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Lat 33.36:23 / Log 117.53:53


  • Today Wind NW 10 kt. Gusts to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft at 13 seconds and S 3 ft at 16 seconds.
  • Thu Wind SE 10 kt...becoming S in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Swell W 2 to 4 ft at 11 seconds.
  • Fri Wind SE 10 kt...becoming SW with gusts to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 to 4 ft
  • Sat Wind variable less than 10 kt...becoming W 10 kt with gusts to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 2 to 4 ft and S 3 ft.


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-------------- April 16 th- 2014 -------


That coastal marine layer was pushed off the beach by noon- light S/W follows- small wind wrinkle to the water-- Still cool water temps with 56-58 against the beach-- warming to 62/63 in some of the protected bay waters--

San Pedro Bait--- Good morning JD, just want to let you know that the Newport Barge now has live anchovies. 3-5”ers. There’s still quite a shortage of fin bait around but we were able to come up with a little bit from deep in LA Harbor for the meantime. Todd

Seems like a quiet day on the water-- conditions held stable--

the slow march of summer begins--

-------------------Tuesday's Reports ---------------

Overcast marine layer moved in late late night covering up the returning moon- calm morning with a west wind at 2- 5 kts seas flat. Still a strong tide swing and water remains cool- Spring held off its approach for a few more days. stand by-- those yellows at Clemente and cat will bite, as well as south off SD - resident WSB will also be more aggressive with the moon- good luck this week-

200 common and 15 bottle nosed dolphins

Sea breezes stayed light all day-- coastal haze gave it enough sun to start to warm the waters again-- looking better--

Hey JD, Captain Jeff Jones reporting in that we captured the first white seabass flag for The Tuna Club of Avalon for Mike Mundy on his 38' Chris Craft the "Mundy Mooring".     Don Hermon caught the first seabass for the Southern California Tuna club earning the "Mundy Mooring" that 1st flag as well.  That was Monday, we had limits of seabass for 6 guys and weighed the fish in at Avalon.  This morning (Tuesday) we took the live squid and added two yellowtail to our score, but unfortunately we could not land one on dacron or linen, so we missed out on the first flag on the yellowtail.  The gang loved pulling on fun fish with the Abu Garcia Revo Inshore reels that Joe Davis and I brought to use.Captain Jeff Jones  


--------------------------------- Mondays Reports------------------

Westerly began early--- pushing salt aired marine haze along with it

Boats retuning from Catalina-- they had scratched up a hand full of live squid, has some anchovies and mini mack's-- worked the general spots-front/back east end-- - ended up with one short calico--- slow for them-- water 60- 61 degrees

windy for most of the day--- dropped the temps again by late afternoon it backed off - waters got a coolish feel to it. bay waters held up- maybe shallower could take the sunlight better--

tonight the eclipse stand by--

----------------- The Weekends Reports -----------------

Light marine overcast this morning wind 4- 6 west/ southwest early in the day-- uphill current against the beach water 57 degrees clean green-- not much i the way of schooling bait balls-- close to the jetties are smaller mackerel were to be found--

Despite the filling moon and water starting to warm up-- the fishing didn't-- we'll se over the next couple of days as the full moon coincides with the grunion run, eclipse and an earthquake-- stand by!

Donations / raffle door prizes are pouring in for the upcoming Lily Call bay fishing tournament held this April 26-27 Newport Bay- if you'd like to participate as a sponsor or angler let the club BAC know or contact me- JD and we'll let everybody know how generous you are-- or just go fishing--

Bass and Halibut were chasing grunion in the harbor!


Good luck this year- JD

Sign up for the 2014 Lily Call Bay fishing tournament hosted by the Balboa Angling Club-April 26 and 27th - give the club a call-The 2014 Lily Call is being held April 26 and 27 and the entry forms are available for download by clicking here.

        4# Test Max line-- CROAKER - CORBINA - HALIBUT - BASS (Note Species: Spotfin & Yellowfin Croaker Only - Bass: Kelp, Sand & Spotted)
GRAND SLAM AWARD – Largest Total Weight of all 4 SpeciesENTRY FEE$40.00 per Angler
TOURNAMENT HOURS:   After Midnight Friday, 12:01 a.m. Saturday, April 26th
Lines out 2:00 p.m. Sunday, April 27th

Fish must be weighed before 3:30 p.m. Sunday, April 27th

We encourage you stop by the local tackle shops in your area for bait and supplies, The Grant Boys have always supported the tournament - they should have the right kind of tackle and even blood worms, You might give them a call beforehand to pre order Bloodworms for bait--and the new tackle shop Jimmys should also be able to provide line and baits, Anglers Center likewise have always supported the club, Big Fish and all most of them have or will donate some prizes towards the tournament - help them out if you can-- they should have some IGFA 4lb test line available- if not we here at JD's can help you out or send some to them- Some regular 4lb test fishing lines will test out (4.4lb) --others will over test - if you have questions about the line the BAC can test it before hand for you--


------------------------------ Sat's Reports------------------

Building full moon water regaining back some of it's previous warmth, fish abe become more active- should be some good catches this weekend-

Light marine layer on the beach this am- wind 2- 5 knts out of the south- seas calm

E-Mail--- Hi JD, Yesterday my daughter Hannah (10) and son Michael (11) and I went on a fishing trip with Bongos. We caught the first Yellowtail of the season on the Bongos. That was our second time in the last three years catching the first Yellowtail. We also caught 2 Sheephead, 10 big Calico Bass, and 20 Rockfish. Captain Ben and the Bongos crew were great as always. Gary

A little wind from the west/ southwest fish afternoon- what bait showing offshore was near the botom of the tide mid day--


-------------------------- Friday's Reports ------------------

Can't fault the conditions today-- I can see about four miles down the coast-- left Dana worked from the 80 ft depth down to San Mateo and a 1,000 foot-- nothing--- nothing--- nothing--- wish I had better news--

Early morning radio chatter from bait boats--- only finding 2" stuff- maybe a few mixed in 3 inchers--- still looking--

Fish the Bay this mornings High tide-- caught a few-- water 57- 61 degrees off color green-- saw maybe 5 or 6 other small boats out--.

Yellows were biting at Clemente-- a tank of fresh live squid helped- some squirts at the cove-- more at Silver Canyon

Cool water temps off Palos Verdes, Calicos still biting but not attacking the baits-- couple of Yellows ar Rock Pt. chasing surface casted Waxwing lures

Water temps at the NP Art reef-- 57 an a few sand bass- not bait around

below the harbor ---59 clean green

A look at the Pacific- Chlorophyll charts for the past month-- Last Year /Left 2013 and last years 2014 - A marked difference with this years 2014 warm deeper blue clean water--










------------------------ Thursdays Reports--------------

Morning hours damp fog-- coastal marine layer the rest of the early day-

June Gloom in April--, the last few years we called it May Grey, now I suppose it's more like a April Earl

The El Nino 's a coming-- -the El Nino's Coming--- -- but not till the mid summer--they think?-- This can be a big game changer

ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Watch

Synopsis: While ENSO-neutral is favored for Northern Hemisphere spring, the chances of El Niño increase during the remainder of the year, exceeding 50% by summer.

ENSO-neutral continued during March 2014, but with above-average sea surface temperatures (SST) developing over much of the eastern tropical Pacific as well as near the International Date Line (Fig. 1). The weekly SSTs were below average in the Niño1+2 region, near average but rising in Niño3 and Niño3.4 regions, and above average in the Niño4 region (Fig. 2). A significant downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave that was initiated in January greatly increased the oceanic heat content to the largest March value in the historical record back to 1979 (Fig. 3) and produced large positive subsurface temperature anomalies across the central and eastern Pacific (Fig. 4). Also during March, low-level westerly wind anomalies were observed over the central equatorial Pacific. Convection was suppressed over western Indonesia, and enhanced over the central equatorial Pacific (Fig. 5). Although these atmospheric and oceanic conditions collectively reflect ENSO-neutral, they also reflect a clear evolution toward an El Niño state.

- Latest Sea Surface Temps Animation -


The model predictions of ENSO for this summer and beyond are indicating an increased likelihood of El Niño this year compared with last month. Most of the models indicate that ENSO-neutral (Niño-3.4 index between -0.5oC and 0.5oC) will persist through much of the remainder of the Northern Hemisphere spring 2014 (Fig. 6), with many models predicting the development of El Niño sometime during the summer or fall. Despite this greater model consensus, there remains considerable uncertainty as to when El Niño will develop and how strong it may become. This uncertainty is amplified by the inherently lower forecast skill of the models for forecasts made in the spring. While ENSO-neutral is favored for Northern Hemisphere spring, the chances of El Niño increase during the remainder of the year, and exceed 50% by the summer (click CPC/IRI consensus forecast for the chance of each outcome)

A quick looks at the Balboa Angling Club Yearbook and Striped Marlin/ Broadbill Swordfish catches for the years leading up to and after the 1979 El Nino Years-- 1978- 169 marlin/ 71 swordfish, 1979- 279 marlin/ 6 swordfish, 1980-147 Marlin/ 6 sw, 1981-332 m/1 sw, 1982-232 m/ 2 sw, 83-416 m/1 sw, 84-502 m/1 sw, 85-393 m/ 7 sw

There's no dolphins out there-- that tells you something about the status of anchovies off our local coastline-- further north or south--



E-Mail-- Lorado report -------Hi JD,
Yellowtail fishing was really good in Loreto this week.  Had a blast using the spinning gear - a Penn Spinfisher 4500V on a Penn Carnage Jigging rod with #30 lb braid and landed five yellows to 30 lbs casting Salas Christy II's.  The wind blew for a couple days, and then we got out again yesterday for more yellows on iron and live mackeral.  Our diving buddies scored some 15-25 lb pargo north of town along beach, and a 32 lb yellow in just 15' of water.  The La Mission Hotel is a fun place for anglers and fishing tours.  Out,-

------------------------------------- Wed's Report ------------------

Fair skies-- seas fair too- a little wind from the west/southwest- 5 kts- Tides starting to flow stronger now. Water seems to be warming a bit- sill a bit dirty in the harbors.

San Pedro Bait- E-Mail--- Good morning JD, just wanted to inform you that the Newport barge is back on the mooring and is open 24/7 for the season. Currently we do not have any live bait. The Pamela Rose has fished the last three nights from Santa Monica Bay to Newport and Catalina, shallow and deep, and has come across nothing!! We have been struggling in the LA/LB area for the past few weeks. Most catches lately have consisted of a small amount of sardine and small mackerel mix. Hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come!   We will be fishing again tonight an until we catch.  Newport will have live bait shortly after that happens. In the meantime we have our premium fresh frozen squid available in one and three pound packages and will be carrying that thru the summer as well.

San Clemente had good Calico Bass fishing despite the overcast foggy conditions there yesterday--


Received a E-Mail with a update on their New Zealand Gamefish Tagging Programme.
The longest distance covered by a tagged fish so far this season was a Broadbill Swordfish estimated at 150 kg tagged on the Middlesex Bank, north of the Three Kings Islands in April 2011, and recaptured by a Chinese fishing vessel near Tuvalu in September 2013 (2 years 5 months later) 1360 nautical miles north of where it was tagged.
The first Southern Bluefin Tuna tagged July, 2007 in New Zealand and then recaptured at liberty for just over six years in the same general area.
The first long term recapture of a tagged Hammerhead Shark tagged in New Zealand was reported by a Taiwanese tuna longline vessel in the Fiji basin in September 2013.The shark tagged near Cuvier Island in April 2011, was free for 884 days, and recaptured 1060 nautical miles north
A 50 kg Mako Shark tagged off Farewell Spit was recaptured off Fraser Island, Queensland in October 2013. It was caught on a tuna longline after 208 days at liberty, 1258 nautical miles north-west of its release location.
The longest-term recapture of a Striped Marlin in the NZ tagging programme was made in March 2014. The tag was found deep in the shoulder of the fish as it was being processed for smoking. Although only part of the tag remained, it was possible to track down the release details from the remaining portion. The marlin had been tagged 3 years and 1 month previously, just a short distance up the coast from where it was recaptured, off Rocky Point, Bay of Islands. Estimated at 125 kg on releasen, weighing in at 139.4 kg on recapture.
A kingfish tagged at the Volkner Rocks in January 2002 was recaptured 2 nautical miles away after 12 years and 1 month (4411 days) when it was estimated to weigh 33 kg.
At the other extreme, a kingfish tagged from the charter vessel “Pursuit” at Volkner Rocks was recaptured and released the very next day from the same vessel at the same place. It was obviously not affected by its experience of the day before.
Reporting releases
Every year we have recaptures where the tag report card is missing. This is frustrating and a waste of effort all round. Tagging is of no value unless the card is filled in and returned. Many cards are only partly filled in or illegible. If your fish is recaptured but you have not provided enough information, including your full address, you might miss out on finding out about your fish, and the reward.
- Same goes for Anglers around the world as Billfish studies are conducted-- take a moment next time you'r on the boat to double check, if you've have a report card to submit- stick it in you pocket and mail it off.

---------------------------- Tuesday's Reports ---------------- Long range weather forecast keeps those spring frontal systems to the north of us for the next foreseeable 2 weeks, a low the next day or two and couple of times it may blow up but overall it looks good. Sets the table for a warming trend to develop- Newport's Bait receiver came back into the harbor yesterday- made a look-see for bait this morning but not enought to put in the receivers--- you'll still have to catch you own for a few days till they get baits setteled in the pens- Coastal water 56 57 degrees clean green strong down hill current-midday The Artificial Reels outside Huntington, Izors etc holding some nice Sand Bass and probably a Sea Bass or two. Be a good time to make some drifts or set up with mackerels for bait---- stand by---- for the fishing for WSB and even Yellowtail to improve as the moon fills -- stand by they will come--- rummer has it several WSB 50+ lost today-- The El Nino report comes out in a few days-- see if this series of cold fronts the past few weeks has stalled back the warming trend-- The oceans currents ebb and flow maybe something like the tides building and slacking off. coming in waves. UPDATE ENSO-neutral is favored through the Northern Hemisphere spring 2014, with a 50% chance of El Niño during the summer or fall 2014.A few Sand Bass ---------------------- Mondays reports ------------- E-Mail from down south where the warm waters of Mainland Mexico are producing big Yellowfin!JD
Fishing on Maximus. 2 1/2 day trip out of PV.
My big fish taped at 180#. My friends wife's fish taped at 380. A boat record. Lots of big tuna. Nothing under 150#s Steve S

-----Water temps up the line off the Huntington flats-- generally it cools off there quicker than the deeper water below the harbor- heats up quicker too- this mornings temps in the 57-58 degree range- closer towards NB harbor 61- 62 - A sand bass or tow and the ever present bat rays-- small pin head anchovies around .

There's about a thousand dolphins headed up your way-- off So Laguna now-- baits showing up-

Moss Landing Salmon Report ------------Little better on Sunday early limits. Have to stay another day. Your line worked great for 3 fish lost to boat going by, that happens when there is hundreds of boats out. Morro bay also did good..

-------------------The Weekend's Report ---------- 54 degrees this mornings by 10 am it had warmed to 56 degrees-- inside bay water -dirty army green- not much in the way of bites for me--- coastal fishing about the same-- Cool water and a few gray whales w/ calf's heading north - I wouldn't be surprised if a great white came around one of these days-- uphill current and downhill westerly -- mid day-- by the latter part of the day wind sung around to the s/w backed off- warming


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Several good reports for the opener up north Port San Luis Fish Reports - web site helps

green/chrome -Apex behind a chrome flasher. Wonderful opener for us. The nice weather was a blessing. Life is good..

Sat-- There were probably 20 boats out of Morro Bay today with some boats getting limits early. I think probably all the boats caught something. The fish were 12lbs down to a few shakers. There were lots of marks on the meter but the fish we gutted had empty stomachs. The weather turned out much better than advertised will little wind until 11:30. The fish came at all depths, shallow early and deep later on. Apexes and hoochies worked. Very little kelp or jellies. The fish seemed to be well spread out

Sundays report s- Most boats caught a salmon today out of Morro Bay. The are lots of meter marks but out of our catch, only one fish had anything in its stomach which was a fresh squid. We fished off the shell mound in 160-190 feet and got a double right off the bat. Better quality fish today. First fish was 15 pounds then we landed a 21 pounder on a hoochey down about 100 feet and lost another hog. We also released two small fish. I hear the Monterey Bay is packed with anchovy.

And Newport was blessed again with one of the Tall Ships visiting the harbor today-- how'd you like to be one of those 12-15 year old boys hanging off the upper mast- with furred up sails in a blowing gale off the tip of South America-- Boys were men then. "There's got to be a millions terns feeding birds, terns and gull crying and diving--- all going nuts" --- that says there's schools of bait fish moving in--- baitfish-up tight to the beach - halibut too- Wind came up late in the afternoon, a strong westerly blew most boats off the water- dangerous for boats headed back from the islands-then -- backed off to a warm afternoon breeze- maybe Spring has finally sprung-- - ----------------------- Sat's Report --------------- I'm at 25 fathoms and the 10 oz sinkers with rent rods are having a hard time keep them on the bottom-- plenty of current-- Water feels and looks cold-- offcolor dirty green- not much in the way of fish biting except the deeper water cods which are use to the cool water temps-- Morning hours have only a few boaters out-- the excerizing kayackers, an electric boat or two, passanger boats headed to Catalina-- packed w 300 people, whale watcher boats also had boats full


This Spring-- many of our good customers are traveling the globe with fishing trips in mind-- headed to New Zealand in search of the King himself-- Broadbill Swordfish -- working the fishing bank called the Garden Patch with the deep drop method - book a trip months in advance-- get there and the weather blows up - today its forecasted at 15- 20 knts, 9- 11 ft seas - probably not the best drifting conditions -- but this next week it lower down to 8- 10 knts- , Those traveling south to Mexico - Mainland's PV area are good with N, N/W or E winds at 7 to 12 knts and 3 to 5 seas, Cabo's still has a bit of weather on the Pacific side, nice in the gulf-- JD----- Salmon Season Opener---
Very good opener limits for most. We were done by 9:30 for six fish. Not big but plentiful. Weather came down very nice day. Try again tomorrow, a few hundred boats out of Moss landing. Dave R And from New Zealand--- Just got back from a wonderful trip, now relaxing in Russell, flying home on Monday. Brief fish report:  First three days slow, but picked up quickly starting 4th day. Hooked broadbill at 11:00 am and landed 12:15 pm. Fish hooked inside corner of mouth 16/0 off-set hook worked as designed.  80 pound test, 334 pounder, tasted great last night at dinner. Besides Jack's 334lb. broadbill Jerry also tagged and released a 200lb marlin and Jack released a 40lb yellowfin tuna.------------------------- Friday's Report ---------------------- Light overcast-- not much of a tide movements-- coastal fishing suffered from those cold fronts that lowered the water temps-- heaver marine layer tomorrow inproving Sun/ Monday w/ early moring easterly to chase away any fog that may be developing ? Give it a few more days to improve--Another small front on thurdsay of next week Party boats that ran to the islands had much better bottom fishing with counts of red snappers in the hundreds and good catches of other goggle-eyed critters. afternoon hours warmed up - Have a good weekend--- JD As Spring arrives local saltwater angling clubs all up and down the coast have gathering and in house tournaments-- good time to meet old and new friends-- we all have that common denominator - an aperications for the oceans sealife. Looks windy up north for the Salmon Opener-- Sunday better- samehere-- ---------- Thursday's Reports -Need a yacht or a fancy sportfishers--- visit the Boat Show here in Newport-- - and if you need to add tackle to the new boat--- give me a call we've outfitted boats for almost 40 years now-- at least we can set you up with some possibilities on what the tackle can run and what's needed to fit your new boat-- best of luck- JD Light southerly this morning--skies clear--spare marine haze 1- 3 knts, seas have let down-- there's a west swell but very travel-able--- water temps 56- 59 degrees looks and feels cold-- Another trough of low pressure due in Friday , friday evening then warming for the weekend Made 2 cast no bites- Local fish count for the day--- seveal perch, a cabazona and 4, count em' 4 woof eels! Bumby seas on the outside Whalewatchers returnes whaleless having to issue whale checks--

------------------------------------- Wed's reports -------------------

Clearling wind with gusts to towards 20- 25knts. this afternoon early evening---the weekend looks much better with Sunday being the best day--- Cold wind and nasty out there today-- made one cast- quit--No local party boats out today--Still a few boats coming in the harbor for the boat show-- lots of salt spray on them--

-- I was wrong --- one of the locals were out bottom fishing-- had a fairly good score- 20 red snappers, and an assortment of others including a Wolf-eel! ---------------------------------------- Tuesday's Reports ------------ April showers brings May flowers or was that flounders-- Small Craft advisory for most of the coastline today as that front passes through-- water temps lowered to 55- 60 degrees. made one cast- two bites- one 12 in sandbass- quit The In the Water Lido Boat Show this weeks has the fleet arriving for dock space placement all tis week -- this morning's Titan crossed out front of the shop headed for the show- beautiful looking vessel







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The status of protecting forage fish
Please take a moment to sign the petition regarding the Unmanaged Forage Fish Initiative presently be considered by the Pacific Fishery Management Council.  This is an important step in ensuring that forage fish are managed in a way so as not negatively impact those predators that rely on them.  With out forage fish, there will be fewer and fewer of those fish that we love to catch.  Just click on the link "action alert and petition" in the message below.  Thanks for caring enough to take a moment to help conserve this important, but oftentimes, overlooked fish category.

Best personal regards, Bob K. IGFA Representative - Southern California

Here's our action alert and petition, which went out today and includes our basic ask for this meeting. I'd be happy to send along some additional info or language as well if you'd like it!

Letters should be sent to, and have "J.1. Unmanaged Forage Fish Initiative" in the subject line.



The 18th Annual Stars & Stripes Fishing, Golf, and Music Festival in Los Cabos, Mexico- Where it's all about the kids!We are thrilled to announce that the event has raised and donated almost $18 million to multiple children's charities over its 17 year history. Stars & Stripes seeks to be aneffective charity fundraiser that creates lastingmemories for both the organizations







Not as many whales travleing these days-- a few bottlenosed and common dolphins aroundYellowtail fishing at the Coronado Islands reported very good the past few days--- yo-yo'ed iron ( Salas) lures or cast surface swimming lures when they're up top under the birds has been the ticket-- -- Mister Cabby ( Cabazon) looks like he likes the Jerk Shads-- new penny color-- Fishing w/ Deckers trip-- nice fish--- beautiful fish-- JD -------------------------- Fridays Report's ------------- Hazy clear skies- southe wind ant 5 knts small swell and some chop to it-- The weathere look OK for this weekends Saturday but Sunday has a building sea state and wind as a front passes through. San Clement Is. for the most part is closed on Sat and open on Sunday



Newport Barge will be back on the mooring April 7, 2014 and will be baited up shortly after...if not the same day. Newport will also be operation 24/7 for the seasonFor up to the minute bait info feel free to contact us at the numbers below. Newport 310-461-5370 or Ch 79 on the VHF San Pedro 310-365-2516 or Ch 11 on the VHF


The 2013 HIBT- IGMR is a wrap, and what a race it was! With three tags completing the full deployment period of 180 days and a new distance record for Kona, this was definitely one of the most successful HIBT Great Marlin Race events ever.  

Congratulations to Marty and Mitchell Firestein of the Balboa Angling Club for sponsoring the tag that was placed on this event’s winning marlin. At 2,883 nm, this is the longest distance recorded in an HIBT race and the second longest distance in IGMR history. Following in second place was a Pacific blue marlin sponsored by Bob and Sally Kurz and Rocky Franich that traveled 2,101 nm where the tag reported near Tahiti. Click here to read the full details of this year’s race results.

Our thanks go out to IGFA Representatives Bob and Sally Kurz and IGFA Trustee Emeritus Peter Fithian for coordinating yet another great race at the HIBT.
Additionally, we would also like to thank everyone who sponsored and participated in this year’s IGMR. It is through your support that the data generated from this project continues to grow and has already revealed some amazing marlin migratory patterns. All data collected through the IGMR is available to anglers, scientists, and managers worldwide and will help provide valuable insight into their use of the ocean habitat.

Once our partners at Stanford University interpret the data, the remaining tracks for the Kona, USA 2013 IGMR will be available. In the meantime, we invite you to see your marlin’s tag deployment and pop-up locations. Best,
PS: The 55th HIBT will be held July 26 - August 2, 2014. We invite you to reserve your tag for the 2014 HIBT IGMR by contacting Bob Kurz, HIBT IGMR Event Coordinator.




Just in--Trek Travel Rods by Fox -Sailfish Trek Spin 8 ft KRD-008 The 8 ft length lets you make long cast and soft tip prevents hook pull out's Also very good for beach fishing Fox SIC's guides, Mono & Braid 12 -40 lb, 4 sections, 27" length

KRD-002 Tarpon Trek Spin rods

Permit Trek Spin KRD-006 7 ft 10 to 25 lb mono or braid. Low diameter lightweight blank with very fast tip . 4 sections, 25" length ,Mono or Braid 10 to 25lb

KRDE 013 Stand-Up 30- 50 and KRDE 014 Stand-Up 50- 80 Trolling RodsKRD019 Trek V- Jig 6 ft 6 & Trek V- Jig XT 6 ft 6 Rods KRD-009 Trek Boat rods 7 ft 20- 30lb & KRD- 010 Trek Boat rods 7 ft 30- 50lb-



-----------Fish Photos from 2014------ He caught it on 40lb tackle which puts him in the 50# class   New Club Record – 66.2 lbs

~~~------- 2013 --------------------- -------- Where did they come from and where do they go-- There are 10 years and older recorded spaghetti style tag studies showing some head south-- some into Mexico, some to the west and some even further to New Zealand- Newer and better studies need to be made--- maybe next years the BAC's Masters will incorporate Great Marlin Race which is used in conjunction of major fishing tournaments around the world to help better understand these migrations for a better fish science management-- Talk to your clubs about sponsoring a tag for next years Masters--- JD

The winner of the 2012-2013 IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) is Peter Teakle of Lizard Island, Australia! The satellite tag he sponsored during the 26th Annual Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic was deployed in a 360 kg (794 lb) black marlin and traveled 2,577 nautical miles in 69 days, creating the second longest billfish track of the research program jointly run by the International Game Fish Association and Stanford University.

“That we’ve now seen the second longest distance of the IGMR project is amazing,” said IGMR co-chair and Stanford University marine biologist, Dr. Randy Kochevar. “But the real win here is that in the past two years we have recorded a total of 31,000 nautical miles worth of data on open-ocean habitat usage available for scientists anywhere. Having access to this kind of data is what researchers need in order to better understand how these incredible animals are using the open ocean.”The winning billfish track, as well as all the other satellite tag tracks generated by billfish tagged during the IGMR, are available on interactive maps on the IGMR website. We invite you to follow the fish and learn more about our billfish research program







A pending club record for the Tuna Club of Avalon-- 51 lb White Sea Bass caught with 6 thread linen line, it's test is under 16 lbs ( dry) made from twisted lengths of linen flax. JD's tackle is the only tackle shop in the world which sells this fishing line!- Put a challenge in the game- JD

----------------------------------- -------Fish Photos 2013-----~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It’s piscatorial soup of mixed sealife that beckons our shores let's see what happens through the course of this year.  The first Striped Marlin, Tetrapturus audax  we see in the season may have been born in the Kuroshio Current a year ago as it flows the ocean’s gyre off the North Pacific. he’s 35 lbs now and festive, having survived the snatching beaks of nasty birds and other deep sea gobblers from below. Later on in the season if currents allow are other year old brothers and sisters of his breed are off  the Southern tip of Baja by a thousand miles. Moms were 2 years old and 60 inches when she spawned 20 million eggs with hopes that Dad could fertilized them to develop into planktonic, lecithotropic larvae. Conditions this past year in the northern hemisphere favored a better recruitment of hatching larvae to drift and grow. So right now somewhere swimming in the waters above the Hawaiian Islands or south off Baja hundreds perhaps thousands of miles a 3 or 5 foot long striped marlin lives—let's call him “William” or Bill for short.  Bill will live in the upper surface layer on all sages of his life. Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus orientalis, Born of 5 ft long parents and 130 lbs late in the summer four years ago off the southern coast of Japan, now as one or two years old weighing in at  5 to 10 lbs they begins a two month, 6,000-mile cross-oceanic migration to the Eastern Pacific off Baja California in the Spring. After two to four years foraging off the Mexican and California/ Oregon coastlines they'll be returning home to those same Western Pacific waters where born and remain for another 15- 25 years 10 ft and a thousand pounds, slow growing in later life. While here along our coast the younger fish travel further to the north onto Central Calif. in late springtime and return towards the south as Fall and Winter approaches, the older fish mostly stay south off Baja.  Magnetite, a mineral found in neural pits in their nose detects the earth’s magnetic field for their navigation. Warm-blooded they can heat their bodies 11° F warmer than surrounding water, that’s why the fight so well. Must consume 5% of their body weight daily and must continually swim with their mouths open to force water over their gills. We’ll call him “Tom” the Bluefin tuna. –Hi Tom. His buddy the Yellowfin Tuna,  Thunnus albacares , “Mike” we'll call em’, he’s a resident here on the West Coast part of the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem and doesn't migrate across the Pacific like the Bluefin. Mike’s a fast grower as a youngster, feeds on plankton and then small fish, krill, squid and. crustaceans. At one year he’ll be 24 inches long and might grow to about 300 lbs . Mike reaches maturity at about 2 years and around 40 inches but he doesn't live that long with average age being just 5-6 years old, he'll be a old man at 8 if he makes it that long.  March 24” grows about 2” a month, by Dec 40 inches, March 24”, Apr 26, May 28,June30, July32, Aug34, Sept36, Oct38, Nov 40 Dec And the North Pacific Albacore, Thunnus alalunga, “Art” ( Starting this lastJan 2014 he’s only 18 inches and 5 lbs ) and his family we hope to see more of, they travel around a lot. Mon and Dad matured at around 35 inches, 28 lbs at 5 or 6 years old and hope to see 13 years.  Albacore are an iteroparous species that breeds seasonally only once a year. Moms lay eggs that are fertilized externally (oviparous) by scatter their eggs throughout the ocean months from November to February which float to within a foot or so of the surface, wave actions mixes them with Dads offerings. That's what a lot of birds are picking at.  A 40 lb female can produces 2 to 3 million eggs then migrates towards two regions of the Northeast Pacific. One towards the northern part of Baja the other is off the coast of Washington and Oregon. In the warmer waters off Baja they make dives to depths exceeding 656 feet during the day and stay near the surface at night, while off the coast of Washington and Oregon they stay near the surface the entire day. Albacore move across the Pacific during the fall and appear in Japan in their late winter/spring fisheries then migrate back to North America. Art never really rest; he’s always on the move because of their demand for oxygen and he eats one-quarter its own weight in food a day. Yellowtail,  Seriola lalandi  We’ve got to call him Jack—Jack comes from the Cedros Islands area.  Last July his Mom and Dad were 4 year olds and 10 pounders Mom laid 450,000 eggs that year – she hopes to live to a ripe old age of 30 years and give off 4 million. Jacks been growing quickly he’s a pound now, darting in and out of kelps beds chasing food and/or not being food himself.  By this summer he’ll be a year old and 4 lbs, by 5 years he'll be 16 lbs.  

Good luck this seson- JD


some day chickens- some days feathers


--------------------- no longer fishing the reefs  and kelp beds off Laguna-- the Forbidden Zone-- -


Those pleasant trips below the harbor - enjoying the scenery and good fishing with your children, wife or friends are no longer permitted due to some idiotic woman and the Laguna Beach city council--  shame on them- Hope they all get voted off their positions,

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  -Great fishin' off Puerto Vallarta, ....some Huge Yellowfin Tuna!  302 1/2 lbs, 80lb tackle, 1hr 12 min: ---JD

Later in the afternoon when the telephone booths began to grow dark at the edges, I punched out of the creek and went home. I had that hunchback trout for dinner. Wrapped in cornmeal and fried in butter, its hump tasted sweet as the kisses of Esmeralda. -----  Uncle Mlford and Dad---My old man on the right- uncle on the left-- sold em' for a $1 apiece and went dancing at the Rendezvous ballroom that night--

A good site for the seabirds is  , or--  Online Cataloga   nihil lucratus sine labor laboris    Damn Pesky Sharks-- Nate Dunham with his Thresher shark f- Great photo-- shows how using circle hooks  lets the angler hook the shark in the mouth and can be released if wanted ------------- Photos of the year- 2012