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  • FriWinds 10 kt Wind waves 2 ft W swell 2 to 4 ft at 13 sec
  • SatNW winds 5 to 10 kt. Wind waves 2 ft . W swell 5 to 7 ft at 18 seconds.
  • Sat NightW winds 10 to 15 kt in the evening...becoming variable 10 kt Wind waves 2 ft or less. W swell 4 to 6 ft at 16 seconds.
  • SunN winds 5 to 15 kt. Wind waves 2 ft . W swell 4 to 6 ft. 

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Dec 19 th , 2014

Blue skies and warming air in the sunshine- peaceful seas with a light westerly putting sparkle on the water- westerly developing later in the afternoon and skies clouded over- cooler-

Whale watchers- gray whales around- traveling in 30 fathoms heading south- not much else no dolphins seen yet-- Killer Whales reported to be in the area-- a group of white sided dolphins seen off Laguna- -

A look forward to the San Clemente Island schedule- Pyramid is open from now to at least the 4th of January 2015, only restrictions is now till the 22nt West Cove/ backside northwest end of the island has some restrictions-- Forecasters show some rain coming in next weekend but clearing up after that-- 1st fish of the year- Yellowtail, White Sea Bass, Tuna, Marlin? who know-- best of luck- JD

Seeking your Input: Guidelines for Safely Deterring Marine Mammals 

NOAA Fisheries will be developing guidelines for safely deterring marine mammals and we'd like your input! The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) section 101(a)(4)(A) allows for private citizens to employ measures to deter marine mammals from damaging fishing gear and catch, damaging personal or public property, or endangering personal safety, as long as these measures do not result in death or serious injury of marine mammals. 

The MMPA also directs the Secretary of Commerce, through NOAA Fisheries, to develop national guidelines on safely deterring marine mammals under NOAA's jurisdiction (e.g., whales, dolphins, seals, and sea lions). We'd like your input on the deterrents we should evaluate and consider for approval. The comment period is open for 30 days, until January 15, 2015.  Please submit comments here National Policy Advisor for Recreational FisheriesNOAA Fisheries


- I guess we all have our groups of guysand friends we hang around with-- - he was one of the boys, Adios - good fishin' JD

Nicknamed Kegger- Craig Oliver passed away last week , A good hard working generous man- sorry to see him leaving us-- he will be missed- John


------------------------------Thursdays Reports -------------

Like the forecast said isolated showers- clearing out today, seas fair with some light chop and swell on it- Water still holding from 65 degrees off San Diego to the San Pedro Channel at 64.2 degrees , commercial boats were out looking for anchovies- three casts, one bass I'll stop there-

13 Sand Bass, 24 sheepheads 150 perch ( not sure which types) and some rock fish-- local partyboat score, seas have calmed and softened the overcast sky - metal gray in reflection-

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------------- Wed's Reports ------------

Broken cloud cover, wind fair from the west- light wind chop- draining tide and coastal debri , rafts of weeds flushed out with the tide- water murky- made two cast two bites one nice spotted bay bass

Off to Tonga--- the land of plenty -- a package of tackle bound to the south Pacific where veracious dog toothed tunas and other denizens of the deep live.

The X Raps will get hammered, not sure how long they'll survive- rigged them w 240 lb S/S wire, A butterfly jig, Orca's, SP Minnows and a Waxwing for fun, added in a few trolled cedar plugs provide staple catches of tuna. Single Strand wire and leader materiel , swivels and extra braid line completes the package-- Good luck- wish I was going--

Mid day the weather turned sour and cool- wind strong got the flags stiff from the west , we'll see how the water temps do by this time next week--- that waters warm and deep it'll take series of twenty of these lows to chill it down much.

Tonight starts the Newports Christmas Boat Parade, fireworks off the Newport pier kicks it off ar 6:15pm boats start the parade of lights at Bay Island and head south towards the Pavilion and counter clockwise's around the harbor.. The 106 th year, theme this year Deck the Hulls with Bows of Jolly- www.christmasboatparade.com

--------------- Tuesday's Reports -----------

Wind building from the south southeast- 10- 12 knts- seas a little bumpy and choppy. Made three or four cast and only a few light taps on the plastic fish, had to stop fishing cauz of customers back in the shop

Spoke to Russ A of Three Daughters who had come across yesterday afternoon from Avalon - water 65 mid channel and saw some hugh Kelp Paddies-- only drove by them but saw and metered lots bait under them-- Yellowtail?

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Received this e-mail the other day-- they grow em' big in Australia ---- Stand corrected--

Hey JD-- . That picture is of a 1245# Blue Marlin caught by an old friend of mine, Capt Mike Hennessy (on the right). Mike was running the "Maggie Joe" fishing out of Oahu. If memory serves me right, this was in late 2009.

~~~~ Yipes! ~~~

------------------ Monday's Reports -------------

Coastal water took a little dip with temps this morning ranging from 62 to 64 degrees--offcolor above Newport off Huntington San Pedro at 3-4 ft vis --- getting below the harbor, it cleans up with 15- 20 ft vis- good bass fishing so far this morning

Something special that's reserved only for the special customer- Linen fishing line in 6 thread, irish green in color. Only a few spools left- give JD a call 1 800 660 5030

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----------- The Weekend's Report ----------

A quick view of the coastal water temps here on the West Coast-from 55 to 85 degrees shows marked difference -- when considering Springs only three months away we should be in a good warm water scenario for the new season-- Stand By

------------ 2013 -------------------------------------------------------- 2014 ----------------------------

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--------------------------Friday- Sat -------------------------------

She's a hootin- good wind buffeted by raid bouts - only a little drop on the outgoing tide after midnight- filling till eleven this morning-- with a 1.5 ebbing tide pushed by that rain water-- wind strong from the south, seas sloppy-


Water Spout warnings and gusty south winds, Northwest clearing winds this afternoon

Private and commercial sportfishers took refuge in what safe anchorages they could get to-- Not too many boats traveling today--

Took a stroll out to the dock out front an hour after the tide turned, water still relatively clean, first cast a small bass, second cast missed the strike, third cast a small halibut-- quit-

Tides starting to run out and a clearing westerly wind- an beautiful afternoon, sunset should be great-- this time of year the best sunsets only 8 more days till the shortest day of the year--


----------------- Thursday's Reports ------------

Gray skies forecasted to darken and rain - wind steady from the south/southeast at 12 kts, made a couple of casts- one small bass that struggled and got off.

waters remained warm at 65 degrees offcolor, green w 3-4 ft vis.

Good Christmas Gift-- something to slice up all that Bluefin Tuna for Sashimi with, Give JD's a call- $49.95

Whale watchers were out --- looing only seeing DOlpins and a few at that-- waiting for the migrations of Gray Whales due soon- they said there were moving early this year.


Still wondering where all those Striped Marlin went-- We'll find out--






We have reached the halfway point in the 2014 Balboa, USA IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) where six striped marlin are racing for first place!


Check out the race page and news page for all updates!

Tight Lines,The IGFA

Aboard Nate Shill's Andreya with Rick Hult placing the 5th tag of 2014 Balboa, USA IGMR on a striped marlin 

The year's rolling on-- get ready for next year-- the 2015 Tide books are in already--call JD's and reserve yours today-- -

Not much change in the Dept of Fish and Game ( oops) Wildlife, Fishing Licence cost up as usual- it'll never go down--Makes for a nice gift- or have it ready for New Years Day- Basic "all waters" Licence at $47.01 add in the Ocean Enhancement stamp for So Calif. at $ 5.14 and your up to $52.15 for the year. They are available on-Line https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/Licensing


--------------------- Wed's Report ------------

Can you believe it-- almost the middle of December, water's 65 + , quick moving storm front pushing our way- be out of here in day them back to the norm of fair weather- mid sixty's and into the seventy's by Christmas Day-- Glassy calm out there today-- bright hazy sky wind 2 knts mixed. Tides starting to flatten out-

Water as warm as it is, the fishes have had even more time to re-spawn adding into another generation.

E-Mail this afternoon-- Dear JD: I enjoy reading your reports.


I saw that you had a nice email blog about the first marlin of the season in 1984 from Steve and Jerry.  I thought I would send this to you from the archives.

 On the heels of the extended January marlin fishing in 1984 that appeared to end on January 14th, my father (Marty Morris) had gotten a report of some feeders being seen off Pyramid by some commercial boats.  Our boat, the “Ken-Dan” was stationed in Marina Del Rey and my dad father whisked me out of high school on a Wednesday to help run the boat all night so that we could be off of Pyramid by morning time for a half day of fishing on February 1st.  I was watching the jigs and sure enough up pops a hard follower at 10:30 in the morning.  I tried dropping back a dead mackerel, which is all that we had in February.  Before getting it out, the fish took an outrigger line and our family friend Bud Perkins got a 193 pounder in about an hour that I gaffed and that we then weighed in at the BAC on February 1st  for what I believe to be the only marlin ever caught in Southern CA waters during the month of February.  If there was a bite, my dad would be out there and if still alive he would be chomping to get out there right now to get a December and possibly January or even a February marlin! Regards, -Ken Morris (the Ken part of the Ken-Dan)


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sad note to pass on - one of the friendly faces of our fishing community passed away earlier this week- Craig Oliver who's been a strong supporter of the BAC angling club a friend to most of us and fished many of the tournaments and overall a great guy- sorry he will be missed- further details later- JD

---------------- Tuesday's Reports --------------

---Hope the computer works --- they say worldwide security cyber attacks on web servers causing problems--

Another lazy haze morning with light overcast and clear skies behind it- tide was full at 10 am with a full on Calico Bass bite along the coastline-- Decker's out again with clients released over 40 by the top of the tide--

Private and commercial sport boats out to the outer banks of Tanner and Corrtez today- taking advantage of what weather there was in attempts at the tuna fishing-- with all that skipjack around maybe a Blues is still hanging ut there?

And still Striped Marlin around- Ventura, Catalina or Clemente warm spots might be a shot at the last one of the season this weekend after the blow goes by--- stand by--

With talks of the First or Last billfish and tuna around the end of the year/ New Years Day-- E-mail from Jerry G and Steve B this morning--

The first Marlin were taken New Years day and I seem to remember the '84 fish was on Jock's boat. Seems like that could happen again. Happy Holidays, Jerry

Yes, caught by my brother, Bill. They had a little too much to drink and a New Year’s Eve Party and decided to go Marlin fishing on a whim.

They were east of Pyramid in 65 degree water about 1:30 in the afternoon, with hangovers and had just changed course of the El Galleon, when they got bit on all 5 jigs. Bill was below fixing a peanut butter sandwich and thought Jock was pulling a prank. Bill caught the first and Phil Olson caught #2. You can imagine my surprise when I got the call while watching the Rose Bowl game. Will never forget the weigh in. There was a big crowd at the BAC to see the weigh in for themselves, including Kenny Dickerson, Jim Donnelly, Ed Cleland.

Steve Bridges

Stand By-- JD

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------------------The Weekends Reports ------

Still working on a few computer glitches-- JD sorry-

Fat Lady Singing--- not yet--VENTURA COUNTY MARLIN !!!!!!!!!    -- E Mail from Eric Hermann , ericsboats@msn.com President of Executive Yacht and Ship Brokers / PARKER BOATS ~ Channel Islands Harbors- Premier Yacht Brokerage Since 1969

My son Bryce Hermann and his buddy Pat Obrien were fishing aboard "LEGIT " amongst the fleet along side the charter boat "ISLAND SPIRIT" out of Ventura Harbor . They  captured that photo because the fish erupted 5 ft off their transom , dancing thru the air - while everyones jaw was on deck. . A short battle that resulted in a break off , but glad the photo was taken because no one would believe it  . Numerous boats witnessed this awesome event this morning off Ventura Countyline , aka. DEEP HOLE

My son just sent me this picture of a Striped Marlin that jumped 5 feet off his transom with a hook in its mouth . The fish was hooked by a fisherman aboard the ISLAND SPIRIT  on a mackerel in 130 feet of water while soaking for yellowtail on the coast .. Amazing - sure supports your comments the other day about the body of water still lurking .  See the islands in the background ?  Fire the boys up and tell them to get the gear back out of storage !    MARLIN XMAS 

-----------The Weekends Reports ------ -

Hazy lazy day-- wind from the south - water temps - if anything have come up a degree or two-- 66.2 off Newport this morning

Baitschools of anchovies up on the surface in the mornings high tide slack -

Was asked the other day just how long we might expect these tunas to hang around-- A offshore look at water temps from 50 to 85 degrees for the West Coast reveals the warmth of the water extends from So Calif westwards all across the Pacific from here, to above Hawaii and to Japan it's 65 degrees- no telling how long they will hang around but it doesn't look like water temps would be a factor in driving them away--- maybe New Years Tuna-- Reports from the Cortez Banks speak of all the Skipjacks around-- who knows maybe a big marlins is still out there!!




E-Mail- Hey JD -- Picked off this guy below Cedros 11/10.  Note the X-Rap in his mouth.  We tried to weigh the fish but the scale bottomed out. I'm 6'-1" so the fish must be 6' or so....Good Vibrations



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------------- Fridays - ----------

Couple of yachts headed south this week - one to Panama, she took on 11,050 gals here.! Cheaper here than there--

Whale watchers out today satisfied with a few dolphins- no other mammals around- water temps 65.5 degrees same as the past few days-- -

Baja report comes in-- fishing from Turtle to Asuncion- 3 wahoo's - one nearing 60 lbs and a bunch of dorado and smaller yellowfin tunas-- good weather, good fishing--

I get to work on lots of reels over the year - Penn has had it's ups and downs but they've always stayed with the principle of high quality raw material and in the Fathoms case they still reign top dog for performance under lots of use--

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EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) ENSO Alert System Status: El Nino Watch  El Niño Watch

: There is an approximately 65% chance that El Niño conditions will be present during the Northern Hemisphere winter and last into the Northern Hemisphere spring 2015.

During November 2014, sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies increased across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific At the end of the month, the weekly Niño indices ranged from +0.4oC in the Niño-1+2 region to +1.0oC in the Niño-3.4 region . The subsurface heat content anomalies (averaged between 180o-100oW) also increased during November as a downwelling oceanic Kelvin wave increased subsurface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific However, the overall atmospheric circulation has yet to show a clear coupling to the anomalously warm waters. The monthly equatorial low-level winds were largely near average, Although the SST anomalies alone might imply weak El Niño conditions, the patterns of wind and rainfall anomalies generally do not clearly indicate a coupling of the atmosphere to the ocean. Therefore, despite movement toward El Niño from one month ago, the combined atmospheric and oceanic state remains ENSO-neutral.

Similar to last month, most models predict SST anomalies to be at weak El Niño levels during November-January 2014-15 and to continue above the El Niño threshold into early 2015 . Assuming that El Niño fully emerges, the forecaster consensus favors a weak event. In summary, there is an approximately 65% chance of El Niño conditions during the Northern Hemisphere winter, which are expected to last into the Northern Hemisphere spring 2015

Tides running hard with the outflow-- probably not the best water to go swimming in today-- first good slouching of water and flushing we've had for quite a while, every bit of trash and poop will be washed out with it--

The questions comes in - on how the fishing was along Baja's peninsula these past few days- A check with the Royal Star Long Range trip-- looks like Wahoo Fishing the biggest Game in town- better get the wire out!

Photo today features Royal Star legend Ed “Skip” Dahlkamp
Tim Ekstrom

In Costa Rica with the family.  Fished out of Telemundo and we release seven Sailfish on a 38' Topaz.  Check out the attached picture of my 7 year old grandson, Joe IV on his first Billfish.

Best to all, Old Joe

------------------- Mondays Reports ----------------------

Water still holding strong-- local temps 67 degrees and deep blue clean almost too clean with visibility 20 ft or more-- Seas calm this morning-- light 1-2 ft short swell from the southwest, no wind-- gray skies-

Spoke to a fellow who came in the shop - yesterday he's fished the outer bank, Tanner with his best bites coming from slow trolling the baits, sardines they'd picked up from Dana , Fish were a little deeper this week vs the past few weeks he'd been out there--180- 190ft. a wind ( S/W) against current (N/W) put them into the slow trolling method picking up dozen bluefin and a great catch of Yellowtail as they cast iron to them. The boats S/E of the Cortez were into the yellowfin and tails. Seas were on out there but coming back between the two islands it got rough , very rough- glad to get back in the harbor late last night.

-------------------- The Weekends Reports --------------------

E-Mail this morning- Hey JD-- We caught a few 12" macks at the jetty and trolled them around the east end.  Picked up two yellowtail and a giant bonito in about 45 minutes at Church Rock.  Made it to Avalon in time for a sunset cocktail.  Cheers! Chris

--------------------- Sat's Reports ---------------.

Reports from the outer banks- Cortez and Tanner-- the Yellowfin are still out there--20-35lb fish - partyboat this morning by 9 am had over a 100 fish aboard- remarkable for this time of year

Just had a big school of yellows up-- sea lion got a few , saw a private boat get one, Patriot got one, Clemente got one-- we haven't got any yet-- we had a giant school come under us-- just kept on going- ( fishing front side of Catalina- Hen Rock area) 11:30am


-------------- Fridays Reports -----------

Flat as a pancake- seas calm and fair-- pale blue skies no wind- hot

Whale Watchers looking for signs of that pod of Killer Whales seen off Dana earlier this week-- only porpoise seen so far--

Water temps 68 degrees and it's almost December- where's the marlin !

How you doing?- it's flat calm water 68 grease we're deep dropping off the East End of the island, dosen't look bad here at all- looks promising- where are you-- outside Dana-- you looking for the purple ( wahoos) ones--oh, we've got a couple out--

What 'd you do today---you outside the Box --- we we're dragging some lures on the outside - it was 68 inside the 267m should be something there, heard of a report of yellowfin off the inland yesterday we're in 220 ft of water fishing yellows drift fishing saw one of the party boats all bent over-- about 2:00pm right after the tide turned then they went away.

Couple of boys came in the shop mid late in the afternoon- purchased a bag of Gulp Jerk shad (nuclear chicken colored) -- first cast right outside my door --- nice 14 3/4 inch Spotted Bay Bass-- they work!


So the questions asked-- when was the last marlin caught- -- couple of weeks ago-- are there still out there, should be-- there hasn't been any major storms from the N/W driving them out of here-- waters remained warm and baits still around, especially up against the islands- Clemente's lee and the 289- Ridge or out towards the Cortez- they've seemed to head late in the season-- should be some still around- the Fat Lady hasn't sung yet-

An overview of the water temps from last year this time ( L) and of this years same time frame (R) -- 60- 75 degrees

---------------------- Wed's reports ---------------

A- water 64+ 65+ looking good a bit green but clear flat calm, not much current uphill or down- You have to make you own bait now-- and sea lions are still a problem- - lots of organic plankton doing well in the sunlit waters.D


Private sportfishers headed out to the outer banks today and fishing tomorrow and back for the holiday weekend-- others laying off till after Turkey Day and heading south to Mexico-- Baja's got some weather now but due to back off after Thurs. Tanner and Cortez 14 sec 6 ft swell 8-15 knts NW wind today and tomorrow- very fishable, Remembering last years developing Swordfish catch was best the first weeks of December off the back side of Clemente Island they made their whole season up in a couple of weeks !

Our water temps from 63 to 72 degrees-- a check with the water temps off Newport this morning starting at 65 dropped to 64 early mid day- 10 ft vis

And a look at the Baja Water temps from 65 to 82 degrees


Good youtube on Striped Marlin tagging efforts--JD

- -the Weekends Reports- such as the are- ------

Coastal fishing down to the bass and halibuts-- windy offshore, especially off Huntington/ long beach drainage and the offshore flow off Salt Creek and Donenny

Couple boats out after thresher sharks-- don't think they got any--

Whale watching boats speaking of a diminishing bait availability for their whales

--------Sat's reports ----

Seals being out of control- from the surface to the bottom chasing hooked fish and scarring the rest away-- boats fishing the outer shelf from San Pedro down to the oil rigs- 150 spot, double rigs- bottom fishing for reds etc

From the lack of radio talk I'd guess not a whole lot of boats out-- whales watchers and coastal fishermen after bass or halibuts was about it-

Mag Bay Fish Report-Full Circle-- Hi JD,

We left on our vessel Full Circle on November 2nd. Fished our way down to Magdalena bay. We caught and released five stripped marlin and boated some Dorado, small yellowfin & yellowtail. My group departed Full Circle on Nov.10th and flew back to LA from Loreto. The next group with Robert as captain caught a large Blue Marlin which they gave to residents from small fishing village in San Carlos. This will feed a lot of people! Also boated 19 Wahoo & 27 Dorado right outside of Entrada Mag Bay.
Full Circle crew caught and released a second hefty Blue Marlin. They are now making the trip back to Newport with freezers full of fish! Best, Kasey Sherrill

------------ Fridays Report ------------

We're back in the saddle again--Yahoo----- - Whole new system- computer, printer etc-- new programs -now I've just got to sell another 1,000 bags of anchovies to pay for it all- it's like getting married again-- who, what, where--and how--- It'll take a few weeks to get things sorted out-- forgive me -

- what'd I miss--??--- - not a whole lot --- we're still with the last marlin of the season locally by the Pacific Pioneer, a bunch of halibuts taken and what encourages me the most is the amount of samll fry bait fish in the waters-- At least two spawning and probably three spawns events have occurred this Spring, Summer and now early Fall seasons as multitude of 3/4 inch then 2 inch and 4 inch fry are observed in the bays and harbors and along the coastlines - And that goes for all the other fishes- bass spawning again - halibuts, and almost all fish have have a second or third crop this year-- that bodes well for two and three years from now-- JD

Wahoos and Dorados filling the sacks for those traveling into Mexico- The Cape and East Cape also good wahoos--

d JD's Offers a $100 Gift Certificate reward to the angler with the Last Marlin of the Season Released here in US waters -- who knows that might be Dec 31st! and Berkley add to the growing numbers who want to add to the prizes- from Berkley. a FREE 2,500 yard spool of the New Berkley Pro Spec Braid (your choice of lb test).  Retail value $350.00.  Hoose



----------Old Info --- Reports , Photos for this season---------------------

Rainbows over Newport The morning starts out with a few bouts of wind and rain under the clouds as they swept by- seas fair- expecting more of a westerly this afternoon to build- tailing weather--













Pacific Pioneer - Released one!! Congrats!! 4 off seal rock Catalina east end of the island-- 69.2 lots of life, birds, porpoise, bait no one here --we're the only boat out here-- Sheet glass conditions-- tough fish almost a hour long battle the fish had only half a bill on it-- ( we call them william for short) - absolute sheet glass out here today--haven't had a ripple in two days,, zero, zero, zero yeaterday Jig fish today mackerel clone! -



Those fish were at box canyon off the domes in 215 feet of water, 72.5 gorgeous blue water John M.







------------------------- ------------

Monday morning wahoo











Heads Tails

We tried fishing for the yellowtail but got tired of all the seals taking them-- must have been 40 boats fishing there-- so went trolling off the domes -- water 69 degrees-- we had two other bites but they didn't stick -- this one did marauder black and purple-- nice 45lbs-







All we've been seeing is straight wahoo-- swimming on the surface-

we're down here at the numbers from yesterday's wahoo- must be 40 boats here-- some are fishing yellowtail others wahoo and others marlin-- party boat coming down here to fish the yellows got a wahoo on the maurader-!-

Caught 1st one around  1:30PM second 3 mins after marauder went back in on Dawghaus







Photo's of Geoff H's released marlin yesterday trying to throw that Mackeral Clone!







Radio report-- from one boat on the A bank to the East end--- for what its worth-- we got spooled on 50 lb outfits with Blue Marlin lures! right on the 152 ( East end of Catalina) - birds, bait seals-- two big holes on the strikes--- never saw em', never as a windshield wipe, just big holes and the reels dumped out line-- before I could get the boat turned to get the belly out of the line they both came off! That was about a hour and a half ago-- 1:12pm













JD just wanted to share the dorado Dustin Cookman
Caught. T
he fish was a 30 lb bait fish on 20lb dacron we were seven off the beach between the 14 and Dana Point




Wahooooo------ Bill Seiler aboard Nuevo with Dave and Derek New------ Congrats-- JD . Billy had been after the Whos for the better part a week now- got one!



















Here’s a pic of one of those dorado hanging around the 14 mile bank.  Big fat female dodo.  Pic doesn’t do it justice.  Ended up with 3 after farming a couple.  Never saw any bulls swimming around.  I can only imagine how big they are….
















JD- yesterday off Newport we spotted what we thought was a pack of tailing marlin. My dad cast a mackeral on them but was immediately bit off? Very strange we thought. They popped back up again and we approached them a second time; that's when they swam right off our bow and we realized it was a group of 3 wahoo. I jumped in and shot one with the speargun! Wahoo tailers on a glassy day in mid October, definitely amazing.

( I'd heard the wahoo tailing like geese in a "V" shape pattern right on the surface-JD) -

Hey JD, Here's a picture of the Marlin we caught yesterday on the Kea Kai. We were happy to  get our second satelitte tag deployed! It was a sleeper that ate a perfectly casted mackerel by Jock A. The fish put on a great show for us. Sam Long did a great job wiring the fish. Dave Elm placed the tag and I captained the boat and got a few good pictures. Ryan Griffin










Updated IGFA website with the BAC's Masters Great Marlin Race with the information and the news page along with the photos.



Let's hope these marlin stay around for the rest of the Fall season-- even if they don't-- the groundwork has been laid we'll be able to follow their paths of migration in a few months thanks to the efforts of these boats and their sponsors. Next year and the following years we hope to establish a better understanding of these exciting gamefish of the sea--

Hi JD, Here's the latest update on the MABT Great Marlin Race:-


Fish #1 -Team Charisma, Tuna Club of Avalon - Tag deployed on September 12th
Fish #2 - Team Hooked, Dana Angling Club - Tag deployed on September 12th.
Fish #3 - Team Kea Kai, Los Pescadores Fishing Club, In Memory of Joe "Grrr" Houck - Deployed on Sept 18th.
Fish #4 -Team Joint Venture, Tuna Club of Avalon - Tag deployed on September 27th.
Fish #5 - Team Andrea, Balboa Angling Club - Tag not yet deployed
Fish #6 - Team Kea Kai, Tuna Club of Avalon - Tag not yet deployed
Fish #7 - Team  Royal Slam, Balboa Angling Club - Tag not yet deployed




  Unbelievable fishery


-------------------- Reports ------------------




The only other Big Blue Marlin I know of being weighed was 1931 Alfonse Hamann;s 692 lb fish, 13 ft 5" 65" girth 1hr, 52mn battle for a Marlin, called a Swordfish, or Striped Marlin it was A Blue

So Steve calls in-- they got the Blue-- stuck around looking for the Swordfish-- find one-- bait it-- but it doesn't take the bait--- close--- heads towards Avalon to weigh the Blue-- dragging a couple of marlin lures and hooks a striper and release it- off the east end of the island 15/10 -- can't get much better that that! - - catch a Blue, bait a Sword and release a Striper all in one day off So Calif-- Remarkable!-- 3:44pm






And the Don Juan-- just leaving Newport this morning--- water turns brilliant clear blue several miles out-- why not put em' in--- Bang -----Wahoo- est 50lbs-- slams the rigger Flying fish lure - boated! -- that's the way to start the day! 51.3 lbs!!! Congrats caught it on Dacron line too






E-Mail Report this morning-- Hey JD-- Fished with my good buddy Ken Schilling, and Russ out of SD on his boat Sunday.(302)  We had 5 marlin releases that  came  from 3 triples, we got 4 of the fish this way.  We spotted Elvis, had to change gears from 20lb drop back to something bigger.  Boat was stopped and the gear coming in, strippers were all over us trying to eat the jigs dangling  in the water from the rod holders. It was like being in the middle of a fish bowl. Wild, at the last second the skipper took a look at the size of Elvis and threw behind the boat instead and we were hooked up to another mean stripper again, that was fish #5.  Best day ever fishing.  I had 3 fish for the day as my fish never fell off.  All the fish came to leader at least 3 times before the release, very tough fish, One we estimated to be 200 lbs plus.  2 bait fish, 3 jig fish, and a successful double release with fish off both ends of the boat.  All the fish put on great aerial shows, and would not give up.  No 10 minute here! here Chuck (Cowboy).


































Hey, JD we got a double jig strike late yesterday outside the lower 9, thought it was Marlin... Surprise!! Landed both on Marlin jigs that fortunately had wire double hook rigs. Aditionally we have totaled 5 marlin mostly off the 302 over the past week. Scott H. Crusader








E-Mail from the San Diego Marlin Club Greetings JD
We had some good fishing for our ILTT 10 Boats - 5 fish caught ,4 releases (3 Tagged).
Our boat was the winning team with two fish on 20#. I ended up being Top
Angler with a fish on 20# in 44 minutes. I believe the tournament  had a
total of 12 or 13 hookups, mainly grid 67 One of the caught and released fish was positively identified as a Blue Marlin,which was caught by the Lively One.The Lively One also caught and released a Short bill Spearfish.
During our awards dinner on Sunday Bob Woodard JR. brought a 39.8 Wahoo into the scales-this was caught on the inside of the 9 mile bank.That same day we also weighed in a Blue Marlin (126 lb),that was caught at the Hidden Bank-they also reported two more hookups that appeared to be Blue Marlin.. Wayne S

And more Blue marlin reports and those Damn Peaky Sharks are still showing up! Damn Sharks

I was fishing with a buddy yesterday on his 44' Pacifica "Victory" about 8 miles NE of Pyramid when a 500+ pound blue bit a black and purple Zuker 3.5 trolled on the short starboard corner.  It bit and came greyhounding up the starboard side of the boat and kept going leaving a trail of white wash for a few hundred yards.  The owner of the boat did a great job chasing after it bow first and we got up and down on it in about 20 mins.  10 more mins making progress trying to put the hammer to it b/c I knew we didn't have a chance in a long fight with 100 lb 6 foot mono leader and 50lb main line. Now or never. For the last 15 mins it was holding about 20 feet down below the transom swimming away from us slowly as we were backing down.  It took one nice tail kick and busted off after 45 mins total fight time.  I snapped this pic on the third and final jump after the line broke; it seemed like F&%$ You jumps Another interesting note: I almost threw bait on a well-manufactured fake Marlin sleeper made of a T-bar PVC pipe with a vinyl cutout of a marlin tail even painted with a metallic navy blue.  Very impressed with the thoughtful construction.  I gaffed it and took it home.  Damn Pesky Sharks! Brian Rapf


Hit a black and purple Cousins lure-- Andreya-- Wired---12:09 pm-coming back from the island-Shipping lanes-- - Swordfish hits the Jig--- Coming back into Newport in an hour-- photos coming-- Congrats-- JD's ---- they found Elvis-- rigger goes off thought it was a marlin--- get it to the boat---- we're all still shaking in disbelief! pretty amazing, Nate Shill the angler-

I've only heard or seen a few swordfish taken on lures mostly black and green or black and purple- this on hit the 1220 flat faced pusher head Cousins Black and purple - 30lb tackle-- basically it made the strike tried to shake look e the hooks then sounded

They were carrying the Great Marlin Race tagging system think it was a small marlin they could tag it-- but as they discovered it turns out to be a broadbill swordfish-- -

Not a big fish but a

Not sure if Rodney got a hold of you but we hooked up to a monster blue marlin yesterday. 4 miles above the 289 after a little bit of Tuna fishing with Cory Wells, Jim Wells, Danny Uribe on Provider, Rodney made the call to put in the marlin jigs. Trolled for about 15 minutes when the left rigger went off. A big blue marlin shot out of the water and started running right at the boat. Rodney made a quick maneuver to miss the on coming missile. As the fish ran past the boat the line broke followed immediately by the sound of the right rigger clip popping and clicker screaming.


------------- ---

































Jock on the Kea Kai just called in releasing another fish - ----- with a Great Marlin Race satellite tag-- 95lb fish healthy and actively on his way-- Congrats to the fleet-- JD










8 Clubs, 49 boats, 193 anglers

24 hook up- 15 fish released, 1st Day 9 releases/ 2nd Day 6 released fish

High Club Award went to Pescadors Team #1, 2 nd High Club Award to the Dana Angling Club Team #1 and 3rd High Club to Tuna Club Team #1- Congrats- JD

High Boat Bounder, 2nd Kea Kai, 3rd Poco Loco

High Angler Jock Albright 2nd Bill Buchannan, 3rd Rod Halperin, 4th Vick Sommers, 5th Calen Offield, 6th Drew Lawler, 7th Bob Denault, 8th Brian Fox, 9th Alyson Gillet, 10th Linda Crean, Circle Hook award Vick Sommers

The Great Marlin Race--on the first two fish of the tournament the Satilight Tags were deployed in their releases-Congrats to the Charisma representing the Tuna Club of Avlaon and the Hooked representing the Dana Angling Club for there efforts we are all indebted, thank you.

In 180 days from now the tag will pop to the surface and transmit where these two fish have traveled. A bit of data processing to see which fish traveled the furthest wins the race. And the main reason for the use of the tags is scientific. by then to have recorded all the water conditions and lay track of it's migrations journey though these conditions. And more great news , the other Sat tags not used in the tournament will be used in the next 60 days which keeps them study pool to get a better sampling- best of luck to the other tagging efforts- JD






























Team Joker in the 267 area.
Angler Eric Kin
Skipper George Garrett
Gaffer Ted Royal








Species - Wahoo

They plan to head in today and weigh is at the BAC.

Let's throw more gasoline on the fire--- if it's hot now-- stand by not only will you have to start trolling marauder Wahoo Lures-- better break out the Bent Butts-- Positive ID on a 600- 700 lb maybe bigger Blue Marlin off the 312 Fathom spot-- ( outside Oceanside) !! Stand By !!!!!

So Eric hadn't put any of the yellowfin tuna they had hooked on the deck, lost three---- running between spots of fish up they trolled an X-Rap 20 ---goes off--- his friend says- you take it-- it's yours -thinking maybe it's a dorado-- --- he's on--- George G. at the wheel- see's the line take a heavy plunge-- it's a healthy fish-- take your time--- no idea for sure what it is--- Eric's an experienced angler and gets the fish to the boat--- #@%&*%$#@!@1#3 a few words are discussed-- don't loose it at the gaff! ---- it goes in and over the rail-- -- Unbelievable-- Wahoo 28 miles out of Newport, below and inside the 276/ 279 fathom spot (outside Dana Pt.) water was blue and nice-- Calstar Rod GFTR 756XL, Shimano Talica 20 2 speed -60 lb mono and a Rapala XRap -20 Sardine-- ! Congrats JD- I don't recall anyone ever catching a Wahoo here before! 50.1 lbs---Eric Kim of Fullerton, Ca 8/30/14


































------------------------------ --










------------------- -













------------------ -------------















In an request from biologist Owen S. of Southwest Fisheries Science Center The problem is, it is hard to get samples of marlin caught off California. I could use tissue and anal fin samples from any marlin that are kept. If you hear of any marlin killed and kept please let me know. For future samples we'll need the entire fin including the base that attaches the the body owyn.snodgrass@noaa.gov

Southwest Fisheries Science Center
  8901 La Jolla Shores Drive
  La Jolla, CA 92037-1508

Hey JD, we released a marlin Saturday about 8 am midway between the 14 and Avalon bank on the Janice O.    The fish came in and hit a rapala before switching over to a black/purple tuna feather behind a daisy chain.  Congrats to Berkele
























1st Marlin Released --- Congrats to Todd P /Billy and crew for caching and releasing the First Marlin of the Season-- it's going to be a great season- stand by--


















































The fish is being smoked and the skeleton and head were picked up by a researcher from NOAH at Scripps to be studied-------

------------------ Friday's reports ----------------

-------- First marlin of the season caught-- above the border-- weight 185 lbs-- big fish!! ate a cast bait-- 181 area-- caught July 3 on the 181 by Oceanside's Jimmy Linville weighed 185 lbs caught on bait---photos coming-- Congrats---JD







Hi JD,
I went fishing for my birthday , came up with this 40lb WSB off of Santa Rosa Island. Drizzly morning , but finally calmer weather !

Happy 4th of July!


JD. Did you get the pic of David's halibut.  4# line on the troll. 28.7#. Yesterday.  In the harbor.      Regards.  Hal



And less us not forget the young ones who enjoy the sport of fishing-- released alive and well est. 5 lb Spotfin caught by Rick H's son with -- naturally a gob of mussels-- nice catch!]



1st Tuna BAC and Tuna Club 2014 --- Hey JD--- My 9 year old Trey caught his 1st Tuna yesterday 16.2 on 20lb test line to capture first fish flag honors, then promptly are the fishes beating heart! Sea Myth II , Trent S.

Trey Smith (9 years old) on 20# Dacron – 16.26 lbs. caught on June 30th at 1:27 p.m. 



And making the run south to below San Onofre, Dave E. and son Dustin put's on a pair on too- The WSB went 53lbs The YT was 36.7
















------------------------ -----------------


Fishing the old stuff- known as regulations tackle, AKA Linen fishing lines-- 6 thread linen lines, both the Balboa Angling Clubs and that of the Tuna Club of Avalon records were challanged this weekend as anglers who were trying to break the past years catches- Paul H. had it-- them Pete B took it - it's test is under 16 lbs ( dry) made from twisted lengths of linen flax. JD's tackle is the only tackle shop in the world which sells this fishing line!- Put a challenge in the game- JD


The newest and greatest Hi-5 Lures direct from Cabo San Lucas, produced by master lure crafter Ken Matney - he's secret weapon the silver bullet, the best Dorado he's ever made-- some even have cut Mylar flying fish wings on them.



2014 Fish Catches





And Hoose shows off hisYellowtail taken on 12lb test dacron--- nice catch!!!

Penn Fathom 12, Cousins rod, 12 lb Dacron. Epic battle on light tackle. Hoose Pending World Record-- Official weight 45.6 lbs

Hey-- JD
Still  here in Port San Luis about 27lb


Got one today------- but that's as high as she could lift it up.!! 











Congrats to Aaron Jeffrey of SA with his 152.3 lb Opah!---

- --

ine ?




Making the crossing back from Catalina--- yellowtail fishing and got em'--- but the bigger news -ELVIS - of seeing a big Swordfish right on todays slack tide in the Shipping Lanes-- having not the bait nor the tackle they just watched-- Stand By!










-------------------------- ----------------

Could 'a. would 'a should' a-- that's what we said after weighting in the 65.0 White Sea Bass taken this morning by Mike O. fishing under the 30lb tackle category it would have topped the BAC's fish board for the year- beating out Vicks 59 fish from yesterday and just shy of a club record on 30 be a couple of pounds--- ---Could 'a. would 'a should' a- paid up my BAC dues for this year--- sorry-- doesn't count--- - a lessen to be learned-- all the time money and efforts, really not, for nott cause he's really out just for the fishing-- but it would'a, should'a 's and could have been a BAC winning fi


Stayed good for all day-- seemed like it was going to switch and come around from the west but it didnt, stayed southwest all day- --just right -- didn't made the run for nothing--- came up with a nice 59.6 lb WSB caught it on 12 IGFA line-- not quite a BAC Club Record but close-


The warming El Nino waters bringing us a varity of fish species - from Chris-

JD--  We saw lots off these under the paddies offshore.

What's this - called Jack Mackerel, Trachurus Symmertricus, AKA  Spanish Jacks,  horse mackerel,  - warm water species, a member of the Jack family not a true mackerel-


And from a fish washed up on the beach out front of Newport--- What's this?-- you tell me???? Pacific Hatchetfish, Argyropelecus affinis: The Pacific Hatchetfish has a disc shaped body that tapers toward the end. The body is silvery in color with a black band at the top and a prominent row of photophores along the base. They have transparent anal, caudal and dorsal fins and a very long and narrow tail base. The anal and dorsal fins are without spines and contain 8 to 9 and 12 to 14 soft rays respectively.

They can be easily confused with the Tropical Hatchetfish, Argyropelecus lychnus (oval body, shorter tail base).

The Pacific Hatchetfish is an oceanic and mesopelagic species found in all tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans including all Mexican oceanic waters. They reside primarily between 900 and 2,000 feet in the water column and reach a maximum length of 8.4 cm (3.3 inches).

The Pacific Hatchetfish is a member of the Sternoptychidae or Silver Hatchetfish Family. They are a marine, deep-water species found in the bathypelagic zone, i.e. between 600 and 1,800 feet, where it is dark, cold and without plant life with high water pressures.

At night they undergo mass migrations from depths of up to 12,000 feet to as shallow as 150 feet in search of prey returning to the depths at daybreak. They consume small crustaceans, such as amphipods, copepods, krill, seed shrimp, and fishes smaller than themselves. They are believed to be short lived with many fishes living less than a year. They spawn in open water and do not guard or otherwise care for their offspring.

They utilize counterillumination (with light being generated from a series of photophores) that produces light that camouflages their silhouettes from observers lurking below. Fossil records indicate that these fish have existed from the mid-late Eocene period, about 40 million years ago.


Hooked started the weekend off right. Last squid in Tank Mike W. caught this 28.85lb WSB





Not the scores I was hoping for today-- but those that got our enjoyed the day on the water-- light westerly sprang up mid- late afternoon but not enough to matter-- a few Black Sea Bass mauled the baits that were set for the White Sea Bass and of course there were the sharkers out--






The 2013 HIBT- IGMR is a wrap, and what a race it was! With three tags completing the full deployment period of 180 days and a new distance record for Kona, this was definitely one of the most successful HIBT Great Marlin Race events ever.  

Congratulations to Marty and Mitchell Firestein of the Balboa Angling Club for sponsoring the tag that was placed on this event’s winning marlin. At 2,883 nm, this is the longest distance recorded in an HIBT race and the second longest distance in IGMR history. Following in second place was a Pacific blue marlin sponsored by Bob and Sally Kurz and Rocky Franich that traveled 2,101 nm where the tag reported near Tahiti. Click here to read the full details of this year’s race results.

Our thanks go out to IGFA Representatives Bob and Sally Kurz and IGFA Trustee Emeritus Peter Fithian for coordinating yet another great race at the HIBT.
Additionally, we would also like to thank everyone who sponsored and participated in this year’s IGMR. It is through your support that the data generated from this project continues to grow and has already revealed some amazing marlin migratory patterns. All data collected through the IGMR is available to anglers, scientists, and managers worldwide and will help provide valuable insight into their use of the ocean habitat.

Once our partners at Stanford University interpret the data, the remaining tracks for the Kona, USA 2013 IGMR will be available. In the meantime, we invite you to see your marlin’s tag deployment and pop-up locations. Best,
PS: The 55th HIBT will be held July 26 - August 2, 2014. We invite you to reserve your tag for the 2014 HIBT IGMR by contacting Bob Kurz, HIBT IGMR Event Coordinator.



Just in--Trek Travel Rods by Fox -Sailfish Trek Spin 8 ft KRD-008 The 8 ft length lets you make long cast and soft tip prevents hook pull out's Also very good for beach fishing Fox SIC's guides, Mono & Braid 12 -40 lb, 4 sections, 27" length

KRD-002 Tarpon Trek Spin rods

Permit Trek Spin KRD-006 7 ft 10 to 25 lb mono or braid. Low diameter lightweight blank with very fast tip . 4 sections, 25" length ,Mono or Braid 10 to 25lb

KRDE 013 Stand-Up 30- 50 and KRDE 014 Stand-Up 50- 80 Trolling RodsKRD019 Trek V- Jig 6 ft 6 & Trek V- Jig XT 6 ft 6 Rods KRD-009 Trek Boat rods 7 ft 20- 30lb & KRD- 010 Trek Boat rods 7 ft 30- 50lb-



-----------Fish Photos from 2014------





He caught it on 40lb tackle which puts him in the 50# class   New Club Record – 66.2 lbs










































----------------- --------

Where did they come from and where do they go-- There are 10 years and older recorded spaghetti style tag studies showing some head south-- some into Mexico, some to the west and some even further to New Zealand- Newer and better studies need to be made--- maybe next years the BAC's Masters will incorporate Great Marlin Race which is used in conjunction of major fishing tournaments around the world to help better understand these migrations for a better fish science management-- Talk to your clubs about sponsoring a tag for next years Masters--- JD

The winner of the 2012-2013 IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) is Peter Teakle of Lizard Island, Australia! The satellite tag he sponsored during the 26th Annual Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic was deployed in a 360 kg (794 lb) black marlin and traveled 2,577 nautical miles in 69 days, creating the second longest billfish track of the research program jointly run by the International Game Fish Association and Stanford University.

“That we’ve now seen the second longest distance of the IGMR project is amazing,” said IGMR co-chair and Stanford University marine biologist, Dr. Randy Kochevar. “But the real win here is that in the past two years we have recorded a total of 31,000 nautical miles worth of data on open-ocean habitat usage available for scientists anywhere. Having access to this kind of data is what researchers need in order to better understand how these incredible animals are using the open ocean.”The winning billfish track, as well as all the other satellite tag tracks generated by billfish tagged during the IGMR, are available on interactive maps on the IGMR website. We invite you to follow the fish and learn more about our billfish research program







A pending club record for the Tuna Club of Avalon-- 51 lb White Sea Bass caught with 6 thread linen line, it's test is under 16 lbs ( dry) made from twisted lengths of linen flax. JD's tackle is the only tackle shop in the world which sells this fishing line!- Put a challenge in the game- JD

----------------------------------- -------Fish Photos 2013-----













































































































It’s piscatorial soup of mixed sealife that beckons our shores let's see what happens through the course of this year.

June's Report - Bill, the Striped Marlin,Tetrapturus audax  has been following the west winds flow of Central Pacific Gyre’s energy as it translates towards our West Coast, higher in latitude than he feels he’s got a right to be but mother nature takes her course there and so will he, besides he’s got those exploring genes in him and wants to wander around – soon he and his adventurous buddies will be riding those California currents south.   Quick as a wink and just as fast, he’s finding he needs to be. At almost 5 feet long now he’s appetite is becoming fond of the abundant Anchovies he’s finding now. Although small they taste good, he just has to eat a bunch of them. The unusually warm water has spurred the hatching of  20 000 to 30 000 eggs per Northern Anchovy or Engraulis mordax from the Greek word Engraulis (European anchovy) and the Latin mordax (biting) they feed on plankton, primarily euphausids, copepods, and decapod larvae.  This year 39,000 metric tons of Northern anchovies will reach about 25 cm in length and a life span of about 7 years. Diel migrations occurs, remaining at depths during the day and approaching the surface in low-density schools at night. The eggs float, first with the major axis perpendicular and later with the major axis horizontal. Eggs hatch in two to four days, depending on the water temperature. Bill and company will have a steady diet of mineral and protein Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and selenium rich baitfish this summer.  Bill’s southern cousins will soon be chased from the compounds of the Baja Peninsula and make their way around to the Pacific side where it’s a little cooler in semi -tropical conditions.  By August they will visit the sunny shores of California. Those Hurricanes are quite distracting to ones appearance.


Bluefin “Tom” Thunnus orientalis  We made it-- Bluefin “Tom” Thunnus orientalis - we’ll at least a few of us made it. In two and a half month’s crossing some felt that urge to bend it to the north following that cooler flow of water but we stood our ground, followed that Magnetite in the neural pits of our snouts, being warm blooded we just swam a little deeper that’s all. Made it here to the West Coast off Northern Baja to find the surface water a little too warm for our liking, the only place of relief was right up close to the beach where it upwelled cool water from a thousand feed deep and that’s where those anchovies are. We’ll stay around for a while till things heat up. June Gloom’s overcast mornings are shorter with longer bright daylight hours now, Tom’s staying deep unless it’s overcast then come up or towards sunset when those choves came up following that Diel migration. Still only a adolescent at only 20 lbs and 2 years he’s relying on the older mature 4 and 5 year olds of his kind, like freshmen and varsity players in high school they know the ropes. There’s a lot to learn and not many teachers around, some of them have already followed the call of the North and on their way already.   Pesky gangs of their southern brown bronzed yellow skinned cousins are here too, greedy little brats they steal every scrap of food around. Tom and his black sheep cousin Stink Eye have bigger eyes which help in the chase of their favorite foods, California flying fish, Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus californicus the largest member of the flying fish family. Laying egg sacks in the kelp beds of Cedros Islands where they, themselves were nurtured and now follow the course of the yellowtail and have come north in waves, the Leaping Bluefin will follow--

Mike our Yellowfin Tuna,  Thunnus albacares  For two hundred miles out to sea juvenile yellowfin are beings wept along with the California Counter Current as it moves up along the Baja peninsula  Fueled also by the El Nino event Michael and friends have reached 18 lbs and are growing quick, gulping down those Red Crabs their finding along the way. Hummm—like little lobsters –tasty, his own flavor will take on the trait.. Joined in their travels are the dinosaur reptilians of the sea, Chelonia mydas the Green sea turtles and the Caretta caretta, Loggerhead turtles who’ve like Mike’s blue finned cousins have come across from Japan making the overseas 5600 mile crossing just to join in the party.
His bigger brother, Big Eye’d Charlie is along for the ride too. Stink-eye Charlie we’ll call em’, his lifespan is up at 12 years and he’s had sex at age four, lucky guy.  He’s a little different –he’s hemoglobin is able to extracts oxygen efficiently in oxygen-poor condition. And heart has the ability to function effectively in cold subsurface water while following the vertical migrations of organisms into the deep scattering layers. Spending prolonged daytime periods as deep as a 1,000 feet deep preying on sources that the yellowfin does not have access to.  Charlie preys mostly on cephalopods in deeper waters but must periodically return towards surface waters to warm up and watch that afternoon’s sunset
Mike and all his friends will be at our doorstep soon.


Happy Birthday Jack Yellowtail  Seriola lalandi   Coming to America-- one year old this month, he’s weathered the storms of early life, gotten away from nasty sealion bites, diving long billed birds of prey and big lipped seabasses--- so far.  Pushing 20 inches now and 3.8 lbs with a birthday surprise to his diet’s- Pelagic free-drifting red crabs they taste just like chicken lobsters of the sea  He’s not the only one’s, those overweight Calico Bass in the kelphood also relish them too, stuffing their faces with them like candy bars “ Crunchy on the outside but good inside”. They need to go in a diet.  Jacks older brothers and sisters, older by a year at 8- 12 lbs along with his parents sent word via Jonathan of the assault on their ranks, another 2569 of them taken this month, that 4,747 in 60 days, not counting the privates loss. Like following gospels they go up into that world “up there” and never come back- a fishy heaven sort to speak. Jack will leave his home now and follow the flow of warm water to the north seeking shelter wherever it’s found. His parents and siblings have crossed above the border undetected and finding better lodging and table fare while visiting old uncles and aunts in their retirement homes of Clemente and Catalina Island.

Thunnus alalunga, Art, our four year old North Pacific Albacore is 12 ½ lbs , 25 ½ inches and has come to a border of his own, being chased from the west with the unpleasantries of oppressive summertime heat and to the southeast a finger of that high salinity low oxygen waters that’s moving in– ahh but to the north there’s a path of the beautiful California Current, rich in anchovy larvae, pinheads and sauries. Let’s hope Art finds his way towards our offshore banks before heading north, maybe that tongue of the C C will finds its way below Clemente and 60 Mile Bank, We’d like to meet him again.

The Dolores’s, Dorado Coryphaena hippurus and her girlfriends are still on hold, We’ll see them in the middle of the summer

Strong currents run deep – better sharpen you hooks!  JD

 Jan's report - The first Striped Marlin, Tetrapturus audax  we see in the season may have been born in the Kuroshio Current a year ago as it flows the ocean’s gyre off the North Pacific. he’s 35 lbs now and festive, having survived the snatching beaks of nasty birds and other deep sea gobblers from below. Later on in the season if currents allow are other year old brothers and sisters of his breed are off  the Southern tip of Baja by a thousand miles. Moms were 2 years old and 60 inches when she spawned 20 million eggs with hopes that Dad could fertilized them to develop into planktonic, lecithotropic larvae. Conditions this past year in the northern hemisphere favored a better recruitment of hatching larvae to drift and grow. So right now somewhere swimming in the waters above the Hawaiian Islands or south off Baja hundreds perhaps thousands of miles a 3 or 5 foot long striped marlin lives—let's call him “William” or Bill for short.  Bill will live in the upper surface layer on all sages of his life. Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus orientalis, Born of 5 ft long parents and 130 lbs late in the summer four years ago off the southern coast of Japan, now as one or two years old weighing in at  5 to 10 lbs they begins a two month, 6,000-mile cross-oceanic migration to the Eastern Pacific off Baja California in the Spring. After two to four years foraging off the Mexican and California/ Oregon coastlines they'll be returning home to those same Western Pacific waters where born and remain for another 15- 25 years 10 ft and a thousand pounds, slow growing in later life. While here along our coast the younger fish travel further to the north onto Central Calif. in late springtime and return towards the south as Fall and Winter approaches, the older fish mostly stay south off Baja.  Magnetite, a mineral found in neural pits in their nose detects the earth’s magnetic field for their navigation. Warm-blooded they can heat their bodies 11° F warmer than surrounding water, that’s why the fight so well. Must consume 5% of their body weight daily and must continually swim with their mouths open to force water over their gills. We’ll call him “Tom” the Bluefin tuna. –Hi Tom. His buddy the Yellowfin Tuna,  Thunnus albacares , “Mike” we'll call em’, he’s a resident here on the West Coast part of the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem and doesn't migrate across the Pacific like the Bluefin. Mike’s a fast grower as a youngster, feeds on plankton and then small fish, krill, squid and. crustaceans. At one year he’ll be 24 inches long and might grow to about 300 lbs . Mike reaches maturity at about 2 years and around 40 inches but he doesn't live that long with average age being just 5-6 years old, he'll be a old man at 8 if he makes it that long.  March 24” grows about 2” a month, by Dec 40 inches, March 24”, Apr 26, May 28,June30, July32, Aug34, Sept36, Oct38, Nov 40 Dec And the North Pacific Albacore, Thunnus alalunga, “Art” ( Starting this lastJan 2014 he’s only 18 inches and 5 lbs ) and his family we hope to see more of, they travel around a lot. Mon and Dad matured at around 35 inches, 28 lbs at 5 or 6 years old and hope to see 13 years.  Albacore are an iteroparous species that breeds seasonally only once a year. Moms lay eggs that are fertilized externally (oviparous) by scatter their eggs throughout the ocean months from November to February which float to within a foot or so of the surface, wave actions mixes them with Dads offerings. That's what a lot of birds are picking at.  A 40 lb female can produces 2 to 3 million eggs then migrates towards two regions of the Northeast Pacific. One towards the northern part of Baja the other is off the coast of Washington and Oregon. In the warmer waters off Baja they make dives to depths exceeding 656 feet during the day and stay near the surface at night, while off the coast of Washington and Oregon they stay near the surface the entire day. Albacore move across the Pacific during the fall and appear in Japan in their late winter/spring fisheries then migrate back to North America. Art never really rest; he’s always on the move because of their demand for oxygen and he eats one-quarter its own weight in food a day. Yellowtail,  Seriola lalandi  We’ve got to call him Jack—Jack comes from the Cedros Islands area.  Last July his Mom and Dad were 4 year olds and 10 pounders Mom laid 450,000 eggs that year – she hopes to live to a ripe old age of 30 years and give off 4 million. Jacks been growing quickly he’s a pound now, darting in and out of kelps beds chasing food and/or not being food himself.  By this summer he’ll be a year old and 4 lbs, by 5 years he'll be 16 lbs.  

Good luck this seson- JD


some day chickens- some days feathers


--------------------- no longer fishing the reefs  and kelp beds off Laguna-- the Forbidden Zone-- -


Those pleasant trips below the harbor - enjoying the scenery and good fishing with your children, wife or friends are no longer permitted due to some idiotic woman and the Laguna Beach city council--  shame on them- Hope they all get voted off their positions,


Mexico's--- Subject: Temp import permit

 And for those entering into Mexico for a intended trip a E- Mail forwarded to me for the Temporary Import Permit---  From: Victor Barreda Jr.. [mailto:agebarr@prodigy.net.mx] -( he's a good contact in Cabo/ San Jose- JD )

https://www.banjercito.com.mx/iitv/sitio/html/cte_h_iitvembarcacion_ing_2.php?pago=S It takes about week or better

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Mainland Mexico

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Great fishin' off Puerto Vallarta, ....some Huge Yellowfin Tuna!  302 1/2 lbs, 80lb tackle, 1hr 12 min: ---JD

Later in the afternoon when the telephone booths began to grow dark at the edges, I punched out of the creek and went home. I had that hunchback trout for dinner. Wrapped in cornmeal and fried in butter, its hump tasted sweet as the kisses of Esmeralda. -----  Uncle Mlford and Dad---My old man on the right- uncle on the left-- sold em' for a $1 apiece and went dancing at the Rendezvous ballroom that night--

A good site for the seabirds is  http://www.montereyseabirds.com/SeabirdTripSpeciesList.htm  , or--  http://www.pbase.com/jpkln/image/  Online Cataloga   nihil lucratus sine labor laboris http://newportbeach.patch.com/articles/helping-newport-beach-anglers-for-35-years-enjoy-the-squirrels    Damn Pesky Sharks-- Nate Dunham with his Thresher shark f- Great photo-- shows how using circle hooks  lets the angler hook the shark in the mouth and can be released if wanted ------------- Photos of the year- 2012