 day trip. The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 29 Bluefin Tuna (25 between 140 and 190 lbs.) for 34 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Outrider returned this morning with 9 Bluefin Tuna (70 to 170 lbs.) for 10 anglers on a 1.5 day trip.



-- Tuesday 31st- the last day of May 2022-----warming up under blue sky today-- wind still from the south - light to fair-- 4-5 - 6 kts seas good except that small cross mix of swell- westerly later this afternoon--

Good tides these next few days--

Nice to help out a customer-- wanting to top off his new Daiwa Saltist reel and a long 8 ' 6" rod, he brought them in--- Putting on the new line- a brief explaining on tying braid to mono leader done , the reels right side bearing was too loose causing backlashes, some instruction on adjusting it and a short tutorial on casting such a long rod- the basics and he's casting 30-50 yards easily now- always nice to help out a customer for them to enjoy the sport better-- JD

May 30 2022 Monday Memorial Day--- A day to reflect and to give support and a thank you to the men and women in all our armed forces .

Coastal clouds left early leaving a blue sky above-water looks a little greener today visibility diminished , more phytoplankton in the waters with the added sunlight and warming water. Not many whales around these waters right now-- some or more off the SD waters, we've got the common dolphins and sea lions-

The annual arrival of The California flying fish should be here by now-- , Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus, is a subspecies of Bennett's flying fish. Prior to the 1970s, the California flying fish was known as a distinct species, with the scientific classification Cypselurus californicus.It may grow up to 19 inches (48 cm) in length and is the largest member of the flying fish family. It is found in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, from Oregon to Baja California. As with all other flying fish, the California can not actually fly, but it can launch itself into the air, using its specially adapted fins to glide along the surface.

Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Beloniformes Family: Exocoetidae Genus: Cheilopogon Species: C. pinnatibarbatus Subspecies: C. p. californicus Trinomial name Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus


Where is the ship? Passenger ROYAL STAR is currently located at USWC - US West Coast at position 32° 39' 07.1" N, 117° 37' 01.9" W interesting?


--------- Sunday May the 29th-- Nice day-- yet some wind ( eddy ) from the south waters are warming slowly 64 degrees and more bait ( smaller sardines) showing up-- time to go fishin--

E-Mail from Mike--- Finally got a big boy yesterday outside Ensenada right at 200 fast trolling a Nomad Mad Mac in the orange color. Taped out at 69 length and 48 on the girth.


Despite of OK weather and the number of boats out today-- VHF radio conversations continue to decline- sign of the times I guess- wind stayed south for most of the day light to fair- stronger tidal movements as that new moon approaches -and bay activity as considerable-- kayakers , paddle boarders, sailors and electric boats all mixed in with the yachts and noisy party boats-- ah the bay gets used greatly




--- Sat--- was a OK day--- weather was nice but there was a cross swell lump that made it a bit uncomfortable for drifting or anchorage near the coastline-- --- lots of boats out for the day-- some OK bass fishing on the flats/ Art reefs and it was just good to get off the beach--

One more photo of Scotland --Edinburgh Castle--











- Friday May 27 2022 and a bit more overcast today--- wind is very light mid morning hours-- seas calm except a swell breaking on the beach-- A dozen boats out fishng for the sea bass today -- others-- off to Catalina for the long weekend


San Clemente Island-- Navy's schedule for the "Cove" Zone D and inside the island--Zone C

Saturday-5/28 -Zone C & D Available - no scheduled operations

Sunday-- 5/ 29 - Zone C & D Hot (Active) from 1300 to 2330 SFC:30K SHOBA

Monday-- 5/ 30 - Zone C & D Hot (Active) from 1300 to 2330 SFC:30K SHOBA

Remember your 2022 Calif Fishing Licenes - easy to have forgotten this year-- they are out checking this weekend--

Tides will be increasing this weekend

Newport's Bait Barge is open-- they've got sardines in the receiver now 5-6 inch stuff- open 24 but from 10 pm- 4 am there's a two scoop minimum- Good Luck--

Good Luck this weekend-- hope they bite for you---


This coming Summer-- the Great Marlin Race will continue- Hosted by the Balboa Angling Club – In their 41st Master Angler Billfish Tournament / IGFA Great Marlin Race September 9-10, 2022 The International Game Fish Association and Stanford University proudly announce the MABT- IGFA GREAT MARLIN RACE Satellite tags may be sponsored by members of a participating Club, individual anglers; groups of anglers from any team or Club, businesses, or other interested parties/organizations. Entry cost: $4,000. Covers tag cost and satellite time. Tag sponsorships may be deductible as a charitable contribution. Race Duration: 240 Days.. Winning Marlin: The Striped Marlin traveling the furthest distance (point to point) from where it was tagged and released. . Contacts: Bob Kurz, IGFA Trustee, phone 949 521-2473 or JD Doughty,, 949 723-0883 To enter, co contact Bob Kurz or JD or the Balboa Angling Club


Couple more photos from Scotland--

Sheep and Knight











- Thursdays report-May 26 th 2022 -- one day it's suppose to be warm- it's cool the next suppose to be cool overcast and it's sunny and nice-- coastal marine clouds falling back to the sea mid morning-- nice out there today-- wish you were there--- maybe tomorrow- light, light wind from the south seas are calm - good common tide today- low in the morning a rise and fall then high towards sunset--

He said they were Happy-- paying only $5.70 a gall for a premium Diesel price it's had gone down 2 cents since yesterday-- Island Marine Fuels the dock out front of the shop was saying-- bigger yachts were taking advantage of the price saying they were saving 25 cents a gal!

White Sea Bass were biting today here locally along our coastline and at Catalina--many anglers had their limit ( one fish)



--------- Wed's Report---- Started out clear but by the mid morning hours overcast and cooler- wind light from the south-- not much of a coastal current this morning--- no Sea Bass reported yet-- except one 50lber-- he had current--

Not much on the radio today--- a couple of boats below Clemente- to SD-- saying they'd seen no fish for them but it looked good-- found a paddy for a couple smaller tails--

Local party boats-- still only fair fishing 5/25/22 Freelance 56 anglers--3/4 Day 147 Sculpin, 1 Sheephead, 1 Blue Perch, 1 Calico Bass, 8 Bonito, 1 Red Snapper, 1 Rock Sole, 2 Spanish Jack---- 5/25/22 Western Pride 20 anglers 1/2 Day 4 Sheephead, 3 Sculpin, 17 Calico Bass, 4 Sand Bass



-------- Tuesdays May the 24th 2022-- Light overcast sky-- it's like a Lake out there today--- light west starting mid morning-- seas good and warming to 63 1/2 degrees along our coastline-- Uphill coastal current today was downhill yesterday and the day before-- the fish should be biteing today--- yes they are---

Lots of small 2-3 inch sardines showing up along the coastline- good sign

Report of Bluefin towards the waters near Clemente is-- proved ? well they said they saw them-- -- but as tunas do - they went down - spreader bars out and the rest of the stuff -- but elected to head to the island for some bottom stuff which was willing to bite from the Ling Cods to a smaller 5-7 lb yellowtail out from a kelp paddy-

Cost of fuel these days limited the coverage - waiting for the spotter planes to find em-- past experience reveals migrating schools of bluefin up the inside and outside channels ( Catalina ) up and to outside the Channel Islands as early as Man and certainly into June-- Stand By---




------- May 22 2022 Sunday---This morning that overcast sky turned marine hazy blue with a fair westerly blowing-- seas turning over greener with a wind capped light chop---- feels cooler----tides low at 10 am high at 5 pm today, a few of those White Sea Bass bit right before the tide change yesterday morning- -


- Back again to the Good Old USA--- but not as old as the UK with it's castles and invading cultures of people, those castles built in the 1 and 2 centuries are nothing to the ancient times of Stonehedge- both England and Scotland have much to offer-

Me and my Ghillie on a beat of the Lower Tummel River, Scotland- Salmon fishing w/ Spey rod.


More later

local fishing , they say it's improving- !

Great scenery, rock walls and little hamlets along the river










Had a shot at a nice Atlantic Salmon-- but refused the fly!




Young man came in the shop today--- was looking at some of the WSB gear-- asked what was that that I was listening to- said it was the Dodgers baseball game-- no he said what was that small black box I was listening to-- oh the Radio Shack transistor radio? - sweet he says-- never had seen one- I guess I'm getting old!

Wind kept most of the boats off the water for the most part-- maybe this afternoon if it backs off -- they're be a few out after the seas bass------- current switched from yesterday-- downhill with that strong west wind= sloppy no sea bass that i know of ( except (BSB)



---------------- Monday May 2nd 2022--- May Gray for a couple more weeks then June Gloom---

the Lily Call was good- tough for big fish but pleanty of bass to be caught, smaller yellowfin were the croakers and some Corbinas caught- and only one halibut taken--- 90+ anglers and all had a good time--


San Clemente kicking out some big Yellowtails!














------Friday-- clearing cloud cover-- wind still from the south eddy stuff- seas ok light wind chop- small mix of swell- Tonight starts the Lily Call Bay tournament at Midnight--- have fun!!!

The day spent getting ready for the Lily Call, re rigging a half dozen rods and reels-- tieing 40 and 50 turn bimmimi knts in that 4lb test line --it's like angle hair- making up a dozen extra leaders with hooks and swivels, the low tide brought another slurping of some worms and keeping them in good shape for tomorrows bait fishing. just a very light amount of saltwater in a tray and in the refiriderater turned to the low 40 degrees will keep them well . Motor gased up, battery charged, ice chest full if drinks and the breakfast and lunch yet to be made.

Guluck-- JD



----- Thursdays Report April the 28 2022------ Light drizzle this morning-- clearing in the day- wind light from the south- (So. Calif. eddy effect ) light wind chop- otherwise ok--

a coastal eddy most of the time through Friday.Moderate onshore flow will continue through tonight, with occasional gusts around 20 knots, especially near San Clemente Island.

weather improving--- slowly- still we have that westerly wind on the outsidethat dominates the afternoon eddy

Spent a hour or better today in that low tide-- looking for the soft baits--- last months low tide had revealed a shoal of cockle clams -( good bait) - today they were gone- found only three, did get some ghost shrimps and some innkeepers-



Wed April the 27th A bit on stronger side was the south wind this morning-- sunny inland coastal marine clouds enhanced by that south marine cloud cover- it'll stay south for most of the day--Seas some wind chop on it. and a little bumpy-

not many boats out yet-- Sun's breaking through mid morning--

With at Red Tide at out doorsteps a overview of the Chlorophyll charts for a 8 day composite.

The past few weeks of strong West wind shows upwelled plankton rich ( offcolor red/green) being pushed offshore from below Point Conception, a bloom of this green water will/may bend in towards the coastline due to that So. Calif eddy effect--



A call from Chris , having recently returned from fishing below the border for the Bluefin---while heading back from the tuna grounds (425) they came across a school of foaming Bluefin--, first they seen all day- 30- 50 lb stuff, - feed em live sardines-- no bites-

-- Chris had been in the shop earlier last week-- picked out a couple "Hot" casting plugs/ lures for the tunas-- we both agreed thinking tunas like a little pink/red in the color of the lures -- he choose the Shimano Flash Boost Orca lure- in the injured Sardine color-- having a bit of reddish pink in it and the flashing mirror inside it ( suspended by tiny coil springs/ it really flashes well) First cast ---- they were swarming all over it he says - second cast a bigger fish eats it deep and breaks him off--- You got any left he calls? yes only one left I'll set it aside for you- You always seem to loose the good ones- -

This coming weekend looks good for the Lily Call bay fishing tournament-( 65 signed up so far! - several small skiffs out today-- pre-fishing the tides---



Tuesdays April the 26th another day and another change in weather-- out of the south again maybe 4-6-7 knts seas OK--

Tides starting to raise and drop over the next few days--- You can bet there will be seen during the low tides this week some clam diggers, worm suckers, shrinpers and pile mussel pullers-- and as that tide comes in-- old bread and oatmeal soaking smelt catchers and sardine snaggers! -- The Lily Call is here-- stand by--


Nice day-- not many boats out--- some jet skiers, the F and Game boat/ inflatable was out checking permits--- I asked for the ruling on the 14 Mile Bank-- whether or not it's allowed for Rock Cod Fishing-- nope-- it's not---

A check with the San Clemente Islthe island ( SHOBA/ the Cove) is open Thursday, Friday Sat and Sunday-- have fun! weather looks OK--- Night time wind coming down that slope in the Cove will get windy but otherwise good---


Passenger CONDOR is currently located at USWC - US West Coast at position 32° 24' 42.8" N, 117° 41' 11.0" W The Condor called in this morning with LIMITS (56) of Bluefin Tuna for 28 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. now looking for yellowtails


Sunday, April 24th-- mixed wind-- overhead Santa Ana's, warn, here on the beach it's from the south 5 kts? forecasted to swing west this afternoon- --

Several boats on the radio today-- one saying they'd just boated a Yellowtail lost another earlier, other's off Izors reef saying not much going on for them-- water was cold and offcolor---

Harbor police and lifeguards raced out the harbor earlier- ?

AM radio this morning spoke of good Yellowtail action, Bonito and barracuda, bass, some halibut and even of WSB and BSB at San Clemente Island this morning--- thats a lot of fish!

Fish stories--- good to hear--- --

walks in the shop today- First liar didn't have a chance-- saying it was 12- lbs-- second guys says 25/30lbs--- having left the harbor earlier this morning--- water disturbingly brown colored just outside the harbor entrance--a little break in the color and a fish chasing bait-- bif fish- ! looked almost like a tuna-- except it's slash at the bait brought the fish onto it's side-- repeatedly for or five times if broke water chasing baitfish--on it's sdie - they were close enough to see it but unable to identify it--looked like a tuna, white sea bass, black sea bass, salmon-- they defiantly knew it wasn't a sunfish or shark- ? water 59 inside the harbor 61 -- couple of spoons and they were back out at it again-- good luck

well that West wind did show up-- not as strong but uncomfortable if you had to beat your way home in it--

with some improvements to next weeks weather (except Thurs) hopefully we're on the upswing to the fishing--

Good luck-- the Lily Call is next weekend--- have fun! JD



- Sat April the 23 2022----- Blue sky--wind light from the west/southwest- due to increase this afternoon west-- seas look and feel cold--San Pedro weather buoy Water Temperature (WTMP): 55.8 °F

And true to the forecast---- she blew west all day-- water temps cold no penguin yet--- maybe some salmon might drift south if that body of anchovies drifts below Pt. Conception down to Santa Barbara and Ventura--- standing by-- they taste good, better than bluefin- ! --

lots of sailboats out today---


--- April 22 Friday again-

-- and the start of the Ensenada Sailboat race-- expected west winds to 25 kts! Small Craft advisory--- !

And off they went, should be a quick race-- by 6 pm they were making 12 to 15 kts southwards below the border--

With the weather-- it'll probably lower that water temp a degree - we should start to see schools of anchovies soon and along with them maybe some Salmon will follow---

Good luck this weekend if you get out--- that afternoon wind will be up-

looks like there were some Red tide showing up---





----------- April the 21st 2022------- It'll be May before you know it-- then June and July- this morings sky held a few little clouds here- there- otherwsie blue- light marine haze seaward- light southwest wind maybe 2-4 kts- due to blow again west--- San Pedro weather buoy-- - Water Temperature (WTMP): 56.8 °F it got colder!

SD reports on the tuna fishing-- remain fair to good with the two fish limit for most boat scores 4/21/2022 The Condor ( 31° 54' 38.6" N, 117° 28' 17.8" W ) called in so far with 12 Bluefin Tuna up to 70lbs for 18 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Outrider returned this morning with LIMITS (12) of Bluefin Tuna and 1 Yellowtail for 6 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. These Bluefin are 30 to 80 lbs. The Pacific Queen returned this morning with LIMITS (64) of Bluefin Tuna on their 1.5 day trip with 32 anglers. The Bluefin were in the 35 to 50 lbs. range. The Fortune returned this morning with LIMITS (64) of Bluefin Tuna for 16 anglers on their 2 day trip. These fish were mostly 40 to 50 lbs. with 6 between 90 and 100 lbs.

Bay fishing-- reported --pretty good small halibut fishing near the harbor's entrance

this coming weekend's weather - morning hours best sat and sunday-

Again that west wind and again not a strong as the past few days--- - tides mellowing out for the weekend--

Have fun if you get out-- JD

---- Wed's April the 20 th 2022--- Sky light overcast morning hours- blue otherwise, light south wind this morning coming off the ocean it's cool-- water temps must have lowered, bay waters still murky green. Fished this morning for 1 1/2hrs -two small spotted bay bass and missed one other bite-- slow-- water's cold- 56/57 degrees

A recent Study of the White Sea Bass caught here and in Mexico revels upwards of 42% of the WSB were from the Carlsbad Hatchery-- that's Huge--

That west wind blew in again-- not as bad but a steady 12+

Good luck!



---- Tuesday- April 19th 2022--- another nice day-- light south wind- due for more westerly this afternoon- seas still lumpy, mainly above Newport-- , Local bay waters seems to have some high tide debris mixed in it--- water's still a bit murky- slow to warm- but there's more bird activity, gulls and terns diving in on it.

SD boats still fishing the banks outside Ensenada, -- still scoring on the Bluefin (smaller grade)


Only a few more days untill the Famious Lily Call Bay Tournament--- call the BAC to get entries--- It's a limited entry --- (949) 673- 6316








A check with the Chlorophyll charts of the west coast/ baja---shows offcolor ( plankton rich) water streaching in a band down the coastline off Baja, Also West of San Clemente to San Nicolas and some out on the Tanner Bank , we'll see if that Clemente/ Nicolas stuff wraps around the island and bends in towards the beach over the next month.

Weather was nice all day-- light west and bay waters looked to be cleaning up better with that late incomming tide




--------------------Closed on Mondays--

Easter Sunday April the 17th A welcoming egg shell blue above and a west wind-- seas became wind sweep early in the day-- smaller boats beat they're way back in early--

Full Moon tonight------ they say Grunion run over the next few night- -- best time--- 10- 25- minutes after the highest tide, they're eggs ( orange) buried a few inches deep in the warm sand hatch in the next fifteen days to be washed back to the sea during the next New Moon's high tide

Ditto from yesterday---not as much wind though --Well that weather started out ok-- but by noon that west wind sprung up and stayed steady 15+ for the afternoon--- no fun for those out beating they're way home in that slop-- water 58 degrees--- spots of Red tide starting to show themselves--- making Mackerel -- better down near the bottom 60ft down

Lots of electric boats out today--- rentals for the Holiday-

New technology on how to catch a fish-- the evaloution of fishing lures--- ---Rubber flyers in the early 50's, to Yummies, California Flyers, Nomads and others, I hear Savage has a new one in the makings and ye-old frozen or live have all seemed to work- wonder what's up next- I'd like to see a blow up balloon in the shape of a Flyer made-- JD


------------- Sat April the 16th-- it's just flying by-- be June before you know it---

Well that weather started out ok-- but by noon that west wind sprung up and stayed steady 15+ for the afternoon--- no fun for those out beating they're way home in that slop-- water 58 degrees--- spots of Red tide starting to show themselves--- making Mackerel -- better down near the bottom 60ft down


Lots of electric boats out today--- rentals for the Holiday--



The BAC held a seminar on coastal fishing and fish the bay for the upcoming Lily Call Tournament--- Kenny always does a good job of it-- gives away all the secrets--- the bass fishing in the bay-- when weather as allow3s it-- fairly good - the trolled deep diving plugs doing best-- a few smaller halibuts on smelt and corbinas and croakers still have yet to make much of an appearance--

Have a Happy Easter---



------ April the 15th Friday--Morning clouds welcomed the Easter weekend, with blue sky behind them- light south wind 3-5 kts--seas OK still a bit mixed with light wind texture on it.. Baywaters seem a bit on the milky side visibility only a few feet-- Tides are strong again under that full moon phase.

SD reports shows a reduced catch for their sport boats on the bluefin-- weather probably had something to do with it-- see what happens under this full Moon phase and calmer waters-04/15/2022 The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 31 Bluefin Tuna (25 to 40 lbs.) for 26 anglers on their 2 day trip. The Condor returned this morning with 24 Bluefin Tuna for 29 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. -

Satellite Tagging of Atlantic Blue Marlin in Dominican Republic

Hi JD, Thought you might like to see our fishing report from the Dominican Republic. Sally and I went 7 for 9 on Atlantic Blue marlin today aboard Unbelievable with Capt. VJ Bell. More importantly, we deployed two satellite tags. A first for the IGFA Great Marlin Race in this part of the globe. Best regards, Bob

Local fishing fair-- making mackerel was a bit on the tough side- outside the harbor entrance, and by the two piers-- but their was bait to be mad on the reef itself-- no WSB bites thought and the Calicos were reluctant to bite-- Halibut? water temps 58/59 degrees

have a peaceful weekend-- JD


--- Thursdays report ----------April the 14 2022-- Roval blue overhead some marine haze seaward-- nice day-- light west moring wind-- leftover short small swell and light bump . Water temps beow 60 57-56 degrees-


EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION April 2022 ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Advisory Synopsis: La Niña is favored to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer (59% chance during June-August 2022), with a 50-55% chance through the fall. During March 2022, La Niña continued with below-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean In the past week, all of the Niño index regions were between -0.7°C and -1.1°C Subsurface temperatures anomalies decreased and were negative the entire month due to the expansion of below-average temperatures from the surface to 200 meters depth in the east-central equatorial Pacific Ocean . Overall, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system reflected the continuation of La Niña. While La Niña is slightly favored through the fall, there is still a considerable amount of uncertainty, given the combined 45-50% chance for ENSO-neutral or El Niño from July-September onwards. In summary, La Niña is favored to continue through the Northern Hemisphere summer (59% chance during June-August 2022), with a 50-55% chance through the fall



------------- Wed's April the 13 2022--- Clear sky, weather forecasters say its a west wind-- but in reality this morning it's a cool south wind at 8-10 kts --seas still a bit on the confused side- water temps dropped below the 60 degree mark-- 57 San Pedro

and that westerly did blow in--- sloppy seas -- some sailboats were out--

Tides starting to move again-- filling moon this weekend some wind- clemente Is oepn sunday-- still some wind between the islands--

Good luck if you get out this week- JD


------- Tuesdays April the 12 2022-------- Due to get windy-- clear sky this morning- west wind blowing and getting stronger- seas bumpy and getting bumper-

Small Craft warning today--

It's time to work on some reels and rods today-and bookkeeping - amazing how much bookkeeping has to be done to stay upright-- all these years now-- writing Check # 9646 started with #0000- and I think only a few weren't covered-

She was topping 40+ knts and stayed steady form most of today-- Canvas workers will have a bit more business !

Got the paperwork done for the week--- now back on the bamboo blanks for more finishing sanding- ballgame on the radio and a few folks getting in out of the wind-- a few sales, t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts- no bait- and some tackle--

It's nasty out there today-- upwelled water over the next few days-- we'll see what that brings---red tide?

weather looks better tomorrow

- Closed on Mondays-

------- Sunday April 10th -- the day of rest--- overcast with a light to fair wind from the south-- a little bit choppy out there today--

Filling moon this coming week-- should spur things once this front passed through--that wind and swell up off Central Calif and the outer Channel islands will break loose Giant Kelp holdfast's and start them on their way as floating kelp paddies as they drift southwards -- standing by

Mexico still having problems with the sportfishing permits--- - price will probably go up!

Spent a few hours sanding the bamboo-- times are speeding by fast -- if I want any of them ready by Summer

bumpy for most of the day-- the calicos bit, Catalina was said to harbor the three "B" well.

Just waiting for those bluefin schools to make they're way up the channel- standing by-- probably a few schools passing by already as they travel northwards

Good luck next week-- - the Lily Call Bay tournament is coming up quickly--


---------------April the 9th 2022----- Light fog here this morning- wind from the south maybe 5-9 kts-- light wind chop and textured on the water. quiet a few boats out-- some radio checks, etc.

We'll that's what he said--- we had a lot of activity between the 14 and the Island,, we're here ont the 14 trolling a spreader bar around-- no luck here yet --- there were a couple of 90lbers caught with the spreader bars-----you might try between the 14 and the island - we saw a lot of activity there-- --- you saw foamers? ---OK thanks--- we'll try it here for a while then move--- 11:22pm

A couple of halibuts were the catch of the day-- wind stayed south all day-steady a fair-more and stronger tomorrow--- light marine haze in the sky- Bay fishing fair to good for those slow trolling the diving plugs, some spotted bay bas, both sand and calicos too- a halibut also in the catches--

Never heard further of those tunas fishers mid channel? maybe?


-April the 8 2022- Ah the beauty of the harbor and oceans on days like this, light cool sea breeze out of the south this morning just gentle enough to wave a few palm leaves-light marine haze seaward- the throaty rumble of diesels as private yachts make their way out the harbor, headed to the islands-

-Local clubs having a fishing tournament here in the harbor-- good fun for all- mussels, clams, shrimp from the seafood market-- and frozen squid and anchovies all used for baits, slow trolled diving plugs and fishy looking lures tossed to bottom structure are all in the game too-- have fun--

What a nice day--warm here on the beach-- hot inland---

Not much of a tide movement this weekend--- there were several radio calls looking for Live Squid-- the responce was they hoped to get some this evening---

Newports- bait barge is open ---try Ch 79-










Was given the opportunity the other day to rig some of the Nomad Slipstream Flyers that have dominated the web recently - It's a hard bodied lure with foldable wings ( going forward) and many channeled holes to run the leaders through for the various rigging suggested methods--


Their smallest size, recommended as a casting lure I rigged with a pair of assist hooks back to back simulating the back fins on a flyer, rigged through the body the lure with the hooks exiting under the jaw which caused the fishes head to ride High- allowing it to splash on the surface. The lure cast fair with a downwind being the best, it floats head up (just barely), the retrieve puts it up on the surface it's wings keeping it splashing well -- the wings coloring seems to be shine in the sunshine, it should get bit well

have fun this weekend-- stay coool--- JD



April 7th 2022 Hot hot hot--- morning fog against the coastline evaporated early- leaving a light south wind at 2 3 kts under a pale blue sky- Mild Santa Ana's expected today- tides are very mellow

Several boats out early this morning-- out of HH, Long beach , newport and dana- radio chatter still on the quiet side-- guys looking for signs of life, both inshore or offshore--

E mail from Ensenada this morning--- FYI: checked with the Marina Coral office yesterday and the Mexican fishing license site is still down.

You'd expect more folks would be out on the water today-- but's it's quiet here in the harbor-- this weekend it'll change but for today-- only a few lost electric boats buzzing around and a yacht or two

couple guys at Catalina catching barracuda---

good luck if you get out tomorrow--


----------- Wed's report---- April the 6th-- the months moving right along-- one month from now I'll be on vacation for three weeks! - Hot inland and a cool ocean leads to the probability of fog-- developing off the cooler waters off HB/Long Beach and blowing southwards with a light wind- seas are a little lumpy for drifting in a small skiff- otherwise smooth with at little wind ripple--

And good News the Newport bait Barge is back in operations-- should have sardines this weekend-- Welcome back!


the WSB fleet seems to have given up for the mornings shot at them-- work calls or that fog rolling in- puts the damper on otherwise a nice day on the water- once it clears off-- Probably some west wind later with all that heat developing inland--

SD reports this morning--4-6-2022 The Pacific Queen called in with 56 Bluefin Tuna (mostly 40 lbs. with 10@ 70 to 90 lbs.) and 34 Yellowtail for 34 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Fortune called in with LIMITS (72) of Bluefin Tuna for their extended 1.5 day trip with 18 anglers. These fish are up to 100 lbs. The fleets been working between the Upper and Lower Hidden banks outside Encenada- 52 miles 172 ' south of Point Loma--

Several phone calls, asking if we still issued the Mexican fishing permits-- sorry no longer - through the internet was the way-- apparently the issuing bank for the processing has been changed in Mexico and the internet method is not working--- right when the Bluefin show up!

that fog held for a while then went away to a very nice day stayed light south all day- later afternoon hours air temps feel it dropping probably for tomorrow--

And good News the Newport bait Barge is back in operations-- should have sardines this weekend-- Welcome back!

one sea bass landed today , incoming tide-



-------- Tuesday April the 4th 2022- Nice day-- light fog along the coastline-- several boats out early wind light from the south 2 5 kts seas calm light wind ripple on it-- tides are mellow and relaxing for the rest of the week-

a couple of radio calls--- you catching anything -- no not anything- we'll try the 105 or Izors--- OK-- got one --- sand bass-- 1/2 oz lead head and fluke plastic- 90 ft of water-- got another on going now 12:18--- We're heading over to Palos Verdes,, ----- got a few bites there and just got slamed by one fish-- got a two pounder on a Gulp Jerk shad

SD Report The Pacific Queen called in this morning with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna (25-40 pounds) and LIMITS of Yellowtail!.170 Yellowtail (limits)

The local fleet were out after the seabass today--- no reported catches so far---( update-- yes-- an nice fish came into the Club today) Balboa Angling Club Member Rory Folsom with Nate Dunham on Kodiak, getting it done!!! Nice work Rory!


F & G ( Fish and Wildlife) boats were out over the past few Days checking boaters for their fishing licenses




Closed on Monday-- a day of rest--well needed--

----- Sunday April the 3rd-- still overcast and a bit on the cool side - made it to work-- late and headed home early-- lots of boater out despite the cool weather,

Price of fuel hasn't seem to deterred the boaters-

------ Sat-- April the 2nd- 2022- overcast and a bit on the cool side-- too many stupid bicyclists on the road today!

Tides are good today-

and from the reports the Bluefin tuna catches below the border-- limits ( 2 per angler per day) were common. 25-70lbs and up to above 100?- night time jigs or sinker rigs caught most of them . hardly worth the fuel cost for two fish---

The Outrider called in with LIMITS (18) of Bluefin Tuna for 9 anglers. They reported beautiful weather. The Pacific Queen called in with LIMITS (70) of Bluefin Tuna for 35 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. These fish are in the 25 to 40 lbs. range and they reported beautiful weather. The Fortune called in with LIMITS (36) of Bluefin Tuna (25 to 50 lbs.) to start their extended 1.5 day trip for 18 angler

went home a little early today--- chasing a fue bug or cold- JD

back at it again tomorrow--

April the 1st--- Friday it's that day again and it's a Fools day as well- some clouds/ overcast, light west wind enough to lift the flags-- morning incoming tide probably has a few of the boys out chasing the WSB--- this time of year Giant Black Sea bass also inhabit the coastal structures they maul the bait pretty good with their raspy like mouths as they suck in the baits---

Cool old photo of Bruce B. with a El Segundo Giant Black Sea Bass- early 40s

A call from Vick saying the boys ( and girls) were out for the seabass this morning - conditions below the harbor were not as favorable as above the harbor-- macs were still difficult to get- you might try for them - between the two piers 50- 70 ft of water

that west wind picked up afternoon-- maybe 12 kts-- cooling the air-- and some wind chop with it--

Weather looks good for the weekend--

Local party boats--fish counts -

4/1/22 Western Pride 32 1/2 Day PM 120 Sculpin, 25 Rockfish, 21 Red Snapper

4/1/22 Freelance 25 3/4 Day 105 Rockfish, 100 Red Snapper (LIMITS), 1 Lingcod

inshore tides are ok, and a month from now is the Lily Call Newport harbors Bay fishing tournament hosted by the Balboa Angling Club-- limited entrys--- 4lb test line Halibut, Bass, Corbina and Croaker are the species sought after--- Give the Club a call for info or entry forms--- (949) 673-6316


----- Thursdays report-------- March the 31st 2022---goes out like a lamb--- nice conditions today-- light south wind under a cloudy sky- seas have a mix of small swell to them.

SD Report--- Bluefin-The Fortune returned with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna!! The fish ranged from mostly 60 to 80 pounds, with four going over 100 pounds on their 1.5 day trip for 10 anglers. Capt. Jeff said the Flatfall, Knife Jigs and Sinker Rigs are all working. He would recommomed 40 to 80 pound outfits, 300 to 400 gram jigs and 8 to 12oz sinkers. He also said the Colt Snipers and blue and chrome jigs are working well this afternoon.-

He's Back!!

The Clemente Monster

Out of the Depth,

The following is set down somewhat hesitantly. He who ventures aside from the accepted groves of believe lays himself open not alone to jibes, but to direct attack upon his veracity. It is human nature to scoff at those things which are not understood, or which are not simple of explanation. The most startling incident related in the following pages I experienced myself, saw with my own eyes.. Some twenty-five or thirty personal acquaintances, all of them reputable, many of them men of substance and standing in their respective communities, also saw with their own eyes the identical thing which I saw. The reader is at liberty to believe, or not to believe, what follows. However the fact remains that it happened: that I saw what I am about to describe.

It happen in September of the year 1916. I was over at San Clemente Island after Marlin Swordfish. We had left Mosquito Harbor about seven o’clock in the morning. The day was overcast with a high fog, and windless. The sea was like glass except for a small roll coming down the coast. All objects on the surface, birds and driftwood, appeared black. Visibility was perfect, the sea stretching away to the sharp line of the horizon. These details are important, so bear them in mind. By about eight o’clock we were perhaps a mile and a half off White Rock which is some three miles above Mosquito. I was sitting on top of the cabin watching for fins, my field glasses beside me. My boatman was busy at something down in the cockpit. A bait was out and the rod lashed to the fishing chair. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, and to seaward, I saw something big and black lift above the surface. I whirled, gasped, then clapped my glasses on it and yelled to my boaman to head for it. A scant quarter mile of a mile off there reared up out of the water the Thing which I instinctively knew was what, for years, we had called the “Clemente Monster,” which many had see, and about which there had been endless wonderment.

I shall try to describe it to you as best I can. Try to imagine a great columnar neck, or body, eight to ten feet thick and lifting twenty feet above the surface. Surmount this neck or body with a flat-topped, blunt, reptilian head. On either side of the head place two huge, round and bulging eyes. I dont believe they were an inch under a foot and a half across, perhaps more. There you have the essentials of what we saw. At my first shout my boatman stuck his head out of the cabin jitney and let out a queer little squawk. I don’t know that I blame him particularly! Steadily we forged towards the Thing. Remember, it was about a quarter of a mile away. My glasses were of seven power. I had them on it from the first moment I caught a glimpse of it. I don’t know precisely, but would guess that they brought it up to within a couple of hundred yards of us. Certainly I could see it plainly enough to note various details. Two things stood out above all others- those enormous eyes and its unbelievable huge bulk. I never want to look at such eyes again. They were like the creations of a nightmare! Their very size, of course, left one breathless. But that was only a detail. It is utterly impossible to describe the coldness, the expressionlessness of them. It was like looking into the dim past when earth’s life consisted of great, slimy, horrible creatures dragging their way through gargantuan forest and over dead, sullen seas. They litterally froze me in my seat. Later my man said I was as white as a sheet, my teeth chattering, my knees shaking. I wouldn’t be surprised. Neither in a museum, nor in any reconstructed picture of a prehistoric creature have I ever seen eyes which resembled those.

The trunk, or neck, or whatever it was appeared above the surface, seemed to covered with a coarse, reddish-brown bristles. It wasn’t hair. They stood out rigidly from the body. It is strange that I should have gathered any impression of color in the light, but I did and, as will develop later, it is quite likely that I was correct in my impression. The trunk, or neck, was more or less erect. The head was turning slowly as though surveying the surface of the sea. The Thing did not rise and fall in the slight roll of the sea. Instead the waves broke against it. Give full consideration to what that statement means! I gathered the impression that the head was lowered. Certainly I saw nothing resembling a mouth. Others who have seen it say they saw a mouth. I didn’t. The great head continued its pivoting, seeming to make three-quarters of a circle. Then it saw us. The pivoting stopped. Those terrible eyes fixed themselves upon us coldly and without any expression noticeably through the lenses of the field glasses. For a few moments it regarded us fixedly, then, as though some great, hidden hand had seized it, it slowly sank. There was no visible movement of the great trunk, no commotion on the surface. Slowly, majestically, by comparison making the fluking of a whale seem a panicky, convulsive dive, it sank and disappeared beneath the surface. There was no swirl, no bubbles to mark where it had been, or where it sank. I don’t know how long it was up; perhaps a minute and a half, My boatman claims five or tem, but that is ridiculous. Out boat being slow, by the time we turned towards it I doubt that we approached appreciable closer. So what I saw I saw from about a quarter of a mile away and through the lenses of field glasses. It is a little difficult to describe my emotions after the Thing sank. I had always loved the sea, particularly around and about San Clemente Island. With the appearance of the Thing, and its disappearance beneath the waters across which we were fishing, something of the friendliness went out of that sea and didn’t come back for a long time. I caught myself glancing furtively overside and with a strange prickling sensation up and down my spine. We went on fishing that day but neither of us was particularly happy. I know I felt a pronounced sense of relief when we dropped our hook in Mosquito that night and I stepped out upon the security of land. Well, there it is. You know as much about it as I do. I don’t think there is a shadow of a doubt but that, here in Southern California channels there exists an unknown species of great sea creatures. Ralph Bandini, Veiled Horizons, 1939.

--------------- Wed's March the 30th Fair skies and winds diminishing -- seas still have a bump to them with a light wind chop on it--- Water temps hovering around the 60 degree mark-- San Pedro 59, S/C weather buoy 61 Water Temperature 61.0 °F--- Tanner Bank lower Water Temperature 57.2 °F

watch out for sea monsters!

weather stayed good for the day---nice day on the water only a few radio transmissions today--

couple of bay fishermen today-- a guy wanting to fish off the balboa pier, visiting from Florida and was disappointed in the catch there---wanted to catch sharks?

hats, sweatshirts and some bait, lots of line winding on reels and service on a couple older newells.


---- Tuesday- March the 29th 2022--- Called a clearing wind, out of the West chasing the clouds away-- Small craft today-- not many boats out today-- a few bay fishermen- but the waters look milky brown with the rain's runoff- and draining tide--, Salmon season right around the corner-- April the 2nd- I think- not that there's any salmon around-- maybe north- Central Calif. but the waters have so weather beaten for the past weeks not much has been reported-- standing by--

Building tides as the new moon arrives.

and that winds cool! surface water temps have to drop a few degrees after this blow --- stayed west for the day-- backing off towards the late afternoon hours

Shop work- in rewraping several guides on older rods / epoxied and three reels serviced and set up some tackle for this weekend

If you considering some service on your tackle JD's will be closed for most of the month of May-- off on a vacation trip-- so get it in early! or wait till June-- JD



one hat, and 8 drop lines and some bay tackle and a late afternoon tackle roosterfish and jack

Closed on Mondays--


---- March 27-- Sunday the day before the rainstorm- yet not bad today--- clouds on the horizon seaward- wind light to med from the south- due to increase today-- seas Ok but starting to get bumpy- light wind chop--

looks like quite a few boats out enjoying the day--

San Diego party boats chasing the yellows at the Coronado and the Bluefin near the Hidden banks-- weather starting to limit the time spent there at night for the better bite--

SD Report---The Fortune called in with 9 Bluefin Tuna from 40 to 150 Pounds to start their 1.5 day trip for 10 anglers. Capt. Jeff said the Flatfall, Knife Jigs and Sinker Rigs are all working. He would recommend to 40 to 80 pound outfits. 300 to 400 gram jigs and 8 to 12oz sinkers.

Coastal fishing fair on the bass- inshore migrating Gray Whales showing themselves--

Enjoy the day off tomorrow from fishing- the say rain--

You wouldn't know it ---that the price of fuel was high -- from the activity of boaters in the harbor this weekend-- big, small, extra - large, skiffs and jet skis, cruisers, outboards and sailors and electric boats, kayakers -lots of folks out---

Finished up with 5 our of the 12 bamboo blanks in their sanding-- down to 400 grit and smooth as silk, it's wooded gain shows well and the taper has been refined. Seven more blanks to go then the varnishing due, and more sanding and a final coat of varnish--

have a good week-- JD

Sat March the 26 2022-- Overcast -- not much sun here on the beach, wind and seas are calm, but the chatter amongst the sportfishing fleet/ private boats / friends and buddies were not calm--- Bluefin Tuna in good numbers reported this morning on the AM fish talk radio,Polaris Supreme out for a three day trip found fish yesterday , More of a night bite, fish weighs in 50- 60 lbs then by this mornings gray 50+ or more fish up to 150lbs!!! Other sportboats were working the area today-- Stand By !

Where--- the question is asked, within in a one day trip was the answer-South of SD?? , If I had to venture a guess maybe the 60 miles bank or there about's? the New Lo-Ann was said to be headed that way yesterday at Speed/Course: 8.7 kn / 237 ° and the Old Glory is currently out by the San Clemente Weather Buoy tacking her way around there?

The Polaris Supreme is back on the Bluefin! Captain Aliyar called in with 49 Bluefin up to 150lbs! We dearted on our first 3 Day of the season yesterday morning and the guys are already back on the fish. They have 14 between 100-150lbs and the rest are in the 60-80lb class. It is an excellent grade of fish. Most of the fish have been caught on 300-500g jigs.

Well the sume made an apearance-- for a short while they clouded up- light west backed offed to the souyth again--

Stand By-- and Mark says there's been sighting of tuna off catalina is

Fishing TRIBUTE is currently located at position 31° 56' 01.8" N, 117° 24' 31.0" W- near the Hidden Banks below the Coronados-- 43 NM, 175 d out of SD

enjoy it while you can-- due to blow-- good luck if you get out ---early tomorrow



Friday March the 25 th 2022--- friday again and foggy- cooler too- very little wind , seas calm, with a building swell this weekend- west- tides fair

Looked like a nice day on the water once that fog left of-- wind stayed light from the west--- seas good--- overhead- high cirrus clouds show some wind above--mares tails above 18000ft

This weekends draining tide ok, bottom of it at noon, the afternoon incoming should hold a sunset bite on the WSB,

Good weather tomorrow-- Stronger eddy developing Sunday with a south wind stronger throughout the day ( approaching low )

Good luck-- should be a nice sunset-- JD


------ Thursdays Report------- March the 24 2022---- Still sunny but cooler and a bit of haze in the air, fog in some spots, feels like it-- wind light to fair from the west,, not much of a swell -

From some of the reports out of SD, Yellowtails at the islands tough to get a bite wit them, and there was the Other Limits out to the Tanner Bank this morning- water temps there 58 degrees, 61 at the SC weather buoy- 58/59 here on the beach and San Pedro buoys--

Water clearly is turning greener-- more plankton life to it--

With the great weather inland you'd think there'd be more folks taking advantage of the coastal harbor--- only a few electric boats a paddled boarder or to,

Partyboats thankful for the whitefish there were catching, some exploratory boats out looking around the 9 Mile Bank today-- seeing good signs of bait/ birds lots of porpoise- but no reported tuna spoken of.

San Clemente Island , " the Cove " looks to be open Friday, Sat and Sunday- the moon's darkening-- should be squid and some tails and WSB there- besides the Calicos--


Wed March the 23 2022- Nice-- Real nice--

no wind seas calm warming daily, still shy of lots of offshore bait schools, but there is smaller sardines found along the coastline/ Huntington flats. smaller #8 and #10 sabkai bait rigs- light westerly began at noon

Good time of the year for rummors---- and who's to know? the secert word of foamers seen by sailboats crossing the channel? or whale watchers spotting them in the glasses-- ? Thgis time last year

Going back a years time March 2021--- I see this was reported """""

"""""Spoke to a customer this morning who had just recently returned from Catalina-- he's seen Bluefin Tuna just outside Long Point a 1/2 mile off the beach, Big 80+ fish pushing bait/ birds and jumping fish!

The Tomahawk called in with 30 Bluefin Tuna (11 between 150 - 180 lbs. and 6 at 50 - 60 lbs.) as well as 10 Yellowtail for 18 anglers on Day 2 of their 2 Day trip. They reported great conditions. The Pacific Queen returned with 47 Bluefin Tuna (15 @ 120 to 170 lbs, the rest are 20 to 70 lbs.) for his 1.5 Day Trip. """""""

The times are a changing?

Partyboats and Six Pac charters out of SD looking for those Yellowtails and Bluefin tunas- and reported they were in to them --no great numbers but nice sized tails and tunas

Good luck if you get out this week-- have fun either way--


------- Tuesday March the 22nd- 2022 --- another nice day---mid to light wind from the south- some small wind cap on it-- otherwise good-

The 2022 White Sea Bass First Flag has fallen! Balboa Angling Club member Scott Matthews picked up this 61.2 pound WSB, on 30 pound test, off his boat this morning! Nice work Scott and Skipper Gino Manzares.

Nice one Scott-- JD




Closed on Monday-- Took the grandson fishing in the bay-- two good sized spotted bay bas and two smelt- and a lot of fun!

--------------- Sunday------- March 20th-- and the month marches on-- West clearing wind today-- cooler as it strips what heat there is on the waters surface- due to be colder tomorrow-- bay fishing fair to OK for the spotties, slow trolled deep diving lures are working-- more amd more smaller baitfish fry seen 2-3 inch stuff- -

Wind was stiff from the west for most of the day-- sailors were out- some most stayed inside the harbors--

This coming week forecasters things will stabilize- we'll get a warming trend overall and conditions will improve-- so will the fishing , I hope-- and it will-

Quite a few new folks dropping in the shop-- new to the area for fishing-- always glad to give my perspective of how what and where-

if you new to the area drop by- JD

Best of luck this week- JD go grunion hunting!


------- Sat March- 19th 2022---------- From the coastal bluffs above Newport the oceans looks reasonable--- several boats out racing around--- heading with the wind- South wind this morning-VHF- 10 kts says to be building through the day- Catalina Island out there somewhere- lost in the clouds- Fuel prices seems to have stablized-- VHF radio checks-- several

AM radio fish show ( Mark) spoke of "tanker" sized Seabass being caught at Catalina- Frozen squid--- Live squid also to be made , last week's Full Moon kept it down , better now-

A nice couple came in this afternoon having joined the BAC and was looking for some advice on catching yellowtail-- their 18ft skiff keeping them to somewhat as limited range. From out of Newport north to the Art Reefs, Izors, etc out to the Mussel farm area, the rigs, 14 Mile Bank, the 267/279 and into Dana/ Salt Creek and all points in between are within their reach, weather dictates much of it. . Spring - April/ May the structure spots probably will hold more fish, by June and July- offshore paddies might also hold fish. I like the slow trolled Live baits in either place, but the cast jigs will broaden your efforts .

Cloud cover developing and that westerly was stronger towards late afternoon hours, much cooler too-

Better luck tomorrow- JD


------- Friday--- it's that day again--3/18/2022- warming inland and coastal beaches too-- Wind and clouds due in - currently light southeast wind here on the beach- 4-5 kts- good sized west swell pushing in- seas warming slowly-

Good sized ground swell above the harbor, seems to back off and flatten out below the harbor- smaller macks were found up by the Newport canyon-- bigger stuff at the mouth of the harbor, Wind backed off mid afternoon- not enough for a halibut drift-

More and more of those smaller octopus found on the bottom-- taking the drifted halibuts baits-- weird animals

Whale waters were working 4-5 off the Dana Point-/ Salt Creek

Sixteen T-Shirts, 4 hats, and 4 bags of bait-- !

Nice weather today---

fog maybe tomorrow morning--


------- Thursday March the 17th St Paddies Day---- Nice day- light west/southwest wind 3-5 kts-- seas OK still a lump on it--

With the good weather several boats headed out to Catalina, or local fishing-- Water warming- to above 60 degrees-- cleaning up and more bait in the water--



Spent most the afternoon working on the Bamboo blanks, trimming and sanding-- one left to work on now- 48 razor blades used up- and aprox 8 hrs razor blade scraping and the first 220 grit sanding per one blank, 12 blanks for 96 hrs-of hand work so far-- more to go--


Strong draining tide all day-- some kayackers and paddleborders out, some bay cruisers and the whale watching boats in and out for most of the day---more dolphins than whales.

Hat day-- 4--- nope 5 hats, a couple visors, 2 long 1/ short sleeve T shirt, a fish belt and a Calif. flyer- no bait so far--

-------- Wed's March 16 2022------------- Coastal clouds, hazy sky's, wind light from the Southeast 3-6 kts-- seas OK fair-- with a small mix of seastate to it--- Building Full Moon--, the earth elongates under it's stress- the Pacific's Ring of Fire--- earthquakes and volcanoes can occur ,

Partyboat fishing out of Newport-fishing above the Oil rigs and Catalina-- 3/15/22 Western Pride 48 anglers-1/2 Day PM 133 Sculpin, 26 Whitefish, 1 Rockfish, 1 Sheephead, ----3/15/22 Freelance 43 anglers--3/4 Day 224 Rockfish, 11 Whitefish, 3 Sheephead, 4 Sculpin

Local fishing-- fair--- mackerel catching was OK-- but those that eat the mackerel were absent

The Islas Marías (“Mary Islands”) are an archipelago of four islands that belong to Mexico. They are located in the Pacific Ocean, some 100 km (62 miles) off the coast of Nayarit. Starting in April, tourists will be able to visit Las Islas Marías (Marías Islands) off the coast of Riviera Nayarit. One of the most paradisiacal and biodiverse places in Mexico, the four-island archipelago went from hosting one of the most feared and isolated prisons in Mexico to an environmental tourist destination. I wonder if sportfishing will be allowed there with permits---all it takes is money-- should be fantastic!

Of NOTE: The vertical drop in elevation from it's highest peak to the depths of the ocean adjacent to it on the west side is one, if not the greatest along the entire west coast of the Americas- !

Afternoon weather nice--still from the south but only 3-5 kts-

three hats, some fishing line and lures, two t-shirts, a pair of pliers, two tide log, books and a pair of california flyers. no bait-

--------------- Tuesdays report--------------- March 15 2022---- Foggy- pea soupy -- staying against the coastline--calm seas but foggy- clearing slowly- nice and warm in the sun- air temps drop 8 degrees on the water-

Coastal clouds and damp weather kept the boating down a bit-- half dozen boats or more came back in after a days fishing-- I'd guess bass and some bottom grabers were in the catch-- several divers also headed out-- seabass?-

Whales watcheing was good with several grays and fin-backs in the area-

overall a nice day-

a hat, three long sleeve t shirts- some reel service, ,

Closed on Mondays --- yard work- and a afternoon's fishing w/ grandson-- three spotted Bay Bass, 13", 12" and smaller 9" water's improving

--------- Sundays report- March the 13 2022- Moon's filling in the evening skies, a few clouds filling overhead this morning, Seas have a mix to them morning south wind against smaller but short period west swell- otherwise a nice day-

A phone call asking where to get live bait here in Newport-- new to the area was informed not till April or so when the Bait barge comes back in- he'll have to use either frozen or catch is own, or use the plastics and lures-

Worked on the bamboo for most of the weekend- chance to get some work done while talking to customers, Scrapping down that outer shell on the 5 remaining Med Tackle blanks , 3 down to 2 to go- them more sanding on all the blanks

Building moon and tides this coming week- sea bass time-- -

---------- Sat March the 12th 2022-------

Blue again with a light south wind this AM, nice--- lots of folks out and about- Radio check out of SD and a scratchy report of losing a big yellowtail and rock cod fishin' ( Clemente I think) other's were unsatisfied with the whitefish they were catching hoping for other species

Again a scratchy report saying that the water had warmed up 3 degrees from yesterday and much more bluer and even talk about yellows under paddies

They said ---that they'd called in with a hundred plus- down below the Hidden (Proper) bluefin and yellows-- kelps? 1:22pm

Nice day of it-- reports say there's a few WSB off the backside of Catalina-- a little dab of squid was to be had back there off the 3 V's and front side isthmus Lion Head,

coastal OK for a few bass, sculpin no word on the Sea Bass yet

good luck tomorrow if you get out-- JD



-------- Friday--- March the 11 2022, Blue sky again-- due to blow west this afternoon l8-10 from the west morning hours-- Crazy boat drivers here in Newport yesterday-- ! lots of smelt and a few halibuts around the Lido bridge too!

Tides lowering as that moon fills,

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION i ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Advisory Synopsis: La Niña is favored to continue into the Northern Hemisphere summer (53% chance during June-August 2022), with a 40-50% chance of La Niña or ENSO-neutral thereafter. Below-average sea surface temperatures strengthened during February 2022 across the central and east-central tropical Pacific, with negative anomalies stretching from the central to eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean In particular, the weekly Niño-3.4 index decreased from -0.6°C at the beginning of February to -1.1°C in the last week,Below-average temperatures have expanded near the surface and at depth near ~150°]. Overall, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system reflected the continuation of La Niña. This month, the forecaster consensus favors a slower decay of La Niña due to the recent renewal of ocean-atmosphere coupling, which contributed to cooler near-term forecasts from several state-of-the-art climate models. For the summer and beyond, there is large uncertainty in the state of ENSO; however forecasters lean toward negative values La Niña is favored to continue into the Northern Hemisphere summer (53% chance during June-August 2022), with a 40-50% chance of La Niña or ENSO-neutral thereafter;

4 books, some bay tackle, and bags of bait- squid and chovies - a 2 tee shirts too

Good Luck this weekend if you get out-- tails were said to be caught at Clemente- watch the weather


------------ Thursdays Report --------March the 10th the month just marching along-- 2022- Light clouds this morning-- fading away to a hazy sky wind light but due to blow from the west later this evening-- light wind chop and a small west swell-

Couple radio checks so far today-- not much else-- whale watchers were quiet-- waters still cold- 57- 59 degrees murky looking too- some smaller boats came back in early?

Interesting that the AIS for the Middle Europe area are devoid of vessels?



Three hats, a marlin lure, cedar plug and fixed a small calcutta- added some line to it, good day started working on the 5 remaining Medium tackle bamboo blanks -- and some hooks--

- Wed's report- Feb the 9th 2022--------- Blue again-- with a bit of cooling down- light/fair south wind 7- 11 kts- small wind chop on it. feels cool- water temps below 60 degrees--

Speculations on rising fuel prices- you'd have to think they'd be a fuel surcharge applied to the partyboats fees , whale watchers and just about anyone using a boat this Spring/ Summer-- Buddy systems helping to share the boating expenses.

For some good bottom fishing and maybe a shot at yellowtails, working the backside of Catalina- 33° 18' 01.1" N, 118° 23' 54.6" W

Wind stayed light from the south today-- nice day--- White Sea Bass in the news over the past few days-- 45 lb fish out of Dana--- probably more- those bobber rigs w/ a live mackerel makes a good set up just outside the kelps beds-

Good Luck-- weather looks good for this coming Sat-/ Sunday - some afternoon wind


-------- Tuesday's report- March 8th --- bright and blue again--- seaward some marine haze otherwise another nice day--light fog expected tomorrow?- tides are mellow and seas still good small mix of seastate and some very light wind texture on it-- wind from the south- 2-5 kts--

Fuel prices here on the dock out from jumped up overnight-- up to $5.45 at the 200 gal price---

West wind today-- 10- 12 kts+


Took the day off yesterday-- walked the beach for a perch in that calm morning hours--- boat works- scrubbed her bottom, amazing all the various forms of barnacles and scum that grows on it - got the outboard back on and readied her for a spring fishing- took a row in the wind around the island, met a couple in float tubers- kinda a his and her deal- they were measuring her small 10 inch halibut against his 9 inch spotted bass--- called em' both child molesters - they released both fish-- late afternoon found the front yard being raked of leaves- full day-JD

Two hats, two T shirts, some lead sinkers and a bag of squid --so far-- and three sweatshirts!

Closed on Mondays ---

-------------- Sundays report ------ Deep blue sly with a few lingering clouds around--- cool but nice in the sun- Light to fair wind from the south today--5-8 kts ---seas still a bit on the mixed up side- some bump and small wind chop to it-- Tides are flattening out

Lots of folks out--- doing what they do-- Price of Diesel still holding at $5.07 over the 200 gal price--

Partyboats- working the shallow water rock cods, finding and metering what looks like good marks were only treated to a few fish bites-- maybe time of day- tide but the counts were off-- water temp- surface at 57 degrees-- There were however more whale sightings these days which kept their passangers entertained.

Shallow water cod fishing with the lighter weight braid lines and a smaller weighted jigs was the trick--

Have fun this coming week as that weather starts to turn around-- Spring will be here before you know it-- Daylight Savings starts next week!


------ Sat-- March the 5th - 2022----------- Windy-- Small Craft Warning-- a few hardy sailors out-- and some bay cruisers- that's about it-- Good day to finish up some yard work-- maybe take a nap-- work in the garage- chop some firewood or visit your local tackle shop and bend their ear for a while--

Another 5 more Bamboo blanks ( Med tackle) are up next for their first sanding ---- these Seven have had their first shaping and sanding with the 220 grit, another 400 and 600 sanding needed- then a coat of varnish, another 600 wet sanding then another varnish dip then handles turned and reel seats attatched then guide wraps - all on the horizon.


A few shoppers today, a gal going back to Fargo N/ D for a sweatshirt , some folks from South Africa/ Cape Town visiting, an family who grew up here on the island back in the 50's in for the T-shirts , two hats and a couple of bay lures--

-----------March the 3th 2022---------

-The cloud cover headed to the east with wind pushing behind it, due to blow stronger this afternoon . ocean has a small chop to it-- add some wind and it'll get bumpy-- coastal waters bays and harbors nice-- turning a little offcolor green with some sediment and plankton life developing w/ the sunshine.

Could have, should have, would have--- ! The Cost price on Diesel came up .25 Cents last night ! should have topped it off yesterday-- or today or tomorrow-- --!

Wind from the west increased--very few if any boats went out--- even the whake watchers came in early-- read a book tomorrow-- JD

sweatshirt, bag of bait and a hat!

---------- Thursday's report--- gray today replacing much of the blue overhead--- fair south wind this morning-6-10 kt along with a small wind chop on it, --pushing against a small west swell-- Tides still strong but will mellow out this weekend-

Today's work-- still on the Bamboo blanks, they need their outer shell trimmed, rough shaping and sanding down to confirm it's top, sides and bottom in flex and twist, maintaining the defined upright spine to support the guides. 4 out of 7 heavy boat rods so far-- another 5 medium blanks to work on. The finished product months and months away--

Spoke to the Fuel Dock out front of the shop today about the price of fuel--- most boats are topping off their tanks, as the future price of fuel- he felt it might rise $2.00 by the end of this month-!!!!- March!-- Two Dollars higher per gal-- Yikes!!!, I'll be cheaper to fly to Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii than a boat ride to San Clemente or Catalina Island!!!

Saw some black storm petrels ( birds) - winging their way south this afternoon-- good to see some nature still around

One customer --- last and first of the day!--- one discounted old lure and and new one too -- no hats nor bait today


-- Wed's the 2nd of March-- Another nice day--- poor smucks back east---Pale Blue sky with high clouds building cover and west swell later today--- Tides still strong--- in and out---

Such a nice day-- water sparkling not much wind if any at all- seas good, some sealife starting to show up-- there's smaller sardines pushing into the coastal shoreline, Shearwaters moving about--- at this stage things looks promising-- lets see what this front does to things,

And not too far off is the ---- Lily Call--

Balboa Angling Club’s 59th Annual Lily Call Bay Tournament April 30 & May 1, 2022

CROAKER - CORBINA - HALIBUT - BASS (Note Species: Spotfin & Yellowfin Croaker Only - Bass: Kelp, Sand & Spotted) plus the GRAND SLAM AWARD – Largest Total Weight of all 4 Species ENTRY FEE: $ 50.00 per Angler – TOURNAMENT HOURS: 12:01 a.m. Saturday, April 30th to 2:00 p.m. Sunday, MayMay 1st

4# test line only. All fishing line will be tested at weighing of fish. 2. IGFA rules apply with the following exceptions: Maximum 4’ leader allowed for Croaker and Corbina only. All other Species 15’ leader. No treble hooks with bait. 3. All anglers must have a current and valid California fishing license. 4. Fishing in Newport Bay only (straight line between the jetties). No fishing inland from Pacific Coast Highway Bridge. 5. Minimum Requirements: Bass must be 14” minimum; Halibut 23” minimum.

Give the Club a call for details--949 673-6316 or E Mail-,


- two Yankee jigs and a hat so far- some swivels too --Tide Book, -a t shirt and another two hats--


-------- Tuesdays March the 1st-- In like a Lamb-- we'll see about the end of the month-- Nice day--- blue all around, wind light from the south 2-3-4 kts small wind chop seas calm w/ small west swell- High Surf for next Thursdayand Friday!

Not many boaters out today-- good weather though- strong tide exchange---

Smaller halibuts and even a few good sized Calicos taken on trolled rapala's

Rock Cod Season opens today---

Well another nice day here on the waterfront-- couple boats came in from outside-- saying they'd done well this morning on bass off the art reefs north of the harbor--got slow after 10 am- frozen baits and plastics--

6 hats, some F/C leader- hooks and a bag of anchovies a couple visiting from Wyoming with photos of lake trout's, rainbows and a 200 lb + sturgeon they'd caught with 15/20 lb line-- 4 hours



------ Sunday Feb the 27th--- High clouds and a cooling light west wind--lots of folks out today-- making the most of it-- bicycling, walking the dogs, some boating and all enjoying what warmth the sun has to give-- Tides are strong again-- New Moon phase

Water temps still below the 60 degree mark, maybe some bottom stuff- halibut, bass or with the tides a White Sea Bass? No swordfish to date--

Whale watchers tell me they're seeing lots and lots of Anchoves-- miles of it- and dolphins and some gray whales too--

Water's clear-for the most part-- fish can see you!--- with the bays exchange of a greater tide today it's a little more murky- smaller halibuts maybe up to 21 inches in the harbors and bays---

west for most of the day- but light- high clouds muting out the sun- lots of boats out-- and folks from all over the place out here in sunny california, away from the cold mid-and back east states .

six hats, some fishing line, bay tackle, squid and anchovies and 4 long sleeve tee shirts-

long range forecast shows wind and rain next weekend-- -

------ Sat Feb the 26th-- Starts off cool and crisp again blue sky- cloudy towards the afternoon hours and cools down in the westerly sun. Beautiful day on the water-- Catalina nd the Cargo ships seen off shore-- a few smaller pods od dolphins off Laguna and towards the 14 Mile bank seen

Bottom fishing for the bass maybe a halibut or seabass-- stronger tides this weekend--

the Pesky's Awards last night with Broadbill Swordfish, caught and even a Released flag given out-- Kathy with the marlins again, Tunas and Dorado helped fill the bill- good folks!

Good Luck tomorrow if you get out---

one hat, Sweatshirts, smaller bay rod and reel and some tackle to go along with it


------ Friday-- Feb the 25 the year 2022, Cold mornings Sun warming -Blue sky again w a few clouds inland and light marine haze seaward -- Seas OK still a small lump from the west- sea water temps 56 to 59 degrees

Turns out a nice day- still on the cool side- but the wind backed off towards the afternoon hours--

BAC had their awards last night at the Clubhouse-- almost packed with members and guest-- Charlie Albright took top honors for Angler of the Year-- congrats to him and Lisa K having succeeded in getting her Three World Records approved. Tuna and Swordfish catches dominated the big fish awards while the Marlin catches were only fair this year Kathy E came away with First Marlin award-- Seabass, halibuts and shark buttons were bestowed to their anglers-and good times was had by all- -

Foreign Cargo ships more and more on the radio these days--

In the hole today-- lady wanted a book but didn't bring her money, said she would slip it through the door sometime - sure---

spent the day manking bamboo sawdust, 1 more blank worked on- it takes time

Good Luck this weekend \


---------- Thursday Feb the 24th March is only a few days away- then April/ May soon to come-- Clear and crisp again this AM-- ice forming on the docks this morning slippery! water temps dropped and the stillness of the tides have slowed things down- you'd think most of the fish would be lethargic by now-- they are---

Back to the Bamboo and the building of them-- peaceful work--


-------- Wed Feb the 23 2022- Blustery , cool and puffy clouds all around--- nice--

Spent some time yesterday typing up a winter time project-- but alas-- hit the delete button by mistake-- gone--- so we'll try it again today--- it happens--

Thursday evening the BAC will have their 2021 Annual Awards 5-6 pm--at the clubhouse-- dress warm! Give the club a call if you have questions, there's a few parking spaces behind my store if needed- cross on the ferry- JD

Winter time projects--- in pursuit of Linen fishing lines, who wants it, who uses it, some curse it- others hate it, it doesn't take knots too well, can rot on the spool and it takes added care to preserve it. Swells up and drags through the water and dosen't streach either. Breaks!

During it's time it was the best made, a natural product unlike today's super braids or the copolymers and monofilament and Microns, Dacron's and Nylons of past, all known as synthetic fishing lines after the mid -late 1940's . Before then made of natural products of silks, hemp, and twisted strands of linen flax. Known as Regulation Light Tackle and Heavy Tackle these cable twisted in strands of Linen consisting of 3 x 3 or 9 thread and 8 x 3 for the 24 thread lines, not to exceed 26 and 66 lbs respectably.

Some noted catches with it--

Light Tackle - Broadbill 365 lbs/ 1928, Marlin-348 lbs/ 1933, 243 lbs/ 1960, , Tuna 145 lbs/ 1919, 76/ 1979,-, White Sea Bass 53 lbs/ 2014

Heavy Tackle Broadbill 573 lbs/ 1927, 520 lbs/ 1956, Marlin 692 lbs/ 1931, 405/ 1932, 372/ 1948, Tuna 251 lbs/ 1899, 175 lbs/ 1933

The challenge of a fair sport caught fish with it

It's been years in research and finally into production , through these troubled times here and abroad in manufacturing/ Covid and the health of the workers involved the search kept on. In finding an old- old mill in Europe who could actually twist the flax into threads under the required Regulation Tackle rules of cable twisted methods, and to what degree of of twist to keep it from unraveling-! Waxed or Non waxed, colored or natural white, continuous length and no flubs/ splices in it, the list goes on- to best get it to the degree of what was used in past times-- and the challange it brings -- JD .

Just when you think things are starting to comeabout-- War breaks out !


------ Tuesday Feb the 22 the year 2022- Blue behind a cloudy and cool windy day-due to be more clouds, cooler and more windy--

Small Craft Warning today-- not many if any out today--- cold air will again lower the surface water temps--- it's still February


Closed on Mondays---

----- Sunday-- a few clouds overhead-- cooler--- wind light from the south due to strengthen , nice day- water temps still at the 59/60 degree mark- no reports of sea bass so far today nor swordfish or tuna--sand and calico bass the mainstay except the party boats still hammering the sculpin to fill their sacks

Not much going on today-- even for the boats at Catalina-- lowering pressure and cooling weather seemed to slow things down--even the local art reefs north of newport were slow-- well it's February-- it'll get better

If you saw anything of special interest at the show give JD's a call--

Good Luck-- JD

Three Sweatshirts, 6 T-shirts 2 hats, some anchovies, hooks sinkers 3 books, some line installed and lots of folks out enjoying their day off-

If I sold as many Rapalla lures as I do hats and tee shirts I'd have the busiest tackles shop around-- keeps me in buisness all these years--


--------- Sat Feb the 19 2022-- Blue Skies again, nice day forecasted- dozens of boats out today- seas calm with a slight wind texture to it-- wind from the southwest 3-4 kts- due to swing west this afternoon-


Whale watchers heading out of dana were seeing Fin Back Whales at approx 5 off the beach 1800 feet of water 24/ 46 good show of them-- one Grey seen off laguna-- heading home -- north

Westerly developed stronger through the day-- high wispy clouds clouded the west sky- it's Febuary-

Lots of folks out and about--

ome more bamboo worked on-

4 hats, 4 long sleeve T shirts, Some tackle and 2 bags of squid--

The IGFA on Thursday, March 24, 2022, will bestow the prestigious Tommy Gifford Award upon six recipients in recognition of their extraordinary contributions of 2021 to the advancement of sport fishing through innovation, outstanding catches or noteworthy examples of leadership in their trade , to Captain Peter Groesbeck!! congrats Pete!


--- Feb the 18 2022----- Friday it's Friday again-- hoot hoot--- cool and crisp and blue again this morning, light south wind, flat seas and a small wind ripple on it-- building seas

For those on the go--Cabo San Lucas of further South-- looks like the fishing is good there-- reports say more and more Striped marlins schools into the Sea of Cortez- cooler water and offcolor will stack them up

Several boats headed to Catalina this afternoon--- Hooping still good they say--

Sea Bass will be there and some halibuts too!---


Water temps in Celsius and the Chlorophyll Charts ( 3 day)

Gordos Fish Report

Striped marlin was the most active bite going on now, especially on the Pacific Golden Gate Banks, where some boats were catching double digits of these billfish. Though in recent days the action also busted wide open around the Gordo Banks, good numbers of marlin in the 70 to 100 lb. range were being accounted for. Dorado were mixed in and spread out, found in limited numbers, mostly solitary fish or in small groups, on the same marlin grounds, as well as closer to shore, we actually saw a few impressive sized bulls over 30 lb


More scraping the outer shell and initial shaping of the bamboo blanks - the 4th out of 7 Heavy boat rods .

Hats-2, Fish Belt- spinning rod and reel ,some bay tackle and bag of squid and chovies-- and a JD T Shirt-- and another ha!t

have a fun weekend!

Real nice afternoon

------- Feb the 17th 2022----------- Bright blue again- mild Santa Ana's, today- wind swinging around mid morning-- seas fair- sparkly light wind chop-

Tides still strong -- bay waters clear and clean good visibility almost a emerald green tint to it--

This weekends morning flood tide till 10:30 am and a low at sunset should help set the stage for some Sea bass fishing - At the three fish per angler limit for the day-- it's been suggested that if the fish are small- take only what you use.

Whale Watchers reported seeing quite a few Grays today--- if your out and traveling about this weekend--- weather looks good both Sat and Sunday-- San Clemente island is open Sat and Sunday---- it's Hot till Friday 2pm then good for the weekend--

have Fun-- JD

An marlin lure and a hat!

Feb the 16th 2022--- Weather forecasters say strong N W winds-- this morning it's strong from the South /Southeast and chilly choppy seas and bumpy--- a few lingering clouds - tide waters mixed with the coastal breakers have the shoreline waters offcolor-- only the few smaller whale watchers inflatable left the harbor --- came back in early----

Stayed south all day--

Spent the day doing paperwork- always needs to be done-- get that done before playing with the reels for repair and the bamboo rod building--


2 sweatshirts- 2 hats, 2 T Shirts and some tackle for the bay --- and a bag of anchovies !


---------- Feb 15 2022, Half the months gone already,, March is around the corner -- where's the heat go--- Small Craft warning today--an cold -front from the north pushing through, Full Moon phase and a good tidal flow-

Free Lures Shimano Swim Kick casting jigs--- yep!!!!- Free Shimano Swim Kick ---to those folks who went with the Rams to Win in the JD's S B Special -- they get a Free Shimano Swim Kick lure-!!!!! Congrats! -----

next year you'll have to get in on the action!--

-I've set aside a collection of the for all the winners !! It almost went the other way!


Shimano might be displaying these Hot Jigs at the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival this weekend- at the OC Fairgrounds-- - check them out-- ! -



You can bet that top layer of warmed water will cool off today- that wind is cool --- - It's the middle of February

Nice sunset though-




Closed on mondays---

--Super Sunny Sunday 2 13 eggshell blue again this morning--- nice--- let those folks back East have the cold we'll take a quake every so often-( maybe tomorrow/ moons almost full , seabass should be biting--- !) - Light if any wind from the south/southeast 1- 3 kts due to swing from the west this afternoon -still light to fair--- seas good a little swell and some texture to it-- nice traveling day--

White Sea bass-- well they're here ( catalina) as todays Images ( sorry no photo allowed yet) shows a great catch limits yesterday or this morning--- there're biting! Congrats--- JD where- when how--- Mumms the word-- Photo coming!


Right before the bottom of the tide--- they fished coastal for a bit them made the run to Catalina-- got there at 11am and were Limited out in maybe hour and a half--- first cast was bite and from there on it was almose every caast was a fish-- great fihing--- then headed home early--


Maybe with this approaching weather front things will be in for a change, a trigger of you will? ---yet we've still got a ways till Spring's warming water develops-- give it time-- JD

2 T-shirts coule hats and two lures for the bay-- and a bag of anchovies--

Good luck if you get out tomorrow--- JD


---- Sat --warm and sunny again-- 2/11/2022 ------ light south wind 2-4 kts- seas good still on the cool side and a few high clouds to the south-- refreshing to hear more VHF radio chatter this morning--- folks up on the flats fishing the halibuts and basses-- some over to Catalina- nice day on the water--

The Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival held at the Orange County Fair Grounds next weekend Fri, Sat and Sunday it's due to draw lots of participants, although short hours ( closes at 5pm) but it's jam packed with fishing stuff , travel and speakers- have fun! ---

A which in the mid-afternoon weather- towards the noon hour-- maybe some fog starting starting to roll, in--

For the sight-seeing relatives from back east--- Sharks feeding on a dead whale 38 over 25---

Another nice day on the water--- light marine clouds seaward- dead calm seas and wind--- hot -- hot-- hot--- not much said on the radio about fishing--- a few more dolphins seen outside Dana-- more paddle-boarders and kayakers and small skiffs out today--

Seven hats- two bait nets for a couple kids from Alaska- A deep drop rigged swordfish squid and some sabiki rigs, a half dozen bags of bait-and some fish/shark I.D.'s nice day- - Three Med Bamboo blank scraped and shaped so far .

Go Rams-----


- Its that wonderful day again Friday Feb the 11 still warm and sunny- seas are great- a stronger lump from the west this morning otherwise calm seas- light wind texture to it with a West 2-4 kts wind. a few more schools of bait seen close to the shoreline and smaller baitfish fry in the harbors, Skiffs were headed out this mornings- most went north towards the Flats-- Building moon phase


Not much so far on the radio- couple boats looking to buy squid on the VHF, no reply to them-


Still working on those Bamboo blanks, 5 which are tapered thinner for Light Tackle ( 9 thread/26lb ) use, and 7 blanks that are for Medium Tackle (rating-12-15 thread- 36-435lbs) at about one blank ( six sides) per day for the first outer bark/ shell and glue that needs to be scraped off. A critical rough shaping of the rod begins there.





With the clear weather both day and night we're able to get a good satellite images of the West Coast local waters, although the water temps ( left) are in Celsius it shows a nice pocket of warm water between Newport and Dana Point with a band of offcolor plankton rich water ( right) running to the east end of the island providing what should be a good area for the dolphins and whales if your out sightseeing this weekend--- have fun--




Have a good weekend- weather looks good till late Sunday afternoon-



02/10/2022 Feb the 10 sunny again - Stronger Santa Anna's last night and this morning-- Avalon harbor holding it's own but ask for boats not to come there today- tomorrow and Sunday till mid afternoon the weather looks good--color on Tue- Wed next week

Waters warmed up a bit at 60- 61 degrees ( surface)

Couple of boys ( men) dropped in the shop today-- fishing in the Sea of Cortez with bottom jigs etc for the groupers and cabrillas - they had never heard of the Deep Dropping method for swordfish so a short review and a few drawings helped, with some hooks and leaders off they went-- hopefully with another way of fishing for them-- good luck--

Not much going on on the radio today-- a radio check or two the Navy was warning a vessel who was entering one of there target area zones which was to have heavy live firing--" at your present course and speed you will be entering the target zone-please alter your course 15 degrees to Port"


With these dry winds those Cincinnati Bengals are gonna need some chap-stick and sinus spray--

-- Two Sabaki rigs and a hat!


July 9th-- nope it'sFebuary the 9th --Wed's Hot report--- if the computers web site server gets working again- light west again in the afternoon- helps to cool things off a bit- nice seabreeze- Coastal fishing still fair on the basses, did hear of Rissos Dolphins and Right Whales/ Dolphins not too far off the coastline maybe two to 5 straight out of Newport-- good show of them for the days outing--

Go Rams--

-------- Tuesdays Feb the 8th 2022------- Anothe nice day here in So Calif-- some high clouds above, seas are flat and calm-- tides also quiet- a few boaters out-- some after the bass, others just out for a nice day on the water-

dead calm and hot--- damn Hot! light westerly towards the afternoon--

you can bet there's gonna be a lot of beer sales this weekend!

Go Rams--

Two hats, two bags of bait, some tackle and a drop line--!

Closed on Mondays--

----- Sunday Feb the 6 2022- cool morning hours- clear sky and warming as that sun rose-- light south wind some small wind chop- Tides are starting to mellow out-- and lots of folks out-

Reported goof fishing this morning here in the harbor--- an aprox 17-18 inch spotty released and several other smaller bass caught in that mornings incoming tide and a cast small jig w/ a spinner blade did the trick- coastal fishing fair to good this morning out to the art reels above Newport-- several nice sand bass in the catch--

Continuing on with the bamboo rod crafting- , having cut to length from the basic blank each of the sides have to be reviewed to determine it's bend and how it behaves under stress, which is to be the top, bottom and sides (six spines) . The nod sections of the bamboo are staggered which distributes how it lodes or twist. Flattening out the high spots and leveling them creates a more functional blank without the twisting. Flat scrapping with a razor blade starts the leveling, one side opposite the other till all sides are as straight and flat as possible. Hours of work , one side at a time. more to come



Six T-shirts, two sweatshirts, eight hats or visors, fishing line and some tackle, sold out of squid--

Good luck this coming week if you get out-- should be good and sunny with a bit of wind-- hope the fog dosent creap back in-- GoRams---get you bets in for the SuperBowl Play off Special-- ( see above)

-------- Sat Feb the 5 2022 ---------If your visiting from back East-- welcome to Sunny California--- the dry heat may get to your sinus but there's no snow! light west wind morning hours-- seas are calm, light texture to the water--- still cool at 58/59 degrees--

Lots of folks out walking, bicycling, boating- -- -

A check with the local BAC angling club-- seeing if the First Fish of the Year had been caught yet---( marlins, swordfish, tuna, yellowtail, seabass or halibut Etc. ) Nope only a lonely small Sand Bass so far--- with the weather improving this week maybe we'll see some catches-- Good Luck JD

And the work begins--- a month worth of flat filing and sanding, another month or two on the varnish works and then handles and reel seats to be made and install then the thread and guide wrapping and some epoxy finishing Light and Medium Bamboo rod building --- getting my hands back in shape---!

Boaters out looking for whales finding a few ones---- some Bottlehead dolphins and Risso's , a Fin Whale and even a Gray seen out towards the dumping grounds above the rigs towards PV--From the 14 mile bank towards the Dump Site-- 35/20 Risso's everywhere

Couple bags of squid, three hats a T-Shirt some tackle and a Fish Flag--


-------- Friday the 4th of Febuary- 2022-------- Clear this AM- warming by the sun, wind light from the east/southeast/ northeast- light wind chop seas flat except a small west swell- good day go go out and watch finbacked whales or stay on the beach and catch a seabass or two , or three - Lots of small sardines moving into the bays and harbors these days, pelicans and a few terns dive-bombing in on them- waters cleared w still a green tint to them- water temps 56- 59 degrees

Glad to work on the older reels-- at least preserve them for another generation- A.J.Coxe 9/0 Special Heavy Duty "Swordfish" model ( Left) and a equal sized 9/0 from the Mfg at Bronson , MI

1930- 35 era--

- Joe Coxe worked for the Tufts-Lyons Arms Company, fished the waters off Catalina Island in the early 1900s and was a member and past president of the Avalon Tuna Club. Coxe experienced first-hand the inadequate tackle of the day and in 1919 decided to start work on a reel of his own design. The result was a handmade reel that for many years would be considered the finest salt water reel money could buy. The Coxe's 12/0 size reel cost a whopping $750.00 in the 1930 Abercrombie & Fitch Catalog during the great depression, that's $11,000.00 in today's dollars.!



The J.A. Coxe - Los Angeles Ca. - 9/0 - Special Heavy Duty "Swordfish" Model Reel, seen above is restored and almost as good as new-- cool reel to work on- Coxe sold his Los Angeles based reel manufacturing company to the Bronson Reel Company of Bronson, Michigan in 1935.

A quick look at Baja and there's a good concentrations of warmer water there-- Wind driven cooler water from above both the Gulf and the Pacific sides of Baja--it should be a concentration of sealife there--- get's much cooler and they'll split!


Boats heading to Catalina, tomorrow-- fishing the backside taking advantage of the islands protection-- what a sunny day it'll be back there-- expect a west wind in the afternoon--

Good Luck if you headed out this weekend--



3:00 pm update Anaheim Bay's harbor entrance was closed due to something-- no advisory as to when it will open?

Some hats, fishing tackle and bags of bait--


JD's Famious Super Bowl Playoff Special

Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals

Shimano's new Swim-Kick Jig

You pick your team if they win-- you win a free lure! if they loose you get to buy two- great lures with that extra weight transfer system which adds 15 % greater casting distance. A taboo into the casting jig world Shimano challenges them with their Swim Kick Jig - they work great!

Call or Email in your bet-- JD or 1- 800 660 5030


------Feb 3 2022- Thursday's report - Cool and sunny again-- light south wind this morning turning to a light westerly this afternoon- tides still moving but not a strong-- should be some White Sea Bass around the high tide mark tomorrow mid morning

Drift floats are used for the sea bass fishing suspends the bait ( mackerels are preferred/ using squid all the other creatures eat it) held at about 40-50 deep and drifted away from the boat- if set up ( anchored or drifting) right at maybe 50-75 ft away from the structure / artificial reef or kelp line. and wait for the bite--


Working on a A.J Coxe reel this week--- interesting to see the maker having wire tied each of the main screw together to prevent them from backing out, the thought and conception of making mechanisms to hold the ratchet and springs together--- old school





A sweatshirt, three T-Shirt, hat , malin lure and casting jig and 2 drift floats for seabass fishing- and two----three bags of squid and some hooks and sinkers--

-- Wed Feb the 2nd,, Feb the 2nd, 2022- Clear and crispy blue this morning cold air down from the inland snow capped mountains N/E winds gusty and dry- their's not many places to hide when the wind blows offshore here-- tucked inshore below the Newport harbor for a couple miles-as fare as Abalone Pt. then under some of the bluffs just north of Dana or further south below Oceanside , forecasted to strengthen towards the Clements Island this afternoon evening--


The next weekend weather looks ok Sunday a calmer wind day--

And Super Bowl Sunday looks good at 66 degees and a 7 kt south wind is forecaste

One sweatshirt--! and a bag of bait!


--Tuesdays Feb the 1st-- New Moon phase and quakes??? - High tide 8:46 am quake came right after there was a lot of ocean water weight on the plates!

Clouds overhead and a light south wind today--- sea's ok light chop- water temps still under the 60 degree mark, it's February and will stay cool till the middle of March-- bass and halibuts for awhile. maybe a swordfish or two?-

Tides dropping out at 2.9 kts ! San Diego bay was down -1.9 ft at 3:47 pm today LA was -1.7 ft


One sweatshirt and two packs of rigging needles ! and a T-shirt sale to some folks from Eastern Europe

------ Sunday Jan the 30 2021-------- Blue sky this morning-- nice by the mid morning hours a south breeze had sprung up maybe 10 kts putting a light wind chop on the water--- otherwise nice day- lots of folks out bicycling- walking their dogs or going boating--

Couple bags of squid some tackle-- no hats yet-- nope two hats and more tackle and a T-shirt--

Good football games and another nice day on the water- lots of boats out-

wind still out of the south backing off somewhat in the afternoon-- Maybe you should go out fishing tomorrow -weather looks ok- tides high early 8 am then goes out quickly after that, almost 3 kts.

. Good Luck

Go Rams Go Angles- ops! no- go Dodgers- nope, Lakers who cares--go Chargers- nope again--- --- Go Rams-- ?

- Sat Jan the 29th-- the Balboa Island Ferry is open again to cars- work completed on Agate St -- hurray!

Cloudy overcast but no wind seas calm and flat-- not much in the way of catches-- more fishing that catches--

Several Radio checks-- roger that skipper--

Tides low and getting lower tomorrow-- Stand by--

Worked on a the Pfluger Free Spool reel today-- pleased that I was able to unscrew and screw in the fine threaded screws with the hand held screwdriver-- right hand seemd to know what to do!


bag of squid two hats-- a bunch of tackle-- and some more tackle---

should be a nice sunset-- good luck tomorrow if you get out-- send photos~!


JD -


----------- Friday--- Jan the 28 the year 2022- High clouds spread over the sky this morning-- weather warming after a cool evening-- light west wind 3-4 kts, seas have a ruffle to them- no swell- Coastal and bay waters have a clear emerald green to them good visibility-

Locally not as many Gray whales passing by these days- reported they've made a slight detour to outside the islands then back in towards the coastline San Diego waters-

This time of year the fortunate take a trip south to better fishing, Cabo San Lucas on Lands End can be off and on this time of year as that cool water drops further southwards, but when its good it's reallu Good--- ,From Martha-Cabo January days. So much fun! Dorado, wahoo, tuna, and stripers. What other fishery in the world produces like CABO? RETRIEVER! LOVE MY CREW! Tony, Chikis, Hector. You guys rock--

On the Pacific side Mainland of Mexico to Panama holds more private sportfishers fish the tournaments there-

further East Yestersdays IGFA Light Tackle Sailfish was held in Floirda, local angler Lisa M was part of the anglers taking 1st Place Congratulations to Balboa Angling Club Member Lisa Kitagawa and Team “FISH ON” for winning the IGFA Light Tackle Tournament in Florida!!! Team “FISH ON”: Captain Andrew Dotterweich, Mate and Top Angler Jamie Barnett, Mate and Angler Joey Salvo, Angler Lisa M. Kitagawa Six Sailfish, live bait, on the kite!

Nice day again--

three bags of squid, some gulp sand worms and two T -shirt-!



------- Thursdays Jan the 27 2022 ------ Starts off foggy conditions this morning by the eleven o'clock hour most of it had burnt off- clear blue above--- seawards it's still gray- light wind from the south 2-4 kts seas calm- tides starting to grow again- this weekend and Monday major tide flows-- Quakes? stand by--

Couple of boats out- radio reception must be good--( below the border) boats talking about the lingcods and starry and salmon groupers they were catching--

Local party boats fishing sculpin outside the rigs--

Work begins with a pair of older Coxe 10/0 reels ( Bronson & lA) a Pfluger Oceanic , Free Spool, Four Bros Sumco and a Fox small reel, and a Martin Red Head Teaser added in for looks






a hat, a bag of anchovies, couple of hooks and some sinkers so far today


Wed's Jan 26th 2022-

Morning cloud cover seemingly went away towards the noon hour-- wind light from the southwest 2-4 knts-- seas calm, signs of bird life along the coastlines-- tides are mellow for now--- -- It's still January and the coldest month Febuary is yet to come--, we just have to let nature take her course--

JD's is back working on reels for now--- if they need service give me a call- JD

Beautiful day- with those Altostratus and Cirrus clouds above--- 6,000 - 20,000 ft-

Wind freshened from the west towards the middle of the day-- backing off towards the afternoon--


This coming weekend the weather looks good for a mornings outing- go out and catch a fish-- spend the rest of the day at the Bar-B Que , drink a beer and watch a football game!--








then Sunday Feb 13 the Super Bowl LVI an American football game



------------ Tuesday Jan the 25th--- anothe nice day here in So Calif.

Light south wind maybe 4 -5 kts-- light wind chop with the wind- flat seas-Good football games over last weekend- we'll see what the next weekend brings--- Stand By for the JD's Surper Bowl Playoff Special!

- Good to see a number of boats moveing around---

A E-mail today-- From one of those who like watching the ocean--

Labeled under "On the spot reporting" an E-mails today-- living along the coastline of Laguna Beach he has a panoramic view of the ocean below him--- his mail reads of watching dolphins feeding close to the coast--

Hi JD, Thanks for your reports, stories and info. I’ve been enjoying them for years. I will have to come to Newport someday and visit you and your shop. From a high up view here in Laguna Beach, on Top of The World, I see a lot of surface anomalies from day to day. Today being the 25th of January, 2022, I’m seeing a very large pod of Dolphin and who knows what else approximately 4-5 miles out. Looking through my binoculars I can see a ton of splashing, whitewash, and full bodies jumping out of the water. They’re heading south at this point right now & look to be off of Brook Street, outside of the “Forbidden Zone”. With rumors of the Bluefin moving in closer to shore they may be on this pod feeding hard right now. Or it’s just a bunch of marine mammals eating well. You never know what lurks below… Fishers and sight seeing whale watchers might find something interesting in this zone today. As of right now there’s no boats on them. I’ve seen several sights like this throughout the years from my high up perch. Often times the boats get on them, whale watchers, and or fishermen (& women!). Today the critters are on their own. Maybe someone will get lucky? Never know unless you go. Best Regards & Thanks Again, Ryder


Looking back last yeat this time-- rain and wind---! ---Tuesday Jan 26th 2021 ------------

Better weather than yesterday's blow!--- light south wind today but seas are still a bit confused and bumpy--All due to change by the upcoming weekend Stand by








West jetty marker down

one hat, one lure--

Closed on Mondays

Sunday Football day again-- as well as its still a light Santa Winds- though moving to the west towards noon- light wind chop-- a few skiffs out fishing the bay- other's out looking for blows or splashy dolphins- they say Catalina and coastal waters still fair except those halibuts and couple of good football games yesterday and today-- go Rams--

Lots of folks out again- jet skiers, kayakers, skiffs, electric boats--

Good game-- I think-- bait was hard to make toda-- some halibuts bites-


----- Sat Jan the 22 nd-- windy- last night and all today-- backing off throughout the day-- again lots of folks out wandering around- boaters restricted somewhat by the winds-- staying close to shore under the coastal hills gave some relief , outside there a 1/2 the winds took you offshore-- not the place to be--Wind backing off tomorrow-- and the approaching mid days slack high tide spells some would would be out looking for a basking broadbill swordfish--

Bay fishers reported fair fishing for the spotties--hoping the outgoing tide would bring better results .

Spoke to a old customer today, he's fished Omar -saltwater fishing for GT's tossing surface lures in crystal gin clear waters teaming with sealife-- caught and lost a few-- off to Swiss Alps and some special trout fishing this coming fall-- what the life-!

Nice day despite the wind--



It's Friday again --- Jan the 21 We're a month into lengthening days-- thankfully- coastal wind from the south this morning-- 10+ kts-due to swing North /northeast - seas a bit confused with a west swell against it-- for the most part Water temps holding under the 60 degrees mark- -- 58-59 degrees


E-Mail from Jon--( Seapro) just want to let you know that my customized 2015 EdgeWater 208 Center Console is for sale at Johnston Yacht Sales on PCH. If you know anyone, it has pretty much everything for any kind of fishing, and in nearly perfect condition. 721 hrs Contact John Siple at Johnston's Yacht Sales 949-574-2710 for information.

Nice day-- sunshine and a relaxing of the wind by the mid afternoon--- lots of folks out--

Spent the day working on the inventory of the store-- finding old hooks and lures that used to be the "Hot Item" --- funny how methods and refining of them narrows ones perspective.


Jan the 19 2022----Thursday--------- We're past the full moon now going dark-- we'll see what mother nature will bring us-- seas good today not so much wind- it's at 3-5 from the west--- suner skies and more boats out traveling--

This mornings radio chatter brings relief there's still a few boaters out- party boat speaking about looseing one at the rail while bring;it it over but they 'ed had five legal so far-- not sure what they were- but they sounded far away, a current change to a south to north movements against the islandgave some idea where they were-- -- and radio reception is good today--

A call yesterday asking about the rumor of bluefin off Dana-- I didn't see any boats flying flags but that wouldn't be out of the question-- they were here same time last year-- Stand By!

A check on the AIS still shows all those container ships that were clustered here off our coastline-- an ugly site with with oil spill and concerns of the environment then, -- they haven't gone far they're just out of vision the the mainstream- the containers scattered from below San Nicolas to the south to Guadalupe Island and beyond, hundreds of em, -- Guadalupe's biosphere zone protecting them from hazard spills -

And scanning the AIS, the container ship SWORDFISH shows up a cool name for a ship--

Container Ship CMA CGM SWORDFISH is currently located at USWC - US West Coast at position 33° 21' 00.4" N, 119° 47' 22.6" W as reported by MarineTraffic Terrestrial Automatic Identification System on 2022-01-20 19:06 UTC (1 minute ago) The wind in this area at that time blows from North direction at force 2 Beaufort. Where is this vessel going to? The vessel departed from LOS ANGELES, US on 2022-01-20 04:32 LT (UTC -8) and is currently sailing at 17.3 knots with Southwest direction heading to HONOLULU, US with reported Estimated Time of Arrival at 2022-01-25 16:00 LT (UTC -8) local time (in 5 days, 4 hours )

What kind of ship is this? CMA CGM SWORDFISH (IMO: 9331000) is a Container Ship that was built in 2007 (15 years ago) and is sailing under the flag of Malta.


Some boats making driffs for halibut-- doing well at em''

Four hats, a bag of squid, a sabaki rig for smelt and a late afternoon customer comes in from Turkey, picks up some colt snipers for surface casting --says they've three types of water there, a salt water, a medium salt water and a fresh or no salt water--!



Wed's report - light cloud cover due to burn off mid day-- wind light from the west 4 6 kts-- seas have a little bump and wind chop to it-- Tides still moving in and out strongly

Coastal fishing -- sand and calico bass-- probably with the moon phase there's a few sea bass around-- Party boats, if they're out are targeting the sculpin above the outer rigs--

Not much going on today--- some sweatshirts for some folks going whale watching and a few hats-- and a tuna lure! wind stayed west steady and kelp a light marine haze for the day--cooling off a bit--

who's to be in the JD's Super Bowl Playoff Special and what's to be on the table--- what shall we do???



------ Tuesday Jan the 18 2021---------- Nice day- a few clouds above, maybe a sprinkle of two-- no rain-- wind light from the south - seas look good with a few boats traveling--- tides still strong with the full moon last night--

Quiet days on the waterfront these days---

One or two radio check- ch 72 and a few dock or barge workers-- two hats, a pamplent on birds another on sharks ,

Year end paperwork for most of the day-- Sales tax paid and matches --off only 27cents! Now breaking down expeditors for the store, cost of goods, insurances, rents, utilities, telephone etc.. more paperwork-- then the stores inventory needs to be done and it's extrapolating out for cost etc. more paperwork---keeps the mind active!


time to go home--


--- Sunday Jan the 16th -- Nice day-- a few high wispy clouds mixed with coastal lower clouds-- should be another good sunset this evening--- sunlights extendings it's twilight zone- ah the twilight zone-- South wind very light- 1 - 2 kts seas calm and it's be nice to be out on them--

E Mail from Jerry-- down under New Zealand Russel's Tsunami report---

Hi Men, Tutukaka Harbour is about half way between Cape Brett and Auckland or about 70 km. Russell and sea south of us has big swells 5-7 meters (15-21ft) -- a result of one large breaker!


Vick calls in afternoon hours reminding me to go home early!

Good luck if you get ont this coming week-- looks good weather -


----------- Sat Jan 15 Tsunami Warnings this morning--- Volcano eruption centered near Tonga in the South Pacific the warning spread out to Hawaii and here on the West coast---, even a coastguard helicopter moving up and down the coastline warning folks to stay off the beaches and even the harbor entrance was closed for a while--- no sign of any increase of waves or swell observed-- -- Filling Full Moon??? Mount St Helens volcano erupted - one day before the full moon -- called earth's mantal plate tide- they slide apart

Light sprinkles and a overcast sky-- suppose to clear up later today--

Must be a Bay Bass tournament today as a dozen skiffs fishing it--

Best sale of the day--- afternoon a mid aged couple comes in the shop--wandering around looking at the old photes , he pauses and picks up a dropline, one of those old green thread warpped over a "H" frame hand lines - two funky hooks and a sliding egg sinker-- their headed to Catalina , and the green pier brings back memories as a boy using one to catch a fish-- using cheese. He's pleaseed to go fishing agan---- nice couple-

Gray day on the water, no wind and calm seas-- -


up to 95%-- JD


It's Friday again the 14th of Jan- 2022-----------light overcast--- wind from the south 2-4 kts--- seas good-, tides building and draining stronger now with the aproaching Full Moon-- -- a few folks wandering around looking for something to do-- not much boating traffic-


- Nice Day--- couple of guys came in the shop-- wanting to go fishing in the bay-- it's low tide, they picked up some bay mussels laying on the beach as extra bait along with the anchovies and some simple hook rigs , sinkers and leaders and off they go--- a couple hours later they phone in saying they had already caught two bay bass and a yellowfin croaker--and lost something big!-- having a good time of it--

Good day for year end bookkeeping---

sold a few hats and exchanged a sweatshirt Christmas gift--

go fishin!



-------- Thursday Jan the 13 2022---------- light overcast and fair skies--- wind light from the south-- seas are calming down and expected to be calm with a left over ground swell-

Go fishin!

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION January 2022 ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Advisory Synopsis: La Niña is likely to continue into the Northern Hemisphere spring (67% chance during March-May 2022) and then transition to ENSO-neutral (51% chance during April-June 2022). In December 2021, below-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean were consistent with a mature La Niña The IRI/CPC plume average for the Niño-3.4 SST index continues to forecast a transition to ENSO-neutral during the Northern Hemisphere spring . The forecaster consensus this month favors the continuation of La Niña through March-May 2022, with a transition to ENSO-neutral occurring in April-June 2022 (51% chance). ENSO-neutral is then expected to persist through the Northern Hemisphere summer, In summary, La Niña is likely to continue into the Northern Hemisphere spring and then transition to ENSO-neutral (51% chance during April-June;

Looked like a few boats were out today--- coming back in the harbor after noon with a thumbs up signaling they 'ed done well-

and only one radio check---



-------- Jan 12--- 2022----------

Still upright and going forward-- 90% full use and strength coming back-- hurray! looking forwards to some fishing soon-- deep water halibuts around-- not many but at least it's good weather to fish for them.

more tomorrow--JD

---------Jan 11 2022---

Will be updating the Fish Report , but not right now - Nice day--- So Calif weather for January-- warm and sunny at least for now

I'm back in the saddle again-- but reducing my hours for the next week of so 11-3pm- and parking here at the store is difficult as they are putting in underground electric and the streets and parking is very difficult-- so E- mails and phone calls best for a while--


2022 no Rock Cod now only Sculpin, Sand or Calico bass and White Sea bass or yellowtail of halibut- good luck --Dont forget those winter time Swordfish --- rumor has it one was caught not to long age--


Happy New Year- JD






------- Dec the 23 2021--- Thursday---Light overcast with a few sprinkles so far-- more due-- seas flat and calm-- no swell and only


------ Dec the 22nd, 2021 or 12222021------ Wed's report--------- we're gonna get wet--you can fell that low approaching from the Southwest drawing in some cool weather from the west/ northwest-- seas good for now-- due to change during this coming storm event- tides are starting to mellow out--

Probably be a few lobster 'ers out tonight or tomorrow - the season still open and they say the bugs like to crawl in the rainy weather-- I'd rather crawl in front of a fireplace myself--

The sea life at least fro the whale watchers-- and such --- not finding much in the way of baitfishes along the coastline-- upon the HB Flats there's some but in the deeper water not much

On the positive side of the rain here and mainly northern waters, Oregon and Washington the out flowing waters from rivers feeds plankton life and the abundance of smelt and anchovies benefit from it-- more food for the future.

Well it's been a long year--- except for the tunas-- and they've keep this industry alive for the past few years--- and pospects for a warmer season next year look slim.



-- Yahoo--- tomorrow daylight grows-- today Tuesday Dec the 21st Winter Solstice 12-21-21, Moons weakening and weather looks to darken with cloud cover developing-- coastal it's 3-5 kts from the west/southwest and no swell to speak of-- cool air and water holding at 60

Great Christmas- E Mail today--- from Aaron--JD, Merry Christmas! Quick report from our annual trip to Cabo this month. My son Jack, 9 years old, caught his first marlin! It was a nice “California Sized” fish and he chose to release it. Proud Dad moment. He fought it standup style and had it to the boat in 20 minutes. We even had a triple going, with Mom and Grandpa all hooked up on marlin simultaneously. Epic family day. Sincerely, ~Aaron

Good Family Fun-- Congrats--- JD










Med Tackle Bamboo Final epoxy finish and installation of the back half today- the Butt section, turned Ash wood and heavy chrome over brass reel seats and gimbal.






finished !

------------- Closed on Monday--

----------------- Sunday-- Dec the 19th 2021----------an california december day-- nice--

Light south/southeast wind 2-4-5 kts--- seas good but cold-- Frosty i'd guess you could call it this morning-- full moon last night--- clear as a bell-- tides still racing away this morning's draining out at 2.2 kts!

Local fishing here out of Newport-- fair-- it's either frozen -- or for live bait you had to catch it yourself or run to Dana or up north to LB - nighttime cold surface water- drives the bait towards the bottom- you might find some smaller baits there as well as those damn Lizards nasty things-- but they can be used as bait themselves-- halibuts eat them-- maybe it's their tougher skin but it takes longer for the halibuts to swallow - who knows but you've go to give them a little more time to eat them-- 75- 100 deep

Still working on the Bamboo rod-- got the first coat of epoxy on the threads and now the second one this morning-- Using that blue tape angle cut helps in making a clean finish, now the handle reel seats and gimbel installed

nice day on the water -- maybe a sea bass or two hooked---





And there's still of those out there--- Tom with a respectable sized Broadbill Swordfish--


----------------- Saturday Dec the 18th 2021---------- Another Nice day-

Still some marine haze seaward overhead blue and cold again this morning-- the sun helps only a few more days till that sun begins to climb higher and days will stretch out--

Light wind from the south--3-05 kts seas good--some swell

Only a few boats out today-- those chasing the two fish limits on the Pacific Bluefin Tuna's were catching them on the Tanner and Cortez-- smaller 15-25lb fish it was said the bigger 100- 150+ stuff further south below Colnett

Moons filling tonight--- might make the squid catching a little tough under that bright light -

Whale and Dolphins watchers-- see a few pods of them mid channel or inside the oil rigs--

Water looks good for the deep dropping along the dropoff- towards Newport from the outer rigs--

Boats still taking a sot at the Rock Cods while they can-- and fairly good fishing for them, East end of Catalina or the surounding shelf and drop off around the backside of the island-- might be some Ling Cods off Palisades/ Church rock, use mackerel w/ 10 oz of lead- hang on-

and with the good weather like today and tomorrow better--- get out while you can-

A good Christmas Gift--- a 2022 California fishing license is always welcome- long range weather forecasters shows light rain the 31st and clearing on the 1st---

----------------- Friday Dec the 17th 2021---------- Nice day--

Not so cold this morning-- yesterdays gloomy damp day went away-- light marine haze seaward- Tides still carrying out to sea lots of debris, watch out for plastic bags- tree limps, floating weed and trash- looks like the Missouri river- brown-

A check with the San Clemente Island Security's web site shows the island mainly open for the rest of the year-- double check as it may change-- good luck--

Enjoy the weekend---


--- Thursday's report Dec the 16 2021-------

Crispy this morning-- frost on the docks and slippery too- coastal bays still draining from the runoff and it's almost muddy now-- not good-- they say another oil spill off Hyntington small and contained I think- like the bat vires -

Building tides again---with the moon

Weather looks good for the weekend -Sunday is calmer-

Getting colder with the clouds covering what sun there was-- Water temps 59- 61 degrees warmer than the air!

Last fish of the season--Marlins- Swordfish- tunas and the other fishes and the New Year brings the same fish for the First of the year--- standing by

Christmas Gifts

The come with a 10 fish guarentee too!

JD's Tee shirts or a Hoody to keep you warm

or a fish belt




- Wed's Dec the 15 2021 --------- Only 10 more days till Christmas! Yikes! Cold and crisp this morning-- bay waters looks like Anderson's Pea soup- just about everything that pees or poops out in the open gets washed into the bays and harbors--- wash you hands if you go fishin!

Beautiful day now that the suns warming up things--- soon to get cold again tonight w very little cloud cover , Newport's Christmas Boat Parade starts tonight--- beginning off Lido then counterclockwise around the harbor - over 100 boats in it--

Weather held this afternoon-- even glassed off towards sunset-- but colded in that westering sun.

Nice sunset--

enjoy the boat parade--

---------- Tuesdays Dec the 14 2021-------

Rain and windy-- Gale warnings--- rain waters washing the entire inland basin-- all draining through the LA - LB harbor , Huntington Harbor, Santa Ana river channel Newport Harbor-- or Dana Harbor ---a lot of stuff into the water-

Tides racing out pushed by rain water-

Got the first coat of Epoxy on the threads yesterday--- --- cautious of another coat with all this moisture in the air-- wouldn't want it to become cloudy or murky on the final coat-- still the handle and reel seat to attend to-

Good day to do some paperwork and finish up with the reel repairs

Rain and wind switched like a light switch- strong south then and blistering westerly pushed through--- rolling over trash cans and boat canvases - close to 45/50 kts --most excitement was the ferry crossing the harbor as it switched-- having to tow into the slip under wind and strong running tidal current , she made well- good driver

Wind backed off and a few folks out- empting out skiffs and pumping out docks-

San Diego Long Range boat Intrepid shows off an nice Yellowfin-- those lower banks paying off for them--

The Intrepid with a WHOPPER Cow Yellowfin Tuna today! Capt. Bill Cavanaugh said: “First fish of the day for us. Jarame Beaupre with one that tapes out at 280#s. Kevin with the assist.” from Facebook-

Even sold a bag of bait this afternoon-- can't keep a fisherman down--

Cool Book-

Memoirs of the ROYAL ASLATIC SOCIETY OF BENGAL vol XII no 2 pp 215-315




---------- Closed on Mondays--- Dec 12 2021 or 12122021--- Sunday and day of rest and peace-- and sunny too- brisk cool morning-- sun has warmth to it-- A few more boats out - quite a few smaller boats fished the bay yesterday-- bass tournament - and a good tide flow--

Seas flat today- light south wind maybe 2 kts- small texture to it-

Rock cod fishing season closed's at the end of the year- as is some of the other bottom dwellers-- Ling Cods and even Sheepheads-- will be off the table--sort to speak - Couple of old boys stopped by the dock out front this morning-- headed out for some local bottom fishing-- a sneak look into one of their five gallon pails-- reveals a bushel full of mussels -- ha ha-- the secret bait for em'--

A E Mail from Mat-t taking his son, his buddies and a friend Jim out to the Tanner yesterday in their Grady White-- said it was a little chop /swell first morning hours but then flatted out-- a couple morning bites then a couple every hour of so as they swam through - one bite on the sardines and the rest on live squid--- fresh Bluefin!


6 BFT from 15-40. They preferred squid but we did get one bite on sardine. Gorgeous at the bank. We ended with a little rock fishing and had some big sheepshead, hammered on a sand dab, but mostly released everything. But cool to see how much life there is there. See you shortly.

Now's-- a yellowtail and a sea bass or two and a big halibut will set the stage for the First fish of the New 2022 Season-

Second coat of sealant on the wraps, to secure thread wraps in place before taping and first epoxy coating-.

With the tide change early this afternoon-- a few more mystery bites off the live mackerel , using squid everything eats em'/ w/mack's only the bigger bass take them.

Good luck tomorrow-- Tuesday and left over weather on Wed should slow things a bit-


------------ Sat Dec the 11 or 121121----Nice day a bit on the cool side morning hours- blue above and seas and settled down- water temps sill cold at 57/ 58 this morning due to warm a bit in the sun--

Fair number of smaller boats out today-- hopefully of bass, or just some time on the water---

Back at it again last night-- till the eye's and fingers get tired-- last of the thread wraps- Strengthening bands help to secure the 6-sides together and adds strength to the blank- -- now to secure all the threads in place, taping off and the first coat of epoxy - days to go yet--

Not much said today on the radio despite a nice day- some common dolphins and three or four fin backed whales out near the old Mussel farm area-- ( inside/north of the outer rigs 2 miles)

and there's still Broadbill Swordfish being caught out of San Diego waters/ and below the border deep dropping--

Good luck tomorrow if you get out-- the art reefs above the harbor should be holding sand bass



------- Dec the 10 Friday--Clearing weather for a few days-- light wind from the south springing up early-- 5-9 kts, seas have a mix to it- some south wind chop and a leftover lump from the west - will get better as the days goes on--- Tides starting to flatten out-- water temps still cool at 57/59 degrees

First Fish of the New Year is around the corner--In the past few years there were Swordfish, Tuna, Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, all caught on the 1st


And there's boats headed out to the Tanner this weekend--Good Luck

Squid was available from the Long Beach receivers---

She comes back healthy and ready for work-- smooth as glass and has power two!

Tycoon/ Fin~Nor 9/0 it's correct name-- back in action again-- it's tunning drags adjustments allows for 1/4 lb adjustments to fine tune it's drags settings-- to get the maximum with out breaking the line or rod-- pulled 25 lbs at strike and up to 40 lbs at sunset-- not bad for a reel built in the late 50/ early 60s--

Good luck this weekend-- go catch a deep water halibut-- or seabass- have fun weather was good today--


By now we're mostly parents or grandparents- JD's offers Cat in the Hat books for their reading skills to go along with their Fishing skills--- $10





The Greatest Tuna Lure ever created !!!--

The California Flyer- Tuna just gobble em' up-- chase them all over the place- till they get hooked--- the Perfect Christmas Gift-- Now in Stock --Only a few Available---- the California Flyer Kit, Now with 10 sets of spare wings--- Available First come-- First Served-- Limited quantity available! Call 1 800 660 5030 or 949 723 0883-- E Mail to




-------- Thursday Dec the 9th 2021---------------- Rain showers on and off today wind strong and gusty at times west--- the fat lady doing her thing now--

More rain and weather on the way--- it's December

Moons starting to fill again this coming week--- Maybe some White Sea Bass will show up here locally--- Stand By---

Cold day here on the beach-- sold a bag of anchovies and a box of frozen squid---!

and a Tide Log---!--- and a hat and sweatshrit too!!

Better weather for the weekend

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 9 December 2021 ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Advisory Synopsis: La Niña is favored to continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2021-22 (~95% chance) and transition to ENSO-neutral during the spring 2022 (~60% chance during April-June). In November, the continuation of La Niña was reflected in the below-. Below-average subsurface temperatures weakened slightly compared to the previous month but a large pool of negative temperature anomalies still extended across the central and eastern Pacific, down to ~200m depth]. Low-level easterly and upper-level westerly wind anomalies persisted over most of the equatorial Pacific. Overall, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system was consistent with La Niña. s La Niña will continue through the February-April 2022 season The forecaster consensus anticipates a transition to ENSO-neutral sometime during the Northern Hemisphere spring, with chances for La Niña declining below 50% after March-May 2022. In summary, La Niña is favored to continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2021-22 (~95% chance) and transition to ENSO-neutral during the spring 2022 (~60% chance during April-June;


------------- Dec the 8th 2021 Wed - Clear with a bit of marine haze seaward--- nice-- seas flat as a pancake- no wind or maybe 1 -2 from the west southwest- all due to change later tonight--

Tides still full morning hours drains till dark

Couple of boats out---no word yet--

Still a work in progress- finished up last night with the second top wrap- dark blue with sliver and light blue trim- still a long ways to go--


And putting it all back together--- one step at a time-- a fine tuned 9/0 Fin ~ Nor reel each screw tightened to it's proper strength and same port- replacing all bearing and cleaned gears, brake pads and drag surfaces- still short one bearing--

Still more work to be done on it--- they're temperamental!


-------------------------- Dec the 7th 2021------------ Tuesdays -- light rain and a cooling weather forecasted -- coastal wind from the southeast 6-12 kts-- seas have a light wind chop to them--still strong draining tide.

Very few on the water today--- some whale watchers-- seeking a fin whale of dolphins for their passengers--

Couple of guys-- off for the day of work were tossing plastics to bay bass here in the harbor--- good to see the closures has been lifted and give these guys a chance to spend some time with nature-- whether they catch any fish or not it's good for the soul .

Repair time--- after the beating some of the tackle went through this past summer and into the fall season at Mag Bay-- rods, reel and tackle may need some service- JD's be glad to bring them back into shape--

Suns starting to peak through in the afternoon hours--- pleasant a light fair south southeast wind 10 kts--

Guess what came in the mail-- been waiting for these for the better part of a year-- 12 more Bamboo blanks---- rough shaped with the 6 sections of the split bamboo glued togeather. sprial warped to hold them togeather now in need of a lot of flat filling and sanding-- varnishing, more sanding and more varnish then the fitting hand handles, reel seats ferules and then guides wrapped and finally the epoxy of threads--- a years work ahead -


-Closed on Mondays--

- Sunday Dec the 5th --- Nice day-- at least warming under the winter's sun for a while--coastal marine clouds slowly going away no wind dead calm seas as well- water

Local water temps remain cold--58/59 morning hours maybe 61/62 afternoon hours-- that tide swing has some upwelled offcolor water showing us might be some red tide developing , bait making ( we wont see the bait barge till next Spring) was fair-- - They've been absent for quite some time now-- but reappeared recently with that southwards transfer of cold ocean waters -- those pesky Lizard fish-- nasty things-- that destroy many good baits fished near the bottom for the halibuts. -- they're ok for a bait themselves only slimy and they have teeth-

With that change of water, might see more of the smoothound sharks too-- within 80 ft of water they take squid readly

Channel island and probally the backside of Catalina should be doing well on the deep water halibuts

and there were squid to be caught in the offshore bluefin tuna grounds-- and bluefin there to- 25- 50lbs stuff

Good luck this coming week if you get out- JD


- Dec the 4th 2021--- Sat-- Overcast looks to burn away close to the noon hour-- Seas fine light west wind 5-6 kts--- a few radio checks on the VHF this morning--- boats up fishing the art reefs north of Newport-- Sand Bass and maybe a early morning Calico on the structures spots

Soapbox--- Quoted a few days ago in the LA Times about the recent closures along out coastline-- not published were the comments of ---yes there was a oil spill and it was contained relatively quick-within a weeks time, two weeks at best and a month was pushing it--- but two months closures and you began to questions the governments reasoning and to not trust the government is not a good thing for any society -- it adds another question of our governments overreaching- --- Our society is filled with enough trouble and stress---- -to take away that avenue of releif--- "to just go fishing" , ---there's a family in Riverside, Ontario, San Bernanado, Tustin or anywhere inland where it's been a tough week, time to get away from it all and recharges the batteries, to Go fishin' come back home with a prized catch for dinner and all is well- there's got to be some sort of social economic study showing what effects are made when we can't go fishing-- fight science with science-- JD

Building tides and falling tides tomorrow

Good luck

Dec the 3rd Friday--- 2021--- Still an overcast day but brighter than the past few days-- water and air still feels cool.calm seas and what wind there is is from the west/southwest 2- 3 kts Moon's almost black

Partyboats and private sportfishers using live squid , catches of bass and other bottom stuff improved-- might even be some yellows or sea bass on it

Went to a afternoon luncheon today with the T/C men-- Fish stories and old times - full house-- Aftco's video on Bluefin Tuna presented --showing what a prized fish they are--- Pacific Bluefin Tuna, we should be thankful to be able to fish for them again--

Today's afternoon Low tide is low-- really low--- at a minus 1.4 ft here in Newport and a -1.5 in San Diego -- tomorrow's even greater--- earthquakes?

Stand By

I once spoke to a marine seismologists who described the earth's tectonic plates tides often considering with the oceans tides

The weekends weather-- looks ok tomorrow morning-- probally cold and damp under that marine overcast sky maybe no sunshine --- west wind builds between the islands by 1 pm- stays like that till sunset--- Sunday again starts to freshen by noon but not much more than 10 knts after that.

San Clemente Island -- the Cove open on Sat till 5 pm then hot till 11pm ( 04-DEC-21 1700 04-DEC-21 2300 SFC:18K SHOBA) and on Sunday it's Hot from 7 am till 5:30 in the afternoon ( 05-DEC-21 0700 05-DEC-21 1730 SFC:25K SHOBA)

Catalina might have live Squid for sale try Ch 11 otherwise frozen squid not a bad backup---

and Up North-- Santa Cruz -- Bayside Marina reports--- Dec. 2 There were some more bluefin caught today near the Davenport Fingers and out at 36'40/122'20. The bluefin were in the 70-100 pound range.

Have fun this weekend--- coastal fishing improving-- I think!

good luck- JD


------ Dec the 2nd the year 2021--- the day Thursday- and light overcast sky seaward visibility restricted to a mile or better--- seas calm-- little or no wind at all- dead calm--

Getting away from it all--- a E mail from our World travler Pete, having Just returned from an EPIC fly fishing trip to the Louisiana salt marsh out of Hopedale. My goal on this trip was to get one redfish over 15lbs, but what I ended up landing was more than I could have imagined. In the last day with perfect weather, we hit an area further than we had been fishing the previous two days. We immediately got in to bigger redfish up to 25 lbs and huge Black Drum to 40 lbs. I was literally hooked up all day on my Sage 10 weight Salt HD fly rod and my new Abel Redfish reel. My 10 weight was maxed out on many occasions. I lost count of the redfish and I had 4 huge Black Drum in the net by the end of the day. The fish were generally in 1-5 feet of water and required fairly accurate sight casting. I missed a few but the fish kept coming offering lots of opportunities. GREAT Day. I fished w guide Dan Haesch from @goldenglare_fly_charters. It was my first time with him and he did an outstanding job. I already booked him for next year. The area was filled with oyster farms and an abundance of wildlife. Incredible experience. I HIGHLY recommend this trip for any fly fisherman! Peter B Arguably best day I’ve ever had fly fishing the flats….


On going work on the Bamboo rod, First guide lineament and bottom wrap with white, metallic silver, light blue and metallic dark blue trim alinemnent

And word comes of another dozen hand built Bamboo blanks that are on their way , originaly these cane stalks are from the Tonkin Peninsula in China, grown and harvested specifically for split cane bamboo fishing rods



- Set back-- ran out of # 10 guides-- on order they say--- standing by--


------- Wed's Dec the 1st--- and a day of light fog again-- 1/2 mile visibility earlier thicker--suns trying to peek through-- wind light from the south 2- 3-4 kts-- seas calm no swell- Only a few boats out of the harbor this morning-- refreshing to see several smaller skiffs fishing the bay again-- making drifts and casting plastics -

More and more Cargo ships conversing on the VHF, moving around--

Better check your radar if your headed out the harbor these days- fog's gotten a littler thicker--

Newport's Christmas Boat Parade scheduled for Dec 15- 19th

And this Sunday the BAC's - Clubhouse Christmas Decorating Party and on the 16th - it's the BAC Christmas Party & 113th NB Boat Parade


Tuesdays Nov the 30th 2021--------- Southern California Fisheries Closure Lifted At 11:59 a.m. today the fisheries closure that was implemented following the Southern California oil spill will be lifted. Fishing can resume at midday ---- Far over reaching government bureaucracy-- should have opened up a month ago

I tempted fate yesterday-- not having run the outboard for months now-- took the boat south and enjoyed the day till that wall of fog came down the coastline --quickly--- better add some gas to the tank-- at a 1/4 full the added gas must have been tainted as I only got a few hundred yards before the motor fouled, What looks like a long row home was relieved by Vick-- who came to the rescue and a tow home-- thanks again Vick for being there-- John\

Turns out as a nice day here on the waterfront-- a light marine fog seaward but visibility not marred--- light west wind 2 -3 kts-- warming air and the tides are building- water temps 59/60-- 62-63 afternoon.

From the Central Calif waters-- Bayside Marina- Nov. 29 There were a few boats out near Monterey that hooked up to some bluefin. The anglers were fishing near 36'36/122'08. 6 miles above the last Davenport Finger and bluefin seen all day but no bites. There are some seabass being caught near the mackerel in 90 feet of Pleasure Point. -

This time of year-- in many years past the outer banks-- 60 Mile Bank or below held the deep water fishing for swordfish-- and Opah which seems to have been neglected these past years--- wonder where they went--

San Clemente island looks open Sat this coming weekend--

Good luck if you go fishing-- and check your fuel--


Closed on Mondays-- Hope the fish closures open up-- I'm going fishin!

------ Sunday----------- Nov 28 th--------

Still nice--- maybe a bit cooler with some marine haze coastwise to it-- light wind from the south southwest seems to be building mid day--- water temps 57/58 against the beach 5 off it's up to 62 degrees--- Couple of boats out deep dripping or looking for sharks--- good luck

Building tides as that moon darkens .


Day Two on the bamboo- Center wrap and placement for guides w/ Light blue and trimmed with metallic blue and white threads




And the work continues on the Fin~Nor 9/0 reel with take apart methodically with review of all bearings and working parts and drag plates and washers to be resurfaced ,





Internal shaft, brake control nut gear and cam assemblies


One of the benefits of having a repair shop for over 40 yrs is the collections of reel schematics- it helps--




Gifts-- Fish Belts---

Made in the USA

Leather man



Sat-- Nov the 27 soon to be December--- Yikes! Warm and sunny--Snowing in other parts of the world--- wind light from the south 2-4 kts seas calm- some brisk coolness to it-- since you can't go fishing locally might as well hang the Xmas lights up!

Well it's after Thanksgivving ay and were still being held hostage by the goverments

Fish closurrs still in effect this weekend--

Fisheries Closure Fisheries FAQ (Last updated Nov 22):

SD fleet up a to the Tanner Bank this weekend-- some smaller grade fish so far today but reports of large fish there too---

One Bluefin reported near Monterey at 36'38/122'07.

Another summer day here in So Calif.-- still a couple of whles out past the oil rigs - dolphins seen below and outside Dana 5 miles sealife there too--

should have been a good day for deep dropping for the swordfish-

Good luck tomorrow-- JD


--------- Friday-- yep Frida again-- and the weekends festivities still go on--- Clear blue this morning--- danta Ana=s seemes to have switched to an strong west today--- wind fair at 12- kts + wind chop and swell starting to build---

Closures???-Any information will be updated here:

When will the impacted fisheries be open again? Once OEHHA determines that levels of PAHs in the samples are below the level of concern for human health, they will recommend reopening the impacted fisheries. Based on updated lab projections, the earliest the closure could be lifted is during the week after Thanksgiving, assuming analyzed samples are below the threshold level of concern.


Continuing with the the 9/0 Fin~Nor reel's service--- lots of old hardened grease and oil, one main bearing seems rough and should be relpaced, and more polishing

And a Christmas Bamboo rod in the works, the goal to have it completed by the 10th of December--- Lots or work still ahead-- Cork handle already installed, now wraps and finish work ahead--

Not much in the whale watching world either-- with the relatives and friends in from east of here- out to enjoy a cruise on the ocean - be nice to show them something other than the sunshine -- a few Dolphins around the 14 a couple of whales elusive up between the oil rigs and the weather buoy

other than that the wind backed off for a nice sunset--- weather looks better the next couple of days and San Clemente island is open,,

Price of fuel a determine factor these days---





------------- Nov the 24 2021 - Wed's again a nice day- little more south wind this morning maybe 5-7 kts--- slight wind chop on it- no swell --- Swordfish should show up later today--- surface basking in the warm sunshine as it's cold down deep-- more and more squid showing up --thermocline is shallower .

Martha posted the following-Wide open Day on the Finger Bank. Went 30 for 40 on stripers. Good fun with Mike Stotesbury and family. Lindsey, Lacey, Macey you girls rock! As always thanks to Tony Araiza, Hector Cortez Ritchie and Chikis. Best crew ever!-



Any information will be updated here:

When will the impacted fisheries be open again? Once OEHHA determines that levels of PAHs in the samples are below the level of concern for human health, they will recommend reopening the impacted fisheries. Based on updated lab projections, the earliest the closure could be lifted is during the week after Thanksgiving, assuming analyzed samples are below the threshold level of concern.


------------------- Tuesday Not 23 2021 -- Nice day---

Light Santa Ana's and a generally clear sky--- a few wispy clouds here- there-- seas good- light wind chop/ sparkle on the water--- tides are mellowing out-- Swordfish tides during the middle of the day all this week

Still there--- Congrats to Dru and The Salty Team

Another nice day here for November-- wind stayed south/southeast for most of the day-- only a few boats out--no fish reports


Good luck if you get out tomorrow or Turkey Day--








A good project this week is the restorations of an older 9/0 Fin~Nor 1950 ear Reel-- Single speed with and Asbestos drag plates









---- Sunday Nov the 22nd 2021--- Mild Santa Ana Winds and the air temps rose up--- N/E 10- + today and dry-- couple of boats out early --- up to above the Oil rigs ( 33° 34' 17.1" N, 118° 08' 22.6" W ) and fishing bottom stuff, sculpin-- some sand, bass bank perch etc.

Catalina and the backside of the island and out towards San Clemente island where that wind dies off should be really nice today---

Swordfish like this weather---

Harpoon boat out today--- saying coming out of Dana there was good sign of baits-- birds good temp break-- 3-5 off the beach---

Swagger you on this side---- theres some yellowfin here--- Dont know if you can see them ---they're right behind me--- looks line smaller size fish-- showing 64.6 degrees here--- below Dana and outside a few miles--- 267/? 12:31--

Have a great week ahead--- JD

maybe the closures will open one of these days---


----- Sat report Nov the 20 or 11202021--- Still a bit on the overcast here on the beach-- light south wind at 1 2 3 kts-- no swell calm seas Tides still apparent for those boating harbors and docking-- good draining tide if you could fish them.

Seveal boats out locally in search of deep water Elvis -- maybe he'll make a stage call above today--- standing by

Feels a bit on the cool side for most of the day-- not much reported on the fishing-- several boats out but not much reported-- probably good deep water 80- 100 ft depth for the sand bass above the Sunset closure flats-- structure fishing--- making two or three drifts over the bottom-- no bites check out another structure spot-- hit for or five of them and you'll find em-

I did hear there's been swordfish being hooked off the East end of Catalina (152 area) so there's still a shot at them there-- good luck

Good luck if you get out tomorrow --


-Nov 19 2021---Friday -- that day again--- light fog seeming to evaporate mid morning leaving it bright outside under a hazy cloud cover-- wind gentle from the w4est seas calm-- tides starting to mellow out over the next week-- Made two illegal cast this morning no bites quit-

Fish Closures still in effect-- out 6 miles - that leaves the deep dropping for swordfish outside from there .

Nice day--- cleaning sky might even bring on a sunset--- nice this time of year-- the shallower the angle of the setting sun the longer it lasts--

Santa Cruz report--- Nov. 19 The season is not ending hear in Santa Cruz. There were some nice halibut caught near Wilder Beach today. There have been some White Sea Bass in the 50 pound range caught in the bait balls by Capitola. There are 80-200 pound bluefin being caught 15-20 miles out near the Davenport Fingers.


----------- Thursday the 18th of November,, feels like it--- coastal marine clouds and a light west wind-- seas good some swell but calm - good traveling weather--- and lots of both power and under sail going up and down the Baja peninsula these days--

600 year lunar eclipse tonight starts at 10 pm--


Bluefin catches still on the Tanner--- you'd think they had caught em' all from out there-- or at least put a dent in their numbers--

Santa Cruz Fishing Report Nov. 17 The weather was nice and anglers took advantage of it. The anglers fishing the Davenport Fingers found some nice bluefin in the 80-130 pound range. The anglers caught the fish from 40-110 feet down but there have been some caught on the surface. Report from A

Also reports out of Morro Bay--- 6 off the beach north of there were Bluefin Tuna too--- San Simeon area--- good catches there---

Fish Closures still in effect--

Mostly overcast today-- a few cargo ships talking between one another -- Tide went out


---------- Wed's Nov the 17th---- Better weather today-- a few clouds around--- seas are good with a small swell and no wind to speak of--- Strong tidal exchange today

SD party boats still targeting the Bluefin--- some out near the Butterfly Bank-- and out towards the Tanner

Nice weather again-- warm in the sunshine-- water temps in the low 60's

Varying reports on the Fish Closures some say before Thanksgivings others say Dec 31st! Yikes!

Rock cod fishin Clemente island still good and there's some yellowtails there too--


---- Nov the 16th 2021--- and the month just keeps marching on--- Overcast and a much cooler day-- light/ med wind from the south, a little lump on the ocean and tides are starting to build again as the moon fills--

A check with the Closures Thank you for your inquiry. By law, CDFW cannot lift the closure until the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment completes sampling of fish from the spill site. You can find more information here: which is also where they will announce any lifting of the closure. ( the nut house)

Report over this past weekend of one boat seeing birds working near the Mackeral Bank---- went 2 for 4 on the bigger tunas ( 200 lbers)

All quiet on the western front---

coastal water 62 1/2 degrees stayed cool all day

Better luck tomorrow-- and hopefully better weather--





Nov the 14 2021 -------- November-- Freeze warnings back East and were roasting out here--- go gobal warming-- ---

The first IGFA So.Calif Swordfish Open is in the books--- well not as many swordfish caught so far this year-- and definally a slowere season than last year and much slower that expected from the tow and three years ago--- Next years event will tell the tale o the stocks--- JD

Report from Bob--- they were out on the 43--

4 Hookups on Saturday, 2 Boated and 2 Lost.

Total of 11 Hookups, 5 fish boated and 2 released for the tournament.

Royal Slam got a fish yesterday - 191.6 lbs.

Awards today in Dana Point--- Congrats-- JD

Wow-- what an nice day here at the beach--- no wind and lots of folks out enjoying the day--- fishing--- OK not spetactlar we're stil under that closuer mandate-- those folks are simply nuts-- there must be some $$ behind it--

Good weather forecasted next week too--





Nov the 13th 2021--- Sat -the day brings hazy blue sky- little or no wind at all- seas calm and flat---



Great first day of the inaugural IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open! In the first day of fishing we have a total of seven swordfish hooked, with three fish weighed, two released, and two lost!

The weighed fish are: SS Minnow, Greg Taite, 298.7 lbs ( 4 hrs 30 min)

Pacific Bills, George Boyton, 193.6 lbs ( 12 min)

Sleeper, Lamar Lee, 136.4 lbs

The released fish are:

FV Lucas J

Liquid Courage

Congratulations and thank you to all the teams, and best of luck tomorrow Balboa Angling Club The Marlin Club Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine BD Outdoors Western Outdoor News ( from facebook)















Live Scoring by Tournaments Live Scoring Information

IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open 2021 IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open

Scratchy report --- Prospector may have released one smaller fish and Royal Slam also has a fish today and several others with bites--- 11:45am

Catalina Island good clean water off the backside of the island good calico bass fishing but thats about all- maybe some deeper water ling cods or the halibuts in 100 ft--

Better luck tomorrow-- tuna ?





11/12/2021--------- Hot Hot--- Hot--- Santa Ana's mild but warm--- N/ E wind 10-20 kts--- afew lazy clouds on the horizon lines and flatten seas--- Nice

The Broadbill Swordfish boys and gals are out today--Fishing days for the 2021 IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open are Friday, November 12, 2021, and Saturday, November 13, 2021. The tournament will begin with the call of “lines in” at 6:00 a.m. and continue until 5:00 p.m. for the two fishing days of the tournament.-

SCORING OF WEIGHED FISH The minimum size for weighing a fish is 100 pounds. For scoring purposes, each pound counts as a point. a 500-lb fish would be 500 points. Swordfish caught on the surface will count for two times the points of a fish caught deep-dropping. a 500-lb fish would be counted as 1,000 points.

. SCORING OF RELEASED FISH Any swordfish released during the tournament will count for 100 points. Any surface-caught swordfish that is released will count for 200 points. Fish that are removed from the water at any point do not qualify for release points.

1:00 o clock Update-- word says there's at least one swordfish caught so far-- the Sleeper-- not sure where or when the ETA is for weigh-in --- Standing by--

AIS has most of the swordfish fleet working the 9 Mile Bank outside and below San Diego--

E mail from Bob with an Update--- 3 pm---Hi JD, 28 boats, 7 Hookups - 2 Releases, 2 Boated, 2 Lost and one currently hooked up.Grids 55, 56, 57, 48 & 38.

Boats hooking up:

Joker - Lost

Pacific Bills - Boated

Lucas J - Release

SS Minnow - Currently Hooled up

Sleeper - Boated Sleeper-- Fishing the first So Calf. Swordfish Tournament. Got the first fish of the day!!

Kryptonite '- Lost

Liquid Courage - Released

Looks like both fish will be weighed at The Marlin Club. Nothing for us so far. Bob

Sun's setting and time to head in at lins out--- 5 pm--

more tomorrow as the tournament continues and fish weighed or lost--- standing by---

nice day!!


Bayside Marine, Santa Cruz, California---The anglers are still catching bluefin near the fingers of Davenport. 36'50/122'13 to 36'53/122'24. The bluefin are still being caught in the same area but it has been hit and miss for a few days. The anglers are still catching the majority of the fish 40-150 feet down on Mackrel. Some anglers are hooking up with Rapalas, Nomads, and Cedar Plugs while traveling between the fingers looking for fish.


Nov the 11 2021--- Veterans Day!-- also my daughters birthday-- ! Bright and sunny with a clear blue sky and a light west wind -- building-- some wind chop on the water--- Sparkly water!

The IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open starts tomorrow Nov 12-13

Close to 30 boats fishing it---!-- from the Channel Islands to below the border--- stand by

Catalina Island-- fire reported near Blackjack - Was Under Controll Quickly before it got out of hand!

Los Angeles County Fire Department crews are responding to a brush fire on Catalina Island that has burned 15 acres Thursday afternoon. The Middle Fire was reported about 1:15 p.m. in the Black Jack campground area of Avalon. Helicopters with the department’s air operations unit were assisting firefighters and L.A. County lifeguards. “In addition to water drops, we’ll transport firefighters and heavy equipment operators from the mainland,”!

Of Note--Four satellite tags have been placed in Striped Marlin over the past month-- I think 240 days tags---Pt. Tosca/ May Bay region -fish were est. 120 lb range and in good shape to be released in their travels-- more tagging out to the Hawaiian Islands also too be done to help complete their migration routes ( maybe some off Coos bay Org too?)

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Advisory Synopsis: La Niña is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2021-22 (~90% chance) and into spring 2022 (~50% chance during March-May). La Niña strengthened in the last month, with below-average sea s

urface temperatures (SSTs) evident across most of the equatorial Pacific. . In the last week, all of the Niño index values were between -0.7°C and -1.0°C, with the coolest anomalies in the Niño-3.4 region Below-average subsurface temperatures were roughly the same amplitude at this time last month, and reflected the prevalence of below-average temperatures in the eastern Pacific Ocean Low-level easterly and upper-level westerly wind anomalies were again observed over parts of the equatorial PacificTropical convection was suppressed Overall, the coupled ocean-atmosphere system was consistent with La Niña. The IRI/CPC plume average of forecasts for the Niño-3.4 SST index favors La Niña to continue through January-March 2022 season The forecaster consensus anticipates La Niña to persist longer, potentially returning to ENSO-neutral during April-June 2022.. Thus, at its peak, a moderate-strength La Niña is favored. In summary, La Niña is likely to continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2021-22 (~90% chance) and into spring 2022 (~50% chance during March-May;

For what it's worth-- a three day composite of the water temps ( in Celsius) and below the Chlorophyll chart










Wed's 11/10/21 Spent most of the day rigging swordfish tackle for the tournament-- keeping within the IGFA rules in leader lengths and line testing---made some interesting notes-- Momoi's Diamond 3G 130 lb hollow braid line recorded and 244 lb breaking strength- Yikes! that's too high! their 100 lb breaks at 117/120 lb and their 80 at 100 lbs-- of note their Diamond 100lb Mono test out at 146 lbs-- so it too would not qualify for the IGFA 130 lb ( 132.2) line class- Accepted Leader length starts at the sleeved wind-on connection to the bend of the hook no greater the 30ft and doubles restricted to 10 ft for a total of 40ft if a double is used . Line class line a minimum of 5 meters ( 17 ft) . lots of knots, splices, loops and connections --- too many!-- JD

Nov the 9th 2021--- Tuesday and there sun again along the coastline-- a coastal cloud seawards and some above --nice--- Wind fair from the West 5 6 kts some wrinkle to the water otherwise good seas--- Tides starting to flatten out--- Venus is in the early evening's sunset--

A little windy this afternoon-- west 10-15 kts--

- Nov the 7th 2021--- What there's some blue above-- 50/50 but it's better than the gray---still a bit on the cool side -- thats the seawater at 62 degrees- light S/W wind 3-4 kts seas OK-- Strong tidal flows both ways--

Wintertime projects-- working on a Med Tackle bamboo blank with a deflections of 13 inches under 5 lbs of weight off the tip-- figured to do something bright-- so colors are Day Glow Green against the dark bamboo grain--- looks good-- final tapping off the threads before the last coat of epoxy , handle and reel seats next--

Several boats out today-- out Deep Dropping --- pre fishing for the upcoming Broadbill Tournament--- pre fishing means figuring out how to get all that stuff down deep without if becoming a big jumbled mess of lines and baits -all twisted up--- laying it out slowly behind the boat seems to be the best method as it settles down under some tension as it drops.

no hook ups reported ( but it's tournament time too)

Another quiet day here on the beach---quite a few folks out--- warndring around-- some boat traffic--- that overcast cloud cover moved back in and a fair west wind kept things on the queit side-

Better weather forecasted next week---

Good Luck-- JD

---- Nov the 6th 2021--- Saturday--- not many folks out on the water today-- Still a little on the cool side with an overcast sky and no wind --calm seas--- closures still in effect 6 miles off the beach from Bolsa Chica to San Mateo pt. ---the waters outside that are safe---Stupid government--

Western Outdoors News Tuna Jackpot in cabo -- the largest they've ever had-- and great payouts ---

Fishtalk am radio show this morning had a local sportboat out of SD calling in saying they'd been out to the local Tuna Grounds Tanner Bank and there-a bouts-- success with 50- 60lb Bluefin catches during the day w/ live baits and night time bigger Bluefins up to the 200 mark were caught- baits and jigs--

Centrel Calif Bluefin reprort from of Bayside Marina--Nov. 5 There were a few boats who went looking for the bluefin and got lucky. The majority of the anglers are still finding fish around 36'52/122'16 to 36'51/122'24. The anglers are still finding the fish below the surface to 150 feet down. The weather was not bad but there was some swell and wind in the afternoon.


The Marlin fleet off Mag Bay enjoying fine times these days--- don't forget to bring some smaller Sabki bait rigs and more circle hooks!!

And herr comes the sailboats --- Baja-Ha-ha-- some 190 of them-- heading south towards Mag Bay and Santa Maria-- stand by-- good wind for them this coming med week-- --




--- Nov the 5th 2021---Repete from yesterday - Still overcast and cool here on the beach-- no wind and calm seas--- Quiet days here on the coast

Major Tide Swings-- Stand By!

We had a brief spit of sun somewhere around one PM them overcast and dreary the rest of the day-- Customer came in t the shop-- asked How's Fishing -- had to answer him-- Don't know there's no one out-! -- water still on the cool side and movements of tides strong these days-- - probably ok bass fishing--- there's lots of baitfish from Newport's jetty northwards along the HB Flats-- tones of sardines -- but that's still in that Forbidden Zone---

Swordfish weather next week as that high builds--




New Shimano's Swim-Kick Jig- the most remarkable surface lure ever designed !! guaranteed to catch em all! Yep everything ! Just cast it out and wind it in, that's all ya got to do-- except reel in the fish !--

---- Nov the 4th 2021----- Still overcast and cool here on the beach-- no wind and calm seas--- Queit days here on the coast

Not that the Goverment is on top of things--- Ha!--- trying to keep up with whats's up with the Closures here off out coastline -- this was posted off the Huntington Beach Oil Spill recovery web site showin 2021 Orange County Oil Spill Response (Updated November 1, 2021)

Current Closures and Restrictions Closures are necessary to limit public access to oil-impacted areas, due to the toxicity of the oil and ongoing cleanup efforts led by the Incident Management Team. At this time, please follow the current restrictions and closures that are currently in place:

Recreational fishing between Sunset Beach and Dana Point from the shoreline to six miles out is prohibited.

As of October 11, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. both City and State beaches have reopened. The joint decision to reopen comes after coastal ocean and wetlands water quality testing results showed non-detectable amounts of oil associated toxins in our ocean water. Water quality testing will continue twice a week for at least the next two weeks to monitor potential toxins. Water quality results will be made available on this page.

Monterey fish report -Nov 3 ---The bluefin continue to bite near the numbers posted yesterday. There were some fish over 200 pound caught today. Get your big gear out because before you know it a 300 pound fish will be caught. The weather was flat and foggy.



------- Nov the 3rd 2021--------- About the same as yesterday only a little warmer-- seas calm light overcast-- no wind-- and no one out-- radio is quiet and the baseball games are over for the year-- some football games and stupid basketball and ice hockey left , fishing?/ still closure but no one cares anymore--- it's been a month now-

Highlight of the day so far-- counted 6 adult garibaldi and small 3 or 4 inch one at the base of the West Jetty/ Newport harbor entrance - good to see the sealife growing--

Baja mexico-- the WON Tuna Jackpot tournament starts fishing today-- biggest fish wins--- !

Baja HAHA on their way-- their web site shows------ 194 entrys this year-- Yikes--- Turtle Bay Stand By !!! May Bay is Next--- !



Guess you could call it a down day--- overcast and feeling damp for most of the day--

Just a few dock or cargo workers on the radio-- --- and the silly harbor masters here in the harbor--

It was another day of big Bluefin being caught and lost near the Davenport Fingers. Once again don't go with light gear there are 200 pound fish here. The anglers saw jumpers from 36'50/122'13 to 36'53/122'24. The majority of the anglers are having good luck trolling 60-150 feet down but I have heard of some fish being caught 250 feet down. The fish were being caught all through out the day but it seems to be best early



--- Nov the 2nt 2021- Tueaday-- call it a blend of fog and overcast gray sky--winds- light to fair west/ southwest. seas fair a little bumpy in the morning hours , air and water feels cool--

Closure still in effect --- still-- and who cares!

Late report---- Bluefin Tuna--- yep-- 7 miles off the beach -- 40 to 90 lb fish jumping out of the water -- all over the place--- -- left side, jumpers more on the right--- the trailor fleet and some locals got into them yesterday-- good weather then-- bigger swell marched in today--- where--- Morro Bay!!!

Again the bay must be active with baitfish today-- pelicans diving into small schools of what look like small sardines-- for a mouthfull!

The outer HB Flates still fishy with a few sand or calico bass on the hard structured spots deep water 150ft depth

Strong Wnter Tides these days---

Oct 31st 2021----Happy Halloween! -- light overcast a few clouds behind it--- wind light from the south seas calm-

Closure still in effect --- still-- who cares!

More and more deep dropping boats out looking for a shot at a broadbill swordfish these days as the weather allows it --- Randy and crew sounds like they had a shot and a fish --that came up 20 25ft from theirboat-! big fish too! 1:30 or there about's---- Nope it wasn't a Swordfish-- It was a Marlin!!! out by the 14 as there were drifting---- so don't put that tackle away just yet!!

building tides again--


Oct the 30th 2021------- Gray above--slowly clearing off --light to med south/by/southeast wind 3- 4 kts --- seas still good--- Lots of folks out-- bicycling, boating walking, some fishing-- from reports -- sounds good on the giant Bluefin Tunas on the Tanner Bank and there-a - bouts--- The Polaris Supreme has 23 bluefin tuna, eight of which are in the 140 to 180 pound class. They also have two bluefin tuna over 200 pounds and one giant fish weighing in at 310 pounds

Mag Bay also reports marlin counts in the 20's per day!

I hear the bonito fishing was OK at the island -- sea lions too

Jimmy and erik made the run to Clemente today saying water there was Gin Clear and 65 degrees fishing fair with their biggest bass of the day pushing the 6lb range- good crossing both ways and lots of dolphin mid channel--

still under the fishing closure here on the beach--

couple of boats out deep dropping --- no swordfish yet--

better luck tomorrow JD


- Oct the 29th -Friday t-- things are getting Spooky---- but real nice weather! no wind seas calm and the suns out--- enjoy!

And another look today at the local water temps and Chlorophyll-- for this weekend --that break off the East end of Clemente Island or Catalina looks good --weather looks good and I'd bet there'd be s Swordfish finning or deep dropping along that break-- maybe even yellowtail/ kelps or even a tuna-- Marlin??? that over with-- ?

Whale watchers out today--- covering the local grounds from below Dana to above the Oil Rigs and the Whiskey Buoy -- not much seen for most of the day except dolphins out by the whiskey buoy ( above and outside the Oil Rigs)



Nice weather!


----- Oct the 28th 2021 only a few more days till Halloween-- Sunlight down to 10 hr 49min now. This past June 21st ( Summer solstice) we were at 12 hrs 24 min--- this coming Dec 21 Winter solstice we'll be down to only 9 hr 57 min- ----in the up coming IGFA Broadbill Swordfish Tournaments fishing days are Friday the 12 and Sat the 13-- lines in-6 am till 5 pm-- dawn is at 5:26 and dark is at 5:48-- basically dawn to dusk--- Moon 3/4 full filling and tides are a low mid day 10:30 solunar table shows the bite will occur at moonrise 1:47 pm-- stand by!

Weather nice today--- slight south wind maybe 1-2 kts-- seas calmed and kind

Should be some swords finning today-- Stand by!

and it looks like more and more private sportfishers were ariving and fishing Mag Bay-- both north and south

VHF radio reports are slim these days-- yet 3:01 -- there's about five big splashes behind you-- were just N / W of the corner--- - sounds like tuna fishers

there's a sealion with birds circling it-- 3:03

Nice day-- best we've had for a while---

looks good for the weekend to-- Good Luck-- JD

----------- Oct the 27 th 2021-- Wed's-------- middle of the week-- nice morning-- with a building high pressure and relaxing winds--- seas good and calm- Several private sportfishers heading south enjoying the ride south--

Closures still in effect I think-- Fish and Game wardens said wouldn't make an issue about it--- go deep dropping

Over of past week there's been a change in the local harbors, waters still a bit murky after the past rain runoff but not bad- there's more and more baitfish coming in with the tides, diving pelicans or the terns working them .

San Clemente Island Security is open this weekend! Weather looks OK for Saturday but blows up on the outside early Sunday morning 1- 3 am -- anchorage in the Cove can get windy from that downhill flow off the island and into the Cove-- go catch em while you can--

Reports of Bluefin Tuna at San Clemente Island--- and looking at the weather images one can see why


Still open for fishing would be the outer shelf above the oil rigs-- and I'd think that old Mussel Farm area would be hold Yellowtail this time of year---Live mackerals a good bet-- water tempos 61-62 degrees and offcolor green

Good Luck-- JD


---- Tuesday- Oct the 26 2021------ Now that the rain front has passed-- cool morning hours warmed by the sunshine-- light south wind 2-4 kts seas still a bit confused with a mix of swell but no wind chop to speak of-- Looks like a good Broadbill Swordfish midday high tide Day-- they like basking in that warm sunshine-- Stand by-- westerly developed after that front passed

Mag Bay report- as the fleet works the grounds below Pt Toaca 10- 20 miles good catches and releases of Striped Marlin-- a little off with some wind but still plenty of fish there-- 20- 30 fish released a day-- and good inshore- mangrove fishing too!

Local Closure Informations---There is no change to the closure. Sampling has to be done, and samples have to be clean before the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment can recommend lifting the closure. Any information will be updated here:

They're still nuts! 22 days later-- two major wind and rain storms and major tidal swings

I spoke to a Game Warden today-- they were out patrolling said they were not enforcing any laws and would advise anglers that it's still a No Take Zone and suggest they move on-- From what he's been told that samples of fish were caught and that studies were on going maybe a weeks time before any recommendations were to be made--- they're still Nuts!


------Closed on Mondays--- ---------------- Oct the 24th 2021---- Sunday-- the day of rest form many--- Nice weather as the sun warms up a bit--- light south wind-- seas calm--- a few clouds around--- due to change later this afternoon and this evening

Black and Blue--- another screwy payout this year?--

Several boats out Deep dropping for the swordfish,--- practice fishing for the upcoming tournament-- hope the weathers holds--

I'd guess you can put the marlin tackle away for this year---

One Cookie cutter bite! ( Swordfish fishing)

Local party boats fishing the Sculpin and deep water stuff above the Oil Rigs--

---- Oct the 23 2021--- an drizzly Sat morning--- slow clearing wind light from the S/E due to swing West later today- , several boats out Deep Dropping for the Swordfish-- and with results too!

A let down for the Black and Blue with only the two fish qualifying and not the giant payout that was expected--

Reports the Bluefin in the 150- 200 lb class caught last night on the outer banks-- seas and weather starting to defraying the run out there-- see what next week brings--

Coastal Closures still in effect-- but it doesn't seem anyone is paying attention to them--


Don't delay! Register now for the inaugural IGFA Swordfish Open that takes place next month! The IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open The IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open is Next Month! The IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open is November 12-14, 2021!

Go Dodgers----

Oct the 22 2021------------ Friday that day again--- mostly overcast cool- wind light from the south--swinging to the west - seas ok- small mix of seastate-

$ 9,000,000.00 on the line!!!! ----- literally

Black and Blue Update 12 noon their time ---as of the noon hour Seven Blue Marlins were said to have been released and One boated the Will Rise called in at 10:45:00 that Ramiro Chavez boated a Blue Marlin. and the top Brass had been on a fish for a half hour--- WIld Rise is in the $500 , $1k , $2k, $3k , $5k , $10k Daily Jackpots and also in the $2k Release Division

12:34 Bull Rider calls in- with a fish on--- the fleet checks the Stats and see they're in most of the Dailies and some of the Roll over from last year--- -- More Rolaids needed! --- They Must have lost the fish-not recorded anymore-- ---

at the 1 pm hour KAJIKI KING #172 is hooked up for a hlaf hour releases it and The Brass #98 has a fish on close to and hour battle--in the -$500 Daily Jackpot $1k Daily Jackpot ---Standing By---

tick--- tick--- - More Rolaids needed! --

tick ---tick--

Non a Qualifier--- Will Rise 10/22/21 2:22:24 PM Ramiro Chavez boated a 293lb Blue Marlin.

The Brass 10/22/21 2:14:13 PM JC Siddoway boated a Blue Marlin.

tick---tick-- - More Rolaids are needed! --


By the 3:30 time--- nineteen Blue Marlin were reported , two on board ( one undersized) another to be weighed and it was quiet on the hooks-up for the past ten minutes as that clock keeps ticking away- it's getting real serious by now--- no mistakes allowed--


The Brass 10/22/21 2:14:00 PM JC Siddoway boated a 305lb Blue Marlin. in the $500 Daily Jackpot $1k Daily Jackpot $2k Release Division

Cajun Queen #134 calls in with a hook up-- ($500 Daily Jackpot $1k Daily Jackpot $2k Daily Jackpot $3k Daily Jackpot $5k Daily Jackpot $2k Release Division) --- Nope came off----- One hour left------ Rolaids are needed! ---

Tick-- Tick 30 minutes left--- and--- and Two Boats call in with hooks ups---Double D #141 at 4:30: ( $500 Daily Jackpot $1k Daily Jackpot $2k Daily Jackpot $3k Daily Jackpot $5k Daily Jackpot $10k Daily Jackpot) and Will 2 Win #114 ($500 Daily Jackpot Let It Ride $500 Daily Jackpot $1k Daily Jackpot Let It Ride $1K Daily Jackpot Let It Ride $2K Daily Jackpot $10k Daily Jackpot $2k Release Division) Standing by Will 2 Win released a Blue---- Double D still on their fish released a Blue Marlin


The Chicago 5 #7 calls in hooked up-- $500 Daily Jackpot $2k Release Division --- released--

15 minutes left-- tick-- tick--

High Density #29 says they hooked up- (500 Daily Jackpot $1k Daily Jackpot $2k Daily Jackpot $3k Daily Jackpot $5k Daily Jackpot $10k Daily Jackpot )-14 minutes left-

Tick-- Tick--

El Suertudo #2 says they hooked up-- ( $500 Daily Jackpot Let It Ride $500 Daily Jackpot $1k Daily Jackpot Let It Ride $1K Daily Jackpot $2k Daily Jackpot Let It Ride $2K Daily Jackpot $3k Daily Jackpot Let It Ride $3K Daily Jackpot $5k Daily Jackpot Let It Ride $5K Daily Jackpot)12 minutes left--

10 minutes left and High Density and El Suertudo still on their fish---

El Suertudo released a Blue Marlin. and Les Is More #201 on a fish too

5 minutes left-- tick tick--

Will Rise #164 and Double Diamond #30 call in-

and with 4 minutes left--TEAM PELAGIC #163 says they hooked up($500 Daily Jackpot $1k Daily Jackpot $2k Daily Jackpot $3k Daily Jackpot $5k Daily Jackpot $10k Daily Jackpot $20K Daily Jackpot $2k Release Division )--

Libertad #178 at 2 minuites

Thats in with 5 Fish being fought----- Libertad #178 at 4:58:06 - Released -- TEAM PELAGIC #163 at 4:56:16--- Will Rise #164 at 4:55:23 and Double Diamond #30 at 4:54:17 ( released) and Les Is More #201

and reported at 5:01 Uno Mas #50 $500 Daily Jackpot $1k Daily Jackpot $2k Daily Jackpot $3k Daily Jackpot $5k Daily Jackpot $10k Daily Jackpot $20K Daily Jackpot $2k Release Division

TEAM PELAGIC # remaining hooked up--- 1/2 hour later--- Standing By!! 45 min-- still going--

According to the Live Scoring CatchStats-- looks like TEAM PELAGIC's fish either was released or got off --- that's a Wrap--

Roll Over till Next Year-- Yikes-- more Rolaids needed

--------- 10-21-2021 or Oct 21st 2021 Thursday- light fog on the beach this AM-- left mid morning light south wind 1 - 2 kts seas calm light wind ripple to it-- to to blow from the west later today as it did yesterday water temps/ air fill a bit cool---


And Baja Mexico-- the Tip of the peninsula, the city --Cabo San Lucas-- it's simply nuts down there today-- only the One marlin qualified yesterday , and they got a bunch of money but left a whole lot of stuff on the table for today---- approaching the noon hour no other marlin have been boated eight/ nine Blues were said to have been released-

what was left on the table rolls over into today's pots-- or maybe even into tomorrows pot-- !! wouldn't that be something-- !! The poor fish don't stand a chance!

Tick-- tick---tick the clock keeps ticking-- and if you've been in a big---$$$ Money Tournament you know about that clicking clock--- the 2 pm update--- with only three hours left today-- -- remarkably 17 blue marlin have reported released, no striped marlin---and no boated fish--- tick tick---



-one hour left--- still no boated fish! --tick---tick- Rolaids time! -


tick- tock--- 5 Pm and lines out--- two boats were into fish at that time-Split Decision it reads--5:09:33 PM(???) and the Bad company #1 #115 hooked up at 4:46:38 PM on the fish for 25 mins at lines out -- no other fish have been weighed or boated--- and the Roll over begins again--- more Rolaids! ----Bad company #1 #115 still on their fish and hour later! Stand By

Nice weather today--


------------ Wed's Day Oct the 20th, clear and cool morning hours-- Full Moon Last night-- this morning dead calm with only a small mix of seas nice--- some marine haze seaward, several Sportfishers headed South today-- Mag Bay, the Cape , Sea of Cortez and beyond,

A check with the local authorities about the fish closures--- they've got no answers either-- other than they won't be pressing the issues if your are out fishing either in the bays off outside -- ( whatever that means) a call to the Fish and Wildlife ( Fish and Game) Dept with a recording to leave a message- We're still back to Who's on First--- Reply from the Fish and Wildlife ( F & G) ---- John, Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, the closure is still in effect and you can find the map and closure information here: That is where they will update you on it if it lifts, too. UPDATED CLOSURE DECLARATION AND MAP

Well it had to happen--- The Black and Blue has hit a NEW MILESTONE IN FISHING HYSTORY !!! A Fishing tournamet where over 9 Million Dollars are at stake-- that's a whole lot of payola ! $9,824,300 Dollars, 199 boats ( part of the monies come from last years Roll Over with no qualifing fish )

As of this mornings reading there were 199 Teams fishing for Three Days to see who can catch the biggest Black or Blue Marlin-- and that's just what's up front-- there's a lot of side bets going on too! ------- Yikes, pity the poor guy who has the fish throw the hook or worse yet they break the line or the reel gets back lashed-- or a gaff is missed or as with that much $$ mullah on the line everyone's videoed each other to be sure no infringements made- deck hands better not touch the line-- . Minimum size 300 lbs--- and over the past weeks only two or three fish over that weight has been brought to the scales-- by the end of this week there won't be a 300 lb fish swimming within 40 miles of the Cape-!-

As of the 11 am results-- only a few billfish released so far, sailfish -striped marlin and a small blue-- Stand by-- for more Rolaids! they gonna need it-- With an hour left one Blue was boated [ BRANIFF 3:46:10 PM-- Andres Pineda Braniff boated a Blue Marlin. they were in the $500 Daily Jackpot $2k Daily Jackpot $2k Release Division] and maybe 12-15 blues or blacks ( at least that's what they said they were) were released -- and the big dailies might roll over again! Standing By! BRANIFF Andres Pineda Braniff boated a 489lb Blue Marlin.

west wind for most of the day--


- Tuesdays Oct the 19th-- Light south wind 3-4 kts- seas OK Full Moon - big tide swings-- waters cooler here in the bay morning hours-- warms with that afternoon incoming tide- Coastal fishing ? Sculpin and Oil fish fishing outside those oil rigs OK --

Boats fishing Mag Bay were working below Pt Tosca-- 30+ days on the marlins-- bait making at Belchers was said to ge OK -

The Black and Blue starts tomorrow-- 2021 Bisbee's Black & Blue Total Payout: $5,008,325.00 - 174 Teams Yikes!---- Four hours later the Price has gont UP--- Now Total 197 teams Payout: $7,069,875.00

AND New this year from Shimano-- entering into the surface casting lures world-- their new Current Sniper Swim Kick is perfection right out of the package. features an erratic kicking action , instantly initiating a bite. with its patented Jet Boost technology increased casting distance Scale Boost finish to give the lure a lifelike appearance. In Stock Now and They will be available for the famious JD's World Series Playoff Special!


Sand Bass and a few bottem dwellers up on the Huntington Flats today---

and a swordfish was spotted in the forbidden zone-- another one caught deep dropping several days ago below there--


Closed on Mondays- light rain and windy-- was disapointed not being able to fish with grandson in the bay-- stupid ruling-- yardwork

---- Oct 17 Sunday-- and another Bight and Sunny Day-- light south wind maybe 2-4 kts seas good a small mix of swell and Coastal waters are still Forbidden ( as far as we know!) it's Crazy some beaches of newport open to swimming but not fishing?- the Nuts are running the joint!

Couple of boats out Deep Dropping for the Swordfish today---- No ones told them they couldn't----one saying a friend of his had a battle yesterday-- not sure what the results were-- weathers looks great for a drift-- One Swordfish harpooned Mid channel yesterday mid morning hours and the day before inside the Lee of Clemente another swordfish was stuck-- there's a few around---


Up coming is the Black and Blue--- Now up to $4,540,925.00 and 223 Teams so far--- ! with Fishing Days 10/20/2021 - 10/22/2021 ( Wed, Thurs, Fri) Stand by for Fireworks! and a lot of Rolaids!



And the Tanner is still kicking out the Big Bluefin--- From Yesterday-- Got a nice one for David Payton yesterday at tanner went 250 lbs . Flyer on the kite. and gaffed with a Garrett Gaff



------ Oct the 16 2021--- Bright and shinny--- for the most part a little marine haze seaward--- no wind seas calm-- Should be a swordfish or two up on days like these --------A check locally with the local partyboats-- nope coastal fishing still closed! -- Nuts-- it's getting personal now---

Cabo---- Little Bisbee- Second Day --- Only the one fish yesterday qualifying and a second fish was boated today-- no weight yet--- and they don't appear to be in the Dailies?-- -- standing by-- - Local boat Quiteña leading the pack so far with releases


As the 5pm Lines out only the one boated marlin was to be weighed, if it qualified-- and still at lines out two boats still fighting fish--Gold Tooth Hookers #140 hooked up minutes before at 4:57:33 Pm ( Released) and the Chinito Bonito I Francisco Arturo was on a Yellowfin Tuna hooked at 2:25:49 PM 159 mins Still fighting it- an hour later- ---- Lots of Money on the line-- with a Roll over from yesterday results-- and--- and -maybe only the one fish for the tournament--Doesn't sound like real good fishing--- ------ 183 bo0ats- 1 fish over 300 lbs boated ------- and the Black and Blue is due up in a couple of days--- with No qualifiers Last Year 1/2 that monies was rolled over to this year--over $4 Million --Stand By for Fireworks!!

Beautiful day-- wish we could go fishing locally-- and Im sure there's a hunderd out there doing it--


An early afternoon e mail -- Bluefin Tuna Still here--- the note showing the Backside of Catalina Farnswork Bank area--- BFT There still here. Yesterday a 4:00 several large spots of fish up. Kevin K.

As the years go by-- and after the accumulation of tackle rods and reels-- a customer of ours gave me a call-- having some health restrictions now , he's ready to sell everything--, If your new to boating , just purchased a boat and need a total outfit give Capt. Roy a Call- -CAPTAIN ROY 760-840-1551


------ Oct the 15 2021-------------- really a nice day-- cool morning air blue sky- warming in the sunshine-- wind light from the west maybe 3 or 4 kts seas great--- Couple of boats out -- heading to the islands for the weekend--- and------- and------ and fishing is still closed here!-- nuts

Regarding the closures and when will they be removed?-- - the -Web shows several California Oil Recovery sites -- a call to them and after several transfers to the different departments--- reveals I should call the California Dept of Fish and Wildlife for the answers,, A call to the Los Angeles Office --- only a recording-- left the question -- a return call today--No answer from them - best check with the Game Warden-- a call to them-- left message-- a returned call from him-- he's not sure either-- saying there were four or five agencies who make the decisions but referred me back to the number of the California Oil Recovery site!--

the run-a round! Who's on First-- What's on Second and I Don't Know on Third and Tomorrow's pitching! -


--- Baja- Cabo San Lucas-- the Little Bisbee is today- (AKA Los Cabos Offshore)

Lots of particapatiomns--- 187 teams! Yikes-- and 1100 anglers--- Yikes-- Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore Total Payout: $1,963,500.00 Yikes! --- As of 1 pm their time 12 noon our time--- TEAM PELAGIC Ron Kawaja had boated a 319 lb Black Marlin. Several battles fought lost --- Lines In--- 8:00am-to 5:00pm Tournament Fishing; lines must be out of the water by 5:00pm - and as of the -4:30pm . Couple of boats were still fighting fish-- --- First Strike #150 Chris Campanella called in a couple minutes eariler with a Blue Marlin at 4:28:31 And Listo #62 John Hughes was on a Blue Marlin hooked at 1 3:50:45 PM

-- standing by Line out 5 pm and both of the remaining hooked up fish were released-- looks like One fish out of 187 boats qualified for the day! So far Heavest Marlin with ($76,576.50) and the Dailies w the $500 Daily Jackpott ($65,025.00) , the $1k Daily Jackpot ($114,750.00) and $2k Daily Jackpot ($193,800.00) and they still in the $2k Costa Release Category a lot of money still on the line--

Enjoy the weekend-- JD


--------------- Oct the 14 2021-----Nice weather--- --------- Still fishing is Closed to the take of fish and shellfish and

Southern California Fisheries Closure Implemented Due To Oil Spill October 4, 2021 Take of all fish and shellfish is immediately prohibited from Huntington Beach to Dana Point, including the shorelines and offshore areas and all bays due to an oil spill in Southern California. The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has determined that a threat to public health is likely by fishing in the affected area or consuming fish or shellfish that may have been affected by the spill. OEHHA recommended this fishery closure to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). The CDFW’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) Administrator, Thomas Cullen, signed the closure on behalf of CDFW Director Charlton H. Bonham. The closure is in effect until lifted. This new closure document includes a detailed map of the closed areas. The extent of the closure will change as conditions and factors in the area change. Media Contacts: Jordan Traverso, CDFW Communications, (916) 212-7352

They're Nuts!

Los Cabos Offshore Tournament canceled both second and third days fishing--- Little Bisbee still scheduled for today's signup's and fishing tomorrow and Saturday-- lots of boats wanting to get in the action-- fishing reported fair, with only the two qualifiers for the first tournament out of 55 boats

Local 1/2 d boats out of Newport -- Nada--- Bait Barge also Nada-- ---Dana Harbor --fishing OK below the harbors restricted area- and they've got bait--

------------ Wed's The 13th of October--- Clear and crisp this AM-- wind light from the Southwest 3-4 kts + ocean looks OK-- Fishing Closure still in effect--- I think they're checking the barnacles to see if they've been infected! Left hand dosen't know what the right hand is doing-- !

Los Cabo's Billfish Tournament at the Cape postponed another day

AIS shows sportboats out of SD out to the tuna grounds--- Tanner and Cortez

and Boats headed to the Cape are making their move now--- Wahoo, Marlin and Tunas await them-- and probably Dorado too- Yellows on the high spots and Cabrilla for the table fair-


Donnie caledl via VHF-- they were mid channel 6 below the A Bank--- nice and calm water but a bit chilly- water temps 61 degrees!

For boats heading south-- Another burst of Santa Anas winds blowning offshore this Friday--Colnett and below--


------- Tuesdays Oct the 12 2021--- or 10122021 ------- Windy-- blue sky this morning and Windy--- Small Craft Advisory and no ones out-- except a few sailors--

A report from the Cape this morning saying lighter winds and rain so far-- Due for more--

Looks like the Los Cabo's Billfish Tournament was delayed a day because of weather-- today- Yesterdays top fish weighed w/ Viking Yachts Daily Marlin Jackpot Level 4 Sneak Attack Steven Perry Black Marlin with a 554 lbs ,, 2nd Place went to the Hooray Eric Dunn Black Marlin at 343 lbs -- will see if the tournament continues tomorrow--

Not much happening here today-- N/W wind all day

Go Dodgers ya Bum's couldn't event hit the ball out of the park-- the other team did!


10/10/ 21 , Sunday-- a day of rest--- light blue this morning-- wind light from the south to calm- seas flat and calm for the moment-- all due to change tonight and tomorrow--

it's my brothers birthday today-- Happy B- Day Bro--- he's a better surfer than I, but I could out fish him!

Fishing Clousers still in effect till the Coast Guards says otherwise-- 8 Miles off the coastline from Bolsa Chica to San Onofre-- Ouch! -- Maybe tomorrow it will open---??? unconfirmed -- ?

Vick fished off the east end of catalina for the Swordfish-- no bites-- well maybe one when he first got there--- wind came up-- time to head back to port Newport--- maybe--- maybe-- some tunas seen mid channel-- looked good -- otherwise not much on the radio-- --


----- Sat Oct the 9th 2021----------- Clearing westerly wind and cloud cover-- fair West at 8-10 kts seas light west chop-- still a strong tidal flow this weekend--

Boats heading south-- cautious of that upcoming front expected Sunday Monday- and the Cape's Marlin Tournaments-- aware of that tropical storm below them expected to bring rain and wind- maybe a port closure?

Reported Swordfish fisher-- metering bait at 600 even as deep as 1200 ft locally-- no bites said heaver 10 lbs of weight still didn't help in the wind against current movement on their drift--

Still not sure about coastal boat fishing and if it's been OK'ed or not ??

For Boats headed to Mag Bay and the Cape for the Marlins -- latest water temp images


-------- Friday it's that day again--Oct 8 - Dodger baseball at 6 pm this evening-- something to look forward to- Light rain and sprinkles-- clearing off with a westerly-- seas starting to get some cap to them-

Reported that Dana Harbor is Open! and Newport's suppose to have Inspection boats at Harbors entrance to see if the boat is Contaminated, in which a boom float is surrounded the vessel and brought into the Harbor to the Marina Park for cleaning--- nuts! please contact the Newport Harbor Master for Details-- I guess? rumor says 12 midnight tonight the Harbor will be open--- nope -- second rumor says it's open now 12 noon today--?

ATTENTTION-- ATTENTION ALL BOATERS -- Newport Harbor Patrol comes on the radio-- saying as of 3 pm Newport Harbor is open and Dana Point also open--- -- thanks--

Nice afternoon-- clearing air and a fair west wind with a few clouds to highlight the sunset--- Better weather due next week---

Now that boats can go fishing--- what's to fish for--- a while - Calicos are there and there should be some Halibuts in the 70 -65 ft depth-- might be a Marlin or two still around -- haven't heard of much or seen recently-- nor of many jumpers seen just yet--

and there's the Broadbill Swordfish with the coming tournament for them and tuna off shore?

Good Luck- this Weekend--- JD


-------- Thursdays Oct the 7th 2021--- Kinda a gloomy day--- overcast some light drizzle, no wind--- no one out and about except few boat cleaners in the bay and a couple of Harbor Masters little skiffs-- Harbors Still Closed---

If I can recall correctly-- today marks 44 years here in the Shop! ---











Regaining his title, World Record Pacific Bluefin Tuna on 30 lb IGFA line by Tom P. his 213 .9 lb fish caught in Aug of 2017- had been bested only by a couple of pounds-recently-- - this past weekend Tom was out again to regain the title- a tough battle he said "had the Bimimi a dozen times out before the fish would sound again---a 2 1/2 hour battle and the fish takes top honors at 218.8 lbs-- beat it by 3 lbs--- !!!

-Quiet on the waterfront today--- -


------------------- Wed's Oct 6th-- Playoff day for the Dodgers 5:10 pm game starts-- this morining it's a light overcast--- no wind seas are calm and the Harbor Entrance is still closed-- and Fishing off the Jetties, ocean and inside the bays and harbors restricted " No fishing" -

The Harbor's a little spooky-- - with so little actitivty-- very few boats moving around-- some coast guand and harbor police about-- --- and who's the Fish Police?

Word has it that the harbor might be opened tomorrow-- ?? dont count on it!


----------- Tuesday Oct 5th 2021------ Looks like the harbor entrance is closed today-- A catch boom float streaches across the harbors tomorrow? ( there were a few boats going and coming into the harbor) Clearing sky- wind light to med from the south seas have calmed down--

Last nights rain and wind must have dispersed at oil slick-- couple of the tenders were saying they did not see any signs of the slick this morning??

The WHOW Event was great--- this evenings awards being held to honor the Vets and their accomplishments-- good job everyone-- New Year will be even Bigger-- !

The WHOW weigh -in at Avalon last night was spectacular coverage------ FanTail's 240 lb Bluefins Tunas was challenged as these first class sportfishers backed up to the Pier off-loading their big catches-- Weights from 100 lbs upwards to the 200 lb fish ---then a 222lbs, another at 224 lb, then and 226 lb and then Showtimes comes in with two fish-- SHOWTIME first one at 197 lbs their Second fish tops the scales at 245 lbs-- a Monster sized fish, one more boat to weigh their fish-- and they bring in Three fish to weigh-- an 188 lb, second fish at 200 labs and the third fish topped out at 220 lbs---

Good event---


With the closures of the Harbor's entrance-- going back years ago--- it was I believe an bitter cold windy February when that last oil pipe line was damaged by a ships anchor-The Harbor Entrance closed and Class Action law suits were made for loss of business here in Newport-- Six Years later Received the settlement pay out checks, one was $1.30 ---the other $ .19 Cents !!!





Go Dodgers----


Closed on Mondays- Went fishin in the rain with grandson 7 bass and 1 yellowfin coraker-- - JD

---------- Sunday--- and it's Canceled the Air Show off Huntington Beach!!!--Large oil spill/ Slick being the cause--- hope it gets cleaned up before it drifts into the coastline-- otherwise downhill current .8 kts and drifting offshore a bit-- coastal cloud cove with light South wind seas calm- , building tides

ILTT International Light Tackle Tournament out of SD this weekend-- Marlins were the goal and T/C held a roll call with only a few responses- probably out of range looking for the fish--

The WHOW tournament boats spread out of the harbor at sunset last night a couple bent south but most of the fleet straight towards the west end of Clemente the Tanner Bank their goal- it was either the First or Second yacht out of the harbor really put the peddle to the metal and took off in a roar-- Have fun boys and this year two Women are amoung the Vets-- ---( See below)



Nice day-- hope all the Vets enjoyed the day--- weather was good and reported several boats were into the bigger tunas- and trying for the smaller stuff on top of the banks-- good wishes to them--LIVESTREAM on Mon., Oct. 4




Sept- oops -- Its October now-- the 2nd 2021--- Saturday-- and looking out the store window this mornings looks like almost anything that can float is headed out the harbor to towards the Huntington Flats anchor up and watch the Air Show as they BuZZ right over their heads-- gets a little busy and rocky when all the boats head home together lot of mixed wakes-- Weather forecasters said fog-- but it doesn't look that way yet--



WHOW Boat parade this afternoon--- support it all you can-- JD

Our veterans have arrived and we’re excited for the weekend ahead! Follow along on today’s livestream starting at 1:40pm PT for official send-off and Tournament launch coverage: #whow2021

Each of the WHOW participating sportfishers idled up to the dock, the Vets were welcomed aboard by captains and crew and

Anthony was there to shake each and every Vets hand with a welcome and good luck--




The armada of Private Sportfishers/ yachts and their guest Vets aboard impressive traveling up the harbor before heading out to sea for the tournament--.




















Quite the site--- Good Luck Vets-


We just let one go-took a little longer that we wanted to-- to get a tag in it--- - was that a sleeper---- naw a feeder--- we're it that marlin tournament drove by and wanted to say congrats

Congrats from the fleet too-

you in blue water-- naw its really, really green--- look down 20 ft and all you see is something white--

We're a little busy right now --- we're fighting a marlin --- chasing him down- 7 SW of the 371-- 10:14 am

big striper-- --- no in reality it was a male blue marlin?---??

and the beat goes on--- WHOW boated their crew and parade soon to follow--- Best of Luck to them-- JD

Wind picked up westerly in the afternoon- but looks to back off towards the setting sun--


--- Oct the 1st 2021-----------

Light blue sky a little hazy seaward-- wind light S/W 1 -2 kts nice day on the water

Good radio reception from below the border-- 371/ area boats looking for something there--- seeing a few large kelps but no one home under them--- 371 and San Salvador knoll was said to have some fish---down by the 390 nothing there either--

There's a swordfish up finning high and dry right next to your bouy-- ( deep drop set of gear) --- try and run it Down! 11:25am where you at ---right on top of the 152--

We wernt ready for him by the time we got set up it gown down---

there's nothing down for here better up here---

11/over 33 a few kelps---

The Air Show putting on a good show for all to see-- Off HB--

We're down here on the 390 seeing a few dorado jump around but haven't touched our baits---

Had a good show of a Marlin jumping about 10 times in front of me--- Jumping marlin???- 12:38 Slack tide today-- 12:48pm

Jumper outside the 371 this morning-- lot of flying fish out here today-- looks like eveyone just looking around--- we're three outside the Salvador-- started on the 371 --out to the 390 and working this way-- it's warmer water 70./ 71 degrees here--

Outside Mission Bay 72 and lots of birds ,bait looks good--


The Great Marlin Race--- There is no doubt now that Striped Marlin migrate from Here, So Calif to the southern tip of Baja-- cross the Pacific below the Hawaiian Islands -- come north and complete the clockwise migrations back towards the shores of the West Coast--- 6,729 miles in 240 days-- remarkable--









And the 2020 Master Angler Billfish Tournament-IGFA Great Marlin Race Winner is…. A 150lb striped marlin tag sponsored by The Tuna Club of Avalon that popped up 2,122nm from where it was deployed. The fish was caught and tagged aboard the Burning Daylight captained by Hunter Heatley on October 18, 2020, and popped up after a full duration trial of 240 days. This fish is estimated to have traveled a total distance of 6,729nm!!! Learn more about the IGFA Great Marlin Race at and check out the most recent edition of International Angler for the full MABT report. The IGMR, presented by Costa Sunglasses, is a research collaboration between IGFA and Stanford University and is sponsored by Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Outdoor Fund, EdgeWater Boats, and Release Boatworks.

Congrats to the team aboard Burning Daylight-- nice Job! JD


Offcolor water dominates much of our waters these days-- Front side of Clemente held a few Yellowtails , it was the best fishing report for the days reports-- others saying hundred miles of looking for nothing---









-- Thursday's report--------- Sept 30th -----

---- Nice day--- light ripple on the waters surface-- light west wind--- not as flat and calm as yesterday-- there were several sighting and baiting of broadbill swordfish yesterday--pretty much green water everywhere only a few areas of blue found--

We came south and west from the 371-- didn't find much there- temps dropped so we're headed back uphill-- --- how ya doing-- the fish have lock-jaw here-- we haven't seen a thing here---

Should be another swordfish basking day--- stand by--

Boats heading back from the islands report mostly offcolor water green and not much seen --- above the West End of Catalina, backside some bass no yellows or only a few, bonitos, ----mid ocean between here in Newport and Clemente only a few kelps and they were fishless, further south they were happy to find small 2- 5lb tails under a paddy-- the offshore boys after the tunas reported only fair fishing for them-- and yesterdays lumpy seas back there didn't help much

This weekends weather looks good probably some of that afternoon west wind but not much-

San Clemente island will be open for anchorage Pyramid Cove for the weekend and Monday too!


------------- Humpday-- Wed the 29th of Sept 2021---

Good day for deep dropping for swordfish--- light uphill current- seas are good--- there's bait marks at 600 ft deep over the 12000 depth, some surface bait and birds seen-- water temps improving to 68 1/2 degrees and clean and a soft afternoon tide swing--- Good Luck

SD Party boats targeting below the border more and more for the yellowfin - they're catchable not as spooky to fish during the day--

Clemente held good bass and a few yellows today--- weather great-- and a tailer or two were seen- maybe something will develope this fall Season-- lets hope so--- otherwise it'll be a long winter!


nice day-- moring marine clouds slowlly going aswy seas are calm-- a swell on the beach-- looks good for hte week ahead---

--------- Tuesday Sept the 28 2021---------- another Diurnal Tide today-- Broadbill Swordfish should be basking in the early afternoons sun--- Stand by---Nice day light south wind 2 3 kts- seas OK small mix to them- light overcast looks to burn through.

Foxi lady report --- Fishing is going off today in Mag Bay 60 bites between 9 - 1:30.y

Bring more hooks and Bait!!!


WHOW 2021 starts this Saturday. 100 vets/heroes - 38 beautiful donated yachts - 1.2m raised - 49 Purple Hearts - 108 Commendation Medals - 112 Achievement Medals - 35 Bronze Stars - 14 Humanitarian Assistance Metals. This tournament changes lives. Get involved.

Floyd Sparks with his monster bluefin of 395.4, it's the new state record. On a flyer, Shimano Talica 50, Calstsr 775xxxh rod




- Monday--it's a diurnal tide !-

----------- Sunday Sept the 26 --- another gray day-- either its clear and windy or gray and not as windy---

Ladies Awards this evening--- Newport Harbor Yacht Club-- 5:00 pm



The 2021 Balboa Angling Club Ladies Billfish Tournament results are in!!! Congratulations go to: High Angler - Sara Holmes High Boat - Hawk Special thanks to the Tournament Committee: Judy Passerello - Chairman Julie Delucia Ruth Schock



Seas are calm and wind is light from the west--- local coastal waters have cleaned up 20 ft vis-- waters 64 above the harbor- below its 65- not much in the way of Baitfish caught/ mackerels-- look above newport pier in the flats you might find some-- fish the Pipe or Art Reef for bass

Bring a sweatshirt-- it's cool out there---

Next weeks slow rising mid day tide would be considered Prime time for Elvis to appear-- stand by--

Balboa Island-- here-- having their Art Walk today-- with exhibitors showing off their wears-- it brings in the shop dozens of folks fingering the displayed marlin baits and playing the frozen squid in the freezers. -- and looking out the front window-- a private sportfisher pulls up to the fuel dock flying a Marlin flag- released --- fun working here---

The Hunt Tournament / Tuna Club of Avalon-- Hello JD The “OORAH” took "High Boat" and "High Angler" in the ATC Hunt Tournament this Friday & Saturday The big ones: #204, #148, #78, 50 lb Dacron the two smaller: #20 dacron Kevin

That's fun fishin!


Next weeks the WHOW Event---- get involved if you can---

The 2021 War Heroes on Water Tournament will take place Oct. 1-4, 2021 off the shores of Catalina Island. Set to become one of the largest on-water therapeutic programs of its kind in the nation, the WHOW 2021 Tournament will serve more than 100 veterans. To achieve this substantial Tournament growth, we have set our 2021 fundraising goals high—aiming to reach $1M. This ambitious amount will translate into providing a variety of therapeutic services for thousands of veterans across the nation via our charity partner, Freedom Alliance. We remain committed to doing all that we can to help support our nation’s greatest heroes, our veterans. Click here to join us in this valiant effort.



---- Sat Sept 25 2021---------------- light overcast this morning wind light from the west--- forecasters show a mild day- reality-- westerly stronger than forecasted--- light wind chop and swell

Marlin News--- Ladies Tournament --Sara aboard Hawk, fishing off Mission Bay releases a Marlin at 9 :30 this morning and another fish also released in the area - Congrats JD --

- - wind came up early and the a couple of the boats headed in early-- - Back side of Catalina was the show for the marlins-- T/C Hunt tournament where along that Catalina Encampment earlier today- reported the- Pesca de Oro triples up-- one the jigs and another two on bait -Mike P's gets his Qualifier Congrats--- JD - up north water chilled off and few if any fish were seen up there--- no swordfish reported yet--

Wind stayed steady west for most of the day--- seems to cool things down--- forecasters show 8- 12 in the afternoon hours tomorrow??- we'll see-

reported a few schools of yellowfin tunas outside La Jolla

good luck tomorrow if you get out

coastal fishing fair-- southern waters warmer and cleaner- maybe a swordfish will show itself around the noon hour-- Stand By--

And congrats to all the Lady Anglers in todays event- hope you had fun and had you chances-- --


- Sept the 24th 2021------- Friday-- Hey it's that day again where fun and frolic is at hand---May Gray this mornings here at the b each--- light overcast that is weakening - light south/west wind 3-5 kts-- seas calm looks good- good visibility on the water---

Nothing reported yet on the radio--- 10:47 some scratchy reports too vague to hear- probably out on the Tanner or up to the Channel Islands ---- tuna one way--- marlins the other- and probably broadbill swordfish in the middle-- good tides this weekend-- have fun--

From facebook--- We're gonna need fighting chairs---! they're getting bigger---

Monster 340 pound (tape weighed) bluefin caught aboard @bight_sportfishing — at Fisherman's Landing.




This past weekd ends the 50th AnnualChannel Islands Billfish Tournament Results of are in. The seventeen boats in the tournament produced no fish on Saturday and only one fish on Sunday due to some very tough weather. Brett Bannerman's "Skol" took first place honors with three releases. Mike and Gina Haase on "Tight Riv" released two marlin to place second and C.G. Miller on "Ruckus" came in third with two releases. Also of interest are the vessels "Shameless" and "Tunanator" who both had a bluefin over 200 lbs. "Skol" releasing a marlin.


Mid day afternoon-- a phone call from Barrett-- of May Bay yachts-- having just splashed a new boat in Newport harbor yesterday and out today for a days sea trial --- Hey JD-- we're right outside the harbor- looked over and -- there's a nice swordfish that just swam up to the boat--- ( Must be good Karma for that boat) were in 220 ft of water right out side the harbor--- 2:24pm-- ------- A minute later a customer walks in the door wanting some sabki rigs to go make mackerel ---they were headed over to Catalina to fish for swordfish------ -- he was out the door and defrosting their rigged squid within minutes! good luck-- !!

Thunder and lightning this afternoon -remnants of that last tropical storm off Baja--


yikes-- at the fuel dock --- sitting next to 6,000 of gas yikes-- I'm out of here!


--------------- Sept the 23 Thursday 2021----------------- Blue again with an wift of morning clouds-- Wind west again- though not so strong -- yet--- coastal water green outside Long Beach and a band of blue coming up from below Clemente---

Weather looks good for the Saturdays Ladies Tournament--- have fun!!! --- first one spotting a marlin gets to open the Champagne--- from then on they see lots of marlins!

That finger of warm blue water below the 290 soutwards with edges on both sides of it-- looks interesting--




and the latest images of the oceans surface currents shows strong currents on both sides of the warm water with almost no current in the center--



we're just below the 182--- stopped on a dozen paddies for nothing trolled with a bunch of dolphins for notheing-- were --- -- -- over 39

we're near you-- 06 over 40 -- above the 302 water temps---69 degree water -- guess we won't go UP your way 12:28


From facebook--- from Anthony --- Thank you - thank you - thank you. 38 Yachts donated by gracious and patriotic Yacht owners. We value your time the most given to WHOW for 4 days and making such a difference in this tournament that heals and saves lives. Without our incredible yacht owners, WHOW cannot exist. A big shout out to each and every one of you for achieving such success and sharing it with us. See you all Oct 2nd at the kick off party in Newport Beach.

Wish then good luck and good weather--

This year, 100 combat-wounded veterans will travel across the country to Southern California to participate in the 2021 WHOW Tournament. These heroes, many heralded for their bravery and valor with commendations andmedals—including 49 Purple Hearts, 108 Commendation Medals, 112 Achievement Medals, 35 Bronze Stars and 14 Humanitarian Assistance Medals, to name just a few—are coming to find peace and community with fellow patriots who share these unique and difficult experiences.


Sept 22 2021- Wed--- another fine summer day--- blue this morning--- calm morning hours but west wind developing seas good for now--- Tunas fishers still doing their thing-- flatfall type lures, live mackerels sunk out deep- Flyers, Yummys and fake flyers have all worked - or they haven't--

Marlin dope--- -- Water temps still seem to be holding OK---Blue water hard to find--- this weekends Ladies Marlin Tournament-- will be off back side of Sept Full moon-- tides this weekend, the mornings sunrise low tide filling to a noontime High-- should be good for something--- if there's any broadbill swordfish around you may see one basking in the sunshine around that noon hour--- feeders will up at noon too- after that the tide drops out and a wind develops in the afternoon for hopeful tailers to come up in the jigs---


<------Satellite image yesterday


I just pulled forwards, there was solid yellows-- surface to bottom - we've got a dozen or more-- party boat Clemente-- 10:36am

Bluefin tunas still being caught further north-- Off Cambria / Morro Bay area- 700 ft of water-- trolling Cedar Plugs--- pretty foggy up thee now -hard to find the bird schools-- but they are there-- two, three four, fish catches a day --- 70-100 lb fish!

That Westerly blew strong today--- stiff at times and steady building up swell and chop--- but this Saturday it looks much better---

San Clemente Island looks open for the weekend-- good Yellowtail fishing there--

and for those heading west- lookimg for the Marlins-- --


Shoud be a nice sunset---


--- Tuesdays Sept the 21-- FULL MOON and she's bright-- strong tides ------Clear blue this morning, gonna be a warm one- probably some west wind later-- calm morning hours with seas calm- small mix of swell- coastal waters temps remain cool and off colored , making mackerel as bait difficult-- chum might help


Water temps degree( C)


Looks like the Bluefin are still biting out on the Tanner-- With some big ans med sized fish-- more yellowfin in the couts these days---

Sportboats were also seeing and and catching the tunas around the 43 and above towards the 289 ----44 and 06 held schools of fish--today


Latest Chlorophyll Chart


Cooler water brought in a few more of the larger halibuts-- 65 ft

Go Dodgers---

---------- Some Computer/ web problems still being resolved--- JD

Closed on Monday---

Hope to resolve some issues for the site---it's getting old!

Didn't hear much on the Pesky's more focused on the web site these days-- Half a dozen fish the first day-- Santa Barbara Island being the area fished---

Did here yesterday of a big 12 ft swordfish following up a deep dropped bait , not sure if it was hooked or not-- More folks trying for them now and the Broadbills may be moving into the area , late Summer fish reported to be smaller and from the south while early season are from the northern waters-- or so the studies show--

Sleepers off Avalon this morning

Weather looked good for the day

continued web updates- JD

Coastal waters cool this morning-- 59 degrees warms up to 64 mid afternoon--- dirty green up above the harbor-- cleaner south-- Calicos were biting

Good Eastern Pacific Bonito fishing at Clemente island--



~~~~~~~~ OLD REPORT ~~~~~~





- Sorry Closed on Monday--- Picking up freight from florida-- ballyhoos--- JD

- Sunday and the day of rest--- Nice-- again-- and -- again


Reports of marlin off the Slide to the 152--- marlin showing--- off the east end of the island---10:56

Where's the tuna---

Yesterday--- late in the afternoon hours 14 held fish was well as outside the 267-- we got a blind strike on the Cedar Plug--

this mornings 277 had a showing too- and more boats in towards the beach 14 167 350--

There were like three football sized foamers when we rolled up on them-- then they all sink out---

yesterday afternoon 22/ 55 6 pm 9 out of Dana last night--we'd slut of engines off -

One bird then two three they they'd show up we' de wait till there were foaming before we drifted into them-- mad all the difference-- threw sardines on their heads-- no bites but the smaller stick baits and poppers will well---

< ----Billy T puts on a nice sized one yesterdayy-- Nice catch!

A lot of driving-- seeing a few spots of tuna up-- down--- 14 had a few 267 had em too-



the afternoon news----- Ah-- ah-- we just hooked a swordfish!!! 3:49 --- nix on the swordfish-- it's a mako

tides about to turn-- low at 4:30pm

Turn around there a foamer right behind you--- big one-- 3:56

marlin hook up on the 14 !! a excited voice comes on--- 4:09

They've been showing pretty good for the past couple hours here--- Flying Fish got one ---Joker got one too-- looks like Bobby's on one now--- 4:34pm Happy B Day Bobby!--



--------------- Sat July the 24 2021 --- Nice

Tales of Swordfish and Tuna--- a book written by Zane Grey of earlier times--- yet today reports of Swordfish and Tuna abound--- two Broadbill seen basking off laguna yesterday in tight ( Forbidden Zone) 100 fathom line,, another one seen today outside from there--- Tuna-- a phone call revealed they had been offshore out of Dana--- coming back in spotted foamers from 6 off the beach to within the shallows- working up the line from noon to two pm foamer after foamer to within a mile of the Dana Harbor

Young boy just walked in the shop-- needed to buy a large fishing knife to clean the Bluefin they caught--- mile out of Newport 100lbers--- 10:23 --

The other tuna fleet centered off the Backside of Catalina to the West end of San Clemente island-- and who knows where else--

Casting jigs--- poppers ---- baits-----

A phone call-- Hey JD this is ---- I bought that rod and reel from you the other day-- had that popper on it--- the voice gasps for air--- I--- I - just landed a I don't know maybe an 100 lb tuna on it-- I'm -- I'm off here from Newport-- another gasp of air--- right here off Newport a couple miles--- spent three hours on it-- I'm all by myself-----another gasp of air and a pause--- whew---thanks for the tackle! 1:34pm

there's everywhere and too many boats we'll wait till this afternoon---

Stay there and make bait-- macks-- I've got a dozen so far-- get more!

We just hear a guy saying he was tripled up--- 1:58pm

Fish stories everywhere-- said the guy just pulled in a 50 lber from off the Newport Jetty! 2:20

Deckers and Eric at it again-

we jut got bit-- slow trolling bumping in in nad out of geat-- 2 kts---

We're 2 out of the harbor--- just south of the Balboa Pier we've got our limits--- smallest 70 lbs the others up to 100-there;s 150s here too-- - you the only boat there ---naw theres two or three other boats here-- one boat has a bunch of kids in it-- and 15lb spinning tackle---- they haven't a chance in h=---- 2:51pm

They'er boat shy-- we had to kill the enjoine and slid up into them

We're in front of the river Jettys now---- popping up here there--- 3:02

I finally got bit-- he on-- yea hes ripping out the line--- 3:28--- these things are bigger than I thought---

Sun westering into the afternoon marine clouds, wind backing off and the tide on the rise till dark-- all looks good---

Boats returning into the harbor--- guys in the cockpit washing off the tackle--- flags flying and the bridge full of tales---

The Balboa Angling club-- is a public weight in station--- give em' a call with your ETA within their open hours--

If your headed out tonight of tomorrow good luck--- have fun-- JD



---- Friday July the 23 2021- Light overcast--- wind light from the southeast 2 4 kts- soft seas good light mix of swell- overcast aids to the good visability on the water's surface.

We're on fish now--- the Canyon-- La Jolla --Cat? 1:03

Strong tides this weekend---

We had foamers early on this morning---

We're just outside the rigs-- there's some 100 lbers popping up---we're at 33:31 and 118:03 ---- 2:47 -- there' here from the rigs all they way into the Newport Canyon skittish they're the large size at least a hundred pounds--- 2:53

San Clemente island Security's web site shows the Cove to be open this weekend--- enjoy it--

We've got breaking fish here off the East end---4:48--pm-- incomming tide---

Good yellowtail fishing these past few days-- some under the kelps mid channel,and the lee of Clemente

Have a fun weekend -- weather looks good-

seas flat they popping up left and right---

Reported over the past several weeks now-- of Bluefin Tuna carcass being dumped in the harbor of Newport Beach--- not good and against the law--- if you know of it or someone dong it-- tell them it's not cool-- take the fish out the harbor and dispose of it there-- JD


----------- Thursday July 22 2021-----

Light overcast-- wind fair from the south 6-10 kts-- Seas ok but have a lump and small wind chop to them--

Hey Sportfisher on the Ridge-- coming up behind me--- veer off--- please---- turn off--- 9:43am

We haven't seen much yet-- went down from the Slide for a while now working back up inside the island towards the Avalon Bank 10:02

West end of San Clemente Island and towards the 499 fathom spot, and Osborn Bank and Santa Barbara Island and back side of Catalina holding the tuna-- as well as off La Jolla and the 9 Mile Bank

Full Moon tonight--- Quake?

We're 18 outside Cabrilla got foamers--- 11:50

reports off the Backside of Catalina-- tuna there too-- -

Reported of another Marlin Caught today-- off the Avalon Bank

We were inbetween the 9 and the 181 lots of foamers but no takers-- tought to see them on all sides of the boat and no bites---

Weather forecast looks calm for the weekend-- almost too calm for kite flying , sinker fish during the morning and daytime hours-- kites in the afternoon wind

we spotted a few out by the 267 today--

178 73 degrees birds and baits but no surface tuna seen--


--- Wed' July 2` 2021--- Nice and sunny a few clouds-- wind light from the south- 2 5 kts- seas good--

I'm working my way up to the 267-- little dabs here and there-- 9:14

not like yesterday--- not close---


Full day again-- not much said on the radio so far today-- rumor ha it there were fish on the 14,

Good signs of bait again only a mile and half out front of Newport-- big Mako swimming around there too--

How'd you do for the day --only 3 for the day-- had 50 fish follow the jig to the boat but wouldn't bite it-- our yellow was bigger than the yellows -- We got one bluefin and 7 yellows small yellows --except that one show stopper--

It's not a jumbo but it's good--- got the trank 500 buttoned down and it's smoking us-

foamer after foamer--- go like ten feet and there's another one--4:15

Couple of reports over the past few days- of 150- 200lb tunas taken or lost between the 267 and 14 Mile Bank---

This Weekends the BAC host their Helen Smith Offshore Tournament


----------------------- Tuesday July 20 2021--- we've lost 20 minites of sunlight so far since the 21 of June--

Nice summer day-- warm-- light wind from the southwest--- seas good-- lots of big game tuna anglers out--

Lots of reel repair- line winding and not much time for the web site--- did hear several boaters out-- one said the 289 held tuna- others were working above the west end of Clemente-- most of the SD fleet were in for the day--

best of luck if you get out tomorrow-- JD

Closed on Mondays- Took a nice long boat ride-yesteday- no bites--

July the 18 2021-- Sunday a day of rest-- Tropical weather today-- forecasted possiable thunder and increased winds---

west today light to fair wind- 2- 7+ seas starting to bump up-- otherwise nice---

We were just out gunned on the last two foamers--- 10:12

and a lot of jabber---

We got one hanging--- 10:59

We're driving around with spreder bars - lost a couple of fish at the gaff-- yes they're moving fast-- west---

it was a weird bite-- put the flyer right in that foamer-- wasn't sure what it was- weird bite like it was mouthing it--- --- 29/ 40 We're on---

33.10/ 117.47 foamers 12:02

Fish on the popper-- 33.03 / 119.46 foamers all around--

37/ 40 --036/ 35--,

Afternoon--- radio chatter deteriorated to profanity---- the summertime blues---

working out way back from between the islands-- -- had a marlin on--

sure were a lot of folks on the radio today--- also a lot of fuel burnt too-

E-Mail report from Matt--- One yellowtail at the island. Seals were bad. Bluefin between the mackerel and 289. But they were everywhere. They got bigger as we left San Clemente.

First fish for the BAC and the Dana Angling Club-- Marlin released-!--- E mail from Bob and Sally Royal Slam--- Hi JD, Just a quick note to let you know Royal Slam caught and released the first marlin ( est 150) of the season for BAC & DAC on Saturday,13 nm off Mission Bay. Sally was the angler. Blind strike on a Pakula Black & Purple lure. Best regards, Bob--- --- She's the Angler-- at the wheel Bob and Mitchell F. was leader man--- the Team! Congrats-- JD


-------- Sat July the 17 2021--- the day many fish were chased some caught--

Beautiful Summer morning bright and Blue-- light marine haze seaward seas goon an welcoming-

Harbors all had exodus of boaters today-- tuna the game -- reported from the backside of Catalina- Santa Barbara Island and southwards to below the border - probably off the Santa Rojas Flats too-

The methods to catch these wearier fish ranges from simple hook w/ bait and sinker to elaborate spreader bars and dredges--- kites, drones and balloons and downrigger's too-- ---

Long full day--Tuna reported thick off the west end of clemente -499 went off--

The radio was active---more so than the fish were biting--- late afternoon hours only a few boats entered back into the harbor with tuna flags flying--

reported a Marlin taken this past week?

Friday-- it's Friday! again-- 7/16/21 and lots going on-- the radio alive with fish being spotted-- not as many hooked-- A little ruffle on the water this morning-- west wind to southwest wind 5-7 kts seas still the same good with a ground swell- overhead hazy blue-

They're here-- popping up all over the place-- we've got a couple of 60 lbers on board-- that foamer stayed up for must have been 20 minutes- while we were fighting those fish-- by the time we got them in that school went down-- yea that's our problem they go down within a minute or two-- we cast right into them-- got short bit on a bait and that was it--we've got all day--

Outside La Jolla canyon to the west 10 mile was the fleet-- the large fleet, cattleboats, poush sportfishers, little skiffs, jet skies pattle boarders and who knows what else-- what fun!

light line 25 lb and smal circle hooks was working for us--


San Clemente Island also has good tuna fishing inside the lee-- 5 off White rock puddlers and breaking fish-- 11:10

Moving with their natural instinct to travel to the north-- Monterey next stop--

From Facebook-- Nice to get on the water today with Steve Lassley, DT and DL. Targeting surface swords as always, but these things keep getting in the way. Amazing to have this fishery here for the last several years. WHOW vets, which will be 100 this year on 35 graciously donated yachts. Fishing is great this year, get ready to pull on some monsters in October!!

Just sitting in the area-- there were swjmming under the boat-- we cast everything we had -- wish we had some flyers-- we could drift them a long ways from the boat ---they were everywhere aournd the boat-- ( lee of Clemente?)

This is that Grady next to you--- we're not trying to get next to you--- this fish is pulling us! 12:12pm

51/30---meter marks at 80-120 earlier --- slowed down for the past hour - 51/33 was the bulk off the meat meter mark now at 160 ft--

we just got bit-- sinker fish in the rod holder--- making a good run-- man the meter just lit up-- 2:53

Boats out looking locally for the tunas having just came back in-- report---- nada--- no signs of fish from here ( newport ) to the 267 and out towards the 14--- --- maybe tomorrow?

Got it--60- 70lber-- another one-- on the Nomad-- DXT 9 " -- that's the third strike on that one--

we got one on the Cedar Plug too!

from Facebook --Balboa Angling Club Member Jen Ward took a quick local lunch break, on her boat ‘Gypsea’ and came home with a beautiful bluefin for dinner!!! Nice work

another on the DTX-- inhaled it--- got it on the heavy tackle 4:45



Good Luck this weekend if you get out--- JD --rumer has it spreader bars, dasiy chaies and dredges East Ccoast stuff might help--and luck--

Maybe a marlin or swordfish will be added to the mix this weekend-- JD


------ July the 15 2021------ Thursday---- morning coastal marine clouds melts away- light south wind-- 2-4 kts seas ---- - good time to go fishin"

We've got our fill-- we're headed home--- sounds great-- go to the other channel---- you there- yea- got 5 or 6 fish and lost a few we've happy -- where were you--- go to the 178 towards the 182-- all you wanted tons of life -- those fish were moving west fast-- get up ahead of them -- thanks-- 10:12.

With the shortage of big game fishing and rods available now-- a lot of the old stuff coming out of retirement-- the older 30 and 50 single speed or 2 speeded reels and roller trolling rods appearing -- if service is need on them give JD's a call , be glad to work on them-- approx one to two weeks turnaround depending on parts-- etc-- JD

32.54 / 117.36

Damn-- that must have been you knot tied!

We picked up one just drifting the dead flyer---

289 stuff dried up-- more signs of sealife up at the Mackeral bank-- 10:55am


Navy submarine surfacing in the tuna fleet-- with boils of tuna around all of them!

they're everywhere-- colt snipers---

we've got five on board---- we're tight again-- there's no one here seeing these breezers-- 1:41

slow trolling and threw some bait they expolded on it--

we went out to the west all formers but no biters-- back in here with the Apollo- they're all bit--2:37

All afternoon the radio chatter revealed the number of fish being seen from the 312 northwards to outside the upper 9 mils bank ----spotter plane--- 04 /41 the spotter plane calls back to a boat near the 312--- Jumbos he said nice spot of Jumbos--3:12

San Clemente Island Security's web site shows the Zone ( B) Gold Bluff area "Hot" for all day tomorrow and Saturday, zones C and D are basically hot from noon till 11PM Fri, Sat but open Sunday as is B

they just sunk out--- seeing giant schools of breezers just sinking out within 200 yards from us--- even slow- out of gear they went down-- 4:05pm

Are those dolphins-- nope big -- big school of tuna--

49 over 33 outside la jolla -- we just had some 40- 50lb stull just pop up there's alot more smaller stuff that's around--

We threw surface iron-- colts snipers, trying a stick bait now-- they're super boat shy -- 4:12pm

we threw everything at them-- !

Bettter luck tomorrow- JD


--------- Wed'7 / 14/ 21 should be a luck day--- again nice summer morning wind a little stronger from the south-- good kite weather and there's a larger ground swell breaking on the beaches--- otherwise seas ok--

E mail this morning --MARLIN HOOKED --TWO OF THEM-!-Hey good morning JD went out yesterday and hooked 2 different marlin on a tuna schools. hooked it on the 289 on a sardine, and the other one on a colt sniper. Wish we caught it so we can bring one in. but there out there. Rudy M.

And a phone call confirms Jumpers seen in the same area--

How ya doing this morning-- we're just outside the armada--- One guys bent , over four other boats circling him--

Swordfish around-- that temp break--

15 off the beach of Encinitas -- or east of the fleet is where we found the fish yesterday afternoon--

A mid day afternoon phone call-- his son calling him while on the beach at Crescent bay (MLAP) Laguna--telling of foamers within sight of them-- 3:24pm

Those bluefin the were here a week ago are probably up to Monterey by now , no telling how far up the line that batch of fish off Laguna will be by tomorrow- they move fast

Good Luck--

---------------- July the 13 2021------- Tuesday

Another nice summer day--- light south wind seas calm with an ground swell every so often, light wind texture to the water-

Tuna--- we'll they're around -- somewhere-- mainly south and outside-- the local stuff out of Newport / Dana swam away-- they swam here then swam away-- still; a good amount of bait along the coastal waters kinda held in there by that clear clean water to the outside-- they' , the tuna will be back again .

Maybe the marlin will show up in the bait schools here on the beach--


Decker and the boys were out today-- saying outside the 267, 209 and down to the 289 for the tunas grounds---

that one came unbuttoned--- you metering anything over there--


- closed on Monday-- going fishing-- --Struck out--

- 7/11/21- Sunday, the day of rest--- for some- a lot of early morning risers this morning--- a few coastal clouds, light south wind-3-5 kts seas responding the same--

Radio chatter- continues--- how's the Newport tuna bite going--- -- fifteen foamers and not a single bite---

How ya doing--- we're out here on the 14-- man there's so much boat traffic-- how ya doing--- haven't seen a thing so far-- 10:33

Boats scattered--- by noon they had spread out , some reported seeing wolf packs or big fish uninterested in anything-- a few breezer's reported-- but not the signs so far like the past few days--- standing by

great marks I'd soak baits here---12:43

we're still marking--- that boat next to us is bent--- 289 2:27pm

Tough day on the water today-- 182 had fish as the 289 - tough to get to bite-- a few yellowfin on foamers and the halibut were biting!


-- July the 10 2021---------

A mix of clouds and blue this morning-- wind fair South with some capping early on-- not to stop the fleet from heading out today--

Quote of the Day -- so far---"seeing enough boats-- think it's a Trump parade! "

The outer banks 181- 182- 289 were reported to have the bluefin AIS shows it--

Marlin Repotted!--- Mark W on the AM fish talk radio show reported a marlin being baited, I believe he said shipping lanes-

Saw some breezer's trolled the kite over them--- great to hear it! 9:45am


Bird action 11 out of San Onofee- 9:47

Tide today-- High Slack at 11:12 am Stand By!!!

It's a full day on the radio today-- some winners -- some losers-- I think chumming helped 65/17

Just a lot of fish watching--

Dude~! a bunch of fish just went under the boat-- 50- 75lb fish---10:23am

Had two on at the same time--one popped off-- sound good-- we're out here in no where's land found a few fish-- -

Dude!-- you look a 1/4 behind--- that black spot is not a cloud-- it's tuna~! 10:55

They're hitting the yummy pretty good

They went down right after the tide changed -- everywhere I looked in the binos- there were fish up

it was a jumbo--- hooked him on the yummy-- 12:54

Where we started this morning--- all the boats left--- we've got one lots of birds working here--- We're flying the yummy n--- we're bit-- whacked it-- we're hanging--- 1:30 --10 off the beach

whacked it like three or four times- brought it in changed the bait- and got bit like fifteen feet from the boat-- 1:42--

Spotter plane up giving directions to boats---

Angler Scott McGuire with the largest bluefin tuna brought to the BAC scales at 178.2 with BAC member Captain Ned Falschlecher at the helm


43 over 51

Spos of bluefin popping up, big gobs of them onthe 267--- 3:11pm afternoon showing

foamers outside Newport too 3:13 two miles?

JD, Went out to make bait and saw foamers ---solo catch ---towed it home until I flagged some guys down to help pull it in the boat --Nate D ,

Out yesterday-- having ran all the way out to the 289-- chased boat shy fish for most of the day-- had one 100+ fish on for an hour -- popper-- bent out the hook--- went out this afternoon to make some bait--- luckly brought my rod ( with the same popper) hadn't changed out the hooks - mile and half saw some foamer - a 2 hour battle by myself-- Old man and the Sea thing --solo-- s --worried that the hook would bend out too--- and got this one 125 lb

Long ay on the water for most---

God luck if your headed out tomorrow-- JD

have fun


Water temps from 64 to 75 and the Chlorophyll Charts--


--------July the 9th 2021---

-Ah-- the Summers months of July with this morning's betterr blue than before, still the light southwest wind with a small mix of swell altogether good seas--- and lots and lots of boats out and radio chatter- not as many fish ,

How ya doing-- seen a few small ones but nothing for us yet-- how bout you?-- We got one strike on a kinda tuna feather---

The past years and months have taught us many ways to fool the bluefin- I think most of them were being tried today---

we stopped on maybe fifteen schools of tuna one was maybe 100 lbers--- everyone we saw were a few puddlers then went down 150 ft-- if we had a kite but theye're no wind right now-10:39--

where you heading-- 277?--

there was s Sh*#* load od bait under that paddy--

just had a 80lb just crushed the popper right behind the boat--- 10:48---

we're stoked got it all packed up and in the bag--- yea we're 7 shy of you and seeing a few signs of fish here---

Hey Defiance-- nice work-- was that a troll fish?

Deep dropping for swordfish--- marking bait 150

With the good radio reception today-- 100 miles it's added fish reports unknowing where the were being caught or not--

on a bait stop-- just put one on a 40- 50 lbeers and now were ruining over to a spot of foam-- 11:50

haw ya doing we're tied up with our second one-- how far off your numbers-- were north--- 12:01pm

full foamers we're heading into right now--- --plus-- 15 up 8 OK I got that-- were heading you way--go get em--

Casts right in the middle of the breezes --they're not eatin it-- 12:37 baits

popped it off at the gaff--solid 2------ Damit it-- there's a big brezzer right in front of us-- 12:43

where you got you stuff-- we're 8 miles N E of there--

We're at the bank north for those numbers--- lot of yellowfin here we got two in the boat

there's a giant breezer here--12:57-

We're on--- we're tight-- an excited voice come's on 1:04\

We got stopped inside of you -- there football sized schools of breezers there--- but they didn't want to bite-- we drug the flyers though em' with no bites--- we're headed your way-- I'm done with these breezers --there's tonnage here but they will not bite--

there's giants here-- we just got broke off with a 130 lb

had em' blowing on the flyer-- drug a mackeral through em', they're pretty smart

Slit into 100 - 180lbs witht he flyer-- wouldn touch it-- Im tired of chasing em' around--1:24


had one one-- it's insane had it on Jaz's flyer- lost it right at the boat coming out of the water like dolphin--

There's a lot of bait here---

Wide open Yellowfin (SD waters Nomad DTX mackeral jig--

We got a 200 it's well over 200 it's a big one--- we hope we can land it---

thanks for the tip of puttin' it on top of their heads-- thanks we got one-- 2:23

we got tight then it spit it-- lost it--- we're off your starboard-- cruise this way-- there's two breezers out front of us now--

lost one- got bit again--- a small breezer then in front of them are bigger fish-- there's fish everwhere--35/37 there's a lot of fish around--

we're two for three on the yellowin-- lots of jumbos out west --but we dont have the kites or the rubbers for them

so and so got a 125/ 150, we had em blowing up all around the flyers--

We're bit--- the third one--- 3:49pm

bit on the cedar plug--

A high pitched squeaky voice comes on-- we've-- uh-- we've-- uh---got the helium down below in the cabin and we're--we're--- having fun with it!---

And the radio continued into the day ---- so did the afternoon drinks---

Radio reorts ranged from below the border to the west end of Catalina--- 182 had bluefin too-

San Clemente basically closed off for the weekend except the Cove is open from midnight till noon


Long day!

Good luck this weekend-- JD


------July 8th 2021-- warm and muggy---

Light south wind with tropical clouds above-- and the tuna wars continue---- elusive this morning for many-- yet the radio still speaks of -- we're still on one fish-- the split ring caught the spectra------ we had a forty pounded on and a great white just ate it---31/58 - there's a fleet out towards the 14 throwing on em--- they say hundred pounders-- we're fish less too- no tuna aboard here either--- -- and the beat goes on--

Seeing some big old schools all over the palace

---we just saw a pretty big spot of breaking fish about 3 east of the numbers you gave me--- 10:49

Where are you-- between the double rigs?

We're were just east of the 14 there were breaking fish and 30 boats on them--!

you between the 14 and 277-- 3 outside the 14-- 12:12 looks like they're starting to come up---

we've yet to see hin- it's been hours, 12:33pm

yesterday--- we hooked 6 fish from now till 2 pm two on irons four on sardines -- they were eating the dines better---

3.322 /117.11

I’m out of town but Hayden got one on the Hippo.

Man--- we're headed back to the barn-- haven't seen anything all day---


Starting to see more bird action---- 4:21pm

Up and down the birds all all over here---

where you at shipping lanes--

lots of bait metered 277 and beyond

We'll it wasn't as good as yesterday-- but better than nothing--- there were dozens of fish lost-- all heartbreaks-- some after hours of pulling only to break off at the boat or the hooks pulled--- boat traffic and over pressure accounted for much of the fish being put down---some of the better hookup from just shutting down and let the fish come to you, drifting or soaking baits-- chunkin wouldn't be a bad Idea ( five years ago that was the method to catch em")


------ July 7th - 2021----------- and the tuna fishing continue reports of bluefin outside dana to San Onofee yesterday and this mornings catch moved up the line to between Newport and Dana-- a dozen boats on it-- seeing foamers after foamers - -- Never seen so many bluefin tuna they'res foamers ranging from 2-3 miles off the harbor all the way out to the 14 mile bank-- !

Hell of a time to have your VHF radio antenna go down!--back up again--- -

Oceanside 6 1/2 foaming Bluefin 11:47

Just lost a big one-- line got buried in the spool and snapped it--- 11:49

30 over 58 got em' going pretty good-- 12:46

we got 2 on board about 70lbs--- 1:05 right out of Newport-

Got my third one-- 43/ 59

we got two pushing 70 and we're hooked up now--- 1:42 it's everywhere and they're biting the stick baits--

We've been throwing jigs right o the heads-- no bites--they were biting better this morning--

600 ft back-- we're 4 out of NP--spreader bar squid jig- there's a good foamer here--- running 8 kts--

we've been running cedars but only 5 or 6 wakes behind the boat-- we'll put back further

they were up and biting earlier---by 10 it seemed to slow down--- what'd you get em' on-- colt snipers? no a popper!

If the tunas-- would behave like they've been doing this evening/ sunset bite should develop,--

thanks for running over my fish!-3:13

good to see boats coming back into the harbor w tuna flags flying in the breeze--


Quiet for a while then the radio chatter begins again there's three or four bunches around here- one in front of us right now--- 5:05 pm

anybody get any bluefin , yea we got a 80 lber--- was it a foamer--- nope--havent seen a foamer all day- came up to some fish-- chumed had a hot sardine-- let it out- got bit-- we came up from Dana-- got it about 30 minutes ago--- 5:19

Poppers… 3 miles out this morning ! 56 and 59lbs Ryan


3 miles off Newport! Acres of fish out there…..never seen anything like it that close in. It was like the roaring 20s all over again. The lifeguards were seeing the tuna boil from their stands Drew


We just landed two 70 lbers-- one on a jig the other on a bait-- 5:28

Saw my first foamer at 2.9 out of the harbor now were at 5- no luck for us-

Good luck if your headed out tomorrow morning-- making greenies has been tough--bring chum


------- July 6th------- took most of the day off--- JD

July the 5th, the aftermath-- WOW---What a Hoot that was!

The mornings hazy smoke cleared away by mid morning, light south wind-- seas good and welcoming

Happy 5th!

There's a lot more life here----- we're - 5 and+ 6 there's, a lot more birds here-- beautiful seems like there's a lot more life out here-- we slid up and a couple of fish, got one 30 lbers-- the VHF radio has chatter within reach --- only the onr thirty pounder--- this looks proper-- looks good--- wish we've come here first--- 12:55


Nice day-- fishing fair


Happy 4th of July-- Independence Day! In the year 1776 the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence, signaling the official separation of the 13 original colonies from Great Britain.

This mornings day broke gray-- sea looks calm and nice-- standing by!

And the celebration was spectacular through out the US !


-------------------- Sat July the 3rd-- 2021---- Still a bit on the overcast side but brighter, wind very light from the south, just enough to lift the flag-- Boats scurrying out the harbor today in search of a lot of things-- but the schools of Bluefin above the border bringing them within reach of the harbors above San Diego has added more boats out- --

AM fish talk radio this morning had a called saying they'd had a bite last night from 9 pm till 11 pm filling their limits, big fish 100 lb upwards to 200 lbs !

reports ranged from the 209 southwards to the border and below there too- no marlin reported yet--and swordfish are yet to appear-

We're gonna need fighting chairs!

Bluefin doing what they do best show themselves and dive deep

Standing by ----yesterdays afternoon evening bite was the ticket

VHF radio din't reveal any catches--- but that's the VHF these days-- --

Have a fun Fouth!


------------- Friday July the 2nd 2021---- Morning sky still a bit hazy-- light marine haze seaward. Seas are good, small mix of swell and light south wind 2-3-4 kts--

The harbor's alive with folks going places---

Kenny says it was Tough fishing. Managed a couple 50 lbrs.


Weather stayed overcast all day--


Hey JD, Haven’t been fishing in a while. Not by choice! Went out yesterday and ran into schools of bluefin from 181 to the 289. Just FYI Happy 4th.





34 over 54 we had a foamer this afternon








---------------- Thursdays July the 1st-- elcome July - nice a sunny morning-- coastal marine haze with a west wind-- stayed med west wind for the day 10+ kts light wind chop with it.

A check to see if the san Clemente island Security web site had changed-- nope still the island becomes basically closed on Sat, Sunday and Monday the 5th--from noon till at least 10:30 PM -- you can spend the night there after 10 pm and be out of there by noon-

-We should be seeing a better water temp image today--- for now the Chlorophyll charts shows a swill of off color water with concentration of kelp and wind lines ( eddy ) pushed by surface currents against that clean water.

SD party boats venturing out towards the Weather buoy , East and west sides of the Butterfly Bank-- those banks below the 43 also showing sighs of fish-

No Marlin Yet--- one of these days and a reported Albacore in the catches out of SD? Fourth of July Albacore-- it's happened before-- -

-------Wed's report , the last day of June-- days getting shorter now---

Overcast again---a little drizzle- wind light from the southwest 3- 4 kts- seas smooth there's a west swell rolling in .

Local party boats- off to the barracuda grounds off the Huntington Flats gennerly 33.39 / 118.06 --Izors Reef area

man bits shark in catalina--- nope other way around--

Sportboats out of SD working up the Ridge- 182 -- 181 fathom banks--- Stand By-!

Nice weather out there today-- for the visiting relatives-- good schools of dolphins found 4 or 5 miles off Laguna today-- maybe even a Blue whale might be seen--


Rumor has it that schools of Bluefin seen below the 14-- wouldn't doubt it-- with that flow of uphill clean warm current. spoke to a boater out on the 14-- not much for him seeing a few large black pilot whales he thought they were=- thats it-- -

Good luck tomorrow--


---- Tuesday's June the 29 - still overcast--- wind light from the south-- may pick up later today-- seas have a mix to them south and west-- light rinkle to the water-- warming each day now--

A check with the San Clemente Island Security's web site shows the island ( Pyrimid Cove SHOBA- zone D and C to be open on this Friday, then the island becomes basically closed on Sat, Sunday and Monday the 5th--from noon till at least 10:30 PM -- looks like Catalina island will be getting get busy -- better get your mooring early this week- you can spend the night there after 10 pm and be out of there by noon---

Sportboats and privats were finding 20- 30lb Bluefin above the border today--- but the fleet daily now is bending out to the west-- out towards the 43 and the banks just below it--

trolled Cedar Plugs-- still hanging fish--!

Boats returning from the lee of Clemente today-- saying lots and lots of seals--- only one or two sportboat there and lots of seals-- fair fishing for them-

South all day-- -

Registration is open for the inaugural IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open!

The 2021 IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open November 12 – 14, 2021 This exclusive two-day tournament will take place during prime swordfish season in the famed waters off Southern California, the birthplace of big game sportfishing! The tournament is open to the public and will include three tournament weigh stations: San Diego, Newport Beach, and Oxnard, making this truly accessible to anglers throughout Southern California. The entry fee for the IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open is $300 per angler, when paid before September 1, 2021. After September 1, 2021.

The entry fee per angler increases to $350 . Rgistration is officially open for the inaugural IGFA SoCal Swordfish Open!



Closed on Mondays-

-------- Sunday's report -- June 27th-- light overcast - warm-- wind light from the south

Stayed ovecast for most of the day-- and south---


E mail from Decker saying they''d had decent Calico Bass fishing-- I'd gues they went to Clemnte-- that's a fat one- on a crank bait-- -

Looking forward to the weather next week-. Showers and thunderstorms are possible late Tuesday into Wednesday - inner waters looks good-- outer waters-Saturday morning when a strong west pours in- continues into Sunday and Monday

And congrats to Dave Edmondson for the First yellowfin tuna to the BAC this year-- nice catch- they cook up better! --

First yellowfin of the season just weighed in from board of director Dave Edmondson at 27 pounds

Grunion run late tonight-- have fun!




---- Sat report 6/26/21-- ---- June Gloom still- -- overcast and reasonably warm-- seas good wind light from the south- looks to be a great day on the water--

- reports of those Bluefin pushing further up the coastline reported as close as 10 miles from San diego-- !

A word of cushion with the recent high tides and it's draining tides have washed out to sea lots of debris- floating wooden palettes, tree stumps and limbs, trash and plastic bags --

Couple of Blue Whales out there between the 267 and 14 feeding on krill--

Sure were a lot of boats out--- and the beaches were packed --

Disturbed water from yesterdays wind and swell and the flux of the high and low tide being directed by a strong uphill current hitting that shelf above newport probably rolled over the water last night dropping it to 59/60 degrees this AM-- later today warming to 64+ not the best fishing conditions-- hopefully things will settle down for the next few days and improving the bite-- good luck--

Remarkable some Giant Black Sea Bass have been hooked close to shore--


--------------- Friday--June 25 2021-- Nice day- warm inland, cooler here on the beach-- light marine haze and a light south wind 3-6 kts-- ses better tha yesterdays afternoon blow--- some left over swell- good traveling and tomorrow good traveling weather too-

Strong tidal flow for the next few days-- pusing 8 to 9 feet exchange- -

Took grandson and son in-law on the 3/4 day boat of of Newport yesterday , Always and experience to see the multitude of different passengers aboard the partyboats-- - from the regulars to the first timers, from the retired old guy out for fun to the tattooed couples with clouds of Vape smoke surrounding them . Scuplin catches were made early in the trip to keep the fillet table busy for the return trip. For months and months now the cattleboats have had to provide their passengers with some sort of table fare, the spawning grounds of the scuplin have been providing them with their catches- Somewhat under supervision , the 10 inch lengths were adhered too. Reminded me of the slaughter of Sand Bass of years past, hope they don't take all the scuplin. The remained of the trip- to Catalina and the three or four spots tried were fruitless with only a few fish caught- a bonito or two maybe one or two legal barracuda a small sheephead and I think that was it fro the 48 passengers -- but all and all a good trip for the grandson-- baiting his own hooks, bait tank exploring and watching fish cleaning, as all 7 year olds should do. Good times-- JD

SD report-- still catching the tunas-- 06/25/2021 The Libery called in with 56 Bluefin Tuna for 39 anglers on thier Fullday trip The Tomahawk called in with 23 bluefin tuna (5 over 100 lbs, 5 between 150-200 lbs, and 1 over 200 lbs) so far for 30 anglers on their overnight trip. The Mustang called in with 16 Bluefin Tuna (3 over 100 and 1 over 200 lbs.) for 25 anglers on an overnight trip. The Pacific Queen returned with LIMITS (50) of Bluefin Tuna (3@ 100 to 210 lbs.) for 25 anglers on a 1.5 day charter. The Pegasus returned with 21 Bluefin Tuna (30 to 70 lbs.) for 18 anglers on a 1.5 day trip.

The ride over to the island reveled that transition between the green coastal water and that of rich blue water mid channel and up towards the island -good line of kelps drifting down the line just inside the wind line maybe 2 miles from the island-


------ Wed's report -June 23 -- morning clouds and a bit of overcast looks to be clearing early mid day--wind light from the west southwest 3 4 kts - swinging to a westerly as that low clears out-seas good some mix of swell getting choppy

SD party boats still on the tuna grounds-- we'll see what the Full Moon phase does to the bite count -- Full moon also mean some difficulty in obtaining live squid--

Sorry closed on Thursday-- taking the grandson on the 3/4 day boat- galley hambugers, sodas and anchovies or sardine scales all around-!-

local party boats counts relaying one the sculpin and white fish-- maybe a bass here or there-- a y

------------------June 22nd 2021 - Tuesday--- broken cloud cover and a west wind early-squally-- wind then calm-- mix of sea state and light wind chop on it--- bumpy then glassy- --building wind and clouds rest of the day---Building Full Moon too--

Western Pride got 8 yellows this morning-- off the Huntington .-- Mussel Farm w/ sardines--first thing this morning-!

Swordfish boat tacking around the San Clemnte weather buoy--?

A few sea bass around

Thunderbird found the Big Bluefin today--- nice deck full of big ones- 100 lbers--

should be a good sunset- almost tropical--

- Closed on Mondays -----

Happy Pop's day--- June the 20 2021---------- Sunday and still overcast and calm

Sunday morning and plenty of dads out with kids today-- as it should be- coastal fishing improving with the steadily warming water-- and schools of baitfish also showing up-- Above the Harbor the Art reefs holding good counts of bass- calico, sand and the WSB are there too- below the harbor same thing but not as much - both areas impaired by additional boat and angler traffic for the weekend.

Glad to be a father of my two daughters, one daughter negotiating the trials of being a school teacher, married to enterprising young architect and has three growing children to tend to, the other daughter receiving her biology PHD in animal conservation at Oxford UK this year and now owns her international consultancy company- both doing well. what more can a father ask acept to thankful to their mother for thier birth-- - -

Josh pulls out a 38 lber off the reef this morning--


Interesting Chlorophyll chart- with the dark blue being clear, clean water and to it's fridges the green where the baits is at-- Blue Whales in that clear water from the 14 to the 267

I'd still call it barracuda weather--

Good luck this upcoming week-- JD

------------ Sat June 19 last day of Spring and Summer begins tomorrow, Enjoy the day to it's fullest -- while you can-- Call it a warm May Gray here on the beach this morning-- nice sunrise inland- wind very light / calm maybe 2 kts south / southwest- seas calm - Lots of boaters and watercraft out today-- crazies too!

Even might be a Swordfish around-- a few have been spotted surface fish-- Broadbill swordfish boats were out---

We're here outside the 267 we've got 3 Blue Whales - 33.19 :01 / 117.54:97 10:55am two to three miles West from the 267 towards the 14


Stayed funky for the remainder of the day-- wind stayed down and seas calm- clearing as the sun set-- - Another giant White Sea Bass weighted today at the BAC-- came back from the island-- made a stop and soaked a sardine off the Pipe, instant bite---



---- It's that day again Friday the 18th of June--- it's still on the gray side here on the beach---yet brighter and not as strong of a south wind, maybe 5-7 kts--- seas calmed down better-- more boats heading out to the island. Building moon phase should inspire better fishing till the full- then again after it's filling for four more days--

What's that-- a shadow--- sun breaking through before noon---- then it was gone-- ~!

Barracuda weather---!

And for kicks this weekend-- you might spend a few hours drifing for halibuts along the sandy coastlines , even try your luck for a White Sea bass or toss plastics to Calico bass along the at reefs north of Newport and into the HB flats.

San Clemente Island has yellows for the taking-- Gold Bluff area Zome B is open ( lee of the island above White Rock) and back side middle is also open--


Balboa Angling Club Member Alison Ryffel with a potential IGFA Women’s line class world record White Sea Bass!!! Nice work Alison!!!!







---------- Thursdays Report June the 17th -

South again this morning- even a few rain drops with it-- ovecast here on the beach-- Damn hot inland--

SD part boats continue in their catches of the Bluefin-- seems they moved ( the fleet) back up to the outside and above Ensenada--

San Clemente Island Securitys web site shows the Cove to be hot from 4 am to 8 pm, Friday, Sat and Sunday both zones C and D, zome B is open- above White Rock

Fishings fair again along the coastline-- smaller calicos a few bigger sand bass in the mix--- water clean green at 64 degrees- downhill current -- more bait schools further up the coast towards the HB flats-- there's a few roaming schools of barracuda near Izors and structures spots from there out towards the west.

E- Mail the other day from Down Under-- New Zealand world-- where they have a Yellowtail tournament 12 IGFA line only-- Greetings JD, The International Yellowtail Tournament is a 4 day event. The Russell School Junior Team is leading their section at this 1/2 way point Their 9 Yellowtail average was 33 lbs. all on 12 mono. The largest in the Tournament so far is 56 lbs. also on 12. Yesterday was a lay day as it was blowing 30+ NW with heavy seas. Regards, Jerry



----------- Wed's June the 16 2021-----

Inland -Hot -Hot -hot- Damn Hot - -towards the coastline that coastal eddy's rolling in from the south bringing almost an foggy overcast cloud cover-- wind at 10- 15-17 kts South-- seas ruffled and bumpy-

Fishing bring a lot of touching to nature-- whether it's Blue Marlin- a leaping trout, the tugging of a tuna or simply sitting on dock on the bay with a line in the water--- Bat ray fishers here in the harbor are having fun at it.

The Great Marlin Race--- Informations--2020 MABT-IGMR. As previously reported, a tag sponsored by the Crean Foundation popped-up after 152 days having travelled 715 nm. In the last two days we’ve had two more tags pop-up, both after the full 240 days duration! These tags were sponsored by the Tuna Club of Avalon. The first tag to pop-up was deployed on October 18th on an estimated 150# Striped marlin just north of Cedros Island, North Baja aboard Burning Daylight. This fish traveled an amazing point to point distance of 2,122 nm, the furthest distance recorded for any Striped marlin under the IGMR program. The tag surfaced on June 15th north of the Hawaiian Islands. The second tag was also deployed aboard Burning Daylight on October 19th on an estimated 150# Stripey on the north end of the Ridge, southwest of Punta Abreejos, Baja California Sur. This fish travelled a point to point distance of 1,600 nm. This tagged popped-up on June 16th, southeast of the Big Island of Hawaii. An interesting side note, this tag popped-up in the same area where a tag deployed on an estimated 600# Pacific Blue marlin tagged off the Kona coast also surfaced. Certainly begs a number of questions regarding the significance of this area. Once the data for these two tags is analyzed, more detailed information will be provided to everyone. The 2020 MABT-IGMR is currently at the halfway point as there are still three tags at large. These tags are due to pop-up on June 28th, July 1st and July 2nd. Standby for additional updates. On behalf of IGFA, I would like to extend our appreciation and congratulations to Hunter Heatly and the entire crew of Burning Daylight for their successful tag deployments. Best personal regards, Bob Kurz IGFA Trustee CCA-California Board of Directors Co-Founder HIBT-Great Marlin Race MABT-IGMR Event Coordinator

Pretty amazing technology -- and great to see the tags themselves are performing as well as they did-- great job everyone involved--- JD

Stayed south all day sloppy

better luck tomorrow-- JD


----- Tuesdays Report June the 15 2021--- Light southwest wind this morning-- small wind chop with it-- there's a west swell in there--

Good customer of ours dropped in this morning-- having just returned from a trip out of SD on the Searcher-- Some big fish and some small fish were caught but not a whole lot of fish-- knowledge gained was worthwhile though-- their pre down bite came-- as several bigger 150+ 180 lb fish came under them-- or they over them. with a little wind and drift the bite zone was at 280- 300 ft deep requiring and lure to be dropped straight and quickly- some of the other anglers using the bigger model flat sided flat fall lures fluttered down too slowly to get to the fish-- he's dropped down with a River 2 Sea knife style jig by which cuts deeply like a knife into the depths quickly and got the bite--


Vick called inlat in the day--- a few bass on the plastics to keep busy-- three thresher sharks fouling up the tackle and a mistry bite--

Locally fishing here on a stable fair raiting-- you might find a yellowail under a Paddy-- if the Mussel farm's still there should be a hang out for them there too- Sand and Calico bass being the staple other than the much targeded sculpin grounds. Summers not here yet--



- Closed on Mondays--

June the 13th--- Morning hours found the beach cloaked in a dark overcast layer- soon to be pushed offshore as the sun heated up the shoreline- light south wind 2-4/5 kts-- nice day--swung to the west in the afternoon hours--

Swordfish should bask around 1:30 pm today-- get ready----

SD boats reports terrific fishing all all sizes of fish--schools of 30-40 lbers, 60-80 lbers and brutes at 100 to 200 lbs- and not to far from home either-- party boats leaving at 9 pm were into fish just past midnight- 3 1/2 hrs later! it's still only a two fish limit-so you can limit out quickly--

The Yellows went off at Clemente yesterday-- reported one party boat with over 100 fish called em' all gaffers-- 80- 12lb fish-- must be small gaffs!

And what the heck was it about the Dana partyboats coming all the way up here to the Pipe-- poaching our fish -you'd think there's pleanty of fish and kelp below them--

Whale watchers having to search for whales these day-- most of all the sealife/ bait schools have departed for other waters-- now having to run 15-20 offshore to find some krill/ or bait schools --

Weather to remain about the same for the next four or five days--

Good luck if you get out-- weekend traffic is so brutal, hard to find an un molested area to fish in -- week days better!

----------------- Sat June 12 2021------- Bright and sunny-- regular summer day--- lots of folks out- light south and calm seas--

radio traffic still on the light side-

Yet as the day wore on--- warming air and the advancement of a few broadbill swordfish moving into our waters--- afternoon radio chatter--- "you wouldn't believe it--- we almost had a swordfish! I'll tell you later as we get anchored up"--

Just when you think aha- good radio fishing reports-- none of that negative summertime blues stuff ----- "You idiot-- you just ran over my lines-- Viking with the kayaks on it! ---- aha the summertime blues--

What a great day on the water--- boaters of all sorts enjoying the sunshine ane peasefull weather. Waters still a bit on the cool side but warming , midday slack tide making it prime for the swordfish to warm themselves on the surface--


June 11 2021--- Only 10 more days left!!! ---- todays sunlight 14 hours 22 minutes--June the 21 is the longest of the year--- from there the days become shorter--Make Hay while you can--

SD report---

The Liberty called in with 31 Yellow Tail, 2 Bonito, and 7 Bluefin Tuna ( 6 140lb-190lb) for 36 anglers on their full day trip.

Westerly picked up again late in the afternoon--

Have a great weekend--- JD

June 10 2021 - Nice warming sunshine in the morning hours-- blue above, very little marine haze seaward-- wind light from the west- small leftover lump from the west - nice day--

Some interesting satellite water temps images, now that the gloom is gloom for a few days---


- This coming weekend San Clemente Island Security's web site shows the island open on Friday-- Sat morning SHOBA C & D become active "Hot" from 8 am till 6:30 pm ( open from 11am till 2 pm) , then becomes hot again Sunday morning 8am till 5 pm


---- June 9th -Wed's and the morning's sky was covered with cool clouds-- Mares tales and mackerel skies (cirrocumulus and cirrus) above 18,000ft and a mix of understudy stuff--clearing wind from the west started early-- seas beginning to build a wind chop-

SD party boats working a little further west this morning, maybe 3-10 miles from yesterday's grounds--

Windy today--- !

-- Tuesday June the 8th 2021------- The morning's sun out early along the coastlines- from an early east wind to more south as the day gets along-- seas good-

Started out early yesterday morning- but drizzle, , some wind and prospects if in blowing harder turned me back home-- no fun in a open wet bumpy boat-- getting too old to enjoy that-- yard and houses work and working on bamboo rod kept me busy for the day-- tomorrow would be better - and such a change in weather today!

Tuna Fleet working further north each day now 425, upper hidden bank, roughly 32:00/ 117:33

Good weather today-- fishing around here still fair---Channel islands till producing good catches of White Sea Bass, yellowtails and the asst bottom stuff, LA/Long Beach still targeting the rockfish, whitefish, some sand and calico,s a few barracudas, OC partyboats , Sculpin, Sheepheads and few keeper bass lots of smaller calicos released under 14 inches, Overall fair fishing today-- still waiting for Summer-

Better luck tomorrow--


- Closed on Mondays ------

---- Sundays report June the 6 th- nice morning, light overcast maybe clearing by noon-- wind light from the south, -seas are calm

Seabass fishing very good off the Channel islands--and tuna fishing below the border also very good - Coastal fishing improving with warming waters and the stable conditions over the past week-- even a few yellows seen under paddies-offshore but cooler water remains there--

coastal fishing --- fair- so far- clean green water-- a little windy as that cosatal clouds left- light wind chop-

hat business is good!

Wind stayed south for most of the day--- mid day stronger and a bit on the sloppy side

Overall , Still on the cool side--- some coastal warming water that stretches from the Oil Rigs in towards the beach- down the coastline to oceanside spreads out from there. The was good baitshools in it but pods of dolphins and a few whales making short work of it--


Evidence of that cool water and the baitfish of anchovies one might thin of a few salmon making their way down the coastline-- even surf fisherman speaking of catches and a Newport catch today--- tasty!


SD Report---- Yikes -- big fish eary in the season--The Tomahawk returned this AM with 46 Bluefin (up to 170 lbs. with 8 over 100 lbs.) for 29 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. A sardine on 80# test with a 6 oz. sinker on a 1/0 hook has been the ticket so far. The Pegasus called in this morning with LIMITS (72) of Bluefin Tuna for their 2 day trip with 18 anglers. 28 of these fish are in the 100 to 180 lbs. range. They're asking anglers to come prepared with an 80# setup. The Islander called in with 40 Bluefin Tuna (25@ 100 to 170 lbs.) on a 2.5 day trip with 26 anglers. The Condor returned this AM with 9 Bluefin Tuna up to 195lbs and 20 Yellowtail for their 1.5 Day trip with 30 anglers. The Pacific Queen returned this AM with LIMITS (68) of Bluefin Tuna (24 @ 100 to 205 lbs.) for 34 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. Gavin says anyone that has an upcoming trip on the PQ needs to bring an 80# setup.-

---------- Sat June the 5th 2021 ----------

Nice day light south wind- sky still has a bit of overcast clouds to them-- water calm good day for boating

Whale watchers speaking of seeing good signs of sealife 5 6 miles off Aliso / Laguna beach, maybe be a couple of larger whales there-- porpoise, birds bait etc. tuna?

Lines out at 2:00 pm today for those fishing the three day Seabass events--

Radio talk show this morning spoke of the on going catches of the bigger model Pacific Bluefin tunas-- Spotter plane's last observations- spoke of signs of fish from below Ensenada to the border-- mixed 30/40lb fish and schools over 100+ next to them-- Better bring the whole works if your headed out--

Boat pressure on the inside and backside of the island -(Catalina) challenging at best to find some solitude-- but there were seabass and a few yellows to be taken-- bass, barracuda and bonito -the three "B's kept anglers from going fishless-

Decker and Erik ran to Clemente-- fished the Cove for the Calicos-- said very good fishing for them there--fished till just before noon and made a run down the Ridge-- towards the 43--- good looking deep rich deep blue water and some bait/ whales but no signs of tuna for them

good traveling today-- nicest day in months---


----- Friday it's Friday again- still a bit on the overcast today but not as bad-- wind stayed south all night and into the mid morning hours- probably stay that way for the day---

No word yet from the sea bass fishers yet--

From Tales of Fishes-- Zane Gray a good read----Tales of Fishes Copyright 1919, by Harper & Brothers- Big Tuna---

--We ran over within fifty feet of the edge of the school, stopped the boat, and all climbed up on top of the deck. Then we beheld a spectacle calculated to thrill the most phlegmatic fisherman. It simply enraptured me, and I think I am still too close to it to describe it well. The dark-blue water, heaving in great, low, lazy swells, showed a roughened spot of perhaps two acres in extent.

The sun, shining over our shoulders, caught silvery-green gleams of fish, flashing wide and changing to blue. Long, round, bronze backs deep under the surface, caught the sunlight. Blue fins and tails, sharp and curved, like sabers, cleared the water. Here a huge tuna would turn on his side, gleaming broad and bright, and there another would roll on the surface, breaking water like a tarpon with a slow, heavy souse. “Look at the leaders,” said Captain Dan. “I’ll bet they’re three-hundred-pound fish.” I saw then that the school, lazy as they seemed, were slowly following the leaders, rolling and riding the swells. These leaders threw up surges and ridges on the surface. They plowed the water. “What’d happen if we skipped a flying-fish across the water in front of those leaders?” I asked Captain Dan.


" Hi JD! Yes, they are biting in the daytime now. A friend got 2 on Sunday, 150 and 180. Both on the Cal Flyer. He said he lost the wings but the body was very durable. Couldn’t even tell it was bit."



The Original California Flyer. Featuring durable rubber construction, a signature bonded paint process, removable and replaceable wings, and the most realistic profile ever offered to the market, The RTF (Ready To Fly) Kit includes: 1 x Ultra durable and realistic California Flyer body 5 x sets of replacement wings 1 x Premium Owner Hook Rig (11/0 Jobu + 6/0 STX Trebel + 400lb leader) 4 x Carbon fiber locking pins Rubber hook retainer bands. Reserve your CALIFORNIA FLYER RTF KIT -- call JD's 949 723 0883 or e-mail to JD's Big Game Tackle


SD Report--- 6/4/2021 The Liberty called in with 90 Bonito, and 2 Yellowtail for 23 Anglers on their Full Day trip. The Tomahawk called in with 30 Bluefin Tuna (18 over 100lbs.) for 30 anglers on an overnight trip. The Outrider called in with 5 Bluefin Tuna (4@ 110 to 175 lbs. and 1@ 50 lbs.) and 12 Yellowtail for 10 anglers on an overnight trip. The Mustang called in with 11 Bluefin Tuna (1 @ 235lbs, 4 @ 130-180) for 12 anglers on an overnight trip. The Pegasus returned this morning with LIMITS (34) of Bluefin Tuna for 17 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. These fish are 40 to 180 lbs. The Islander returned this morning with 43 Bluefin Tuna (9 over 100 lbs.) for 31 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Pacific Queen returned this morning with LIMITS (68) of Bluefin Tuna for 34 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. 17 of these fish were between 100 and 180 lbs. The Condor returned this morning with 6 Bluefin Tuna for 28 anglers on a 1.5 day trip


--------- Thursdays report - June the 3rd 2021 -

The gloom is going away early today-- hooray! light south wind 2-3 kts seas smooth with a lump once in a while--- great traveling weather---we should get a better sat image for the seawater temps -- we'll it was a good thought-- returned to gloom and light south for most of the day---

Coastal whale watchers finding lots and lots of porpoise and birds working off Dana 5-6 miles--

Water's clean up a lot clear , maybe too clear sometimes--

SD fleet still working below and outside Ensenada

Heading out to the seabass and yellowtail grounds this week , probably wouldn't be a bad idea to bring along some of the frozen stuff--- !


The 6 pm , "Lines in" this afternoon starts the seabass and halibut/ yellowtails tournaments this evening taking advantage of that late incoming tide, fish all day Friday and lines out Sat at 2pm--- by then it will have been a long-

That south wind picked up mid late afternoon making it a bit bumpy for those fishing the East end of the island-- but putting the boats in a good position for those fish to come up-current from the Avalon side, around Seal Rocks and that shelf that extends out from there and towards Chruch Rocks and the backside of the island--


---- Wed's Report----June 2 nd seems like were getting back to normal- it's June and its gloomy-- light west at 2 -3 kts, seas good calm -- IF your coming to the beach--- bring a sweatshirt!

SD boats still finding the Bluefin--- 6/2/2021 The Islander returned this morning with LIMITS (40) of Bluefin Tuna (20 to 60 lbs.) for 20 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. The Pacific Queen returned this morning with 54 Bluefin (10@100 to 210 lbs.) for 34 anglers on a 1.5 day trip.

This coming weekend several angling clubs will be hosting their White Sea Bass tournaments, BAC has their YSH, Yellowtail. Seabass/ Halibut) and the TC their annual White Sea Bass event--both starting at 6 pm on Thursday and continuing into 4 pm on Sat

A check with the San Clemente Security shows the island (Hot) active from midnight till 6 am for Thursday, Friday and Sat and then open all day on Sunday--

Reported that the squid boats -Kinley Marie and Carnage will beat Catalina selling bait--.

SD fleet mainly working the watersd below and outside Ensenada 30- 45 milea

Sea bass still being caught off the East end of the island-- it's going to get crowed there--

Queit and Cool on the beach today --- bay fishin -- a few smaller halibuts, several types of rays including round , bat and the rat-tailed stingrays

Good luck if you get out over the next few days-- bring a sweatshirt!

---------------------------------------- Tuesdays report ----------------- June the 1st ! ------------------

June gloom-- wind light from the S/W 2 4 kts seas good- One of the nicest mornings on the water for the past several weeks-- lots of bait ( mackerel and sardines around) good uphill current early on this morning switched to a downhill mid morning--

A few boats out today-- letting the past weekends crowds go by--

Haven't seen the sun all day--- stayed light S/W all day - Sunny inland overcast here on the beach---

June begins the fishing seasom for many-- The BAC has held their Juniors tournament for close to 70 years-- call the club for details--



--------------------------- Memorial Day May -31 st 2021 ---- Still a gray May day---


Saw this over the past few days-- given me time to try to comprehend all that it means- not only to stand up and be brave, but for what the cause was and still is-

War Heroes on Water· On the occasion of Memorial Day, let us bow our heads in silence to remember and honor the sacrifices of hundreds of men and women who gave their lives for our country.


Overcast and calm seas today---- lots of family and friends out for the mornings boating and fishing trips---

Dept of Fish and Wildlife (F & G) around checking fishing licences and boating stuff---

Good week of weather forecasted this coming week-- Stand by!

S D report--- 5/31/2021 The Tomahawk called in with 14 bluefin on the boat 90-160lbs. for 30 anglers on an extended 1.5 day trip. The Pegasus returned this AM with13 bluefin with 11 100-195lbs for 18 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Searcher returned this AM with31 bluefin and 14 yellowtail for their 2.5 day trip. The Pacific Queen returned this AM with 71 Bluefin Tuna for 25 anglers on their 3 day trip. 46 of these Bluefin are 100 to 220 lbs. The Islander returned this AM with 31 Bluefin Tuna (50-180)lbs for their 2.5 day with 26 Anglers. The Condor returned this AM with 36 Bluefin Tuna (3 over 200 lbs) (13 over 100lbs), and 5 yellowtail for 24 anglers on a 3 day trip.




------------- May the 30th 2021-- Sunday--- Gray again this morning-- wind light from the south and lots of folks out--


AM radio reports this morning speak of both daytime and nighttime fishing for the bluefin

and a scattering of yellowtail found under kelps-- lots of boats out--

Reports of a few scattered schools of tuna seen off the east end of Clemente-- 289 looked good and there was a lot of bait along the coastline 1 to 5 miles off the beach stretching out as far as the 14 where it seemed to die off-- the inside waters look good-real good-- - porpoise and Fin Back whales , wouldn't be surprised of there weren't a few schools of Bluefin working their way up the inside coastline ---


even a surface swordfish seen-- couple of stick boats working the inside of Clemente

Good Luck tomorrow-



A real Gray May Day Sat the 29th even a drizzle or two--- light to fair south wind , seas good other than the small wind chop-- boats everywhere!

The tuna fleet moved further south to below and outside Ensenada-- 100 lb average sized fish--- the fleets there

Catalina got the sea bass fishers off the East end, yellows and bunch boats on the inside of the island,,party boats staying out of the mess and catching sculpin whitefish and bottom stuff out by the rigs--- might be some yellows by those mussel farm buoys---

it was said warming water working it's way uphill

Folks said it was only fair fishing at the island ( cat today) los of boats--

Where's the swordfish!


San Diego report -- 5/29/2021 The Condor called in with 24 Bluefin Tuna (up to 230 lbs.) with more fish hanging. The Liberty called in with 24 Buefin (40 to 70 lbs.) for 39 anglers on their full day trip. They were having success with sinker rigs and colt snipers. They have fish hanging! The Pacific Queen called in with 36 Bluefin so far on their 3 day trip. The fish are (8 @ 50lbs) (24 @ 100-180lbs) and (4 @ 200lbs). The Pegasus returned this morning with 13 Bluefin Tuna (100 to 200 lbs.) and 97 Yellowtail for 19 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Mustang called in with 14 Bluefin Tuna (12 over 130 lbs.) for 30 anglers on their overnight trip.

------------ Friday-- May28 it's that day of the week again Friday-- the beginning of another long weekend---go have fun!

Coastal clouds left early-- light south wind, small wind chop on the water, swell is mixed west and south- good traveling---

Fished this morning--- more like getting the morning's exercise in - watched Alison catch a Thresher, also hooked another one later that made goods jumps before releasing them.. In Tarpon fishing that's all that counts-- get a few jumps out of em' and be happy with that- without spending a lot of time fighting them. Having "Jumped" five fish for the day was better than fighting two fish !

Strong Tides----


SD Report The Pegasus just called in with 9 Bluefin tuna ranging from 100 to 200 pounds and still fishing. The Tomahawk called in with 13 Bluefin Tuna 10 over 100lbs, 1@185lbs, 1@170lbs and 1 @160lbs so far for their Overnight trip with 30 Anglers. The Searcher returned this morning with 14 Bluefin Tuna 100 to 200 pounds for their 2.5 day with 17 anglers The Islander returned this morning with 15 Bluefin from 100 tp 50 to 170 pounds and 8 yellowtail for their 1.5 day for 17 anglers. The Condor Returned this morning with 3 Bluefin Tuna for their 1.5 day trip for 12 anglers.


Water temps from 58 to 73 degrees-- and the Chlorophyll charts



-- May 27 2021 ----- Thursday , coastal marine layer moves inland late afternoon hours-- lingering into the midmorning hours - light southeast wind maybe 2-4 kts seas much better still a small lump to it-- light wind chop--

Lots of boats heading over to the islands early today--getting ready for the long weekend-- Weekends weather still shows a south wind in the morning-- fair- better Sunday--

San Clemente Island still kicking out the Yellowtail as is Santa Barbara Island, Catalina's sea bass grounds beginning to get crowded

San Clemente Island Security's web site shows a change in their scheduling--- the island will be open Friday, Sat, Sunday and Monday---

SD Report-- Most of the tuna were coming from below the border and near the 9 mile bank --- 5/27/2021 The Searcher is up to 14 Bluefin Tuna (90 to 190 lbs.) and 41 Yellowtail so far on their 2.5 day trip. They're seeing a good sign of fish! The Outrider returned with 13 Bluefin Tuna (110 to 190 lbs.) and 10 Yellowtail for 9 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Pacific Queen returned with 18 Bluefin Tuna (90 to 190 lbs.) for 33 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Tomahawk retrned with 18 Bluefin Tuna (90 to 200 lbs.) for 21 anglers on their 1.5 day trip.


One of today's projects--- restore an old Julius Vom Hofe B Ocean 6/0 Reel carrying the patent date of March 21 1911

I don't think the reel has ever been opened up-- clean as a whistle inside and marvel of workmanship and ingenuity

In 1913, Tuna Club member William C. Boschen debuted the most important innovation in reel design history to date, the star drag. Boschen initially brought his project to Julius Jr. who refined his ideas and developed a working prototype. Boschen’s star drag concept, for the first time, allowed anglers to adjust an internal friction drag while fighting a fish. As if to prove his star drag concept a success even before the debates began, Boschen landed the first broadbill swordfish taken on rod and reel weighing 315 pounds with a working prototype reel. Vom Hofe named the commercially sold version of this reel the "B-Ocean" reel, a homonym and a tip of the hat to Boschen. By 1914 all the major tackle company’s salt water reels had star drags and internalized anti-reverse mechanisms, the modern trolling reel was born. The B-Ocean reel was the first star drag reel on the market and it was a huge success. The B-Ocean reel made its debut in only the 4/0 and 6/0 sizes. Later sizes included a size 1




-- Wed, May0- 26 2021------

Cloudy and a bit sloppy seas, wind fair from the south mixed to a fair sizes swell from the west-- travelable but bumpy--

Live squid was avaialble from several of the squid boats at Catalina -- call on Ch 11 VHF


Stayed south all day-- sloppy seas--

better weather and luck tomorrow--

------------------ Tuesdays May 25th 20211---------

The mornings blue was accented by high Mares Tails clouds, cirrus uncinus clouds ... . , meaning "curly hooks". Also known as mares' tails, ... ... Altitude: (Above 23,000 ft)

down here on earth a light south wind and calming seas--- nice warm day---

Boat fish just west of the 43 this morning said inside them 12-15 miles they had stopped on a kelp for a dozen or more smaller yellows-- let them all go-- no sign of the tuna for them yet-- 10:34am

Filling moon --full tonight--

Coastal fishing for the WSB-- still a challange--but other areas producing good catches of fish-- Channel Islands going off as well as Catalina--

Other than that quick radio chatter this morning-- alls been quiet for the afternoon hours -- wind stayed from the south all day 8-10

Vick tells me -- yesterday he's made a few drifts for halibut--- as had I, --starting in the 50/ 60 ft depth and inwards from there for no bites,, the fish were in the deeper water 70+

E-Mail-- on the halibit fishing-- A lot of Halibut up near the beach waiting for Grunion to show up. We used to troll Rapalas off a Dropper Loop in 20 feet of water near the beach at a speed where we could bounce a 4 oz. torpedo sinker. (1.8 to 3.5 mph). Long Jetty to the Stacks. Jim


--------- Sunday Mayo the 23 2021 the year---Closed Monday- coaught a couple of bass-- fun day - got a little windy in the afternoon -------

Blue sky this morning--light marine haze seaward-- light to fair wind southwest 4-6+ small chop on the otherwise the sea trying to straighten out-- morning high tide--- somehow -- it smells like anchovies?--

Sand Bass willing to bite this morning--

Bait schools found all along the coastline-- as were the Thresher sharks--

The tuna grounds gave up some good sized bluefin in the dark this morning-- partyboats scoring a few fish upwards of a hundered + pounds. weather offshore 7-11 kts west , S/C weather bouy Water Temperature 59.4 °F


Sat 5/22/21 Cloudy morning- clearing-- turning to windy afternoon- mid days was ok- water looks greener--- and cooler-- San Pedro Buoy -Water Temperature (WTMP): 63.3 °F , Mission Bay at Water Temperature (WTMP): 62.4 °F

Well the next week looks better--- said that last week too---

Good luck tomorrow if you get out-- maybe some seabass around--wind should back off a lot and the morning hours calmer--


Friday-- Mayo 21 and the weekend is in front of us--- Ocean still sloppy and bumpy Chunky the guy on the4 surf report said--- leftover short choppy seas from yesterdays wind and combined with this afternoons blow keeping things a little on the slow side-- Sat's forecast shows wind from the south in the morning-- turns west in the afternoon, Sunday morning looks ok but again westerly winds in the afternoon-- you might go golfing!

Mother Nature continues to put her foot in the door as we try to get towards warmer water -- that wind and seas created by the colder water offshore this year is fighting warming land environment , it'll take another month to equalize before things stabilize and warm up .

Windy today-- swung from the west to the southwest this afternoon really mixing up the seastate--- most boating activities outside the harbor today were canceled

Have a great weekend--




The NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC) As of May 2021, the SWFSC will discontinue the Cooperative Billfish Tagging Program (CBTP). This means we will no longer distribute new billfish tags, the International Billfish Angler Survey, or the Billfish Newsletter. However, we will continue to log tag recoveries, so please continue to report recaptured billfish tags or the release of any existing tags in your possession. If other options for continuation of tagging efforts through another organization become available, we will send out an email notification.

Since 1963, the CBTP has operated with and for ethical anglers dedicated to the catch-tag-and release of these amazing species. We hope this global practice continues to inspire the next generation of anglers well past the end of the CBTP. Above all, we thank you for your participation in our research, your enthusiasm for conservation science, and your sharing of your time and knowledge for nearly 60 years! Keep fishing and practicing ethical angling! Cheers, Liana --- Liana N. Heberer Fisheries Assistant Specialist Institute of Marine Sciences at University of California Santa Cruz NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center 8901 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla CA 92037


-- Will be closed on Thuraday-- JD --Sign on the door said Gone fishin" but I really went golfing!-- -

--- Wed- May 19 2021---

Coastal clouds this morning-- mixed lumpy seas with a light southwest wind today-

Half moon now with a building tide this weekend as tht moon fills-- should be good fishing by this weekend-- standing by--

By now you'd think we'd be seeing schools of the California Flying Fish moving into the kelp beds to spawn, maybe this next full moon things will develop-- -- There ar a few showin at clemete now--- more to come--

May 18 2021-- Tuesday-- nice day so far-- partly cloudy-- wind light to fair from the west-- feels cool--- despite being the middle of May the air near the water still feels cool. light wind chop on the mixed swell

-- An clean out of the freezers, all the older rigged and unrigged packaged Ballyhoos were put to good use this past weekend-- Allan-- enroute to Mexico said he's take them along -- They Work !

JD, Thank you for the baits last week. We got into the Sails nicely down here and they loved them. Lots of bait, lots of show on these beautiful creatures. Fishing all alone. More to come. AB

Good sized Sailfish!

Coastal fishing today--- fair--- the baits still there-- still a downhill current, going along with that west wind water temps holding at 52/64 degrees water a little off green -- but not much in the way of a bite today--- the calicos are still there but shy as were the sand bass--local Party boats making a living targeting white fish , bottom fish and sculpin, boats to Clemente a few yellows and more bottom stuff--


- Closed on Mondays----

- Sunday-May- 16th - refreshing to see a few clouds with some light rain in them--oceans a bit mixed up though, swells and wind chop different directions mixing up the seastate- otherwise a nice day ahead-with drizzle and light rain--- ! - Offshore a little bumpy and slowly building

San Clemente's Security's web site show the island's Zones C and D ( the Cove & inside the island) SHOBA and surrounding zones to be pretty much Hot for the rest of this coming week-- except Sat and Sundays it's open ( weather next weekend dosen't look all that good for offshoreThurs, Fri or Sat a only a little better on Sunday)

Lots and lots of anchovies / bait schools along the coastline now-- thresher sharks too! and some Humpback whales are here too!

Bluefin doing what they like and were more skitterish today- weather up a bit didnt help-

Better weather tue and wed, turns ugly thurs+

The run down towards the tuna grounds yesterday- was fun but no fish-- back to Clemente for a pair of nice yellows!

---- Sat Mayo- 15 2021 --

Still a light overcast this morning---light wind from the south-- nice morning on the water-

AIS has the Tuna fleet wotking from the 43 fathom sport to the San Clemente basin -limit catches allready for some of the sportboats-- smaller grade fish 15- 40-50 lbs-- early morning bite and again an afternoon incoming tide bite into the night-- bigger fish below the smaller grade stuff-- fun fishing--



Cloud cover and a lowering barometer reading moving in mid day from the south--- tide backing off and the bite slowed.-

He said the first 30 miles on the way home was pleasant--- the last 15 not so nice as they came back into Newport mid afternoon--- having caught their limits of 25-35 lb Bluefin tunas all on the poppers and stick baits-- the fleet , almost all the sportboats from SD, Oceanside Dana and Newport were working the schools of bluefin from the 43 to Clemente--morning show not so good but good weather was welcomed- starting to breeze up and a later morning's incoming tide with a better showing of fish-- inside the 289 and further up the island- spots of fish were up for more solitude fishing--

On bait casting gear too!





----- The being Friday- May the 14 th tomorrow's the official start of the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season-for now alls OK - standing by--Locally this morning's sky light clouds giving way to blue-- more clouds later today , light south/southwest wind this morning 4-6 kts--small swell- calm seas- Good tides today--

The fleet's out tuna fishing-- and the few kelps they're finding small yellows-

San Clemente' kicking out some nice White Sea Bass this morning--- boats fishing the Cove were into 30-35lb fish--

Scratchy VHF report-- but it was there-- from here ( Newport to the tuna grounds) --You get him on a cedar plug--- that one and a dropback too! 11:22 -- from this mornings bite near the 43 -- by this afternoon the fleet has moved northwest a few more miles-- 5- 8-10 towards Clemente

With the appearance of squid at Catalina and some found at Clemente-- good idea to pick up some and make the run to SCI for the tails---

Locally the Newport Bay fishing is improving--- incoming tide and a light south wind makes for a good drift for the halibuts from the Jetty's inward-- w chovies or smelts as baits--- stow trolling some deep divers will find the basses.

Have a great weekend--

Good Luck-- JD

------ Thursdays report------- Mayo the 13th---

Gray again for the morning hours-- light west at 2 - 5 kts-- calm seas-- must be half a dozen boats out fishing the sea basses today here locally- light downhill current helped along with the light breeze-- incoming morning tide should have helped-- Same at the islands with that morning incoming tide -



Chances of another El Nino are slim---

Calm seas and before the weekends crouds has several smaller boats out fishing or looking for the tunas-- AIS shows a couiple boats drifting near the 43, othere's enjoying the pleasures of San Clemente islans yellowtails and basses-- probally WSB there to for those dropping squids for the yellows-- Off China point 80/ 120 ft depth was a good spot as it wraps around the cornor.--

San Clemente Island Security Web site shows Friday the C and D zones are open till 6:00 pm then Hot/Active till 11 pm, 14-MAY 1800 to 14-MAY 2300 then open all day and night for Saturday-- Sunday the "Cove " again become active / Hot from1 pm till 4 pm-- 16-MAY 1300 to 16-MAY 1600

Forecasters weatherwise shows a fair west wind Sat morning backing off mid day-- and fair west wind between the islands on Sunday calmer inside-

SD report 5/13/2021 The Tomahawk is returning this morning with 37 Bluefin Tuna (15 over 100 lbs.) for 29 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Pacific Queen returned this morning with LIMITS (68) of Bluefin Tuna (50 to 120 lbs.) and 20 Yellowtail for 34 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. The Shogun returned this morning with LIMITS (54) of Bluefin Tuna (4 over 100 lbs.) for 27 anglers on a 1.5 day trip

Fun Fishing for the past few days out chasing the bluefin tunas near the US/ Mex border and lately out to the 43 Fathom spot where breezer were up 50- 60lb up to 10lb fish chasing baits and cast poppers and stick baits to them--- --- fun fishing and the weather was great---

-------------------------- Wed's Report ------------------

Mornings' gray sky leaving us before noon- with hazy sky- light west accompanying it as it dissipates-- a little stronger this afternoon , seas looks good with a small chop on it not much of a swell, but it's there--

SAVE THE DATES!!!! The 19th Annual BALBOA ANGLING CLUB “YSH Tournament” YELLOWTAIL – WHITE SEA BASS - HALIBUT ________________________________ June 3rd – 5th, with extended days, and a reduced entry fee, this tournament is sure to be fun!



Still feels like were a month or two behind schedule-- on note after months of no Bat rays in the harbor-- several this past week were caught here in the bay--- and brown Soupfin sharks were found by those fishing the seabasses--things are changing---



- Tuesdays May 11 2021 --------------

Light gray sky overcast morning east wind turning south and southwest- seas much calmer tha yesterdays bummpy sloppy seas.

Everyday now it's improving-- slowly but improving--- the sea basses showing better, yellowtail and seabass at Catalina and the yellows at Clemente biting better -This time of year-- It's May dont be surprised about schools of Bluefin being seen traveling up the inside of Catalina and Clemente island heading north-

Weather getting nicer and nicer-- stayed calm for the day light west in the afternon clearing sky-- should be good fishing from here on out--

SD report---The Liberty called in with 16 Bluefin Tuna (2 at 100 and 130 lbs., 14 are 20-40 lbs.) and 49 Bonita for 30 anglers.The Condor called in with limits (75) of Yellowtail and 3 Bluefin Tuna for 15 anglers on their 1.5 day trip. The Pacific Queen returned this AM with limits of Bluefin one at 162 lbs. for 22 anglers on a 1.5 day trip. They also have 110 (limits) of yellowtail. The Tomahawk returned this AM with 15 Bluefin Tuna for their extended 1.5 day trip with 4 over 100 pounds for their 11 anglers.

Good Luck if you get out this week--


Monday-- -Went fishin'- a little bumpy for a flat bottomed boat----

------------------- MOM'S Day May 9th 2021 Sunday--------

Quite a few boats out today

And a salute to my Mom who raised a couple of rambunctious twin boys and active daughter and was a thoughtful and loving wife to my Dad and the art she enjoyed, Happy Mom's and Grandmother's Day------

Still south for the day-- weather cleared off mid afternoon leaving a small wind chop--

Not as many boats out as one would think-- local bass fishing improving an the seabass are still here--- ,

Moons going dark next Tuesday stronger morning and afternoon incoming tides--- should be good fishing--- stand by--weather looks better for this coming week--- good luck if you get out-- JD

nice afternoon as that wind backed off-


And another nice White Sea Bass comes to the Club for weighing-- 52.6 lbs-- Nice catch!!


--------------- Saturday May the 8 2021--- Looks like the sun will be out a little better than yesterday here on the coast-- light to fair wind from the south, seas still good small mix of seastate- Whale watchers satisfied in finding dolphins out about 2-5 miles where that water color break- bait scattered all along it-- might be a humpback there too- more towards Dana,

Lots of boats out--- here and Catalina- Party boats strung out from the border to the west side of the Butterfly , Clemente open till Sunday morning 7 am-- quite a few smaller boats out searching--

From the AM radio talk show this morning- one of the better bites came from 3 am till dawn with 300 gram heavy lures sent down hundreds of feet deep-- 40- 60 lb fish only 2 per angler is the limit-- - long day for two fish in the middle of the night-

Southwest for most of the day--- boats running over to the islands had a shot at yellows and basses--

Might be time to check out the Mussel farm area for some yellows ?


By the 9th of May last year---- we were catching Swordfish!




------- Friday-- Friday again May the 7th 2021------

light overcast and a bit of sun peaking through once in a while--light wind from the south southeast then south and by noon west still light at 5 kts--

Building tides this weekend

They said commercial boats out of Moro Bay were doing well on the Salmon some boats up to 30 fish a day--- weather always an issue there--


An reminder on the WSB- catches-- the hatchery program relies on the return of the heads of fish for study-- funding and operation of the program hinges on the return of the coded wire inserted in the 3 inch small fry before releasing. The BAC and most of the landings have provided a freezer to hold these heads- as always check before hand - Good Luck-- rumor has it they were biting during the middle of the tide change--

Good Luck this Weekend-- Slow to improve this Spring-- it does appear the WSB catches from the Channel Islands southwards shows improvements and the Yellows at Clemente and some of the kelps shows promise- we'll have to be happy with them for a while before more tuna move within range and summer heats up things-- standing by


Dodgers vs Angles this evening--- both loosers-- Angles wining only 3 out of the past 10 games Dodgers even worse at 2 wins out of 10 games- hum ho--


-------------- May the 6 the 2021---------- Thursday --------

Overcast morning--- wind light form the southeast 2-5 kts seas ok small mix of seastate-

Took the day off yesterday for a fun trip out to San Clemente Island with Jimmy D-- Can't ask for a more professional guide to fish with-- left the harbor at gray light 30 kts to the island- not much life see, some rafts of shearwaters around the 277 and the Mackerel bank had a bunch of dolphins - arriving at Gold Bluff's area leeward side of the island not much current going on and things were a bit on the quiet side-- Knowledge of the bass fishing and a fast boat helps-- we made several stops casting the plastics and lures to shoreline rocks and deeper spots-- still not much current observed --- at that's the criteria for good fishing--- worked around to the backside of the island-- it's prolific with kelp beds back there stretching out 1/4 to 1/2 mile out from the island- the ideal set up would be a drift along the outside of the kelp beds with the current strong enough laying down the kelp stringers leaving lanes to cast into--- After several more spots Jimmy found what we were looking for---a good drift and good current in the same direction--- and calicos biting , one after another we'd hook and release fish--2 or three fish following it up t hoping to get some part of that lure/ plastic hanging out of the fishes mouth , another lure dropped next to the caught fish resulted in another fish - Plastic swim baits rigged weedless or sub-surface plugs/ S P minnows type lures also did well-


Tide turned a little after noon , current died and kelps floated up to the surface- the bite died down and then a run back home early afternoon-- thanks Jimmy



Just boated….. Vintage tackle - 3 thread Linen/ Ancient Pflueger reel/ on the custom JD’s bamboo rod with agate guides. Took it out of the display case and got it wet. Didn’t take long! Thu, May 6, 2021 11:39 am Trent

They're biting!

AIS shows the tuna fleet in good numbers working south of San Clemente Island must be half a dozen sportboats there this afternoon

San Clemente the Cove is open tonight, tomorrow and all day Sat-- becomes active " Hot" 7 AM on Sunday


--- Closed On Wed's-- Gone Fishin !

------------- Tuesday May the 3rd 2021----- almost forgot what month it was--- Nice morning a few coastal clouds and a gray of marine clouds seaward-- wind light from the south w/ wind ripple on it-- warming- Tides soon to build again- moon darkning--

Paryboats out of SD targeting those yellowfin--- lots of small to med sizes fish--

The Tomahawk returned this AM with limits (110) of yellowtail for their 1.5 day trip with 11 anglers. 05/03/2021 The Tomahawk caught 74 Yellowtail on their Extended 1.5 Day trip for 11 anglers. The Dolphin extended 1/2 day trip caught 75 Rockfish, 5 Calico Bass, 2 Sand Bass and 2 Sculpin for 15 Anglers. The Liberty caught 71 Yellowtail for their Full Day trip with 33 Anglers. The Searcher caught 107 Yellowtail and 7 Bluefin on their 2.5 Day trip with 17 anglers. The Outrider caught 2 Bluefin Tuna and 11 Yellowtail for 6 anglers on their 2.5 day trip.

San Clemente Island Security web site shows the island open, for the most part open this coming weekend--Although some weather may shut it down ----South Wind strong at times-- from early morning hours on both Sat and Sunday--

--The crossing to Catalina this weekend also looks to be against a strong south wind on Sat morning backing off 2- 3 pm and again strong on Sunday morning to midday--


Closed on Mondays --

------- Sunday May the 2nd 2021-------Broken clouds and a south wind making it a but bumpy at 10- 14 kts-- wind chop and a mix of seastate-- wishy washy- boats heading to Catalina found it a bit uncomfortable-

Stayed South southeast all day-- not much going on--

better luck this coming week as the weather setttles down--

Good Luck- JD

------ Sat May Day 2021--

May Gray-- light overcast sky today--wonder if that will help the daytime bluefin bite-- wind from the south eddy created by at everlasting outer west wind due to blow up stronger this evening and Sunday---

This evenings weather forecast --- offshore it'll get more windy and choppy - more kelps-breaking loose from their holding from the outer islands -


Got a call from Decker this morning-- he's made the day of it-- up early with a run to the 43 Fathom Spot and general area looking for a shot at those Pacific Bluefin Tunas-- -- the morning sagged with not much seen or metered - most of the other smaller private boats were working the S/C Canyon or Weather buoy area - Partyboats out of SD had been working further out towards the Butterfly Banks to below the Border 425/ 302 areas--and most of their fish bites were Dusk or nighttime till Dawn . Yesterdays Tide topped out a little after one pm and the wind had picked up -- so had the fish - with color spots of fish seen swimming / cursing packs of fish seen 2- 4 feet just under the surface-- We threw everything we had at them' nothing-- no bites very frustrating-- wind picked and a short chop put the day at end for them for a long ride up hill home--- They're there--- one of these days it'll turn to a daytime bite


Stayed south all day- overcast and a little on the down side---

A look at the Chlorophyll carts showing the mucky off colored water stretching all the way down the coastline--also-- being pushed off the coastline from Point Conceptions seaward it's carried southwards by currents on the outside ,

Better luck tomorrow--


--------- April the 30th the last day of the month---blue sky this morning- some marine haze seaward- light S/W wind 3- 5 kts- small mix of swell- good traveling-- lots of boats headed out today for the weekends adventures-

Rumor has it some good sized seabass came from Catalina over the past few days-- not much in the way of commercial squid catches these days--

Coastal fishing this morning-- we'll all I can say it was a good exercise of rowing from below the harbor to Reef Point-- water -- I'd call it clean Anderson Pea Soup Green-- or red/ brown tide--- not much going on no mackerel, nor bass for me today--- back in early

Different day-- they were saying on the tuna grounds--- at least you got one-- stoked on that-- not much for us-- saw some bird schools eariler-- that's been it--

were over it-- yea were over it-- let you know if we seen anything on the way home--- yea we gonna give it another half hour--

SD report The Shogun called in with LIMITS of Bluefin Tuna (25 - 40 lbs.) for day 1 of their 3 day trip. The Royal Star returned with LIMITS of Bluefin (48) for 24 anglers.

Morro bay report-- windy and choppy no Salmon

A check with the San Clemente Island Security show the Island is open ( for the most part) for the weekend-

Enjoy the weekend-- Good Luck--

the coastal fishing was slow-- if you can see you way to the islands proabally better fishing there-- Clemente should be improving


--- April 29th Another nice day here on the beach-- morning low tide giving the beach walkers a good view and a clean breaking surf on the shoreline-- birds and bait schools 1/4 off the beach .-no wind calm seas--

Grunion run tonight on the sandy slopping beaches Midnight--

Radio chatter from a couple of boats fishing down near the US/ Mex border/ conner say not much for them so far-- came across one bull kelp paddy for nada--

A call from James- they'd been out tuna fishing the past few days-- did OK-- fished from the Weather Bouy ( San Clamente/ U S waters) downhill with the wind-- seeing a few spots of the Tuna up-- make a quick shot at them-- a few fish here and there on the flat falls sytle lures, 50- 70- 100 lb fish--daytime the 160 sized weighed lures did better and that brighter colored White / Pink/ Blue lure was the ticket--


Reported there were a dozen boats up fishing the Pipe ( above Newport) with Yellowtail on their mind, don't thing there ws anyone pulling on them -- no tails only a few tales told-


Latest So Calif Water temps from 55 to 65 degrees


He said they only had that one bite for them today-- bluefin fishing/ weather buoy area , working down that temp break below the buoy

Fair westerly this afternoon -

Another White Sea Bass - caugh by Steve G. weighed at the BAC Scales today--- ...49.2 lbs on 30lb tackle!



----- Nice day April the 28 2021--- no clouds and the ocean is calm, small mix of swell otherwise nice ocean,

Note-- for those heading out Newport Harbor- especially at night the huge Dredging operation is underway and it's big-- and looks dark at night-- even though she's lit up with lights she's so big you don't comprehend it--Currently the dredging is starting across from the Pavilion and will be working towards the harbor's entrance now till the summer months . They're in ch 61 VHF if you need to contact them--

San Clemente Island looks Hot for the weekend except inside above White Rock

fishing today--- fair--- the baits there-- water temps still on the cool side at61 degrees-- downhill current for most of the day-- anglers were out drifting for halibuts-- from 65 into 20 ft-- no bites, Sea Bass fishers-- -- no bites for the fleet today-- not even the Thresher shark bites-- fair fishing--- hopefully better this weekend as it warms up--



------- Tuesday April the 27th 2021---- April showers to bring May flowers as the saying goes-- well the little rain helped-- today a few passing clouds to the east-- south wind light to fair 8- 10+ kts , sight wind chop and swell - a little on the cool side, local water temps 61.2 °F- Oceanside at 62.1 °F

The BAC's Newport Harbor Lily Call Bay Tournament was well attended -filling the entry limit of 75 anglers-- dozens of smaller skiffs and boats fliing their bright designated yellow burgees gave evidence of the anglers-- From anchoring up in the "hot spot" the night before to those who enjoyed their morning sleep and causally getting a line wet at noon--- Topping the catchers was undauntedly Josh Kast with a unbelievable 26.89 lbs Halibut on IGFA 4 lb test line! -- remarkably they had lost an equally huge halibut earlier which wouldn't fit into their net and broke off at the boat-- Credit also goes to great boat handling and gaffing the fish ! great catch on 4lb test line-- Kenny Knight took top honors with the Corbina and Bass category and Josh trying to fill the Grand Slam Award added his Yellowfin Croaker to his catch --- Awards up at the Wayfarer with Decker and BAC committee members and crew hosting it-- What'd we do-- only a couple of legal sized bass and a good time-- Good to see everyone on the water again-- the start of a new fishing season






Not to be out done at the Balboa Angling Club with Josh's Big halibut on 4 lb tackle--- In comes the Mikes O.'s OZ with Frank aboard- to weight a fish at the Club--- the Fish a pending World Record White Sea Bass--79 lbs-- An heavy battle on 50lb test line--- up comes this monster Sea Bass-- Frank 's the Angler and Mike on the gaff- A heave to get the fish aboard -- it doesn't clear the side of the boat, another heave and she's in the boat and then starts to flop on the deck shutter the boat--- Now it's Mike's time up-- He too gets bit and it too is a heavy heavy Sea Bass - just as it gets within view the Hooks pulls -Ah --aaa ----- almost Two Monster White Sea Bass-- in one day---

Great Catch-- congrats-- JD




Sorry JD's Gone Fishin' ---dont wish us good luck-- wish the fish-- they're gonna need it-- Closed on Monday too-- ! I guess I needed the luck-- we struck out ! --

-- It's Friday the 23 of April 2021--- the Start of the Ensenada Sailboat Race-today---- 11 am they head south into a mix of a west and a south swell and 2-4 kts of light wind from the south-- swell forecasted to be big against south facing beaches- Tanner Bank weather buoy shows west at a whooping 8 kts--- -Cloudy and light fog forecasted for tomorrow morning--

Lily Call Newport Bay Tournament starts at Midnight tonight--! -

Building tides and water flow with the approaching full Moon--

These Pacific Bluefin should be biting today--- two or three days before the Full Moon-- is good---dispite what the Charter Boats say!


With the Algae bloomed here in the bay that's growing in mats several inches thick-- In a closer look it revels ------- it's formed a good habitat for very- very tiny fish fry, maybe smelt that were 1/4 in in length, darting in and out of its cover.--

Invasive Seaweed Found in Newport Bay Multiple federal, state and local agencies have been notified of an invasive algae species discovered in Newport Bay, Calif. The algae, which is native to Florida and other subtropical and tropical locales, is scientifically known as Caulerpa prolifera. It can grow quickly, choking out native seaweeds and potentially harming marine life through lost habitat. The unusual patch of algae discovered by a diver in Newport Bay was eventually identified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture which alerted other agencies. Federal, state and local agencies have been meeting and working quickly to identify the extent of the algae’s infestation in Newport Bay. California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) scientists and divers are currently being deployed to map and identify the location of the species. A similar species of invasive algae, Caulerpa taxifolia, was identified in California in 2000 and was successfully eradicated through a comprehensive joint local, state and federal effort in 2006. Due to the similarity between these two species, scientists believe this algae species may pose a serious threat to our local coastal ecosystems. Caulerpa species can reproduce by fragmentation, which is when small pieces of this algae break off and can root and quickly reproduce, rapidly outcompeting native algae and sea grasses. Although there is significant concern this species could potentially be harmful to native species, there is no danger to humans. However, it is imperative that the public avoid contact with the plant due to its extreme ease of recolonizing from just tiny fragments. If you believe you have seen this invasive algae, please contact CDFW at with the location and description and a photograph if possible. Please do not collect a specimen, as this may lead to further spread. Additional information will be released as CDFW gathers more information with their state, federal and local agency partners


--------------- Thursday- April the 22 -- Light overcast--- calm seas and wind ------ looks nice for the day--


A photos of Lily Call with a Marlin catch in 1950 on aboard their boat Relax with Ray her husband at the wheel--

A few photos from the past Lily Call Bay Tournamenrts



























Let the games begin--- Good Luck !








And it's sad news that Bill Swan passed this past week-. Bill had been battling cancer for many years. He was a great friend and fishing buddy. 90 years old . About 5 years ago he had his boat SWANEE out and got 3 Marlin one weekend. He was a stud and the most up to beat guy I've ever known right to the end. Sure going to miss him. Steve B.

We've lost too many of our friends this year--


----- Wed's report ------------- April 21 2021 -----------

Southwind today broken by a westerly mid day then south again-- cloudy and a bit sloppy on the water-- same for tomorrow--

Tides are starting to drop---and the clam and worm suckers are out---

With the up coming bay tournament , couple of thoughts of the fishing

-- Bass-- it's been fair Try the moorings and structure with the plastics, slow trolling Rapala type lures near the bottom- problem with that is all that algae and moss grow in the bottom clogs up the trolling plug--lures need to be cleaned often-- maybe trolling with the tide might help-- a swivel up the line 3 or 4 feet joining the 4 lb to a 10/12lb leader helps to keep some of the eel grass from sliding all the way down to the lure,

Halibut-- trolling the deep running plugs works well- as well as drifting with live smelt ( catch the smell with real small sabiki hooks) ( oatmeal for chum for the smelt)

Corbina--- They like the soft baits like clams, mussel, worms shrimp, carolina rig works well.

Spotfin Croaker same as above, Yellowfin Croaker-- small strips of squid and the above baits

Good Luck-- JD

---- Tue April 20 2021 --------------

South wind this morning-- Eddy effect - wind and chop from the south west swell at 8 sec-- sloppy today-- yet a few folks were out-- Sand and Calicos still being taken-- thresher sharks still taking the baits and jigs fished for the White Sea Bass and a few halibut bites drifting in the wind along the sandy slopes-- octopuses too!

Steady from the south today--

Yet the surface current charts shows the currents gennerly southward bound-against the wind from the south-- -- mixing up the ocean--

days ---

--------- Sunday the 18 th of April 2021--- Mild Santa Ana Winds developed a little stronger that thought of--- some of the smaller skiffs came back in early. forecasters say it'll back off around noon-- standing by--

Nice catch-- Davy puts a 50 lb Sea Bass up on the scales at the BAC---

A little windy today--fishing north out of the harbor, first jig out-- Thresher bite-- that went away-- second bait out Thresher bit that too went away-- others around them also getting their share of the thresher bites


Windy day and a switch to the west strong with 20 kts gusts--- get beat up in the morning from the East then get beat up from the West in the afternoon--- well maybe it'll rain and then get foggy too- why not! -


Where's the Newport Bait Barge---- its moved further inside the harbor due to the first phase of the main channel to be Dredged, all the way from the harbor's entrance back to the Ferry Crossing--!The Bait Barge to be located near the east end of "A" moorings, right side going out the harbor just past the Sea Bass Grow Out Pens

------------ Saturday- April 17th not quite Springtime yet but improving-- coastal water and air still feels cool.-- Couple of boats out early with hopes of something--couple of radio checks--- wind light to fair from the south-- again--been south for quite a few days now-- eddie effect--

AM fish talk radio this morning had one of the party boats call in--Intrepid-- 31° 4' 35.652" N, 117° 19' 35.76" W having seen a fair to good sign of the Pacific Bluefin Tunas in the course of the day hooking maybe 5 fish for the day-- landing one well over a 100 lbs-- sinker w/ bait @ 150 ft deep-- towards dusk found a small kelp with a few marks- set up on it--- - by 10 pm their screen was covered fish and almost every bait or jig was into fish mostly 80- 120 and a few pushing the 200 lb mark-- !

Lily Call is next weekend-- foggy?

better luck tomorrow--

A look at the tip of Baja-- shows there's a warming trend from equatorial currents pushing northwards--



April 16th-- Friday--- yep that day again--- end of the work week for most folks-now ready to take care of household projects and a day of relaxing and maybe a bit of fishing-- weather looks good, maybe some morning fog-- it's a slow climb back towards a warmer water climate but it'll come

E-Mail --- Hi JD , just back from Belize . What a trip ! We were primarily bonefishing on the fly ( with great success ) but everybody at the lodge was targeting permit exclusively as there were numerous schools around . I believe one permit was caught on the fly on the last day of the trip . Several of the anglers were professional guides who couldn’t get the permit to take a fly However , after encountering numerous schools of permit who wouldn’t take a fly we resorted to live crabs on the spinning rig . I gave your silicon crab (pictured0 to my buddy who caught the pictured permit . The guide was astounded and said he’d never seen a permit take anything like it .We gave the lure to the guide who was very grateful . Thanks a million , Stephen

Probably work well for Calicos and Spotties too!




Local report today-- two or three of the locals were out seeking the seabass -- but nada -- nada much caught either-- nada much bait seen on the meters and nada easy to make bait yourself--- Doesn't look line the Newport's Bait receiver is in operation just yet-- maybe tomorrow? Maybe head out to the shelf outside the Newport Canyon and catch some San Dabs for a easy fish dinner- waters warming--- up to 63 in the afternoon and a little sloppy south wind this morning--- it felt like fog but it didn't develop this morning--- ?


WHOW is in October. 2021 and our community is already stepping up BIG!!!!

27 yachts already donated plus the 144 BadCo as host boat. We are shooting for the largest ever with 100 war heroes and 30 plus teams for our tournament this year. Targeting 1m in cash donations to our partner Freedom alliance. Boating community in So Cal, please step up for our heroes. Get involved one way or another. Contact Rod Halperin tournament director. Or read about us at




----- Thursdays report - April 15 2021--- Half the months gone---

Better day today weather wise-- light cloud cover and a light west wind--- tides will start to flatten out over the weekend

This evening, Thursday at 5:30pm at the BAC --- 58th Annual Lily Call Newport Harbor tournament, Jimmy Decker will put on a professional seminar on bass fishing and other.

Westerly started up early-- continued to blow for the day-- upwelling and a bit cooler now-- the weekend looks good-- Clemente hot on Sat open on Sunday

only a few boats out today--- not much said

Better luck tomorrow--


------- Wed's report----------- April 14 2021--- feels more like April today-- cloud cover thinner and sun came out better-- light wind still from the south in that eddy effect

Outer winds still coming down from the northwest--- bringing nutrient rich waters alive with anchovy -- and kelps paddies

Should be a Grunion run tonight towards the 11 pm hour--- have fun!


Water temps- Mission Bay at Water Temperature (WTMP): 62.1 °F- Oceanside at Water Temperature (WTMP): San Pedro at 60.8 °F, Water Temperature (WTMP): 61.5 °F

Back room cleaning- reveals some older photos

Back in the day at Guadalupe Island and Bluefin Tunas aboard the C-Time - seconds before a out of control car slams into to all of them!


Cami and Tony with a Salmon and John Lloyd's photo with angler Anita Willinas aboard the Galaxy a 659 lbs Blue at the Cape

















------------- Tuesday April the 13th 2021---- Overcast and a bit on the gloomy side-- wind is light to fair from the south- 4-6 kts-- w/ a small wind chop to it--- seas ok -

Bait fishing smaller makerel were catchable but you had to work at it-- some chum helped -- otherwise Newports Bait receiver should be open?

Sportboats out of SD scoring on the Pacific Bluefin tunas the past few days-- Daytime bites on some smaller yo-yoed type jigs some fish on sinkerw/ sardines late afternoon evening hours good with the jigs--

The Shogun returned this AM from a 1.5 day trip with 10 bluefin, 1 at 190lbs and 9 at 100lbs plus, and 22 yellowtail for 23 passengers. The Outrider called in with 4 bluefin on the boat weighing about 100lbs, Seeing good signs of fish well within 1.5 day range. Other boats in the area are reporting good fishing

The Polaris Supreme returned from their 1.5 Day this morning with 16 Bluefin Tuna from 80-160lbs!

Great Marlin Race-News!-- -- Hello All, As most of you are aware, satellite tags sponsored in conjunction with the 2020 MABT didn’t get deployed in our local waters before the end of last year’s Striped marlin season. So the decision was made, in conjunction with tag sponsors, to deploy these tags off the Baja peninsula. On April 5, 2021, the first of six MABT-IGMR tags reported after 152 days at large. This tag sponsored by the Crean Foundation was deployed aboard Reel Time on November 4, 2020. The estimated 110 pound Stripey was caught on live bait using a circle hook after a 12 minute fight. The tag popped up approximately 715 nm SW of its tagging location (off Agua Fresca, Baja, Mexico). See the chart below for details on tagging (square) and pop up (triangle) locations. Congratulations to Andy Crean and the crew of Reel Time for their tagging success. More details to follow with complete migration tracks for this fish. There are still five tags at large. Each tag has been programmed for 240 days so we’re looking forward to more tagging results over the next 60-90 days. Stay tuned!!, Bob K. MABT-IGMR Event Coordinator


Quiet day on the water- mostly cloudy today-- water warming under the cloud cover canopy-- ultra violets get through and bounce back and forth under it--



Closed on Mondays --

--- Sunday April the 11 2021------ Morning clouds slowly starting to break up high clouds above- seas on the calmide with a swell from the southwest a little bump to it-- wind starting to move to the the west mid morning---

Some of the algae/ moss that's been growing in the bays and harbors is starting to break down-- mats of it flowing out with the tide-

Bay Fishing fair still but seems to be improving with sealife-- pelicans diving and terns picking off baitfish in those incoming tides-- dolphins too !

and coastal fishing -- fair at best--- a few more bass in the catches but not what we'd expect for the first of April--- bait that was out front of Newport and Huntington seemed to have moved on- sharks too-- - maybe south--

Grunion should run the middle of next week--

and an improving weather pattern for the week---

Good Luck-- JD


------ Sat. April the 10 2021------------Another nice day here in So California-- morning marine clouds gave way as that sun came through- light southwest wind turning to the west mid day- seas good on the inner waters-- still feels cool in the air next to the water. Tides moving strong

lots of folks out- everywhere!

Whoops-- Ker-splash-!! - it was gone-- rod and reel overboard --only the remaining swirling diminishing waters where it was-- - Took the skiff out for a row yesterday afternoon catching that incoming tide, the boat rode well with a fresh clean bottom and a lighted boat without all that added boat stuff---rowed to the back-bay bridge with a diving plug lure for only one small bass-- returning up tide was long healthy row--always wonder which was the best way to troll -either into the current or with it--caught fish both ways-- the up tide row was strikeless except lots of weeds that needed to be cleaned off the hooks- slowed down to talk to a couple of paddle boarders, when the splash caught my eye- Whoops-- gone-- overboard-rod and reel - that was a good strike ! Pulled the rod and reel right out of the boat! - I'd not put in the boats rod holders yet, just leaned it against the side of the boat with a cushion holding it in place- won't do that again! all I could do was laugh-- that was a really good strike - yanked it right out of the boat. guess I'll go back there this evening and drag around w/ some big hooks to see if I can retrieve it-- -


---- April the 9th Friday-- hey it's Friday again--- Morning light wind from the south adding to a small mix of seastate- one little skiff looks like they came in early- little to bumpy for them--

Another boat this morning--- 1/4 outside the harbor entrance ( Newport) just past those seals off the buoy-- we put them in--Rapala- sardine colored--- hadn't gone a hundred and wham ! a 60- 80lb thresher shark on the lure--- twisted off the lure at the boat---incoming tide---

Weather turns nice again with that filling afternoon tide--- and calming winds--sloppy and a bit bumpy this morning-- about the same tomorrow Sat morning--

Local fishing fair- good for the basses but not much else water temps holding at 60 degrees -- Not sure if the Bait Barge at Newport is selling bait yet---so you've got to make it yourself, try 70 90 feet of water either above or below the harbors entrance.

New Moon- Quakes and volcano eruptions--

Good Luck this weekend---


---------------- April the 8th 2021-------

Again a nice day---moring marine clouds slowly going away- light south wind 3-5 knts maybe stronger later today- seas look good -there's a 3-5 ft soft swell and a wind texture to it-- good visability- Days are getting longer now-- adding 2 minutes a day of sunlight - Good tidal swing this weekend morning and afternoon high-- should get a few seabass ot yellows active at the islands and here locally--

Spent a few minutes this morning walking the beach tossing Gulp sand worms to willing surf perch-- good way to start the day--


Another selection of reels that took wear over the past year-- He said they'c caught a lot of tunas and a quick check says he's right-- Bearings , drag replacments and handles to be repaired, it's a welcome to see the wear-- their must have been some good times with them--

Running about a week to two for service--- if your tackle need service -- keep that in mind-- Parts to be ordered can run short these days-- glad to help-- JD


Local party boats still targeting the bottom stuff- 1/2 Day Western Pride 46 Coastal 1 Sheephead, 132 Sculpin, 1 Calico Bass, 1 Rockfish--- Overnight Thunderbird 22 Catalina Island 110 Rockfish, 110 Red Snapper, 1 Lingcod, 23 Whitefish

This Weekends San Clemente Island Pyrimid Cove looks to be open on Sat but Sunday it's hot from 9 am till 7 pm


Weather stayed great all day-- Inner waters looks good for the weekend-- some morning south breeze but should back off by noon--

Good Luck-- JD

---------- Wed's Report April 7th 2021 ----------

Good Morning-- seas were calm maybe a slight wind ripple on it- wind 2 kts South/southeast - nice

Several boats out of the harbor this morning most of them headed up the beach--- catalina another destination

Bait Barge wasn't there this morning--?

This coming weekends the inner waters look OK but the outer waters backside of Catalina/ Clemente and northwards to above the Channel Islands it'll be blowing with a building west swell pushing southwards.

With the winds and heavy seas breaking against the outer islands, breaking loose and uprooting Kelp strands which eventually make their way southwards drifting to the outside of Clemente and with the eddy effect this Spring and Summer months those paddy's will be home for the advancing yellowtail which will move into the waters

An overview of the waters temps 55- 65 degrees from above Catalina to south of the border below Colenet that shows a warming trend --the waters off the Oceanside area warmest - Why? the graft on the right showing how its steadily risen since the 24 of last month

Speculations leads one to think does the warm water upwell there?- not likely but it might with the La Jolla Canyon there?-- another thought-- the warm land breeze coming off the interior's coastline every evening calms and warms the water each day-

Salmon fishing reported good-with many boats with limits - Waters are cold at 48.2 off Morro Bay and and Avlia Beach-- pockets of offcolor water and clear water with the Salmon in the off colored stuff - Watermelon Apex lures reported to do well --


----------- Tuesdays April the 6th 2021----- Morning light overcast-- sun starting to show through mid morning- Seas ok w/ a swell from the west , light southwest wind. Water temps improving- -- ! above the 60 degree mark-- 61.5 above Newport today--- even warmer further south--Bait showing up better---

Calico and Sandbass reacting to the warmer water with many in the 2- 3lb range and the sand bass 4-6 lbs--

AIS gives us the locations of the Polaris Supreme out chasing those Bluefin this morning--- still below and outside Ensenada 31° 26' 23.208" N and 117° 13' 7.32" W

Newport's Bait receiver is back in oporation--- thanks---

Tides starting to have greater movement and the moon darkens and ocean currents becoming more concentrated today as Spring and ocean currents develop-- strong up-hill current against the inside of Catalina Island-- and strong downhill against the coastline Huntington Beach area--

Good local bass fishing today-- maybe 1/2 on plastics - fun fishing--- moring's swell went down and a light westerly for the afternoon--- water warming - all looks good--

One of these days May Gray and June Gloom will be here--


-- Closed on Mondays-----

- Easter Sunday--- God Bless Everyone !

Patchy blue above- light marine clouds towards the sea. wind light from the south 2-4 kts seas good- Enjoy the day- ---

Party boats out of SD found schools of those 30- 50+ Pacific Bluefin Tuna yesterday -most of the fish caught were on flatfall or colt snipers type jigs sent down or casts to the fish while the school was up or under the boat deeper 100 ft or so a fe fish on sinker and sardines fished deep -- I think high boat had 30-35 fish for the day- 2- 5 fish per stop - below and outside Ensenada 40 miles-

Heck of a Basketball game last night-- good game for all -


Finished the final sanding of the last side of the eight split cane bamboo today-- five of them destined for 9 thread rods another 3 for the 6 thread category-- dozens of razor blades used , another dozen or more sheets of 200 and then 400 grit sand paper cut into strips fitting the sanding block- and a lot of elbow grease ---they're smooth and straight now---

Next is sizing cut to fit within the clubs regulations lengths then a deep soaking in spar varnish to be