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Thanks- I appreciate your patronage and supportPhone: 800 660-5030 jdsbiggame@aol.comLat 33.36:23 / Log 117.53:53



TodayWind variable less than 10 kt... W 10 kt afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft . Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft at 7 seconds S 2 to 3 ft at 16 seconds. SatWind S 10 kt. Gusts to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less...becoming 3 ft in the afternoon. Mixed swell W 3 to 5 ft at 9 seconds and S 2 to 3 ft at 14 seconds.

Sat Night Wind S 10 kt with gusts to 15 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell W 3 ft at 9 seconds and S 2 to 3 ft at 14 seconds.

SunWind S 10 to 15 kt. Wind waves 3 ft. Mixed swell W 2 to 3 ft at 9 seconds and S 2 to 3 ft at 13 seconds..

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July 22nd! 2016 - Notice-- Store may be closed Mondays- JD-----

Moon still bright this morning- sea's a mix to them swell developing from that west outside blow and a south swell from tropical storms south-otherwise calm light west wind, warm offcolor water inside with bait schools and occasional tuna showing- offshore more yellowfin or a chance of something else- steady flow of boat traffic out all the harbors this am-

inside the 312 a few fish seen

Newport's bait receiver 4-5 inch sardines and 7 -8 size too

Fish stories were common this morning--- lots of fish stories-

there's fish foamin' around us-- just didnt want anything we wanted--

lots of reported seeing fish -- but very few hook ups reported -

Oceanside/ Carlsbad, 312--- ---

Hey JD, Love your fish reports and wanted to add one of our own. We got lucky this morning (Thurs) on the local bluefin. Last week I couldn't buy a bite. Brought my son this morning and on the second cast of the day, he was on. We were under-gunned with 40lb test, but he did a great job and got it to the boat in an hour. Jack Denning is the angler and we didn't weigh the fish but it's bigger than any local tuna that I have caught. Poke on the menu for the rest of the week. Keep up the good work. Jeff (AKA JD) on Game Time.

50- 70 lb grade all day outside oceanside--

Couple of boys out this moring in there 17 Boston Whaler-- heading back towards the harbor ran across a good sized kelp and a dozen or more good sized 10- 15 lb + yellowail

Skipjacks on the 289 smaller yf inside from there--

frustrating--- seeing the yellowfin in 75- 76 degrees--- 00/ 29 same thing at 04 / 27

Yt porpious on the troll- droping back baits- 4:09

10 below 277 saw a foamer - best I've ever seen-- 100 yards of bait all up- tunas all around and bait under the bait--

blufin lives matter

We're 10 miles shy of the 209 just past that high spot off Catlaina island--- there's foamers all over the place 4:44pm

--------- Thursday's reports -------------

Again bright and shinny last night with the moon- morning's tuna grounds coverage great--- We're 6 below -- we're on out way!--

it went nuts-- 10:10am

we've got five six foamers all arond us- they'er up all around us---all over the place--- there's 4 or 5 other boats all hung--- 10:12

where-- they went to another channel and I lost them

yellowfin more and more--


3305/ 11739

skippers out of Oceanside-- I've got tunas'-- 10:30-

he's coming to starboard-- he understands you have limited maneuverability Roger we understand you have limited munurability at this mo move -- if he is unable to stay clear you will have to make evasive maneuvers to be out of his way--- thank you-- why type of fish do you think you are hooked dup to-- Bluefin Tuna -- How big-- it's big--- yea we've been watching you for a while

capt of the tankers says he wants some of the bluefin

lots of bite very little to show for our efforts-- waht going on up here

they're north of where we were at yeaterday-- yes we're on the inside of you-- chasing a few now-- 11:09am

you on this side-- 40 lb bluefin on the boat--- had to drop down to 30lb Fluiro carbon to get the bite--- there's a good stread of fhsi here- boat scatterred out- yea were below you 4 and fish here too lot's of boat presure--

Kenny you on thios side- Decker--- yea seeing a bit--- got on a couple of them-- but no bites- you know that area I was fishing yesterday--- it went off today!--- you get any?--- my two angkers--- how old are you?-- ages 14 and 13-- got one about 90 and one about 80 and dumped two others-- just below lower bank 2- 3 mile -- Southeast of there-- we're done we're headed home-- what'd you get em' on two on the popper-- busted one off --got one on a hard taddy A 1 w a single hook and my 8 ft bass rod-- the big fish-and wasn't good--

got a foamer out here-- numbers---33.16:05 / 117. 45:900--11:29 am

we got one--- maybe 160--- turned off the sounder and the moters-- they came up all around us-- 1:50pm

had 8 hook up's today and only one in the boat- must have donated $200 worth of tackle today-- we'll wait for the 4 pm slack tide--

74.05 degrees- --

boats slowed down their attack to let the day pass slow trolling mackerel baits or drifting- waithing for a better afternoon bite birds as in most cases were alearted early in anything developing

Go get em Larry-- 2:40

that one stayed up much better ---we went to the west-- hit a poppers-- maybe a 100 --they came up all around us crashing and wouldn't hit any of our bait out--

we're a mile from you - northeast they're popping up around us -- seeing lot's of fish they're just not biting----- yet-- 4:29pm

I cant believe your back out here-- yea there's still some daylight-- there's 5 or 6 batches starting to come up-- 5:09pm

we had one blow up in our trolling pattern-- they didn't hit anything we had-- and we didn't hit anyting either

working the last mile or so --- lots of birds schools up

good luck if you get out tomorrow- JD - wind backed off late afternoon- seas flatted nicely-


------------------- Weds Report ---------

Full moon day-- bright clear for most of the night- fish do funny things during it's bright summer full phase, lots of sea organisms burst forth their reproductions during it's phase. Add to it the theory the predator fish feed at night on the baitfish thus not hungry during the next morning hours--

We just left a paddy--- loaded with dorado-- wouldn't take a thing-- 9:20am

209 reported dead-- as question after question how's it there-- there-- one fellow said he'd seen some fish pop up but hadn't gotten one yet- slow troll mackeral, poppers but at least they put on a good show-- - where-- where? ?- and the morning goes on-

leave my turtle alone

Starting to see jumpers--- 10:20 slack tide 10:50/ 11:00 am standing by

slow trollong a mackerel just ppicked up a 50 yellowfin 57 over 24

45 yellowtail!

I got 20 yellowfins aboad we're down here in Mexico-

- another boat hooked up to a cow!-- backing down on it-- 10:32am -moooo

7 or 8 straight off the power plant metering fish 75- 100 ft but no bites were dropping down jigs etc.-

hook pulled about off Carlsbad-- pulled the hook --- too much presure at the end--- 12 off the smoke stakes-- haven seen any on the surface just marks

we're just outside you---just had a school of 250 lbers' break the water-- launch out of the water every direction- inside the 312-- 11:27 am

pulled the hook when we got straight up and down and hit that thermocline and we couldn't budge it-- had 65b braid and 100 leader but just couldnt put enough preshsue on it-- 0 for 5 so far-- we're goinig go see if we can find some more birds here-- If I could get one finally in the boat I'd be satified-- that fish draged u 3 1/2 miles from where we hooked it-- 11:54am

center counsel coming up to the parker w black top--slow down we've got fish up on out starboard side -- ok- thanks- yea at a 100 there's fish 12:03pm

33:15 / 117:41 east of the 267 chasing birds 12:09pm

Happy Birthday-- Mike-- gets up at 3 am this morning- it's his B-day- catches some mackerel at the harbor's entrance and off to the White Sea Bass grounds to watch the moon and changing tide-- rewarded with a 50+ Whit Seas Bass- happy B day-

Spotter plane 5 south of the 182 says there's bluefin there

birds starting to get up- two makos anad a hammerhead shark on the kite!--- Yea we looked at a few --we were 7-8 below you saw some breaking fish -- just couldnt get on them--

sardines at the receiver - mac said to be at the harbor entrance

west wind held off to liveable traveling

morning bite and simi afternoon bite



------------- Tuesdays missing report -----------

------Server Error------------ the warning panel come up I guess we get too many hits!

Hazy blue skies again for the AM hours- wind fair at 6- 8 west light chop and a mixed swell from the south-- probably keep getting this mixed swell from the south as all these hurricanes off Mexico just keeps churning them out-- They'll keep a steady lapping of surface currents moving our way-over time surface currents lead to deeper water movement.

JD here are a couple photos of the nice Bluefin caught on the Motivator Sunday . Ken Hession caught the fish in 20 minutes on 80 lb Braid talica 25 . The big guy inhaled a yummy flyer on the kite. The girth was 54 inches by 70 inches long approximate 255 lbs .

Lot of bigger yellowfins 50- 60 70 lb mooving quick we got on the throwing biats poppers would have anything we had 181-- area-- we'er heading inside

we just had a bite on the Halco jig-- purple and red-- guy on the fish must tighten the drag and we lost it-- 12:19pm 209/ 312 area

that Jig strike---- clean cut--- maybe--- maybe?--- keep trolling you got a lot of money-- keep trolling-- 12:49pm

Scattered hook up's or at least seeing them - 5 or 6 spots up right now 3:45

Dont know if you called we've been busy down on deck-- that current is sure pushing up hill-- 49/ 32

Couple of boys called in earlier-- wanting to know about weighing in a fish at the BAC ( bluefin) they had caught last night-- keep on ice all night-- fishing off the 9 Mile bank out of San Diego at dusk 8 0'Clock said they had 200 -300 lber's jumping out of the water all around them- caught it on a mackerel colored popper and landed towards the midnight hour-- weight 234 lbs!

were 12 off La jolla ---spots of fish up -- lost a nice medium sized fish-- 4:29

harpoon boat on the 9 you on this one---- 4:35pm





------------------------ Mondays day off Report ---------------

Fairs skies this am- what light marine layer was here went away early-- starting to warm up-- maybe more as a westerly this afternoon as it heats up for now south west 5- 7 kts- and yes it is Monday-

209 and the 312-- a fishy area--10:02- we're just south of the 312- looking better- yea ok- we're at 0/ 47 it's starting to look fishy here too- Slack tide today- 9:41 am

We got tuna foaming--- hey skipper -- slow it down you've got tuna foaming right in forning of you---- that's it slow it down we can work together-- 11:01am

56 and 59--

we just saw some tunas here on the 209

Full moon Wed night--

San Clemente Island has some closures to week and weekend - best check their schedule and time frames~

Not nearly as many boats out today nor the bad language- some but not bad-- those that are out there seem to be willing to help each other.

Bill D's fish from yesterday weighed in at 232 lbs on 80lb braid-- used a downrigger and about 75 ft deep and a smaller 4/0 hook to get the bite-

- JD, We fished in the canyon yesterday....big bluefin blowing out everywhere......but no bites....later in the day we got a bite on the Scotty Downrigger 75ft....slow trolling a live mackerel. took an hour on 80 lb.....100 lb flouro leader.....Cousins rod.....Talica 25....3/0....Gamakatsu circle weighed 232.9lb....after bleeding out....had my 6 yr old and my 8 year old boys and dad to share the experience! 3 generations! Bill DePriest Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine


Foxi Lady Report Back at the dock after a great trip to the seamounts/fads out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica. We had Tuna Club Pres Mike McGrade and his son Garrett, who burried the old man. We fished 3 fads from 80 to 130 miles off shore. Weather was pretty good although lots of squalls. We had 40 bites over 6 days releasing 20 blue marlin and 4 black marlin and 1 stripe marlin. This is the most amazing blue marlin fishery, our high day we had 13 bites. Fads Work!!! tight lines


HI JD Out fishing the 209 with my boys Friday and picked up a nice Dorado on a cedar plug. Thanks Michael Lindstrom




------------ The weekend's mess --------------

Light west at 4- 5kts- morning cloud cover broken- light west wind chop

you there--- about 2 miles and a bit down hill was the zone--- we went through there this morning-- lots of searwaters sitting on the water on a current break- showed yesterday spotty-- then a real ripper about 10' 00 Clock-- Inside Clemente island


66 degree green water terrible looking water

Reluctant to say to much---we were off Clemente-- we got 5 yesterday from 135 upwards to 230 tagged and released one, and tagged and released another one est. at 150 today-- what'd you get em' on ---slow trolled mackerel? --kites?-- yes--

Bill De Priest, Editor of Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine-- calls into the Club this afternoon -- we'll be in 5:40 with a big fish to weigh--- you can tell there'll be a fish story there too!

And the Motivator calls in with a reported double on the Big tunas- down out of San Diego- Kenny H the angler on a est 250 lb fish- congrat!- JD



Results from the

34th Annual Master Angler Billfish Tournament Balboa, USA 2015: ( sill one more tag to calulate is daily travles- it too went to Hawaii)

<--------------- Check out some of these travels- Amazing--

Furthest distance so far-from here to Hawaii via a trip southwards along the Baja penisula then out to the Hawaiian Islands --- Team Bounder on behalf of Los Pescadores in memory of Captain Ron "What's the Bottom Line" Johnson Sponsor: The John and Donna Crean Foundation Species Tagged: Striped Marlin Species Size: 77 kg (170 lb) Angler: Alyson Gillett Tagged By: Matt Earl Deployment Date: September 17, 2015 Pop-Up Date: April 24, 2016 Distance Traveled: 2,005 nm

Second longest distance traveled: Team Pelagic on behalf of Balboa Angling Club Sponsor: Rocky Frantic and Ron Kawaja Species Tagged: Striped Marlin Species Size: 45 kg (100 lb) Angler: Jeff Walker Tagged By: Evan Salvay Deployment Date: October 31, 2015 Pop-Up Date: June 27, 2016 Distance Traveled: 1,690 nm

Our thanks and gratitude goes out to new MABT tag sponsors as well as veteran sponsors. This is the second year in a row The John and Donna Crean Foundation, The Tuna Club Foundation, and Jock Albright have independently sponsored tags. This is also the second year in a row from co-sponsorships from David Peter, Geoffrey Hersch, Nate Shill, IGFA Representatives Bob & Sally Kurz, Jeff Tom, Chris Bailey, Craig Cleaver, Matt Kharrazi, Suresh Khemlani, Ron Vesely, David Guyot, Bob Phillips, Willie Waite, John Tully, Don Ebright, Mike Coon, Kelly Shill, Diane Shill, David Shill, Gail Nelson, Sara Unke, and Cortney Walstrom. It is because of support like yours that this research program continues to grow and produce larger datasets that are increasing our understanding of billfish and ensuring the future of our sport.


---------------------- Sat's Reports --------------------

Bluefin Mania- Wicked Tuna battles-- Calm overcast skies above, some confusion below at sea level as boats jockeyed for the position in the tuna grounds- from seeing a bunch of fish and no bites to short bursts of mayhem.

They bit right through our 80 lb you got any 100 Fluoro Carbon leader material-- 125- 300 lb clear mono leader too!

Good morning JD. Good start this morning for Savannah down along the Beach. Alan

Driving kinda slow looking around and they blew up --- they were the big ones 10 shy of the 181--

They are the Colt Sniper yesterday- Hot bite time 10 to 11am -

We've got one smaller Bluefin aboard, seen a few of the bigger ones-- but they've gone down for now-- working our way op to the 181 where we saw them yesterday-- 10:00am

They're up-- stand by--------- ----- ---- --- We're on--- 10:07am

He's got the big one hanging--- 10:34am were 5 west of the 209---

Long soak -- wasn't a tuna but a Mako Shark-- finally got it to the boat-- sunk a gaff into it and it tiwused the gaff free and took off!

Yellowfin--- maybe 70 lb on the boat---- we'll get back to you later --getting back on these fish-- 11:13am

S/East edge of the 209 saw some fish but couldnt get them to go--

Big and mean-- we spend most of the day casing these big fish around - just couldn't get on them with this big boat--( 120ft!) - started to slow troll a live bait-- 10 minutes later we were on--- Penn 50w w/ 130 Spectra-- these are mean fish !-- 5 1/2 hours later we got him aboard-- coming in to the club to weigh him-- over the 200lb mark-- Weight at 215lbs bled and iced down-

and a smaller kite fish About 150 ish--->>

Captain Rob Petrina M.V. Southern Way --


Waters turning over-- green water-

39 over 44/ got 200 -+ rolling around me-- bait died-- just trolling-- whales, bluefin-- pretty cool----- that whale just came up and took it all -- that was cool- 4:34pm

Boats were into the late afternoon prowling the tuna grounds-- a few fish caught today but not the high hopes for most- couple of the bigger sportfishers were spending the night adrift/ floating on bait marks- 7:32pm



What makes these fish come up from the depths at certine times of the day or night?- Bait movements

Ocean--- Topography, Tides, Currents, Salinity, Water temps, clarity-etc--- Air, barometer, winds, direction of wind, swell, cloud cover, sunlight, angle of sunlight, Sonlunar tables etc--

SUMMARY 1. A study was made with the aid of closing nets of the diurnal vertical migrations of bathypelagic organisms at a station in continental slope ewater of the western North Atlantic. 2. While the hauls were being made a continuous record of the light intensity at the surface was kept. 3. The penetration of light into the upper 84 m. of water was directly measured photometrically; the average extinction coefficient for green light was k = 0.092. 4. All of the malacostracan Crustacea (to which the detailed results presented in this paper are limited) which occurred in sufficient numbers for analysis exhibited diurnal migrations 200 to possibly 600 m. in vertical extent. 5. The speed of vertical movement in these migrations varied from 24 to 125 m. per hour among the various crustaceans. DIURNAL BATHYPLANKTON MIGRATION 277 6. A considerable part of the migrations took place while the light intensity even at the surface was no greater than starlight. 7. SeveralCrustacealivingat 800m. duringthedayshowedexten sive diurnal vertical migrations. 8. It is concluded, however, that whether the migrations are regu lated by external environmental or by internal physiological factors, at some time of day the organisms concerned are affected by light penetrat ing from the surface. 9. Calculations made from the light penetration data indicate that the amount of light probably present during the middle of the day at the depths where the animals were migrating was adequate to support this conclusion(8). LITERATURE CITED

The difference between diurnal and diel is that diurnal is happening or occurring during daylight, or primarily active during that time while diel is (biology) having a 24 hour period regardless of day or night.


--------------- Friday the 15 th s Report ----------------------

Overcast again with a light west wind this morning-- never heard such vulgarity early on in the day from the tuna fishermen--

9 Mile Bank had a show early on this morning--- foamers but they were reluctant to take mackerel, sardines, flatfalls, colt snipers, popperes and anything else we could throw at em'

Porpoius on the 209 -

we had full foamers all morning-- slowing down now--

Such chatter hard to keep up with any of it-- overall lots of boats out-- outer waters 289 slow or not much showing yet-- inner waters off SD off color but has bait and fish in it-- La Jolla hard to make bait- outsie from there some morning foamers but not many hook ups- ---

Hey JD! Fishing just above the fleet off Oceanside this morning on Lilly June, slow trolling macs after seeing tuna jumping. Hooked this 80# fish soon after lines went in. Lots of fish down here but lots of boat traffic too. Jenny

7 off Clemente, border check-- tuna this am

It's been nuts--lots of radio chatter-- some folks found fish while other's said it was a hoax -bird life tighter to the beach and seemed the tunas were in as close a 5 miles off

little more wind on the water today-

chasing these fish with a couple of other boats-- Joel's on a 100 lb er with the surface iron-- better on the inside-- we've been just waiting an laughing -- trying to watch the birds and try to get there before any of the other boats get there--- 11:05


23/48 la jolla area-slow troll one of these mackeral for another fish

the border corner held lots of smaller grade tuna- 25- 30lbs and below there the kelps ahd small yellows on them

Hit the banks today and managed 2 for 4 ----->





Couple of water temps images of interest

First image "big view" shows from 60 to 75 degree waters-- and that California cool water current is to the outside of us reaching down from Northern California the only warm water is here tight to the beach

and second view ...> same water temps- close in of off the San Diego to Newport coastal









Excerpts From yesterdays E-mail Reports - Hey JD, We fished west past the 209 yesterday and every time the yellowfin would pop up in our chum line, a skiff would race over and sink them- heard the radio report of Nat Geo type Bluefin on the inside-- starting fishing a kelp. In 5 minutes we looked north and the whole ocean erupted into a white fury. They sunk out and then all of a sudden both of our boats were smack dab in a square mile of Bluefin. We both hooked up multiples- busted off all of ours, hooked a couple more and same result. The Skipjack battled for 4+ hours and believe the story posted early was their outcome, heartbreak. The fish blew up for 3 solid hours and at 4:30, it slowed a. Till next time.... Captain Shannon M Sealutions Sportfishing



------------------------------- Thursday's Reports --------------

Light overcast this morning--- seas have this small short period mixed swell to them- west and south otherwise smooth and calm. radio traffic early as boaters were out early AM hours, coverage was good with reports water temps on the outside 289 were down to 66 degrees and the "Ridge" 181 warmed up at 71 degrees

Boaters on the 209 said it was quiet no bird life, inside a few birds yet no tuna sighted yet- 277 had some mammals with a bit more sea life seen,

Coastal fishing -- calicos of all sizes hungry- one or two follow any hooked fish- yellowtails around 5-8 to to a dozen lbs along the shoreline kelps or structured spots,

Mackerel - making bait was tough at the harbor entrance bait barge had anchovies I think--

What you catch em' on please?--- how far off Oceanside?--- congrats!---

yea they're pretty tight-- we'll sit right here and wait. 12:41pm

60- to 100 lb fish--

that's the most birds I've seen so froa that bird melay-- 12:59

46-48 / 45-- couple fish seen but they didnt want to go--- 71.9 degree water--

went to the 209-- down from there- came all the way down to the La Jolla Canyon and they came up-- first i've seen, fricken boat drove right over them-

saw one big old paddy had one big dodo under it-- that's it-

we're headed west they're blowingup everywhere-- 2:09

terns everywhere and bluefins flying out of the water everywhere-- 32:45 5/ 117: 22 w 2:10

05 and 36 just got here 15 minutes ago--- we're right near you-- lost one after 3 1/2 hours---

9 should have had 4 only got 2 ----only 9 off the beach--- Oceanside that one fish kicked my as----

big en' yea---- 47 and 38-- I see you guys were 6 outside you -- 2:39pm

E-Mail just in--Hey John, Anthony asked me to send this over to you from him. "Happy Birthday Eliseo Rodriguez. What a way to celebrate with a local swordfish. Thank you for 20 years of team work and friendship, from catching trophy fish, to running to the scales, and for always attending to the needs of my family. Thank you compa! Two O',clock - 20 boats..." Anthony

They have had a pretty good 5 day local trip to Clemente, got a few jumbo BFT, a swordfish, lost a marlin close to the boat, and still fishing. Rod

found one more sworefish that didn t bite !



Dan B calls via in phone-- they were out there-- outside Oceanside- amidst the bait balls-- must have been we must have pulled up on 30 bait balls the size of this boat-- - there's just so much bait here the tuna have their choice-- metered some fish even cast into boils of 80- 100 fish - casts a 80 gram colt sniper right into the boils-- sank 15 ft and was inhaled- that lasted about 5 seconds -- hook pulled ( JD's tip change to assist hook- single hook a better purchase) - caught one the other day on thaw some jig- they've sunk out for now-- we'll wait it out-

10 l 80 150 sunk 30 bai size of bait bll so mucj 80 ft 5 80 -

44/40--- 5 east of the 182 there were up--

the tuna were at- 06 over 35

OK boys get ready--- foamer--

mission bay right on the fathom curve ?-

that's it-- just 7 bluefin and 2 yellowfin-- Bongo's calls in with their daily report - --

yea we hooked one but that didnt last long --mackerel w/ 30lb line--- got mine on a popper --100 pounder 33:07/ 117:34-35 a five mile area--


From yesterdays late afternoon fish report-- e mail-- Hello JD 32.60 / 117.40, That rod and reel that needed help from the spear ended in heartbreak right at sunset after a 5 hour fight. The fish was head down the whole time. The skipper and his two boys called us (spearos) in. Ended up swimming a guy to their boat to give fresh arms. Fish was huge. One of those 280-350 cows, and some 40-50lb Bluefin clear out of the water Lots of bait and a thermocline 30ft down. Surface was 74.5 degrees there. The real show was 12-2pm . Never seen so many birds sitting on the water in a 3 mile block. There are plenty of fish around…..if people learn not to run them over.

count for the day--- one yellowtail approx 2 - 3 lbs and one Bluefin approx 80 lbs!

150 lbers--- Got a double header going on--- we'll call you back-- the excited voice stammered-- 5:09pm

thats a dandy-----

Giant sonar mark under the kite bait-- huge black spot under the kite bait, never even got a swill on the bait--- Yea-- they're all dandies -- we tried mackeral, baits flyers - wouldn't take anythng we had--

we're 7 miles outside Oceanside they're fricking all over the place--

33.06 / 117.34 same spot that went off this moring and all day long-

just coming back into SD 32.39 .8 / 117 24.3 we're getting towed in and hard to watch this stuff going off- right outside SD 5:55pm

Long day-----

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Rigged Ballyhoos w/ Tournament approved 7/0 Circle Hooks w/ 1/4 oz chin weight 100 lb mono (3 pack) or Select sized w/ 9/0 T/C approved C hook 10'/ 150lb mono (2 pk)


Unrigged baits -- Select Ballyhoos 9"- 10" (5 pack unrigged), Large - Medium 8 1/2- 9" (Dozen pack- unrigged) and Rigged and Unrigged Swordfish Squids.

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----------------------- Wed's Reports -----------------

Coastal clouds light this am- wind light too as usual for the south seas look welcoming. Barge workers still there daily and couple of broken squelches?, some sailboat regatta stuff - AIS shows the partyboats out of SD working below the border-south of Ensenada some 40- 50 miles--- then a clearer voice comes booming through it's Decker-- "it's a 2 /12 mile zone-- bunch of fish popping up here--and bunch of boats here too- we're 0 for 2, they popped up right next to the boat-- you get anything-- beautiful--- 10:43am

Slack tide today 10:53am

Out marlin and tuna fishing today--- Decker was Calico bass fishing yesterday-- saying one of his best days ever for the Calico- Cory, One of young men aboard having caught and released a estimated 35 lb fish fish catch- 7 lb average! nice fishing- now he's after tunas and marlins-


we hooked on 03 and 58 11:50 AM

looks like they coming up-- 11:55 am

local party boat out of newport 30lb seabass!

they're going off-- inside the 209

-- 32:59 .084 / 117:39.

we're on 50 lb ---- they're jumping all around here-- we've got 2on the popper and 1on the mackerel --- three bluefin all look like to be over 200 lbs national geographic! 12:19pm

Hey big sportfishers off my port-- they've been up for an hour and they're still up---

north of the 181 4- 5 miles we we're seeing small yellowfin -- yea we threw on them didn't want anything to do with us-- started as bluefin then went to yellowfin--- thanks

whale watcher-- seeing meter marks-- are you seeing any of theose tunas-- yea right next to the boat----- right with the terns-- oh-- look there they are--- cool--- 1:31pm

we just saw some fish up-- it's been all birds-- now were seeing em-- it'll pop any second-- 2:09pm

we're on that filling moon phase now-

terns everywhere you looked -- miles--- 4:09

Ahaaa- lost it--

anyone do anythiung on those yellowfin on the 181--?--

3260 / 11740 needed help to spear a fish that they were rod and reeling--!!

A web site to check out the last 24 hrs of surface currents

we ge em all arouns us - bird bait 181? just a little north 5:55pm


-------------- July 12 Tuesday----------------

Better morning than yesterday- yet still a bit bumpy out there- 6- 10 out of the south- west swell and southwest swell and chop -a bit on the washboard effect--

Coupe of boats talking- one coming back from Catalina say's the fishing there for them on the yellowtails had dropped off to nothing, they were hopefully of finding a tail under some kelps , some seen yesterday not far off the island, other boat trolling for most of the morning southwards - hadn't seen much except a few dolphins.

Smaller yellows under paddies on the A Bank-- good sized bird schools just inside the 267/ 279 fathom spot- looking good there-- radio reception only fair today-clear hazy skies

only a few scratchy radio reports-- maybe the 9 mile bank-??

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get over here right away--- a full foamer--?? scratchy ??-- 2:49pm--- where's these foamers?---

right outside those numbers we talked about before---

it's more show than go----

181 277 marlin dope-- one caught on the 181 another seen on the 277 and a maybe on the 9 mile bank, tuna yesterday for those who made it out found better conditions offshore and had the fish to themselves-- popper's scored for some anglers--

and a 70+ fish bluefin weighed at the BAC this afternoon , caught yesterday---- off Catalina!



---------------------------- Mondays events ---------------

Wind freshened up from the south/ southeast this morning- stiff and with wind chop- couple smaller boats turned around not wanting to get beaten up todayMixes swell washboard effect - forecast is for it to back off towards mid day then again from the Southwest this afternoon-- yea I know its Monday--

Offshore it mellows out better 6 kts s/e - the party boats have worked up from below the 43 Fathom area up to the noir th and the were working a tight area just outside the 181 and south a mile or two- tide just started to fill in after 9 am

Alls quiet on the western front-- at least not much said today- couple boats Lou but not much said- Sport boats found better weather off the beach.

CELIA STRENGTHENS A LITTLE MORE centered near 15.1N 125.5W at 1500 UTC moving west or 275 degrees at 11 kt. Maximum sustained winds 80 kt with gusts to 90 - Celia is generating seas to near 31 ft over the open waters of the Pacific with recent altimeter passes confirming 12 ft seas extending up to 210 nm north and 150 nm south of the cyclone. Large seas will continue to propagate away from the cyclone as the system moves generally west-northwest over the next several days


--------------------------------- The Weekends Reports ---------------------

Soft south east wind this morning light overcast promisses to be a nice day- boat traffic building as it gets into the day- Seas flat for now-- expected to get grumpy later this afternoon--

Skipper on the 14 any signs of life--- no not much -- there's a little 8- 10 off the beach- 8:55am

Radio am fish talk show this morning spoke of a great catch of Bluefin this morning, in the dark till after dawn, setting up on bait and meter marks- and most of the catch was on on jigs!--

E-Mail Report on Dorado out of Newport--- JD- Saturday morning on the whale watching trip we found these two dorado tailing on the surface 6 miles from Newport on a 170 heading. Photo was taken from a drone.


Strengthening Tropical Storm Celia is generating seas to 26 ft with 12 ft seas extending up to 180 north of the center and 120 nm south of the center with a broad area of 8 ft or higher swell propagating up to 400 nm from the center of the system. Seas will continue to increase in height and coverage as Celia intensifies the next 24 hours.

17/ and 56 a line of kelps and grass- some dodo's on it-- Commercial harpoon boat says - good little break running towards the 209 , thanks Scott!

They're up real good over here-- 9:45 am we're a couple miles Southeast of you- 1/2 between the 43 and the head was active

we' got one- a short voice comes on- off-

another said he had a fish on a Rapala-

we lost it-- ate it off- swallowed the whole lure -- yea-- we're on our second one now - theory all on the poppers- soon as we hooked this fish the whole school disappeared instantly-- 10:29am

we lost that one too- - mackerel

Hey--- we just had a marlin up---- sunk out-- we're right below you--just got back into that warm water-- 10:57am

And Carl L calls in this afternoon with a reported marlin hooked up on the "Chasing Sunshine" while trolling the 181 fathom spot yesterday- hitting a Bk/Pr 3.5 Zukers -far back amongst the other spread they had out---- at first we thought it was a tuna then it woke up and smoked that 50 lb tackle " had shoulders"

how's it looking on the 209--- looking pretty good actually had some fish up right here but couldn't get them to go-- 1:01- got one lost two

we've been into Bluefin all day long- they're around 7 miles N of the 182-- alll around us here now-- 1:15pm

That was the second we've seen so far today--- right on the edge of the Avalon Bank we're at 25/ and 13 I thin the first one was at 24/10-- both tailing up swell-- Marlin-- 1:32pm

coastal clouds begain to come back overhead early afternoon- calm seas-light wind--

several boats still out on the fishing grounds- 5 pm - waiting for that sundowner- spend the mid day at anchore at Clemente island rested for that evening bite-!

finally got one--- you get it on a mackeral---- we lost five of them today--- 5:09pm

good luck this week if you get out- JD

--------------- Sat's Reports ----------------

1st local caught Marlin of the Year---- See below

Started to get rude early today-- overcast, light south wind 2 knts - seas were fine smooth and glassy, wish the verbal languages was the same- Morning tide changes at 7:30 am afternoon Slack 2:30 stand by ---

10-12 off the beach-- that was were it was at yesterday--

Any signs of the Bluefin out on the 209------- there's "No Parking" signs here! 9:14am

picked up a couple Yellowfin on the 182--- where'd you get em?--- right in the lips!-

38 over 39

Boils all over the place 9:31am

and Nada----- its dead---

Bluefin Tuna, Thunnus orientalis, .Unlike most fish, Bluefin tuna are warm-blooded and can heat their bodies to 6° C (11° F) warmer than the surrounding water. This added warmth helps their muscles work faster and more efficiently. Tuna consume as much as 5% of their body weight daily and must continually swim with their mouths open to force water over their gills, supercharging their blood-rich muscles with oxygen. Pacific bluefin tuna spawn off of Okinawa; between Taiwan and the Philippines; and in the Sea of Japan. They migrate over 6,000 nautical miles (11,112 km) to the eastern Pacific, eventually returning to their birth waters to spawn. A Pacific bluefin tuna is capable of swimming at speeds of 12 to 18 miles per hour (20-30 km per hour) for brief periods. Magnetite, a mineral found in neural pits in the tuna’s snout, may be used by the tuna to detect the earth’s magnetic field for navigation. After two to four years foraging off the Northern Mexican coast, they return home to the same western Pacific waters where they were born.

boats were seeing a few brezzing schools of those bruiser sized tunas, haven't heard of many hooked or boats able to get up on them, impressions they were near the 209 or in towards the beach from there-

thought that was you---- guy on the bow was pulling, I thought that was you-- nope wish it was--11:44am

we're coming up to the 209- got a nice, nice dorado-- that's been it us--- bait fish -mackerel on a kelp-- thanks were out here on the 289 seeing a few signs but nothing for us yet- 12:09pm

Late yesterday afternoon 6:30 I heard of several boats getting hooked up - a sundowner bite

He was saying the north side of the 43 had a good morning bite today--

1st local caught Marlin of the Year---- So the phone rings-- -- old acquaintances-- Brian Ross and his wife Tammy and crew aboard their 42 Bertram, Oh ana -- he asked if any marlin have been caught --- sorry I don't think so, not yet at least -------- well--- we got one -- coming back across the shipping lanes-2:30 pm--feeder up on a ball of bait Tammy's the angler 40 minute battle, we tried to revive it -- but sorry it didn't make it-- we kept it-- est 140 lbs 93 inches Congrats--- JD

Hey JD, Here's a couple pics. Angler was Tammy Ross 93 inch fish, haven't weighed it. Was bleeding out the gills, so we kept him for the smoker! We were in the shipping lanes. He was up feeding on a bait ball. He put on a good show, fun fish. Struck out on the tunas though.




we just put a big one on the boat -- how big-- maybe a buck fifty 5:12pm lot of fish there on the Corner" have a dozen boat there-- down belwo lots of paddies a doznen yellows and and couplke a dorado

we had a quiet day until we came into that zone-- stayed up long for us- and we could get some iron into it-- I got pretty beat up -- 39/ 51

--------------- Fridays reports ------------

One of those glassy smooth days you'd want to be out nearing the first week into July , same as yesterday even more of a relaxed morning- no reports yet-- radio reception should be good- light overcast marine layer.

It's not just one hurricane that helps transport the southern warm waters northbound, some swells exits the area northwards slowly lapping a surface push, it's the series of three or more strong hurricanes that last a while that help develop a stronger and deeper swell movement enhancing the California current northwards -- Stand by

slow trolling live baits sardines helped with the yellowtail catches this morning--

got these yellowfin up ---didn't want anything to do with the poppers--- we're trying the live baits now-- where you at-- you close to the 209 ?-- I got numbers--- 32.55. 75 / 117 .53 -- 10:10am

we're right here close to the 312-- life's starting to show-- porpoise some birds we're gonad stick it out around here for a while ( Slack tide today-- 1:38pm)

Upper 9 mile bank holding Yellowfin-- got one on -- too light of tackle about 75lb fish-- birds that was all we've seen no boils at +all-

get em' on the meter marks and the Flatfall lures-- 10:41am

We got the bluefin in the dirty water toward 2:00 yesterday

they're everywhere--foamer --- these are 100 suckers --those are big fish-- tuna 100 plus--- we just keep watching the birds hope you broght a gaff-- we'll holler at you if we get something else to go--

we got schools up I can see em with the binos-- --

Went late into the day-- but not many fish reports--a few scratchy reports of fish metered and few at that-- weather nice general west 10 - 12 kts west in the afternoon light chop

Interesting to see that warm water work it's way up towards Catalina, probably be a Marlin on the A Bank this weekend somewhere around the 2 pm hour good luck--JD


E Mail report Avalon--Hi, watched 3 nice fish weighed in off a battleship on the Avalon pier Wednesday...2 Bluefin at 209 and 238 lbs plus a 25 lb. yellowfin taken down by the 43....still white seabass in the south swell, green water near the East End...yellowtail to 30 lbs off the stone quarry....3 other Bluefin taken by small skiffs staying over the 4th...looking better and better! bob

They gave it the old collage try--- 209 and beyond- saw a few kelps-- a dozen that should have held something-- but not much under them-- couple of dead seals were the highlights -- or lowlights of the day--

--------------- Thursdays Reports ------------------

Back to the mornings overcast cloud cover- light eddy bringing in a southwest wind at 2- 3 knts, seas smooth and calm- skies brightened by mid morning

and a lot more people on the water not wanting to fool around with the weekend challenges, challenge enough to find and hook one of these Bluefin-- Couple boats say they spotted fish breaking outside them but not getting on them in time. Porpoise schools were said to be holding--

Water temps seemed to have dropped a degree or two overall to 67 and not much talk of fish being landed- a few seen but that was it--

Spots of Yellowfin showing up further south

we just had those YF just popped up - we couldn't get on them----baits starting to show--12:02pm

westerly blew in again- hazy afternoon and not much to report-- tomorrows a better day and let that moon again to fill-


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and following into September 16 & 17 Master Angler Billfish Tournament


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Here are the final race results for the 2015 MABT-IGMR: First Place – Team Bounder on behalf of Los Pescadores in memory of Captain Ron “What’s the Bottom Line” Johnson - 2,05 nm on a estimated 170 lb. Striped marlin in 220 days. Second Place – Team Pelagic on behalf of Balboa Angling Club - 1,690 nm on an estimated 100 lb. Striped marlin in 240 days. Third Place – Team Pacific Pioneer on behalf of the Tuna Club of Avalon - 694 nm on an estimated 150 lb. Striped marlin in 201 days. A full MABT-IGMR Race Report (containing details on all tags deployed during this event) will be published in about 60 days. The winning marlin’s tag popped-up in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands. This represents a significant deviation in migratory behavior from that observed in 2014, and the migration route most believed to be the case, when Striped marlin depart from southern California waters. Needless to say, we’ll have to wait for the final report to better understand this year’s results. The final report will be automatically sent to all tag sponsors Our sincere thanks to all of last year’s sponsors for their support of this vital billfish research project……the long-term future of billfishing worldwide may very well depend on the overall findings of this project. Another IGMR will be held during this year’s Master Angler Billfish Tournament sponsored by the Balboa Angling Club. To reserve your satellite tag for this year’s race please contact Bob Kurz at or Leah Baumwell at Best regards, Bob Kurz IGFA Representative - Southern California HIBT Great Marlin Race Event Coordinator MABT-IGMR Event Coordinator


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------------------------------- Wed's Reports -----------------

And another beautiful day here on the beach-- wind early from the west-- coastal clouds blew away early- light wind tans swell chop from the west- seas cooled down a degree overnight with yesterdays wind

Don't give up on those paddies-- just landed a nice one between the 279 and the 14 Mile bank-- 11:17am

And a E-mail from the Quitena ---- Just back from the Stars and Stripes in Cabo and then 3 days on the East Cape and then Alijos Rocks. Won three of four categories and the overall tournament , Alijos was WOF. Caught 19 heavy stripers (180 range),

11 wahoo to 65 and 4 big yellowtail in the 45-50 range. The Marlin were on the outer bank off the rocks and super aggressive. Captain Rich Hamilton did a great job landing multiple Marlin hookups of 3 at a time. One of the best fishing days I can recall. Paul-




After this past weekend's boating traffic it's surprising how quiet it's become on the radio since then-- little bit more wind now and plans for this coming weekend for most anglers.

Whale watchers out a couple of miles- blue whales 200 degrees out of newport -3pm--- seems the dolphins a porpoise which like the fin bait are absent- as well as the fin bait---surface water warmed up-- they went somewhere?

Water temps from 60 to 75 dgrees for a 3 day composit image-- --


Couple new boats into the harbor today , sleek looking blued hull Tomahawk and the Quitena up from Panama

Welcome to Newport




---------------------------- Tuesday's reports ---------------

Beautiful summer day- what light coastal clouds we had went away early in the day- blue skies with a slight west wind at 4- 7 knts light wind chop on the water--

Poppers account for another nice yellowfin tuna being caught out by the 277 in 69 1/2 degree water--

that's a good size yellowfin for these waters--

San Clemente's Island Security web site show the island pretty much to be open from Thursday, Friday and Sat/ Sunday begins to get active again on the Monday the 12th- good place to fish out of for those tunas this coming week and weekend-- but watch that swell coming up hill from the Hurricane below us, long period swells due in Friday night and into Sat-

Windy this after after noon wetly steady-- that old standard afternoon newport slop

Boat coming back for Catalina- with all the family stuff aboard takes a looks at the Avalon Bank -- just to check it out- seeing a school of two lb mackerel in a baitball themselves?? something was after them-- some sea life on the way back in no great amount though.

Not many on the radio today--


Given that Blas is undergoing rapid intensification, the short-term forecast shows a significant increase in intensity within the next 12 to 24 hours Later in the period the hurricane should be moving over cooler waters, so a gradual weakening trend is expected to commence in about 48 hours. If Blas follows a more southern route than anticipated, however, it could weaken more slowly than shown here. FORECAST POSITIONS AND MAX WINDS INIT 05/1500Z 14.1N 119.5W 95 KT 110 MPH 12H 06/0000Z 14.4N 121.5W 110 KT 125 MPH 24H 06/1200Z 14.8N 123.7W 120 KT 140 MPH 36H 07/0000Z 15.4N 125.5W 110 KT 125 MPH 48H 07/1200Z 16.0N 127.4W 95 KT 110 MPH 72H 08/1200Z 17.4N 130.9W 75 KT 85 MPH 96H 09/1200Z 19.1N 134.3W 45 KT 50 MPH 120H 10/1200Z 20.6N 137.7W 30 KT 35 MPH...POST-TROP/REMNT LOW

A second tropical storm brewing off Manzanillo- due to grow- 1. An area of disturbed weather is located several hundred miles south of Manzanillo, Mexico. Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for gradual development, and this system is likely to become a tropical depression by the end of this week while it moves westward and then west-northwestward. * Formation chance through 48 hours...low...10 percent * Formation chance through 5 days...high...80 percent

Blas has the classic appearance of a powerful hurricane in satellite imagery this afternoon, with a 20 n mi wide eye embedded in a symmetric central dense overcast which in turn is almost surrounded by outer convective band

Satellite intensity estimates are 115 kt from SAB and 102 kt from TAFB, and a recent CIMSS Advanced Dvorak Technique estimate is 110 kt. Based on these data, the initial intensity is increased to 110 kt, making Blas the first major hurricane of the eastern Pacific season.

---------------------- Independents Day, the Forth of July-------------

Coastal fishing in these good tidal swings and with pleanty of those anchovies around-- there's been a good showing of White Sea Bass--possiable yellowtails and good bass fishin - as well as those peasy thresher sharks , Vick released a bunch of them yesterday--from small to large!



Hello J.D. Happy 4th I hope all is well with you & your family. San Clemente Islwas amazing yesterday. Quality yellowtail, bass, bonito & a Giant Black to round out our tour of the Lee & West end. Water cold & dirty around the corner. Yellowtail jugged with small squids & light boats in West cove. Signs of a bite over there with breezing yellowtail in the late afternoon .

A regular 4 th of July parade of boats passing the shop today-- large yachts dressed with flags and pennants- sailors, yackers and pleasure craft of all description- right on que for the Forth-- clear skies for the evenings fireworks-- Windy crossing for those going or coming to Catalina-





And a sad note of the passing of Capt. Mel Loros We wanted to let everyone know of the passing of one of the original “Cabo Captains,” Mel Loros. Mel started back in the early 70’s aboard the “Chipper.” For over 25 years he ran the boat from Cabo to Alaska.









He was 81 years old and will be missed by family and friends. Mels wife Dorothy, still holds the World Record for Pacific Halibut with a remarkable 70 lb fish on only 4 lb test line! Yasha Island Alaska in July of 1991 Mel , to me was one to always count on to get the job done correctly. Adio



---------------------------------------- Sundays Reports ----------------------

Typically a early summer day-- overcast, light southwest wind seas calm with a ground swell lots of boaters out - remarkably quite on the fishing info other chatter chatted,

A boat load of boys came in late yesterday afternoon having fished the back/west end of San Clemente island yesterday--- after the party boat left for the day- their afternoon drifts with the live squid produced nice fat yellowtails 30- 42 lbers good -fishing for them


Local whale watchers-- being out on the bait grounds offshore looking for the humpbacks whales-- finding tuna marks under the dolphins-

Hi JD - Went out yesterday and found the bluefin foamers we were looking for. Went 2 for 2 on the 150+ pound fish on the poppers. Headed to Clemente after and fished yellows for good action on the squid. I'll drop some bluefin at the store tomorrow for you to enjoy. Thanks JD! Gary on the Big G



We got em'-- got the first on the popper-- lost the second fish at the boat . a heart breaker and broke off a another one!

Boats and all sorts of watercraft in and out of the harbor today-- nice day and good weather-- clearing for the afternoon coastal clouns to come back in again- Stong tide- incoming this evening-- with a minus tomorrow am- best of luck if you get out-- enjoy it- JD

Sand bass and calicos off the art reefs above the harbor-- those pesky sharks are around again-


More on the Tuna vs Mako Shark-- Hi JD, picture of the fish with a substantial amount of weight taken by a 12' Mako shark. We didn't measure the girth and estimate the length but this fish was well into the 200 lb range around 230-240 by our estimates. --- Can't "count" as a catch but we got a lot of meat (and a story) to show for it. Fun times. These fish are massive and powerful.





scratchy report-- Yea we had a shot at em' a couple times -- just S/E of the high spot ( 43) 11:14am AIS also shows the partyboats in that general area too - some party boats working the deep canyon below Clemente and towards the east side of the Butterfly Bank--

-- we did run into a spot of fish just north of the 209 showed well, spotted puddlers birds --- those black birds traveling pretty quick, we finally got em to come to the boat but we didn't get anything-- I keep metering that bait down deep- dropped down with a small sabiki rig-- they were 2 -3 inch anchovies






Tunas weighed in by the Angler Management and the Bongos 11 yesterday---






------------------ Sat's reports -----------------

Morning overcast sky- wind very light from the southeast 2- 3 kts seas flat, ground swell humps it's self up on the beaches-otherwise good visability and traveling-

1517 boats out --- not as much radio chatter as one would expect-- you gettin em' yet-- etc.

E-Mail Baja Mexico- -- JD , A report from Mexico. The JewelLure III fished 4 days out of San Jose del Cabo with guests Mike E., Preston S., and Tim G. Beautiful weather and released 14 billfish including 2 sailfish and 2 long bill spearfish. Went 12 for 13 on the jig strikes and 2 on ballyhoo. Stiff single hook rigs really work! Beautiful weather and good times. Warren G.

these fish were really putting on a good show about an hour ago-- 10 am-- so far nothing for us-- 10:55am

03 and 49 and 04 and 48 ( inside the 209) multiple spots up- 11:11am

came across the 277 and some big bluefin--- couldn't get them on the chrome mackerel s or the poppers--

below the 43, a couple of sport boats stopped around noon today N32°36'04.33"/ W118°09'24.02"-- later on worked out to the deep water of the Clemente Canyon for another shot at fish N32°41'35.66" / W118°13'49.13"

spent the day near the 289 saw a few bluefins couldn't get them to go --- found a few kelps with yellows that wouldn't eat the dines or mackerel we had- we also heard of some dodo but we didn't see anything-

Barrette crossing the 14coming back from Catalina got a do- do today--- so there's a few around

another call of a est 115 lb bluefin taken just below the 43-- lost two others- one fish hooked on the mackerel, one hooked on the popper and one hooked on the colt sniper cast jig-- one out of three-

interesting note passed on- earlier this year the tunas were under the terns, their presence revealed hovering over a spot of bait, recently it seemed the tunas were under the shearwaters,

--------- The Friday's Report --------

A bit stronger south wind this morning more overcast with a 5- 7 knts wind chop- seas favorable -

Reports of some of those bigger bluefin closer to the beach off Oceanside- 15

Looking at this mornings/ mid day AIS for the Sport boats shows many of them working the Clemente Canyon along the self's drop off outside the 43 and up the line towards Clemente island N32°42'49.63" W118°03'48.91"

Yesterdays outing for us- as we came from the 209 towards the 289- not seeing a lot , a few kelps -- with reports of smaller yellowfin up between the 181 and the 182 ( the Ridge) we bent it to the left, another boat 1/2 way between the 289 and Clemente said they'd metered bait and had dolphins and birds but hadn't seen any fish yet- ( 11am) we bent in towards the Ridge and later find the yellowfin came up for them- zigged when we should have zagged-

"So much of the bluefin coming into the fish market now ( net fish) were "net burned" and prices were down to $1.50 a pound, the commercial rod and reel boys or even those darting a fish were getting upwards to 6 bucks a lb, a single fish might bring as much as $1200 "

We saw a couple of fish up- under the bird schools--- 289 had one bunch up of the of big fish- yea were on the 43 but not seeing much- hadn't seen them for a couple of hours now-- 12:51pm

You on this side Mike--- We're just criss crossing the 43--- just put one on the deck- around 225lbs--- yummy flyer, looked at one little speck on the meter-- best I'd seen for the day- kept working it--next thing you know- the guys down below are yelling-- 30W with braid backing--- it's all good- we haven't seen much, very little bird life, seen a bunch of sport boats around they must be see it them on their sonar-- RP got one about the same size as ours this morning-- 2:12pm

Mostly overcast for the entire day-- a few spots of blue above but they go away quickly- wind still light from the southwest clearing off late day on the beach

That's the first I've seen this year-- saw one off the East End-- maybe two milesout--- up feeding might have been two there-- Marlin--- 3:42pm

and the report of the young man- and tossing a sardine to a kelp paddy-- up runs away with all his line was a marlin!- he needed to respool!

Couple of sun burnt boys came in the shop they had been out towards the 289-- no tunas for them but they did score on some nice yellowtails-- lost a few of the bigger ones too-

Good luck this weekend-- be careful don't burn your fingers--


Tuna weighed in at Catlaina -- something chomped off it tail-!!!-

We need a bigger boat!





---------Went fishin Thursday- saw a bunch of Blue Whales out between the 289 ad the 181, lots of water, a few bigger kelps offshore--- small yellows under one of them and a mix of maybe bigger bonitos thrashed a kelp inside the 209-- bait meter marks in the same area- searwaters on the water rafted up 5- 7 off the beach - Laguna-Dana lookd good- not much for us - but a good day on the water----------

------------------------- Wed's Reports ------------

Sweet refreshing sea breeze this morning along the coastline-- ocean looks beautiful and lots of radio chatter- from those seeing puddlers- boils, terns and tails under paddies-- one bigger bluefin on a mackerel early lots of chatter-- all helpfully to others out-- a few disgruntled boaters dirtied it up-

Hey JD-Here are the photos from our fish we weighed yesterday at BAC. We were out Sunday/Monday bft trophy hunting and finally got these jumbos to bite on day 2 afternoon. Some fish of a lifetime for the ANDREYA! The smaller went 116# caught on a popper and the jumbo went 222# on the trolled kite with yummy flyer. Hope all is well… Thanks, Nate Shill

we're tight--- 11:31am-- Slack tide this morning---- 11:20am amost same time as yesterday

Spotter plane up early- for a long day of it-- saying it's about the best day he's seen for observing the waters- there' was one flag 5 below the 289- -how's it in where your at-? harpoon boat--- sunny in there- it's about 80 % - but there's some holes where we were at yesterday afternoon-11:55am

we got the majority of our yellows south of the 43--- got these trolling just outside the 181 the paddy loaded-- what you get em on skipper--- threw the iron as much I as I could -- wouldn't take anything but the sardines--

Boat came on the radio saying they been at the island for the past few days returning-- hadn't seen any tunas but he said he's actually seen a marlin? 1:41pm

offcolor green 73 degee water- inside better ( SD waters)

we've been at the 182 for most of the day-- not much happening there today--

soaking a mackerel we were about 300 yards from the paddy whey it took it saw the whole fish eat it-- we were after the yellow but that wa a tuna- lost it on 30lb tackle-

Bongos came on in the mid/late afternoon with their fish report-- 7 yellowfined tunas up to 66 lbs, 3 bluefined tunas up to 130 lbs and 1 lonly yellowtail-- nice catch!

Heck-- I might even go fishing on Thursday-JD .60-------------- Tuesdays Reports -------------

-For all of you inland from the coast hwy- eastwards- it was hot and humid-- on the beach overcast and cool-- light south cool Seabee and calm seas--

Lot's of radio chatter this morning mostly out of the San Diego to Dana - boats talking-- 181- 182, the 43 fathom spots and towards the beach from there-- Yellowtails big grumpy ones, some small yellow or Big Eastern Pacific Bonito- roaming around , and still some of the big Bluefin around

Waiting till the tide slacks off or just as it starts to fill in --

Jake's on a good one 11:21am

We're back in the harbor with two aboard!

San Clemente Island Looks to be open Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday! No scheduled operations

Tropical Storm forming down south - Mainland Mexico moving NorthWest

- Pretty good group of sport boats on the 43--- seen a few fish come over the rails--

Parker------ if -- you just stay there--- they 'er coming right at you-- we've been chasing these big Bluefin- casting poppers to em- breezing and big boils-- -- - they coming right at you-- 1:09pm

Party boat-- we stopped on a couple of paddies-- absolutely nothing under them--- drove around--- now headed into the beach and anchor up-- catch them something-

-The local angling club-- BAC weighs in a pair of Bluefin today, an triple duse 222 lber and a 116 lber- the bigger fish on 100 lb Spectra, smaller fish on 65 braid- both from the 43 area and I belive mackeral as baits-- earlier in the day, yesterday-- the three boys brought in their fish from the previous battle that went into the night- , it went 240lbs ," they aint hitting the poppers anymore-he say's- live mackerels"-

and Todd Z weighed in a 61 lb Yellowfin Tuna taken out by the 277 -- Todd got away from the new Fuel Dock Maxum in Huntington Harbor -Congrats Todd

Bluefin going off-- 324 pm ?

anybody have a report from the 182--- the 182's dead-- no life 4:18pm

sounded like the 425 and 02 were also on the slow side--

Couple/3 of images tio look at- - Water temps from 58 to 75 degrees ( Left) and of the Chlorophyll ( Right/ below), and a










Third image of the Surface Currents over the past 24 hrs- in .5 knts per hr. strongest in bright red ( Left below)




Harpoon boat to spotter airplane-- we got some numbers from a yacht down below here--but got blown out earlier this morning-- airplane/ it's wide spread out this year-- one here- there--he said-

- a few days ago we had one up at 5:30 -- sounds like they were running a fish 5:12 pm left--- left-- looking good--- right right-- right- come to the right-- --thank you!

High tide slack today--- 5:12pm


there's a second fish up----he's at yur 10 O'clock--- two boat lengths---- 12 00 -- 12:00 o'clock------roger!--Thanks!-

and another one up---- left--- three boat lenghts-- two--- two--- two--- left---- two- - one--- good job! say your pretty good at this 5:55pm

--------------------- Mondays Report-----

Yea I know it's monday-- in for a few hours-- JD

boats scattered out towards the 43 and the Ridge ( 181-182) couple of boys came into the BAC early this morning-- spent the night fighting a Giant Bluefin Tuna in their small skiff-

Yellows being found more and more under paddies and trolled feathers and Rapala also getting yellowfin strikes

Anything going on on the "corner"?-- bunch of yellows under the kelps and a pretty good show on the Bluefin-- any dines-- had them blowing up on the dines earlier this morning--

We're just driving around-- there's quite a few boats out here-- doing the same thing we are-- just driving around-

east of the 181 4- 5 miles water warms up a degree or two-- some yellowfin there-


--------------------- The weekends reports --------------

Brighter sky this moring -- a light marine haze which seems to evaperating early in the day- wind light from the S/W 2- 5 knts seas calm

With the sad news of the overturned boat off the backside of Catalina yesterday and lives lost- reminds us to wear your life vest, they make em' light weight and easy to wear- dont leave home without it!!- JD

Parker-- with the tower those fish are just East of you--

180 degrees out of Dana 31 miles -- spots of tuna and a swordfish this morning-- we're off your port side-- ont one hanging lost another-- 10:12am

E-Mail this moring from yesterdays catch--- Go get em gal! Hi JD - Your inspirational words to my daughter on Friday of "young lady, you need to go out and catch a tuna like your brother" came to fruition today. Hannah caught her first bluefin tuna and it weighed 61.7 pounds. She was very excited about her catch. Keep on inspiring our youth to get outdoors and fish. Thanks Gary

Rich--- Rich-- big school of Tuna---- big fish -- big fish!-- 10:26am

Swordfish boat--- Swordfish boat--- you on this side?-- there's a fat one right here off out side we've been baiting it for a couple of hours!- 10:35am

W've got two on the boat-- smaller yellowfin- 30- 40 lbers--

I'm on the 14 mile bank and there's Bluefin everywhere! 1:30pm!!! --??

we're seeing bluefin as far as the eye can see-- ( Note-- for waht it's worth--the clear skies overhead started to become overcast around 1 pm today?) ??

San Clemente Canyon and the shelf to the inside held tunas too

BAC--BAC --Balboa Angling Club-- you on this side---Pacific Pioneer- we're outside the harbor coming in to weigh a fish--- Bluefin somewhere around 130- 140-- short bent standup rod-- most boats had a shot at them today-- about halfway between the 181 and the 289-- slow trolling the mackerels--

Nice yellowfin-- he hit that 4 inch black and purple small jet head-- just put it out

Nice going what you get them on--- we've been getting them on the yummy flyer--- pretty constant bite on them-- 5:39pm

Good luck this upcoming week- JD---------

Good tuna fishing 55 miles out from Cabo on large jigs-- Todd Z

Fight hard but no match for those Calstar rods! Using the small bent butt stand-up with an accurate 50w. Those rods are amazing!








------------- Sat's reports --------------------

The morning hours greeted the boats with calm seas and overcast sky- wind light from the south/ eddy 2- 4 knts- lots of boats out jabbering--

Hi JD, We went fishing for BFT, but came home with a YFT. My son, Nick, and his 51 lb YFT caught trolling in front of dolphin on Friday - somewhere inside the 181. Ali, Surly Mermaid

we're inside the 267/ warm water and we're marking fish. 9:33am

Just like the old times at the Tuna Club of Avalon-- anglers sore and worn out after long battles with these Giant Pacific Bluefin Tunas telling fish stories of the ones that got away-- - spent 8 1/2 hours on one fish yesterday- after the second hour I could see line beginning to wear, at 22lbs of drag and bumped it up to full "make or break em'"- 6 1/2 later the line parted!-- another fish story of 3 hook up on these brute size fish- all three broke off and another of a 130 lb braid line and 150 Fluorocarbon leader it too broke off

Nice day on the water-- the 43 and general area around there held those bigger bluefins-- slow trolling Mackerel helped for the bigger models. Best of luck tomorrow if your getting out--



Hi JD - great seeing you this afternoon. Thanks for the new fish club and pliers. Here is the picture from the Angling Club. Keep up the great work! Gary Vaughan

Email this mornings from yesterdays Hey JD-- Well….. we didn’t see any tuna however we did find this guy. Tossed macks on/at him for 30 mins. We finally gave up! Jammin’







----------------------- Friday's reports -----------------

Morning overcast and south wind- afternoon clearing skies and west wind the pattern for a while till we get another heat wave them more westerly-- Calm seas -- swell subsiding over the weekend-

Most boats that were chasing the tunas were happy to find a kelp and drift it-- we're here on the 181- found a paddy and are drifting it, not seeing much -- still quiet on the 209? -- looking for a fish report from the 312---- just a few paddies the reply comes back--- I'm at the 209 and it's really dead out here-- 10:07 am

Thanks for the report were right next to you-- thanks--- got 6 on, 5 in the box chewing on the sardines w/30 fluor 20 lb class fish you on out port side - were on the corner- 10:15

just give it some time- they're right under the paddy-- we've been slow trolling the sardines

11:26 am--

Hey JD! Headed to Avalon with the kids and stopped on a paddy 5 mi out of Dana. Picked up this nice Yellowtail in 70 degree water.

Sport boats out of Oceanside and San Diego were working the deep water drop off outside the 43 and towards the East Wing of the Butterfly general area 32:30 / 117:50/55

11 up and 29 out-- felt like a hours battle was probally more like 10 minutes--- hook pulled or knot? biggest mackeral slow trolled a ways back-

others at top number- 00 and 18 under

we're out here by the 181--- saw a few but couldn't get them to go--- heard a a few fish caught here- there-- but we're not sure and not sure of where they were at-

N32°22'41.27"/ W117°52'09.59" , N32°22'40.29" W117°52'10.36" couple of stops by sportboat- 1:pm today

Does anyone have a fish formula--- it's 61 x 41 1/2" (Length x Girth Squared divided by 800 )- 132 lbs-- came up on the popper just shy of the 181--- nice going!! it was called a yellowfin!

182 had a bite mid-late morning-

182 we lost two got one

Phone call this afternoon--- Hey JD we got "em" couple of tunas around 50 and the other big one around 150+ we'll be in to the BAC to weight them-- where were you at--- right at the US border/ cornor --- got them on poppers- Halco and another popper--- Michael Vaughn on the Big G -- A short while later the phone rings again--- we just weighed the big fish that Cameron Mc Cloud caught--- 218 lbs on the BAC scales the two others were in the 60's !--- sending photos-- !

they we're all over it--- tonnage of small anchovies -- brown bait balls under the boat-- they we were surprised they got it-- , two of the hooks were hanging loose , bent out

Penn Fathon two speed reel


Foxi Lady report -- Costa Rica-

Fishing is not supposed to be a contact sport, if you don't count the run to the rod when the reel goes off!! Today you wouldn't know that, My friend Rich Palys was in the fighting chair fighting a blue Marlin, the ocean wasn't calm, we were chasing the fish down and he was close, he turned and jumped towards the boat, landed on the gunnel head and peck fin inside boat, Rich is in the chair (an easy 4+feet from the gunnel) and the fish's bill takes a chunck out of Rich's arm. He will live, tagged his fish, 3/4 at the 110 mile fad, Just another day at work


----------------------------------- Thursday's reports ------------

Nice weather-- light south wind this morning-- some coastal clouds which seems to be going away mid morning-- good sized ground swell from the south has the surfers out- a smaller swell from the west - seas fair otherwise.

Quite a few boats out of SD waters-- seeing a few 30 lb bluefin schools no bites- porpoise and birds reported but not much said yet about any tunas caught-- boats ranged from the 209 southwards to the border and the 302/ 425-

Took my yacht out early this morning ( first time in several months) shake down- all working fine and no leaks!- Calico's were biting especially on the New Penny colored Jerk Shads- no big fish but good number of em'- Schools of small anchovies just south of the Newport's Harbor-- Dana Point and below reported to be jugged with anchovies- good news for the later part of the season for the marlin fishing--

AIS shows some of the larger sportboats out of SD were fishing the deep water side of the 43 and out towards the East wing of the Butterfly-

one 25 lb yellowail out from a paddy- live sardine


---------------------- Wed's Reports-----------

With the weather at least the wind backing off a bit today -- seems like the radio is active again with the number of boat out--tunas and yellowtails

Light marine cloud cover off on the ocean's horizon- wind from the south 4- 6 knts some light wind chop with it- seas good

Still seeing fish in front of us 100 yards, left - right, staying up for about 5 seconds then down- not one group of fish but 4 or 5 of them - good sized fish but we haven't been able to get on them yet-- 10:24am

Latest water temp images from 55 to 75 degrees

sounds like more and more yellowtails under the kelps-

Newports Bait receiver has 3-5 inch anchovies -- they hope to get more soft and fin bait in befor the weekend-

we came across a school of hundreds of yellows got one on the iron-- 1:12 pm

Sounded like someone saw a swordfish up--1:15pm

All right skippers-- it's been quiet for a while --- anybody seeing anything??---- best bait and birds we saw was around the 302-- quiet elsewhere-- boils seen near the 425

Boats circumnavigating the island Catalina) yesterday were hopefully of yellowtails ----not found- calicos but no yellows and they had the squid for live bait--

South and Southeast of the 312 - 4- 7 miles looks good- birds bait - works work it for most of the day-



-------------------- Tuesday's Reports -------------

Humid south wind this morning strong at times with a haze to the shy- looks like Cirrocumulus clouds above- mackerel sky above 18,000 ft- slight wind chop along with a uphill current-- bass were biting--

A look forward at the San Clemente Island Security shows the island's southern end, SHOBA looks "Hot" all day Friday with anchorage after 1700 ( 5 pm) and again SHOBA is Hot/ active" from 9:00 (9am) to 1400 ( 2 pm)-- open that evening till the same thing on Sunday--hot/ active from 900- 1400 hrs-- looking forward to the Fouthof July weekend its open Fri, Sat, Sun and Monday!

And a E-mail from yesterday's fishing out of San Diego-- Good fishermen know-- when they are here you've got to go get them while you can-- the fish may not always wait t for you pleasure-- and that's what they did- trailered down from Newport and went out of Mission Bay for a pair of fat ones-- congrats-- JD

Boat just in from the backside of Catalina-- east end-- bait boat was there selling squid-- but all they got were some smaller sized bonitos and some good scenery - wind swell and chop from the southeast made it a bit uncomfortable and the overcast sky made for fair fishing- they trolling all the way back for nada-- 2:17pm

someone said a 60er was caught out of newport? with repors of tunas outside the RitZ Carlton 708 miles and a swordfish seen 4 outside Abalone Point

wind and wind chop was steady from the south all day--- 12 15 knts-- skies hazy - odd weather-

A swordfish caught yesterday (165lbs approx) 209 towards the 181 and spots of yellowfin in the area--

San Diego boats were working not to far from home--- 32:47 / 117:21


And down Cabo way--- the 20TH ANNUAL STARS & STRIPES TOURNAMENT Benefiting Youth Charities Since 1996 is JUNE 23–26, 2016 CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO a great fund rasing event--


------------------- The weekend's reports ----------------

Short period mixed swell with the west starting to blow early- bay water turned cold from the upwelled water at 59 degrees and up to 63 up the flats but still offcolor and fishing slow. Several boats turned around-- sea sick pasangers-

Down below what boats made it out reports seeing some spots of bird activity but no tunas yet-- everyone's waiting for them to come up- 10:00am

We got one in the box--- heading back in early---

Whattt--- ------ we just saw you get that one----yea we just put one on the deck and we've another one hanging-- -- 140 --150 11:17am

they're here-- we just broke one off -- couple splashing around

33:01.47 / 117:39.40--- they're moving up the line--- be on the Avalon Bank and beyond before you know it-- stand by- 1:29pm

32:58.22 / 117:44.35 1:32pm

E-Mail this afternoon- from yesterdays catch-- Between the 182 and the 9 yesterday on a 8" blue and white mackerel popper on Kirk Blackmans Skipjack. Fish came up between 1 and 2 pm. Happy fathers Day!

Got windy mid afternoon - stiff westerly

there's a ton of bait here-- all those little skipjack are blowing up on - birds bait pelicans seals-- 5:20pm



Long distance casting plugs--- some of the simplest and proven lures are the Rangers, used off the East Cape for long distance casting off the beach to elusive Roosterfish , it's splashy reterive draws strikes- they work excellent for tunas too's!- best action is in the middle to fast range, no rod action is necessary except when water is almost glassy calm. slower receive in rougher water , faster in calmer water is the general rule- priced right too!



Matched with a pair of Owner assist hooks for a more solid battle . Note when using Assist hooks for the Pacific Bluefin IGFA records, rules - the lead cannot be more than 1- 1/2 the hooks length and bend of hook may not be more than 4 inches ,whichever is less, from the point of attachment on the lure.


Doing a bit of research on the water temps ( left) of the west coast I see a small finger of cooler water reaching down from Point Conception winding its way southwards and in a closer image of the chlorophyll charts ( right) there's a strong body of off-colored plankton rich band of water coming southwards from the Channel Islands southwards behind San Nicholas island and down towards the Tanner and Cortez Banks -- might act as a barrier for fish to push through-














---------------------- Sat's reports --------------

Hot- Hot- Hot inland early west wind in the morning here on the beach . lots ob beach goers- and boaters out-- light wind chop- sounded like they were starting to dring early

boats scattered from Catalina to the Coranado islands and seaward- not many glowing reports yet-- the fish seemed to be up mid morning yesterday till early afternoon- standing by-

Got em' in the boat-- was the last word I heard last night-- about 140 lbs-- that's about the size of fish we have-- - others were tallking of the pros and cons of the 9 ft rods-- saying they done with them-- too long of battles on those tunas-

Couple of boys cane in the shop yesterday afternoon-- having returned back from Catalina in their skiff-- Yellowtail on live squid from a kelp on the 14 mile bank-- they'd seen a good number of fish under it--

Boats ran to the 209 this morning -- hopefull of the tunas--- not finding them came back in looking for kelps and tails- seeing lots of searwaters just south of the 209-- but no terns--

32:17-to 32:13 and 117: 22 to 24-- a wad of fish but sloppy coming back uphill above and a little outside the 425 -- 10:45am

100- 200 lbs 07/ 33 inside edge of the 302-- 11:27am going off--- another guy saying he was on those numbers--- nothing going on for him-- another said anyone going to the 425 nothing for him either except a few bonito-

Sloppy- mid channel-

how about the upper 9 anybody doing anything there-- bumpy water that's all

How you doing-- we got one yellowfin- and a bluefin earlier they are really touchy today--

it got a little overcast/ cloud cover later in the afternoon and wind backed off a few degrees and knts--

Happy Pop's Day---

----------------- Fri's Reports -------

Sunny again--- a light southwest carrying the coolness of the the water up to the shoreline- inland hot- light wind chop-

Morning radio chatter - almost alive with boaters-- better reception- we're outside , due west of the upper 9 -- seeing fish everywhere but cant get them to go-- others inside Mex border --down on the 302 looking hard both inside and outside of the back--

What'd you get him on-- Bleeding Mackerel Doornob lure-- 9:50am ( I think tuna)

Anybody fishing the 425--- we saw em' come up once then they went down-- plunking bite-- we're using sardines--

Hooked one fish yesterday- trolled small Halco-- 9 mile bank going off lots of birds bait---

302 queit-- not much life over here---

Water temps off the Coastline from 60 to 72 degrees


Seeing fish all over the place but going down before we get them- one boat said he'd five fish

Newport's Bait receiver has plenty of Live Squid

With the filling Full Moon-- adage that tuna migrate durings it's full phase .

hooked a couple on the poppers-- they're around--

Broke off the tuna-- working a 20lb yellowtail now-- Boats are seeing more yellowfin tunas and Bonoto catches now--

just got one on the troll about 4 miles NW of the 9

lots of boats out-- fair fishing fair catching--- wind picked up at noon westerly 12- +

Got one hanging--- 15/ over 34 1:22pm

Slower fishing yesterday much better today-- Pescador coming in this afternoon to the BAC with pair of 100+ fish- congrats-- live squid and a popper-- ouside upper 9 mile bank-- got away from the fleet- spots of foamers when we left-- 1:32pm-- pair of 120lbs on the button! Doug said-- he's seen more tuna over the past there days then he's seen in all the time he'd been on the water--- and they seem to be on the move up the line-- Stand By--

Guys were still after the tunas-- yellowfin's up 4:45 pm-- under the terns-- about a 1/4 mile of fish spread around 26 over 34

and reported a 220+ Bluefin tuna weighed in at SD today--

Late in the afternoon - West wind and chop came up- bigger boats stuck it out-- finnding fish up in the chop- 32:30.00 / 117:31.39 5:44pm


And South of the Border--- East Cape stuff- Hi JD, The boys were very successful today landing this 300 pound yellowfin tuna. The chartered 35 foot chartered Cabo headed out of Rancho Leonaro early this morning. This beautiful tuna was caught 15 miles east of Fraileys. Big tuna surfaced with dolphins, this tuna was caught on a Maurader. A three hour ten minute fight and Tim Lovoy boated the fish of his dreams! Robert Sherrill, Gary Fiamengo and Tony Lovoy helped haul this fish onto the boat. A big fish fry tonight at Rancho Leonaro !!!


-------------- Thursday's Reports ------

Sunny, pale blue skies this morning-- first time in a long time- light marine haze along the coastline and a light south wind at 2- 5 knts - seas fair- lots of boats heading out for the weekend already--

Although I didn't hear much -- from the AIS the partyboats out of SD were fishing the 9 Mile bank -chasing the Bluefins- on the deeper outside shelf of it and the 302 area had boats working there as well- , the same old afternoon wind came up- along with the afternoon marine haze-- light chop-- hope to hear more tomorrow- best of luck if you get out this weekend- especially dads!


------------------Wed's Reports ----------------

Buy Dad a fishing Kite for Dad's Day-- he needs it! Due in today Boston Fishing kites!

reports say some of those Bluefins were out on the 9 mile bank this morning--

heaver overcast cloud cover this morning-- looks to be breaking up mid morning-- Forecast looks better for this weekend -

The take on Bluefin Tuna is regulated , I'll check facts again but the 2016 catch so far was something like 82% for the Pacific with 1.4 mt still available for Eastern Pacific take-

and I was reminded in the IGFA World Record keeping there are three divisions of Bluefin Tuna, the Southern Bluefin (maccoyii) Tuna, the Tuna Bluefin (thynnus) and just recently reclassified the Tuna, Pacific Bluefin (orientalis) and many of these line classes are still open for challenge, men's women's, junior and smallfry and fly fodders--- good luck! JD


------------------------- Tuesday's Reports ----------

and the fish stories continue- grey overcast this morning mixed current and wind on the beach-

E-Mail--- JD,---- We had an EPIC! day of fishing on Sunday. It was Running N Gunning style of popper fishing chasing massive schools of large BFTs as they were in a feeding frenzy on small anchovies at the southwest end of the Knuckle (302). I’ve never seen anything like it before and I’m temped to get back out there again soon. They would only bite on long cast at the bow with poppers when I position the boat in right near the top of the frenzy then in seconds they are gone. We caught 3 estimated weight 65#, 75# and 120# each with long battles to bring these brutes in. Thanks for all you good work with the site David Schwab m/v Lucky Joes


In a three hour battle on light 16 lb IGFA Mono Line--- a pending Southern California Tuna Club Record-- Congrats---JD

Another E Mail this morning--- Hey JD, Put me on the reservation list for one of those Boston Fishing kite - Code word “Mackerel”. We used one last weekend and it is by far the easiest kite I have ever used. We didn’t get any fish on the kite, but I did get one soaking a sardine.

Boat: The Kid. Captain: Brett Clark, Gaffers: Phil Capriccio & Miles Norman , Angler: Chris Halliday 115.3lbs caught on 8kg Mono - Pending SCTC club record.

San Clemente Island looks open for this coming weekend- couple of sportboats working the East Wing of the Butterfly Bank this morning--looked like they were into to several stops by noon

this next weekend the moon's filling with a full moon on Sunday/ Monday- the Bluefins should be biting well by then-


late afternoon repost -- scratcy at best -- a congrats--- good going on your fish-- glad you got one--- tuna- 5:50pm


---------- the Weekends Reports --- closed monday-------

The Sun- the Sun!! - at least showing itself early here on the beach today- by 11 pm shadows and the marine layer looks to go away- wind still from the south- 3-8 knts so there's some wind chop associate with it-- seas calm otherwise- lots of boat were out today--

E-Mail this afternnon-- JD , This weekend on Provider, George Garrett caught a nice bluefin. Not sure how big but well over 100 for a Tuna Club local button on Dacron. On way to scales at the BAC

said the fishing yesterday was tough-- till later in the day --- tide filled in and they came up-- still tough but there were fish to be caught --- and today they was a morning bite also-- seems like the larger fish were down near the 302- 425 fathom spots and those general waters-- coming north to the US/ Mex border several schools of smaller 50/60 fish seen- party boats were on them.

130 lb on 80 lb Dacron-- one hour- perfect set up for George-- fast taper 7 ft rod from Cousins Tackle an 2 speeded Penn 50 W loaded with almost 800 yds of 80lb Dacron and a live mackerel dangled off a Boston Fishing Kite-- it's about the only way they could get that heavy line out to where the boat shy fish were - but with a fishing kite and a live bait they had three bites --- JD's is SOLD OUT of the Boston Fishing Kites ---- but More are on order!!! Due in Wed !!-- Reserve yours today---Call 1 800 660 5030 and say the secert word "Mackerel" and receive a free Gift!-- Good Luck JD


The Balboa Angling Club was busy this aftenoon-- as returning boats into the harbor flew their flags-- tunas- a long trip southwards and back home but they scored well on some big Bluefin-- Bongos weighted in fish there-- they had gotten 5 for the day!-- found a school of foamers got hooked up! 130 lb fish on the spinning tackle / poppers--


---------- Sat's Gloomy day reports --

gloomier than usual stiff wind from the south small craft warning at the harbor's entrance- overcast and drizzle-

Newport receiver had Squid and a load of anchovies this morning-

Dismal-- they said after running all the way down to the 43 out of Newport and down to the border-- said they only had heard of three fish being taken and lots of boats moving around--- all looking no radio chatter to speak of-- couple of big paddies on the 43 but no one home there either-- long boat rides

------------------------------ Fridays Reports ---------------

Remains the 10 day of the month-- still gloomy marine coastal cloud cover breaks up a little mid day and comes back again towards the afternoons-- that's alright, all the little bait fishes are feeding quite well now, plankton life growing - it's all good--- by July it'll be sunny and lots of fish around- !

Not much said on the radio today--- not much said on the radio at all these days-- social networking taking up the void-- only is over 50 listen to the VHF these days-- form what I could gather-- most of the SD fleet were around the 392 for most of the day-- seas were ok- tomorrow morning a South will will greet boaters-- Clemente Island looks to be open for anchorage in Pyramid Cove for Friday, Sat and Sunday- restricted times on Monday

Guluck- JD





--------------------- Thursdays the 9th reports ---------------

Light Drizzle, overcast wind fair/ light from the southeast-- small wind ripple on the water- water looks gray - calm seas-- Tides still strong but beginning to flatten out next week-- slack tide this weekend looks good right after that 8:30 an on Sat and the afternoons 3:30 pm high-- swordfish?

Surface Current Mapping Interface to HFRADAR Derived Surface Currents

Today's technology sets us apart from any past history sportfishing efforts- a look at weather forecasts, water and chlorophyll, salinity charts and what surface currents are happening now-- what does it all mean? Well if you can stay with it and comprehend any of it- it lets you plan for your trips offshore-- when you get there it many have changed but at least you've got a starting point to go from and a idea of where to go from there----- -- or watching a seagull fly off into the distance and follow it might be just as easy-- good luck- JD

E-Mail-- While you’re on the BSB subject, a man by the name of Dick Lane caught the world record 557 lb. Black Sea Bass way back in the day off Silver Canyon on the back side of Catalina Island. As you can see, it was weighed in on the pier at Avalon. He had a boat 3 slips down from ours almost 40 years ago when I was a kid. Great guy. I remember listening to his marvelous fish stories, and had this photo hanging in my bedroom room growing up. The record stood for a few years before another angler caught one 6 lbs larger at Anacapa. Thought you might enjoy this

Banged two of em' on the jigs--- ones 50 the other around 70 lbs--- 11:29am

Local Whale watchers report lots of bait schools just south of the harbor out a couple of miles-- and down off Laguna 4 5 miles out bait schools-

sun came out for a hazy mid afternoon then got covered up again with the marine layer-- the incubator-


And I thought using kites was fun-- now the craze is with Drones- -- staying away from the foaming tunas-- fly a drone out over them carrying a popper or bait-- a jerk on the line and the lures drop right amonst them-- better have some savvy in flying them and getting it back in the boat!- sounds like a three man job!


--------- El Nino-- El Nada News---- La Nina's--coming to your theater this fall --

(ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION issued by CLIMATE PREDICTION CENTER/NCEP/NWS and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society 9 June 2016 ENSO Alert System Status: Final El Niño Advisory / La Niña Watch Synopsis: ENSO-neutral conditions are present and La Niña is favored to develop during the Northern Hemisphere summer 2016, with about a 75% chance of La Niña during the fall and winter 2016-17. El Niño dissipated and ENSO-neutral conditions returned during over the past month, as indicated by the expansion of near-to-below average surface temperatures (SST) across the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean Other than the westernmost Niño-4 region, the Niño indices were near zero by the end of May Below-average subsurface temperatures continued and extended to the surface across the eastern equatorial Pacific For the first time in 2016, atmospheric anomalies over the tropical Pacific Ocean were also consistent with ENSO-neutral conditions. The traditional and equatorial Southern Oscillation indices were near zero, while the upper and lower-level winds were both near average across most of the tropical Pacific. Convection was also near-average over the central tropical Pacific and over most of Indonesia Collectively, these atmospheric and oceanic anomalies reflect a transition from El Niño to ENSO-neutral conditions. Many models favor La Niña (3-month average Niño-3.4 index less than or equal to -0.5°C) by the Northern Hemisphere fall (Fig. 6). However, most dynamical models indicate La Niña onset as soon as the Northern Hemisphere summer, which is slightly favored by the forecaster consensus. In contrast, many statistical models favor a later onset time, with about half indicating the persistence of ENSO-neutral conditions through the winter. At this time, the forecasters are leaning toward a weak or borderline moderate La Niña if an event were to form. Overall, ENSO-neutral conditions are present and La Niña is favored to develop during the Northern Hemisphere summer 2016, with about a 75% chance of La Niña during the fall and winter 2016-17


----------------- Weds Reports ---------------

Overcast morning again--- a little brighter mid morning- light southeast wind 2- 3 knts smooth seas--

Kids out of school allready-- out for a days fishin'' good to see-

Live Squid For Sale---- the bait receiver spouts out-- Live squid for sale-

Just reminded of those fishing the coastal waters-- Giant Black Sea Bass are around-- Strongly protected - generally agreed now that to just let the fish regain it's own strength and with a nudge downwards they should survive fine-- past ideology was to puncture the sid of the fish to escape the air bladder. Studies show infection into these punctures doesn't help the fish.



Yummies Flying Fish--- just like the real thing-- either rigged witha single hook or get them un-riggged and rig them anyway you want--- In Stock now-- --- Drag em' under a Boston Fishing Kite for those spooky Bluefin!!!--





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And a reminder of one of those who made sportfishing what it is today-

E-Mail about Joe Dill--- J.D. Thanks for all your help with the Pickle deal. I am in charge of the memorial and Bill Mcwethy has offered to help. We are going to do a casual get together of Joe's friends at the Tequila Factory 2467 Juan St. San Diego 92110 at 4 PM Tuesday June 14. I need to know an approximate head count, so people can e-mail me with their plans. Joe had a lot of friends. so I hope Bills restaurant can hold us all.. Please have people ready to participate with Pickle stories in that there is no real agenda.. there will be taquitos and guacamole and a no host bar. thanks John Kirkpatrick 818-429-1940 add a little note that I would like some pictures for the event. People can e-mail them to me Thanks John

Note---- and sad E-mail --- J.D. It is with great sorrow that I wish to spread the word of the passing of the very popular captain Joe Dill. Anybody with any time in Cabo ' back in the day ' will for sure have fond memories of the Pickle. "Hey Joe where are you going ?---- " I'll be back in a couple hours Ricky I have to do some skipper shit"---- Come share your favorite Pickle story at the memorial even if it has to do with your ex-girlfriend . T B A here Thanks for the space - I know many of Joe's friends read this John K . Details on his services will be posted as soon as I know- -- another legend in our time- JD


----------------------------------- Tuesday's reports ---------

Nice weather-- overcast light south west wind-- seas calm-- still the abundance of Red Crabs in local waters-- Calicos were eating them Sculpin were stuffed with them and offshore probably the tunas were on them too- Couple of boats out on the tuna grounds so far-- seeing some fish but I did not hear of hookups--

Nice weather now-- the sun burns off the coastal clouds, light S/W will probably swing to come from the west later this afternoon- couple of boats out-- one said he's caught a 30 lb yellowtail from a kelp out towards the 209-- Yellowtail action below the border doing well-

A check with the local bait receiver--- ? no response?-

Coastal clouds came back early today- sill nice weather- not much of a west wind this afternoon--- local fishing very good for the basses-- both Calicos and Sand Bass-- a few of the pesky sharks around, and no, you can not go fishing for those White Sharks off Huntington-- probably get you in trouble if you hook one-- stay in the deeper water for the Threshers.

I did not hear much on the tuna grounds-- but with the relief of boat traffic now they should still be around-- they say below the 43 ther's lots of bait in that area--

A note on the spinning reel/ rod casting those large poppers--- just a short length of Fluoro Carbon leader is all that's needed , a 2 1/2- 3 ft is fine-- keeping the knot out of the guides, and you are limited to the strength of the cast by how much pressure is applied to your finger while holding the line on the spinning reel-- a band aid or some flex wrap helps protect the finger after a days casting. Best of luck


---------------------------- Monday's reports -------------------

yea I'm back again on Monday-- at least for today-- - the weekend's tunas beat up some of the anglers-- many went fishless while others spent hours-- and hours into the nighttime on those brut sized Tunas giving the anglers second doubts wheather they should have heen hooked in the first place!--

The Shaver Clan , did very well in the Tuna Club Tournamenet for White Seabass ----Osprey taking High Honors for High Boat

And over the weekend Swordfisn and Tuna Highlights-- Controlled Chaos's Swordfish and Tuna, Angler/owner Kevin Harvey 349# swordfish 80# Talaca, on live bait, 1:45 fight time and a Bluefin Tuna, angler owners son Tyler Harvey #223 on #80 Stella 14000 spinner on popper, 2 hr fight time Crew Captain. Pete Groesbeck, Barry Brightenburg, Jim Kingsmill




Call for Bluefin Tuna Carcasses!






NOAA Fisheries needs your help! Scientists at the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC) are in need of biological samples from bluefin tuna caught off Southern California. The waters offshore of San Diego are known to be important foraging grounds for many highly valued sportfish. Working with sportfishing anglers offers a unique opportunity to gather information and samples from recreationally caught sportfish, adding confidence that the data we collect is accurate and representative of what is actually going on offshore. In 2016 bluefin tuna samples will be very important for the ongoing research at the Science Center which is located in La Jolla, California. Most importantly we NEED carcasses with guts and heads from bigger fish (100-250+ pounds). As we learn more about these tuna and their diets we can begin to predict how changes in environmental conditions will affect local fishing… as in how do variations in sea surface temperatures, chlorophyll levels, prey abundance, and oceanography affect where the tunas go and whether they bite or not???

E-Mail-- from Owen S. My buddy and I fished all weekend.... I fished the 371 on Saturday 6/4/16. Lots of scattered fish, and lots of skiffs running them over. Went 2 for 4 on the 100 lb class bluefin. The landed fish went 112 and 107 lbs. Both popper fish on 80 lb to 80 lb on the 90J. Tons of boat pressure with all the long range boats and 100s skiff in a small 2 mile area. Several times while sliding in on a school I would look behind me to see boats running up my wake and stopping within 20 feet of my stern. Pretty scary, and none of those schools would bite. The only bites we got were when we slid on schools well away from ANY other boats.... which is probably why the fish dissipated on Sunday 6/4/16.... I fished that same area on Sunday and the fish were gone.... too much boat pressure! Best bet is to get away from the boats and find your own fish. You don't need to find the foamers. Just find the terns. Our best stop was on three tern birds with no boiling fish seen.... we cast on the tern birds and had an instant double on jumbos....

To donate the head, guts, or entire carcass from your locally caught bluefin tuna please give me a call or email. Contact information is below…. Good luck and be safe out there! Owyn Snodgrass Fisheries Biologist with Ocean Associates and NOAA Fisheries (858)342-6372


We also examined a stomach from a 70 pound bluefin, caught May 25, 2016. This stomach was stuffed with small krill. When the bluefin are on krill balls it could explain their lack of interest in biting hooked baits or surface jigs. So, if the fish are on krill balls you might have better luck if you can find a different school. Krill balls will show up on your meter as soft back scatter marks.


Otoliths were collected from a 168 pound bluefin tuna. Otoliths are very fragile but when dissected from the animal they can be used for many things including age, and migration patters. These otoliths were used to examine the amount of time it takes for bluefin to swim from Japan to Southern California, which we estimate to be around 2 months.

The heads and guts from bigger bluefin (100-250 pounds) are very important. Last year, we looked at samples from the largest fish in our collection last year that were caught during 2015 and determined that the females were all immature. However, we will continue to look at samples from the larger fish that visit our coast and that is only possible with your help

Ovaries collected from a 168 pound immature female bluefin caught in 2015. Thank you Ryan Lawler for donating this fish!

The appearance of bluefin tuna off San Diego during summer and fall likely coincides with warmer regional waters and a peak in abundance of juvenile fish, crustaceans, and squid species. The data we are collecting is helping us to better understand the biological complexity of the region and will ultimately aid in developing an ecosystem-based approach for sustainably managing HMS off the California coast. As we learn more about tuna and their diets we can begin to predict how changes in environmental conditions will affect local fishing. Your donations will help improve the quality of our science! Thank you in advance for your generous donations

Migrations and studies of the Tunas---

here are a few..You may need special permission to see- .. Bluefin migrations:,,,,



-------------- The Wicked Tuna Weekend ----

Overcast morning- -- till the first week in July---

The catch of a 325+ Swordfish and Tuna in the 200 lb class- same boat same day-- just goes to show you the finest tackle, First Class boat and First Class Captain and crew can put it all together again-- hard to beat perfection- Congrats to Pete and anglers- crew for an outstanding days fishing here in So Calif-- the first week in June--

And word comes out of the Prospector was on a 20+ hour battle on a Bluefin Tuna -- finally late in the battle the hook pulled-- ahaaaa-- tough battle -- it's not easy with Tuna Club Regulation Tackle -- that's why they are the Tuna Club of Avalon- it's not easy-- Hi JD Joker was fishing Catalina for TC sea bass tourney. It was Prospector with Jack at helm. Send you details when they get in later tonight. Bob------- Grant Garrett was angler - 50 lb tackle 2-speed reel with a Yo Zuri popper. 19 1/2 hours lost it at the boat - hook pulled. Found a school of big models on the corner below and inside 43. Hell of a battle. The Agony of defeat...

Maybe your 3 O'Clock-- about 150 yds--- 10:15am

The Tuna Fleet seems to be centered around 32.24 / 117.44's general area-- outsdie oand south a few miles below the 302-- Mexican Waters--

the 43 quieted down yesterday and today

Catalina keep the Yellowtails in the highlights- the 3 B's in the act too- west wind after 2 pm- chop on the water-- good luck this coming week if you get out- JD



----------------------- Sat's Reports ------------------

overcast morning-- foggy up the coastline where it chills off quicker in that shallow water- the Flats/ Long Beach- light wind from the west 1- 2 knts seas flat calm

The fleets out-- some for the tunas-- some for swordfish ---some for yellowtails and whitefish, radio chatter these days has been kept to the minimum as cell phone to another is done.

JD-- From Hooked--- Email-- Here is a photo of my second swordfish seen in as many trips. The fish took a whack at the bait on this cast but didn't finish it off.

We finished our trip at San Clemente Island for good yellowtail fishing. Bring on summer!


One of my nicer casts. Too bad it didn't bite.

If I didn't misread the daily events yesterday-- a slack tide showing of bait and gamefish--today--another shot at the short period slack tide today-- one was at 9-10 am this morning --slack for only a few minute and this afternoons from a low to a filling stage around 3:45 + this afternoon-- stand by---

we got a 60 lb er -- Bluefin---ours about a hundred pounder--- how'd you get it-- just slow trolled a mack----- it just went off--- we caught a swordfish this morning--- about a 225 lb ers ! 12:44 pm Congrats---

We've four other sportboats--- there's a guy inside us-- he's hooked up --- we've em' soaking right now 1:28pm

We had a boil on the kite-- had a solid hook up--- broke the 80lb -- don't know why-- something went wrong-- --that other boat he slid in got immediately three on-- then a single-- and another single and a third single-- six for the day-- I think they went home---

150---lbs--- 4 hours and 15 minutes and I finally got him in the boat!!!!----1:55 pm

Our fish was foul hooked and tail wrapped and we still got in it--- we had em' all around the boat littlerly 20 ft off the boat we through everything -- completely out of the water everyone's all excited -----very frustrating--- *

We've still have em' foaming around us-- they don't want to stay up long-- 2:17 pm

we're out here with the other sport boats-- Shogun, American Angler-- the Intrepid--

Looks like it's 190 on spinning gear and a popper-- they also caught a est-275 swordfish this morning-- 6 :30 this morning--- first cast ate it---

We left em S/W of the 43 a little bit-- hour and a half ---lost it at the boat

Swordfish boats working the inside of Clemete-- warm water-- tight to the beach

----------------------- Friday ------------------

June Gloom-- what's you expect--- it's June--- It's to the betterment of our fishery- ultraviolet rays bounce back in forth under it's canopy- warming the water- bait schools feels less inhabited staying near the surface longer--tides are in full swing this weekend Saturn and Mercury have their added pull to the tides- Grunion on the beach 9 and 10 pm this weekend- it's all good-

--- Scratchy reports from the Tuna grounds-- we just lost a rod in the water-- don't really know what happened fell off? came up on a school of porpoise we were dragging through em, feels like a ghost town out here on the ridge-- hope something pos up when the sun comes out --we're between 181-- 182 right in between-- if you see anything give us a haller.

Cazador--- JD, We had a bit of luck yesterday off the Coronado islands. Two nice BFT in the 120-150 range. Rick Hult and myself were the lucky ones


302 we just boated a 115lb fish 10:55am

slow trolled mackerel way--way back--

On the 371 seen only a few boils- We keep -- keep metering marks down at 20 ft-- we've had two bites already-- something gonna happen 12:09

Hey JD, Love your reports, long time reader, first time poster. Great day of catching yesterday. We headed over to the island before Sunrise. Picked up some of the small squid Newport had. One of the squid boats was outside Avalon so we decided to pick up some of the bigger squid as well. We started out on the backside with three yellowtail, and broke off a nice halibut right at the boat. We were chumming with the small squid and fishing the big. We moved spots about noon and ended up getting this nice WSB (my first) and a larger model yellowtail. all in all, a fun day! —



More good Tuna Dope---

Hi JD, Ran down to the 371 yesterday, had good sardines with a couple anchovy, would have been great to have all anchovy. Waited until 2pm for the fish to come up and then shut the boat down and chummed fresh frozen chunked sardines from past trips. Had 8 hook ups, got 1 to the boat on 50lb on a tiagra 2 speed but he didn't even know he was hooked until he saw the boat and when he rolled and we made eye contact he decided it wasn't his time yet. We tried everything, small hooks, big hooks, reels in gear with heavy drag, circles, J hooks ....but these fish are so big they inhale the baits and wont touch anything over 50lb. they wouldnt touch irons either. we would have had more chances if boats would understand that running up on a school, even a quarter mile away will scare the fish down. we were the only boat in the area that was getting hooked up so bring a sea anchor and shut the boat down and be patient. The water was too rough to dive and we only had 2 people on the boat so shooting one was not an option. These are BIG fish, a friend of mine shot a 245 lber 2 days ago so heavy tackle is needed to even have a chance. It is tempting to chase them around but didn't we all learn from our mistakes last year? The fish were all over the 371, 302 from 2pm until dusk, we got more action later in the afternoon when they weren't as line shy. tom and clay on the Nuclear Hippo

Swordfish harpoon boat- he's up high and day-- just spinning circles-- 2:09 pm--- Slack Tide today-----2:18pm---

Water's green close to the beach clean's up - 7 off the beach-- better

Parker-- you on a fish--- 5:38pm




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-------- Thursdays June 2 report ------------------

Warming inland-- brings a westerly wind to the shores, marine haze- almost fog- it's clearing off mid day- light west wind with a sea chop on it-- coastal waters look green and offcolor-- feels cool in the air--

Those big fat Bluefin-- taken down below the Coronado islands- Hidden Bank area they call it-- fat healthy fish-- from that general area- upwards to the West all the banks towards the Ridge and in towards the beach could be holding fish-- water may roll over a little with this westerly- concentrated the spots - from some of the posted videos of these schools of Bluefin-- they're going to be challenging-- good luck-- 28/42 the boats were centered at-- from the 43 Bank in towards the US/ Mex border corner

A marlin caught by one of the sport boats down towards Colentt couple of days ago.

Newports got some small squids in their receiver--

Humpbacks---- JD Headed over to Catalina right now for Tuna Club White Seabass Tourney. Just wanted to report some awesome breaching humpback whale action near the shipping lane. 12-15 jumps as we went by. At times all the way out of the water. Good stuff! PB

Balboa Angling Club and The Tuna Club of Avalon are having a go at the Yellowtail and White Sea Bass as their club events unfold this weekend for the fishing seasons - tough to fish the tails and white fish when there's almost unstoppable Bluefinn tuna around, almost unstoppable but possible. Clemente Island looks to be active " Hot " for most of this weekend so no anchorage is available there 12 noon till midnight. Oceanside, Mission Bay and SD for the tunas boats -- or drift all night setting up a chum line for the dawns bite. Santa Barbara Is was the hot spot for the WSB last weekend- maybe so this weekend.




Couple of water temp images, from a month ago in a 8 day period to this past 8 days -- 55 to 75 degrees--- that cool 57 degree below Point Conception looks to be eroding and stronger flow coming from the south towards So Calif













1. Showers and thunderstorms remain disorganized in association with a low pressure area located about 950 miles south-southwest of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. However, environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for development, and a tropical depression is likely to form during the next couple of days as the disturbance moves west-northwestward at about 10 mph. * Formation chance through 48 hours...medium...60 percent * Formation chance through 5 days...high...80 percent

----------------------- Wed's Reports -------------------

Big story-- Bluefin Tunas caught with long distance casting conn reels or spinning gear with cast poppers / splashers lures

The POPEYE is for Sale

Fresh out of the boatyard-- she's all new and ready to go Fishing! ~

POPEYE-50' Pacifica

Give Rick a call at (714) 585-9774 or E-mail to

Refurbished in 2002, new 3196 Turbo Electronic Cats (660hp@)with 1100 hrs, 2 new 15kw matching generators, all new electronics including sonar, new tankage, new interior, tournament console bridge, remote controlled live bait drop backs, tower and much more.

---------------------------- Tuesdays Reports -------------

June Gloom--- wind light from the south-- sky and sea gray-- light wind ruffle on the water--

Tropical storming forming south of Cabo-- heading west Northwest later this week-Showers and thunderstorms associated with an elongated area of low pressure located about 1000 miles south of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula have become less organized since yesterday. However, environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for slow development, and a tropical depression is still likely to form later this week as the disturbance moves slowly west-northwestward. * Formation chance through 48 hours...low...10 percent * Formation chance through 5 days...high...80 percent

Overcast for the entire day- wind still from the south-- just enough to lift flags- seas calm---

building tides this next week as the moon darkens--

They say the White Sea Bass fishing at SCI was good over the weekend--Hi JD. While fishing at SBI yesterday we saw a frigate bird!-- First one I have seen in CA waters. Saw a booby bird too... And that stuff up at the Channel Islands slowed down-- Catalina still producing the smaller yellowtails and barracuda in the counts-- WSB off the corners of the island -- evening Skiffs had the bites, Swordfish spotted here-- there-mid channel - Stand By---things are developing well- baits the keys and that vortex of the California eddy will do its charm this summer--


---------------- Memorial Day---------------- -

Straight out of the Movie-- Closing the beaches on a Holiday Weekend-- you can imagine the Newport Beach city council having a meeting last night deciding whether or not to close the beaches-- helicopters buzzing the coastline this morning looking for JAWS' --- ---- --- --- --- --- she wasn't there--- thank gawd the Pesky's didn't have any of their fake marlin fins floating around--!

Rumor has it Pete W. had a 200 lb Bluefin on the deck this morning--- standing by for further details--

The 43 fathom spot was good -- at least the huge 5- 6 ft long Bluefin were there pushing up bait schools-- if your were fast or lucky to get on them you had a chance of getting a bite-- -- landing them was another story-- big fish-- one boat slid up on a school of breaking fish-- three anglers hung fish-- down to two and eventually down to one-- I think that one was lost at the boat too--- another boat on the 371 said he's had three fish on-- none landed - smaller bluefin in the 30- 60lb class also popping up -

Local Water temps for a 8 day period-- 55 to 70 degrees--

Wind from the west picked up as the weather cleared--

Kathy E- Hooker weighed in a 35 lb Halibut-- taken from the backside of Catalina on 30 lb test line--- and a young man-- coming back from the island-- found a kelp paddy--- baited it and found a large Yellowtail on the end of his line--- 48.33lbs! big fish!!


Some of the best sculptures ever made of Bluefin Tuna by Bodo Studio's out of Australia.



Bluefin chasing baitfish - height 14" - bronze edition of 100 - on American Walnut

Bluefin chasing baitfish - height 24" - stainless steel edition of 25 - on American Walnut and Bluefin chasing baitfish - height 62 " - stainless steel edition of 11




------------- Sundays Events -------------

Looks like it will clear of earlier than yesterday-- spots of blue behind the coastal clouds--

Couple Humpbacks spotted off Laguna 3- 4 off the beach-- lunge feeding--

Boats fishing those tunas out of San Diego and waters out from there were having good success on the bigger 60- 80 lb fish--- like the guy said on the AM radio this morning- long cast to any surface action, a few terns or breaking fish was one method-- and deep dropping jigs on meter marks and/or skipping a rigged rubber flying fish or such baits had results-- Bluefin were boat shy-- very boat shy.

Again, good signs of bait mid channel-- seems like something would show up there-- opah's, Swordfish, marlin, tunas ?

Yellowtails at both islands---no seabass? cat and clemente--- good customer just came in-- with a report of watching a swordfish get stuck-- inside the lee of Clemente-- spotter plane-

and the Bluefin were down on the 302

42lb SWB weighed in at the BAC- non member-- taken from Catalina

JAW'S---------- --- --- --- -- -- -- -- Shark off Corona Del Mar-- helicoper buzzing around for the past hour or so-- A portion of Corona del Mar State Beach was evacuated after a beachgoer suffered “traumatic injuries” in a possible shark attack Sunday afternoon, according to the Newport Beach Fire Department. About 4:10 p.m., a rescue boat picked up the injured female, according to Battalion Chief Brent Jacobsen of the Fire Department. The beachgoer’s wounds were consistent with signs of a shark attack; however, authorities have not immediately confirmed how she sustained her injuries, Jacobsen cautioned.

------------------- Sat's Reports ---------------

Still May Gray-- light drizzle- wind from the ? dead calm-- small mixed swell-- water temps on the 14 1/2 dozen boats - rock cod fishing or trolling around for nada-- 63 degrees-- Shipping lanes the water warms up- and mnore bait--

Red Crabs-- thick south of the harbor-- above it it's clean

holiday weekend's got a zillion people and boaters out---

and Welcome Back-- Huntington Harbors new Fuel Dock-- Open for Business Now! ---- JD: It is with great excitement that I would like to tell you that Huntington Harbor once again has a fuel dock that is open. Maxum Marine Fuels is ready to serve the boating community here in Huntington Harbor. We offer three grades of fuel: Regular and Premium gasoline as well as Diesel. Please stop by if you are in the area- Todd Z-

Todd Zondler Fuel Dock Supervisor for Maxum Marine Fuel, 15922 Pacific Coast Hwy Huntington Beach, CA 92649-- Phone 562-280-0103 (DD) | 424-344-0367 (Cell)




E-Mail from the Cape---JD--, Just returned from 2 days of Cabo marlin fishing by myself on my new boat JewelLure III out of San Jose. The marlin have finally started to show up to go along with the good wahoo fishing. I got 4 stripers and a blue and a by-catch thresher shark. Beautiful flat calm weather and only 12 miles from the harbor.

That afternoon early evening overcast worked is way back again-Whale watchers were challanged again today-- finding the most sealife south out of the newport harbor towards the 4-5 mile range offshore towards Dana. shearwaters and dolphins

22.33 lbs Yellowtail taking on IGFA 8 lb test line-- White's Cove 1 1/2 hr battle-- with all those mooring lines and boat traffic-- tough battle-- congrats to Chuck H.--Cowboy .



----------------------- Friday's reports ----------------

May Gray--- wind light 4-5 knts southwest-- seas calm-

For the family's entertainment -whale watching- Couple of Humpbacks and dolphins feeding 8 1/2 south of the harbor (Newport) and offshore 3- 4 miles-

White Sea Bass being caught Catalina, the Channel Islands and off Malibu on the squid spanning next--

Only a few moorings available now in Avalon

Water temps around the 60 degree up to 65--

more and more Black Sea Basses being caught off Catalina--

Tuna's big ones being chased down on the 181- 182--- even flying kites to catch em'-- good luck this weekend

Lots of bait and birds on the way to the Island





-------------- Thursday's reports ---------------

Light marine clouds and coastal clouds off to the west-- wind from the south -- eddy form outside westerly-- seas OK- offcolor and turned over from the wind these past few days--- a few common dolphins around mostly offshore 5- 10 in the cleaner water--

First of the tropical storms off the East Coast- due later this weekend-- Environmental conditions are expected to become more conducive for tropical or subtropical cyclone formation on Friday while the system moves west-northwestward or northwestward toward the southeastern United States coast. With the Memorial Day weekend approaching, all interests along the southeast coast from Georgia through North Carolina should monitor the progress of this low.


E-Mail- San Pedro Bait / Newport Bait Reciever--- Live Squid for Sale!, just want to pass along that the Newport barge is loaded up with live squid. They also have plenty of 4-7” sardines. Have a great weekend! Todd

Local partyboat-- with catches of smaller sized yellowtail 8-10ers-- they had 176 of them yesterday-- both frontside and backside of the island (Catalina)

Fishing out of PV Mexico---- E-Mail from the Quentia-- Paul's personal best- #200lb Yellowfin-

Weekend weather looks good-- Good Luck- JD morning south/ overcast

clearing to a afternoon 15 knts from the west


----------------------------- Wed's Reports ----------------

Scattered Cumulus clouds- with Altostratus above them- wind fresh from the west- early--- seas have a small bump and chop to them- more boats headed to the Catalina island for the weekend-- Dolphin pods / schools upwards to 500 + moving up the line above Laguna in about 1,000 ft depth- a couple Humpbacks too along that ledge..

Sportboats out of San Diego targeting the tunas on the outside of the lower 9 Mile Bank

_Windy-- windy--- windy-- out of the west for most of the day-- tomorrows a better day-

E-Mail about Joe Dill--- J.D. Thanks for all your help with the Pickle deal. I am in charge of the memorial and Bill Mcwethy has offered to help. We are going to do a casual get together of Joe's friends at the Tequila Factory 2467 Juan St. San Diego 92110 at 4 PM Tuesday June 14. I need to know an approximate head count, so people can e-mail me with their plans. Joe had a lot of friends. so I hope Bills restaurant can hold us all.. Please have people ready to participate with Pickle stories in that there is no real agenda.. there will be taquitos and guacamole and a no host bar. thanks John Kirkpatrick 818-429-1940 add a little note that I would like some pictures for the event. People can e-mail them to me Thanks John

Note---- and sad E-mail --- J.D. It is with great sorrow that I wish to spread the word of the passing of the very popular captain Joe Dill. Anybody with any time in Cabo ' back in the day ' will for sure have fond memories of the Pickle. "Hey Joe where are you going ?---- " I'll be back in a couple hours Ricky I have to do some skipper shit"---- Come share your favorite Pickle story at the memorial even if it has to do with your ex-girlfriend . T B A here Thanks for the space - I know many of Joe's friends read this John K . Details on his services will be posted as soon as I know- -- another legend in our time- JD


Hi JD Here is one of my best shots of Pickle at Guadalupe with Bill McWethy March 14, 1983. Regards, Jerry










Lily Call Bay Tournament was tough for most-- at least we learned how to re-tie leaders and rigs' lots of Bat rays, rat tailed Stingrays and some pin-back sharks- all the four species were caught- Halibut, Bass, Corbina and Croaker--although no giants at least 4 species caught this year--

The Memorial Weekend is coming up-- Catalina Island already starting to get boats on the Avalon's moorings and plans to go out to San Clemente Island looks good for the weekend-- open for anchorage Friday, Sat Sun and Monday--

Swordfish around--- Clemente area-- more Yellowfin in the mix of Bluefin out of the San Diego waters-- Seiners unable to seine with the mix of bluefin in the same schools- and they say even a Albacore or two caught!

Not much going on today-- at least the radio was on the queit side-- weather -- ok- wind came around to flow out of the west 12- 15 knts-


-------- The Weeks report ----------

Shrouds in the moored sailboats were ringing--- chance of rain and wind- -- aaaaha it wouldn't be the Lily Call without some weather-- crappy and sloppy out there this morning- several boats turned around and came back into their harbor stiff south wind white cappy and choppy seas greeted those out early this morning--- Seal Beach Pier's Ruby's is gone in a fire there this morning- ? -

The boats fishing in Newport's bay Lily this weekend have been given tentative permission to anchor in the harbor while fishing- "Not to impede any boating traffic" and BAC L/C rules ask to fly a yellow BAC flag to identify them as fishing in the tournament.


-------------- Thursdays reports -----------

May Gray--- or June Gloom- either case- overcast skies to clear off somewhere around the noon hour-- coastal marine clouds again apear around 5 pm

Worm time--- early am hours for tomorrow's digging--

A check with some of the other tackle shops in the area--- Big Fish Tackle in Seal Beach will have Blood Worms and Lug Worms and they hope to get a supply of Ghost Shrimp in this evening or first thing tomorrow amd in Costa Mesa now that Grant 's is closed Katchum Tackle will also carry Blood Woorms and Lug Worms -- Best of Luck in the Lily-- JD SIng up-- only a few spots left-- JD

And they were biting-- slugs-- 40 lb fish and larger-- White Sea Bass- at Catalina Island, both ends of the island held fish and squid was there-- the small yellows were there to but the Sea Bass was the game--- after not being fished hard for the past couple of years have grown up!-- Local spots and the kelp beds along the coastline should be holding too--

and the Bluefin down off San Diego waters/ US / Mex border were brutes upwards of a 100 lbs fish caught--- most lost--

Filling moon!-- good luck this weekend if your getting out-- JD


-------------- Wed's Reports ------------

Nothing ventured -- nothing gained as the old adage goes, Jimmy D. out looking around the 14 Mile Bank - just past it the temp break was 64 1/2 degrees, lots of life-- shearwaters, whales, dolphins-it looks good- in search of those tunas, also reported by Billy that Wily was in the neighborhood too! "keep your eyes open" he says -- And Ali reports seeing a good sized Humpback Whale breaching right in front of them about 1/2 way from Abalone point to the 14 mile bank-- filling moon- it's all good---

Overcast with a light+ west wind light wind chop- wind against current for those fishing above Newport and the Huntington flats-- washboard uncomfortable to stick it out for any length of time-- besides they weren't biting-

Those big Bluefin-- outside San Diego waters--- doing damage to those not prepared-- big fish and down deep-- Flat fall lures in the 160- 200 grams+ were doing the trick-- 12 oz lead dropper loop w/ bait

-Costa Rica Report from the Foxi Lady--Had the Tuna Club boys down, Carl Lambert and (Catalina Island pro) Rock Gosselin in 4 days fishing the fads 130 miles out of Los Suenos raised 30 blues had 24 bites catch 13 up to #400. 2 sails and 2 dorado. These guys are talking about doing a fad around the island. hoping they do. they work!!


------------------------- Tuesday's Reports --------------

Overcast mornings-- breaks up mid day- wind light west - seas good- coastal fishing remains fair on the basses-- most bass full of the red crabs-- seems like they were hugging the bottom this morning-- not many seen up top--Having seen a school of Bluefin-- just past the Larson's Knoll ( 14 Mile Bank) a couple of days ago-- ( I think by a helicopter heading to Avalon) the possibilities are here for a shot at them-- If you headed towards the islands this week or weekend-- have a cedar plug or Rapala out-- stand by!

Wind looks to be blowing up this next Sunday--- fish saturday! and for those wanting to go offshore to Clemente-- San Clemente Island Security shows for Fri, Sat " Hot/ Acrive " from 7 am till 7 pn-- Sunday looks open.

Building moon ( depending of cloud cover) may make squid harvesting a little more dificult--after the moon rises up behind the island- Catalina--

SWBA will host another on of their Salt Water Bass tourmennts The Spring Classic this Saturday-Fishing out of Long Beach-6 am to 2 pm


and of course the Lily Call Bay tournament here in Newport harbor-- only a few spots left-- call the club if you want to get in this fun event-- ( BAC- closed Mon- Tue- open Wed 12- 5 949 673 6384




-------- The Weekends report's--------

Broken overcast, light wind from the south-lumpy quite a few boats out-- radio traffic fair, no reports of fish yet-- backside of Catalina reception blocked by the island--

Tides are beginning to build again as that moon fills

Hey, JD Went over to the island yesterday morning which was already too late for the WSB bite and tough with all the weekend boat traffic. Loaded up on the misc fish but nothing exotic. Came across a belt of life less than five miles from the harbor and saw a nice kelp with a few terns sitting on it and looked fishy. And it was, Ross landed this 30lb yellowtail on a mack aboard the Sealutions. So, I guess you can say the offshore season is here and its not so far off. Capt. Shando Capt. Shannon McGraw Phone: 949-466-2170

Lily Call-- pre fishing today----- smaller skiffs, kayakers and such scattered throughout the harbor today-- testing the waters--- as of this afternoon noon time only 20 spots left to get in the tournament-- call the BAC if you want to get in--

Regular summer type day-- boats, paddleboarder, sailboats, yachts and skiffs and more!


Today marks the first day of the eastern North Pacific hurricane season,

1. An area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms located about 1100 miles southwest of the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula is associated with a weak area of low pressure. Any development of this system is expected to be slow to occur during the next couple of days while it moves westward at around 15 mph. After that time, upper-level winds are expected to become less conducive for development. Formation chance through 5 days...low...10 percent

Today marks the first day of the eastern North Pacific hurricane season, which will run until November 30. Long-term averages for the number of named storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes are 15, 8, and 4, respectively.

The list of names for 2016 is as follows: Name Pronunciation

Agatha A-guh-thuh, Blas blahs , Celia SEEL-yuh, Darby DAR-bee, Estelle eh-STELL, Frank frank, Georgette jor-JET, Howard HOW-urd , Ivette ee-VET, Javier hahv YAIR , Kay kay, Lester LESS-tur, Madeline MAD-eh-luhn, Newton NOO-tuhn, Orlene or-LEEN, Paine payne, Roslyn RAWZ-luhn, Seymour SEE-mor, Tina TEE-nuh, Virgil VUR-jill, Winifred WIN-ih-fred-, Xavier ZAY-vee-ur, Yolanda yo-LAHN-da, Zeke zeek


------------------ Sat's Reports ------------------

Overcast- light south wind-- seas ok a ground swell from the west and a light chop -

Squid showing better off the backside of Catalina-- Live Squid for Sale there too--- couple/ three boats selling it there- good float last night--

Yellows -- the smaller grade 10- 12lb stuff there ( 3 V's) and a few home guards, WSB was and incoming afternoon bite

Red Crabs, not 100% sure why they wash up on the beach--- I'd speculate-- with not much of a moon last night and the overcast skies, about the only light in the nighttime skies would be the city lights-- maybe they had towards them and the land gets in the way?-

Anybody fishing the 267?---- Got a couple of boys-- wanted to run out there-- if there was anything going on?---- Nothing here-- 2:42pm

Sun came out mid day- wind stayed down-- good day on the water--

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Red Crabs everywhere! ~~~~~

---------------------------- Friday the 13th Reports ----------------------

May Gray- wind light from the south/ southeast- seas calm-

Several boats heading to Catalina for the weekend headed out the harbor this morning-- The Newport Boat shows going on with some fancy yachts and sportfishers there--

Sunlight hours are fast reaching their maximum times, in a little over a months time - the days will begin to shorten-- take advantage of what we have how!

Looking for a great Graduation Gift for son or daughter-- How about a personalized fishing trip with professional guide Jimmy Decker-- Just refinished the boat- all tackle supplied and lifetime of knowledge to be gained-- Give Jimmy a call- 949 280-4587

Long Beach Carnage and Marie Clair squid boats were at the island and seemed to have a good supply- regulations sized squids-- yellows at the island--

Off San Onofee- 64 degree water - 10- 12 spots of Red Crabs- porpoise herding up the red crabs- seals, whales and the porpoise all feeding on them-- Red Crabs- Everywhere!!




Only one week away!--- the Lily Call Bay Tournament--- limited to only 75 anglers this year-- and it's filling up quickly!





-------------------------- Thursday's Reports ----------------

May gray again--- towards the noon hour starting to burn off- westerly also beginning--- -- never cleared off and the wind stayed under 10 knts--

E-mail-- Hi JD--- Spent the night at Catalina Tuesday.. Had a huge spot of squid come up and circle the boat only to be out of net range. Did manage a few on the net and jigged up about a half scoop until they got chased away by the lions. Managed eight yellows, 4 of really good quality and released the other four smaller models. Best regards, Captain Tony Black and Blue

A check with the San Clemente Island Security shows the island is open on Friday, Sat and Sunday . Weather looks OK for Friday , Saterday morning -OK with a building West wind and swell Sat afternoon and into the night , backs off some early Sunday morning and again a building westerely Sunday Afternnoon.


EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 12 May 2016 ENSO Status: El Niño Advisory / La Niña Watch Synopsis:

La Niña is favored to develop during the Northern Hemisphere summer 2016, with about a 75% chance of La Nina during the fall and winter 2016-17. During the past month, sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies decreased across the equatorial Pacific Ocean, with near-to-below average SSTs recently emerging in the eastern Pacific. . The latest Niño region indices also reflect this decline, with the steepest decreases occurring in the Niño-3 and Niño-1+2 regions . The surface cooling was largely driven by the expansion of below-average subsurface temperatures, which extended to the surface in the eastern Pacific) While oceanic anomalies are clearly trending toward ENSO-neutral, many atmospheric anomalies were still consistent with El Niño, Collectively, these anomalies reflect a weakening El Niño and a trend toward ENSO-neutral conditons. Most models predict the end of El Niño and a brief period of ENSO-neutral by early Northern Hemisphere summer The model consensus then calls for increasingly negative SST anomalies in the Niño 3.4 region as the summer and fall progress. However, there is clear uncertainty over the timing and intensity of a potential La Niña The forecaster consensus favors La Niña onset during the summer, mainly weighting the dynamical models (such as NCEP CFSv2) and observed trends toward cooler-than-average conditions



------------------------ Weds Reports -----------------

May Gray and June Gloom helps in heating up the water temps, the sun's ultraviolet rays penetrates the cloud cover, hits the ocean's surface waters and reflect back and forth under it's canopy of cloud cover, mid day sun warms the clouds they evaporates and bright sunlight helps heat the water and afternoon evening cloud cover helps to trap the heat again. It's all in our favor--- except the afternoon wind-- -

This week for your yachting pleasure is the Newport Boat Show , the 43rd year as the premier yacht show in the West.

Should be lots of new and used boats there-- buy a new sportfishing yacht and get all the tackle financed in the purchase - Give JD's a call--- packages start at 5K, 10K , 15K and 20K








Windy today--


---------------------- Tuesdays Reports ------------

May Gray- they call it-- burning off around noon- light 2- 5 knts from the south- seas calm and flat-- Halibuts showing up the the mix, better this year- better than the past several years--

Newport Boat Show the big deal this week-- drop by the show and see some fancy yachts and sportfishers-- and if you are about to purchase a boat-- ask them about the fishing tackle from JD's under the financing-- let the company buy it-- otherwise it's out of your own pocketbook, and California Sales Taxes can be eliminated if the vessel is received out of state! Ask JD's for details!

A call from Rodney-- just coming back from the island ( Catalina) , backside Salta Verde, where they had fished today-- Marie Clair a small squid boat was there selling live squid-- smaller 4- 5 in stuff but the 8-12lb Yellows were on it and a few White Sea Bass in the 12 - 15lb range size were being caught by others around them, overall good fishing for them.


--------- The Weekends Reports ----- closed Monday---painted the fence!----

Clearing skies- pale blue behind lingering clouds-- wind light from the west a bit cool waiting for some sun to warm it-- strong draining tide last night and this mornings filling with a 8 1/2 foot change!

Funky overcast day finally brightened up forecast looks promising water temps 65 bass are biting and possible tails under inside and outside paddies- it's Spring -

Sea Bass, the white ones reported up at Anacappa again- 30- 40 lb + fish-- maybe some are the hatchery raised fish-- remember to save the heads for scientific study- by Hubbs Sea World--just recently the Newport Harbor WSB grow out pens received 9,000 fingerlings- maybe 3 - 5 inches long-- at this point close to 2,000,000 two million have been released into the blue, by this point and each year they grow they''' be sustaining both the commercial market and a sportfishing interest.

A quick look at the water temps from 55 to 72 degrees and then a closer image of the Channel Islands waters where those squid and White Sea basses began to show -- and another Chlorophyll images of the same area--






------------------------------ Sat's Reports --------------------------

Cloudy with a chance of rain- puffy clouds with moisture in them-- wind fair from the south- seas slight bump and wind chop-

With the reshowing up the those Bluefin tunas outside San Diego waters and there-a bouts this week of the new moon-- breezing fish under bird schools-- I haven't heard of much of fish taken of trolled lures yet -- mostly hard lures or baits tossed to em'.

To me, the most remarkable part of last season's fishing was the not only the concentrated variety of fishes into the boundaries of our local grounds, was the aspect of developing fishing methods, chunking , the type of lures used, methods that were used transported via the internet / social media to others instantly. Proficiency met opportunity- to learn of various methods now- -great fishing- I wonder what will develop this season- giant Alabama Rigs? - good luck this season JD --

A little more wind out of the south that was expected today-- certainly a beautiful day on the water-- the usual suspects rounded up-

Bait, even frozen bait was hard to come by jugging by the number of phone calls from shoreline anglers looking for it--

-------------- Fridays Reports ----------------

Cloudy skies some rain- wind from the south fair-- 4- 10 knts-- some chop to it generally seas good-- Strong tide change this weekend - deep minus tide today earthquakes? - Grunion run this weekend

E-Mail from the land of El Dorado-- New Zealand--- Good Afternoon JD, The men were very pleased with George's fish ( Broadbill Swordfish 224 KG aboard Major Tom 11) plus each tagged a Marlin of around 250 lbs and hooked 2 other Broadbill.

Weigh in on Russell Wharf

The weather was poor so one morning we fished Yellowtail for 2 hours and tagged 8 that were weighed in the net at between 28 and 36 lbs.

George and Jack had good action for a 4 day trip. El Nino in New Zealand has produced excellent Broadbill action. Regards, Jerry

Just finished up restoring several of the older reels- used by one the Tuna Club of Avalon members for linen and dacron fishing lines-- old stuff by today's standards- yet they were among the finest in their day-- and to carry that challenge of catching a fish under sporting tackle--- these do just that--!

To go from antique reels with added leather thump pads for drags and string made from twisted plant fibers to sophisticated automatic two speed shifting reels with almost unbreakable fishing lines of untold length is quite a revolution in reels. They all need service.

Next up in for service are four Shimano 80 w Trolling Reels and a 50 W -- quite the change to the heavy tackle to have ready this Summer if there are Blue Marlin or if any of the bigger Bluefin are about over the next few months- otherwise they're headed south to fish the Black and Blue this Fall-

Such a varity of reels to service -- Accurates Twin Drag 2 speed 50 wides with Hi Vis 80 Mono and backed with braid lines.

Back to the ultra Light Tackle-- to be used later this month in the BAC Lily Call bay tournament- IGFA 4 lb test lines only-- Ultra Smooth drags and precise knots are needed to get the maximum strength out of that fine line. A challenge for sure.


From the old to the New-- Shimano's 12 volt Electric Reel with multi settings to drag pressure, depth settings top and bottom, drop speed, receive speed and a futuristic design compared to a pair of 25 year old electrics of the past.

Glad to have the work to do-- if you need reel or rod service to be done- give us a call or drop by- JD

Good Luck this weekend-- sounds like the Bluefin were biting again out of SD--

-------------------------- Thursday's Reports --------------------

Another funky day- with relatively warm low pressure storm approaching- no major wind or swell with it .- weather cleared off again in the afternoon, light southeast wind- not many boaters out-- San Clemente Island looks to be "Hot Active" for the Weekend--

I had a new customer come in the shop yesterday morning-- new to the area, fishing this last fall with his teenage boys he got a taste of it--they have a 22 ft boat-- to him and the many others who are new to the southern california fishing arena I took some time to lay it out as to why and who shows up in these waters to give him a general overall picture to develop a time frame as to what happens. Sitting here behind the counter for the past-- years you get a general idea so it's helps to pass it along. This mornings satellite image of the west coast reveals a lot for out Spring early summer advancement of the upcoming season


That Low pressure system from the north shows it's push southwest along the Northern California coastline, upwelling's of plankton sealife are taken offshore along with the Davidson Current to circulate inwards towards Northern Baja. The flow of California Current is driven northward along the inshore Baja Peninsula by tropical weather early Summer where it eventually start circulating into the Southern California Eddie bringing a mixture of semi- tropical warm water to the plankton sealife that creates conditions favorable to gamefish here in So. Calif waters. Yearly and seasonally changing winds and sea forces drive currents against the islands, canyons, banks or shallow flats that can change daily. The mix of water temps, plankton life or tides are just some of the factors that create fishable conditions-. Tides are predictable, wind and weather sea conditions are almost forecastable now and ocean currents are better being understood now, these things we can factor in for the game plan for the day-- - As I told him their first has to be fish alive and of catchable size to catch- meaning they had to have born in the first place. Most of the fish we seek are between 3 and 5 years old so healthy conditions were needed years ago, they simply have to be there to catch-


We went through the general seasons, wintertime calico bass some yellowtail, springtime more active Calicos Yellowtails halibuts, maybe Sand Bass migrate in, by June Yellows show further up the coastline towards Dana, and tunas will be the main event out of San Diego by July and they will have moved northwards towards Catalina and Clemente islands and may be found under kelps paddies along with Dorado. August, tuna are the staple fish to be caught out of SD and Striped Marlin will show up with more Dorado maybe even a swordfish in the mix. September the yellowtail will have lost their appeal and tunas still hold their position as a food fish to be caught- Striped Marlin are the bigger gamefish to seek and remain so into October and by November depending on the severity of Fall and winter approaching things slow down again.

Here's a quick review of the West Coast water temps from 2010 till 2016- 50 to 80 degree range- during the first week of May. Overall for 2016 we look something like 2014, not quite as warm as 2015 and that plume of cool water remains north of us. Best of Luck in 2016 JD

-- 2010 ---- 2011-----2012-----213 ----

--- 2014 ---------- 2015 ---------- 2016

--------- Wed's Reports ------------------

May Gray-- wind light from the west skies overcast-- not much swell-

Funky day-- stayed overcast and a west wind till the early afternoon- haze went away- blue behind it-- warming sun-- wind backed off and sung to the south-- tide filled in-- nice afternoon-- not many on the radio today with the funky weather.

--------------------- Tuesday's Reports ---------------

Fair blue skies- morning hours generally means some westerly wind in the afternoon- so far light from the southwest- seas calm w a mixed small swell- water temps holding back up to 64 degrees

Calico, sand bass and a few thresher sharks around-- mackerel used for bait.

Building tide flows this week--

Wind picked up from the west -- backed off towards the later afternoon hours--

The Huck Fin- came in late in the afternoon-- after having spent the day over at Clemente Island-- Yellowtails were the goal - with the biggest they landed in the 20 lb range but bigger fish were there - a bit windy and some chop- hot lure---- butterfly--- hot color-?-- pink! yellows were coughing up red crabs too!

Not many out today-- Bongos was also over at Clemente-- local partyboats out of newport stayed at Catalina - of note 8 outside Newport this afternoon- hundreds of terns were working the water??- Bluefin traveling through? -- could be

Prices on Fuel seems to have stablized for Diesel-

-------------------------- The weekends Report- closed Monday--- ( windy pm)

From the AM radio show this morning-- those Bluefin tunas- 25 upwards to 60+ were seen is schools around the Airplane Bank yesterday and into the inside from there- bumpy sea conditions may have led them to be near the surface in that chop- either way a better afternoon bite for them- sardines and iron-Shimano- Flat fall lures were said to have caught some of the fish - the Finger Banks above Ensenada were the Yellowtail grounds.

Yacht Clubs have their "Opening" this weekend- showing off their "Yachts" all clean up and ready for inspection. -

Only 20 more days till the Lily Call bay fishing tournament-- sign up now- limited to 75 anglers this year--

E-Mail fishing for for the bay--- Hi JD, we had our BYC Jr. Angler tournament in the bay Saturday. Slow fishing- water was dirty off colored. We managed a dozen short barracuda trolling deep diving Flicker Minnows and a handful of small spotties and sand bass. Seals were a major issue- took 5-6 of our barracuda by coast guard dock. Overall fun day on water. Bob-

Jack Noyes 1st place and High Boat in BYC In the Bay Tournament aboard Lil Reel Noyes




Want to fish in Hawaii in Class--

Captain Chris Choy at the helm of pristine Rybovich formerly owned by world renown angler, Ted Naftzger. Available for Charter in Kona, call 808 895-0376




------------------Sat's reports --------------

Morning broken cloud cove went away - hazy blue sky left behind- wind fair from the south am hours due to swing to the west pm hours.

number of boats and sailing craft out today-- but radio traffic quiet so far.

Couple of gray whales passing through dolphins were in the 100 fathom depth-- probably where most of that bait has moved off to--

reports of bonito down south-- maybe they'll move up here- keep your eyes out for them--good fun if they show up- sounded like world record sized fish?

Wind came around- pretty bumpy all day yet lots of boats coming back in the harbor in the afternoon hours- I say it was only fair fishing today-- better luck tomorrow- weather looks better. reports of yellowtails, a dozen seen under a paddy 20 lb fish-- outside newport-? JD

----------------------- Friday's Reports --------------

Same as yesterday-- Light marine haze- wind from the south 5- 7 knts

A sign of Spring's in the water Stripped Mullet showing up more and more in the back waters of harbors and bays-- lots of small 1/2- 3/4 and maybe a inch long baitfish in the bays--

Party Boats working the backside of Catalina and the West Cove area-- seas look good there-- outside Clements still a blow- Tuna boats out towards and below the 60 mile bank searching-

Live Ships AIS Currently the new laws that went into effect this month for self-propelled vessel of 65 feet or more in length, engaged in commercial service. § 164.46 Automatic Identification System (a) Definitions. As used in this section-– Automatic Identification Systems or AIS means a maritime navigation safety communications system standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), that-- (1) Provides vessel information, including the vessel’s identity, type, position, course, speed, navigational status and other safety-related information automatically to appropriately equipped shore stations, other ships, and aircraft; (2) Receives automatically such information from similarly fitted ships, monitors and tracks ships; and (3) Exchanges data with shore-based facilities. A quick overview with some adjustments to your perimeters and you may see where and what vessels are doing-

Not much said on the radio today- gray whales a humpbacked or two- the common dolphin sightings and generally a ok day- wind stayed steady from the south till mid day came around to the west this afternoon chop on the water, hazy sky , waters cool at 60 degrees

SWBA has their bass fishing event tomorrow-- local clubs have a bay event-- best of luck- JD

--------------------------------- Thursday's Reports ----------------

Meet 9,000 Juvenile White Seabass this Thursday, April 28th at 11:00 am at the BAC and help them get to their new home in the PacFish Pens

Light marine haze- wind from the south 5- 7 knts due to swing to the west and build- building seas w/ short period

Salmon bite improving Central California-

A shot at the Yellowtails this morning up by the offshore Oil rigs outside Huntington/ an Pedro. Seas were sloppy and building on the outside behind Catalina and Clemente -- the tuna fishing's been put on hold for a day or two till things settle down -- inside waters partyboats targeting bottom grabbers and those yellows, or the calicos, and halibuts starting to make a comeback--

Nice aftenoon dispite waht the forecasted said would come-- made about a dozen casts yesterday aftertnoon - hooked a good sized fish-- solid- but hooked failed to lodge, same thing on a smaller fish, made another dozen cast this evening- no bites- Not much said on the radio today--

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Located in Alamitos Bay, across from Captains Locker West Marine, shipyard, other restaurants and services nearby. The slip is 120' x 28' available June 6 to August 24. Docks are concrete and brand new. Parking is extremely close to slip. Slip is 5 minutes to open water and 10 minutes to the bait barge. Rent is $3,000/mo. Water / Electricity included. Contact Capt. Tyler Rasmussen for more details. 714-642-7218



Bring your fishing gear!

Full Circle is for Sale and ready to go fishing. Call Stan Miller Yachts : 949-675-3467


-------------------------------- Wed's Reports -------------------

High Altocumulus (6,000-20,000 feet) clouds early this morning -stratocumulus on the sea's horizon- wind fair ar 6- 10-12 knts south/southeast. strong eddy from outer westerly winds--

No harm no foul-- car went off the Ferry near our shop late yesterday afternoon-- guy opened the door and got out before it going under- no oil or fuel leaks-- no harm, no foul except for the drain on his pocket book for the crane to pull the car out at 3 am and the added police work -

Great News - E-mail congratulating the Team Bounder on behalf of Los Pescadores in memory of Captain Ron "What's the Bottom Line" Johnson for the first Pop Up Tag from The Masters of this past year---

It surfaced about 200 nautical miles northeast of Oahu and recorded a point to point distance of 2,005 nautical miles!


Hi Andy, Congratulations! What incredible news! I can't wait to see the actual track. Hopefully, we'll be receiving reports for the remaining five tags in the next few weeks. Anxious to see if they headed in the same direction. Thanks again for your continued support of this important billfish research project. Best to you and Linda. Bob K.

Your tag has popped up! Andy Your tag that was deployed (by Matt ) on a Striped Marlin (caught by Alyson) during the Master Angler Billfish Tournament last summer, popped up last Sunday! It surfaced about 200 nautical miles northeast of Oahu and recorded a point to point distance of 2,005 nautical miles! You can see the pop up location in red (Fish 3) on the satellite map on the website (link below). I’ve zoomed out the map so you can really get an idea of the incredible distance your marlin swam. And although we’ve witnessed this before with tag-recapture methods, our partners at Stanford pointed out that this may be the first time ever that a movement between Southern California and Hawaii has ever been recorded before with a satellite tag on a striped marlin- pretty amazing. Once the data is finished transmitting and a track is available on the website, I will be sure to send you another email. Best regards, Leah Baumwell Conservation Coordinator International Game Fish Association 300 Gulf Stream Way Dania Beach, FL 33004

Team 3: Team Bounder on behalf of Los Pescadores in memory of Captain Ron "What's the Bottom Line" Johnson Tag distance: 2,005 nm Sponsor: The John and Donna Crean Foundation- Species Tagged: Striped Marlin Species Size: 77 kg (170 lb) Angler: Alyson Gillett Tagged By: Matt Earl Deployment Date: September 17, 2015 Pop-Up Date: April 24, 2016 Distance Traveled: 2,005 nm



--------------------- Tuesdays Reports ------------------

Moon's backing off and tides and currents the same-- local water temps took a plunge yesterday with this morings water temps 58 degrees out front of Newport--- more green in it too- seas have a bump/ chop and swell mixed in it. fishiable but not fun

Meet 9,000 Juvenile White Seabass this Thursday, April 28th at 11:00 am at the BAC and help them get to their new home in the PacFish Pens. -- hatchery raised in Carlsbad to a 3-4 inch length, transported via truck to the BAC and hand carried tub by tub to waiting boats, each one will be individually counted to get a pretty good actual count of how many fingerlings are distributed into the pens-- Timer feed daily and voluntary efforts keep the pens operating. By this mid summer they will have more than doubled in size and ready to venture into the great world , currently the are more than a million hatchery raised fish out there-- thanks to donations and voluntary work the replenishing of the sea bass has been a reality--

Before leaving the hatchery they have a small coded wire inserted in their head, years from now we're able to scan a caught fish to see, based off those wire codes which batch of fish they are, how their early diet helped and other scientific studies made Give the BACa call to help out-

--------------- The Weekends Reports -- Closed Monday ---------

light wind again from the southwest eddy effect - large lumpy seas 8- 10 ft spaced apart coming in from the west- that wind switches this afternoon it'll get sloppy-

I had forgot about the down side of salmon fishing of-- generally slow trolling, nice and slow working any bait schools along the beaches 100- 200 ft drop off -- a couple of lines out ,one deeper than the other, flashers, spoons and weight behind the boat, I had forgot about the Threshers,, and toothy barracuda who also like those flashy tempting slow trolled baits and lures-- they can do havoc on Salmon gear- stupid sharks--

Balboa Angling Club hosts their Open House today--For New and potential members, come down after noontime to visit the club- speak to club directors and the secretary and see what the club has to offer-- which is allot- On the Water Clubhouse loaded with refreshments and a cool break after a day on the water-- Drop in a see the fish board to see who's caught what and spin a few tales yourself-- Clubhouse open 12- 5 pm today- for directions to the BAC call 949 673 6316


----------------- Sats' Reports ------------

South wind-- an eddy from the strong developing westerly on the outside- hazy clear skies -

Stayed a a fair wind for most of the day- steady from the west-- 10-12 maybe 15 mid day build a wind chop with it-- Boats traveled out to Catalina working the inside if the island from Two Harbors to the East end- a few of the smaller yellowtails perch etc. stayed out of the wind and swell- same at Clemente . Longer range boats out on the 60 or below looking for the fins.

lots of boaters out- despite the light wind-- water seemed a bit cooler and more green to it-

Those WSB were up towards the Channel Island eariler this week- schools of big fish reported- hard to get them to bite- two sardines on a hooked helped, Anacappa Island- but they didn't bite after that day and the winds blowing now--

----------------------- Friday's Reports------------------

Soft clouds about, wind light from the west 5+ knts clouds on the horizon.

Start of the Ensenada Race today-- they say close to 200 entries this year!-

- and a public advisory issued from the State Dept for travel abroad into Mexico just the other day-- !

E-Mail from PV, Mexico---- Hi JD!--- Personal best last week at 163 lbs! Epic 5 day trip on the Apollo! Average fish went 145 lbs and very mean! Thanks for the tackle!! Eric S.

Sweet deal--- fly out of Orange County's John Wayne airport via Southwest, good deal on airfare and luggage fees now- easy taxi rid to the boat- out for 5 days on the water visit remarkable fishing grounds, some friends dove Corpatainia Rock-- said it was covered up with whoos and they fished the outside north side of the Tre Maria's - tabletop flat weather - Sweet- and yellowfin from 60/80lb and up- they even had all their tunas vacuum packed and ready for the return trip- top it off they caught a midday 100lb swordfish off the kite and helium balloon ---a surface bite!

---------------------- Thursday's Reports ----------------

Soft cloud cover wind light from the southwest-- outer waters building-- Sunday, and Monday will be unfishable out there- inner waters ok till then,

Rod and Reel repair becomes apparent as we get back into some of the tackle that was used last year--and it was a year to wear out things-- service time will start to get backed up -give your tackle shop a couple of weeks to get repairs done, or if you need some reel repair by JD's you can box em' up and send them to us or drop by either by boat or car ( JD's Tackle is the hardest tackle shop to get to in California!) unlessyour by boat, we're located behind Island Marine Fuels here in Newport Harbor, there is parking behind us, just getting here can be challenging.

Pfluger Templar reels made in the 50's and a few Internationals in for service today--

And a pair of Talica 25 2 speeds in for service they too had hard use this past season- Drags are a carbon fiber which allows the tension of the metal plate against it to slide under pressure yet slip smoothly and without heat build up, light lubricate of Star Drag grease keeps them extra smooth, bearings need a light lube as does handles and gears and all screw holes.

Shimano's quest to go smaller and smaller has driven their connecting screws to such a small size that any corrosion on their slots they become distorted/ striped out and they're unable to back out, freezing them to the frame. Exterior of the reels are great interior they are a little on the rough side- other than that they are great reels-

Tuna fishing these past few days seems to be on the quiet side-- not sure why?-- years ago when the full moon developed the fish counts also developed right along with it- Full Moon would have counts the highest of the month--- maybe the surface warm water's keeping them down for a day or two?

They ran from Newport up to the flats above Huntington-- in search of tail-- not much there so over to Catalina and down the line for a few bass -- around the backside of the island with hopes for some of those smaller yellowtails but sloppy seas turned them down the line to the 277- back into the 14 Mile Bank and the thought about heading back up to the Huntington pipeline against the afternoon's wind and chop was just too much-- only a few smaller bass for the day

6 pairs of Gray whales were said to be heading up hill this morning-- pods of em"

----------------------- Wed's reports ------------------

Blue skies light wind from the south- 2-4 knts just enough to lift the flags.

We've got a pack of about 6 sealions following us- Coronado islands-- saw all the party boats here, maybe only a few tails came over the rails, Rock pile also slow. water looks like sh*##

Ensenada Sailboat Ragatta this week stand by!--

Anybody got a report for the 14 Mile Bank?---- we spent about a 1/2 hour there --didn't see any birds bait or animals -- ok thanks were here on the beach --bait everywhere it's 65 --- just trolling along waiting for something to happen--12:14pm

another nice day --- boats heading over to Catalina for a day or two of fishing, back side Silver Canyon to Church Rock holding a few smaller yellows and OK calico bass fishing, should be some halibuts in that 60- 55 depth along that sandy shelf. Good Luck-

------------------------- Tuesdays reports ------------------

Sunshine with a few high wispy clouds- if they hang till sunset should make for a nice sunset .

Filling moon with the full on the friday/ Sat- this week we should see improved catches for the sea basses and tunas-- stand by we might even get an earthquake?

Local waters warming up quickly-- off the Newport art reef yesterday it was 66 degrees- there's a few more springtime Thresher Sharks moving into our waters-- stand by-

From the long range weather forecasting it looks like it will start to blow by this coming weekend-- best get out before Thursday-and friday-

"all we found were dry paddies, found a couple small yellowtails under a kelp 1/2 wayfrom west of the 9 towards the 182-- but they didn't go- we ran to the 302--- 65 1/2 water perfect --but nothing-- another boater had gone south to the 302 and came back up-hill for the same thing beautiful looking water but not much--- - maybe a time of day deal-

Good to see the arrival of small halibuts to the coastline-- smaller males around shows at least there's a growth of them. Grunion should be in tight to the beaches over the next week-

Nice afternoon- couple of boaters out--- drifting for swordfishes tonight-- gluck- JD

Watching the Chlorophyll charts over the past 25 days Left- March 24 /-Right-April 18) Offshore it's apparent that there is a increasing flow of clean blue water in a northern push from below and outside Guadalupe Island, the flow gets twisted in a swirl outside Ensenada driven offshore with the northeaster winds. The flow strengthens into the San Clemente Basin and waters above Clemente Island and Catalina seem to be cleaning up too. Inshore a strong pile up of clean to green water all along the Mexican Coastline , that swirl of mixed water temps and bait in it will probably work itself up the coastline into the So Calif Bight and bring all sorts of sealife- stand by!

--------------------------- the Weekends Reports -closed monday- ---------------

I just got my first bonito for the year- the excited voice comes over the radio-- and they are beautiful-well shaped with colors of a rainbow greens, blues, purples, gold's with stripes of silvers and blacks and they have shinny teeth!

deep meter marks - done two circles did a long drift- couldn't get anything to go--9:50- we're headed to the 182 and take a look over there-

----- anybody fishing the 43---- pretty quiet- yea roger-- nothing going on here

We've got giant bait balls- animals everywhere-- tried everything but havent caught anything--- luckily it's turned out to be a beautiful day-

- Anybody--- anywhere--- anybody doing anything??---??--- the quest for fish is strong this Spring-- especially after last years full on blue-plate special 10 course version - everyone's hungry for fish now-- any sign, web posting , photo, or story- anything to fill that wintertime gnawing appetite that can only be filled by the surge of a tail .

I got you, we're about 10 outside towards the 182--- anything out there--- nope only flat water

off the 9 --a guy just picked up a bluefin on a blue and white hoochi-

mid day the lack of radio reports spoke of a queit day so far--

then it breakes throught the squlch--"Had him on for two or three minutes , came in and wacked the bait, came at it a second time"-- --- -- 4:50pm

Next few days look good for weather - good luck--JD- - filling moon and earthquakes?

-------------------- Sats the 16 th Reports

Gusty Santa Ana's today-- Northeasterly with a west swell -and wind chop to boot!

Seas on the outside - 60 mile bank said for be very good with light wind- water temps 64 degree's coastal waters temps still holding at 62 degrees San Pedro buoy-

Elvis should be appearing on stage at 1: Pm today

4 Gray Whales this morning's trip and two grays and a giant Mola Mola so far today will be in late- 12:06pm--

Boats who ran out to the 181- 182-- one boat reported seeing a large school of Yellowtail between the banks landed one fish est at 40lbs-- all were big fish,

another boat late in the afternoon off Mission Bay seeing jumping tunas ( 5:30pm)

others who ran out towards the 182- reported not seeing much--

Tomorrow's another day and the wind and swell should be subsiding-- JD

----------------- Fridays Reports ------------

Light southwest wind here on the beach earlt - a little haze with it and slight chop with building swell -

turned around and blew strong from the west-- big swell pounding the beaches small craft-

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 14 April 2016 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory/La Niña Watch

Synopsis: A transition to ENSO-neutral is likely during late Northern Hemisphere spring or early summer 2016, with an increasing chance of La Niña during the second half of the year. Sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies were between 1.0° and 1.5°C across most of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean during early April , having weakened appreciably over the last month. The latest weekly values for all of the Niño indices dropped to below 1.5°C The subsurface temperature anomaly in the central and eastern Pacific decreased to negative values in association with a significant expansion of below-average temperatures at depth. Low-level westerly wind anomalies and upper-level easterly wind anomalies weakened compared to February. The equatorial Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) remained negative but weakened, Enhanced convection continued over the central tropical Pacific but weakened east of the Date Line, and was suppressed over northern Indonesia and the Philippines). Collectively, these anomalies reflect a weakening El Niño. Nearly all models predict further weakening of El Niño, with a transition to ENSO-neutral likely during late spring or early summer 2016 . Then, the chance of La Niña increases during the late summer or early fall. The official forecast is consistent with the model forecasts, also supported by a historical tendency for La Niña to follow strong El Niño events.

Whats it mean?-- things will get concentrated - We may have it all right in front of us this season stand by--

------------------------ Wed's reports ------------------

Gray skies-- this time of year or in May we'd call it barracuda weather-- overcast for most of the morning- schools of baitfish, anchovies milling on the surface-- but I think most of the Barracuda have gone by the wayside these days-- Weather reports show blowing Wed Thurs and even into the weekend with Sunday being the best day-- Good Luck--

Cow and calf off Main Beach- lots of bait down there--

Looking at the AIS this morning - sport boats are out on the Cortez Bank and it looks like the 3/4 boat out of SD is out chasing somehing outside the 9 mile bank? Live Ships AIS better enjoy the fishing weather now-- forecasted to get pretty windy Thursday and Friday

After a couple dozen calls from customers who keep asking me it those seiners of Newport and Huntington if they were legal to be seining so close to shore sometimes 30- 50 feet deep and are they after anchovies and mackerel sardines for food consummation or for commercial fertilizer and chicken feed?

Reply From the F & Wildlife JD, here's the sections of law from Fish and Game code 8754. After May 1st, there will be a weekend closure along the Orange county coastline. For the question about what is being done with the fish they are catching. The answer is all above, depends on the species they take.

§8754. Districts Where Purse and Round Haul Nets Allowed and Prohibited In Districts 16, 17, 18, and 19, purse and round haul nets may be used, except that purse seines or ring nets may not be used in that portion of District 19 lying within three miles offshore from the line of the high– water mark along the coast of Orange County from sunrise Saturday to sunset Sunday from May 1 to September 10, inclusive. Purse seine or ring nets may not be used from May 1 to September 10, inclusive, in the following portions of District 19: (a) Within a two–mile radius of Dana Point. (b) Within a two–mile radius of San Mateo Point. (c) Within two miles offshore from the line of the high–water mark along that portion of the coast of Orange County lying between the northernmost bank of the mouth of the Santa Ana River and a point on that coast six miles south therefro

E-Mail-- Howdy JD Some good bass fishing yesterday up above Newport yesterday, once the water started moving to fishing was excellent! Took out a pastor from my church and my pops. We were using left over squid from couple years ago that kept well in the freezer. Heck dad even caught two checkers on one piece of sardine tail that we were chumming with. Got out of there by 1 to hit the road home. A Good day, all fish were released to fight another day! . Ross

There's a mon and calf right here-- there really four whales here-- probably go around and head into the Wedge -- roll around in the sand, they seem to like that-- whales passing the harbor entrance-- other boats either headed in or out unaware of the whales.

Nice afternoon light wind from the west patchy marine layer seaward suns shining- wind calming-- should make for a good sunset--

( see below) JD Hi there. I need to hire one great boat Captain

---------------- Tuesday's Reports ----------------

Clearing sky- light wind from the south a bit stronger than yesterday-- a few milky clouds off in the distance-- seas fair with a slight wind ripple on it-- inthe lower 60's -strong uphill- going north current for the past few days now--

Seiners still working the beach and coastal waters off Newport and Huntington--

bass fishing still good on the artifical reefs above the harbor-- dispite all the seineing going on there

Feels like a warming afternoon- no wind on the water, sunshine bright and warming and the days longer, inshore and bay waters cleaning up- Stand By-- !

And a Email from Cabo--

Things are finally picking up. Today on the JewelLureIII out of San Jose we got 4 nice wahoo and a marlin. Fishing with Bob M., Curt H., and Jeff H. We ended up with 9 wahoo, 3 marlin and a sailfish. Sure glad things are getting back to normal. Warren

I took Monday off yesterday-- thought about with that strong uphill current if it was anything like last years strong uphill almost river /current about this time of year it changed just about everything-- the old goal was to go out a catch a Opah and that current would just about be right for one--

-- but alas that was more than I wanted to do- so elected to simply fish for the calicos in the kelps - tossing jerk shads the fishing was ok, not great but there was enough to chase, not much sea life , birds, bait or seals around but the scenery was better. Vick has said he'd released his third halibut for the morning so I jigged up a nice small mackerel and down she went for drifting and slow rowing for the butt's, a good exercise was all I got.

The run back to the harbor was rewarding, the sun came out and polarized glasses helped-- at least in seeing sealife- I like running in shallow water maybe 15 -20 feet, seeing spots of kelp beds, rocks and garibaldis, and then-- it came in view-- it saw me - turned and swam into the deep, I followed it till lost in the depth. Shark! Maybe a foot or more in diameter and 8 feet long- I'd make a guess at 200-250 lbs, brownish in color except when it made a turn and bit of light color showed, I had to question myself, was that what I thought was- yes a shark, no it did not porpoise up and down like a dolphin and it wasn't a seal and it didnt have a thresher's long tail - it was a good sized shark-- - knowing today's crazy world and how things get carried way beyond reason- bes to now say much- by now she's swam 10 miles from there!-

Local paryt boat catch today 57 Salmon grouper, 115 rock fish, 1 sheephead and 6 calicos--

-------------- Closed Monday ----------

Blue skies and broken clouds as the mornings starts here in Newport- couple of anglers headed out for a coastal adventure. wind light from the south 3-6 kts- seas have a swell to them. but no wind , light wind ripple on the water-- seems a bit cool ar least offcolor in spots-- Catalina stands out like a sore thumb, bright and shinny in the morning's light- clouds behind it-

The White Sea Bass--- the bain of many anglers-- the challenge to get the bigone-- and there's a few around these days--- a call yesterday morning- of a tug-a-war battle on big fish in and out of the kelp bed stringers. A late night almost slack tide bite- that got into the kelp- then came free, dove back into it again only to break off a hour later after he's pulled the boat's stern around against the strain of the remaining tide, but a tide switched and current came in and swung the boat back around against kelp and fish, all that was gained was lost and she broke off. A second fish lost on light tackle and a third fish lost due to " I wasn't going go through that again, either I was going to turn her or I wasn't-- I didn't!, Yep they are around-- time and place and baits and tackle the keys to that kelpy neighbored

Some discussion was made about the actual strength of fishing lines and their labeling, monofilament especially. To my recollection back in the early 60's when I began selling it and spinning it on reels Golden Dot, Maxima and others were the top sellers. The line's label ratings was the minimum the line would break at-- a manufacture had been sued for false representation and Weights and Measures required the line to be at Least that of the strength labeled to test at. To that advantage, manufactures began to label 30 lb line at 20 lb with the thought being anglers hung to a fish or the bottom would claim " This is the strongest 20 lb test I've ever used" thus selling the strength of that particular line maker.. One manufacture would try to beat the other in line strength labeling. IGFA lines are rated as the strength of the line shall not exceed that specific line rating, 20lb test lines have to break at or below that strength.

Lots of fin bait above the harbor-- strong uphill current sweeping in new warmer water. upwelling on the flats makes for good feeding grounds for the plankton/ filter feeding chovies and mackerals -

Fishing the bluefin-- they say Yellowfin also caught today!! stand by--

beautiful afternoon-

----- Sats reports --------------

Coastal horizon lost in the gray overcast sky- rain expected or at least the thought of rain- wind fresh from the south seems to be building, small wind chop with it and strong tides and current mixed in it--

Looks like Bongos charter boat came in early---good calico bass fishin' for them early--

Sailboat ragatta filling the air waves--

The little band of weather/ rain pushed by-- wind seems to be backing off -- sea conditions really not that bad-- Whale watchers out scouting off Laguna - it's been good sightings of Finback Whales and dolphins- bait around and conditions aren't really bad at all-

Long day with a gray cloudy sky - a few kids looking for something to do fished the bay- weather seemed to back off towards sunset- tide filling for a grunion run towards Midnight- good luck have fun!-

---------------------- Fridays Reports ------------

Gray sky, gray ocean wind fair from the south 5- 7- knts- only a few lonely voices on the radio

Good thing about this storm system-- there's not much wind with it--- so far. cool but not wind whipped

Derry for most of the day now-- wind backed off, flags lays limp and seas calm- no one on the radio except the dock/ cargo workers and whale watchers and some other government study going on-- Spring breakers a bit disillusioned about a sunny weekend here at the beach- standup paddle boarders in their skimpy swimsuits paddling by the shop- a bit too cold for most- --couple kids out tossing plastics for small bass

Arrf-- arrf-- arrf-- seals enjoying the Fresh water bath--

late in the aftenoon hours Bongos 3 calls in with their fish report--

---------- Thursdays reports ----------

Solid overcast- wind light from the south, seas reflective of it-- Couple of boaters out early- getting out ahead of the approaching storm from down south-- El Nino---Stand by--

Balboa's Angling Club's monthly BOD meeting was broken up by the phone call--- "We're coming in to weigh a fish-- Bluefin Tuna" -- leaving at 5 am they ran to the waters south-- all the way to the 60 Mile Bank- metering and seeing a good volume of fish there-- just getting them to go was difficult-- 5 or 6 sport boats around and another private-- wasn't until the afternoon hours before they came up for us -- we had a triple going -- got this one in-- First Tuna for the year for the BAC- congrats to Michael a well deserving young man-- and to dad and friend for making the April trip out there-- a little bumpy on the way back-- !

Derry for most of the day now-- wind backed off flags lays limp and seas calm- no one on the radio except the dock cargo workers and whale watchers--

Among the many things the BAC angling club has to do is host two fun upcoming events--

the Lily Call Bay Fishing Tournament - only 4 lb test line allowed which sets the standard, heck not many of the fish ever weigh over 4 lb! The two day event is May 20 and 21 st, Sign up now!

And this coming summer highlight, the Master Angler Billfish Tournament- a inter sportfishing clubtournament, angling club vs clubs and who's the best club, boat and angler for marlin.

Last Season centered on the Channel Islands,that seemed to be about the northern boundary for the Stripers and Blues,barring any real significance changes in conditions this season one would think that incredible fishing might be a little closer to Catalina this year, it just doesn't seem quite as warm as last years vs this years , either way the Clubs looking forward to hosting another great event. So start to get you teams and tackle together its going to be another good season.

The Great Marlin Race will continue into it's third year at the Masters- 6 marlin continue to swim somewhere out there now-Tagged last season beginning in the Masters, their tags about to reveal the daily travels for the past 240 days , due up in early May and into the end of June. It takes about a month to decipher and map out their travels intermixed with recorded water salinity, SST, chlorophyll and the dozens of other factors that can be overlaid to help make since of why and where they go to.

Strong tide flow today-- New Moon , grunion on Sat and Sunday night--

------------------- Wed's Reports -------------------

Wind light from the south-- hazy skies with forecast to cloud up-

Welcome to hear the radio chatter- although not a lot caught but welcoming to hear boaters out - giving their reports of who, what and where they were--- not that many were into fish-- other than the party and privates out on the 60 Mile Bank where 10 am limits were had by dozens of anglers. Now in search for bottom grabbers and yellows-

Eric if you can read this, we finally found them puddling around-- pretty good----- just hung one on the iron--- get up here!! ( area?) 10:55

we're out here on the 267 haven't seen much- where are you??--

one on the bait--

Any reports on the 209--- we're on the 209-- pretty dry -- a few signs of bait but that's it--

Boaters off Del Mar report thick fog--

just outside 267 towards the 209-- on a big school of dolphins and birds but outside of that nothing--4 outside the bank- marked some fish


Hey stick boat on the 209--- picking me up---- 12:52pm

scratchy reports says skipjacks maybe on the 182-- -- couple more drifts on the 43 you guys doing any good ?

There was a thremoclue, meter some fish there-- just outside the canyon- trolled there for a hour for nothing--

Just got down here-- 425 with hopes for a afternoon bite-- -- we're up here at the beginning of the Ridge-- no sign of life for me--

Among the treasures we acquire in our fishy world was a pair of antiquated spinning reels, an Ashaway Slip Cast reel with the new Will Not Backlash feature , where as I think the reel was used upright on the rod, by depressing a thumb pad it lifted a bar up to the bail which prevented the reel from back winding , the reel's spool held in tension/ drag by a tighten coil spring released the line under drag. a new invention at the time--

The second treasure was a Precision Fishing reel, Mohawk N. Y. called a Martin 27A, it has the anti reverse mounted in the interior, atypical was it's double foot seat.

Want a sportfisher for this season-- here's a beauty - ready to go

39 ft. Hatteras for Sale -

1995 Hatteras 39' Convertible, Impeccable Condition and Equipment-

Perfect Fishing and Catalina Boat

$ 199 K OBO Call Paul at 949 351-7756 or E- Mail to

------------------ Tuesdays reports --------------

Fog burning away mid morning-- good down-hill current, light wind from the south/southwest- water remains in the low 60s, warming up every day now it seems, Calico Bass were biting well on most of the art reefs and rock piles above Newport and the Huntington Flats-- in tight off North Newport in 30 50 feet of water there were 6 seiners wrapping as fast as the can - anchovies and anything else they can-- hate to think it's going for chicken feed or fertilizer-

From a scratchy report from a boat out on the 181- tuna looking it was slow for them ( except for the recorded wicked tuna-- " beep--beep-- beep-- we're markin', we're markin' !" good to hear the boys having fun out there today-

Blue water on the 181-- 182-- half way up the ridge there'e some offcolored green water all the bait was in the green water

lots of mammals feeding on something down there - not showing now maybe later this afternoon when they seemed to be showing-

three fish back couple of hundred commons off Laguna-

Good radio receptions-- today-- fair number of boats out looking for the tunas--312, 209, 267, 181, 182- 9 --nothing so far for them-- 11:45am

43 over 25 large pod of porpoise with birds working it--- looked good-- outside upper 9 --- 64.7 just above the 209--- we've got 66 degree water and beautiful looking--

metered a bunch of stuff -- we're downhill from you a 1/2 mile - just couldn't get them to go-- 1:25pm

a few rat yellows out from under a kelp- that was all--

whales and some bait but no breaking fish-- that was it--

Anyone working the 9 today-- see anything--- we were there-- up and down it-- didn't seen anything except a swordfish--- we worked it for about an hour for nothing--

Returning back to newport- tuna searchers reports it all looks real good but they didn't see em today-- but it really looks good-- stand by--

Got even flater as the day went o

-------------------- Monday Closed ---------------

Building tides as that new moon nears - should improve the coastal fishing--

----------the Weekends Report April 3 rd----------

Almost a June Gloom day with gray in the morning hours, burning through mid morning-- wind light from the west southwest. seas calm

181 182 doing the zone thing--- haven't seen any fish so far, little bit of birds, little bit of porpoise-- We'll let you know if we see anything-- Yea we ran out to the 182-- not much life for us there-- more life inside

regular fish radio talk this morning on the VHF

The SWBA's Offshore Challenge - First Days results put the 5 fish bag high catch weight at over 25 lbs - local anglers Jimmy and Tracy Decker holding their own with a Third Place so far and a 22 lb bag weight- Live weigh in at 4 pm today--

Great to see the Live Bait Barge back in operation here in Newport- Anchovies for bait--

The Balboa Angling Club had its Annual Awards as most angling clubs do- A thanks given back to the Club's own membership's personal support and that of the City of Newport for their assistance in getting new clubhouse foundation and another new weigh station and hoist rebuilt, we needed them! Some remarkable fish were caught this past year- among the notables were Father and Daughter and son team -Cole a proud young man has a 3 lb 6 oz corbina on 2lb! His older sister an adorable young girl Sarah Taite who received two World Records ( Small Fry) on Corbina and Bluefin Tuna and her Dad Greg Taite who took top Honors as Angler of the Year for the Club. BAC and 6 World Records himself, A fishy family. New Club Records went the Chuck Holland with his 23 lb 13oz Yellowtail on 8 lb test, Greg Taite 5 lb 11oz Dorado on 2 lb test line, Vick Sommers lb 25lb 12oz Yellowtail on 8 test line, Peter Binaki's 26lb 9oz Yellowtails on 6lb test line, All remarkable catches. Adding more remarkable catches were Vick S's World Record White Sea Bass at 56 lbs 5 oz on 6l b test line Jim Duncans 63lb WSB on 20 tackle and Marty Firestein's 133 lb Bluefin Tuna on 80 tackle. - Add the incredible Marlin Season with the Bounders 96 Marlin Catches , Linda Crean First Marlin and the Most Releases with 41 Fish and Andy Crean was voted Member doing the Most for Conservation. The Clubs Marlin Catches at 353 fish the best since 1985 .

With Bluefin tunas, yellows and what looks like an healthy amount of bait around prospects look great for this years fishing--

Slow trolled sardines and bait 20- 30lb Bluefin he was saying outside -- off the Point (Loma)

Radio Reception a radio check from Anacapa Island and another from the 60lb Bank

I didn't hear much chatter on tunas being caught, except those close to San Diego, they could have been- weather was a bit westerly today with a steady flow downhill and a bit on the overcast side- .

---------Sat------- Bluefin and Yellows and Calcios --------

------------------------- Friday's reports ------------

You never know about fish caught today???-- but congrats to the angler either way-

Locally caught-?? WSB (last year)

Good News---Good morning JD, the Newport barge is scheduled to be moored up tomorrow 3/31. We had to postpone it a couple of days due to wind and swell. If all goes as planned, we’ll be baited up later in the day Thursday or Friday morning. Bait lately has consisted of good size anchovies and sardines. Squid has been pretty much been non existent due to warm El Nino conditions. We will be operational 24/7 for the season and the barge cell number is 310-461-5370. Thanks, Todd -

April 3rd the BAC will have it's 2016 Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet at the Harborside Restaurant 400 Main Street, Balboa , 11 am , Casual Attire. This will be the 2016 Annual Meeting & Awards for the GREAT 2015 fishing season, One of the best of all times!!---- Let's all CONGRATULATE the 2015 Award Recipients! You're Invited Call the club for reservations-/ A Fabulous Menu Has Been Prepared For The Occasion Give the Club a call for you support (949) 673 6316 or Email to Balboa Angling Club


Not much on the radio today-- a dozen or more smaller skiffs running over to Twin Harbors Catalina for the Offshore Challange- Fishign Catalina, Clemente or Santa Barbara Is. - the Calico Bass fishing curcuit-- live weigh in tomorrow 4 pm

This Weekend the SWBA- Salt Water Bass Asso. host the The California Offshore Challenge it's been called ‘The Super Bowl of Calico Bass Fishing’ 50 of the most hard core anglers vying for supremacy at the only 2-day island based tournament of it’s kind. Anglers equipment, endurance and will are all pushed to the limit as this unfolds for 20 hours of fishing and a combined 2-day weight format. Two Harbors is the perfect venue for this special event. .Catalina, San Clemente & Santa Barbara Islands Calico Bass only!

and what would today be without-- The Clemente Monster Out of the Depth,

The following is set down somewhat hesitantly. He who ventures aside from the accepted groves of believe lays himself open not alone to jibes, but to direct attack upon his veracity. It is human nature to scoff at those things which are not understood, or which are not simple of explanation. The most startling incident related in the following pages I experienced myself, saw with my own eyes.. Some twenty-five or thirty personal acquaintances, all of them reputable, many of them men of substance and standing in their respective communities, also saw with their own eyes the identical thing which I saw. The reader is at liberty to believe, or not to believe, what follows. However the fact remains that it happened: that I saw what I am about to describe. It happen in September of the year 1916.

I was over at San Clemente Island after Marlin Swordfish. We had left Mosquito Harbor about seven o’clock in the morning. The day was overcast with a high fog, and windless. The sea was like glass except for a small roll coming down the coast. All objects on the surface, birds and driftwood, appeared black. Visibility was perfect, the sea stretching away to the sharp line of the horizon. These details are important, so bear them in mind. By about eight o’clock we were perhaps a mile and a half off White Rock which is some three miles above Mosquito. I was sitting on top of the cabin watching for fins, my field glasses beside me. My boatman was busy at something down in the cockpit. A bait was out and the rod lashed to the fishing chair. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, and to seaward, I saw something big and black lift above the surface. I whirled, gasped, then clapped my glasses on it and yelled to my boaman to head for it. A scant quarter mile of a mile off there reared up out of the water the Thing which I instinctively knew was what, for years, we had called the “Clemente Monster,” which many had see, and about which there had been endless wonderment.

I shall try to describe it to you as best I can. Try to imagine a great columnar neck, or body, eight to ten feet thick and lifting twenty feet above the surface. Surmount this neck or body with a flat-topped, blunt, reptilian head. On either side of the head place two huge, round and bulging eyes. I dont believe they were an inch under a foot and a half across, perhaps more. There you have the essentials of what we saw. At my first shout my boatman stuck his head out of the cabin jitney and let out a queer little squawk. I don’t know that I blame him particularly! Steadily we forged towards the Thing. Remember, it was about a quarter of a mile away. My glasses were of seven power. I had them on it from the first moment I caught a glimpse of it. I don’t know precisely, but would guess that they brought it up to within a couple of hundred yards of us.

Certainly I could see it plainly enough to note various details. Two things stood out above all others- those enormous eyes and its unbelievable huge bulk. I never want to look at such eyes again. They were like the creations of a nightmare! Their very size, of course, left one breathless. But that was only a detail. It is utterly impossible to describe the coldness, the expressionlessness of them. It was like looking into the dim past when earth’s life consisted of great, slimy, horrible creatures dragging their way through gargantuan forest and over dead, sullen seas. They litterally froze me in my seat.

Later my man said I was as white as a sheet, my teeth chattering, my knees shaking. I wouldn’t be surprised. Neither in a museum, nor in any reconstructed picture of a prehistoric creature have I ever seen eyes which resembled those. The trunk, or neck, or whatever it was appeared above the surface, seemed to covered with a coarse, reddish-brown bristles. It wasn’t hair. They stood out rigidly from the body. It is strange that I should have gathered any impression of color in the light, but I did and, as will develop later, it is quite likely that I was correct in my impression. The trunk, or neck, was more or less erect. The head was turning slowly as though surveying the surface of the sea. The Thing did not rise and fall in the slight roll of the sea. Instead the waves broke against it. Give full consideration to what that statement means! I gathered the impression that the head was lowered. Certainly I saw nothing resembling a mouth. Others who have seen it say they saw a mouth. I didn’t. The great head continued its pivoting, seeming to make three-quarters of a circle. Then it saw us. The pivoting stopped. Those terrible eyes fixed themselves upon us coldly and without any expression noticeably through the lenses of the field glasses. For a few moments it regarded us fixedly, then, as though some great, hidden hand had seized it, it slowly sank. There was no visible movement of the great trunk, no commotion on the surface. Slowly, majestically, by comparison making the fluking of a whale seem a panicky, convulsive dive, it sank and disappeared beneath the surface. There was no swirl, no bubbles to mark where it had been, or where it sank. I don’t know how long it was up; perhaps a minute and a half, My boatman claims five or tem, but that is ridiculous. Out boat being slow, by the time we turned towards it I doubt that we approached appreciable closer. So what I saw I saw from about a quarter of a mile away and through the lenses of field glasses.

It is a little difficult to describe my emotions after the Thing sank. I had always loved the sea, particularly around and about San Clemente Island. With the appearance of the Thing, and its disappearance beneath the waters across which we were fishing, something of the friendliness went out of that sea and didn’t come back for a long time. I caught myself glancing furtively overside and with a strange prickling sensation up and down my spine. We went on fishing that day but neither of us was particularly happy. I know I felt a pronounced sense of relief when we dropped our hook in Mosquito that night and I stepped out upon the security of land. Well, there it is. You know as much about it as I do. I don’t think there is a shadow of a doubt but that, here in Southern California channels there exists an unknown species of great sea creatures. Ralph Bandini, Veiled Horizons, 1939

------------- Thursday's Reports ---------------

The end of March is at hand and April 's Spring fishing season is around the corner- optimism is high for this year- who can expect it o be a good as last year- maybe not quite as good, a lot of those fish were simply caught and are not alive anymore-- it's not like the fish population doubles itself each year or materialize out of nowhere, it takes time for fish to grow, on average most of the catchable sized fish we seek are 4- 5 years old, so hope there was good bio-conditions for them to reproduce two, three and four years ago- time will tell.

Blue sky's this morning water still cool and clear with bay waters 5- 8 feet. green tint, being clean sunlight helps the green moss to grow quickly, boat scrubbers are busy.

Thanks for sending in you 2015 Marlin count-- if you can and your not on one of the angling clubs marlin catch report- send in you numbers and we'll at it to the growing linst-- thanks JD to

How many Striped Marlins were caught this past season from San Diego to the Channel Islands, recorded counts were sent in from the Tuna Club of Avalon, the Balboa Angling Club, Dana and San Diego and channel islands clubs as well as from some individual private boats, not counted the hundred or more not included, deducting overlapping catches that would be counted by two clubs etc.

Striped Marlin recorded count for 2015- total 94

the counts growing-

Boat running to Clemente Island this weekend will see the island active "Hot"from mid day till 8 pm on Friday-- then the island is open ( Pyramid Cove) all day Saturday and Sunday. Should be good fishing, weather looks to be better and water temps improving, Calicos , Yellowtails, maybe even Bluefin Tunas there and who knows maybe even see a marlin, swordfish or the Clemente Monster--- Stand by---

Whale watches seeing Grey Whales coming up the line shallow 10 fathoms even Humpback seen off Aliso.

Seiners working the shoreline north newport- taking tonnage of baitfish-

Reports that the partyboats out of San Diego were into the bluefin today-- limit of two per angler, I think 60 mile bank

-------------------- Wed's Reports ------------------

Nice morning-- skies a little hazy blue, wind fair from the south-- small wind chop with it-- sea's still a bit rolly but due to flatten. waters cooler with a green to it-- made three cast-- two little nibbles, probably smelt tugging at the baits tail-


And this coming Sunday April 3rd the BAC will have it's 2016 Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet at the Harborside Restaurant 400 Main Street, Balboa , 11 am , Casual Attire. This will be the 2016 Annual Meeting & Awards for the GREAT 2015 fishing season, One of the best of all times!!---- Let's all CONGRATULATE the 2015 Award Recipients! You're Invited Call the club for reservations-/ A Fabulous Menu Has Been Prepared For The Occasion (949) 673 6316


With the spetacular season last year for the marlin fishery an E-mail this morning from the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center's Billfish Tagging Program. . The latest Billfish Newsletter has been published on our website - Please copy and paste the link below into your browser. click on 'Billfish Newsletter', then '2015'. Link to Newsletter and Survey:

Also, if you haven't filled out a Survey for your billfish fishing in 2015, please follow the link to our 2015 Billfish Angler Survey. You can print out a copy, fill out the Survey, and stick in the mail. Postage paid! Or, scan and email back. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

-- James Wraith NOAA NMFS Fisheries Biologist Southwest Fisheries Science Center 8901 La Jolla Shores Drive La Jolla, CA 92037 (858) 546-7087


In trying to just get and overall assessment of just how many Striped Marlins were caught this past season from San Diego to the Channel Islands, counts were sent in from the Tuna Club of Avalon, the Balboa Angling Club, Dana and San Diego and channel islands clubs as well as from some individual private boats, not counted the hundred or more not included, I came up with the following count of recorded catches, deducting those who overlapping catches that would be counted by two clubs etc.

Striped Marlin recorded count for 2015- total 940

Tuna Club 549 catches, BAC members 134, non-members 67 and Additional e- mails catches of 190 for a recorded catches of 940 and 16 Blue Marlin


Salmon Fishing---

Pigeon Point to U.S./Mexico Border (Monterey and south) Opens April 2-30, 2016 Minimum size limit: 24 inches total length Daily bag limit: 2 salmon of any species except coho * Regulations effective on or after May 1 will be decided by the CaliforniaFish and Game Commission and the Pacific Fishery Management Council in April 2016. General Sport Regulations Daily bag limit: 2 salmon of any species except coho. Possession limit: No more than two daily bag limits may be possessed when on land. On a vessel in ocean waters, no person shall possess or bring ashore more than one daily bag limit.

------------------ Tuesday's Reports --------------

Leftover swell and a crosschop made it uncomfortable out there today-- even the whale waters came in early, rolly swell and forecast of building wind this afternoon cancelled their afternoon trips--

Bluefin Tunas-- Coming back from Clemente Island ( Sunday) after a shot at the yellowtails- (140- 170 deep off China Point), calicos and other bottom grabbers-- seeing school of breaking fish and birds working-- they were 10 miles shy of San Diego in the afternoon hours ( 9 Mile Bank) when 100 lb Bluefins were seen leaping out-chasing baitfish- three schools seen, the first were the big fish a second school had maybe 30-50 lb fish in it and the third school a mix of big and smaller fish-- they didn't hook up but tried, the tunas were on small baitfish and their mackerels were too big-

Red Crabs -- a question of good or bad- with blankets of them on the bottom - feeding on plankton and egg larvae, time will tell.

Wind blowin for the next day, dropping the surface water temps below 60 and into the 57/58 degree range off the Huntington flats where it upwells quicker, the deeper water south will hold up better.

---------------------- The Weekend report ---------

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Easter~~~~~~~~

Slowly burning off to a blue sky behind it- gray off to the sea, wind just enough to lift a flag, from the south. seas calm and flat. Several boats out for their sunrise service this morning-- blessed with these shafts of sunlight as the come through from the heaven above-- sunrise on the water is always a blessing-

a quick call to Vick to see if he was out this morning--- hello-- morning how's things-- couple of sand bass couple of calicos, uphill current, 60.2 degrees and lots of bait around-- sun looks to about coming though- nice day-- thanks gluck-

------- Sat March 26 -----------------

Eggshell blue skies this morning-- wind slight from the south- been south for two days now- steady flow uphill current too-

Sea turtle seen at 33.32.6 / 117.53.9

Bluefined tunas-- party boats out of SD catching em' today-- I heard-- limets-- (2-fish per angler) - maybe the 60 mile bank area--

- Above the harbor-- almost all the hard bottom spots- rock piles or art reefs outside north newport/ huntington and towards long beach were holding good sized sand bass- not easy and definitely not in abundance but enough if your worked at it -- enough to make a good day out of it, mostly Sand Bass 3- 5- maybe even a 6-7 lb fish and smaller calicos - miles of bait and birds in the area, small fish fry, some anchovies, and red crabs everywhere - sand bass were coughing them up- some looked like good sized crawdads-- while fishing the plastics--- nothing on the fast retrieve-- slow- almost on the bottom or suspended off the bottom got the bites- most the jigs that had some red in them did better-

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy Easter~~~~~~~~

---------------Fridays Reports -------------

A really nice pod of commons in about 80 fathoms, couple of hundred of them really putting on a show- right by the Betty Davis --10:39 am

Red rock fish and a beautiful morning on the radio this morning--

weather like this there might be Elvis up and sunning itself at the mid mornings slack-- stand by---

banks of fog-- hiding breazing schools of yellows-- another schools just gave us the slip, went under the boat--havn't caught a thing yet--- 11:09am

Hooked three- caught two- yellowtails- just east of where we saw yoiu last-- (Catalina)

A little bit of cloud cover-- might spice up the sunset this weekend

Still hard to find good fishing bait--- Southern California's Commercial Squid Stocks Have Vanished From Warm Pacific Waters SEAFOODNEWS.COM March 3, 2016 LOS ANGELES—Squid have pretty much disappeared from Southern California in the last several months. “Squid’s kind of our bread and butter. That’s what a lot of us make our payments and survive on,” said Corbin Hwho fishes off the coast of Southern California. ”It’s extremely frustrating. It’s demoralizing to go out and not be able to catch anything,” He has not caught any squid for more than four months. Squid is one of California’s largest commercial fisheries, and much of it is exported to countries in Asia and the Mediterranean. Oceanographer Andrew L with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries said unusually warm water is causing squid and other fish to move farther north. At a meeting at the Aquarium of the Pacific, scientists explained one cause of the warming waters is what they call “the blob.” “During the, say, 30-year record, this event “the blob” stands out far beyond anything we’ve seen...

Radio reports are scarce these day's even though there's yellows around the radio chatter is limited. Taking a few extra moments to look at the overall picture of our west coast and what the future might bring-- El Nino vs La Nina or El Baracho. A look at the water temps from last year's the beginning of the year Jan. and of March of 2015

and this years Jan to March chlorophyll charts ( see below) and see how far that downhill sweeping California Current will push upwelled green water from the north to the south-- All that fresh water that outflows from the rivers up north will help in the phytoplankton growth , more grass for the smelts, anchovies and fish fry to eat and it's eventually food supply for out tunas, tails and bills for this coming year.


A closer look at the water below here with water temps from 59 to 64 ( left) and a Chlorophyll chart ( right) of the same area showing a strong body of warm 63- 63 1/2 water that's clean and blue and that stretches southwards uninhibited , note to watch is that cooler water outside Pt Conception and it's offcolor water to see what it does over the next few months-


------------------------------ Thursdays Reports ---------------

Nice morning- Easter Blue skies - wind- slight from the south, seas have calmed down- water temps off Long Beach 57 to 59- off Dana 60.3 off SD 63.1

Good news for the boaters north of Newport-- Maxum Petroleum will re-open the Huntington Harbor Fuel Dock on April 1 – - The fuel dock underwent a facelift after Maxum Properties took over the property; the plans to update the fuel storage tanks and make other improvements during the next three years -

Easter / Spring Break for many schools or colleges now-- warm inviting weather for those visiting from back East. A few more yellowtails in the counts from Catalina, and the rock cod fishing/ sculpin kept the local party boats full of passengers. good mackerel catches for them too-

Just spoke to Drew L, Huck Fin and crew from the Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine they had just returned form fishing the backside of Catalina the greater Farnsworth area-- schools of Yellowtails breezing around -- feeding on small fry baitfish- they wouldn't take a cast lively small greenback or lures-- couple of strikes off a waxwing lure and frustrating seeing all these yellows- mostly 8- 10- 12 lb fish, schools of them diving underneath the boat

Nice weather this afternoon-- lots of folks out, Good luck if your headed out this weekend- JD

--------------------------- Wed's Reports ---------------

Hazy skies, marine clouds and wind from the south, fair and stiff at times, water's still has a light green to it- the cold air cleaned it up - .

Newport had it's Tsunami warning systems in practice today-- rescue boats on alert- helicopters ready, barking dogs and seals on alert too! Tides came and went normally on the full moon. good day to have it-- with the likelyhood of an earthquake on the full moon and a real tsuami!-

Weather backed off somewhat-- afternoon found the westerly fair at 12- 15 steady- upwelling expected off the Flats

Better weather till late Sunday-

--------------------- Tuesdays Reports -----------

Today -- clear skies but a steady wind since yesterday from the west has lopped off that top 2 3 feet of warmer water and chilled things down a bit-- wind from the west at 8- 10 building this afternoon

From the entire Pacific view, a series of low pressure systems almost to hurricane force on the horizon to the northwest.

Took the day off yesterday-- after some yard work the goal was a short afternoon trip to the bay for a sampling of the bay waters and it's fishes-- seeing a few more stingrays swimming by and only 1' bait-fry in the shallow water- smelt, always a good sign was in absence. Strange to see all the different marine vegetation that grows, it comes and goes, a week ago the bottom was relatively clean this week its covers with a greenish moss and a reddish fern type of plant- A 45 minute search found me 4 lively worms for bait-- a couple of likely looking fishing holes were checked out-- still to low of tide for them. At anchor by the CH Bridge incoming tide first cast has and 2 - 2/12 lb strong fighting Sargo on it-- but that was it for the afternoon, two other small nibblers, water looked clean, no debris in it- strong flow of water on that rising full moon, should have had more bites-- but at least no more yard work-

Breezy for most of the day-- gust pushing 25- 30 knts, bay waters turned greenish brown in the mix of wind, chop and tide. Tomorrows forecast show a swell from the west short period but not much wind on it till afternoon hours - Ha- what do they know- !

------------- The weekends Reports --------------

Like yesterday a gray morning-- wind light at 0-2- 4 knts from the south/southeast- calm seas-- a bit of roll coming in from the west early - First Day of Spring-- Yahoooo

Del Mar-s Fishing tackle show ends today-- a long series of boating, fishing and outdoor seminars and shows- if you saw something that stood out, please let us know- thanks JD

From simple Shimano TLD 15 and Penn Senators to trolling reels and casting reels glad to do the servie on them--

A clean up and some lube keeps them in working shape for this coming season .

Yellowtail-- being the big game fish thee days--- catches of good sized fish- 15- 20lb fish-- One major spawning ground for California Yellowtail is at Cedros Island, where mass amounts of 15- to 20-pound yellowtail can be found. A 3 year old female will weigh about 10 pounds and spawn approximately 450,000 eggs; A 25 pound female will produce more than 1 million eggs. Yellowtail may live to 30 years. - at 5 years old the average yellowtail is approximately 16lbs.

good luck this coming week if you get out- JD

--------------------------------- Sat's Reports ------------------------

Gray skies gray ocean, wind light from the south 2- 4 knts

Boaters, whale watchers, sailors out early-- slow for everyone-

Nice day on the water-- a few mystery bites a few whales, even false killer whales, the standard common dolphins that inhibit these waters and improved calico bass bite

Halibuts-- , where are they ? the questinos asked -

With the various baits around, red crabs, some chovy who knows- water hangs in there at 62 -63 degrees by April maybe even Salmon? This time of year it's a time of waiting, the fish have to hibernate sometime, give em' a rest they'll soon be bigger and stronger.

---------------------- Fridays reports --------------

Again a light wind ruffle on the water this AM from the west- with a ligh bank of fog and marine haze to the west-- wind 3- 6 kts west- seas fair-

Not the right kind, but a 30+ Yellowtail fishing off the kelp beds of south OC county, he was looking for those elusive White Sea Bass- these next few days prior to the full moon should experience a bite for them- stand by-

Grunion should be in the surfzone-this weekend-

About a zillion birds working the beach out front of north Newport beaches coast line these past few days -- bait seiners in tight, many of them and large one's too scooping up the baitfish-- speculations as to where these precious baitfish go to-- from the tuna pens to chicken feed and fertilizer, shame they can't let it alone to grow and populate itself.

---------------------- Thursday's Reports --------------

Slight southeast wind ruffle on the water this morning-- marine haze as usual ,

All we've seen so far was a couple of bait schools- we'll let you know if we see anything- 10:12 am

Water temps remain stable so far-- running from 62 to 64 down the coastline to SD- anchovies beginning to show up again in schooling bait balls Yellowtails some at Catalina nd Clemente are fair game, moons filling and coastal fishing for the White Sea Bass look promising-- still no squid available from suppliers!-Banks of fog- which hasn't burnt off yet, restricting whale watchers view

In the never ending wonderful vision of our Fish and wonderful Wildlife/ fishing licence department-- JD's Tackle and I assume other shops this year will not be able to provide the licenses because we did not reach their level of sales for the past several months. We are given a choice of either paying a weekly fee of $15 ( that works out to only $780 a year) just so we may have the privilege to issue them. Heck there's no way any F & G license agent gets back $780 a year in commission fees, let alone the credit card fees that most license are paid with as well as the agents own time to sell them-- you have to wonder what yo-yo's sitting at some board meeting thinks this is a good idea- no wonder license sales are down

Afternoon hours that fog backed off-- couple of boats coming back from Catalina remarked of their late last night's encounters with the Fish and Game while lobster hooping-- the season closed last night-

------------------- Wed's Reports -------------

Feels like it's gonna get hot today-- coastal haze and calm seas--

The local angling clubs are gearing up for their Spring Fishing seasons events- among them the BAC, Balboa Angling Club will be hosting their Lily Call bay fishing event this coming May 21 and 22nd , 4lb test only in Newport Harbor Bass, Halibuts, Croaker and Corbina, give the club a call to get in---949 673 6316 -this year limited to only 75 anglers-!-

weird, this ones sitting on on the surface trying to lift it's head -- 37/ 17--- whale off long beach, watching boat giving the lat/ logs to the next outgoing boat. Cargo ships and other ships in the area- 3:49 speculations as if it had become entangled in something--- or maybe even giving birth!--

- a series, maybe 10- 12 of them-- big thumps that seemed to emulate from the ocean-- southwest from here--could be Navy fire at Clemente island-- being here on the beach with it's sandy soil and direct impact from the oceans density you can feel these things - 4:40pm

local shark fishing off dana only drank beer and fished for blue sharks-

Boats headed to Catalina- for the last day at Lobster hopping- last nigh's catch said they were crawling like crazy--4 guys onboard limited out in 2 hours!

--------------------- Tuesdays Reports -----------------

Coastal water better this morning than yesterdays rain, chop and wind- water still in the low 60's with smaller mini- macs found at the harbor's entrances or kelp beds for live bait-- still the problem in getting frozen squid- it's just not around from the suppliers-- Building moon phase

Fred Halls- Del Mar show this week - lots to see and do- I missed the Long Beach show this year- anything interesting?

A look at this weeks water temps and that of last year- same time from 55 to 65 degrees-

-------------- 2015 ------------------- 2016 ----------------


------------------- The Weekends Reports ------------

Squid for bait-- do you have any squid for bait he asks-- I've got a little left, not the best quality-- we're happy to get any- we've been to three shops looking for some-- my local bait supplier says they're out, and who they get it from is out too- even supermarket quality squid/ calamari is in short supply-- the warm water this season has held back the commercial catches of squid--

A pick at the bass today-- wind against current for most of the day- water's cool at 60 61 and offcolor green -- it'll improve by June!

------------------- Sats reports ----------------

-- E-Mail from Sally Kruz-- fishing Hawaii

We thought you might be interested in this. While none of the short billed spearfish were record setting, we had a banner day releasing 4 on light tackle. We are fishing 12 and 16# Bob and Sally Kurz -

-------------- Thursday's Reports ----------------

Light overcast, wind slight from the south, seas calm water clearing to a dark green .

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 2016 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: A transition to ENSO-neutral is likely during late Northern Hemisphere spring or early summer 2016, with close to a 50 percent chance for La Niña conditions to develop by the fall. Sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies decreased across most of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean during February The subsurface temperature anomalies in the central and eastern Pacific decreased substantially in association with the eastward shift of below-average temperatures at depth Low-level westerly wind anomalies and upper-level easterly wind anomaliescontinued,. The traditional and equatorial Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) remained strongly negative. In addition, convection was much enhanced over the central and east-central tropical Pacific and suppressed over parts of Indonesia and northern Australia Collectively, these anomalies reflect the continuation of a strong El Niño. All models indicate that El Niño will weaken, with a transition to ENSO-neutral likely during the late spring or early summer 2016 Thereafter, the chance of La Niña conditions increases into the fall. While there is both model and physical support for La Niña following a strong El Niño, considerable uncertainty remains. The seasonal outlooks for March - May indicate an increased likelihood of above-median precipitation across the southern tier of the United States, and below-median precipitation over the Midwest and part of Pacific Northwest.


------------------------- Wed's Reports ------------

A roll and a twist to the oceans swells has many of the whale watchers- on their knees- water seems and feels cool and has a off green to it- no wind maybe 2- 4 from the south. hazy clear skies-

Geoff sent in this -e-mail - baiting a swordfish in the end of this last February-- Welcome back John. Hope you had an amazing and well deserved rest and relaxation vacation in Panama. While you were out I gave it a go at the end of February and found this beauty floating. Baited it for 30-40 minutes. Came at the bait 2 times and looked at and decided that what I had wasn't good enough. Next time hopefully. Geoff

------------------------- Vacation time- JD - -------

Every day is and adventure in itself. Coming into Pinias Bay, Tropic star on the left side of the cove, greeted by the local indian craft and some of their basket weaving and wooden carvings- happy go lucky giggling kids, colorful warps and tightly woven baskets. A cocktail at the bar of the lodge that afternoon, its mounted trophies on the wall and old photos of record catches. Dinner and back to the boat and make a few pieces of bait . The weather looks to blow for the next couple of days and from that awful brown, green and red colored water we'd passed thorough to get down here we elected to take a day or two inshore fishing . The famous Zane Grey Reef, was cold and green red tide water at 69 1/2 degrees, we caught a few skipjacks there, jigging up lures intended for the snappers and groupers there, I broke out my travel ultra light spinning loaded with 4lb Nano fill braid line and drop shot rig like I use here on the dock and was rewarded with a 2lb amberjack but conditions were not favorable for blue water fish so we headed south to Tropic Star / Pinias Bay -

the Jave river mouth a few miles away around the northern corner of the Pinias bay was said to, at the mornings high tide- just as it turned, the bottom was blanketed with giant snook just waiting to be caught- sure enough we were there on time the next morning slow drifting and working freshly caught goggle eye's in the surf zone over the bar just as that tided stated to drained out--- but no bites, so we slow trolled back around and rocky point just seething with possibilities of a jack rooster of those snook, , a hand dipped in the water told you the water was still cold- felt in the low 70's and offcolor, , cast after cast, no bites, we did get a needle fish bite on the bait, and that was it for the mornings run- and back to the boat for breakfast and another round of fishing.

Continuing my fishing story- Panama- aboard Paul F's Quitena a 61 ft Viking Sportfisher with Capt. Rich Hamilton at the wheel and deck, Julio a happy young energetic man from Costa Rica, his spanish kept us in commutations and good spirits kept the boat alive and well. Another fellow shipmate was one of Paul's friend John H. who joined us an experienced boatman and angler, one of Paul's other friends, Peter was unable to go so it was just the five of us.

The ride down to Pinias Bay revealed, to me the shallowness of the Bay of Panama itself- 20- 30- 40- maybe 50 fathoms for miles till the continental shelf where it's crescent shaped ledge coming down from north the Costa Rica coastline crossing the Panama Bay and joins the northern shoulder of South America where Pinias Bay is located, Panama extends it's border down to the Colombia border. The shallow high spots and reefs along this shelf make for the world class fishing there, Zane Grey Reef etc. But over the past several weeks strong Panama Gap Winds from East to West had upwelled these shallow waters and what currents pushing up from the south ( I think the Humbolt) further disturbed the water, brown, green, red in some cases it looked line Campbell's tomato soup! On to the Lodge for the night, it lays in a secluded cove tucked in against the green lush background of jungle growth and mountains that lose their height in the evening haze. a fleet of 31 ft Bertram's lay off to the side and another smaller Viking sportfisher at anchor waiting for the next days clients. Our arrival was greeted by staff and hostess, cold drinks and a tasty Dorado dinner that night.

Up early the next morning for offshore marlin and tuna fishing to the south 12- 15 miles where it had been better the afternoon before improved to a clean green even blue and a spot or two or 80/ 81. Spotting dolphins and birds on a break where water began to clear up- 30- 40-50 lb yellowfin on the 10 inch cedar plug was the ticket. The day spent chasing tunas but no marlin. A couple of drops over a rock pile for bottom grabbers then back on to the Tropic Star lodge for anchored that evening

We fished the next morning for those snook but they weren't there- which brings me back to yesterdays endings. Back aboard for lunch and away again this time to the north in the inflatable around a rock bluff, its clinging trees and vines taking hold wherever they could get a grasp. the coast line a wave sweep rocky reefs, small sandy coves and headlands. Casting Poppers and slow trollin g live baits--

Habit I guess, in acutal casting with the poppers and plugs-- 137 cast for the first Jack!

I learned a new way to fight rooser fish, as they twist around under the boat!

and so the story goes



--Continued fishing story- for most of the afternoon hours the Jacks kept us busy while slow trolled Rapala's along the shoreline it's pockets of swirling water against the surging swells, casting plugs for the occasional strike but the Rapalas were constant- purple /black and a sardine color worked well for us- a snag or fish into the rocks andJulio jumps overboard to retrieve the fouled lure- they're hard to replace downthere--- -


Back to the boat in late afternoon hours with enough time for a quick switch to ultra light w/ small freshwater poppers cast up against the cove's overhang of branches and rocks in the twilight, the snappers were mauling the small baitfish fry there- fun stuff with the 4lb braid line then into the lodge for a check in and back to the boats for dinner, make bait the smaller goggle eyes and a striped jack a dozen or more put way.


Morning and the hired guide Wily shows up for a days offshore fishing again. He'sproficient in rigging sierra mackerel into Panama Strip baits, sewn tightly we plunged into the waters in search of marlin-- a Black, we think comes in on the starboard squid teaser, it drops back behind a plunger lure and drifts away, finally takes a wacky at the dropbacked rigged bait but misses the hook -we continue to work the area-


Water still has these layers of red and brown patchesto it further south we got out of it and into more dolphin holding Yellowfin-


- I had brought along a few surface casting plugs, Rangers used primacy for East Coast Stripers and bluefish and also for surf fishermen casting to Roosters down Baja way- their 7- 8 inches long bodies shapes cast like the wind-- they seem to glide in the air. An Daiwa spinning reel loaded w/ braid lines and casts at 50- 75 yards + overhanging outriggers and other anglers toconsider.


High arching casts would plop down, diving deep and a quick reel bought the lure up and splashing on the surface- the yellowfin loved it-- even more fun was to side-arm cast and let the lure skip like tossing a flat rock and see how many times it would skip-- one skip, a second skip and then it'd get clobbered, the tunas thinking is was a escaping flying fish swallowed the lure whole!


We put another 3 or 4 more tunas in the boat released some and on to more sights and sounds, the weather improving we figured to let it rest one more day and and had made arrangements with Tropic Stars fine hostess to visit one of the native villages up a river some 5 or 6 miles away.


Adrienne, the Club's guest relations manager had made the arrangements and sure enough morning hours and the Panga slides up to the boat and we join them for a ride up the coast and though the rivers mouth, the same surf zone place we had snook fished a few days earlier, in through the surf and around the bend to a check in with the local authorities , passports reviewed and away we go-


A ferry boat was anchored there picking up dozens and dozens of passengers for $20 boat ride to Panama City some 80- 100 miles away! thinking as it loads up with people and packages it had to cross the river mouths bar at near the tides high in a 1/2 hour. we're checked in and up river we head, our crew and guide/ Adrienne and a Captain of one of their sportfishers Chris and his wife Marla and boatman up front to help pole the way up river and through some of the shallows- Coastal tropical palms and shrubs line the waters edge who's limited bottom landfor farming is subject to the rising tides and rainy season.


No there weren't the tree sloth, nor the monkeys playing loop to loop in the trees, nor flights of parrots and native birds, It's called bush meat for the most part now , mostly gone . The village was vacate, the villagers being tending the crops in the interior, there were a few woman and children around, seemed happy people and proud of their cement structured school house complete with desks and chalkboards- promise of education was there.


Sorry-- internet site down-- that's what happens when you take a vacation things go haywire for awhile - hope we get this posted--

and on to todays story--

----- Fridays Reports -

Not many boaters out- slow fishin'

Adventures into the Darien-Choco region of Panama and the Wounaan Indian vvillage, a few gathered natives and a tour of the stilted houses, a few gifts bought and a donation to the school for furthering conservation works and back down and out the river's mouth while the bar was still runable


With hopes of the offshore water improving conditions afternoon hours brought us South again looking for the marlins, tuna and dorado. Bang-- the starboard long rigger goes off and a hefty Dorado, dark yellow in color with its pulsating blues spots gets the gaff- not quite, but eventually into the boat-


A few more tunas on the cedar plug whild we scouted the bottom topography looking for a likely spot to drift for swordfish that night - years ago the Madam and Hooker were here and scored well on the Swordfish while night fishing.



We found a bowl-like drop off /shelf about 10 miles above the Panamanian and Columbia border and about 10 off the shoreline. Running back into the beach to a tropical deserted cove with small running springs that fed it on three sides and anchorage gave way to bar b que'd fresh tuna and late sunset, casts off the bow to swirling jacks and other critters. peaceful.



Fire em up again and out to that likely looking area for a nighttime drift on the swordfish grounds. Rigged spanish mackerel for bait, sinkers tied andstrobing lights lowered away--- supported by a floated balloon two baits were put out---



The gyrostabilizer Sea Keeper, kept the boat from pitching or rocking in the nights pitch black swell as the moon was not due up till towards midnight. Within minutes foot long squid were in the illumination of the underwater lights that drew a host of minute plankton sealife. Able to get one of the squids netted it was quickly secured on the hook and overboard it went down hundreds of feet-



The long tedious night spent checking baits, making another move after a two hour drift to repositions the boat for a second drift- right were we wanted to go- an land breeze sprung up and helped complete the drift along that shelf-- but still no bites-- the squid finally had gotten pecked at, maybe other squids but no swordfish bites- nor sharks no sharks


Fire em'up again at dawn for a mornings shot at trolling for the marlin or tunas. We'd see a couple of larger model Yellowfin and varied out aproach , first flying a parafoil kite with bait underneath it to the dolphin schools then using a modified Greenstick method-- w/ large cross winged bird and float dragging behind-lifted high off the tower and sent back a hundred yards with the powerful electric reel and rigged plastic squids and fishing lines clipped on the main tow line, two or three attempts to the traveling schools of tuna with no results-- Back to marlin trolling again, another big Dorado then back to lodge at Tropic Star for a refreshing frosty cool one by the pool and a refreshing swim.

More to come--

-- I left you off after we'd visited the Indian village, returned back to the boat for the afternoon's offshore fishing with a big dorado catch for the day , back to anchorage at Tropic star lodge, a few minutes to cast a popper or slow troll for the small jacks and sappers along the hidy holes and covered brush in the cove-in for dinner and a drink and out to the boat again for an early morning's start in the inflatable and some diving a reef.

John and myself found the jacks against along the rocky reefs with the Rapala trolling plugs , before leaving the shop for the trip- plastic lured box crammed full with goodies, just one more as I was going out the door- looking up on the wall behind me a montage of old and used one-- yes that white and red headed Rapala with the shinny nose blade - in the box it goes- now the time to use it-- one Jack- another Jack, dropped in the water again-- let back just a few feet more, hold the rod low to the water to deepen its decent and slowly pumping it back and forth giving it more life- it's vibrations felt stronger as it was drawn in closer- a tug and solid take - good sized fish on, I shift in the seat to get a better purchase on it- up gyrates this 3- 4 ft long mouth open, gill flaring ,twisting shinny scaled fish- nice fish in its explosion my mind says tarpon, someone yells snook--- I can use a lot of excuses but the fish throws the hook after the first leap- ahaa's and insults on my fishing skills belabor me for hours afterwards. A look at the red/ white Rapala's hooks

later reveals all rusty hooks, barbs eaten away and dull enough not to stick - good memory- the lost fish-

Onward to a small reef for the boys to spear a grouper - water clarity was poor with micro plankton and sealife organisms and a mix of the red tide put the visibility at only 3 or 4 feet- - back to shoreline trolling and exploring a sandy white beach- leaving foot prints in the sand to wash away some day- mid cove a local fishing for the tablefare said live bait would work for the grouper on a rock pile- we mark the spot,

Back to the boat again and offshore for another try at the night-time drifting for swordfish - or possibly maybe even those bigger Yellowfin tunas rumored to be out there-- We were joined this night with Albert the Tropic Star Fishing coordinator, having been fishing these waters foe decade or better- yes he was amped for a shot at those swordfish--

He brought out his skills in the bait rigging-- spanish mackerel or small skipjacks, their tails being cut away and and replaces with 10/0 11/0 sized strong hooks sewn in backwards with the thought the head of the bait swallowed first and trailing hook being the first to come in contact and lodging in the corner of the mouth sharp cuts and correct placement laid out- a 3 inch tag end of the leader/ crimp spot left room for that tag end to be woven in and out of the remaining length of tail bone to help secure it firmly to the bait- another long night-

Suns sets quickly and soon the dark surrounded the boat-- I've still got to say those gyrostabilizer Seakeepers keeps one's sealegs steady, when there's no horizon and that like misty salt haze in the air, the boat holding in the day's leftover lump was a welcome stable platform to work in- squirts of squid passing by quickly in the boats underwater lights, only to be nailed by burst of speedy 4 ft. long spotted porpoise, a swirl and the squid would be gone.

Out of the boats lights two baits were sunk deep and await for those swordfish bites, we had returned back along a shelf dropping off from the shoreline flats some -6-8 miles offshore. Amazing sea creatures are always attracted to those underwater lights, sagged off a squid jig was this little 6 inch clear worm-like with tiny black eyes and translucent body Those flashing porpoise soon removed most of the squid that came into the lights, and hour would go by still no swordfish bite- nor shark nor any denizen of the deep, we waited - into the stern blue lights another slinky movement came- a yellow and black banded sea snake! -

- the evening wind backed off and a land breeze sprung up putting the baits / floats in twisted angle off the transom and hour later it returned back to normal and still no bites. Dawn found us tired again and morning hours trolling for those elusive marlins.

Water starting to clear up and more porpoise schools and tuna showing- a long night and back to T/S for the day. Not wanting to loose the enjoyment of the area- we've back at it again this time in the inflatable and some live baits to the grouper spot we'd fished earlier-- and the live baits were gobbled up as soon as they got near the bottom. One, two and a lost fish or two - more than enough for a tasty meal.

The following morning we pull anchor and head towards Panama City, a stop over at one of the many island resorts on the way back, a self guided tour of the island sites, a fresh Grouper for dinner and into Panama City the following day- it's sky lined high rise building in contrast to the century old churches and building that help form this region--

Too bad the Black and Blue or Striped Marlin fishing wasn't that good and the swordfish didn't bite but it still was a good vacation-- When the bite again I'll be ready to go --- good luck if your headed that way. Give the Guest relations manager, Adrienne a hello for me and I'm sure she will assist you in anyway, have fun- JD


---------- Tuesdays Reports ------------

Back in the saddle again--- home from a trip aboard a private sportfisher, fishing off Panama's Pinas Bay's/ Tropic Star fishing lodge- wonderful time-- will post stories and photos as soon as I can.

I hear there are some yellowtails around , San Clemente mud flats and even Bluefin Tunas was the word going around the F / H show-

welcome back- to windy and bouts of rain and cooler air- Wind blew up this afternoon - looked like the whale watchers were bundeled up pretty good- not sure if the spotted any-- they say four gray whales --whoopie





--------------------------------------------last week of Febuary 16 -------------------------------------------

E-mail this morning--- Hi JD, Saw something about 6 or 7 miles off of Catalina yesterday. Thought it was a shark at first. But followed it for a few minutes and saw the tail come up. We were just doing a shake down cruise and didn't have the tackle on board to play with it. What a great day on the water!! Love yourreports!

Sure looks like the right kind to me--- big fish too- !

There's no reason to not carry something aboard this year- who knows after last year--

Upcoming--- the Fred Hall extravaganza- - regualar summer day out there today--

Angry at the Government-- ?--Each year now the Dept of Fish and Game (Wildlife) are seeing their revenue diminishing from lack of sales of Fishing and Hunting license, latest news to the smaller retail shop/ agent who do their duty in providing these Californian Fishing License to the public , if you now don't meet their "A" list in license sales there will be a mandatory $15.00 weekly charge to the Agent ! Heck they don't make that much in selling them to stay in the business of selling them!- thus making it harder to obtain licenses- they go backwards-- were Angry at the government! -

the tackle bag just keeps getting bigger and heaver--

not a breath of wind in the afternoon hours, here it's in the late February days, dead of winter and it's peacefully warm- , the days are getting longer now- who know what's in store for us-- good luck if your getting out this weekend- JD

-------------------- Tuesdays Reports -----------

Light high cloud cover still summer here--- gals and guys paddleboarding across the front of the store- light wind , maybe 1- 2 kts from the south- seas calm and fine-grayish reflection off the overhead- tides still running strong-- at the turn this morning a downhill current along the coastline started at 61 degrees early this morning- up to 63 by noon- active fishing for the bass as that tide / current picked up.

With the spring/ summer like conditions, a check on how the ocean's water temps were for this weeks timeframe over the past 4 years, starting with 2013 then 14, last year 2015 and for this weeks time frame in 2016,- from the looks of it we're in a much better state now than 2014 and very similar to 2015 time will tell- Stand By!

----- 2013 -----------2014 ---------





<------- 2015 ------- 2016 ------>-








Looking forward-

long range forecasting helps in at least giving your an estimation of what's to come-- cool site showing wind , etc-

------- Mondays Reports -----

Mondays suppose to be the day off-- but it's a short week for me- off this Friday for a trip south-- figured to keep up with it for now-- Morning's foggy or heavy marine layer going away slowly as the mid morning haze still on the water- inland growing hot- south wind at 2-4 kts light wind chop- otherwise calm seas- Sign of more fin-bait around - small 80 lb thresher shark in the mix of sand bass for one angler this morning- like early spring?

The cry of a seagull and a barking seal waifs through the morning here on the bay

Homeland Security-in their due diligence - were checking boats entering and departing-

A Sat phone call from the After Midnight- while traveling southwards-- Fuel prices at Turtle Bay-- they were asking $4.90 a gal! With some negotiations down to $4.50 a gal , their fishing fair so far-- spotty catches of Yellowtail at Cedros- 71 degree water-- they even saw marlin there-- Down along the Ridge and into Mag Bay/ Belcher's a pick ar some smaller yellowfin water 72 degrees. Hopes of getting into some of the bigger tunas out towards the lower Banks below Mag--

Just another Regular summer day here again for February- guys and gals going by the shop in their rent -a-boats- local's and rented electric boats cruising the afternoons hours , cocktails in hand, some boys coming in from a day on the water-- a bass or two and a mystery bite - wind stayed light from the south all day-- nice

The tackle bag's- gaining in size and weight- -- what to take-- what not to take-- owning a tackle shop it becomes a difficult choice as to what to take on a fishin trip-, Giant sized Dorado, Roosterfish, jacks, Pargos, Black Marlin maybe those big Sailfish and Striped marlin too and who knows what denizens live in the deep or shallows lies, maybe just one of everything !_

----------------------- The Weekends Reports -------------

Full moon tonight--- light west wind clear skies a bit hazy on the waterline- warming sunshine--

Just like a regular summer day-- lots pf boats out, kayackers out, paddelboarders out, pontoon boats out-- yachts and sailboats and skiffs-- electric boats too- waters got a little sparkle to it from that light west wind- fishing fair- off Hunting Flats the current's downhill and 62 degrees--- a few bass etc--

-------------------- Sat's Reports--------------------

Coastal waters and harbors effected by the tide's current this morning draining out at a fast 2.4 knts! Newport's Bay has a Saltwater Bass fishing tournament going on with smaller skiffs darting in and out of spots tossing plastics- light west/ southwest wind and a hazy clear sky.

They left the harbor at 6 this morning--- raced over to Clemente Island to fish the yellowtails like they have been doing--- not the sealife as they'd seen before- mid channel 58/59 sloppy 6 ft seas no sign of the red crabs, Clements sloppy around the backside from Pyramid too--fished the Cove- up the inside to white rock and above but no sign of those yellowtails --schools of roaming bonitos around but not the same as the earlier part of the week--

----------------------- Fridays reports ------------------

I told the old guy nosing around in the shop this morning -- better run for cover if we have an earthquake in the next couple of hours--- strong draining tide water and the earth's plates were slipping with the rain water--- not sure of he believed me or though I was crazy-- went out the door shaking his head-- stand by! 10:17am -

Beautiful weather here again- not sure if this is global warming but it's sure pleasant for February-- a few coastal clouds light, wind out of the west- seas a bit greener and cooler it seems-- leftover lump to it- .

Lobster hooping should have been good - if the rain water and surgy water helped any-

Whale watching today--- fair-- A humpback off newport that swam away-- no dolphins or gray whales either-- not much seen in the way of life today--

time to go to the sports show !

Starts today ! --- the Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival to be held at the Orange County Fair Grounds February 19, 20 and 21st Tackle Manufactures , seminars and deals. Friday 1-5, Sat & Sun 10-5

Speakers today Friday Near Shore Yellowtail- from 3:00 to 4:15 pm

Sat 10:30- 11- Wahoo, 12:30-1 Bluefin, 12:30- Boats, Sunday 10:30- Yellowtails, 12:30 Bluefin agian and 2:30 bay fishin'

or just go fishing over the weekend-

little wind this afternoon west- choppy- seals still barking--- arf-- arf--

another quiet afternoon cooling pm wind- good luck this weekend--

------------------------ Thursdays Reports ------------

She swung around from a south to a west wind around 10 am, skies started to blue up and clear off - lingering clouds should make for a nice sunset- Tides flowing stronger now and the bay draining rain waters are dirty-- seals are barking - arf--- arf-- arf---

two casts, one 10 inch spotted bay bass- quit while the odds were still good-

Quite day on the waterfront-- a few sailboats going by , couple of kids on a small boston whaler tossing plastics, some bigger boats came in for the cheep fuel prices, an oil change and some bottom scrubbers going by- wind blowin' ,Work on rods and reels and selling sweatshirts and hats--

1,000 gal price on diesel --- $1.91. a gal !!!-- call for appointment talk w/ Dave- tell em' JD sent you- - Island Marine Fuel 949 673 1103 I havn't seen that pricing since the late 70's

--------------- Wed's Reports -------------------------

Another swordfish spotted this past weekend -- near the Avalon Bank- again no heavy tackle aboard-- fish just milling around on the surface-- - -With what we've had in the way of game fish this past year- you can probably expect just about anything anymore--

Wind from the south this morning increasing as this front approaches couple of boats went out the harbor , smaller boats inflatable-- a bit bumpy and turned around--

With what's called Ski Week some of the local schools have the week off-- not that's much fish around but it's refreshing to see high school kids walking around barefoot in the mud and sandy beaches, tossing plastics being in touch with nature-- except when they walk into the shop with mud all over their feet-- I shoo em' out like flies. - Looking at some of the old antique lures in the display case - one boy quotes---do they work?" with a query face to him-- - such a change of older tackle vs. today's creature plastics he was throwing--

A call in to see if the BAC is open today-- should be- winters hours 12-5 wed- Sunday-- We've got a ---- estimated 40 lb Yellowtail we'd like to get weighed--- where'd you get it--- Catalina?-- no-- San Clemente Island-- how was your weather-- a little bit bumpy with that south wind but we did ok--

They got a dozen-- up to 40 lbs nice fishing all on the old iron-- Clemente Island this morning--


I'm headed to Panama for a much needed vacation towards the end of this month -- A flight to Panama City- join the boat and crew there and work our way south along the islands and reefs towards Pinas Bay, where the famous Tropic Star fishing lodge is located-- maybe spend a few days in their waters enjoying the sights then anchor up in some tropical cove and see what's there to offer. With today's weather forecast and online presence, it's becomes a small world and for now it all looks good at this stage- see ya- JD



------------------------- Tuesday's reports -----------------

Coastal fishing still fair with the weather a great as it is--- the bass being the staple fish and over at the islands more variety - not bad weather for the middle of February-- onecould get use to it-

E-Mail this morning--- Hi JD - I just wanted to thank you for all of your great service on our reels and the great advice. We went out today and caught 5 yellowtail, 10bass, a handful of bonito, and an assortment of other fish. Water was 62 and clean. Best part was that my son Michael caught 4 of the 5 yellows on the yo-yo iron and captured the BAC flag for the 1st yellowtail. Thanks again and keep up the great work! Gary on the BIG G

Ty and Fisher Veal got a nice flat one on their day off! Nice Catch!

This months work- or beyond working on a selection of older Bamboo rods to refurbish into viable weapons this Spring for the tunas and such smaller gamefish - straight Calcutta bamboo and split Tonkin bamboo ( laminated with horsehide glue) rods, specified to fit within angling club rules. for the Light Line 6 thread linen line with tips sections not shorter then 5 ft nor longer that 6 ft and overall lenth not too long at 6'6", the older laminated ones twist and bend or the calcutta ones like to stay bent, takes a set. They look like fun rods to use- very parabolic with a soft bend to them, be hard to break the line with one of these -

Hard to beleive there will be rain in the forecast-

--------------------------- The Weekends Reports -----------------------

Oh- boy--- --- Oh Boy!!!!-- there' a big as- - ship--- I was just telling you we're turning around, can't see anything in this fog-- Whale Watching boat out of the LB area-- Ho- Boy!!---- 10:07am

The fog- although looks like it might burn off earlier today than yesterday - it has that feel to it- 1/4 mile vis off newport-

Happy Valentines Day!---

Same old story-- a few bass and sculpin for the day-- spots of fog along the coastline--

------------------ Sats Foggy day ----------------

US waters--- Bluefin Tuna- on the 60 Mile Bank-- couple long liners on it- some of the bigger commercial boats too. metering fish and - jig fish 12- 15lb fish -Remember either side of the border it's only a two ( 2) fish limit!!! Confirmed-

Decker working the inside of Clemente Islands this morning-- seeing a few Yellowtails boils around-- but only the good calico bass fishing for them so far-- lots of life between the islands-- 62 degrees-

Foggy conditions plagued the crossing to Catalina with a 1/4 visibility-- by the noon hour it had started to burn off- Lobster hooping at the island still good they say-- a multitude of fished/ cut up for chum for them-

Goofy overcast, foggy cool weather for most of the day- afternoon hours ok but still cool here on the beach- not much reported on the radio for fishing but lots of boats moving around-- better luck tomorrow- - heck-- it is February- I think the fish need the rest-

------------ Friday's Reports ------------

Ditto-- From yesterday-- maybe a bit more haze, but it too will go away as the day goes on- wind, light 2- 4 kts south- seas calm w/ long period swell west- Areas of dense fog with vsby 1 nm or less in the morning.--- otherwise great weather for the weekend- go catch a whale!

Local fishing tough-- Red Crabs inhibit the waters north of the harbor- the local art reefs and rock piles have a few bass and perch on them but were full of the crabs and didn't need to eat plastics. below the harbor only fair fishing--good whale watching-

Radio talk of boaters making their way to Catalina for the three day weekend-- taking mooring that were available and anchoring up in the various coves- sounds like a fun time

Black Sea Bass found on some of the Art reefs above the harbor these days--- remember to let them go!--

Red Crabs / Birdlife showing more and more as the day's afternnon hours went, sunset and into the dusk the Sand Bass bit well last night-

-------------------- Thursdays reports --------------------

Sweet- another nice day at the beach- maybe a little more hazy in the sky- seas flat, water calm -sweet-

Hot--- Hot ---- Hot---

Shearwater's and dolphins by the hundreds--- and the crab's are back

E-mail--- Hi JD Just thought I'd tell you, the red crabs are back with a vengeance about 1/4 mile off Big Corona beach. We followed a humpback whale through them and they were plentiful enough that we could just scoop them up in a net and bag them. Good sign for the coming summer, you're probably already aware of this but we found it very interesting to see them back.

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION issued by CLIMATE PREDICTION CENTER/NCEP/NWS and the International Research Institute for Climate and Society 11 February 2016 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: A transition to ENSO-neutral is likely during late Northern Hemisphere spring or early summer 2016, with a possible transition to La Niña conditions during the fall. Indicative of a strong El Niño, sea surface temperature (SSTs) anomalies were in excess of 2°C across the east-central equatorial Pacific Ocean during January . The Niño indices in the eastern Pacific declined, while Niño-3.4 and Niño-4 were nearly unchanged The subsurface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific increased due to a downwelling Kelvin wave ), but toward the end of the month weakened again in association with the eastward shift of below-average temperatures at depth in the central Pacific Also, low-level westerly wind anomalies and upper-level easterly wind anomalies continued over much of the tropical Pacific. The traditional and equatorial Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) values remained negative but weakened relative to last month. Convection remained much enhanced over the central and east-central tropical Pacific and suppressed over Indonesia Collectively, these anomalies reflect the continuation of a strong El Niño. Most models indicate that El Niño will weaken, with a transition to ENSO-neutral during the late spring or early summer 2016 Thereafter, the chance of La Niña conditions increases into the fall. While there is both model and physical support for La Niña following strong El Niño, considerable uncertainty remains. A transition to ENSO-neutral is likely during late Northern Hemisphere spring or early summer 2016, with a possible transition to La Niña conditions during the fall. . The seasonal outlooks for February - April indicate an increased likelihood of above-median precipitation across the southern tier of the United States,

------------------------ Wed's Reports --------------------

I'd guess Cirrus clouds above 18,000 ft, will make for another beautiful sunset this evening- 56 minutes of twilight. seas flat calm warming- tides still strong w/ a minus afternoon.

If one would guess a swordfish float would be around 10 am tomorrow and 11, 12 1nd 1 PM the coming weekend- Valentines day on Sunday better be home by then.

Fuel Prices being the lowest in years----- good time to take advantage of it-- Priced at $1.99 a gallon-- time to fill up and stock up on provisions for your next trip abroad! She took on 4,000 gallons

With the weather nice take the family for a joy ride! go watch some whales or the sunset or that afternoon cruise-- or run to Clemente and fish for a while, Opah, Bluefin deep, yellowtails and don't forget about the Calicos - they grow em' big there- Halibuts too- A check with the islands new Naval Scheduling shows the anchorage at Pyramid and most of the island is open through the weekend--

Local water temps yesterday 55 to 65 degrees- --->

------------------ Tuesdays sunny Reports ----------------

Spectacular weather-- we'll keep it any day - seas flat and calm water at 60 degrees and some bait around-- North of Newport's piers and Santa Ana River Jetty/ HB / HB Power plants- schools of anchovies tight to the beach-- one seiners yesterday and two or three there today--

Sand Bass and Calicos still biting the baits and plastics- most of the artificial rees and rock plies above the harbor holding- below the harbor what kelp beds we had seems to be shrinking - Red Crabs around--

Thanks to everyone who participated in the S/B Playoff Special-- Everybody gets some great lures-- Squaring up this week- JD

Regarding FAD Fish aggregating Devices- off Central Americas there are a thousand of these floating around by the Tuna Seiners-- Big Eye Tuna being one of the sought after species- E-Mail from Foxi Lady and what they've seen-

This is what a Tuna Boat Fad looks like from the surface. Notice the Satellite Device attached. This sends location and it has a sounder on the under side to send volume of fish under the Fad. I dove the fad it had over 100 ft of small screen nets about 6ft by 10 ft spaced about 20 ft apart down below. This was found about 15 miles of the coast well within the prohibited zone it was floating in approx 1000 ft of water. My suspicion is that since the current runs about 2 knts N to S in this area, It my have been placed off of Nicaragua, and I think the unit has stopped working:

Doesn't get much better for weather conditions here in the middle of February-- more and more Gray Whales being seen these days- in tight ! baits still above the piers and more red Crabs too !

-------------------------- The Weekend's Reports ------------------

Another spectacular day here in So California, even the folks up north for the S B game it's in the upper 60's for February-- not bad--

Sand and Calico bass continue to be the main stay- red crabs again making their appearance early in the day along the newport coastline- making mackerel was relatively easy by the jetties-

Interesting weather forming down south - Pineapple express to the Northwest and from below Hawaii a cluster of tropical storms and moisture lifting to the tip of Baja-

------------------------ Sat's Events -----------------

Lot's of folks out-- boating, walking their dogs, kayakers,, paddle boarding- small skiffs and large yachts- regular summer day-- light west wind at 5-8/10-kts- sparkling water - tides running out stronger-

Bat rays, seal problems and a few bass for the day so far for the fish reports--

Couldn't ask for better weather for the middle of the winter--- soak it up-

You've got till up to the game's kick off!

The World Famous JDS Super Bowl Playoff Special--- it's the Broncos and Panthers - as usual it's something good to use-- and again this year we're going with those fish catchers the Shimano Flat Fall Lures, You pick you team and you pick you lure and if your team wins your get that lure Free- yep- Free !!!- if your team gets beaten then you get to buy 2 lures!- either way you can't loose . Give JD's a call or e-mail and we'll settle up after the Game on Feb. the 7th! Good Luck- JD Phone: 800 660-5030



<---- Water temps this year from 56 degrees to 63 degrees, big difference from this year and from last yea at this same time---->-

The SWBA fishing in San Diego Bay on Saturday was tough this year- Water was a bit turbluant with the tides and lots of small fish took the casts plastics, even seals were a problem-Congratulations to our Round One Champions Al Miqueleiz and Rex McConnell of team Basstards! They weighed the only five fish limit out of 43 boats at the Taco Surf Bass Underground Border Town Brawl!

------------------------- Friday's Reports ------------------------

Not bad weather-- light west wind 5- 7 knts-- Small craft to the western waters-

Made 4 casts no bites- not seeing any bird life nor smelt in the bay waters ( backside of docks etc) strong draining tide- building as the moon wanes.

SWBA Salt water Bass Asso circuit starts this weekend , First leg will be held in the San Diego Bay- strong tides expected. the Taco Surf/Bass Underground ‘Border Town Brawl’

I feel like a bookie-- phone calls and e-mails-- yes I'd like to get in on the Super Bowl Playoff Special-- and I pick--( ) - to win! You win either way!- JD

Local Calico bass fishing excellent today- tTTThe Hi has brought the fish out and willing to take baits and plastics- - beautiful day the light wind chop putting a sparkle on the water - If you get the chance to get out tomorrow--- remember to get or have your Fishing Licence on your local F & G out and checking-- You can get them on line at Buy a Fishing or Hunting License -

With the nice weather----- something's gonna pop this weekend-- swordfish- marlin- ? Good Luck

---------------- Thursdays reports ---------------

Still cool mornings with the promice of a warming day-- wind light from the south/southwest 2- 4 knts-- made 4 casts no bites- quit-

E-Mail this afternoon-- good time to spend with family and some educations on the marine world-- JD! Will Brown, 7 years old, caught this TOAD Calico yesterday off Salt Creek beach.. Unassisted by dad! t. He is a regular in your store and would love to see this photo on your site. Will was explained that this size is the breeder and best released, but forcing a 7 year old to release is touchy and I gave him the choice...he releases 14 - 16 inchers all the time so he understands catch and release.. Thanks for all your awesome posts! Best regards, Ryan B Glad to post it-- Congrats-- JD

We're seeing good numbers of Calicos for this time of year-- along with those grumy big old Sand Bass - that 14 inch minium size limit has really helped to keep the base stock in a healthy population as well as to inform the average anglers the need to release the slower growing Calicos


------------------------------------Weds Reports ----------------

Pale Blue skies this morning-- chilly dry air-- wind light/fair from the west 5- 8 kt slight wind chop, tides starting to build again- - waters still cool at 58.3 San Pedro's weather buoy and Dana Point at 59 degrees and San Clemente's buoy at 60.1 dgrees

I'm reminded to make the morning's cast--- Made 4 casts maybe one small bite missed it-, waters cold- The long range weather forecasters show even warmer weather next week- !

Worn, beat up, chipped, parts missing--- but they're work horses-- these 4 Daiwa's Saltist reels took a beating in their many years of use-- but survived- Chrome still excellent, no corrosion and interior is preserved in very good shape bearings, gears springs all did well, very well indeed-- drag washers needed replacing and some oil lube in places but they're work horses- good reels- If you've got some- there are long lasting - JD

-Arf--arf ---arf-- growl--- bark -bark--- neighborhood dogs barking--

~~ Sweet Little Ride ~~

20 ft Blackman for sale- Complete Refit in 2013 Must see to appreciate

Please call Jason at (949) 903 - 0942


---------------------- Tuesday's Reports -----------------

Coastal waters took a plunge into the mid 50's 55 this morning warming by mid morning to 57degrees, bait ( mackerel still hard to make- you had to work at getting 15 spices, inside the 40- 50ft depth towards the beach were schools of anchovies- a good sign . Bass calicos and sandies the mainstay for now--

Those two FAD's that were placed (private sportfisher)for everyone to use this past summer- one off Dana. near the 267/279 fathom spot, the second one off the East end of Catalina 152 fathom spot--- they worked and many fish were caught by them, dorado tuna and maybe a wahoo or two,

The intent was for local Angling Clubs in embrace the FAD ideas and show to the local government agencies that they work around the world and can work here in SO Calif and to make them OK to use- they were set 40- + feet below the surface to avoid boating hazards .

well- with this past storm one of them broke loose and washed up on the Imperial Beach !----


Looks like it was the Dana Poing one--

Grumpy old sand basses and a few smaller calicos reported for the day-- local party boats targeting sculpin's and the basses- not much else going on -- except those coming down to their boats to check on the torn canvas or worn dock lines from the Blow!-



A quick looks at the West Coast Water temp for the beginning of Febuary in 2015 and this year 2016

-<-- 2015 ------------ 2016 --->

- - -

Not a whole lot of change - which bodes well for this coming Spring--

Nice afternoon sunset-- winds light and improving weather for the next week- - enjoy-

Nicest office view in town!


-------- The windy weekend----------------

Gale Force winds and building seas expected - south 20 kts+ - wind chop and sailboats out- High surf and beach erosion expected- possible water spouts--!

Good chance to work on some tackle today-- a set of Shimano reels destined to Costa Rica later next week needed to be serviced and fresh line installed- surprising when working on reels thinking the reels looked good on the outside- Salt corrosion or broken / old grease clogged springs and needed lubricants are found inside etc. .

She's a hootin!!! blowing 35 kts gusty from the south-- canvas boys will be busy next week- she switched and came out of the west with a vengeance--

be back Tuesday morning- JD

---------------------- Sat's Reports ---------------

The ocean this morning , like the sky- gray molty, broken and ruffled, wind light / fair from the west/ southwest 4-8 kts. made three cast one small nibble must be either a smelt or lizard fish-- there's more and more of them showing up now--

Very quiet here on the bay this morning-- only a few boats moving- some kayakers and scullers.

Like most angling clubs they have their "Fish of the Month" category-- theBAC's fish of the month has been absent-- nor have there been of the First Fish of the Year Flags given out--- as the January month comes to an end it was looking like no fish would be weighed-- tomorrow's the 31 doesn't look good weather wise so today was the day to do it and----- E-Mail from the Club--Hey now, Nate Shill just brought in a 63.6 pound white sea bass and has fish of the month and actually owns the Board because he is the only one up there!

Congrats-- JD

---------------------- Fridays reports --------------

Skies a milky blue this morning-- light marine haze and a light south wind behind it at 2- 4 knts, some wind chop from the south along with it- swells have diminished and tides are starting to flatten out-

For those getting out tomorrow-- Sunday look like a bust as that storm comes in-- there are more and more whales beeing seen Greys and a few Humpbacks , white sided dolphins and common dolphins around these days-

Steady flow of air from the south/ southeast as the low from the Northwest approaches, some cloud cover developing in the west .

Couple of upcoming events-- Pacific Coast Sportfishing magazine will be hosting their Sportfishing Festival this coming February 19- 21 at the OC Fair Grounds - it should be a well attended show with almost all venders there- the Fred Hall show is March 2-6 and dates are set for fishing the Balboa Angling Club's Lily Call Bay fishing Tournament for May 21 and May 22 , inside Newport harbor only and 4 lb test line only - Bass, Halibut and Corbina and Croaker categories. That should be another fun event-- more details as they become available.

Have a good weekend- JD

------------ Thursday's Reports -----------------

Another beautiful day here in Newport--light haze , wind only a few mph from the south and seas calm. Calicos and Sand bass continue to keep boaters active, and --- there's a few White Sea Basses around. The boys proudly showing off one from yesterday locally caught-

fishing for the bass several times I'v heard the fish were right on the bottom

2015 NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center International Billfish Angling Survey. Please take the time to fill it out. The amount of days you fished and the number of billfish you catch is important data. We collect this information from around the world and print the results each year in the Billfish Newsletter. If you fished in locations not on the list, please enter these locations in the rows marked "other".

Last 2015 marlin season was spectacular to say the least , and we learned other techniques other than trolling jigs and tossing baits-, the squid teasers, ballyhoos baits, kite fishing and drifting all played part in the catch- Private sport boats enjoyed this sport of kings and queens too- as witness to the score card for the Bounder this past season- remarkable- Congrats to Andy and crew- JD

Boat Name: Bounder Total Number of Marlin: 96 Comments/Notes: Additional Stats Jig = 38 Bait = 58 Average catch time :13 min Total Time 21hrs 1 min Men catch = 34 fish Women caught 62 fish Fishing Days = 36 All fish caught on 30lb mono Individual Angler Counts: 41 fish - Linda Crean, 20 Fish - Alyson Gillett & Bob Ballenger, 5 fish - Bob Hoose, 3 Fish - Jeff Wood, 2 Fish - Randy Wood, Greg Regatz, & Doug Carson, 1 Fish - Sarah Holmes -- Congrats to Andy and crew- JD

E-Mail this morning--- John ( JD) Thought you might find this interesting. Weighed 240 pounds on certified scale. (we) Got him off Pinnacle Rock off Tosco the other day.Capt. Larry H., Legacy ( below Mag Bay- private sportfisher)

Louvar, it's flesh is delicate and white with mild flavor, considered by many fisherman to be among the most delicious of all fishes, Luvarus imperialis, meaning Silver Emperor - the only member of the family Luvaridae, they occur worldwide, in the eastern Pacific from the Washington state to Chile. Mid water browsers, the feed primarily on gelatinous zooplankton such as jellyfish, ctenophores and free swimming tunicates ( Salps and pyrosomes) but occasionally eat small fish. ! Congrats-- JD

------------------------- Wed's Reports -------------------

Cool here on the beach-- water temps at the 59/ 58 degree mark and the air feels the same-- no wind and calm seas--

Not many boats out-- Decker and son were up above the harbor fishing the flats and art reefs/ pipelines, small rock piles and structure-- says good bass fishing for them-- plastics, hard baits and jigs- all did we'll est 50-60 fish released between the two of them for the day-- 1- 6 lb basses

Very little wind-- maybe some around 1- 2 pm then it flattened out again-- same thing forecasted tomorrow

----------------------- Tuesday's Reports ------------

Light East wind this morning swings to the south mid morning-Mild Santa Ana's - tide's still strong flows, Calico and Sand Bass on the art reefs above Newport and off Huntington, San Pedro- not many reports of much else-- they say some halibuts below Dana, not many otherwise. Took the day off yesterday, bent it to below the harbor , even before getting out of the the Bay saw what I guessed at were 5- 10 lb fish chasing bait on the surface, turns out there were big bonito- made several cast to no avail. A small halibut and a couple good sized bass and pulled a mackerel around for a couple of hours or so, to no avail- good day off-

E-Mail- JD Here is one of the 60# dorado we caught at Tropic Star, Pin as Bay, Panama. Sally K

Wind swung around and freshen up from the west-- only fair fishing today- but the weather was nice!

Spent part of the day working on a pair of old fashioned reels- a Pfluegher Temco free spool surf caster rudimentary design, a lever which moves the pinion gear an 1/8 of a inch just enough to take the teeth out of gear- thus free spooling absolutely- no drag, but distorted after all these years and had to be realigned, cleaned.

And a Pflueger Templar of the 1933/35 era with an external Williams Drag,A lever moved, raised or lowers a protruding stopping pin which prevents the handle from back winding, the spool and gears continues to spin turning the handle's shaft, Williams threaded Star design had fiber disk drag plates separated by metal plate washers that adjusted the drag's pressure. In later fashion that set of drag washers were housed inside the interior gears, similar to today's standards. Just part of the evolutions of fishing reels-

First part of the day worked on a set of 4 Internationals which like most of us in older years the hearing goes- at least the hearing of the clickers of these older reels-- Zips and hookups happen without hearing them go off-- - wear on the plungers, springs that become sprung and ratchet plates all get their use- replaced ratchet plates and serviced plungers. back to at least making a noise to be heard over the engines and seas-- ready to go after those Blue Marlin again!



------------------------ The Weekends Reports - ------------------

Wind from the south this morning-- fair and steady at 10 kts + bringing a cool wind chop with it-- every four of five minutes a 4- 5 ft west swell comes in,fishing fair for the basses, water just under the 60 degree mark at 59.6 a little offcolor green - more boats out today - Catalina lost in a maze of light haze, just it's outline seen. Full moon and earthquakes-----

Coastal fishing OK for the calicos and sand bass- no yellowtail to speak of- nor white sea bass's just yet--

Nice afternoon wind backed off and what swell there was was a long ways apart- Most of the art. reefs and structure along the coastlines have good bass fishing to them--good fun fishing--

--------------------- Sat's Reports ---------------

Arf--Arf--Arf--Arrrf growl -- the makings of a new day-- arf-- arf- as they posture for kingdom, Art--Arf-- - light 1- 2 knts from the southwest, seas flat weather calm, a long period swell with just a raise and drop to it- nice--

Tides droping out like a rock- will be draining out at 2.6 knts!


Weather was great-- no swell- late afternoon west and 8- 10, seas fine- due to change this evening -- not much going on a few more whales showing- signs of some bait / life starting to appear.

E-Mail on Tropic Star Panama, Hi JD, . We just finished our trip and wound up with 4 Blues, 2 Blacks (250 - 450 lbs.) 2 Sailfish and numerous Dorado to 60 lbs. Even got to deploy an IGMR satellite tag on the first Pacific Blue Marlin (300#) caught in Panamanian waters. Can't wait to see where she goes. Best regards, Bob


---------------- Fridays Reports ----------

A few barking sea lions, a gull cry and a strong outgoing mornings tide- littered with weed and debris from this mornings high , three casts no bites- quit. Sky, light overcast haze brightened by the sun behind it- seas calm with a bit of sparkle on a small wind chop.

E-Mail from Warren fishing out of Cabo ,Fishing a few days with Bob M and Rodney C.

Came down from San Jose and anchored up in Cabo. Fishing generally slow with decent wahoo fishing, one striper and yesterday we got lucky and found the tuna 30 miles off. This one was 100#. Warren 60 foot Hatteras JewelLure III

33 Sand Basses, 8 Sculpinfish and 55 Perch for today's partyboat score--

Quiet for most of the day-- overcast and cool-- Better luck tomorrow- JD

----------------------- Thursday's reports ------------------

Spots of fog or hazy conditions along the coastline-- and out to the island- by 10 most of it had lifted. no wind- seas flat-

Received notice of classes being held for Boating Skills and Seamanship held here in Newport beginning later this month-- not a bad idea for those who are new to the Southern Calif waters. Classes range from which type of boat is best for you , handling your boat, Rules of the Nautical Road and Navigation and more. For those unaccustomed to boat handling this is a good starting place, Contact: Mary Baine E Mail to

Couple of whales wandering around out there-- whale watchers loosing them in the haze-

fog developed more and more- pea soup at the harbor 's entrance-at noon- nice to have radar and course plotter on your GPS. it comes and goes'

Tides dropping out strong over the next few days-- stand by--

Today's work schedule brings out a collection of the new Trinidad Reels, used hard this past summer on the Yellowtails, the Bluefin Tunas the giant Bluefins Tunas, Yellowfin's even shots at Wahoo- An 10A, a 12A, a pair of 14's a 16 and another pair of 20's I think the 14's were his favorites, some good quality wear on them yet still very functional. Bearings always are relieved with some light oil, Drag plates can become compressed and you loose some of that "Give" to them and with the non- stretching braid lines that "give" is welcome. A nice section of reels. They'll be ready for this next season! Almost the opicite for these reels-- strong tight drags needed yet forgiving with 50- 65 lb lines

Fog went away- overcast - dead calm-

-------------- Wed's Reports-- my, the week goes by quickly---

Clouds and chance of drizzle moving on midday hours- seas glassy and becoming glossy with no wind- made two casts, small halibut first cast- nothing second.

JD, I just returned home from a very memorable trip to the Big Island, Hawaii . A few weeks back good friend Joe Thrasher caught a pacific sailfish using kite techniques from the shoreline. It created a big buzz on social media. I was intrigued and started thinking we should document this and release one. Then I got in touch with Chase Offield who suggested placing a Satellite tag in one. On a whims notice I got together with Michael Fowlkes and talked the idea over. The next thing I knew I was on a flight to Kona loaded with gear and cameras. I linked up with Chase Offield, Joe Thrasher, Bob Russel and Jonathan David. Our first day was perfect wind and 2 tide changes. Late in the afternoon we had a big blow up on my bait and that was followed by a sailfish tail walking all over the ocean. The fight was amazing. I ran back and forth along the cliff edge battling the fish. After a 20 minute battle I pulled the sailfish into a tide pool where Bob Russel was able to get hold of the leader. Joe Thrasher placed the SAT tag perfectly. Bob leadered the fish back and forth to revive it and it swam away up right and looking healthy. It was hooked in the corner of the mouth on an 8/0 true circle hook. To our knowledge we are the first ever to tag a Hawaiian sailfish with a SAT Tag and the first ever to do it from shore. We used SFE kites and a Cousins CJB 70MH rod with a Talica 50 loaded with 100 pound power pro. It was a great set up for the job. We ended up fishing all week and had several other bites that didn't stick. Thanks to AFTCO, IGFA, Cousins Tackle, SFE, Shimano, Power Pro and The Offield Center For Billfish Studies For bringing our idea to life!!

It was nice here---- till the fog started to roll in cool and damp!


---------------------------- Tuesdays Reports--------------------

Light fog, more overcast than fog, wind fair- or less from the west along with the overcast sky- ses's a bit lump to it but smooth- tides moving stronger-

Sand Bass and Calicos being the staple for boaters these days- partyboats working on bag fills are on the sculpin grounds and Catalina and Clemente islands hopeful of yellowtails-

E-Mail from a good customer of ours heading south from Costa Rica over to TropicStar lodge/ Panama-- it sure sounds inviting--If you've ever been there, they say it's one of the best Sportfishing lodges in the world- -




And JD will take a vacation next month--- headed to Panama- better wish the fish luck!


Want to take a trip south-- try PV- Puerto Vallarta --Charter on the Apollo Fishing March 8th, 9th 10th. Limited to 10 passengers. Contact: Steve Lee 949 683 7957 Give Steve a call- Still some spots open--


Professional Sportfishing Captain seeking employment Full or Part time- 100 Ton Licence, 36 years experience US and Mexico. Mechanical repairs and boat maintenance expert.

Contact Cami Garnier (949) 351- 3710 or E-Mail to


Worked on some reels this past weekend-- a challenge to get the "lighter" setting for a lever drag reel used for big game fishing w/ light breakable dacron fishing lines.

- Drag settings are generally quick and sharp rise to the strike settings- a reduction to the incline of the Cam was needed to "soften" the settings-- now it's from Zero to 2 lbs - 5 lbs at strike and drags are needed to be up to the task too .

----------------- The past weekend's Report ------------

Overcast foggy morning- light cool N/W wind picks us as the overhead starts to clear, 2- 5 7 kts-

E mail from Trent- typical of so any of us ---- Went down to knock the dust off the boat, got to harbor mouth and it was too nice not to take a run up to the pipe. Threw the plastics for @ 45 minutes for a half dozen 11-13" calico and an 18" Sand bass. My first outing for the new year

No marlin reports yet--- standing by- wind and swell from the northwest expected to build later today--

Another E-mail from good customer of mine-- traveling the waters off Costa Rica and Panama, it's another world down there--

Another one of those mystery splashes-- on the 14 mid morning's filling tide-- no marlin tackle aboard--

--------------- Sat's Reports ----------------------

Calm seas this morning-- overcast with a brighten early mid day-- wind if any from the south- and glassy seas- Dozens of boats out for a early day of fishing or boating before heading in to watch some football bowl games this weekend. Stand By for the Super Bowl Playoff Special!! -- Tides have flattened out for this moon phase and starting to build again as it fills. One 40 ft. Gray Whale outside Newport-and a few dolphins around -

Quiet for most of the day-- local party boat had catches of perch and sargo and a bass, sculpin- slow for them- better luck tomorrow- JD

---------------------- Friday's Reports --------------------

Middle of January and latest El Nino reports show for a decline to an neutral state by late Spring and into the summer- back to a normal-- which if it was like two years ago - that's just fine-- lets hope it doesn't drop below that like the stock market! Overcast, bits lf drizzle from the south/southeast- wind fair at 6- 10 knts- seas have some chop to them -- downright cool today-- barometer dropped a bit and the fish quite biting- made three casts no bites-

Cool damp day-- not many on the radio-- only boats moving in the bay-- the death-boats ( those who take ashes to sea- they work every day) and the bottom scrubbers buzzing around in their skiffs .

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained- as the old adage goes-- and tomorrow the weather and seas hold promise of a shot at the First Marlin of the Season- yep several boats will be out this weekend --- out looking- who knows, those, if there are any marlin left after these last storms - where?

Traditionally they will move to the Southwest, that goes along with the water temps- then again they've been on a steady diet of squid all this past year- maybe they'll be off the backside or east end of Catalina - cool there at 59/ 60 degrees, yet there's a good break down the back side of Clemente island 61/ 62.5 and looks good -Swordfish have been targeted there during the winter months, it's a long boat ride , checking SCI it's open for anchor Sat nite- maybe-?? If your headed out Remember JD's offers a $100 bounty on the First Fish caught in US waters! Gluck JD Send photos!

Back in 87', sonic tracking of the marlin during the last few fish of the year- in Red- tagged in the afternoon- it headed south to the Coronado Island at daybreak- then zigzagged out towards the 43 towards the afternoon 24 hour study!

Humpbacked Whale, a Gray Whale and a bunch of dolphins spotted today-

12 sand bass, 3 calico a sargo and 3 sculpin! days fish count--

---------- Wed's Reports -- took Thurs off- JD -------

-Aaah -the gleeful harmony of barking seals in the morning, arf- arf, aaaaarrrf, bark bark bark-- morning hour here on the bay are generally quite, cept the seals. Bit's of debris and floating weed with the high tides these past few days-- arf--arf-- the barking continues in the background-- haven't heard a car honk in years, only the seals and a few gull cries. Or the rumble of a powerful speedboat as it idles away from the fuel dock out front. Good work environment. Made two casts, one small bay bass, quit at 50% hook up ratio. Seas calm, high overcast-

Such a nice aftenoon- had to go out and make a few more casts in that outgoing tide--- 4 cast no bites but did see a pair of dolphins go up the bay- you don't see that out your office window everyday- but I might-


Growing numbers-- Thanks for sending in your marlin count for this past year-- if you haven't already drop us a e-mail with your total-- thanks JD e-mail

------------------------ Tuesday's Reports ----------

I may be out of whack here--- but I thought EL Nino storms meant the "Pineapple Express" with a steady flow of tropical warm moisture from the southwest- no snow- But I'm not on the bandwagon of the local newscasters who follow one another saying these are El Nino driven storms-- heck it's cold, the storms are coming out of the Northwest and there's snow in the mountains!

Took the day off yesterday- spent most of it just rowing around with a hope of a halibut or a bass - caught a few bass, some nice size ones too- nice day on the water-

Coastal fishing fair-- some calicos - lizzardfish and a few seals around--

Wind came up mid day-- but backed off nicely for the afternoon hours-- marlin still out there? maybe--

-------------------- The Weekends Reports ---------------

High overcast-- slight East/ northeast wind 2- 5 knts, swell small from the south and coastal current above Newport-- downhill- water cleaning up-- browns gone away leaving a dark green in the harbors, better visibility outside the harbors. Greasy / glossy / glassy water as low as 57 up to 60-62 degrees - made three cast no bites-

Strong tidal exchange--

Cool / cold atmosphere-- not much going on except the basses-- and seal's trying to get your bait-- better luck next time-- JD

----------------------- Sundays Reports --------------

Light cloud cover-- wind from the southeast 2- 5 knts- slight wind chop- seas look flat from the coastline hills, -- bay waters have a mix of Anderson green split -pea soup and the brown Missouri river - 3 casts- one small spotted bay bass-


For the Saltwater Bass anglers, due to inclement weather, the 2016 California Offshore Challenge has been rescheduled to April 2nd-3rd, which hopefully should offer better weather and fishing - generally the fishing would have been the first part of this month--

- The SWBA - Salt Water Bass Anglers starts the series off this year with the Border Town Brawl To begin registration click on the link below- February 6th Spotties only (5 fish bag, 14" Min length). Boundaries: San Diego Bay, in waters deemed legal to fish by local authorities. MAP Chula Vista Launch Ramp, Chula Vista

With most of us bundled up with this "Warm El-Nino Weather"- Jimmy and Tracy were out for the day - enjoying some time together- doing what they like to do best-- Fishing

Nice Calico-

And we're about 1/2 in their travels of the Great Marlin Race- sponsored by the BAC and the other angling clubs here in So Calif-- back in Sept. the BAC held the Masters Billfish Tournament-- where in the tournament or thereafter- eight satellite tags were deployed on striped marlin. They are about 1/2 way now in their travels for the 240 time period at large- Thanks go out to Team Black Fin on behalf of Dana Angling Club The tag, due up on May 6, 2016, , Team Magellan on behalf of Tuna Club is due to report on May 8, 2016. Team Bounder deployed their tag on behalf of Los Pescadores in memory of Captain Ron "What's the Bottom Line" Johnson ,The John and Donna Crean Foundation independently sponsored this tag which is due to surface on May 14, 2016 and the Kea Kai's fish unfortunately, the tag reported the very next day. which may have fell off the fish ,Jock sponsored this tag for Team Kea Kai on behalf of Los Pescadores,

Team Andreya on behalf of Los Pescadores has a fish tagged and is due up on June 1, 2016 and for the Team Kea Kai & Team Royal Slam on behalf of Los Pescadores & Balboa Angling Club the fish they tagged unfortunately the tag reported nine days later, 61 nautical miles (nm) away from where it was deployed, it appears that the tag pulled free from the fish. Then the Pacific Pioneer on behalf of the Tuna Club of Avalon with their tag due to surface on June 6, 2016. And Hawk, sponsored by IGFA Representative Rocky Franich and Ron Kawaja on behalf of Balboa Angling Club. This tag is due to surface on June 27, 2016. It is because of support like this that this research program continues to grow and produce larger datasets that are increasing our understanding of billfish and ensuring the future of our sport. it'll be very interesting to see where they went and when they went-- thanks JD

Question on the number of Marlin caught this past year--- - regardless if they were members of a angling club or on a club member's boat or just out fishing --Please send in your numbers from your clubs, San Deigo Marlin Club , Oceanside Anglers, Dana Angling Club (153), Balboa Angling Club, Los Pescadors, The Tuna Club, Light Tackle Marin club, Channel Island billfish etc. or if you just caught a bunch of them yourself- e-mail me- let's see how many were caught and if you can estimate the Number that were released or -(1 taken) someone's got to do it--glad to do it-- Keeping a record will help in better management if needed- JD thanks

----------------------- Fridays Events----------------

Cold morning hours- skies clearing except for a few horizon clouds, Catalina Island looks soggy as does the water, mixed in browns and green colors stirred up by rainwater, bay waters and large surf- not much biting-- made three cast three weeds on the line- quit-

A call from the Cape this morning--- little windy and overcast there this morning--striped bite slowed down a bit-- but improved Dorado fishing 15- 20lb fish-Wind still up in the East Cape area-- boats that do get out are finding a few stripers there too-

Foxi Lady- Panama Report -- Dave P. caught this monster. Not sure how big, we didnt have a scale big enough. But Dave is 6' 6" tall and the fish measured 5' 9" --- Pete

So is there any marlin left out there now--- maybe--- just maybe-- Satellite water temps still show a holding of 63 degrees and there's a mix of currents and some bait, the protections of Catalina Island would have held off much of the storms push/ force of water around the island-- Just maybe--- A scouting trip today --- out looking for any signs of sealife -- took one boater to Catalina Island this morning seas were lumpy and mixed, color- off, and bits of debris in the current/ trash lines --- no signs of porpoise dolphins, no spouting of whales, not much there-- a turn back up towards the Oil Rigs, good current break there--- --- there off in the distance a 1/2 miles was a large fish jump --- marlin?- dolphin? shark?-- a quick survey of the area brought no more dolphin sightings-- and generally they jump when there's more around. -- maybe a shark --- or a marlin?-- Last year around this same time there was one hooked lost amongst the fleet fishing for Yellowtails on the outer shelf off the oil rigs--- right around where this splash was seen today-- maybe , just maybe the Fat Lady hasn't sung yet?


------------------- Thursdays Reports ---------------

Clearing skies and wind - S/W morning hours - Seas sloppy - mixed --bay waters looks like the Missouri river - brown and muddy- bits of grass, weed mixed with the outflow-- 6 casts, 2 bites one very small spotted bay bass-

Beautiful days with the rain clearing out the air

Reports from Joe K.- having made the trip south to Baja last week- he reports their fishing - even though they spent most of the time traveling between what weather windows they had- said the fishing was poor- and very off-colored green water for most of the trip , only catching Stripers on the inside of the Gulf-

This time of year while putting away most of the boating stuff- see if there's a few reels that still need servicing or guides or tip-tops broken off rods - such a past season it put much of our tackle to the test-- if you need service- be glad to work on your tackle- JD

The afternoon are getting longer each day now--- noticeable -


-------- Wed's rainy day Reports ---------

Made 6 casts- one small bunp at the end of the drift-- water muddy and spririnkled with bits of weed and debri - wind from the south, gusty at 12- 15 knts , tides flowing out strong with the push of draning rainwater.

With a little time on hand-- a question comes to mind with the elevation of fresh water into the coastal regions via river and rain outflow and the warmth of the EL Nino waters effects on the baitfish, Northern Anchovy-

Journal of Marine Research, ,1986 Effects of California El Nino 1982-1984 on the northern anchovy by Pau l C. Fiedler , l Richard D .Methoe and Roger P.Hewitt'· ABSTRACT El Nino caused physical and biological changes in the northern anchovy habitat off southern California . Anomalous sea surface temperatures, surface currents, mixed layer depths, and plankton biomass levels began to appear in late 1982 and persisted into 1984. Growth of juvenile and adult anchovys lowed during EI Nino , probably due to reduced availability of zooplankton prey. A decrease in size-at-age in early 1983, with a recovery in late 1984, can be explained by movements of the stock and the latitude in a decline in size-at- age. Spawning range expanded in 1983 due to shifts in sea surface temperature boundaries . Early larval mortality was unusually high in the yolk-sac stage. Fecundity per unit spawning biomass was low in 1983, due primarily to a high proportion of first-year spawners. Size-at-age was very low by spring 1984, but specific fecundity was surprisingly high. Although EI Nino had a variety of significant effects on the northern anchovy, the stock seems to have recovered

VHF Radio Special Marine Warning--marine warnings report of thunderstorms possible water spouts from San Mateo Point to Mex Border- and out to Clemente Inland- Weather Cell spotted 9 miles off heading to the beach- Stand by Carlsbad !!

Wind switched here at 1:30- strong westerly -- hootin"

The afteroon settled down with a flooding tide to still the bay waters- better luck tomorrow-

------------------ Tuesdays Rainy Day reports -------

Rain today- wind from the south and no boats out--

Spent the day doing year end paperwork- good rainy day projects- one or two sailboats came and went for the day-- harbor patrol made their rounds, gulls sailed in the wind, sunset was spectacular- --

----------------Mondays Reports---------------

Took the day off to work on the boat-- outboard motor had not been starting-- Second pull and it started up again- whoopee-- went fishing-- but ocean was sloppy and large swells- spend the day fishing in the harbor- 4 halibuts none of them legal but they fought well and were released- lost one fish that might have been a Striped Bass- sub-surface lure trolled- fish made a long run hook pulled- good sized fish?

----------------- the weekend--------------

-Sundays reports --- No Marlin -- yet today-- seas starting to build from the southwest as this front approaches, light wind chop S/W-- current- naturally downhill against it- - Bass fishing continues to be good for those targeting them and the Flats or any structure thereabouts-- Sand Bass- good 2- 5+ grumpy styles- plastics, lead heads, live squid if you had it--

Better luck tomorrow- JD

------------------- Sat's Reports ---------------------

A check with the Prospector this morning-- Bob tells me Rodney on the Provider had a bite off the East End of Catalina Island yesterday--- Striped Marlin-- it came off--- and George had a fish up in the jigs there to this morning-- , - it too came off --couple more feeders seen there yesterday-- so there're still marlin in the US waters for the First of January-- Amazing-- Jokers bite was at 17/18 east end. Rodney lost one on ballyhoo that same zone yesterday. 63 blue lots of bonita tight and red crabs.

Clemente had scores of the bonitos around and a few more Yellowtails-- boats were out scouting around-- water's 63 -1/2 degrees clean green not quite blue- beautiful day on the water--

Mornings low slack tide 10 :24 am- slowly building from there with a afternoons high slack 3:45 pm about the time some tailers will show- gluck- JD

Cabo's Report from Old Joe-- Hi JD, Had a great New Year's Day. Fished with my son and grandson in Cabo and released five Stripers by 11am. Grandson's first! Happy New Year to all

And a report on the Striped Marlin caught this past year--- I think Geoff on the Hooked ended up with 56 fish for the year -- Andy and La-La and crew/anglers Bounder were aproaching thee 100 fish mark when they went south with close to 96 or 97? and this morning's E-mail from Mike-Hey JD, Mike Stotesbury Cptn and owner of the Flyingfish. What a great year of fishing and thanks for doing such a fantastic job on your website. I just wanted to give you our final Marlin count for 2015. We released 68 Stipers and 4 Blues. Our last fish was released on the west end on 11-21, hooked at 12:35 pm and released at 2:15pm it was Blue caught on 20 lb by my brother Greg , we estimated the fish weighed around 175 lbs. Out best weekend we released 17 fish with triple and 2 doubles. Thanks again for all your hard work and Happy New Year. - - And I sure there were a dozens of other boas who had conths in the 50's or above and even just to catch one or two were remarkable - Please send in your counts if possiable impressive to see all these marlin released and only a few taken one way or another- Congrats ot all- JD

Hi JD Our last fish of last Season aboard the Pacific Pioneer was caught on Dec 11 But we DQ it, it died on us on 20# dac after three hours so we took turns lifting it with the rod . We got it at 3 hours and 55 min it was 191 pounds it was body wrapped . So our grand total for the year was 43 not counting that one - all but three fish where on 20# or less- dac mostly . Very fun year and I want to thank you for all that you do it makes our job easier !!!!!! Happy new year my Freind

Adding to the Fish counts was GadZukes--- JD, Reporting in fish count as you requested. Everyone had a special season no doubt. GadZukes ended up with 55 Striped Marlin. My last 2 fish were on12/03/15 up west near SBI. All my fish were SBI and west as far as Santa Rosa. I appreciate all the information and pictures you share on your website. Thank You, Greg Z. ---Glad to do it- JD


------------------------ Closed New Years Day--------------

Dec 31st-

Light marine haze with a bit more moisture to the air this morning-- light wind from the south at 2 knts seas flat- some wind ripple

Some memorable photos from this past Year-- again to be able to republish all the stories and photos I want to thank those who have contributed to the site this past year-- lets hope 2016 is just as memorable-- gluck JD

Happy New Year!

A composite of some of this year's photos , each has a tale to it--

Each photo has a tale to it-- thanks JD

------------------- Wed's Reports ------------

Bluebird skies this morning-- frost on the lawns and rooftops-- burning off early and seas were flat--- You'd think Elvis would be out sunning him or herself in this sunlight-- maybe the backside of Clemente Is. or the Clemente Canyon--or the Channel Islands---maybe even a marlin?--

Made two casts his morning, one small 8" spotted bay bass-

Gray Whales and/or a Humpbacked Whale -- being see off Newport to Dana and reported about 100 false killer whales were spotted off Palos Verdes heading south-

- What was good Bass fishing yesterday-- slowed down today and not much of a current flowing today-

Queit for most of the day--- a few boats out making mackerels for bait --others out sightseeing and a few just getting out of the house-

Again thanks for all the input from all the anglers this past year-- it's been a long year-- best I've ever seen-- Best of luck to those heading out on the First and for the rest of the new year- Gluck- JD

Weather Forecasters shows a fairly strong N/E windscoming out of the Santa Monica basin at daybreak Friday ( Jan 1st) morning- with it reducing in flow as you go south from there and backing off nicely for the afternoon hours same thing for Sat and first half of Sunday-- with a building front coming in from the West.

------------------------- Tuesday's Reports ---------------------

Cold morning--- Ice on the docks! deck hatches frozen tight-- water temps 59.8 degrees this morning--- air 42! -Warming in the bright sunlight-- only a few boaters out-- Calicos and Sandys off the Art Reefs and coast kelp beds as the morning tide fills in-- Made two cast this morning, lost a big fish maybe halibut- solid bite, solid fish, made a surge and the hooked pulled- nice fish-- next time-

- This last bach of fish that went under the boat-- we picked one out of it--- we needed to get another few more passes of bait-- the ones we got-- drop them in and they look like their sleeping-- hold on-- got something going-- 11:09am- Yellowtails off the Oil rigs/ Flats area--

I'm reminded for those trying for their First Fish of the Year for the different angling clubs-- You had to have your 2016 club Membership dues paid up before the 1st!

Gary and his son Michael ---were Fishing w/ Decker----We were whaling on them, almost every cast was a bass- The sand bass were coughing up market squids and gulls sitting on the water indicated there were more squids around--- -

Some spots of smaller Bonito showing up on on the Flats amd a tale of tails was given--

---------Closed Monday - 28th- ------------

Sundays not so windy report-- looks flat from the costal hills maybe some ruffled water offshore as the sea darkens on the horizon line-- beautiful morning, yet brisk- water temps breaking below that 60 degree barrier 59.6 on the HB flats and not much happening. bait was hard to find- some crab around --

With the high clouds- should be a nice sunset-- stand by-

Westerly sprang up-- not strong but cooled off the air-then backed off-- clouds building in the west-- heard of one Black Sea Bass hooked - -fish report--- 6 sand bass 1 calico bass a mystery bite --- there goes another bite--- clickers whirling in the background--- Got to go!--- -- nearing the bottom of the tide-- 2:30pm -- add to the fish count--- one Bat Ray-- that's it-- looking like a nice afternoon water temps came back up to 61.2 degrees.

<------- Water temps from 59 degrees to 65 . 5 degrees!

Weather buoys-- report water temps Tanner at 60.3, San Clemente's Buoy shows 63.9, Point Loma at 63.7 Dana Point at 62.1 and San Pedro buoy shows 62.2 degrees

-------------------- Sat's windy report -------------

Mornings clear skies and brisk Northeast cold wind- half the boats that went out the harbor turned around early came back in- - small craft warnings- - although the seas were flat close to the beach -- building on the outside- made two cast two bites small fish --third cast - stupid bird ate it-- released unharmed!

Not many shelted areas to fish with this wind-- back side of Catalina- and tucked behind any coastal bluffs-

Those looking for the Last and the First Fish of the Year awards are faced with only a few windows between the upcoming weather fronts- Next week--Tue/ Wed (29 &30th) arn't bad with a wind Santa Anas that picks up on Thursday - Fair on Friday (the 1st) morning by noon 20 knts for most of the day backs off Sat morning ( 2nd) with Sunday being a better day-- Stand By-- JD--- use Sailflow Wind and Swell Charts

It's that time of year again--- a Fishing Licence for 2016 - you can do it on-line through the:

Wind backed off this afternoon--- leaving a flat sunny afternoon- soon to get cold again this evening as that sun sets-- -- Tides low - couple of young customers wandered in the shop-- hopeful of some bay fishing today-- quiet for them-- I made a last day cast --one small bass- Seals barking at electric boats passing by-- both entertained-


Several water temps images for the past three years-- 2013--2014-- 2015 -- of the last 15 days in December--

--------2013 ------------------------2014 -------------------------------2015 -------------------

Water temps ranging from 50- to 90 degrees -- what was off the Channel islands (55 degrees) is now off Oregon and Washington!

------------------- Closed Christmans ---------

Boy those seal's are barking up a storm this morning- laying in the morning's sun and barking for all to hear-bark-- bark -Ho-Ho Ho - - Tide flowing out strong - army green colored waters lots of sediment /weed in it -- made one cast one med/ halibut -

Weather temps dropping-- skies clouding over - we'll see waht happns to the fishing afte this blow-- stand by--

Merry Christmas and the Best of Luck for the upcoming New Year-- JD-- it's been a pleasure to be here this year-- remarkable of all that's happened-- from the early catches of Bluefin on the Cortez Banks on New Years Day to Yellowtails off the Coronado islands and more Yellowtails up to the flats that are below Dana and more Bluefin offshore and more Bluefin inshore and Bigger Bluefin then Giant Bluefin off the local banks , huge schools of em' photographed by spotter planes and fished for them by rod and reel or speared by divers looking for a ride- and still the Yellows bit-- sightings of marlin and then marlin catches, a swordfish in the mix and more tunas- the bigger one's, most moved on but still some lingered deep off the 43 and tails still bit- Colorful Dorado came in and then the Wahoos moved in and more wahoo from San Diego to Catalina and more marlin up north and then lots of marlins at the Channel Islands with Blue Marlin showing up and then lot's of Big Blue Marlin everywhere you went they were hooked up and the yellowfin's tunas began to show and still the bluefin were around and the tails were always there, but who cared - The Marlin boats up north were targeting a 100 catches per boat and below Catalina and in San Diego waters the tunas were taken by 1/2 boats mixed with wahoo catches or a Blue Marlin that ate they're hooked tuna off the line-- we were part of it-- I was enthralled to be able to post some of these catches-- thank you for sharing them - and thank you for your patronage through the years--- Jan 2016 marks 40 years here!

We as angles were fortunate to have the instant catches uploaded via the net-- and almost on-time live hook-up reported- shown- remarkable , micro- small braid fishing lines and powerful light sensitive rods matched frisky baits and chunks of cut-bait methods were learned. We were part of something that's happened before- our technology matched the forces of nature- JD

Merry Christmas and the Best of Luck for the upcoming New Year-- JD

------------------------------ Wed's Reports -------------

Soft northwest wind, overcast sky and clearing with a few seagulls cries off in the distance-- over a seal with a fish- Tides running strong-- moon's pulling it-- Bought myself a Christmas Gift-- a small Shimano spinning reel loaded with that Berkeley Nan o-fill 4lb test line and 10 lb fluoro carbon leader and a drop-shot rigged jackll super pin-tail silver shad plastic bait -w/ bent owner mutu-lite #2 hook for better catchability -- worked!--- made one cast---- long drift in that outgoing tide cross sweep it across the bottom rewarded with a nice sand bass, one cast- one fish, quit 100% Merry Christmas!


Heck of a Season this year--- hope you fulfilled your dreams--

---------------------- Thursday's Reports ---------------------

Rain and wind from the west-- sloppy seas-- most boating trafic shut down except the barge and cargo workers still on the marine radio- Tides building-

Blustry for most of the day--

Last minute gifts' JD's Gift Certificate for any amount from $25 to 10,000 - - or a 2016 Tide book-- or a JD's custom made Marlin/ Swordfish/ Tuna casting rod with a Talica 16 2-speed reel loaded with 400 yds super braid line and a Fluoro- Carbon Wind on leader w/ hook all for 0nly $999-

------------------- Monday's Reports ----------

Wind light from the south/ southwest-- seas a little bumpy still and water is cooler, bay waters have turned greener with the influx of the fresh water, Tides are building as the moon fills this week w/ Full Moon on Christmas evening-- stand by---

made three casts- no bites-

Local whale watchers were seeing a few Minki Whales or Humpbacked Whales up off the Flats or outside the Newport Pier-- shearwaters and red crabs, krill were the indicators of where the whales were at-- not much else so far today--

Even Red Crabs in the harbor this morning---and Seal lions on the Flats 150 area-- too many of em'---- water 62 - drops to just above 60 degrees towards NB harbor

Red Crab invasion-- full moon?

---------The Weekends Reports ---------

the book reads-1898 - -- The First Constitution of the Club, as framed by Charles F Holder of Pasadena and W.J. Lauders of San Francisco is herewith given as part of the history of the Tuna Club. The Tuna Club of Avalon is hereby formed and composed of gentlemen and ladies who have by their skill and perseverance succeeded in taking with rod and reel in waters of the state and with a line not larger than a 24- thread, one leaping tuna of not less than 100 pounds weight. - -to become a true Member of the "Club" -- - Now that's a challenge- Catching the 100 lb tuna leaping tunas with as we call it now, Antique Fishing Tackle, fishing line made from twisted Linen Flax in the various number of threads, fishing rods made from wood or came bamboo and vintage reels of early design, each of the three component had specifications to be allowed as "Regulations Tackle" The Club later in time opened up the Regular Membership to the Yellowfined tunas and the Big-Eyed tunas and marlin as well. Keeping the "Sport and Conservation" of the game in utmost importance. Years have gone by and Membership into this famed club was obtained with the catches of marlin substituted in the place of the larger tunas which became harder to find and Dacron fishing lines replaced the heaver linen lines that were no longer produced. Catching and Releasing marlins now gain membership but the challenge was still there to catch the big Tuna with the original tackle that was used-- Not many people have done this and even harder today more than ever-- the Club extended it's boundary to include Guadalupe Island with it's bigger tunas there and the lighter light 6 and 9 thread linen lines were reproduced to accommodate the smaller fishes caught but the Heavy Tackle Linen Line of 12- 24 thread class lines were now at best 60 to 70 year old lines that have stored away or found in some collectors treasures.

It's appropriate, the name on his boat reads Vintage, Mike Fowlkes of Inside Sportfishing films achieved his goal this past week qualifying as a Tuna Club member catching a tuna over 100 lbs on Regulations Heavy Tackle. - After becoming exited in the marlin fishing up off the Channel islands and light line fish with Dacron lines but still that prize eluded him. The prize of a 100 lb tuna was available and Guadalupe Island had been just re-opened up for sportfishing , now the challenge in getting the required tackle was daunting- Mike had been collecting older rods and reels for years and his collection is vast-- yet Regulations tackle has its specifications and from the older rods a dozen were pre-bent to see if they'd hold up--- most didn't splintering and guides or handles broken, but a few were found that held up. Reels were selected and reconditioned drags installed, the line was the hardest to find, spool after spool were tested the old line rotting away breaking with just a hand pull, the quest went on with a spool of 24 tread obtained from a collector which seemed to have promise breaking above the 50 lb range- Catching the tuna was challenge- No rail rods or two speeds or spectra lines to use just the original stuff- Seas had build up and conditions were not the best- but Mike did it, not only with the 105 lb fish shown but a half dozen others caught with either the linen or dacron lines --congrats- Mike- nice job -JD

Avalon Tuna Club/ Qualifying Tuna caught on Vintage pre 1953 reel and bamboo rod with 1940's 24 thread line. (left to right) Second Op/Russell Brazwell, Michael Fowlkes and Skipper Aaron Barnhill at Fisherman's Landing after returning from their recent trip to Guadalupe on board the Shogun. Fowlkes also had a 150 pounder on Dacron 80 and a 132 pounder on 24 linen as well.


-- I did some calculations this afternoon just checking how many miles of fishing line we spooled onto reels this past year---?

173,755 yds of Monofilament, 66,100 yds of Braid Line and 30,000 yds of Dacron line for a combined total of 269,855 yds of line -- or 153.33 miles of it--- that's a lot of line!

Local fishing fair-- with Vick scoring on a nice 7 ft Leopard Shark and a Bat Ray and some sand or calico bass--- fair fishing --interesting to hear about the Leopard they're generally here in the Spring Time?

Best of Luck this coming week the- JD


------------------ Sat's reports ------------

Wind out of the Southeast and building with this front approaching- Small craft warning--

A check with the BAC's yearbook shows 36 marlin were caught as the Last Marlin of the Year in November, 3 have been caught in December- two on the 3rd ( 78 & 95) and one of the 8th 1974-- El Nino years, and The First Fish of the Year Award went on Jan 1st in 1984 and 1090 both dates following a two year cycle of Very Strong El Nino years -- Stand By

Approaching the shortest days of the Year-- from now on they get longer-- the waters take the sun better and longer and it all starts to warm up again--- stand by---

------------- Fridays Reports---------------

Brisk and cold mornings - no wind seas flat-- a few boats out- bottom fishing or looking for the basses, maybe a Yellowtail off the deeper water spots by the outer oil rigs--

Remember JD's offers a $100 reward for the Last Marlin of the Season caught in US waters and another $100 for the First Marlin of the Season-- Latest reports say the commercial partyboats were still seeing Marlin in the lee of the Channel Islands and another report of marlin seen out by San Miguel Island! The Fat Lady hasn't sung just yet!- JD

Hooked was up on the 172 fathom spot /West side of Catalina,, looking for marlins --no bites yet-- but it still looks good-- 64 degree,s red crabs, bait and birds maybe some squid metered deep-- little bumpy this morning but calmed down for a nice day-- out looking!

nice sunset--

--------------------- Thursdays Events-- ---------

Quiet on the radio - a few relatives from back East enjoying the weather out looking at the ocean-- seeing maybe a whale or dolphin or gull-

made 4 casts no bites

nice weather--

-------------------- Wed's Reports ------------------

E-Mail from Bob Kurz - working hard to the support of the Saltwater recreational angler-- we're in his debt --- the most recent Pacific Fishery Management Council (PFMC) meeting with regard to drift gillnets and longlines. We had a big showing at the PFMC meeting in November, with over 20 leaders from the angling community on hand demonstrating that anglers are united in opposition to drift gillnets and to introduction of a longline fishery off our coast. At that meeting, I spoke and delivered a letter from over 1800 anglers. Joining me to testify were Greg Stotesbury of AFTCO, Wayne Kotow from CCA, George Osborn from California Sportfishing League, Ed Martin from Harbour Rod & Reel, and Theresa Labriola from Wild Oceans, all of whom delivered compelling testimony making the case for transitioning away from the drift gillnet fishery and halting PFMC's recent movement towards allowing a shallow-set longline fishery off the West Coast. I believe the Council took notice. Although the Council was not scheduled to take any official actions at this meeting, this was a crucial meeting for establishing plans for the swordfish fishery moving forward. Here is what we know was achieved: Longlines:, the Council declared that they now consider authorizing longlines to be of "lower priority."Alternative Gear Types: At the urging of recreational fishing representatives, the Council decided "to move forward rapidly" on authorizing deep set buoy gear as an allowable gear type for the swordfish fishery. This is significant development in transitioning away from drift gillnets since it provides the Council with a viable alternative. . Alongside these gains we were also successful in putting more restrictive limits on the drift gillnet fishery. It's clear recreational angler advocacy is making a big impact and helping move the process in the right direction. The PFMC meeting in Sacramento next March will be another important step in achieving our goals. I'll be in touch with you after the first of the year on how best to ensure this progress continues. Thanks for all your support, and I look forward to working with you again in 2016. Happy holidays, Bob Kurz IGFA Representative - Southern California =

-------------------- Tuesday's Reports ------------------

Slimy green colored water he called it--- trying to make several mackerels for the days fishing as bait-- it was tough to make it-- they're just not there in numbers--- maybe 6 7 pieces after several hours of trying chum , etc, water 61.3 degrees below the harbor ( newport) don't know if the mackerels can even see the bait rigs in the slimy green water.

Made three casts one bite-- came off in the receive-- hooks must not be as sharp as they were--

E-Mail-- JD---Last week we delivered a 59' Mikelson to San Jose Del Cabo.Stopped on the "Ridge" for great Wahoo fishing, then on the lower banks we chunked up a nice Yellowfin. Fish had one of our Wahoo tails in it's guts! Bryan

And another E-Mail from the IGFA on the on going Great Marlin Race held in conjunction with the BAC's Master Angler Billfishing tournament-- We're three months in to the 2015 Balboa, USA IGMR where six striped marlin are still competing for first place! Read More -

and be sure to check the Race Page for all updates! Our thanks and gratitude goes out to all MABT sponsors, captains, crew, taggers, anglers, and supporters of this important conservation project. Tight Lines, The IGFA

And starting this week will be Newports Christmas Boat Parade, this years team-- Seas the Holidays

DECEMBER 16 - 20, 2015 107th Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade and Ring of Lights Proudly Hosted by the Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce and on Dec the 17 drop by the Balboa Angling Club Christmas Party- get there early as parking is always a challange and bring a tasty treat! - --

West wind again picked up this afternoon-- putting a chill on the water--

Vick fished the bass today-- sand and calico with plastics good bite for them- quiet for most of the day-- -


35ft Cabo for Sale 1994 Cabo 35 Flybridge, $179,000 LLC Owned, Dependable 3208 CATS, Major refit performed in 2015, Excellent Condition, Tournament winner

Call Dan at

714-801-3113 or

------------------ Weekends Reports -------------------

Wind from the south here on the beach--- increasing as this low approaches, seas a bit choppy and swells small wind chop- water has a green tings to it- Bay waters have a strong tide flow and lots of mico-plankton / smelt in it-

Another great gifts- Shimano Travel Bags, or great for storing your tackle on small skiffs, plastic boxes help seperate, hooks, swivels, lures and the rest of your tackle-- Call 1 800 660-5030 or

Or Baraja Binders for lure storage- Pre-rigged Marlin luresor Tuna Lures fit nicly in these binder for easy viewing and keeps them from tangling and ready for use-- . Hard sided construction for easy storage intoa bag, pocket or boat locker. Heavy duty .15mm thick pages with metal grommets are included. Locking ring system allows for quick removal of a page for high volume items. Available in 3 sizes.-- Call 1 800 660-5030 or

Interesting to hear about the Good Striped Marlin bite only 300 miles from here-- Southeast from here---- Sea of Cortez and the mainland side Guymas/ San Carlos area- Striped Marlin Sailfish, Black Marlins Yellowtails other than bouts of wind every few days they're having a great time of it-- the marlins were sometimes reported within 100 yds of their coastline-- Good Temp Break there too

Need some good Firewood for the winter months-- give Tom and Gracy a call- tell em' you want the JD's Special they'll set you up with a good deal !

16501 Bake Pkwy Irvine, CA 92618 Phone number (949) 837-9663

You wouldn't think the fishing would be any good on a day like today-- wind and chop from the south, large swells from the west-- cooling and mixed up water condition-- well it wasn't!

should be a nice sunset----

---------------Sat's Reports ------------

A check with the Weather buoys and this morning's water temps, Outer Santa Monica Basin buoy 64 degrees, inner S/M buoy- 64 , San Pedro at 65 degrees, Dana Pt 64.2 Tanner Bank at 63 and San Clemente Is buoy at 65.1 degrees- still holding

- A little bit of life out there-- birds bait a Whale or two-- probably there's still a few of the yellowtails up on the HB Flats and some morning calicos or a big old grumpy sand bass on the art reefs there-

Quiet day on the water-

----------------------- Fridays Reports --------------

Wind and spots of rain from the Northwest-- Whale watchers, and the standard boats were harbor bound today--except the Barge workers, which seems to always be on the water working--

And two brothers fishing for marlins on the same day--- another E-Mail report-JD: I saw Patrick's report and couldn't resist. While he was off SBI yesterday I was fishing in Kona with Marlin Parker on the Marlin Magic II. I had my three year old and wife on the boat (my two good luck charms) and managed a late afternoon hook up right in front of the harbor. Fish was in the 600 range. An early release for her at the back of the boat after a few head shakes. A nice blue in December and water still 81 here. El Niño seems to be having an effect in Kona as well with 6 granders here so far this year ( I believe that's the most in one year since the late 70's). . Best, Tucker T -

Made three cast early on befroe it got too windsy-- 2 bites missed em



Another great gift--

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`She's a hootin' today! `

-------------------- Thursdays Reports--------------

Gray morning on the water - glossy seas - spots of fog along the San Pedro Channel water temps-- Santa Monica Bay 64 degrees, San Pedro bouy 65, Dana 65, Taanner 63 degrees and a 11 ft swell w/ 13 sec period. building tonight with up to 30 -35 knts above Catalina-- good tailing weather!!

Good tidal flow-- made 5 cast's no bites off the dock- water still clear.

E-Mail this afternoon-- from old time friend and customer-- JD – Couldn’t resist trying one more time before the year ends so went with Mike Arujo yesterday on our boat, Billfish. Fished numbers from last weekend off SBI and in 63.5 water found lots of life – birds, seals, porpoise, bait – and just before the tide had one come in on the long rigger MJG. Thought we had fish settled down and hooked solidly but came undone after a few mins. Would have been nice to add a December fish to the resume but not to be. Great to have a shot at one in mid- December nonetheless. Viva El Nino! Happy Holidays to you. Patrick T

Didn't hear many boaters out today-- worked on getting Christmas packages ready - reels and rods repaired and listened to Christmas opera and watched the sun set - it should blow tomorrow and Sat- Good luck Sunday -

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION i 10 December 2015 ENSO El Niño Advisory Synopsis: El Niño is expected to remain strong through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, with a transition to ENSO-neutral anticipated during late spring or early summer 2016. A strong El Niño continued during November as indicated by well above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean and Niño-3 indices rose to their highest levels so far during this event,The subsurface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific, while still well above average, decreased slightly due to the eastward push of the upwelling phase of an equatorial oceanic Kelvin wave . . Collectively, these atmospheric and oceanic anomalies reflect a strong El Niño episode that has matured. Most models indicate that a strong El Niño will continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, followed by weakening and a transitionto ENSO-neutral during the late spring or early summer The forecaster consensus remains nearly unchanged from last month, with the expectation that this El Niño will rank among the three strongest episodes as measured by the 3-month SST departures in the Niño 3.4 region dating back to 1950.

------------ Thursday's Reports --------------

-- Hard to believe it Dec warm and muggy and it's still possible for Yellowfined tunas, yellowtails and maybe even a marlin or two to be caught - this fast moving front will blow by us quickly-- Old timers would say the marlin would start to migrate after the third winter storm, not sure where we stand right now but this might be #1? We'll see what happens, I think they're confused ( the marlins) - southwards propagating surface swell action would allow then to push on further to the southern range of their migration but these northern bound currents are holding them back--why move, just stay where they're at and get fat eating squid!

We had that quick bite for about ten minutes on the yellowfins then is shut down--- beautiful weather--- we're goping to start heading north-- see ya-

A check with the coastal current movements shows a mixed flow from south to north coming in from outside and below the Border and continues to north to above the Channel islands, hugs the coast around Point Conception and continues close to the coastline till northern California? The Gap winds coming out of the Temecula basin flows offshore from Oceanside/Carlsbad and disturbs that northern flow but it emerges again just north from there and stays northern bound - Maybe that's where these Red crabs came from?

The broader imags shows a northern bound flow or current wrapping around from May Bay at .5 mph up towards Turtle and Cedros Island with a mix if eddies up from there

--------------------- Tuesday's Reports ------------------

They're still fishing for yellowtails off the oil rigs /flats today!--- reports of two of them already hooked this morning, I think one the other got away- Seal lions are a problem- that swell is there but far enough away from each other that it doesn't cause much effect otherwise calm seas- very little wind, light west 2- 4 kt skys have a high cast of Cirrus clouds 18,000 ft + , Warm and sunny-

Strong Current --up hill ---

The boys took a trip south last week--- down into the Sea of Cortez - trailer boats and a bunch of tackle-- Spoils you Deckers says-- Spotted Grouper (Cabrilla), Golden and Leopard Cabrilla's and Yellowtails were far too many to fish for. The group went down with promotional filming , IMAX and even Drones in use!

I took the day off yesterday-- Didn't catch much but gave it a good effort-- such a nice day out there it was either go home early and paint the fence-- or keep on fishing- not much of a choice to that-- keep fishing and enjoyed the day-- early morning -good calicos in tight to the beach 5- 10 ft of water!


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------------The Weekends Reports --------------

High overcast skies, haze cool morning hours- flat seas, wind slight from the West/ Northwest, , Reported the marlin boats were fishing above Catalina and in towards the beach on an area known as the Boot- others still working the 172 and the bank's above Santa Barbara. Is. The Last Fish of the Year ( fish being a Marlin) becomes even a challenge as daily there seems to be reports of fish hooked or caught--- who knows, maybe it'll be right up till the end of the year on Dec 31st -- then the First Marlin of the Year the following New Years Day--- it's happened before! so JD's offers $100 Gift certificate to the Last and First Marlins of the year in US Waters ! Send photo and story Good Luck JD!

Deep water halibuts beginning to show up in some of the fish counts-- shorts and a few legals, deep water at 100 ft means 6-8 oz lead and covering ground in drifts while staying in contact with the bottom while yet sensitive for their bites-- that braid line does wonders for feeling their bites-- Also try one of the Shimano Lucatus jigs bounced along the bottom - JD's Tip

West marlin fishing - Pacific Pioneer had a fish going!!- came in on the jigs dropped a bait back to it--After a two hour battle they were still fighting it- -- ! 12:33pm

Red Crab Bonaza- today was the word of the day-- thick off the reef and some macks there too

A faint radio reception -Pacific Pioneer-- we got it--- 20 dacron-- 3 hours 50 minutes, unfortunately the fish died after three hours and we had to trade-off in lifting it up making it a DQ' ed fish for the angling clubs - still a feat, est weight 190- 200 lbs

Gents , they are still here , some of the largest concentrations of bait & life we’ve seen all year around the 172-175 , hundreds of sea lions , porp’s , birds , bait on the ridge , water was 63.5 , Bullpen had a fish in the jigs twice around 10:00 am then Paul dropped a bait back on the green & white eye candy….fish got body wrapped @ the three hour mark on 20 lb Dacron, took another hour taking turns to slowly plane him up , 191 lbs , coughed up market squid El Nino ! smoked marlin for Christmas..

-------------------- Sat's Reports ------------------

Morning hours calm w/ light South wind 2- 3 knts - Folks out in family gathering or boating w/ relatives looking for a peaceful day on the water-- Marlin fishers trying the waters at or above Cat, tuna grounds in the concentrated warmer water towards the border-

we're on our way in -- got some fish-- tuna! 11:14am

Weather incredible-- hot even!- wind slight from the west-- I wouldn't be surprised if some fog didn't develop--

The Bounder-- Andy, La La and crew were headed south to the warmth of Baja for the winter months- but not without trying to finish up the year with catching 100 marlin in So Calif, US waters all in one season-- At last count, I think they were up to 96 or 97--- Leaving the harbor in the late evenigs hours last night they hoped to be on that southern side of the potencial marlin grounds while still in the US waters at daylight today-- --one mre shot --- so far no word-- standing by--

they gave out Whale checks today-- local whale watchers-- I think a couple seen up towards the Rigs and another somewhere by Dana-- but not much sea life reported today--

nice afternoon-

--------------------------- Friday's Reports -------------------

The day starts fair a bit chilly and high overcast that looks cool, seas - light south/ southwest wind here in Newport a small swell and chop with it- due to swing around - tides are mellow and building

E-Mail this morning--- Yellowfined Tunas and a who? Hey JD, My intention was to fish Friday with my son but woke up Thursday morning and looked at various web-cams and wind reports and saw we were supposed to get a 8-9' swell and wind in the afternoon on Friday so the plan changed. Launched out of Mission bay at 10:00 and fished an area about 15 miles straight off LJ (32.50 - 117.38) - Dolphins everywhere. The YFT loved a small Rapala double joint Shad Rap I had until I went by a paddy and Mr. Hoo took off with him chewing through my 80Lb. leader. Got 4 YFT for 3 hours of fishing and headed back to the barn at 2:00. All fishing were caught trolling into the sun and they like the Mexican flag as well as the bright Shad Rap - 8-9 knots.. Tight Lines.. Jeff / Irvine

Contrary to other ideas , buts that's fishing!

And off the West end of Catalina Islands- up towards the 172 fathom spot-- a marlin to have been reported lost ( maybe 1 for 3) and others seen- She's still singing!--

For Christmas- Pick up Dad a new Fish Flag ! Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Yellowtail even Swordfish and Wahoo. Hand embroidered 16 x 24 ($29.95) plus Woods Hole Tag and Release or a white Release flag, ($19.95)- or get the set of 6 fish flags for $150 Call 1 800 660-5030 or

------------------------------- Thursdays Reports -------------------

Flat seas---- light southwest 2- 4 knts --- Couple of boats out--- some for the southern grounds tuna fishing while others off Catalina--- calico bass, drifting for halibuts around the backside of the island and a reported catch White Sea Bass in the mix- nice weather- a little more wind wrapping around the island-

Many of the kelps sown south 302 area were dry except for a few small yellowtails-- still looking for the tunas-- porpoise had good meter marks but no bites

We ran south like 10 miles from the 302 kelps all over the place but most have nothing, we picked up one fish, tuna that got shark bit on the way in--

The Last of the Year Marlin challenge-- --- that's a trophy just as hard to get as the First one of the Season, Capt. Kyle Dickerson and crew / owners of their boat the Pacific Pioneer are trying to do it again - After most of the Fleet has put it away or gone south for the winter months-- she's is out plying the grounds-- Last Year, Patty Blower took the First Fish and Last Fish awards - What with the relative calm weather this past week other than the cool air- the water's temp can still hold fish here-- they'd been on the squid beds above Santa Barbara Is. , by now that body of water had dropped down to the back side of the Catalina and towards Clemente Is-- maybe a few will still be here- Good luck to them- JD ---- they went zero , zero, zero for the trip West end of the island looked good with birds and bait-- but that was it-- nice day -nice sunset--

Calm for all day- high overcast

----------Wed's the 2nd's Report -------------

We're thirty miles offshore--- a few yellowfin and some skippys , kelps- some boats got em other's not- 10:23am

stopped on a big weed for nothing-- we definitely have all the skipjacks you could want

- reading 68 degrees and going up--

We've been in about a two hour stop----- at 22/ 35 -- near the 302--- they're still under us but line shy--- were using 15lb --- where'd you get the bait----- SD--- figured, we're out of Oceanside fishing the yellows--- we've got 19 or 20 now-- hold on we're bit I'll get back to you in a sec-- good mix of yellowfin here - we're running out of bait we'll keep then around if you can make it-- false alarm- we're busy-- wish we were out there with you 11:09am

Local Whale watchers--- very slow he says- a few sea lions and some birds so far---

Coastal water temps from yesterday-- ranging from 64 to 70 degrees- and judging by this mornings catches of Skipjacks and some Yellowfin near the 302 if follows that pattern of 66-68 degree water temp-

Report comes in early this afternoon --- possible Swordfish in the local waters has a commercial spotter plane up-- looking -- spotting up to 6 striper marlin seen-- from the Avalon Bank to the 152 fathom spot- off the East end of Catalina-- remember there's that FAD there at 33.14:589 / 118.10:656 maybe it'll hold some bait there for the marlin worth a looks at if your headed that way-- Good luck the Fat Lady hasn't sung yet ---

they definitely want the chovies--- we're running out of bait-- fishing em' off the paddies-- yellowfin 302--- we're at 20 and 42 and we're about done !

---------------------- Tuesdays Reports-------------

Morning light marine haze lingers into mid day- light if any wind , seas calm. wind picked up west after noon brisk and cool - backed off mid aftenoon-- nice

Not much going on on the radio so I was compelled to go out and make a few cast off the dock-- three cast- one bite -missed it-- maybe small halibut-- lot of those in the harbor's and bays now--- as is there's schools of 3- 4-5 inch smelt in the depths, more micro plankton sealife, the water's turning greener.

They come with a 10 fish guarantee-- ! JD's Big Game Tee - Shirts $20 Call 1 800 660-5030 or

A check with the west coast water temps for the outside and inside of the Baja Peninsula, ranging from 62 to 82 degrees and a 8 day composite-- it's apparent there is a southwards shifting of cooler water. Compression from Cedros towards Mag Bay and from the West in towards the coastline- Baja, Mag Bay / Cape should experience good fishing this winter--

--------- The weekends reports ------------------

Commercial swordfish boat--- making the rounds, looking--- 66 1/2 degrees on the 14 Mile Bank a few scatter stringers of kelps, little life- it's possible for a bill fish-- commercial boat saying they had had some yellowfin yesterday in the Shipping Lanes- -

With windows of weather allowing the sportfishers travel time between here and the Cape/ Mag Bay or up from the Cape.

E-mail from Costa Rica-- Foxi Lady Took the grand kids fishing forThanksgiving, the moon was right, we saw 3 stripers, catching 1 small blue marlin. Good day had by all. Not sure where the stripers came from, California ? Hawaii ? Galapagos ? Its the time of the year we start seeing them down here. If they left California Oct 1, they would have to travel 100 miles per day. Wonder what the Sat tags from Masters showed?? Were heading to Panama and the Hannibal Bank next week, Then Pinas Bay-Tropic Star after Xmas -Pete

Again nice day on the water but the marine radio was on the quiet side-- reported rock cod fishing was good and other's spent some time drifting for deep water halibuts- 80- 100 ft fair fishing for them-

---------------------- Sats Reports --------------

Morning's High tide and cold night got water clarity clean and good visibility- maybe too good as the fish can see you!

Back from a couple of days visiting family in the Morro Bay area-- saw a 41 lb White Sea Bass come into one of the restaurant, Fresh Fish the sigh says!--

Calm seas with no wind-- Catalina and Clements and most of the offshore islands stand out on these flat seas .

Lot's of folks out walking around-- sight seeing and generaly getting outdoors- kayaking, stand up paddling, small skiffs, electric boats and larger yachts---

Quiet for most of the day-Rockfish , a bonito, perch a halibut- sheephead - cool water -

Water temps continue to drop - a local Southern California, Bight three day composite shown from 63 to 71 degrees

And the bigger picture from Central Calif. to the tip of Baja Mexico and out 200 miles - 60 to 75 degrees showing a steady decline ( centered from a set locations -- US / Mex border line 30 miles offshore



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.------------------------- eariler this Week---------

Wind from the south at 10- 12 knts, overhead clouds and small wind chop on the water.

Haven't heard any sportboats or whalers out yet--

E-Mail from yesterday JD it's Howard from the Conquest took two of my grandsons Fishing yesterday headed down to 00/32 Ended up with only two fish on the troll. Most dolphin in the area held fish bút lack of chum and small bait made them hard to catch.

Nice day on the water!-

I ventured out yesterday -- took the skiff out toward the 14 Mile Bank- then turnedtowards the south-- found a good temp break 3- 5 miles outside Abalone Point with good sized kelps along it -- water temps 66.7 on one side 68.6 / 69 on the other side-- slow rowed/ trolling up and down the line with a pair of mackerel -- but no takers-- nice day on the water-

King Tides they call it-- stand by for EQ!

good claming tides--!-

E-mail report from the Hoose chronicles, Hi JD, Returned this morning from a 5 day trip to San Benitos Island on Nate Shill's ANDREYA. Perfect weather - on trip down caught tuna, dorado, and yellowtail on kelps and released a marlin below Ensenada. Spent two days at San Benitos Island - clear blue 74 degrees, bait (scads), and red crabs. Landed 13 wahoo to 65 lbs. The large Cow Bell's out-fished the Maurader's 4:1. Only boat there both days until late Sunday when the EXCEL showed up. Found groups of tailing wahoo in am hours at Benitos - very cool site. Left for Turtle Bay for fuel and caught a few yellowfin tuna working outside the islands. $4.75/gallon. High spots off San Pablo were warm and green, a few schools of wahoo along the 30 fathom curve just west of Turtle Bay entrance. Released a marlin on Ranger Bank and saw very little life on trip home but flat grease the entire way! Hoose

Paul and Vick were out looking for the marlins today-- didn't find them--- but off Abalone Point 3- 4 miles tons of birds working thee late in the afternoon looked good--

Have a great Thanksgiving Day- store will be closed thursday open fri- sat and sunday-

-------------------The Weekends report----------

Skipper with the Marauder bite--- was that on th 267?--- 9:32am

Reported aa a blue marlin, a sleeper released off the west end yesterday est 150 lbs-

Boats out -- traveling--- out and beyond Catalina to the 499 not productive--- up towards the west end and back sid e of the island boats were in search of those elusive blue marlins or maybe striped marlins- or tunas-- East End had Red crabs metered deep and a few traveling dolphin schools in the area--

90 feet just released on -- on the macks--- tails-- HB Flats--

An call earlier in the day-- from the El Vato-- she's traveling south to the Cape and then the Gulf, wanted to know the formula for estimated the size of fish they just caught-- Marlin on the Potato Bank-- they were on they way to the Morgan Bank this afternoon but got stopped early by an explosion on their jig, went nuts! The formula's reads Weight = Length ( measure from end of lower to Fork of tail) times the Girth squared ( girth times girth- thickest point) that amount is divided by 800 - that's mathematically a good estimate for a football shaped fish, marlin are elongated and estimates can be off 10% or more, some fish thick , others thin etc. Only one striper for them on the Thetis Bank, not much life seen anywhere. Best they did was catch about 10 wahoos on the 13 Fathom Spots on the "Ridge" interesting---- they all had parrot fish in their stomachs? and they were in deep water not on the banks, somehow someway a school of parrot got gobbled up by a school of wahoos who got gobbled up by some hungry anglers! Parrot fish via wahoo for Thanksgiving!

Had that one knockdown off Church Rock this morning and that was it-

Congrats-we both say it--- 2:19pm Rodney caught it or not? -- I think -west end? scratchy report with the squlech broken at times.

E-Nail--Hi JD. My brother Bill and I caught a nice Striper off the Slide on Saturday at 12:45. It took me 30 minutes to release it. I bought a Henriques 28 Express in Jersey 4 weeks ago and have been putting it back together. This was its maiden voyage and we were rewarded with this catch. We forgot to call you on the radio as we came in to NB. We got fuel at the dock next to your office. Your fishing report helped my decision to go to the east end. Thank you. Bob Waters DAC

queit for most of the day- a few tunas seen un willing to bite- bait off newport 3- 4 miles anchovies and whales

----------------------- Sat's Reports ----------------

Light marine haze this morning-- pale blue behind it-- no wind-- lots of boats out-- some off the 14 chasing tuna- others south, 209 and below-- Catalina got a showing if marlin west and east and the flats off Huntington may have a tail, bonito or a grumpy old sand bass- water clarity remarkably clear-- - building tides and moon all this next week

Cedar plug and a jig--- 9:29am

E-Mail this morning from Ryan--Newport Coastal Adventure-- JD- Go catch this thing! 1.18 miles off Newport Pier today on our whale watching trip. 270 feet of water!

report from the west end- cat-- says they we're having a hard time keeping the yellowfin off the marlin jigs-- and a Orca was following them -- on the marlin lure!--

looks like a desert-- here on the 209 compaired to what was above here--

came back twice-- bit it in half--man I blew it missed my chance--Wahooo- - We're on-- another voice comes on-- 11:12

too nice of day to not go fishin!--

double hook up --ceder plug and black and purple-X-Rap-- 6 miles off Dana Pt 11:45 right at this morning's Slack Tide

the marlin fishing above SBI was a bit on the challenging side-- a few fish seen late in the afternoon -

we just dumped one----- water's a lot bluer here just above the 14 ----2:54pm

sure was a quiet afternoon-- waiting for that sundowner-- but it never seemed to come-- nice day on the water though-- better luck tomorrow- JD

------------------------- Fridays Reports -------------------

Hard to believe it's November 20 sunny skies Yellowfin tuna biting-- or not --boats out trolling- looking for marlin in calm seas-- Water temps remain mid 60s remarkable--

209 holding some tuna--- birds, baits, dolphins- not many hooked on the troll a better bait bite-

Marlin boats off the East end-- making a 1/2 day of trolling - to see whats there--- not much yet- 1030am

A check with the San Clemente Island Security show the island is basically open from now till the following Thanksgiving weekend-- ( except Monday the 23 its hot) rest of the week it's open-

you say the 302---- off a paddy or out in the open--- 11:29

sounded like Kyle ( but it wasn't him) was saying something about a swordfish over there-- couldn't get him to go-- weak reception maybe behind the island--- or Cat Canyon--

Bite's slowed down---how mauy did you get end up with--- 3 or 4 released just as many--- 69.5 degrees--- we're going to troll around some see if we can pick off a couple more --- We ran up here-- 46/35 area - that paddy ever start up again after we hooked that sea lion-- they were there but real gun shy---- that's how the bite stared--- trolling-

Congrats Tony--- on the stinger too-- what color---- perfect--- well done --- there's some real brutes out here--- great job--- --where you at-- 27/39 close to the West End of Catalina--- couple of miles off 11:46am

Tides had just turned- at 10:50

no wind out here--- we just got a 13- 14 lb er and a dorado--- 209 area was good earlier-- seemed like they wanted the chovies--thanks' we ran through that area on the way to Clemente-- might check it out on the way back---

water really chilled down outside the ridge 209- 277---- 67 down to 64

You do any good --- yea just picked up this 25 er-- trolled around that kelp paddy a couple times then really chummed it up heavily-- 12:15pm

Good radio reception today-- we just lost a tuna feather--- something just bit it off!! 12:58pm

he said he was just south of the 14 on a kelp paddy--- have some nice yellowfin on it-- 1:49pm

Nice Day!

A phone call from a young man--having just returned from a good days fishing trip they 'er out there- waters not really all that bad get 4 out of the harbor and it's 66 degrees-- we didn't even get started to 9 am Gentleman's hours--- it's only a 16ft Boston whaler- no bait tank some jigs we're really under gunned- found some trash cans types ads stringers on the way out--- out towards the 14 but we never got that far-- good sized kelp paddy with a school of yellowtails swimming around it--- tried the flat fall lures -- nothing--- tried it again-- nothing-- my buddy cast one of those colt sniper lures and gets one fish, and another then the flat fall lures worked better they seemed to want the bright colors lures in that sunny sky and clear water visability was beautiful. most of the ones we got were 14 plus- some maybe 17lbs--

come on in just get real close just throw a few baits-- we're all done, there's a lot of fish here- come on in. I appreciate it--- your welcome--- 48/ 39 we left em' boiling--- started with the ponies went ne to bait then anything- !--


Fished the East End lost two of em' --- we're just leaving the 277 - some small little bullet tnnas around-- one bite on the 152 and another on the 277 got it close to the boat, a small fish came off at the boat--

Red Crabs and Elephant Seals reported - -oh there's a shark--- op's looks like were baiting a marlin now- 3:55pm

We're hooked up--- Righteous-- Ryan's on the bow now- hooked up---mackeral--- nope a horse sardine that they were feeding all summer - -- it's almost up now we can see the leader-- (just leaving the 277 area)

-------------------- Thursdays reports -------------

On the troll and on the chove'--- basically west about a mile from where I told you I was going to be at--- not the 5 lbers but the 10- 15 lbers-- tunas--- 10:59am ( I think down around the 181- 209 or below)

Westher nice- a little more marine haze to the air-- seas light west- swell and small chop-

Standard dock and cargo workers on the radio---- a break in the schelch one in a while- couple of boats headed out to the island--- catch some bugs- others saying they haven't seen much--

Did see one swordfish--- baited it -- got baits to it but it didn't go--

we we just saw a tailer too-2:44pm-

Nice grade of Yellowfin--- right out front of Mission Bay-- they're here! 8 off the beach- 3:44pm Just waiting for that afternoon bite-- 44/31

Several Sportfishers headed west today-West of Catalina and the Santa Barbara/ 17 Fathom area-Weather looks great for them-- - - hope they report of good marlin action-- traditionally- and who knows what traditionally is these days-- but in the past - ------ Who knows why these marlin migrate away from these water-- water temps are one factor but bait's a stronger factor-- baits the key if it's here they should stick around - 62 - 63 degrees is about the low end of the scale- Sub surface therocline is the staple condition-- while surface water temps may fluctuate between sunlight, warm Santa Ana weather, high pressure and height of sun off the horizon, cloud cover- low presure- winds-are all factors which get these fish on the move. Traditionally which is only a guess anymore- the marlin would gather together 4- 6- maybe a dozen Sleepers would be seen at a time - uninterested in tossed baits-- Jumpers would be seem in abundance for a day or two-- they they'd be gone till next year-- and that may be Jan 1, 2016 who knows- Good Luck JD

--------------------- Wed's Reports ------------------

Nice again--- like a lake out there--

The phone rings first thing this morning---- Hey JD do marlin hit X-Rap lures-- like that one I caught those two Wahoo on earlier this year-- that blue and white mackerel colored one--- we'll-- I don't see why not, although you don't hear it very often-- no maybe once or twice that I can remember-- those treble hooks might not stick--and you'd probably know- see the marlin jump--why do you ask--- then it was probably Wahooo- bigger that either of those two I got before-- Oh no!--- that's right a Ohno- Wahoo -- we're here a

bout 3- 4 off the Can Dump / Slide East end of Catlina--66 degrees and like a lake, meter some bait here--- ripped that lure out another two hundred yards!--I'd put it into neutral and came down the latter- wife helped clear all the lines-- just put it in reverse for a second to help get back some line on the reel and she came unbuttoned- still got the lure--- man that was a big fish-- I'm still shaking--they're still here--- were tackling around for now in the same area--- 10:12am

Newport Bait receiver is in it's last day of operation for the season- We thank them for all they done this past season- tough to get and hold it in such a demanding season- thanks-- we'll see them back here in the Spring--

Large kelps-- out 3-4 miles off the coastline from Newport this AM-- water a little dirty--

We're done--- try it again tomorrow-- didn't see a thing-- went out of the harbor 2 miles down the coastline to so laguna---- back up to the piers and out couple more miles- didn't see a thing-- there were some commons dow off Salt Creek-- that was all we saw too--- whale watching boats-- coastal water in bays and against th beach cold to 62 degrees out 4 miles it improves to 64 and a slow climb at that-- -

This past summer it's given me and a lot of anglers a chance to really test the products that were available to us- both retailers and anglers alike meet trying conditions-- Monster size fish who were cautious in taking lures or baits-- only the best prevailed--- one of the better rod and reel combinations I was able to work with was this sweet little Shimano combo, not too pricey and strong as a ox. Shimano new Torium 20 HG reel loaded up with 50 lb power-pro slick braid line ---500 yards of it fits the reel nicely and it's silky smooth flow in the water lets even the smallest baits or chunks present themselves in a unhampered behavior like the heaver lines do. Matched it up with one of Shimano's TC4 high modulus Tallus graphite rods that's rated at a unbelievable 50- 100 lb test yet feather light ---- as sweet a little 6'6"rod and reel you'll ever find--- I've brought several of them in for Christmas gifts as they will bring someone a smile to their face and a daydream of fish that wont get away----

Another great combo was the Tallus Spinning rod and the OC 6000 Baitrunner w/ 50lb braid-- easy to cast, easy to catch fish with--

Call JD's 1 800 660-5030 to reserve one today--

------------------- Tuesdays Reports -------------

Morning's coolness and fresh air from yesterdays chilling wind dropped the water temps as expected- San Pedro weather bouy shows it at 64.6, Dana Point at 62.4 , San Clemente Is' at 65.7 and Tanner at 63.7--

Hi JD, Sub Chaser just returned from SBI this past weekend/ 17 area after day and half of fishing. We went 6-3-2 before we ran home ahead of the wind. Several fish caught there for the number of boats in the area ( 36 over 2 ). B. G.

Can't just sit here-- working on tackle-- when it's such a nice afternoon outside-afternoon's sun glazed off the water- tides about right-- need to talk a walk on the dock out front and make a cast or two-- -- third cast, a small halibut-- quit- that was refreshing--

Vick spent the day fishing off the East end of the island--- 62- 63 here on the beach, 64- 66 at the island 66.+ off the V's and then it drops back a little inside the island-- good meter marks 300 ft depth, maybe squid lots of birds sitting on thewater-- waiting-- but no marlin bites for him today-nice conditions but they weren't up -- nice crossing back tothe coast.


-------------------------- Monday closed----------

The aproaching low pressure system has a steady S/E flow being suckd into it- short chop and mixed seas--and more E- mails--

Hi JD, Mitch & I were out on A Reel Dream fishing only 1 1/2 miles from the cans at the East end when at 8:15 while we were setting up I caught a marlin. Later in the day Mitchcaught a Wahoo right in front of Avalon.

I never thought I would say marlin and wahoo fishing’s still on in mid November. What a year! All my best, Marty

Marty and Mitch if you remember helped start that Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing craze this summer with their 107 and 133 lb tunas -- Start off the Season with Giant Bluefin and end it with Marlin and Wahoo- unbelievable, someone should write a book about it-!- JD

Taking advantage of what Mother Nature give us in the way of wind and weather-- - it switched from a S/E to a West early mid day today- -- letting that wind and swell to now make halibut drifts, bobbing up and down with lively baits this time of year for those bigger halibuts - good luck-

With the approaching winter storm and time running short on the marlin grounds up north half dozen or more boats were there this morning- not bad seas a little swell and the marlin were there to welcome them. Birds dolphins, bait the general area of banks above Santa Barbara Island ( 36 / 02) . Squid was the attraction, good sized ones as they came coughing up baits. Decker calls in from the Good Karma fishing with the boys this morning they ran up there early - got there at 7 am left at 11 am and went 3 for 4 -- -- his rigging skills of ballyhoos came in handy as drops back baits of had him two marlins. by 10:30 the first wave of wind came down on them by 11 it was sloppy - no place for boats to be-

-the Bull Pin was there with four more released fish, Dave Elm was up there early as was the Sub Chaser and several others- a good safe journey to all who were out fishing today--

-------------------Sat's Reports ------------------

-Again a light marine haze w blue behind it-- seas calm- wind light S / S/W-

E-Mail this morning---- Hi JD - I took my son and three of his friends out today (Friday). We found a school of tuna mid-channel that wanted to bite. 67 degree water. All the skipjack that you wanted and then the big tuna came through. We went 3 for 4 on the bigger tuna up to 50 pounds. We watched 70+ pounders eating the chum as well. Great day for November 13th! Thanks for the great reports. Gary on the BIG G.

And the marlin fishing continues-- we just broke one off about a mile behind us-- sorry bout' that-- go get em', 9:32am--

- We're one for one---- same old story-- not a whole lot of signs --- came up on the jigs--- drop back-- right at 7:30 this morning--

Smaller boats up on the Huntington Flats and out to the rigs were after the Yellowtails not that many bigger ones caught there-- some bonitos

Greg R just released one---- this one was a tough one--- stayed on top made a short time of it-- congrats--10:40

we're N/W of the 289--- mix of those skipjacks and yellowfin- 12:51pm

newport's bait barge-- still in operation has a lively supply of sardines and a small mix of smaller squids--

Prospector-- you still there--- we just let one go--- We left there too early-- tight to Church Rock and east was where all the bait was at--- we fished out to Clemente and up to the 499 for nothing--- fished all the way down the back side of the island --never saw a fish-- 4:50pm

Reel Contender out of Ocenside went 3 for 4 ( marlin?)

Like yesterday afternoon/ dusk the Red Crabs came up thick off the East end of the island---

and like yesterday late in the afternoon marlin came up

Good morning JDŠ Another great trip on the Pura Vida with Captain Jean Dupré. A couple on the troll towards the warmer water and then a small paddy loaded with 100¹s of good size Dorados. Who says the off shore season is over with back to back weekends of limits?!?!?! Cheer! Joshua

------------------------ Friday's Reports --------------

Morning brings pale blue skies- light marine haze to the west- wind non existent along the coastline-building s/w - offshore light westerly Bay waters have that emerald colored green to it-- looks good --but for me- 4 cast and no bites- quit-

Half a dozen boats out looking for marlin today and for the next few days--- amazing here it's the middle of November and we're looking for marlin--- the water temps have dropped a bit after those cold windy fronts passed through-- ( another one forecasted Monday) up to 71 degrees in places--

Fellow Anglers, This weekend you're invited to join fellow anglers in Garden Grove, CA the morning of Sunday, November 15th to call for a transition away from drift gillnets and prevent longlines from being introduced off the California coast! Please confirm your attendance by completing the information at this link: Anglers attending will receive a matching t-shirt in order to show our solidarity on these important fishery management issues. Please confirm your attendance with the link above so we'll have enough T-shirts to go around. Thank you, if you've already responded. Momentum on this issue appears to be shifting back to our side, and that couldn’t have happened without support from the recreational angling community. The upcoming Pacific Fishery Management Council meeting presents a huge opportunity to make our voice heard. We need anglers to show up in force for this meeting. Feel free to share this email to friends as numbers do matter. Date: Sunday, November 15, 2015 Time: 7:30 a.m. Location: Hyatt Regency Orange County, 11999 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92840 CLICK HERE TO CONFIRM YOUR ATTENDANCE I look forward to seeing you there. Best regards, Bob Kurz IGFA Representative - Southern California

The International powerboat rally formerly known as FUBAR (Fleet Underway to Baja Rally) officially changed its name last week to CUBAR, an acronym for Cruise Underway to Baja Rally. November 11-23, 2015

And before you know it it'll be Christmas--- with all the pressure on the tackle industry this past year, many manufactures were challenged it get products out-- still playing catch-up - If you intertwining a Christmas gift of a custom made rod and reel for someone -- it's time to start thinking about it-- production time close to a 3 to 4 week time now-- give us a call- JD- 1 800 660 5030-

We're headed towards south island to meet you-- maybe we can meet you there and use those bolt cutters to get that marlin hook out of his ear-- he was going down the side of the boat following his fish when he got the marlin hook in his ear-- were 3 outside the 425-- the three are all over 40- 45 lbs- ones a chunky fish--- the wahoo swarmed all over the place -- I threw a bomb-- got bit right next to the boat-- about 55 my buddy says---11:40am

we released one about 10 minutes ago ( Hooked) by the 175 -- and it sounded like Beak had a bite too- ( Catalina- north waters) 11:50

Gadzuks may have also release one early this morning-

The rod never even took a bend-- brought in the line and the line was cut off--what'd that one come in on-- that mackerel color

Jimmy-- get in here---get here--- 12:04 got a triple--- yellowtails-- on the irons--

A dog on the jig--- ! ah--- it got off--- got the bird back- not sure about the jig-yet--

Beak had another bite- followed the teaser up to the trasom-- thanks-- 17 fathom area-- lower side of it--

Andy/Bounder released one-- La -La on the drop back-- a mean fish but we got em'- didn't like the boat-- that must be about a 100 fish so far---- no -- only 92 so far--- that's amazing-- 92 marlin released this year--Congrats--- 1:15pm

maybe 3 or 4 fish ( marlin) for the fleet so far today and double that on the bites--- 2:45

Mike--- we just had a batch of sleepers--- at 34 and 39 3:29pm

Bongos day count 5 anglers -5 yt, 20 cb, 6 sh, 22 wf, 1 bonito, 19 rock fish 3/4 day San Clements Island-

and Bounder just releases his 94 th fish for the year !!!!! 4:24pm-- 38/10 -- it's a toss up about even-- pulling old 7-Stand beepers in the MJG and the Petrolero colored lure

and the 95th one at Dusk! - that magic 100th fish for the year is the goal!

and Beaks' wife Diana releases one to-- the Pesky's are happy anglers !

---------------------- Thursday's Reports --------------------

Cool evening and warming sun- wind light to fair from the southwest 5-7 knts- slight wind ripples on the water-- bay waters a little greener this morning - strong tide exchange has some sediment in it's flow-- more smelt and smallfry baits in it-

E-Mail this morning from the Pitcairn Islands--My best tuna of the trip at 80-90 pounds came to gaff in one piece and the 20 pound head came up as a gigantic shark got the body clean right as we gaffed it. Couldn't even feel a tug it was so sharp a bite! . Fishing is over as we head to Easter Island. In 2 hours today we got 5 tunaand a big queen fish.

Henderson Island catch-- today's tunas from 10-70 pounds. Shark was over 300 and caught on a 30 poundtravel rod after 90 minutes. All in 2 1/2 hours. Totally unspoiled here and wide open at every island. Paul

E-Mail-- Hey-JD - Ty and Fisher Veal enjoying catching dinner on Veterans Day - they have given up on trolling all day for wahoo!

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 12 November 2015 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: El Niño will likely peak during the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, with a transition to ENSO-neutral anticipated during the late spring or early summer 2016. A strong El Niño continued during October as indicated by well above-average sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean . Most Niño indices increased during the month, although the far eastern Niño-1+2 index decreased.. The subsurface temperature anomalies also increased in the central and eastern Pacific, in association with another downwelling equatorial oceanic Kelvin wave . Low-level westerly wind anomalies and upper-level easterly wind anomalies continued over the western to east-central tropical Pacific. Also, the traditional and equatorial Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) values remained negative. These atmospheric and oceanic anomalies reflect a strong and mature El Niño episode. Most models indicate that a strong El Niño will continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, followed by weakening and a transition to ENSO-neutral during the late spring or early summer.The forecaster consensus remains nearly unchanged, with the expectation that this El Niño could rank among the top three strongest episodes going back to 1950.

Get you fishing in this weekend looks to blow up later Sunday and into Monday of next week-

Talked to a couple of guys doing a radio check--- ch 72-- they were e below San Clemente Island 12- 15 and looking for some anchorage this afternoon / evening-- a little bumpy with some caps--- sorry San Clemente Island Security web site shows the island is Hot till almost midnight for most of the island - not much is the way of fish for them either ---- trolling and and a stop on a kelp for a couple small short bites that didn't stick- small fish-- there's a window open tomorrow from 3 am to 12:30 noon then it's hot till 5:30 pm and goes hot again on Sat morning 7am for mos tof the day and sunday too should be some yellofins and tails around water look 68- 70 degrees

and the seals still a pester when trying to make mackerel here on the beach--

where you at-- at the East end-outside Church--- haven't had much luck here today-- haven't really seen much here so far- don't know if we'll spend much more time here-- might go into the island to fish it-- we haven't seen much life at either. We stated this afternoon at the 152 --up the backside --marked a little of that tuna-- drug some stuff for it-- but nothing- like I said not much here for us-- - 3:52pm


Veterans Day-- thank you for your ongoing support- JD

The morning brings a sunny day, clear and crisp- seas still have a mixed swell to them and a slight wind-- water clarity a little greener and colder-- 61 to 63 degrees--fish have their winter coats on-- -it'll be a couple of days before it starts to warm up--

A check with the San Clemente Island security-- shows the island " hot/active" for the upcoming weekend--

One for two--- we spent the night at Whites- -a- little wind --- tough to make bait in newport-- --came over here and finally made it 1:30 this morning-- went around the back side of the island--- beautiful slick calm--- not much on the surface-- had a fish come up in the jigs right at the mornings 8:00 tide-- it came unbuttoned and had an indian attack fifteen minutes later-- which we released one of---Rodney--

----------------------------- Tuesday's Report ----------------

Water temps throughout the area have dropped- 68/69 or less-

One of our good customes enjoys the oportunity to fish different spots around the world--- E-Mail thins morning--- Fishing in the Pitcairn Islands---8 tuna in 40 minutes and called it a day. Dogtooth tuna at 80 pounds and yellowfin at 50. Paul--

Mail on a marlin release this past weekend--JD Our fish came up exhausted and needed reviving. We swam it for about fifteen minutes using a snooter shown in the picture. Sally K, Royal Slam

E-Mail report -- Short Bill Spearfish on the Pura Vida this past weekend-- Good afternoon JD, We had a great time on the Pura Vida this weekend with Captain Jean. Got my first short bill spearfish, amazing eats! -Josh

Beautiful photo! JD-----Its very neat for sure! We also lost a big marlin that came unbuttoned right after this catch.

She's stiff out of the west 20+ knts-- Full rain checks and whale checks for the boats out today-- the next upcoming weekend's weather looks much better--

Water temps from a week ago and that of yesterday temps ranging from 64 up to 74 degrees- quite a marked difference, showing the core of the warm water-

coastal water still holding their own----- 65 degrees---

----------------------------- The Weekends Reports ------- Wind came up monday------

Reports of Wahoo still around- East end of Catalina and further south off SD waters - outside and below the border ( 371 area) yellowfins tunas 12- 20lb on the partyboats and small yellowtails taken-

E-Mail this morning---Hi , big fan of the report. Lost a marlin today next to the Endurance,( East end of Catalina) snapped through our 200lb leader. Adam T ( photo of marauder's hook in anglers face-- not shown- JD ) -

Couple of Orca Killers whales milling around between NP and Dana-

A scratchy report-- but sounded like Bob K had an indian attack on all trolling jigs, and the dropback also got bit--- dumped them all! --- Can Dump inside the lee of Catalina 1:18pm,

Hey JD you on this side--- Provider--- just got a wahooo --- maybe 45 lbs--Jigs in the water 5 minutes--- couple of birds a little kelp paddy and put em' in and whammo-- Wahoo --- 1:38pm -- on one of those Ilander flashy lures!

And Yellowfin tuna still in the neighborhood ---

He's been after one all summer long-- the bite up north just a little to far away for his 28 uniflite-- off the East end this afternoon he got hooked up-- angler, captain and leader man-- all himself-- Vick / Sleeper hooked up 1:48pm ---- released 2:53 pm tagged and released- off the Can Dump a 3/4 mile-- congrats--JD- mackeral clone!!

Grand Slam releases one too- angler Tim Humphries's first Marlin-- 1/4 off from where Vick got his hooked up-- 3:04pm--

Bongos 3 calls in with thier fish report for a 3/4 day trip---Sna Clemente Island--5 anglers 21 yellowfinned tuna, 17 skipjacked tunas-- 4 yellowtails and 22 whitefish 3/4 day trip

---------------------------- Sat's Reports --------------

He say's "we're marking---- we're marking--- tuna fish under the boat---9:30am- blue skies this morning a little more marine haze, seas calm and no or light S/W wind-- looks like there's a fair number of boats out--- chasing whatever is out there--

We just released one--- same place as before---- it slapped at every jig, but we got him on the dropback,- just off the east end-- lots of life here-- looks good-- Tim M. Endurance- 9:45am

Hey--- JD--- we just released another one-- this time on the jigs-- East end of Catalina or maybe a bit to the backside- Endurance -- congrats-- JD 10:35am

Newport's bait receive had 4 inch anchovies and a mix or smaller mackerels,, Dana Point had beautiful sardines-- Waters cleared- almost too clear as these cold winter nights start to chill off the surface water ( cold water drops) and taking with it sediment- thus making for clear water-- below Dana it's a little more silty and the bass fishing in the remaining kelps good-- yellowtails also there-- and starting to gathere up in the mud flats--- stand by--

Hey Gary-- we're that little boat next to you--- broke one off-- 11:30 busted the 200 lb leader!

there's a paddy here---- must be 40-50 of those small yellowtail- 11:50am

beautiful day on the water---

Good news--- the upright cement pillar that held the hoist for weighting big fish at the Balboa Angling Club has been reinstalled and almost ready for use-- some electrical connections need to be made and she'll be ready to weigh fish again.. Amazing, the club weighed a dozen marlins and tunas this season, the last 500 lb+ fish one broke it!

We struggled for the day-- got two--- they're moving fast--- starting to show now--- a little bitt going off now--- that was cool -- had the binoculars on Willy--- saw their ourigger go wham-oo -- saw em' get the drop-back in the water-- I told Andy-- I think they getting bit-------op's we're bit too---- got to go--- 3:29pm ( I think up north?)

Davey's Locker-- Bongos 2 calling--- 5 angler 22 rockfish, 15 salmon grouper ,13 red snappers, 2 ling cods and 10 bonito and 3 yellowails

17 fathom spot--- they we're biting---- Pacific Pioneer said he was 5 for nine-- no 6 for 9--the last fish of the season-- it's never gonna quit-- - Randy says there were bit again-- ooops again we're bit--( I think 11 for three days) and another boat was also hooked up 4:33pm

the marlin boats we're fighing fish into the sunset ! beautiful weather--- for now--- by Monday afternoon i'ts forecasted to blow up to 30 knts!

----------- Fridays Reports --------------------

Bright and shinny morning- clear skies and only a light marines haze in the distance-- waters got a slight wrinkle to it- seas fine- no wind to speak of- lots of kelps 4-5 off the beach Newport south towards Dana- empty so far--- Seals and lack of mackerel making it tough to find them this morning off Newport - kelp beds held more seals and up to the piers for only a few-- smaller ones-

Radio check ch 65--- your loud and clear-- ! 10:20am

Baja Bound report--Cadazor--- - JD, Good trip down, we hit the dorado at the ranger bank and had both dorado and wahoo at San Benitos trolling around the islands about a mile due west. Wahoo between the thirteen and the pistol Two for four on the Marlin between the 23's and the Pistol and the Thetis. Dorado right out of Santa Maria. Will update you soon as we head south. Mark

Coastal waters - still holding some nice sized Yellowtails-- and there are the skipjacks roaming around above NB- HB on the flats--

Wind sprung up from the west--- starting to chase those on the water off- 12:23 pm

behind me--- a bu ch of paddie---s seeing a lot of flying fish now-- water temps jumped up to 71 degrees--- 2:14pm *-+

they said they were still catching yellowtails and tunas--- half hour later--- congratulating someone on their wahoo--- scratchy report--2:45

weather backed off this afternoon, nice sea

Hope to see some marlin catches this weekend-- stand by- JD

------------------------------ Thursdays Reports ------------------

Light coastal haze and high Altostratus clouds overhead-- wind calm- S/W 2- 5kts +with a slight wrinkle on the water- San Pedro Weather Buoy has the Water Temperature : 68.4 °F, and the San Clements Buoy has it remaining at 68.5 °F degrees

Several private sportfishers-- about to take advantage of the little window of weather to make the run south or-- start back on their homeward bound trip to the States

Making bait- mackerel at the harbor entrance this morning-- hard to get a bait out of the water before the sea lions got to them-- ' customer came back to the dock this morning after being the re since before dark- 2 hours was only able to land one bait-seals got the rest-

------------------------------ Wed's Reports --------------------

Blustery-- clear air and a bit choppy from the west today--I'd suspect the water temps to have dropped over the past few day's, one report last week in the deep 400- 600 fathom depth of water behind the island, Catalina- had the thermocline as deep as 100 ft ) which would hold back much of that surface disturbed cold water from rolling over-- the Flats off Huntington and below Dana probably chilled off more in the upwellings- - in the positive note- all in all it will concentrate the best waters over the next week-and the bait and the fishing Time will tell- - good luck this next weekend- JD

Wind for most of the day-- whale watchers tried to make several runs but returned asking for whale checks- not seeing much except the hopes of seeing a sea lion on the harbor entrance buoys and a bunch of sheep- --

------------------------ Tuesday's Reports ------------------ -

E-Mail report this morning-- Hey JD, hope all is well, caught this Nov 2nd 12:30 pm 6 miles off the beach in front of Fashion Island on the Dolores, solo mission,wind came up right after, Terry S. -- Congrats--- JD-- -----

I gave it a shot myself yesterday early AM but a little to bummy for my little boat-- found a line of kelps about 3-4 off Abalone worked it down and back for about a mile - then came into the beach and chased the calicos and small yellowtails for a while before heading back to the harbor--JD - nice just to get back on the water again-

And another E-Mail--- Good morning JD! We had a great day of fishing yesterday ( Sunday) in the 302 area on the 1 year anniversary of the Pura Vida with my beautiful pride, Leah! It was all you could catch Dorado with a few in the 40+ lb. class lost. Chad got his first Stripper! And of course it was nice to restock the freezer! Tight Lines, Captain Jean

Hi John --- Crazy Nov 1st- 6 marlin in two days up west. Heading in harbor now ( Sunday evening) Joe- Sporty Game

Sportfishers headed to Mexico braved the weather yesterday -E-Mail from Turtle Bay-- the Jeta-- - Hey JD. All good. Made it to turtle today. Heading down to the 23 and Thetis today. Got a head of the weather. Rough last night at north end cedros. FYI. Fuel in turtle was 4.78 gallon if anyone asks. Brent R

Not many boats out today-- weather's a bit rough - beautiful but a bit choppy out there today-- Coastal water yesterday (Newport) current was up-hill strong-- same thing this morning dispite the strong downhill wind-

Afternoon here at the shop- -- not bad!

later afternoon report from turtle bay-

- Fishing out of turtle super slow and bad. Heading down to Thetis tonight

Nice sunset-

-------------------- The Weekends Reports- the end of Oct--------------

Wasn't sure if it was a wahoo or not-- hit a marlin lure---- spooled us-- never saw a jump!--- 9:22am 32:15 // 117:35

Late afternoon eport from the PP reporting there were Wahoo and marlin off the back side of the island -- farnswarth bk- 100 fat curve- looks good.

Hi JD: we got this on a marauder 2 miles below the high spot on the 43 at 8am. Mike L originally pulled on it, then we think it shook the hook. About a minute later it was back on.... Maybe picked up the lure as it was sinking out? An expert head gaff by Brian W and it was on the boat!

Huck Finn

Just picked up a big Wahoo -- on the west side of the 390 9:50am

Bait making here in Newport a challenge between big old male Sea lions and getting the bait to the boat- Small thresher sharks around too!

Dorado south of the 371 -- says it's wide open--

Green/ yellow plunger- jig fish-- -

up--- down-- - a tailers or two seen near the east end- I think-- a spot of feeders up quickly down- 1:30pm

Wahoo along a strong temp break , newport- a 46lb fish at 5 out of NB 12 knts Franks says , I've got to figure out a better way to gaff and hold the fish at the same time- solo- congrats- JD

3 fish up in the jigs, someone was fighting one - it was all in a half/ hour showing- then it was over-- - backside of the island up to the "V",

Legacy - a short billed spearfish released!-- 5 1/2 ft long-- 3:40

Chammle islands starting to slow downs-- it was dry for us--worked out way down to the 17-- SBI fpr the night

The captain of the of the Bull Pen calls in late Sunday afternoon report--they had made the run up to the Channel islands for the weekend--it's starting to dry up- u

p there waters turned a bit greener 66 -65 degrees saw a jumper but couldn't buy a bite- saw a couple other boats up there working and one other fish on the line-- worked down to the 17 where we had the best fishing-- two anglers for their first marlin catches Congrats-- -- -- thanks Seth -JD

Dave on the Sleeper fisher the East end too-- had a feeder pop up and saw good sigh sof life there--

Backside squid and a strong thermocline at 100 feet-- squid shed up in the lights at Long point too- maybe that stuff up there is working it's way south-- stand by for another wave of fish!-

right at sunset--- saw all that incredible amount of bait that came up--

------------------------------------ Sat's Reports ---------------------

Pale Blue again pleasant welcoming seas- East end looks good but no bites oil rigs had dozens of boat not may hook up that I heard- yellowtail also sought after- slow so far on them, hopes for a tide change at noon- water cooled of and turned green- as well as the A-Bank

Marlin fishing reported to continue to be good up the line inside the Channel islands

One wahoo was said to have been caught on the 14 this morning-- water temps dropped to 72 degree--- imagine saying that- last day of October 2015 and referring to the water temps coming down to 72 degrees- unimaginable-

Sad news to report this morning- the iconic tub boat William B was struck with calamity last night- 3 pm she took fire and settled to the harbor's bottom Fire department, hazard teams, divers, salvage crews- the works were there- more details as they become available-- hope she can be raised again she's such a benefit to the harbors seafaring community-

Fire at the Newport Beach Harbor Saturday demolished a 76-foot wooden tugboat that was built in 1942. Firefighters dispatched at 2:33 a.m. to the harbor had the fire out on board the “William B” at approximately 7:45 a.m., said Lt. Jeff Hallock of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The tugboat was moored near the Newport Harbor Yacht Club. No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire was unknown

Wahoo on a Marlin lure- with black and yellow skirts-- I was lucky-- hooked in side of its face--- came out like a rocket-- I'm right here next to that big ship outside Oceanside--- what a freaking season!! 11:33am

Small yellowtail and small dorado under paddies south of the 43 - 72- aproaching 73

sealife- birds, baits, saw a bunch of feeders when we first got here--- right on top of it--looked like that stuff we saw up off the Channel Islands- 12:09pm

hows it going----- we're-covered up-- we just hung the second one on bait--- nice going--- 1:01pm -- I think off the East end?JD--

we just got bit next to you-- in the background -- it's got it!-- 1:02pm

10 out of the powerplant- Oceanside74 degrees since am dark-- looks good but nothing-- 72 at the US/Mex border- lots of kelps looks good but we didn't get anything there--

43 got good meter marks lots of sign but only small dorado so far-- real nice out here

the day wore on- hot- and calm conditions for fishing too- East end was said to be slow-- rigs the same- not sure where that marlin bite was--- they went to low power and went away-

\ Wahoo report 2 south of the 43-- 8 am bite on an old rusty multi colored, dorado"hesitate to even put it out" lure-- Huck Finn-congrats- JD

wahoo and marlin off the back side of the island -- farnswarth bk- 100 fat curve-

-------------------------Happy Wahooooooween ------------

---------------------------------- Fridays Reports ----------------------

Pale blue skies this morning-- wind light from the N/E - seas a bit confused-

Ah aa- nothing like the sound of shish -slosh as the high tide water washes up and down against the seawall out front of the store this morning- - a soothing sound, kinda like a bubbling brook- the joys of working here in the island-- good atmosphere- skies have clean air and the chatter of fishing boats on the airways keeps you busy-

8 minute 30 sec on that sequence dive - it's been at a 10 minutes dive--- came up for 4 breaths the went down--- --- it's staying around those buoys--- 10:35 am

Oh ---- that's why its staying in the same place-- that whales is dragging those buoys-- those buoys came us screaming almost underwater we had to throw it into reverse---

someone got to call someone-- 10:40 am-- OK I'll make some calls

Their using a drone to make a overhead viewing if it and clearly they can see it dragging the buoys--- --- A team of rescue wokers were being formed and the whale watching boat stayed "on grounds" to help 10:50am

Wind up a little-- got some sparkle to the water-

12:19 the news helicopter starts to hover over the whales plight-

Wind's picked up-- - Jan-- he'd started out of the harbor towards the south this morning- still a little rough-- found a better tack up towards the oil rigs offshore --- looking for those whooos------ weather a little better by the time he's gotten there, --- switched around and from the west started to blow again--- spent a reasonable amount of time around them for nothing-- started working back towards Newport along that dropoff--- spotted a bit of kelp--- made the tack around it-- Wahoo-- --- got my Wahooo he claims as he come into the shop this afternoon----- maybe 45- 50lbs nice fish on that Orange/ Black marauder no wire! It's October 30th!

moving 300- 400 yards southwards between breaths -- there he is-- got em' yes- thanks--

- it looks to be accessible from our video--( drone) drug all four buoys down in the past 2 .8 miles maybe--- 5 or 6 times - stay submerged 2- 3 minutes-- Does the entangled line look to accessible, not cut into it? -- No- it looks accessible- the rescue boat working with whale watching boat --- we're lookin for it now -- lost it just when they got here- water's greened up and glary - they say a sailboat got into it's area and we haven't see it since-- 2:44pm

Found it-- affirmative -- down the line quite a bit-- thanks-- 3:02pm--- down hill it traveled- 5- 7 miles to Aliso Canyon, where it wasn't very cooperative with those trying to free it of it's burden 4:20pm -----finally late afternoon hours they were able to get to work with it--

----------------------- Fridays Windy Day reports ------------------------

Weather man says wind on the outside, but here on the beach tis morning nice and calm a ground swell and wind from the west to build later

E-Mail this morning---- Someone asked me "how long were you trolling for?" I told them two seasons. 58 lbs off the rigs yesterday, MJG Marlin lure.The Brazda boys on the Sea B taking the day off school.

Congrats-- JD

wind started to freshen at the noon hour--

Topping 50 knts on the outside waters-- bound to turnover some of this water-- and concentrate it along with thermocline upwelling. we'll see what develops depends on how deep the T/C is and the time to stir it up-- all next week it looks to blow on the outside---

Those brave souls-- who ran down in search of the tuna and dorado below the 209--- they found them as well as a bunch of sheep--- all the way home they pounded-- salt encrusted - glad to make it inside the safety of the jetties--

------------------------- Wed's Reports ----------------------

Hey skipjack--- Make a pass at it- we've had out shot at em-- that's out second wahoo bite-- we got one somewhere around 40 lbs--- where you at skipper with the wahoo-- East side of oil rig Eureka 11:01am

Chris A after spending the morning hours off the Domes--- decided to make a change and ran up towards the 14 where a wahoo had been caught yesterday-- got there at the turn of the tide- made a 1/2 hour's trolling for not much-- one little kelp paddy- oh well I'll make a jog around it---- the Whoo passed up his two brand new Yozuri Marauder Lures-- and hit the trailing Purple and Pink Marlin lure!!! ---61 lbs I'd guess-

Orange County Wahooo-- Bingo ! Chris

couple of days old--- Private boat report- It's not over yet- released a 500 pound blue and striped marlin outside the 277- put a wahoo and dorado on the dinner table near the domes- a couple more missed chances on marlin and wahoo- water was a little off color on day 2 but got another nice dorado near 209- Capt. Jeff -

---- we saw about a 400 lb thresher jump unbelievable--- we've seen four or five thresher sharks jumping----thrashersall around us--- even a small minki whale--- saw about a 300 mako--- watched it thrash around some fresh ones, must be pups just born--- 2:50pm

A late afternoon call from KK- they were down off Asuncion anchored up and had some phone reception--- coming down the line the Ranger Bank 74- 76 degrees good sized Dorado under the kelps, San Benito they circled the island for repeated wahoo bites Yellowtails fish slow for them good calicos and a marlin bite 200 yds east of the island 75- 77 degrees, a marlin bite 10 belos the island towards Turtle Bay with some wahoos under kelps . Fuel at Turtle at $ 4.90 a gal all ok there-- came down today to Accession along the 100 fathom line in and out-- few more wahoo bites 40- 50 lb up to 65lbs- marauder, big lead heads, bombs and iron work well, rummer of marlin on the 13 below them otherwise no Carp so far----

dabait--- dats the thing you put on da hook! --


The day stays quiet for most of the day--- when--" just put one on the boat about a hour and a half ago-- just east of the oil rigs-- dorado colored marauder 2:17pm

He covered the bases--- wahooo fishin'--- Sunday afternoon- ran from Newport to Dana picked up some bait- down to the domes-- onwards to oceanside then the 9 mile bank- out to the 43 and into Pyramid-- back to the 43 and up the line to the 277- and to the 152, had a marlin strike- hooked up-- that took most of the line, hard to wind in all those other 7 lines yourself , you know-- after three or four lines out-- and not much going on for hours and hours-- there's not much life out there you add something else-- a cedar plug down the middle a long ways back -- maybe a marauder in close-- by the time all 8 rod holders were in use - then you get the marlin strike-- might have been a big fish-- drags just kept singing out- somehow had to stop it-- but the 65 lb braid finally popped-- into Whites for the night and back out today towards 152 -- looked good birds bait whales flyers--- nada-- into the 14, saw a guy get a whoo there and then the rigs saw another one caught right next to me-- just wasnt my luck-- few tunas dorado- south 43 area the 152 looks good and 150 had some bait--

--------- Tuesdys Reports --------------

boats still up in the marlin grounds in the lee of the Channel islands-- " got 3 yesterday -- all blind stikes- waters cooled of a bit at 70 1/2 + little wind and sea but still good up here--

coastal waters starting to green up and cool down off the Domes/ San Onofre at 70.2- 70.4 ---up on the 267/279 a litte warner up to 72 .

out towards Clemente 209--- got three nice dodo's under paddy--

we're out here on the 43--- hanging a few yellowfin tunas, it's not wide open but they're here-- 10:55am

wahooo just below the 14--12:22

Private sportfishers headed south--- Warren had a bunch of Wahoos near San Cedros and Pescador was working with marlin catches

good yellowtail catches off San Clemente Island-- in the lee-

Wear your reels out this season? --- drop them off at JD's and freshen them up !

wahoo's on the 371 and the 9 had wahoo that ate a 12 inch huge chuggerhead lure Black and purple 3:12pm

9 1/2 out of the harbor, we 'd been coming back from Clemente and were dumping some of the old bait cleaning it out- saw something out of the corner of my eye-- splash-- circled around-- cranked it up from 7 1/2 to 9kts ---Clemente was decent-- yellowtails, plunked around for some of the tunas, the kelps below the island were holding some nice sized Dorado, oh there were some small ones 6 lb ers but also some 20- 25ers,

took a dart at it--- took a look at it -- it was over it--- hope they're not all like that-- casting to tailers--

What's the afternoon report--- there's a few fish here, tailers that didnt want to bite and some up in the jigs - biting the baits, -- wind came down but we had to leave the area -- right at the worst time-- by the time we got back to the area the show was over, they're not coming up on the jigs now- we're 1 for 3 on the jigs -- andys got 4 or 5 good action for him--- ok Cool- good reception- 4 for 9 and two broken leaders-- - try it again tomorow morning- ok good luck--

bonitos, and black skipjacks were found north of Newport

------------------------ Monday closed-------- went fishing caught a 3'' blue perch!-----

Funky overcast warm weather -wind out of the S/W 2-3 knts just enought to lift a flag-- or not-- seas calm but a little lumpy this morning

Filling moon and tides flowing - stand by- Earthquakes !

Hi JD check this out caught this on DAWG HAUS today on the temp break off domes. Just in time for my sons B-Day party ----woo hoo Wahoo Christian Farley

On Thursday, lots of red crab 3 miles off Oceanside - hundreds of birds sitting and picking - The cod in the Carlsbad canyon were puking red crab. YT at Box canyon had small cod and red crab in their belly. Stu -- thanks-- maybe those smaller Flat Fall lures will do their magic like last year-- thanks JD

5- 16 lb yellowtails definitely it's slowed down in the past hour from that earlier show of fish-- 11:00am tides turned- draining out-

was exciting --- for a minute--- over now--east side of the Bank-- 11:25am

Private sportfishers headed south next week will get a push - more like a shove in the back as the remnants of Hurricane Olaf will come barreling in from the west. Thursday- Friday and Sat with Sunday/ Monday better weather-- boat traveling up hill will find it challenging

Yahooo- I got my first big Yellowtail a young voice chimes in Yahoooo-- 11:37am

Just hooked a wahoo--- just off the southern oil rig-- 12:51pm

Lots of trolling, by lots of boats, for lots of water coverage and -----and flying fish seen- every kelp circled once or twice and only a few fish strikes by the whoos--- by Halloween we'll be calling them boos A marlin sleeper seen and a jumper seen-

what have you caught here today--- that wahoo was over near Avalon-- thanks--

Dave on the Sleeper fishin in the deeper water around the rigs--- landed a 46 lb whoo-- , and Vick fishing aboard Robert Shrills Full Circle baited what they thought being a broadbill- turns out to be a marlin-- no bites --east side of the Avalon Bank- glassy flat conditions today--

277 couple of marlin strikes off the east end of the island-- there was one fish lost yesterday-- broke 50lb tackle!

Morgan comes in the shop- relaying yesterdays events for him leaving out of Dana pre dawn hours- a scoop of mixed baits and off into the dark-- 4-5 off the coast between the domes and Box Canyon-- - looking for the area to fish in the dark they crossed a temp break- the air warmed up a bit- looks like that was the place to put them in-- just laying the Marauder (Orange & Black) hadn't had it in the water more that -- 10 sec-- when the line keeps going out-- questioning the drag setting- nope must be a fish- and a 45Wahoo is caught---too many boats and they work to the outside another couple more miles-- spy an fin- sure enough it's a marlin sleeper--- biggest sardine in the tank get the marlin rig and in she goes-- fish lights up and sinks out--- - a few seconds then the line tightens-- yep a marlin- - had it to the boat in fifteen minutes then a blistering run keeps it at bay for another hour before it was released alive an healthy--- food fish and fun fish-- Congrats-- JD

seems like more marlin are being seen locally these past few day--

sounded like MacKorckell was one for three on the marlin-- this last one just above the 175 ( west end of Cat)

water temps seemed to have cooled off " inside the Ridge" out there it was 74 in here on the 9 its 72- went through a mine field of flyers at 43/31

should be a nice sunset-- tropical

I look over and we're bit --- we got short bit just as you did-- how big's it looks -- oh about 50 lbs-- that was it-- got out here late --saw some good stuff yesterday, pounded it all day then came back here late for a half day --- far and few between--- we'll congrats- you solo--- no got the general here ( dog shepard) -- what'd it hit-- orange and black big Marauder- between - 14 and Dana closer to the 14 in the deep water been pounding the ledges and edges for nothing the past couple of days-- then come over a trench and get bit--- got one on the deck now!-- 4:50pm

---------------- Sat's reports ----------------

E-mail report this morning----- full moon approaching I'd expect the remaining woos to bite better-------- Good morning JD we were blessed with a good day of wahoo fishing off the 43 yesterday. All the wahoo on the iron. Nice big fish

Weather allowing boats the travel up to the marlin grounds-- fishing in the lee of the Channel Islands - water holding at the low 70s and bait still there, -

Boats doing a lot of traveling these days--- anyone willing to give a fish report from the Avalon Bank?--- yea we were just there---- headed towards the East end-- some big kelp paddies but they were dry-- thanks we're here between the East end and the 152 no life here either-- 12 Noon

one wahooo taken down off Torry Pines--- another one off the Domes -- weather remained nice--

Im not going to leave this paddy--- tis a big one maybe 40 x 40 had the reel spooled off in about 20 seconds-- Im going to stay here till I get one --

Jig fish or a bait fish--- sounds like someone had a marlin hook up-- - quiet for most of the day

Bongos 2 afternoon fish count 5 anglers, 10 yellowtails, 3 rockfish, 10 Calico basses 12 bonitos and skipjack tunas

the day ends with a slow wind and calm seas, marine layer starting to settle in- fair fishing for the moon/ sea state that we have-

1. An elongated area of low pressure centered about 1300 miles southwest of the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula continues to produce disorganized cloudiness and thunderstorms. Any development of this system is expected to be slow to occur while the low moves erratically during the next few days. * Formation chance through 48 hours...low...10 percent * Formation chance through 5 days...low...20 percent

-------------- Fridays oct 23 report -------

I heard of one Whoo being caught thimorning down below Dana-- seas calm and flat light wind ripple and water still warm at 72- + degrees - not much life out there-- birds are flying high and scattered looking for something-- few dolphins moves about-- small strands of kelp holding even smaller yellowtail maybe a foot long- at best-- Nope two Whoos so far--- Rigs?

boats traveling- few flyers popping out here--- there-- mid channel.

Moon's filling and a strong tidal flow-

Newport's Bait receiver-- anchovies--

- San Francisco Bay-- stilling trying to finish off the Samoan season this weekend---not possible because of the influx of millions of green backed mackerel! eating everything in site--

Black and Blue tournament in Cabo--- only two fish have qualified (300)lbs so far- todays the last day of the event-

One bit us off ---we got two of the three outside that east platform rig--- they're in the 40's lb range-- Aspiration- Marauder on all three lures --Bonito colored, red and black and black and red---

Wind developing from the west this afternoon 12- 15knts-- + high wispy clouds and marine haze on the water . towards sunset the wind began to back off-- still it's left a coolness to the air-- Watch for fog

--------------------------- Thursdays Reports------------

Two phone calls, in house and a radio and email report--- wahoo's were in search of--- one at 6-7 off the Domes San Onofee in a tin boat looking for the hoos- a little S/E chop to it this morning- 8- 10+ 73.8 degrees no fish so far-- the other off the Rigs since gray- for no wahoos yet-- tides about to turn at noon maybe a bite then--

customer standing at the counters say they were out yesterday--on the 14 - had one bite----that had the reel into the spectra backing in an instant- red and white Jet head---the wire leader bitten through--- lost!

E-mail this morning of an whoo from the San Onofee area yesterday- please excuse the bloody mess- JD

Hey JD! Sent in a pic of a wahoo 5 miles off san onofre a few days back. Got our second whoo today in the same area! The bite is still on! Wahooooo!!

San Onofee - in the 14 ft tin boat- working the shelf along the 4-5- 6- 7 miles range this morning Dozen or more boats all trolling around-- not much happening for anyone-- water 73.6 degrees- worked to the outside 8 miles and water warmed to 74. 08 and looks fishy- --- Wahoo strike on a older 11oz Caromed headed jet head--- big fish comes up shaking his face at the boat spits the hook--

E-mail this morning - reminding us of the safety equipment needed aboard-- JD

I was fishing off Santa Cruz when we stumbled upon this. Everyone was rescued. One bad day of marlin fishing. Tell all the Boyz the importance of having your safety equipment in good shape. It can save your life---- I just wanted to share with you.

A check on Live Ships AIS shows a couple of commercial tuna seiners working the southern half of the Cortez Bank and another couple of boats working southwest of Santa Rosa Island half way towards the San Juan Sea mound-

Weather this coming weekend -- looks good morning hours with a afternoon westerly-

9 dorado and 4 yellowtails-- Bongos 3/4 day boat-- report

----------------------------Wed's 21 Reports -------------- -

Water clarity seems to have greened up a bit--

South of the border-- Cabo San Lucas the Black and Blue Marlin tournamentstarts today for three days of fishing--

Team Count: 122 Angler Count: 939

Two Blues boated and three more being fought as of 12, Noon today-

Local partyboats --- went whale watching today--- not many whales either---

Bongos 3 calls in his daily fish count----Joe - a familiar voice--- We've got 5 anglers and 16 dorado and 17 yellowtails--- Nice---4:29pm

Wahoooo- Toothy Critter caught off the Domes near San Onofre , 9.15 am this morning , black and orange jethead marlin lure 56.9 lbs

Several sportfishers on the market now and such a great year for sportfishing- maybe it's time to step up to a bigger yacht-- give them a call if interested-- JD

1994 Cabo 35 Flybridge, $195,000 LLC Owned, Dependable 3208 CATS, Major refit performed in 2015, Excellent Condition, Tournament winner Call Dan Gorman for details (714) 801-3113 or e-mail to

58 ft Viking-- Call Tom Hover 714 931-5335

Sportfishing boats headed to Baja Mexico for the winter season - making up a calendar list on those heads south- Please send boat name and date of departure- nice to know who's ahead or behind you to help bring down parts on needed supplies-- give JD's a call or E-Mail and I'll post the date


--------------------- Tuesdays Events-----------------

Filling moon phase-- wind light from the south- seas calm- water temps still holding strong- warm-- couple more Wahoos caught- Stan got one this morning near the rigs-- Vick got one yesterday- south-

Hey JD! I finally got a chance to take my sister out to look for some of the local yellowtail. She got this nice 20# fish on a live mac slow trolled deep. She was so happy to finally catch her first yellowtail! We also got 3 BSB in the 75# range. Those things sure can pull! Thanks for Everything -Morgan

Hi JD, Just returned from Santa Cruz after 4 days aboard the Sub Chaser. All 5 of us caught a Marlin including Gus ( his qualifier ) and Matt Campbell's 15 minute fish on 20#. B. G.

Baja Mexico's Los Cabo's Offshore tournament this past weekend only had the one qualifier this past weekend-- a 399lb Black Marlin caught by theTranquilo 95 teams, to date 116 temas have signed up for the Back and Blue--

Nice day out there today--- Couple of smaller Yellowfins on the 14 and early morning of the 14 a pair of jumpers seen- and a marlin and whoo down off San Onofre area reported

Bongos callls in with their 3/4 day offshore report-- 6 anglers--- 12 Yellowtails, 8 dorado and 6 Yellowfined tunas--- 4:34pm

------------- The Weekends Reports -------------------

Wind soft from the south- broken cloud cover with a bit of drizzle, seas fair-

A couple of whoos were caught between the 150 area outside Long Beach's drop off and the towards the 14 Mile bank and shipping lanes- other than that a dozen boats or more spent there morning circling around the rigs-- I didn't hear of any whoos were caught there- 14 was quiet too-

With the AM radio fish talk show this morning-- sounded like there were packs of wolfy toothed wahoos wandering our way here in the middle of October, bizarre was a good choice of words

we hooked two wahoos---- about three out of Avalon---- but lost em-----11:12am

On one of the Web sites you can track the oceans currents-- developing over the past several weeks and now even more apparent is the force from the south . especially strongest a outside of Cedros Island where its direction is from the south at 175 degrees at 1.0 km/h t flows northwards. A closer inspection shows a counter-clockwise gyre inside Guadalupe Island adding to the push from the south- - it'll be interesting to see what concentrations of sealife develop as these warm water current from the south merge against the approaching southern bound California Current on the outside this Fall /winter - Maybe even Albacore this January and February?? whos knows it a bizarre year-

Global images showing the Sea Surface Anomalies, major changes are the yellow colors and white the strongest ( against the Baja coastline to So Calif)

--------------------- Sats Reports ---------------------

Hi JD, Thanks for the ballyhoo yesterday they look good in the spread but this morning they wanted the blk/org maurader!!!! 6:50 am Domes on Pura Vida II....still fishing

E-Mail this morning- Thanks for all the reports! Local wahoo going 55lbs less than 5 miles off San Onofre. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Boat with the marin just west of the 14 -- what color did it hit- 10:15am

Sailboat ragatta's have the radio active--

Most of the day it fell short of expectations -- at least not much said on the radios- - that cooling effect from the west wind seemed to have dampened spirits and fish - probably will have dropped the surface water temp a bit-- maybe roll it over or concentrate things---- a few more reports of White Sea Bass in the kelp beds and a shot at the yellowtails inside the rigs above Huntington. better luck tomorrow- JD

------------------ Fridays 16th report ---------------------

Best laved plans of mice and fishermen- gray light at 6:30- this morning-- fair wind from the west has a bit of sprinkle and gray cloudy skies-- just enough wind to say , nope don't go out to the west in your flat bottomed boat-- there's another day-

A fleet of boats headed out the harbor early-- most were hoping for some live bait--- bait boat still making a set before dawn- anchovies off Newport/ HB pipeline 20 fathoms /HB pier 19 F-

Yesterday's good tuna fishing came from the 209 area and to the outside towards Clemente, kelps and meter marks- 12- 45lb yellowfined tunas-

Mexico's- Los Cabo's 2 day standings still has the Reel Energy in first with a 2d fish qualifying-- El Suertudo Bruce McDonald Blue Marlin 0 h 30 m 19 s at 312lbs just making the cutoff-- the long battle on La Brisa fish in a 5 hr, 16 m battle turns out as a Big Yellowfin tuna

A warning from someone- saying "you cant stop next to the oil rigs--- you had to keep moving"? ----boats have been trolling for the wahooos by doing figure 8's around the rigs--

A check San Clemente Island Security with shows it the Cove " to be open today Friday- Sat and Sunday---

so far the radio's been quiet for many fish reports -several boats around the 14 other's making the tack to the south and 209 areas - and the Indianans were circling the wagons ( rigs) 8:10 am

he'w waxing the wahoos down there----- he's allready got three so far ---- off Oceanside

We turned around last night-- we had another 60 miles to go-- just didnt feel it-- back here inside the channel by the rigs--

tons of life here--- off the rigs --- looks like it did up there-- 9:45

The special Kelp was hard to find today-

Wahoooo on the 267 10am--

Don't know what it was-------- came around a kelp and it spooled me!--10:51am

JD--- It- ate the bonito X-rap-- Tom B calls in--I got those two X-Raps from you last night-- -- Did everything right--- But- I don't think that rear end hook got in well enough--- did everything I could think of to wahoo fish--- kept the boat in gear- --kept the line tight-- etc----- it just came loose at the boat -- I think I was the only boat up here that had a bite--- there were a 1/2 dozen or more boats there there sure was a ton of bait up on the 150 area---might be e marlin in there--- one boat says he saw a couple of tailers there--

Long time advertiser and good guy and wife, Robert Sherrill, of Sherrill Re-Power out of Avalon/ boat Full Circle suffered a medical set back earlier this week, scheduled to head south in a couple of weeks. We wish Robert a speedy recovery-- which brings up the point of overstressing one's self to make a targeted set date for departing to Mexico-- too many skippers and owners over the years get wound up too tight and have these medical set backs- - remember - the fish will only be bigger the longer you wait-they dont go on diets- and don't forget the 81 aspirin ! JD

Blue marlin caught outside San Diego and a wahooooo this morning--

never seen so many flying fish--- stand by!

and they say Billy lost one to a Cader plug today--- as well as a good customer cames in-- looking fro more wire and sleeves-- his cedar plug eaten off the line yesterday!

Wind built up from the west in the afternoon hours - very quiet on the radio - earlier a stripee lost inside the 267 and another wahooo bite there-

boat that was fighting that marlin for the past three hours--- you still on------- ---- ---- you say it spit the hook? --- guess they were still fighting it-- off San Clemente-- 4:50pm

long day--

-------------------- Thursdays reports - ------------

------Gray Tropical humid wahoo weather-- wind light w/ a slight wrinkle from the west , seas look good-

Hi JD, This is Howard from Conquest. Left the harbor today at 1:30 pm to look for wahoo up by the oil rigs, had one bite in 1.5 hours and trolled home. Caught these 3 and 5 miles from the harbor. -- Doesn't get much better than that-- Congrats-- JD

Just in Rapala X-RAP #30 call for yours today-- 1 800 660 5030- say the secert password--

Wahooooooo and get -- free wire rigging!--JD

Bongos 2 calls in with a 1/2 day score two anglers---- one Wahooooooo 11:12am

James S. calls in while fishing with friends on a new Grady White, fishing tight to the Slide/ East end of Catalina--- Wahooooo- X-Rap--#30 Bonito color does the trick-- rigged w/ wire-- est 75lbs big fish--We've got him resting in the back of the boat now- with a couple bags of ice on him-- Congrats-- JD 12:24pm

Center counsel fishing the 14-- looks like you guys are hooked up---- -- need any help--- we'll congratulations! 12:28pm---

Ke Kai Loa -- Joh come in the shop this afternoon --pointing to the color X-Raps that was on the table being rigged with wire--- they had caught their two wahooos on today---- the Blue Mackerel and the Bonito color-- yep those are the ones---we lost two yesterdays trolling between the two oil rigs--- ( the working crew on top cheering them on) they the lost two lures due to bite offs on the 125lb wire-- just the line was left floating in the wind behind the boat--- we'll I guess we had a bite! back at it again today--- for the two Wahooooos at the rigs---

And Bill M. calls in with another Wahoooo story, this time the J-9 takes a turn around a stragling piece of kelp, 267/279 fathom spot outside Dana -

Day 1 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Our local boys, Capt Horace Barge and crew Jimmy Decker on the REEL ENERGY brought the only qualifier to the scales yesterday. Owner Brian Walley landed a 419 lb black marlin on the Jamie Bank. The black smashed a Hi 5 Shaker in bleeding mackeral on a Penn International 130 and Berkley Pro Spec 130 lb line. . They also boated a 130 lb yellowfin that ate a Black Bart 1656 Angled in flying fish color. There are decent catches of small striped marlin and a few sailfish. Big schools of football tuna and pods of 100-160 lb yellowfin on the Jamie Bank. Water is 85 on Pacific side and 89-90 on Cape side. 37 boats: 35 striped marlin released, 6 sails, 3 tuna 100-160 lbs, and 2 wahoo. Good weather today.

Fish Information Species Black Marlin Scientific Makaira Indica Angler Brian Walley Team Reel Energy Catch Time Wednesday, October 14, 2015 2:36:29 PM HookUp Time Wednesday, October 14, 2015 2:16:32 PM Fight 19 mins 57 sec Points 419

31 anglers and 130 fish up to 45 lbs!!! -- and some skipjacks to go with it-- we're still cutting-- Local party boats doing well on the yellowfin--- ! Where?--

----------- Tuesday's Reports --------------------- -

A dozen or more boats out this morning--with wahoo wishes welcomed-

And the Great Marin Race continues--- Attached is the Tagging Report for the second tag (15P0244) sponsored by the Tuna Club Foundation. The tag was originally to be deployed by Pescador, but subsequently assigned to Pacific Pioneer.

. At this point, 7 tags have been successfully deployed with just two remaining. Best regards, Bob Kurz IGFA Representative - Southern California HIBT Great Marlin Race Event Coordinator MABT-IGMR Event Coordinator

With the warm water found along the Baja peninsula making bait in some of the bays headed south may be a little difficult-- might want to bring some frozen baits along for the trip--

Wahoooooo -- Hoo on the Black and Blue-- 7 tries-- one bite--- one wahoo--- finally-- 11:50am-- it's a nice one -- maybe 50- 60lbs --- saw a boil, swirl out of the corner of my eye,, did a couple of circles and whamooo- o--

18/ over 40 inside the shortbank ( 267/ 279) just saw that whoo get boated-- 12:09pm

Boats were working the wahoos within a few miles of the offshore oil rigs--

should be a great sunset this evening

Another 60lb Wahoo comes over the rail-- caught on a Tony Tiger XL- Marauder-- 2:15pm

WAHOOO- 267-- saw it jump about 4 times--- 4:08pm

Live Ships AIS commercial seiners on the Osborn and up above outside Santa Rosa Flats--

Tournament Fishing--- in Cabo- the Los Cabos starts today--- results of the fish day-- - they say lots of rats' 200- 250 lb range- might be some bigger blacks around--

---------------------------- Tuesdays reports ------------

Hello JD , this is Seth from the Bull Pen. we RELEASED another blue marlin on Sunday. Making that 2 blue marlin for the weekend. estimated both at 350-400 range. along with some great striped marlin fishing too, getting 3 releases on those also. excellent fishing, attached are photos from the trip. Enjoy.

Hey JD, We took ( our lucky charm) Billy Seiler out again on Sunday for the search of wahoo and caught twice as many and lost twice as many as 51 weeks ago! Had a great day not too far from home (14-ish). Augie from Basin Marine and my buddy Braden both catching not only their first local wahoo but first wahoo! Billy, on the deck and gaff, worked his magic again! 45 and 38 pounders! On an orange & black marauder and x-wrap. Lost a great one on an iron! Not boat shy. So cool to see. We have set the calendar for next year. But also for next week; just incase the neighbors get hungry...Best, Derek New

--JD-- Santa Cruz-- we need more flags!---

Motivator - fiighting marlin in calm waters! --

They said there were done fighting fish--- wahoos' then another one was caught --- four for the day-Sprae-it -- unbelievable - Gary and friends headed out of Newport -- to catch wahoos - 7 outside the fist one was caught--- congrats from the crowd--X-Rap Rapala-- - the days goes on and they're reported to have had a triple on Wahoo's while fishing off the Domes- below Dana 6- 7 miles off the beach--- 2 on the X-Raps and one on a marlin lure--- it went away--- but the other two stuck--- nice fish both of them-- beast--- Gary on the radio explaining the catch-- more congrats from the crowd--- your not done yet go get another one someone says your hot-- we're done---- we're done fighting fish--- a short while later we've got another one!--- that's four for the day--- enough-- Weighs in at 71, 62 ,55 ,53 lbs

Bill on the J-9 calls in on the phone--- we'll we're out here-- beautiful day out here on the 14---- working the southern side of it's shelf------- -- a pause-- got a nice wahoo on board---- we're done-- well not really but we're done--- she's a beauty---- pushing 70 lbs I'll be guessing--- we'll be in after a while--- --- the cool looking Cabo pulls up to the dock out front--- bright orange Wahoo flags in the breeze-- Had to put that X-Rap 30 on the strongest I was using-- they pull so hard -- we're bit- he's wife says as she takes control of the wheel and he gets down to the rod with the coolness any couple can muster--get me a belt! it's doubled over and down and into the spectra in seconds- then another blistering run -- getting it to the boat and onboard was managed-- scale bottomed out at 80lbs--- that's a big whooo X-Rap Mackerel ( Blue) w/ 130 lb Fluoro Carbon leader--

Joe K calls in from the Sporty ( Little) Game---- how big can the BAC weigh a fish---- he asks--- meaning using the smaller platform scale- he's got a wahoo bigger than he's able to get into the killbag let let alone hard to get on board--- Wahoooo---CD-18 old chrome billed greenback mackerel, tuned to run straight w wire.

Howdy J.D. , great trip to Santa Cruz this weekend for the Pioneer and the fleet , jig bites , feeders , slow trolling and drifting for the fleet with everyone getting plenty of fish , weather was epic , lots of life , whales , krill , bait balls, orca’s , seals etc . We were able to deploy a satellite tag on a marlin too …..thanks for the great reports…JB

And Mikael F / VIntage just calls in with a Wahoo from the 14 caught on a rubber drado lure!-- released alive and well-- found a litttle jag of bait S/East side of the bank-

- Thunderbird had a double on the whooooos as he was traveling over the 14 this morning--

Started boxing the 14' around 7:00 and stopped on some paddies for nada. Headed towards the east end of Catalina and at 8:30 the 12T started screaming!!! 15 minutes later and a gaff shot to the head, this beast was laying on the deck! Hit the orange and black marauder at 7.5 kts in 74.5 degree water.


Monday Gone fishin' JD - no wahoo or blue marlin- just caught some sun-

---------------- The Weeks Reports crazy as it was-- your either a hero or a zero--

Couple more Wahoo this morning and some Yellowfined tuna in the mix as well as a marlin spottedlocally- and more whales and bait seems to been seen--- seas calm- wind light , light marine haze--

and an estimated 200+ blue marlin was released outside the Dome's / San Mateo pt. We got out Marlin at 8 knts- when asked how fast they were trolling 8- 10 o

Wahoo 10 down the "Ridge" 181/ 182 --off the stinger line-- a ways back--

E-mail from the Bull Pen who has been fishing the Channel island bite-Hey JD. Checking in from the boat Bull Pen. Banner day. Bobby and Sean from Good Karma joined owner Dave and his son for a two day at Anacapa. Day started with yellowfin on the Marlin jigs approaching the island to find the fleet trolling and slow trolling bait. We joined the crowd for two striped Marlin released then it happened. I grabbed the biggest Mac in the tank. Slid it back on 80 lb and was letting line out by hand. I grabbed the line to put in rigger and was bit!!!!! The fight was on. 2 1/2 hours later and all four of us pulling we had sucess!!!! REALESED a 350 lb plus blue marlin. Cudois to Dave the owner of bull pen for driveing her over!!! Team feels so good o have let her go to breed and possibly fight again some day!!! We have lots of great photos. Gonna fish the day Sunday and Monday morning get you photos of her swimming away!!!!!! Thanks for all your great reports and hard work this season. Bobby L/ Good Karma and enjoying every min of helping out Dave and his son on the Bull Pen. These guys do it right. Good Fun also Capt Shawn Morgan for his muscle and expertise as usual!!!!!

JD, Finished up the trip up to Channel Islands with 3 Striped Marlin and 2 Blue Marlin. What began as a terrible start to our trip turned around and finished up great. Our friends Bobby and Shawn along with son Seth made it all happen baiting every one of them. -

Boat coming at us--- STAY CLEAR--- we've got a big fish on----- 10:45am

277 has a few smaller yellowfin under the birds and kelps-- 14 was dead (75.5 degree) as was the 267 quiet- 209 not very fishey

dorado under kelps 01/ over 53--- 11:50 am Im done and out of here--

- 12/over 21 moldcraft lure hit twice didn't stick- marlin- 12:02pm

couple of boats up there on Friday- half a dozen yesterday and maybe 30 boats there in a couple mile radius today-

Hey-- captain who's hooked up to that Blue Marlin-- your' in for a H--- of a fight- we just lost one at the leader after a two hour fight--1:45pm

Tom promised to call when he could--- just getting with phone range- he calls---- how was you fishing-- Incredible he says'' aboard the Vintage- Michael Fowlkes's Inside Sportfishing - they made the run up to the Channel Islands for the billfishing-- First Day they had run to the numbers off Santa Rosa Is; not much there in the morning's hours- there was tide change and a float of bait-- and they came up along with the sea lions who'd pester the rigged ballyhoos baits. They tagged and released one marlin on 30 tackle, went to lighter tackle had s couple more jig fish before started for anchorage, delayed fighting a fish- an afternoon sundowner winds kicked increased to 30 knts then seemed whipped up to 50 -60 knts before we got her into anchorage. Next day they got jig fish right out off Smugglers along the dropoff, then out to the grounds off Yellowrock 57/ 34 and again wind came up early- back to Smugglers saw a boat drifting and bait in the area-- it was hooked up-- so they started soaking baits-- drifting-- minutes later a soaked mackerel got bit-- Mike after his 8 lb light tackle challenge losing 6 in a row-- re-baited up with 30lb tackle and hooks another and joins up with a smaller chase boat that had been doing some video filming -- they take off following the fish -- Tom's left alone on the drifting boat to do some much need tackle repairs , re-rigging of lines and bait etc. - He soaks a bait overboard with one of the larger corn fed macks they were able to catch at anchor the previous night- lots of chum helped. Having helped control the boat for the previous few days while Mike and crew were chasing after fish Tom felt comfortable about the boats systems-- the dangling bait gets bit and line empties from the Talica 25 loaded with 80 braid-- up comes the 300- 400 lb Blue Marlin-- and off to the races they go- Tom gets the boat in gear in the right direction and finds a fighting belt- trying to get to the radio to get the other guys to come back to the boat-- between getting spooled or getting line -- a mile and a half goes by in struggling 45 minutes battle - Mike and the other guys released their fish and race back to the Vintage-- Tom's still on the fish and they re-board her and take control-- the fish is brought to the boat and released alive and well , Other boats in the area est it at 500 - big either way- Incredible! - They head back to anchorage-- not done for the day they had four baits out and another marlin bite-- this time and est 175-200 lb Blue gets released -- 2 Blues and too many raised marlin to count and marlin bites to fight-- - not bad fishing-JD-

Naughty Girl boats a wahoo inside the 14 this afternoon orange black marauder--

boat off Catalina on fire-- -- 5:08pm - make sure everone one has their life jacket on--

Had it close to the boat twice but couldn't budge it-- couple of guys aboard had never really seen a marlin-- it was fun--

E-Mail--- JD, Noticed a Navy Frigate stopped near the 152 Saturday with a commercial tug in the area standing by. They may have been doing Sonar or some other underwater work. Seems like the bite in that area was totally off at the same time. I know the military's work is important. Just curious if you have heard that it can slow down a bite in an area they may be using Sonar or other underwater work? Thanks, Mike ----- I know my VHF radio's squelch changed over the past few day---

A lot of radio chatter- best was--- " Clean up on isle #3 " then it got worse-much worse-- - must be some sort of psychologically defect that enables weak minded souls to vent their problems though vulgar language without retribution - You wouldn't hear that at any crowd, baseball game, football game or anywhere people gathered-- it's wouldn't be allowed by the general public. At one timethere was a FCC VHF radio license and call sign required to broadcast on the marine radio and it was monitored and policed and fined!


Go get em' Dave--- 11:24 am

Kelp paddies hard to find?---

--------------------------- Sat 10 th Report --------------

Beautiful weather-but Hot-- Hot !!!!

30 - 40 ft below the bonito we caught the yellowtails-- butt hooked the sardines they'd dive down--- -- you can't miss us-- 33:39 /118:13 you can't miss it-- 20- 25 boats around that green buoy-- outside Long Beach- 11:50am

lots of boat chatter-- not much in the way of fish hooked or lost-or caught--yet

A call come in from Baja-- where they're just getting ready for the upcoming tournaments--- the gringos are starting to show up now--- local boys were talking of a few Blues around-- 200- 300 lb fish once in a while the commercial panga /tuna boats out on the Gordo were hanging some Blacks this past moon--

Private sportfishers headed south can expect a bit of weather over the next few days- stand by-

Must be either very good fishing or very poor--- not much said on the radio- this afternoon- or poor reception-

16/ over 51 a few paddies holding small dorado

With the technology available to us these days - at least it gives us a bigger perspective - water temps from 74 to 77 degrees to better define the hot spots--

hot--- hot ---- hot ----

wind from the west - it's got a light wind cap to it--

Yellowtails moving back into the scene

lot's of miles covered--- far and few between were a couple of paddies holding--

We had a blue marlin hook up earlier off San Onofre-- other than that a bleak a day--

--------------------------- Fridays Reports ----------------------

Mixes seas this morning- not bad --once in a while a lump from the west larger than the one from the south-- no wind -- yet- 4- 7 kts S am hrs

someone had a fish to the leader-- lost it early_ boats out on the 14 --not much so far-- others N/E of the 209 looking-- waiting it out

someone was on the bow fighting a fish?-- 10:50am

skipper that got the double on the wahoos-- on the 209

we had a marauder get knocked like 4 feet out of the air-- never saw a thing just that lure go flying---

we started on the 182 this morning lot s of kelp but nothing for us--

Newports Bait and San Pedro Bait receiver had anchoveis and nice sized sardines for the weekend--

thers a great wind / kelp line all along here-- great looking paddies but now one home yet--- 21/ 54--

N-end of the 209-- beautiful looking water - tons of flyers

Sounded like there were a few boats midway from th 14 towards the shipping lanes-- stopped on smaller yellowfin- 11:55am

You get it Jock--- naw-- not yet-- he's a stubborn one-- we released the first one-- this one's stubborn-- looks like Peter just got bit-- 1:02pm -- he's above us- ( Channel Islands )

How's your day going?----- had a solid zip on the marauder---- that was it- one long run-- that was it-- been circling/ boxing the area for about 45 minutes now-

San Clemente Island security looks open for tonight, Sat and Sunday and Monday too-- good Luck- JD

How was you day--- 65 miles for a baby dorado--- had a couple of wahoo bites near the 209, of saw a marlin ended up with a 2lb dorado-- yea we started near there--a dorado and three yellows --boxed it all the way down to the power plant-- stopped on 16 paddies for not really a whole lot--- water's bluein up and up to---76 warming---

A whale entangled bouy lines off the coastline-- 4:25pm

Have a great weekend-- JD

------------------------ Thursday's 8th Report ------------

Another beautiful morning here on the beach- light marine haze off in the distance-- seas have a mixed lump to them . An number of boats out traveling -not finding much in the way -of paddies, or only small rat yellows under them-- A wahoo was weighed in the Dana Pt's fuel dock this morning 8:30 am today---

11 over 49 paddies-couple of paddies

We heard the 371 was dead- so were headed out towardds the 390---- put you trollers out--- we got one wahoo and had anothe strike-- 1/2 way between the 9 and the 371-- landed the one and lost the other one both hit the same jig--- pink marlin jig . 10:31 \

Wahoooooo-- hoooo just landed a wahoooooo on the 267 on a marlin lure!!--- 10:41am skipper what was your water temp--- 73 degrees -- we just went through there-- you on the high spot-- we went thru there 20 minutes ago--yea pretty much on the high spot-- - skipper what was the color marlin lure----- pink with some blue strands --- skipper with the wahooo -- what trolling speed please----- -----

Further up the coastline, the whales watchers were speaking of the sealife not being seen above newport-- changed from yesterday--

We're bit--- just outside the 267----- 10:49am- marlin MJG lure---

Weather up off the Channel Islands say small residual swell from up above-- but no wind on it-very good - only one bait fish this morning-- the conditions have changed over the past few days- starting to see more bait now-- tide low slack at 1:41 this afternoon- -- we did pick up a fish off yellow banks yesterday afternoon so there's a few there--- --- kinda hit and miss -- only a couple/ three boats up there now--

any reports from the 277---- short bit on a wahoo --a few patties - just trolling around--- we're down here on the 209--- nothing here now-- 11:50pm

update--- we're hooked up to a Big Fat Marlin halfway from the 277 to the Avalon Bank--- 12:03pm---

they were saying the smalleer yellowfin we're showing better later in the afternoon-- meetering a few fish 277,

JD, Just got this wahoo. Always wanted to make it on your great web site. Greg R "Go Away"

----- It's off --- lost it---were about 10- 12 from where we hooked it-- lost it-- we're beat headed in to Avalon---- lost it-- hit the only single speed reel we had--- had it on the two-speed I think we could have gotten it---- hit a old green and orange plastic skirted 11" jet head----- I'm glad at least you got to pull on it--- - we're headed into avalon now--- 1:32pm

We're still wired--- lot of line out--- nice shoulders--- hit the Cabo Hi -5 Mean Joe Green-- he could be a Blue he jumped so far out--he looked like a blue-so far out now---- it's on a Tiagra 30 loaded with 50lb-- it's sounding right now-- hit the whiskey line way down the back-- its a bigger one-- Fish Me - 2:35pm Chris --- Ah----- it was a Striper about a buck - fifty--- lost my lure in the props!!--- 15/ 41 outside the Domes-- 2:53

This time of year most of the Angling Clubs here along the coastline will be forming their new Board of Directors for the up-coming year 2016--- if you a liking to come on board give your local club a call they can always use new and old blood to their club-- the Balboa Angling Club is no exception-- if you'd like to get on the Board and help put back something to the sport-- give the BAC a call- they will welcome you- JD

the number 33:18:44 / 117:55 .66 yellowfin- paddy

EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 8 October 2015 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: There is an approximately 95% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, gradually weakening through spring 2016. During September, sea surface temperature (SST)anomalies were well above average across the central and eastern Pacific Ocean (Fig. 1).The Niño indices generally increased, ). Collectively, these atmospheric and oceanic anomalies reflect a strong El Niño.

All models surveyed predict El Niño to continue into the Northern Hemisphere spring 2016, and all multi-model averages predict a peak in late fall/early winter (Fig. 6). The forecaster consensus unanimously favors a strong El Niño, with peak 3-month SST departures in the Niño 3.4 region near or exceeding +2.0oC. Overall, there is an approximately 95% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, gradually weakening through spring 2016

---------------------- Wed's Reports -------------------

A pale blue skies this morning with a light marine clouds towards the west. Wind at 2- 5 kts, south/southwest. seas calm w/ small mixed sea state. -- despite what the weather man said there's a strong westerly- flags are stiff 4 pm

Local partyboats having a difficulty filling the sacks yesterday- and today not so good either-- at least so far- 12:00noon-- water started to green up along the coastline

just had another knock down-- good zone here--- there's a few wahoo here-- tons of paddies around with a few dorado under them--- we just got broke off on that last one 12:01pm--

Skipper where are you with the tons of paddies?-------- ---- no reply--

We've got some 20 fish so far--- trying out some new fish call?--- get in here there's hunderds of yellowtails swimming around the boat now-- 20-25lb tails -- we haven't put in any chum out-- just using plastics and iron-- when you get here--- try not using any chum-- we'll see if we can keep then next to the boat--12:19 ---- also bonitas boiling around the boat-- not a single chum we've put out--- trying out a new system??_----


A call out to the Dialed in--- how's the day going--- OK-- 9 dorado and a had a wahoo bite and a blue marlin bite on a blue lure--- days been good so far --- fishing below Cat and to the outside of the 277--

A call from Dan S-- having been in the shop earlier in the day picking up some small mutu #2 owner hooks for the small baits-- 2 1/2 hours later a call from him--- two dorado - just past the 14 we're headed in now-- -- a bit windy- 2:45pm

spent the day on the 14--- trolled all the way down to the 209-- about 4 north of the 209 some paddies holding rat yellows--- yea we did the same ran up to the 277 for not much- few rats--

The lure of the rat fishing-- : Contestants cast hooks down garbage-strewn alleys in a Baltimore suburb's second annual rat-fishing tournament - Chuck Ochtech knew exactly where he wanted to cast his hook. "Just down the middle of the alley, near that water," Ochtech said . He wasn't talking about easing a carefully tied fly onto the surface of an inviting pool in a challenging trout stream or flipping an artificial frog into a lily pad. Ochtech was one of nearly 40 contestants who cast hooks baited with peanut butter-smeared bacon, bits of hot dog or raw steak down garbage-strewn alleys for the Yellow Rose Saloon's second annual rat-fishing contest Junior Difatta, Ochtech's stepson, took first place, reeling in a 12 inch. 1-pound rat. "Chuck, you catch it, honey and I'll club it." said Ochtech's wife, Shirley Difatta, a red aluminum baseball bat at the ready.. The "anglers" paid a $3 entrance fee, covering the cost of trophies and a charity donation, to cast their baits down alleys it the East Baltimore neighborhood. Thev aimed for puddles of water that might attract the rodents to drink, or particularly pungent piles of household garbage. "We're sportsmen," said Ochtech, who organized the first tournament last year after reading about the city's rat problem, "There's a lot of technique to it." The contest actually has a purpose. "What we're trying to do it bring attention to the problem," Ochtech said "There's more rats in Baltimore than there are people." Thanks for the help, but no thanks, say city officials. "This just does not sound like a reasonable way to address a rat problem, “ said Zack Germoth, a spokesman for city’s Department of Housing and Community Development.

fish reports had a white sea bass in them today 25lber---


------------------- Tuesdays Reports -------------

It just keeps going on and on-- get to work here this morning,-- by the time I get tuned in- There had been the Conquest trying to get a hold of JD's, been on a marlin for an hour--halfway between the 277/209- still on I guess?--- finally lost it----- and Jimmy Decker was calling in with a wahoo story--- it just keeps going on and on-- weather flat-- scattered cloud cover slight south wind 2- 5 knts-- water 74 degrees- on the 14 mile bank- -- we should all be out there!

Hammerheads- seen locally-- 2 off the beach--

We got lucky--- trolling a couple of marlin lures an a couple of wahoo lures-- wahoo hit the marlin lure---maybe a mile west of the 14----- I think I just saw a wahoo jump---we're about a mile from this morings spot--- 26/03 now--- ran out to the Avalon Bank-- not much life there- we came back here for the tide--Decker--- 12:25pm

Water temps from 68 to 75 degrees

Whale watchers finding a bunch of em' off the Newport Pier's canyon, bait there

With a number of private sportfishers headed south this time of year--keep up with the necessary paperwork-- those FMM permits ( fishing within 12 miles of the Mexico coastline) are available through SAC,!fmm-visitor-form/cslp

Reports say there still is an abundance of Striped Marlin found up inside the Channel Island, Santa Rosa reported several boats had 11 or more fish this past weekend-- - weather looks OK for the rest of this week some wind Wed- 53/54

Ther are no kelps-- we got two dorado and a tuna, found our own spot--- went all the way to Box Canyon back to the 14 -- not much going on blind strikes-- but we got to pull on some fish--

Caught on 6 day charter the Apollo


Hi JD! Got this beauty a couple hours ago about 6mi out of Dana. Orange/Black Halco Giant Trembler. Kicked my butt but got it! 70.2lbs! at the Dana Point Fuel Dock. Jenny A , boat Lilly June

-------------------- The Weekend's Reports-- closed Monday windy-----

Lisa and Jim Werner and Steve wild on Gray Dawn with est 60 l. Wahoo. Sat

JD, I just want to thank you for your valuable big game fishing report. Every year it is a useful tool to determine what, when and how to be a successful angler/captain. Sunday I went fishing with friends Owner/captain Dave Brooks & Ed Leland on the Pacific Player out of HH. We managed one approx. 60 pound Wahoo and a few Dorados. Outside of that it was mostly lifeless around 14, 152 & A Bank. Got beat up by weather early Sunday and ended later as a beautiful day. Thanks Again, Dave Dodge


Overcast skies giving way to some blue behind it-- wind are expected to increase from the S/W but morning hours not bad at 3- 6 knts west- seas have a lump to them, several boats came back in early-- by mid day it started to flatten out--

Whales again being seen along the coastline-- - more bait showing up

The call comes in mid day -JD coming back from Catalina, Whites they had spent the night-- yesterday about 10 below the 209 where they boated a nice 50- 60lb wahoo- needing a Wahoo flag-- ! crossing the channel not bad- going with it and dry-- 1:50pm

Migrations of Striped Mullet seen along the coastline, bays and harbors

Not many boats out or at least on the radio-- seas dont look that bad and with wind backed off to come in out of the south--

Lobster hooping was said to be good for those at Catalina- with not a lot of shorts--

a early morning wahoo from the 14 today--

couple of boats I spoke to said seas were flat this afternoon- beautiful but only a few kelps seen found -some dolphins outside and above the 14 --were metered to be holding--

-------------------------------------- Sat's Reports ------------------------

Right out the front door here in Newport schools of anchovies and even krill has appeared--- chased by small bonito and a few of those smaller yellowtails and five whales with the assortment of diving pelicans, dolphins and the sea lions-- good show of sealife-

- and the phone rings-- Hey JD- you there-- your not going to believe this--- Go ahead anything's possible this year--- I was just trolling a cedar plug right outside the harbor entrance and I hooked a Hammerhead Shark--- bit me off about twenty feet from the boat---- I'll be in to get a new lure shortly! 9:33am

E-Mail this morning Hey-JD: Troy captured this beaut yesterday off San Diego. Thanks for all your reports!! Best, DAA

They came out of the backyard storage--old tackle boxes and bilges - old Blue Marlin lures, and Wahoo jigs-- The evolution of Blue marlin lure here in So Calif to Baja mainly stausageted in the late 70 and went into to 90's. From enlarged striped marlin lures to coffee can size monsters that dug enormous holes in the water, swimmers, plungers, slant heads and cupped faced heads all found their home- the "Boot" one of the bigger ones put out by Zukers was almost 2 feet long- , Sevenstand Big Daddy and the Hawaii flavor of a Bonzoid Bomber were among the favors. Wahoo Lures went from an extra heavy headed Jap heads with ruby faceted colored eyes and chromed Jet heads with 1/4 holes that drilled a trail of bubbles and vibrations through the water to old spoofer/ feather designs and the old styled Bonito plugs produced by Yo-Y uri that were renamed Marauders - They'll all coming out for a second shot- the worked once they'll work again- Good luck- JD

Bait boat offloaded some anchovies and small sardines---

An abundance of smaller Yellowtail off the East End of Catalina 5- 7 lbs and also found off the kelp beds of Salt Creek-

Hey JD -- you on this side------- JD's Back--- Hi JD this is Dave on the Sleeper --- we're hooked up to a Blue--- been on it for about 40- 45 minutes real nice fish-- Hi Dave --where abouts are you--- off the 152 ( east end of Cat) OK we'll let you get back to work--- good luck- JD 1:00------ slack tide today 1:47

and Happy Hoilday calls in with a Wahoo to Weigh in at the BAC- caught while trolling marlin jig Purple and Black just inside the 209--- Capt Willy!

the question was asked mid- late afternoon - how was the fishing at the 209---- terable aw a total of three small kelps with baby yellowtail-- that ws it-- 2:40

we're two hours, we're into a blue marlin ---actually it's 2 1/2 hours-- 2:40pm

Quite the gauntlet the whales have to travel as they come inshore looking for feed- -- Lobster buoys abound--

Passing the 14 a few miles - tacking down- southeast then back - up toward the shipping and the outer shelf above the 14 the sportboat fleet was found they were into Skippies and smaller yellowfin and those smaller yellowtails--

Wind and choppy mixed seas for the most part today- more tomorrow --

Sleeper- 3 1/2 hrs-- lost it-- shore corner Jig an old Cabo syled Blue narlin lure-- had us down to about 25 ft of line left on the reel spent must have been an hour like that, just needed more line and a chair!

--------------------- Fridays 2 Report --------------------

Morning brings a lump to the sea, swell from the west coming down the channel and a small swell from the south and a wind chop from the southeast-- fun--

It's a mind field out there today--- there's not a 100 yard stretch south out of Newport to Abalone Point where there isn't a lobster buoy- in most places they're 50 feet or closer together--- use caution if you headed out tonight or early morning hours---

that was interesting! we didn't' know just what you had---- watching you in the binos-- must have been a 400 lb mako!

Partyboats today working just below and outside the 14 for the smaller yellowfin and skipjacks--

Darryl came in the shop-- mid afternoon he'd been out to the 14 and there-about's looking for one of those elusive Wahoo's-- said someone at dawn below there had caught one-- they struck out on the whos but settled for a couple of smaller yellowfin for some table fare. -- Colt snipers did the trick--


------------------- Fair skies--light clouds---

Light southern wind on the beach, eddy from outer winds- seas fair and nice-- water starting to cool off pushing concentration of warm water liking sealife towards the beach-and circulate around the 209/ 312- fathom spots-- -

just above the 209--- same as before-- where are you--- East end of Cat- just trolling around--

Just boated a wahoo 22 over 55-- 12:31pm

How you guys doing--- it's hugh-- we're making progress-- 12:49pm

60- 70lb I'd guess-- got em' in the wagon-- that's our second strike of the day first one-- got him to the boat saw a flash and lost em'-- we kept this one-- we're about 5 below you- 1:12pm

Another Big Blue hung-- I think off the 9 -- still fighting it-- 1:30pm

Hey JD-- the phone call say--- my brother just called ---he's got a big Blue Marlin- Where can he weigh it---- Well , for right now the BAC is upgrading their scales, I'd suggest Dana Point or Avalon-- where he get it-- ---- I think out near the 209--- on a yellowfin! 2:40pm

The Ridge 181 182 and the 43 and to the inside Yellowfin tunas, small but it seemed abundant-- Some larger dorado's near the border - otherwise quiet on the radio Bongos boats had yellowtails, tunas and I think Dorado-- again a nice afternoon- goo luck this weekend if you go out Hoping for the lobsters--

------------- Weds Reports ------------

Hey Mike----- He's about a 300 lb blue--- 9:15am, We want to release em--

found a scrap kelp two small yellows and a small yellowfin tuna-- must be a fleet of boats on the A Bank- maybe something would happen there-

Nice fish-- put on an unbelievable show--It's not a striper----- it's either a Blue or Black--I think its a Black---it's not real big--- I trolled by a scrap paddy and it hit one of the trolled marlin lures way back-- 10;47

We're out her on the 209-- some small yellows under the kelps-- couple of sport boats out here-- we just got bit off on the swivel-- lost the marauder! 11:20am

Last weeks results of the King Harbor Marlin Club Marlin Tournament We had great fishing for Striped Marlin up off the Channel Islands with some boats fishing for the elusive Black and Blue Marlin down in our neck of the woods.

1st Place was RUCKUS Captained by C.G. Miller, 2nd Place was FLYING FISH Captained by Mike Stotesbury, and 3rd Place was EGGCESSIVE Captained by Paul Gillette. Congratulations to all and I would like to thank all that attended in this year’s event. I would also Like to give an honorable shout out to DON PATROLL Captained by Don Butts for releasing the first ever Blue Marlin caught In our Tournament. !!.

Local water temps from 70 to 78 degrees, concentrations of the hottest water still off Dana to SD/ La Jolla `

Little lumpy out there today-- 5 - 0 knts southeast

paddy few and far between- but the ones we found had those small yellows under it-- any paddi you find put a bait on it

We're S/E of the 181-- 25 lb droado-- inside the 181 S/E towards the corner --been catching 20 -25 lb dorado pretty concisely under the paddies-- 32:40 /117 48

There's a Rumor going around the the upcoming Black and Blue tournament has opened up its grid to include Orange County!-

Seriously, numbers of private yachts are preparing to head south this Fall as soon as the weather looks like it will settle down- Fueling at Turtle and Mag Bay comes up as a question-- anyone add any light as their oporations and prices? ? - JD reply to -

We just landed it--- couple of birds-- total blind strike were outside the Domes towards the outer perimeter of the 267 -- 279 --- came out late, no bait just came out and started trolling--- really made our day-- 5:39pm --MJG marlin lure-- black and green--- trolling two marauders and a couple marlin lures about 12 knts we had heard couple of other guys said they were at that speed so we notched it up a bit--- worked!-- proof! ---75 even--guess around 50lb Wahoo

Beautiful afternoon weather -- layed down skys blue- no wind-

-------------- Tuesdays Reports --------------------

Bright full moon last night--

Morning Star calls in released a Blue Marlin 1:05pm Congrats JD --- right on the 14 mile bank-- a dozen boats out there today---- not a whole lot of bait metered--slow overall -a couple of partyboats hanging around and a few more larger kelps out towards the shipping lanes that held skipjacks and a whoo--

Parker with the marlin- headed back into Dana-- where you get it-- guesing 350 lbs--- landward side of the 209--- had another fish hooked--- 1/2 from the /267/ 209 spit it- Black and purple smaller marlin lure-- he ate it! Solo for a 4 hour battle-- Templar--2:20pm

Caught this 868lb. Bluefin Today in PEI, it was the 5th fish I fought, I lost 4 including one about 200 lbs. Bigger! Sounds like Epic fishing on the West Coast, thank God for being a fisherman!!! Best Regards, Bill U


Note-- The BAC's weighting stations will be limited to smaller fish ( under 100lbs ) while the replacement pillar for the larger scale is installed.


Hey JD my Dad and friends were trolling by box canyon and when we went to check the jigs two of our marlin lures went of and ten minutes later we landed both wahoo around 50 lbs. ,Danny.H Carlsbad CA


Hey JD, Hooked Blue Marlin just inside 14. Boat : Buck Fever Angler: Jeff Buckley Captain (dad) Mike Buckley Hit the outrigger with bill didn't stick sunk out and hit the stinger way back. Enjoy photos - What a year !


And more whoo's on the troll

The New Moon scored a big wahoo today down off the Domes a coupe miles out and Kea Kai, I think had two hoos too!

----- took Monday off------------- went fishing---

---------- the Weekend's Before the Blood Full Moon- Big Blue Marlin Reports ------

(Big Blues see below)

Light marine layer went away early- westerly mid day-- Dorado and a Wahoo and a blue hooked lost this am--

And Kawakawa has a big marlin-- on their way in -- stand by--- 1:25pm ! He should be here about 2:45 ish.

another boat was saying they had a Blue 300- 350 aboard after a two hour battle-- --- had them on the right gear-- Talica 25 2 speed and a rail rod--- big big boy 1:30pm

My Ty gives a call in-- after just dumping-- well --- they didn't have much of a chance-- had two 100 lb outfits ou,t a 40lb and this light 20 for fun-- a teaser he said - a little chugger that gurgles, dove, popped and sprayed around a lot bubbles-- got ate -- by the time we had the chance to turn around there was just a hole the size of a Volkswagen there and line diminishing-- how big--- uncle Rob says 600 or given a bit of excitement 500lbs-- 1:54pm 1/2 way from the 14 to the bottom of the shipping lanes--

----- I've---- I've got a Blue Marlin hooked up here--- on the --209 -----07 52 I'm solo -- anyone in the area --- I could sure use a hand an aspirated voice comes on-- 2:17--- you sure sound out of breath--

They fished the area yesterday-- had a bite but missed it--- came back today--- blue water, warm and some flyers-- looked good--- Rigger goes off with a Bk/ Pr Moldcraft Wide Ranger- you can't go wrong with one of these world wide- Greg says-- Double hooked and on 100 lb spectra line-- Greg's on the wheel, Steve on the Deck and Mike Hanson the angler---- she came across the spread and made the turn up the side of the boat and dove down-- -- we had a shot at her earlier but she was bright blue and lit up-- not the time---- we backed off and worked her up slow and steady-- got the leader and gaff in-- 430 lbs at the BAC scales, Aftco Gaff, Aftco gloves, Aftco harness and Aftco belt even the crew all sported Aftco clothing--- Must be good stuff --congrats JD

Vick calls in-- he just lost a blue-- big fish too- 7 out of Newport-- took the 80lb mono all the way into the 100 lb braid backing and the swivel straighed out!! ---- 3:39pm--

Wahoo came to the scales for the rest of the day---

Nice afternoon--- great way to end the weekend--

the question now is will the private sportfishes head south too early this year-- like that old addage-- don't leave fish to go find fish!

Closed on the web tomorrow- shop open 10- 2- 3 pm JD

--------------- Sat's 26 report -------------

Light overcast - heaver marine layer or light fog whatever you wanted to call it--- - skys brighten after 10 am -- 182- little spots of skipjacks and little tunas

We got a double going on--- I told you to go there--- got to go- we're busy we'll get back to your-- 10:12am

We just released the second one -- we had three up in the jigs- the one on the jigs that fell off and the two drop back baits--- 10:27am

Don Butts on Don Patroll called in saying they had released a Blue Marlin off the East end of Anacapa Island--just after 10 am this morning--- Steve Butts the angler- at first we est. it at 350+ but in looking at it-- it's probably closer to 300 mark--- nice beautiful fish released alive and well------

and CG calls in saying they had just released a marlin up one off Santa Rosa Island! 10:32am

Excitement for about three seconds black and red marauder

A Blue Marlin had--- us dumped 80 line and 130 lb spectra off our 50 W in about 30 seconds we couldn't clear out all the line quick enough-- broke us off-- 00/ 37 just inside the 312! 10:56am

Beautiful clean tropical water- with - Flying fish abound offshore--

Hi John, Valerie caught this wahoo about 2 miles inside the 14 mile bank about 5:00 this afternoon.( friday) We had a second one on, but he bit the X-Rap off!. --- Max

Small paddy just west of the 425 it's just a small paddy its loaded with fish--

52/ over 25

BAC Just weighed in a 40.75 Wahoo caught by Mike Kuehn and Aaron Jeffrey off the East End of Catalina. Boat is Knot Hers

No one wanted to go with him-- OK I'll go myself--- on the 267 right at Slack tide this morning-- right over the high spot Mackerel colored X-Rap lure-- thanks JD it worked---53.4 lb Wahoo-- all the tackle held togeather-- good to have the pre set drags set and fresh line

Hey JD you on this side---- it's Mike on the Ace High we 've got a fish to weigh in-- do you think the Balboa Angling club could weigh it--- why sure-- they are a public weigh- in for fish-- glad to do it-- what your ETA somewhere around an hour and a half from now-- it died on us-- we couldn't revive it--- it's about a 600 lb Blue we think!--- OK see you at the club-- What the anglers name Tony Wasson, what type of tackle --- well we tried out the 130 lb tackle--- I think we need a new rod holder now---Bait or Lure-- Lure--- OK we'll see you at the club- 1:28pm-

Good radio reception- boats off the hidden bank below the border to marlin fishing off the channel islands-- and all in between-- and in the background of other wahoo reports and Ruckus comes through with another hook up reported to T/C- they had a double going earlier along with other hook ups-- Santa Rosa Island--( I think) released 2:05 four for the day--

Arron Grose also coming in this evening with a big blue taken off San Onofre-- four guys had to man handle this fish into the boat---

618 lbs Blue weighed in at the BAC - 50lb tackle Aaron Grose -High Tide the boat--- --it came at that Magic time when all aboard were feeling it's presence- "you know when it all feels right", they had worked off the beach outside of San Onofrre- towards the 312----- an old Rainbow lure out of Newport beach mfg. red and pink with a few upholstery strips of colored skirting did the trick--- hooked just on the outside of the jaw it held the 12/0 7691 SS, good captain's work at the wheel by Jimmy S. who's been on water since he was a kid--they got it to the boat on a light tipped 50b trolling outfit penn 30 w/ w 50 ande-- great job- Capt., angler and at the gaff and wire man-- congrats- JD

late into the night the Honey released their fish hooked at 5:18 - released in the lights at 8:28pm

good night- JD




And just before the above fish was weighed another Blue at the 500 - 600 mark--came to the the BAC scales ACE High had the big Blue hit a colorful jig as they came off the "Ridge" below Catalina, making the turn off the 277 -that deep canyon' s good spot - the blue crashed the jig tight and they were off to the races-- almost spooled they were prepared with 130lb tack on a 80 w-- The Capt's mom had made the marlin flag back in the fifties , been flown with honor for years but was about time to retire it-- suggested to put the weight of the fish on it with all signatures signed and dated for keepsake- thanks mom--Mike E.

They broke it- at least the scale would not work over 500lbs-- one, twice, three times they hoisted it up--up and before even clearing the deck it held the 500 mark-- several times they tried it-- but nope wouldn't work best they could get was 530 lb still not cleared off the deck- an additions scale helped lift the head off- combined weight put it at 605 lbs-- measured fork of tail to lower jaw length at 121 inches times the girth 57 inches, divided by 800 put it an just under 500 -- how big?-- well it was big-- ACE High's Blue marlin - just inside the 277 bank two hour battle---- sorry dropped the camera in the drink-- no photo! photo to come- JD

we caught and released a short bill spearfish yesterday afternoon While you were over at the scales. 80 lb fish on a mean joe green. Have you ever tried to get the hook out of a short bill??? Quite comical.

-------------------------------- Friday's Reports ---------------

Whaooed again-- a pair of em boated again today-- Ocean calm and smooth this morning- light swell and wind at 2- 7 knts - anchovies - 1- 3 miles off Newport beach

got a 40 lb er off a black and purple maruader-- our's got bit just as we passed a stringer--othere said it was orange and black--

up to 76 degrees reported today -

King Harbor Marlin Club having their marlin tournament- early reports say there were into them up off the Channle islands grounds-

Not much seen along the waters 14- 267 maybe a little on the S/E side of the 267- smaller buller tunas and small foot long tails

JD, Great seeing you yesterday, thanks again for the flag! FYI- The fish went 43# at the club. It also turns out to be the "1st Wahoo Flag" for the Pesky's. Not bad for a 1/2 day of fishing.

Lastly, as we were cleaning the fish, I found 3 of these "globule" type creatures in its stomach. Never seen anything like it. Any idea what they could be?Tight Lines, ~Aaron G. "High Tide" . Marine biologist reply-- .. I also saw one of those in a wahoo I dissected last week.... it is a kind or parasitic worm that lives in the gut of fish... I'm not sure what species it is specifically, but it is likely found in wahoo all the time. Pretty cool!

Boat headed south towards the border did better on the smaller yellowfin and dorados

Marlin hooked up just now over the 14-- we're here on the 14 but we dont see him? 2:50pm-- we started out towards the 209- out to the 289 back to the 277 and got the marlin strike coming up to the 14- just released- a striper that though it was a blue--

21/46 he said for the tunas 3:09pm

Ballyhoo hoods-- work great-- slid over rigged Ballyhoo baits and they help hold them in-line and deep- upwards to7- 8-9- 10 knts-- or fitted with skirts of alluring colors Dorado and Whoos even marlin eat them-- Available at JD's

1- 800 660-5030

Short fined pilot whales off shore 15- 20 miles -not many if any whales inside from there-- last Blue Whale see first part of Sept-

Using drones they were able to get good footage of a Minki Whales --

East end of that island -- Channel islands- early in the morning- 8- 10 marlin were on it---the mackerel balled up

Tuna Club of Avalon haling there annual Hunt tournament--

We haven't seen them for a while a nice mossback close to the beach-- on a surface iron-- ---

Broken radio chatter from the northern waters --- speaking of commerical squid boats making 15 ton a week

we got 1 for two today--- lots of boats up there-- most boat had a shot at one or two some boats got zeroed other and the ones, twos-

Spent the morning out on my familiar grounds south of the harbor-- after that 662 lb Blue Marlin caught in SD and the largest one at 682 that was caught off Abalone Point back in 1931 put me into the big game mood- out off the point this morning with a 6 lb Skipjack rigged w 11/0 and 400lb - sunk some 200- 300 feet and slow rowed around for a few hours---no bites- could only ponder what to do if I did get hooked up-!

------------------------------- Thursdays Reports ---------------------

Coastal marine layer offshore obscures Catalina Island , I know its still there- seas flat and smooth- wind light at 2-4 knts- Whale Shark observed-- I think outside Oceanside--

Where are you--- over here on the 14-- no luck -no life out here- about 15 boats out here trolling how you doiing-- sittin on a kelp for a couple hours nothing were headed south-- 10:27

You never know what's to happen these days-- stand by-- building full moon -- good Blue and Black marlin fishing--- stand by--

- Yea we ran out too far-- headed back towards the beach 7-8 off looked better-

Two--- Two-- Two wahoo's on the deck!--- 11:01am

we were the first boats here this morning-Dorado smaller tuna yellows-- 32 14/- 117 33 quite a bit of kelps around here they all seem to have fish--

Hey JD--- you got any wahoo flags--- Arron- here ---yes we've got some--- great we're just getting into the harbor entrance-- congrats where'd you hook it--- out by the 267-- lure - yes-- what type, color--- I'll show you!- 11:14am

Jock was up by Santa Cruz is -- saying a few fish here and there-- trolling around--

Classics Cabo style---- we found a good temp break right on the 267--- lots of scraggly kelps around hard to troll through--- found one big kelp must have been 20 ft across-- dragged the jigs by it--- looking back said to myself there's got to be something there--- when up fly's this wahoo straight out of the water Cabo style--and makes head dive right on the lure--- -- broke the lure right in half! --- - 45 - 50 lbs-- - Wahoo!

slack low tide at 1:00 today-- see what the incomming brings--

And Paul had a Wahoo to the boat too but it came off---

others trolling the 14 and there -a -bouts reports not much happening-- not much in the way of sealife--

The northern marlin boats report fair fishing so far- one here there but no bonaza yet-

14/37 wide open dorado bite--- come on in--

Went off durring the float--- got my 12lb dacron qualifier-- got covered up-- had one on the 20 broke it off- had doubles on the baits-- got covered up three times so far-- it was as good as I've seen in Mexico--- worth every penny--- 17 looked good from the boot's heal to the 17- came up her

MyTie-- just passing the transon of another boat --- trying to revive a est 300- 400lb blue or black marlin- boat name hard to read-- blackfin maybe? 4:01pm

fished the 14 down to the 267- not much going on there-- came inside - some small tails under a paddy-

----------------------- Wed's Reports --------

Hazy blue sky this morning- wind light west 2- 5 kts- seas subsided to a smoother state.

Sounded like someone was on a fish for a couple of hours now-still on it- 10:30am

we had the kelp to ourselves till that sportboat came in and took over---- they had more bait than us-- Dorado an yellowfins-- fast and furios for about a half hour- stopped on a paddy a few feet wide and the were boiling all over it-- !

Spotter plan up-- saying he'd sem tow of those bigger marlins near the surface 10:45

A call in from Morro Bay--- tuna under kelps--- yep - couple of guys out found em'-- wind and swell and weather delaying any fishing-4- 30-40# BLUEFIN YESTERDAY AND 3 TODAY, 15-25 MILES OUT G-

Wind building from the west by noon today--- is soposto to be good for the next couple of days till Sat afternoon a westerly develops

Stan--- you there--- no but I'm here-- Kathy--- it's Robbi were here with Dell on the Matador-- we've got a Blue Marlin hooked up here--- How big to you think?----- he's big enough for me---we we're right down to the backing --trying to keep up with - --- off the 277 towards the 14-- we've been dragging this stuff around for all day-- paid off-- 2:05 pm

Lost it--- 50 ft from the boat-- hook pulled-- got a way--- 3:05 pm--- estimates rand from a first guess at 300/ 285 then upwards towards the 500 mark as the afternoon bridge talk wore on!

Phone call-- Pete's calling--- he just witnesses the weighing of the 2 largest Blue Marlin weighed in California-- the largest by Alfonse Hamann was at 692 lbs weighed in Balboa Ca 1931,

This one hooked off a 18 ft skiff- two guys in a 18 ft skiff-- Hooked on a lure for a 3 hour battle San Diego ---662 lbs - 3:59pm Matt Santora the angler-- Fin Bomb the boat----- with Andy Vo. at the wheel- Talica 25 100 test line








Channel Islands Billfish Tournament!

44th Annual: Sept 12-16, 2015

We dream of years like this, don't miss this years tournament,

Press release from the Channel Islands Billfish Tournament: "The Channel Islands Billfish Tournament held Sept. 11-18 was a great success. The marlin were in close this year but got picky after the Masters Tournament. None the less, "Ruckus" with captain C.G. Miller released 7 marlin and took 1st place. Chasing "Ruckus" was captain Eric Hermann on "Hydrocarbon" with 6 releases earning 2nd place honors. Third place was Frank Sullivan's "Valkyrie" with two releases. The only fish boated in the tournament was Don Johnson's "Margaritaville" and was 136 lbs. By the end the 16 participating boats released 22 marlin and boated 1. It was obvious by the friendly and helpful radio chatter that a good time was had by all." Thanks, Troy Ots CIBT

Jackpot tournament fishing has returned to Catalina! On Sunday, September 20th 55 hopeful sport fishermen, some coming from as far away as Hawaii, gathered at Ristorante Villa Portofino to participate in the first Avalon Billfish Challenge, a new event started by Russ Armstrong and operated by he and wife Jenny. Most of the 11 teams, including local boats Bad Attitude captained by Kelly Whittaker and Scrambler captained by Bob Kennedy and John King, left directly after the meeting and headed west to Anacapa Island, 60 miles from Avalon. Fishing commenced at 6:30am on Monday the 21st and during the course of the two-day challenge 44 marlin were caught and released and two large fish were boated. Mary Schickling and Denny Friedrich handled radio communications from atop Blackjack Summit and documented all of the action. At the awards dinner back at the Ristorante Villa Portofino on Tuesday night guest of honor Rosie Cadman drew raffle tickets for some nice prizes and checks were handed out to the three top teams. The third place team, Chaser, captained by Jimmy Kingsmill, with 7 releases, was awarded $3,850.00. Team End of the Line, captained by Peter Babros, with a boated marlin weighing in at 190.6 lbs. and 8 releases, came in second and received a check for $5,775.00. Team Ruckus, captained by CG Miller, took first place with 17 releases and captured across the board daily jackpots for an impressive win of $55,950.00. Many boats have already pledged to participate in the event next year and Russ closed by saying, “Look for an even better Avalon Billfish Challenge in 2016!”.


1. An area of low pressure is expected to form several hundred miles south or southwest of the Gulf of Tehuantepec by late this week. Gradual development of this system is forecast, and a tropical depression is likely to form by the end of the weekend while the low moves northward or northeastward toward the coast of Mexico. Interests in Mexico should closely monitor the progress of this disturbance. * Formation chance through 48 hours...low...20 percent * Formation chance through 5 days...high...70 percent

-------------------------------- Tuesdays Reports -----------------------

Wahoo on a X rap off Dana this morning--

Hey JD, My daughter in town visiting so we decided to take her out and see if we could get some wahoo this past weekend on our new boat a Cabo 31 Express named Really Big Fish and she came through with some luck. We were out of Dana for about 2 hours almost to the 14 mile bank trolling a fire tiger Marauder along with a red & white Rapala X-Rap.

The Marauder went screaming first and my daughter grabbed the rod and went to war for 20 minutes, my buddy Rick did a great job of coaching her and clearing another trolling line. During the commotion the Rapala went off and the next thing we knew we had two hoo on! Got lucky on the Rapala rig since it was straight mono, Rick managed to gaff both fish on board and help my daughter have a very special day with her dad.

Way to go Team Really Big Fish! Take Care, Steve C.

Congrats-- JD

Ruccas had 10 and Chase had 5 yesterday in the Catalina Challange--

C G Miller on Ruckus. won with 17 fish for the 2 days. Congratulations to some really nice folks


ABC Avalon Billfish Challange--

<------- Amazing water temps the low is at 70 and high set at 78 degree-s

Couple of swordfish stick boats working above the 14 this morning-- seeing a few marlins--

Wire rigging- for the whos-- their are proponents of the single strand wire-- it's thinner, cuts the water cleaner- doesn't put out negative vibes as it goes through the water- breaks teeth on most whoos- but 50- 70+lb whos have a very strong teeth -and can cut most wire under 125 lbs - it's downfall is, it can kink, bend it too sharply on it 'self and it can snap- tidies with a Haywire twist and kept short - 2- 3- 4 ft will help keep its interiority . Multi stand wire is easier to work with can be cut with dikes and a sleeve crimped into its fibers helps to hold it in place.

Got text from C G Miller on Ruckus. Said they won with 17 fish for the 2 days. Congratulations to some really nice folks.

---------------------------------- The Weekend--------------

And the phone rings this morning--- Hey JD --want to make it straight on the web-- sure, always want to get it right - who's this- oh hi Joe-- Sporty Game-- we were 0 for 6 on Friday ( too many jigs in the water for the three of us, second day Sat we were 2 for 2- using teasers and baits and a couple of jigs way back- out this morning on th 14 we just went 1 for 1 100%on a Blue Marlin-- we estimated it close to 250 lbs--- Ryan leadered the fish the first time but it came up classic polaris missile style only a couple of feet off the boat's transom - he dumps leader and another hour he gets a better wrap and the fish is brought to the boat for a succusful release-- it ate a rigged Ballyhoo behind a teaser- Louie M the angler ( in the photo) , Ryan the leader man and Joe K at the wheel- you know my boats--- she's fast- we had to turn and chase after it, almost got spooled- 50lb tackle-

Slack tide approaching-- stand by---

And another report of a est 500 lb fish brought to the boat-- but got away! Better get the heavy tackle out!--

We haven't found much so far today-- what a deal yesterday-- it ate a sardine with a 2/0 ringed hooked------ a 500 lber is a 500 where ever ----- to happen like that--- 2 hrs and 24 minutes and then we bounced two gaffs off her back!!! ---- twice and that was it!-- -- out here this morning on the 371 few paddies- not like yesterday- it's totally different --we're headed up to the 230 and then 302 --- we were going to start up there this morning-- wouldn't be the first time I zigged when a should have zagged- 30 outfit and 4 feet of 30 flourcarbon leader--- -Joe

Just got a wahoo-- off the Coranado islands another wahoo caught---9:59 Grander #3

We're pulling on something------- it's taking alll out line--- Hot Spot-- 10:05 -- we still need the angler and tackle--

and there's another boat between us and the shipping lanes whos hooked up -- it's bigger than ours-- I saw it-- and he's having a hard time stopping it--- - 10:12am

is it a shark-- no ---- no think it's a Blue marlin--- who's winning--- the fish--- 10:15am

We got the reel locked down on 50-- it's not going out-- -- I guess the fish is pooped- angler is pooped! we may have to hand line it-- 10:30

This paddy is blowing up-- loaded up with the tunas

Out here ---- 181-- 182 haven't seen so many flying fish in years----- all different sizes--- not many kelps out here--- nothing our here--- it-s 74 1/2 here up here on the bank-( 14) -- big wad of fish up there at the Channel islands-- spread up and down the islands -- guess you heard about the Sailfish seen off Cedros !--

The just boated it--How big is it----- looks probably 300lbs--- congratulations- from the Le La Vie-- 11:55am--

Hows it look up there'-- little-- it slowed up there today-- we decided to wrap it up and come down-- excellent conditions here looks good shipping lanes

It's a Black--- it's big--- looks long - its hanging out the back of the boat-- it's big maybe-- must had out 300 -400 -500 yards out and it died-- had some tuna feathers out and a wiskey line out

Hot Spot--- Dennis was pullling on it- then we all pulled on it-- it wore out my new gloves!-- we'll run into the club to weigh it--

OFFShore has a Blue Marlin Bite----- that was big son of a b-------- that a just happened---- was that was you behind me--- that was cool---- the biggest tackle we had----- he was sure in the air-- that was crazy-- what color of Purple and black lures was it-- ---Pink-- Ya got that -- that was assume ---he was huge ----red pink one 5.5 -- right close to the drop off here-- glad I had someone watch us have fun -----we couldn't believe our eyes--- how big that was that thing--- wasn't a monster-- between 300 and 400lbs-- that was fun- dug up two jigs with 30lb -- bottom edge of the Shipping lanes from Cat towards Huntington-- that was at 33/ 13---- 12:45pm

350 lbs actually 349.9 lbs on the certified scales--Black Marlin-( ID's by marine biologists as a Blue Marlin) pecks would not fold into body- Dorsal also rigid, tapped out at 85 1/2 inches fork to Eye and 55 around the girth-- First Black that I can remember being weighed at the BACweigh scale-- I believe there were several Blacks harpooned earlier in time- first Black that I know of-- just a little spot I like to fish Rich the Captain said---they had some dorado lures out--- put this old thing back on the stinger-- rainbow Hawaiian colored one - don't know which color to put out---- put out a rainbow colored - has it all- Billy quotes-!- - -- Rich , down below hears a zip and looks back to a big hole into the water-- oh no----and the rod sings out--- We had all this High Tech tackle on the boat--- it had to be the old 4/0 Penn reel with 40 lb mono and 150lb leader, fitted w a 6 1/2 ft trolling rod that matched it-- Dennis Blake was on the fish ---- after a while the line just went limp---we knew that wasn't good--- -- had to make the decision to bring it in hand line one had after another- , never thought we could do it- -- -- didn't look like it had gotten tail wrapped or wrapped up in the line - came up with the jig in it's mouth-- got it finally to the boat and thought --- now what --- had to get ahold of the tail and pull it in the transom door aand-that was a job- 1200 ft down fought it for 3 1/2 hours--- 1 -1/2 hrs to hand line it up--

In doing some research of old photos I came across of a Loren Grey's fish labled as a Black Marlin 344lbs weighed in at Avalon in Sept 4th of 1940 ?

Lasley's pulling on a Blue right now!-- as congratulates go from from boat to another on Hot Spots catch-- --- headed back to Dana- 2:45pm

Lasley on 50 lb somewhere around the upper 9 mile bank -- had it almost ---they got as much on it as they can-- all I've got is a three foot gaff- -- I've got a couple couple of wahoo rods-- last minute got a couple of marlin lures- Iye yi yi-- 3:58pm- my kids wanted to shoot a wahoo --- failed at that came back inside -put out a couple of marlin lures had a pretty good one come up -- now I've got three 16 year kids battling it-- poor kids-- hands are all blistered, they're getting worn out--- we survived the strike- luckily we were on this little 30 footer and able to spin the boat,, had it once about about 10 ft from the boat--- tailing down swell-- we've weren't beating it-- just got up close to it--- it took off again-- the boys are doing their best- -- 4:05pm -- --- he's 15 ft and probably close to 400 lbs+--

You see that-- just came up jumping- jumping like five times --were hanging on running up hill- how's the boat handling--- doing fine-- we're still connected-- 4:29pm---- tell Pete it's a real one--- --- got the leader---- hanging on--- 4:41pm-- --- Oh boy--- lost it at the leader--- leader broke--- that's at least a 400 lb er-- that's a catch in my book anytime--- very fun--how big do your really think it was--- - right at 600 lbs---that's what we thought --that looked 600-- 650--- - they're pretty bummed out--- good memories-- -- that what I was telling my boys aboard-- that's a lifetime story-!!!-

right below the 279,-- FishMe with a MJG Chris B got a wahoo too--

Went out to the Osborn --not much there, came down to the Tanner tons of skippes - Cortez had good fishing yellowtail and nice yellowfin- no bluefin- s beautiful weather out there- came back into clemente- and hit a dream paddy on the way home- oh we did get a marlin coming out of Cat harbor---- when you cant remember about catching a marlin then that's pretty good fishing--- yea your right about that-- good luck to you too- - got lucky made a bunch of small spanish mackerel at San Clements and the dorado just inhaled them--

AF Panzer flying her laundry as she comes back in the harbor and Eiewwess's closeline is full too- not to be overshadowd by the Black today-

C dock at Balboa Yacht Basin




Water temps 73 tp 78 degrees---

Spotter plans up--- giving whale and porpoise sealife--

We're still working that marlin---

----------------------- Sats Reports ------------------

Good way to start the morning's radio review--Achtung-Achtung-- got one on a jig and the other on a bait!--- 9:02am--- aas the Pesky's Mahlin Derby continues this morning-- yesterday's catchers were hard to hear --- but it went into the sunset--- started again early this morning too!- Achtung-Achtung! Das Motivator released one- still fighting the other- 9:18am

Peskys at play--

Achtung-Achtung- Das Motivator is bit again Tom H is the angler- Jig fish-- 9:39 -Achtung-Achtung

and another -Achtung-Achtung --ah--- his off 10:02 - Tides starting to flatten out-- the bite time "Pop" is longer--

-Achtung-Achtung- Das Motivator is bit again - our Bratwurst is bent over-- Kenny H on a jig-- 10:09 -- releases another one--boy are they hot today!! 56/37

C est la vie our Bratwurst is bent over--37/36 11:55 hooked up bait, rebecca is wife and we're drinking monster and vodka ! released 12:05 and not pretzeled


Peskys at play--

As the Derby draws towards it's afternoon 4:30 lines out today there is a decreasing radius a 40 mile either west or east end of Catalina at 12:00 today, - at 1Pm that's down to 30 miles and 2:00 pm it's 20 miles and 10 at 3 pm

Green hats and all

Peskys at play-- - The Bounder aka, AF Panzer anglerette, Aylson released a marlin est a strong healthy 200 lbs with a Satellite tag dedicated to" RJ --That's the Bottom Line!"--

tailers in yesterdays afternnon and this morning sleepers all over the place. East side of Anacapa Ialand am hours and over to the cornor of the clousure zone towards the afternoon hours.

added to the Pesky's reports were boats pre- fishing for the ABC Avalon Billfish Challenge- which starts tomorrow--

we just had a bite and Ruckus has a guy on the bow-- 2:35pm

A call from The AF Panzer- Bounder- so far in the Derby- 35 boats- 49 marlin released yesterday Friday and the count at 3:30 today was another 21 released ---- 70 marlin released so far--- Friday The Bounder aka, AF Panzer anglerette, Aylson released a marlin est at a strong health 200 lbs with a Satellite tag dedicated to" RJ --That's the Bottom Line"----- Bounder in the late afternoon hours 6:45 had an est 350- 400 lb Blue come in and eat a petrelleo lure on 30lb tackle- Lala had the fish to the boat in ten minutes but it got under the boats when it escaped --- Flyingfish leads the counts with 10 fish- 9 on Friday and one today-- Bounder had 7 the first day and two today- and Motivator was on fire today with (I think)7 releases-- great tournament!! 69 marlin and a spearfish-

And the names of departed friends , captains and boats names kept the fleet alive for good memories- all welcome names and memories. -

And the Chicken song comes on strong --- puck-- puck--puck--puckp--puck--- puck-- puck puck ----hope you anglers--- all had a godd time in the derby--- see you at the awards dinner- puck-- puck-- puck---- puck--- puck--- puck--- puck--- puck- puck -puck puck-- awkk!!! thats it--- go and fun tonight--- thanks from the Ci La Vie!



Wahoo was the word----

Showers and thunderstorms associated with an area of low pressure located about 100 miles west-southwest of Cabo San Lazaro, Mexico, have continued to become gradually better organized, but there is still no evidence that the low has a well-defined center of circulation. The low is expected to move northward at about 15 mph during the next day or so, and it could still become a tropical depression before it reaches the west coast of the Baja California peninsula tonight. Interests on the Baja Californian peninsula should continue to monitor the progress of the low. Regardless of tropical cyclone formation, moisture associated with this disturbance is expected to produce heavy rains across portions of the Baja California peninsula and northwestern Mexico today and Monday, and over portions of southern California and Arizona on Monday and Tuesday. These rains could produce life-threatening flash floods and mud slides, especially in mountainous areas. * Formation chance through 48 hours...high...70 percent * Formation chance through 5 days...high...70 percent

----------------------------- Friday's Reports ----------------

Hazy blue skies this morning, a little lump to the sea and s fresh southeast which turned west early on-

Newports Bait receiver has small mixed anchovies--

Boats working to the 14 mile bank this morning- couple of paddies holding dorado- while others trolled the beaches below Dana looking for a whoo---

Oh- No--- it's a Whoo--------- Billy Seiler shows us how to do it again with a 58.4lb Wahoo taken on a Jet headed jig outside Dana this morning-- 50 lb tackle and a 15 minute battle--- had a feeling today was going to be the day-- he's been out over the past few days looking but up early and at it again this morning-- Wahoo steaks for Dinner tonight-- wahooo!





Congratulations were coming in to the Der Schnaz- releasing a fish Shane H on the fish-- Luftwaffe was, I think 6 for six this morning-- Weinerschlid was 0 for six they couldn't keep a fish on and the rest of the fleet had good scores- Radio channel was switched to ch 63--- seems the port authority at Point Hueneme didn't think it as proper to call in on their working channel all the Peskiest information! --- "Achtung-Achtung--- we released our fish --- got the Pretzel on him but no uniform --- there were two fish a jig and a bait, lost the jig fish got the bait fish-- Great fish for them up there today---

Achtung-Achtung- this is the Der Schnaz-- our Bratwurst is bent over", over' -- 1:50pm

Achtung-Achtung- this is the El Patron-/ Rommel-- our Bratwurst is bent over", over' -- 1:55pm

Achtung-Achtung ---Das Motivator-- our Bratwurst is bent over", 2:10pm released and pretzeled---

Achtung-Achtung Deutchlander our Bratwurst is bent over",2:38pm-- garb on-- ' with fresh brewski's to the captain

4 dorado 6 tuna all earlier--- up inside the 14 -- we got nothing went down to the domes--- out 15 not much life out there-- up by the 14 there w's more life-- - one big paddy with 20 boats all footballs- we found out paddy inside from there-- had it all to our selves-- good fishing for us--


--------------------------- Thursday's reports ---------------

Clear skies-- might marine haze- wind - just enough to lift the flags from the south-- no Tsunami damage-

Coastal waters ahave dropped a degree or two-

Fridays noon high tide will see a swordfish or two pop- stand by-- go get em'

Wahoo's off the Ovceanside party boat--

get your Wahoo Ballyhoos rigs ready--

Not one to miss a sale!--- JD's has Wahoo Wire Riged Ballyhoos in stock! -- double hooked and ready to go!

This information is requested to be viewed only by those in the Los Pesky's Peskyfest Mahlin Derby !---No Exceptions--- --- How many did we get-- 6-- no 7 for the day-- some tailers that would bite and of course they came up in the jigs 2 or more at a time -- Mucho Marlin he says, Andy calls in this afternoon with the Pesky only report from Anacapa Island where they found a little lumpy sea heading up the line but very nice where they were at--- in the 4- 5 miles east of the island, no white caps - a few in the channel between AC and the Santa Barbara channel- but nice---

Where added points are achieved catching a Mahlin with a beer colored lure custom made by Cousins Tackle, wearing garb of lederhosen pants and green hats w/ feathers, blue hose sox and calling in hook-up with "Achtung- give boat name ( Das Boat, Der Schnaz, Eielweiss, Gezhunheit, etc.- ) "our Bratwurst is bent over", over' with fresh brewski's to the captain ! Pretty fun fishing stand by---

6th Annual Los Pescadores Billfish Tournament September 18 - 19, 2015 Avalon, California Join the Peskys and their friends for two days of camraderie, clowning and billfishing. A Fall classic for more than a quarter century, the LPNTAINSLTBFD (LosPescadores Next To Avalon Invitational Not So Light Tackle Billfish Derby) is famous equally for great fishing on the water and great times on the beach. Contested by some of SoCal's best marlineers, the "Pesky" has a relaxed feel you just won't find in othertournaments. Sold out-- Kick off at the Chicken Coop restaurant this evening 6:30

Is that a schnitzel in your lederhosen ..

EL NIÑO/10 September 2015 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: There is an approximately 95% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, gradually weakening through spring 2016. During August, sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies were near or greater than +2.0oC across the eastern half of the tropical Pacific (Fig. 1

The atmosphere remained coupled to the anomalous oceanic warmth, with significant low-level westerly wind anomalies and upper-level easterly wind anomalies

Collectively, atmospheric and oceanic anomalies reflect a strong El Niño. All models surveyed predict El Niño to continue into the Northern Hemisphere spring 2016, and all multi-model averages predict a peak in late fall/early forecaster consensus unanimously favors a strong El Niño, with peak 3-month SST departures in the Niño 3.4 region near or exceeding +2.0oC. Overall, there is an approximately 95% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, gradually weakening through spring 2016 ). El Niño will likely contribute to a below normal Atlantic hurricane season, and to above-normal hurricane seasons in both the central and eastern Pacific hurricane basin

----------------------- Wed's Reports ---------------

Cloud cover moving out-- light swell and light west/southwest wind 3- 5 knts if any

- Coming off the back side of the new moon -- mid days high tide should bring up a few fish on that slack period--

Sat tag deployed by Black Fin Hi JD, Placed our tag on Thursday just before the Masters. 20 lb Jig fish caught by Geoff Heldoorn of the Dana Angling Club near Anacapa. Jeff

26th Annual Los Pescadores Billfish Tournament September 18 - 19, 2015 Avalon, California Join the Peskys and their friends for two days of camraderie, clowning and billfishing. A Fall classic for more than a quarter century, the LPNTAINSLTBFD (LosPescadores Next To Avalon Invitational Not So Light Tackle Billfish Derby) is famous equally for great fishing on the water and great times on the beach. Contested by some of SoCal's best marlineers, the "Pesky" has a relaxed feel you just won't find in othertournaments. Sold out-- Kick off at the Chicken Coop restaurant this evening 6:30

Is that a schnitzel in your lederhosen ..

Coastal fishing has slowed down for those Yellowtail on the Beach/ art reefs off Huntington Flats-- as well as the availability to catch the mackerels for the tails-- or marlins-- Sea lions eating the baits off the Sabiki's rigs outside of Newport this am I heard the afternoon 1/2 boat did not go out--- lack of bait?

coastal coryphane celps

Coryphaena hippurus

In watching the water temps in the big picture over the past several months, the warm water event "El ~ Nino". We see it here near the coastal shoreline for 50- 75 mile as warm water that's creep up the Baja Coastline- although offshore 100- 200 miles there is a relatively cooler body of water which has come down from the offshore northern waters - pushing almost all the way to the 20 latitude - those hurricanes over the past month or two have been steered to the outside towards the Hawaiian islands by this cooler tounge of water. Latest images shows that it has backed off and is being broken down by that warming push from the south- - we'll have to see how far that warm water goes before any cooling northern fronts work they way south this Fall- stand by--

--------------------- Tuesday's 15 th Repors -----------------

Balboa Angling Club Masters Billfishing Tournament- results-- 7 clubs- 41 boats 170 anglers, 82 hook- ups, 54 marlin released, 1st day 34 releases, 2 nd day 20 marlin released-- - High Club 1st Dana Angling Club ( team 1), 2 High Club, Tuna Club of Avalon (team 1). 3rd High Club Light Tackle Marlin Club ( team 1) , High Boat went to Blackfin w/ 108- points, 2nd High Boat went toe Kelsey Lea w 720 points and 3rd went th Good Karma also w 720 points, High Angler Shane Hurt w/ 1080 pts, 2nd- Dave Harrera 1w/ 660 pts, 3rd Greg Stotesbury w 450 pts , Berry Brighenburg w 450 pts, followed by Bob Petrina w 20 pts, and Larry Coots, jr , Don Butts, Erik Landesfeind, Don Goodwin and Bobby Leinau all had 360 pts- 6 Anglers released fish on 12lb, 9 w 16# tackle, 10 fish on 20# and 19 fish released on 30# also a Great Marlin Race Archival tag was deployed on the Magellan with Bon Butts the angler--

There were some long 8 hour battles and some short 10 minutes battles and great weather great fun- awards were held at the Harborside /Pavilion in Balboa - fun event-- look forward to next years--

Sunset and sunrise on the marling grounds-- spectaular


Huntington Harbor-: whats up the Fuel Dock in Huntington Harbor. Looks like its for sale and it is not going well. Tons of money needs to be invested in infrastructure to keep it running. May close this Fall if no buyer is found. if interested- give them a call- work on the waterfront- good clean air- lots of frendly people -------

-------------Hey JD, I was hoping you would put up our tournament on your website. The King Harbor Marlin Club marlin tourney is sept 25th-26th. It is open to any boats that would like to participate. The awards banquet is in Avalon Saturday night at the sand trap. There are prizes for 1-3 place and also a raffle with great prizes. Last year we had 13 boats. The cost is $125 per angler. I am happy to follow up with anyone interested. Thanks Peter Babros KHMC president ---------

----------------------- The past weekend-- -------------

Boats headed out to sea today to get relief from the sweltering heat inland- fishing the 14 to the 267/ 279 fathom spots was quiet for the most part this morning-- catches of skipjacks and Dorado and tuna found closer to the beach-

JD here is a picture of the striper we release and estimated 300+ blue. I'm no expert in identifying these things but the was definitely differences in physical appearance of the two and the shear size and girth of the blue? The striper was to the boat in less than 20 minutes the blue was 2 hours on the same gear. Thanks, Travis M

Marlin in the boat-- off the oil rigs-- 11:30

Flying fish flying- lots of little kelps around -- looks good

BAC Masters awards at the Harbor Side restaurant ( Balboa Pavilion) at 5 pm this afternoon- lots of good competition

Bacco the Tournament Control boat

Blackfin flying her laundry-- with her 6 fish released in the tournament

Pre-fishing for MABT - Jason Blowers fish on the Eye Candy tight to beach off Oxnard. Good times on Pacific Pioneer. Bob

-- just released a marlin--from Eric his son having released his 4 marlin for he season coming right over the 17 MJG -- Mas Tardes

----------------------------- Sats Reports -------------------

Light overcast- seas calm still some swell but spaced far apart--- Outriggers races from Newport to Catalina this morning- a string of these paddlers will be crossing the channel-

---------------Masters Tournament ---------

Unofficial catches has 34 marlin released yesterday---- more information as it becomes available--

High tide this morning will be close to the 9:45am time-- standing by-- but so far the radio reception that far away has been hard to hear or no reception at all- we'll find out-

as of 10:30 .. So far 10 fish released this morning...

Radio reception improving a bit better this afternoon- Magellan just called in with a hook up on 20lb tackle Don B the angler bait fish-- 1:55pm released it

still scratchy-- what grid-- grid 11 thanks good luck--

A rough count on yesterdays catches were 5 marlin hooked on 12 lb test line, fought to the boat under fair game and released healthy, 6 more with 16 lb test line, 10 more on 20 lb test lines, and 13 on 30lb test for the total of 34 fish released yesterday-

Master Anglers -- lines out at 6 pm-- Great tournament with close to 50 fish caught and released, great weather and great sport-- roll call at 6:05

Another 20 more fish released today for a total of 54 fish released in the tournament--

Don't forget the Pesky's next week !

----------------the tuna / marlin fleet--------------

3 for 5 right now-- soaking baits and chunking - got here at 5 watched the sunrise-- watching these tuna eating the chunks ------were not doing much up here- were headed down to you-- what are your numbers 22.8 / 43.8 near the 267 area -- maybe 20- 25 boats out here now 7:30am

WQere here right on the 152 had some breaking tuna-- and a marlin came up in the mix- couldn't get a bait to it-- yes we just had a zip too- East end of Cat-- 8:25

Right on the 33 line / 117 56 a good dorado bite going on-- 9:25

43 fathom spot- had 78 degree water temps--75.9 was the break- couple of dorado- saw a marlin- the cooler water has more fish in it- 9:37am

Real Nice and easy hooked up on the 9 --- bring it to the scales its about a 100 lb shortbill spearfish! 9:44

Predator just released a short billed spearfish-- 10:25am

And the Buona Peaca calls in with a Mission Bay Heart Tournament catch and release of the marlin for the day--- first fish was a two hour battle- estimated 350lb Blue Released took a mini 1650 Bart Miller Lure came in on a #1650, MJG and later a striped Marlin with attacked all 5 lures out hanging on the 1650 it was also released! congrats-- fishing the N/E side of the 226 fathom spot-

we licked em' up at 12/ and 23 today- almost 30 yf and a bunch of skipjacks mainly on the anchovies, just one lucky kelp

------------------------------ Fridays Reports ----------------------

Sea conditions great- a lump from the west and ground swell from the south-- no wind on it- waters warm and calm-

The Masters started off with a Bang- with half a dozen boats finding fish early on - most of the fleet were working the grounds below Anacappa Island and along the Ridge line which comes up from the West end of Cat. Santa Barbara Is and the 17 fathom spot-- tight areas of fish but the boats seemed to be working with each over jocking for positions to work the shelf's and drop offs- Yesterdays scouting of the area had a dozen boats working the area with most boats having a shot at one or two or three fish-

I show close to 40 boats participating and over 170 anglers-

Saw another marlin-- at 14/ 56 -- we hooked 4 or 5 little 7-9lb yellowfin

First Roll Call for the Masters 11:00am--- has 8 fish had been released and two more were hanging - I've got Cowboy with a fish , Blackfin with one, Teaser with one, AF Bounder w / one, Pescador w/ one, Charisma w/ one, Jeta with one and GadZukes I think has one-- Stand by-- for more

Fairly good radio reception this morning-- as the day gets along the reception seemed to diminish-- 12:14 we had the Kea Kai in grid 10 with a bait fish Bill B. the angler on 12lb test line and --12:15pm---Kea Kai -- Charley A also hooked up on 16lb test line-- bait fish too --- ah-- charlies fish just fell off-- sorry charley!

Good Karma 16 lb hooked up- bait fish Eick's the angler-- grid 11 --12:24pm

Released the fish Kea Kai on 12lb test line Bill B-- 12:28?

T/C-- T/C-- go ahead Teaser--- bait or jig-- 12:28

Good Karma we just released 12:32

GadZukes still on their fish 2- 1/2 hours so far--- ?

Kelsey Lea still fighting their fish 12:35-- just released it-- 1:10pm

Reel Time hooked up-- whos the angler-- -- tom-- sorry about that-- go get another--

T/C-- a scratch report-- ??-- 1:30 Kelsey Lee-- released- ?

two more hooks up but a scratchy report- un albe to hear correctly-- standing by- -- go ahead with the line class--

Don B. on 20 lb --2:05 Magellan Hooked up-- grid 10

GadZukes-- still on their fish passing the four hour mark 2:10

Go ahead Fish Me--

It's been one of those quiet periods for the past couple hour of so- tide's about to change -- a low tide at 3:00 anfd filling after that so there should be another run of fish bites stand by-

T/C Don Bass on 20 tackle released the fish with a sonic tage in it--- release time 4:14 pm Magallen ---The Great Marlin Race continues for 2015---

Tournament control--- the Gad Zutes calling---- the leader pated and we lost the fish--- 4:35- ! over a 8 hour battle!

Smugglers Cove on Santa Cruz has the best anchorage up there- sandy bottom- 30- 50 ft deep- some kelp outside 60- -- Afternoon Sundowners come flowing over the hills behind them - similar to Pyramid Cove - sometimes up to 25- 30- 40knts then it backs off to a nice evening- south swell can sometimes make it a bit rolly - Most of the fleet will spend the night there tonight--

AIS showing the tracking of one of the tournament boats-- working that shelf along Anacapa Island- Smuggles Cove on left Santa Cruz Island .

Radio reception poor here in Newport in the aftenoon hours as well as not many saying anything on the radio has the afternoon quiet so far--because they were all hooked up!

The Masters second roll call with be right after 6 pm tonight-- hope to be able to hear what was caught for the balance of today-- stand by- JD

A phone call in from Good Karma-- how's it going--- phenomenal fishing!!!! -- since the 11 roll call there were periods where it was quite then it's come in flurries-- three or for boats would call in with hooks ups-- singles, doubles, fish up in the jigs or up feeding- - light lines being stretched - broken or long battles and even several boats were just drifting live baits off Anacapa island where a deep shelf comes up against its eastern edge- even flying kites like the old Zane Grey Days-- multiple hooks ups with some boats with 3 and 4- 5 catches this afternoon-- Points scored with the light line and the competition between clubs is intense-- -- sounds like fun--- we'll be able to get a better idea of who what tackle later- Stand By--- 5:30pm --Possible unofficial at 31 fish released for the day--

Sorry was unable to get the roll call - will continue to work on it-- best of luck this weekend if you get out-- JD

And the story goes of the Helena - partyboat having caught a small yellowfin had a Blue Marlin after it as it was boated being quick to re-bait it back in the water and the Blue ate it- by the time they had gotten the boat started and going after it the party was over-- Blue marlin are quick!--

--------------------- Thursdays 9/ 10/ 15 Reports ------

Had a real nice one must have been 70-80 lber but it broke off- 10:20am

we ran out of bait didnt have enough to keep em going- kelp paddy were about 2 south of uyou-- saw a marlin too so were sticking around here -

Bait making at the Newport harbor entrance was good this morning-- schools of anchovies wit stacked up against the jetties-- aw was the south swell from Linda--

NW corner of the 14 just some dry paddies

08 and 36 outside Oceanside -- they said it was stupid earlier this morning- --

marking big red worms at about 75 ft- 11 over 44--- 10:49am

killer kelp with massive amounts of yellowtail-- all 4 inches!

The BAC Masters Billfishing tournamet starts tomorrow-- for those who want to listen, the tournament radio channel is 65- it's and important tournament as the Great Marlin Race with the satellite archival tags being used is in conduction with the Masters-- It is requested if possiable to please allow the tournament boats to use this channel (65) on Friday and Sat- if you can use another channel other than 65 it would be appreciated - it's needed to let the tournament control record the catches releases and as important the recording of these tags-- they are very expensive and will benefit all in the future- thanks JD

<---Water temps from 67 to 78 degrees

267 one small yellowfin off a kelp w chucks - some of the best paddies I seen all year- we jumped in but the kelps were dry-- 74 degrees we baited a marlin there too this morning

Kept one Yellow chummed them up pretty good with the cut baits--- wouldn't take anything else than the-cut squid!- we loaded up on the tuna with the squid--

A check with San Clemente Island Security- shows the Cove is open of Friday and there is a short period on Sat where it's hot form 3pm till 4:30 pm and the inside of the island is open on Sunday- JD


Reports of a few marlin here there in the southern waters- one off the upper 9 this morning, another pair seen by a party boat inside the267 and another sleeper seen 155 degrees 12 - 1/2 out of Newport

Tuna fishing was also spotty for those out-- the anchovies were the better bait to use-- unfortunately not very big in the 3 and 4 - 5 inch sizes but there worked w/ #2 or 4 hook and some chum got them going-- Dorado under a few kelps but the general saying today was seeing many kelps -- only a few holding - numbers given out today 33/ 11, 32/ 52, 33/15, 08/ 36, 17/ 59, 08/ 37 and a pair of Wahoo seen free swimming by a kelp inside the267 area-

Good luck - JD

Up Comings Tournaments--- Stand By --


the upcoming BAC Master Angler Billfishing Tournament in conjunction with the Great Marlin Race--

Hello All, Most of you are familiar with IGFA’s Great Marlin Race……a citizen science project to better understand billfish behavior and migrations. Started at Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament in 2009, the Great Marlin Race has now been expanded to 19 countries. Since then, almost 200 satellite tags have been deployed coveringover 111,000 nautical miles. If you haven’t already visited the Great Marlin Race website at please take a moment to do so. This remarkable research project would not have been possible with out the support of individuals like you. During this year's Master Angler Billfish Tournament, we hope to sponsor a satellite tag to be deployed on a Striped Marlin aboard our boat, Royal Slam. If you are able to help support this effort, a contribution in any amount would be greatly appreciated. Your donation to the International Game Fish Association is tax deductible and you will receive an acknowledgment letter that can be used for tax purposes. To help in this effort please visit the Crowdrise secure website at Thank you in advance for helping ensure the long-term survival of billfish worldwide. Best personal regards, Bob & Sally Kurz

The 2014 MABT IGMR Race Report is now available on the race page or by clicking here. Thanks again to all tag sponsors, captains, crew, and participants in the 2014 Balboa, USA IGMR. We will see you soon for the 2015 MABT! Tight Lines, The IGFA





Channel Islands Billfish Tournament!

44th Annual: Sept 12-16, 2015 Kick-off party to be held at CIYC at 6:00PM on September 11th

We dream of years like this, don't miss this years tournament, SIGN UP NOW!! Contact Us By Phone Charlie Farrell: (805) 643-2418 Troy Ots: (805) 300-0453 Jim Milles: (805) 341-6322 Mike Haase: (805) 432-3006 Skip Miser: (805) 660-9817




ABC Avalon Billfish Challange-- limited to 25 boats/ Teams , 5 per team, Marlin and Gamefish

- E-Mail Russ if interested-

Call Russ at (310) 948- 1011 or contact info at High Tide Liquor at (310) 510- 1612


Pesky's Tourney September 18th & 19th It's coming the PESKYFEST 26th- Mahlin Derby

Looking for good times and great fishing? You'll find both at the ... 26th Annual Los Pescadores Billfish Tournament September 18 - 19, 2015 Avalon, California Join the Peskys and their friends for two days of camraderie, clowning and billfishing. A fall classic formore than a quarter century, the LPNTAINSLTBFD (Los Pescadores Next To Avalon Invitational Not So Light Tackle Billfish Derby) is famous equally for great fishing on the water and great times on the beach. Contested by some of SoCal's best marlineers, the "Pesky" has a relaxed feel you just won't find in other tournaments. Come see for yourself!! Click here to download entry form and rules




1. A broad area of low pressure located a couple hundred miles south- southwest of the coast of Guatemala is producing a large area of disorganized showers and thunderstorms. Environmental conditions are expected to be somewhat conducive for gradual development of this low while it moves generally west-northwestward at about 10 mph


A good freind of mine said it correctly-- I had stackd up the dishes too high and they all fell over-- had to take a couple days off- JD

Wed-- still a bit on the down side -- we'll continue the fish reports tomorrow- sorry- JD



And the fishing continues- water temps from 65 to 75

E-mail from Pete Foxi Lady Costa Rica--


Ex tuna club presidents bg Williams on the rod - and Doug Williams releasing Marlin. Photos by Daniel Zirilli ...

Bg Williams caught and released this approx 150 pound stripped Marlin in 30 mins on 30 pound Dacron on a Fin~Nor reel (inside the 17). Sub Chaser out of Huntington harbor. Caught approx 3pm today (Sept 4, 2015). Caught on a black brown gold Rick Rose of Hawaii Marlin jig in 72 degree water.

------------------------- Last week ----------------------

Light overcast- wind - south 3- knts- seas smooth with a lump south and west-

The tuna fleet was out this AM fishing towards the 14-- Sleeper seen 6 out of the jetty-- Thought it might have been a marlin bite-- or it would have been

a Spearfish?

Boats, yachts, sailboats, skiffs -the fleets headed out for a long weekend--

Radio active with reports- Some guys finding them other still looking around

There was a lot of fish here--- we were using straight 50 --horsing em' straight to the boat--Yea we had em on the trolling gear -- and we had it all to ourselves for an hour-! 10:12am

Long Range boats-- steamed all the way uphill last night from Baja to fish the back side West end of San Clemente Island!

San Clemente Island Security-- shows - a broken schedule for the "Cove" with today Friday it hot ( SHOBA) from 9am till 10 pm tonight-- Sat its Hot at 6:30 pm till 10 Pm then Sunday hot from 4 pm till 10 pm and on Monday hot from 1 pm till midnight--

As the marlin fishing tournaments approaches- the marlin fishing reports begin to diminish- Mum's the word

1/2 boat out of San Pedro good 100 yellowfin yesterday

Limits of Bonitos for the local 1/2 boat today and a few Yellowfin mixed in with them- -

------------ Thursday's Reports ------------

Seas smooth and calm wind very light from the south in that So Calif. eddy effect - outer waters calm at 1 knts

there's a small parking lot of boats-- we're about 8 miles straight out of Dana----

Most of the boats around us are hooked up-- the Freelance has about 4 fish hanging right now and I've seen them pull over the rails another four more tuna- 9:55am

Coastal boats scoring on bass and a few barracuda Huntington Beach smaller bonitos there too

33:24 .24 / 117: 49. 080 Tuna! 10:31am

24/ over 34 --- 23 / 56 yft

1/2 Day boat score for Bongos---- 6 anglers------ 35 Yellowfined tunas --26 Skipjacks, 5 Yellowtails and a Dorado---- not bad for a 1/2 day--- Must be fishing that stuff off dana !

9 yellowtails--- we hammered them big fish too !---- put my buddy on his first Yellowtail-- we we're going to run offshore but turned and came into the beach a little windy for me-----it's only a 16 foot boat- I wouldn't call it bait we had to slow troll them to get them to swim---- 7 yellowtails from 25- 30lbs--- in by 1 pm- Local waters out of Newport 2 miles----

A boat just having returned from Catalina--- fished the East end and around the backside yesterday-- and this mornings-- Some Yellowtails off the Slide tight and spots of Bonito around--- yesterdays back side off the "V" 73.5 degrees this ,mornings water temps same place 69.8 degrees--- no marlin bites for him- Mackerel banks were holding tunas--- 5 lbers--

8-10 between Newport and Huntington was said

to be Wide open on the Yellowfin ?

JD's carry Fish Flags-- Marlin, Woods Hole Tag and Release flags ( red w/ white T ) release (all white) , Swordfish, yellowtails, Dorado, and Tunas and Wahoo Flags--- Hand sewn embodied, Call JD;s and reserve yours today--

Whoo ----Flying fish the guys yell's out as he's giving his whale / fish report-- we've seen a Flying fish so far--

Good Luck JD

---------------------------- Wed's Reports ----------------

Ocean seems deserted this morning-- looking across to Catalina from the coastline o ships seen water has a darker blue and a light south wind on it . Seems cooler.

Couple of local anglers out sea bassing and yellowtailing--

500 Common dolphins off 5 -180 out of the harbor headed south

14 had lots of paddy's a few dorado's--- lost a nice one-- got in front of me and around the bow- broke me off- also got a nice yellowtail off the same paddy- 10:33am

Scraps of Kelps an mylar floating balloon-- all have a shot at holding dorado now--

Backside west end of Clemente island has the Long Range boat chasing the yellowfin and the yellowtail- Up north there were a couple of marlin boats headed that way taking advantage of a couple of days of good weather - and see if those fish were still up there--

Good weather and from the few boats that were out they seemed to have caught both yellowfin and bluefin and tails the Bongos and other charter boat ran to the West end of Clemente/ back side outside west cove shots at smaller 12- 20 bluefins and yellowfin's and they got larger as the day went on-- good fishing- today

------------ Tuesdays Reports --------------

Almost has that Fall feeling to it with the coolness and lofty clouds- wind still out of the south in an eddy from that outer westerly - forecasted to back off tomorrow-

Pamela Rose bait boat just came in the harbor with a load of sardines--- " Best sardines I've seen all year"-- turns out they just had anchovies- but there some macks to be had next to the receiver

Dana had better bait--- kelps 209-- S/E had dorado and a looked at a few tunas-- -

Bonitos and Yellowtails to main show so far today

East End of Caltalina still hopefull for some tuna there

Great weekend of fishing --ended up with eight Marlin !

Dove opener today-- has many of the sportsmen out after those flighty birds- over , under- one behind you, coming over -- the whiff of gunpower smoke and Hoppy's #9 hard is to beat--

I like fish stories--- heard the one today of the guy wanting to catch tuna out of Avalon - small skiff-- heads out mile or so- I think has a mackeral he's dragging and hooks a fish -- almost land's it when a seal gets it-- he brings in a head------- Wahoo head!

Smaller dodo closer to the beach under kelps-

Quiet for most of the day ovecast moved in late afternoon seas smoothed out--

--------------------- Mondays Reports ----------------

A new week -- as the summer comes to a close Labor Day Weekend approaching - price of fuel not bad, fish are around and by this next weekend the wind will have let down forecast show some winds offshore afternoon hours mid/ later part of the week - looks better for the weekend- Good Luck- JD

This mornings marine coastline has a few hazy clouds and a south steady eddy breeze from the 10- 12 ks wind chop on top of it-

Several boats out today-- not saying much other than having a hard time getting the tuna to eat- tossing colt sniper lures to breaking fish--

wind was up and a bit cross-swelly

JD's has Dasiy Chain Squids is stock by Fathom Pink or Natural Gold

Keep in mind of the good sport of light line fishing for Bonito- the old standard Yankee jigs, 1/8oz R & W Jap heads and the small lightweight Cohos flys work great for them-- good sport for the kids to catch-

A look at the West coast's Eastern Pacific water temps --Warming up all the way across the Pacific--Stand By!!

weather was very nice this afternoon-- mackerel catching outside Newport Harbor a little tough-- there were some macs in the bay- but not much at the harbor entrance-- a few more Yellowtails were found up the line towards Huntington-- watch the birds- in as shallow as 100- 70 ft or less - Moon still has it's influence to the tide swings and tidal current these days

Another and another Marlin caught in SD waters


-----------------The Weekends Reports ------- --

Released a fish-- 10:19 Stan Miller tournament- Brainwave--

The radio seemed quiet after yesterdays rambling-- still a few yo yos on it and a spot or two of tuna, yellowtail or a dorado hooked for the course of the day-more and more skip jacks moving in- - Marlin boats making their way back to their ports-- The Tuna Club's Benefit went well with close to 30 fish hooked and I think I heard 10 members qualified for their club, one of the best turnouts they've had in years-- with feats of angling skills and good boatmanship-

The Stan Miller tournament has it closing at 5 pm- boats heading back in with catches and release results-- should be a great awards this evening at Basin Marine where the event is held out of-

Sporty Game heading back to the slip and awards with the laundry out- Taking top Honors for High Boat and 1st place in the Billfish category- Dorado, Tuna and Yellowtails catches also were awarded with Stan Miller Yachts and crew putting on another great event- FFFF was the theme, Family- Fun- good Food and good Fishing

Artwork byPeter J gave the awards a special significance to their catches- good event- next year join in with the fun- !

--------- Sats remarkable reports-----

Wahoo---- Coming into the BAC later this afternoon for weighing and photos-- --- hit a pink marlin lure amongst the marlin fleet on the 17 fathom spot today--half way from Santa Barbara Island and the Channel Islands-- est 35- 40lbs-- caught by 14 year old Mikko Monte aboard the Mas Tarde- - photos coming-see below JD

Marlin boats up north chasing em' hooking em and letting em' go or not- - tuna and dorado boats below hopefully or had em' chunking deep

Dropbacks and jig bites

were one for three had one up- right when you crossed our wake- we had one up in the jigs--- it's getting a little crowded---- our fish went under bgs boat!

Right on top of the 17 or that peanut below it-- all around are boats- that upper area seemed to get a am bite and the lower area on the tide change-

Lots of radio chatter-

33:06 /117:50 , -- 33 16 / 117:57 numbers given

Tides Slack at 9:50 stand by--

Still good weather up there so far- waiting for the wind--

Spotter plane up spotting tunas for the partyboats- So of 209 area-

We got one for three--about an hour ago-- got squeezed out-- were kinda a small boat compared to those bigger yachts--10:12

We released one and just popped the second one off- we did not get the photo of the first fish - it was a clean and release - 10:14

Mackerel banks from Avalon had a few skipjacks- just getting to the M bank

T/C-- Hon ny released one this morning 6:41 20 lb-

We lost a heartbreaker this morning up here on the 17 it 'was a little bumpy here this morning-- better now, Same here on the Mackerel Bank- -- was a little Mw/caps this morning but getting better now-- we've had two - bites between the 152 and the mackerel bank- --both came off-------- hey we've got a marlin hooked up now---- no its a hammerhead!

Good Karma just released a fish jig fish 10:58

Sorry lost mid-day infomations computer glitch- repairing JD


A call comes in on the phone-quarter to one pm- Erick Monte-- aboard the Mas Tardes- says they just caught a wahoo--- still shaking from what had happened-- his 14 year old son Mikko and himself- were fishing in the fleet of marlin boats up on the 17 Fathom spot-- Mikko takes the strike off a pink Hawaiian jig and boats the fish-- more of the story is to be told- now- heading back into Newport with an est - 40lb Wahoo-- --be in, in about three hours--- 37 Hatteras owned by Neal Monte Nice Catch! JD!

52.5 lbs--- on fifty lb test line- 20 minute battle, fish kept coming under the boat- not sure just what it was till they could get a clearer view- A yellowtail- spearfish-- no a Wahoo - Mikko having caught a marlin yesterday and a couple marlin earlier was game - matched with an strong Int 50 reel, IGFA 50 line and and IGFA class 50 rod it came togeather- the Hawaiian jig had a pair of hooks in her and they did their job- xx-xx 59.75, x-x 51 .5 G 24.5

Not one to miss a sale!--- JD's has Wahoo Wire Riged Ballyhoos in stock! -- double hooked and ready to go!

Mid afternoon's SMI scoring had the Good Karma with two marlin releases and the Sporty Game with two releases the rest of the fleet had singles- 30 boats in the turnout-

Stan Miller Yachts Invitational Presented by Viking and Hatteras August 28th-30th in Newport Beach, CA

Join Stan Miller Yachts and your fellow Southern California sportfishing enthusiasts at the Stan Miller Yachts Invitational, August 28th through the 30th in Newport Beach. This year we have opened up the format to all brands – but with limited entries, so reserve your spot early! Categories include: tuna, yellowtail, dorado, swordfish and marlin release.Kick-off party/Captain’s Meeting: The event will kick-off Friday night, August 28th at Basin Marine, 829 Harbor Island Dr # A, Newport Beach, CA 92660. The Shipyard is transformed into a great party area where the bar and appetizers start at 5:30 followed by a buffet dinner. Check –in and pick-up your Captain’s Bag at that time. We will go over the rules, fishing reports, etc.

SMY Invitational is excited to announce the addition of live scoring to our tournament provided by Reel Time Apps. With this app you will be able to see all the boats & anglers participating. We will be updating you with all the action in real time. There are three ways to watch our live scoring: an iPhone app, an Android app, and a Web app which are all free to download and use. There are unique features such as following a boat, receiving push notifications when boats have caught fish, tournament photos, view the schedule and rules, and much more! Download the apps today and stay tuned when the fishing gets hot! Click on the links below to download or you can search “Stan Miller Yachts Invitational” on your app store. iPhone and Apple Watch link: Android Link: Web Link: Look forward to seeing you all at the tournament!

Release off Palos Verdes 42/28. Mike and Leane on Ace Hi.

five yellowtfin and dorado and a short billed spearfish! Dos Gringos--

they're tailing up --- big one was just up--- 4:45

---------Fridays Reports -------------------------

Released qualifying fish on 20lb Dacron-

Radio reports good from northern water to below the border- everyone's hot looking for shade!

T/C AM radio roll call had about 1/2 the boat had either hooked up, had released one or were fighting one then- good fishing with light line dacron - 12- 20 and 30lb test lines

Northern Waters- Marlin fishing--- they bit yesterday fish moved inside a bit-- this morning they're all over the place-- they're all behind the boat not in front of the boat-- boats spent the night in Oxnard for the evening- last night- good weather hot and flat-- Santa Barbara north 74 degrees, water A good bite on the tide this morning--

we've got 17 yellowtail so far--- bait schooled metered but no bite yet ( tuna fishing)

came up about 4-5 miles off the whistle buoy caught us offguard good for one tuna- 45- 50 lbs-- looking too greasy -- it blew up Mw/ a dozen or more came up

kelps on the 43 hold a few small fish- skippies- good looking weather-- S/W of the 43 the Bluefins were said to be hanging around- moon?

Reports from BD- of marlin in numbers by the Hidden Bank below the border and near the Knuckle !!- fish

Couple of sleepers seen outside of Dana this morning couple more tailers seen between the 14/ and shipping lanes yesterday afternoon- - outside the oil rigs tuna-- with the dolphins-- that keep swimming couldn't get them to stop- !

Moon getting full-

182 greasy and calm not much going on- mackerel back also said to be calm- about 10 purse seiners were here earlier- dragging- when we first got here could see all the's boats fishing didn't elise till we could see them they had nets overboard they all leaving now-- 10:50am

Mike just release one on 12lb -- Cazador--- Greg gets the congras- 10:55

were right outside the Point Loma== it's wide open-

smaller Yellowfin off Catalina Island East end--

couple of big bluefins not a lot-- few kelps a few terns-- 33/ 22

Any reports from the Coranordo Islands-- saw a marlin some life-- too foggy-- soupy

2 teaser for jig purple

Congrats--- thanks - now I can walk up to the porch with my head held high ---- had a strike ealier fell off the outside rigger --- do what you can from the man upstairs - have him get us a fish-- Ok we'll do what we can-- Hey we've got to go -----got a bite-- 11:38am

-- ah--- Andy--- yu got any paper plates-- we only have four paper plates- we've plenty of food but only four paper plates- - they're in the trash bag we sent over--

E-Mail fron yesterdays fishing- out of Newport ---Hi JD - Took a family trip on the BIG G yesterday to the local tuna areas. Ended up with 20 YFT tuna from 20-40 lbs on a 4 hour drift. Light line and flouro and many lost fish to begin but they were biting straight 40 lb mono at the end. On the way in we found boiling tuna and bird schools as close as 8 miles from the harbor entrance with 74.5 degree water. Keep up the great reports! Gary

I see it jumping right now--- what was it--- a tailer that turned into three feeders--- nice job--- 12:31pm

whats your water temp sayt- mine must be broken-- 76.9-- mine says 79 ! amazing so nice out here

T/Controll-- we've got a double going-- --- ah- ah--- we've got Peter on 20 and Larry on 20--- 1:13pm

03/ 33 and there's a good bite going ( I think tuna)

finaly got a decent stop on the tunas-- think we'll bend it in now-- yea we got a few bigger dorados --had a nice big one in the deeper water that jumped on the jigs-- below the 43---- we're heading in too-

Charisma on a 12 lb fsih-- 2:17pm

33:41/ 119:05 lots of bait at 100 ft and some surface bait--

the Afternoon hours and tide change-- weathere haot and flat-- boat after boat making their way out the harbors- headed to the releif of the islands cool anchorage and ad ip in the sea.

A call up north to the marlin fleet to see if much had developed over the afternoon's tide change today -- a few fish hooked but not as many as yesterday's afternoon tide change -- but the Tuna Club has close to 20 marlin caught in their Benefit Tournament -all on light dacron fishing lines and yesterday's Linen One was topped by Playing Hooky with two fish on 9 thread line and a six thread line battle that went for several hours - it broke off-

Hey JD, Great tuna fishing yesterday again on Surly Mermaid. Biggest fish weighed 58.5 lbs at the BAC. Caught on 20 lb with an anchovy on a size 2 hook. :) Lots of tuna out there and light boat traffic. Cheers, Ali

Bongos 3 calls in with their fish count--

Finally got a few yellowtall--- on the boat ended up off Frog rock - seals were a problem-

Came out of Cat harbor-- fished 499- 267 tuna boiling everywhere but did not see a marlin

AIS shows the Intrepid fishing the Farnsworth Bank this afternoon- probably with a kite too!

------------------------ Thursdays Reports-----------------

Boiling sunshine inland and hazy foggy conditions on the coastline-- offshore it clears up better-

that's our third baitfish--- did you just get that one right after we talked-- yep wasn't a minute afterwards - man your your hot-- 9:44am

we got too close to that kelp--- now the boats a bloody mess's from the dorado--

Camp Pentelton has some war maneuvers going on some areas restricted

371 fishing for tunas ----south 2 -3 miles marlin in the jig and another under under the boat--

you might want to creep back over her-- there were a bunch of feeders here just a minute ago-- 10:44am

Had an hout and a half on that yellowfin-- hammerhead got it--- cut the line the fish was still swimming under the boat we tried to get it but the hammer had got it--

47/27-- 43/ 35 lots of paddies some holding dorado and short supply of tuna taken today--

Water temps from 64 up to 78 degrees with a spread from below SD to the Channel islands--

The Tuna Club a Avalon will be hosting their Linen One tournament today( antique tackle only-- followed by their Annul Avalon Benefit

I hear KK was three for four so far today2:00pm

12:46 hooked up on 6 thread linen line--- Magellan-

A call from the Pacific Pioneer--- still fishing the west towards Santa Barbara Island and above from there--- most of the fleet had two and threes or had shots at them-- Gorgeous weather---

Kelsey Lee-- Chase lost his fish earlier and Playing Hooky just lost his fish after two and a half hours--

There's a hot spot about 1/2 way from Catalina to Clemente Island Mackerel Bank thaw was alive with tuna today--- also a boat off the East end of Catalina spots a big marlin jumping big--- reminded him of a Blue or maybe a Black Marlin-- wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a Black around-- Better break out the heavy tackle!




Risso's Dolphin and metering the squid beds helped find the fish-- Marlins -morning and mid day fishing afternoon a west wind help bring up a few tailers and they came in on the jigs-- PP had another one releasing 5 for the day--


A reminder that there are two FAD's out there--- one off Catalina and another Dana - if you've had any experiences with these - give me an e-mail good or bad and I'll pass it along to Pete who had them build and gifted them to the fishing community--

Two FAD have been placed in our local waters.

THE CORRECT #'S FOR THE FADS ARE AS FOLLOWS: off Catalina is 152 spot 33" 14' 589 / 118" 10' 656.590 and the 267 spot is 33" 17' 845 / 117" 48' 419 , these # are very close and depending on current, tides etc, should work, Appeciate you Help, let us know how you do- Hopeful this will be the biggining of more to come

the photo at left shows the FAD , it's actual position "V" would be invered with bouys suporting it upright and the weight below.

Both are placed below the surface. depending upon the current you should see them on your soun der between 50' and 150". My reasons for doing this 2 fold, -- #1, I am hoping to enhance the fishing experience for everyone ---- #2 Assuming this experiment is successful then perhaps more will be placed in the future, so that more people can enjoy our sport. I have attached a picture to give you a rough idea of what the actual fad looks like. We used approx. #1500 of weight tethered with 25' of 1/2 long neck chain to 3/4 polypro #12,000 test rope to the float, using poly pro stringers through out. I am hopeful you guys have another great season, the only thing I would ask is, that if you do fish the fads, that you would give an accurate report on your trip, good or bad -Pete--- Send info to JD-s

-------------------- Wed's Hot and muggy report --------------

Muggy- still a south wind at maybe 7-8 9 knts some marine haze and mugginess to it- banks of fog out there--

Speculations ran vivid yesterday of the lack of fish biting in relations to that of the day before, low pressure system was to blame as was the southwest wind which was said to shut off the bite everytime. Boats metering fish under a paddy deep- --chunking, live baits, lures just about everything they had in the box would not entice a bite from the fish- must be the low pressure or south wind or maybe the fog- or time of sunlight or wind or moon or water clarity, salt ph factors phosphors plankton, or may they were just full-?

38/ 39 kelp with dodos and yft

Boats were out-scattered- but a lot of boats-- tuna fishing- marlin fishing - wide open nothing for some- some tales of tails and tales of tunas coming over the gunnels

Blue whale off South Laguna 29.55 / 48.03

North /Northeast-- quick we just couldn't keep up with that pod of dolphins-- got on the fish once 1

75 degrees off the La Jolla Canyon off color

As far as bait, Newport/ SA Pedro didn’t catch sardines between San Pedro and Newport for three days, but they were able to connect with them again last night.

Hey JD, Hooked up a nice sized marlin yesterday on Naut Hooked, 11 miles off the beach at Camp Pendleton. Ate a sardine on 25 lb test. Great fight for the 15 minutes that it lasted! -- Dennis. O

He said the Halcos-- did the trick for them 7 knts and you'd put em on the deck all day long--- JD's has a few Halcos in stock now--

jig fish and tailers caught this morning-- another marlin seen 4 south of the 14 Mile Bank 11:59am

All these kelps have dorado-- --- outside-- did you say there was tuna on them-- they've got everything on them tuna, tails dorado skipjacks- just cast out and put it in the holder- you'll be bit-- other's said they could find a kelp?-

Tried to bait this marlin four times-- and wouldn't take it-- had all this bait under the boat-- put it into idle and moved away--- had all these fish come up--- a foamer put the bait in w/ 20lb test--couldnt get a bite--cast the poppers right into the middle of them wouldn't stick------ we're just going to puts some bait out and take a nap! 1:14pm

good luck if your gettting out over the next couple of days--- JD

--------------------------- Tuesdays Reports -------------

Light breeze from the south-- mixed cloud cover/ overcast wind ripple and small chop on the water-

Pilot house boat inside the 209--- you guys fishing light tackle?--- 8:02am

33: 02 / 117:38 about 15 off the beach--- on a good one paddy-- we're almost full- come on down-!!- 8:22am

8 1/2 out of Dana-- were headed in now got 9 in the box-- what were they on paddy- birds- crashing-- 9:08am

49/ over 45 numbers were flying so fast hard to keep up them-

33:10-/ 117:48- --- 11/38--- 13/36

sounded like there were a few more tuna jig strikes - on feathers, plugs and such-

tropical weather-- got a bit more blow to it by 10 am

Ballyhoos rigged w' Circle Hook and Chin weight for dropbacks or hooked in the belly w/ weight for either dropback or off the riggers of flat lines also unrigged Ballyhoos available too at JD's call to reserve yours today- JD

We've been on this same drift for about three hours --- been steady pickin' at em--

How ya doin-- nothing but skipjacks for us so far

Amizion -- say that marlin tailwalk that was amazing-- 11:01am

Boat with the wind open bite--- can you give me your general area--------- Pacific---

off the Domes yellowfin tuna 6 off the beach got the three tuna and a marlin released-

Kelps were in short supply---

How 'd you do today--- #2 bait hooks 1/2 oz egg sinker and anchovies--- 6 1/2 off Laguna and we got 15 Yellowfin this morning- it was great!

Marlin hook ups off the party boats off Malibu!

bongos 2 6 anglers 15 ytf-

------------------------- Mondays 24th reports -----------------

Still going on----- two stops maybe twenty fish, last two schools wanted to bite-- of we had the bait-- large mackerel were all we had- 46/ 43 big As-- school 10:16am

Steady one's-- two's we've got three going now-- and the tuna fishing continues- remarkable - 181- 182 starting to see more life out here--

Swordfish seen-- swimming uphill- squirrelly as they came up to it-- 10:26am

JD, thanks for the tackle and advice. Adam Cleary and I each released our first marlin yesterday. Ended up going 3 for 4 on the day. We are hooked, was an incredible day. Sean

You guys on the 05 / 42 yellowa and bluefisn still doing any good?

JD, Finally tried the kite and it worked well for us. My largest was 56.6 lbs. I'll never leave home without it again. Jeff

Baby Yellowtails under paddies and spanish mackerel were in the bait receivers scoops

Long range weather for outer northern waters for the next weekend shows a wind from the west, Sat- Sun and Monday--

flylining , chunking all the dead stuff we've got-- just landed one around 50 the others were 40:bs-

Marlin jumping -- 6 off Dana- 12:09am

He said he'd circumnavigated all the way out to San Clemente island and up to Catalina- best water he found was the lee of Clemente where big Yellowfin tunas were jumping out of the water while he was at anchorage-!-

Reports of remarkable fishing west of Catalina over the past weekend-- counts up to 14 fish off one boat released in two days-- fish in the jigs AM hours-and came up on the daisy chained squid rigs for most of the day or tossing at tailers in the afternoon hours--

That was quite a ride --two -there hour stop lost four to that hammerhead-- it was litterly on our swimstep- yes we had it eat one of our tunas tail-- we're out of bait headed home--32:44.469 / 117: 40. 195

Bai receivers -- MB just had big mackeral --SD and limited bait to one scoop only-

Hot paddy yellowfins ands tails paddy- 32: 57/ 117:51- 32 11751

young man come in the shop t his afternoon- having been out - enjoying the day-- points at the chart and says schools of small bonito outside Newport 3- 5-6 miles up and down the coastline- he'd chased the schooling yellowfin -as they popped up mid channel shipping lanes with best results by getting front of the fish and shutting down the engine- tossing in a few live ones in the slick left behind in the wake of the boat as it turned sideways-- dumping a hooked bait in with it-

lots of tuna - spent the day catching em' now spend the afternoon cleaning em- wound up with 52 fish -

we're headed down to Dana to get some bait--how was it today-- it was narley-- they were biting--bongos got up to 80 lbs--- they were biting-- same area--

so the radio late in the afternoon- says---- I know it's late and everyone's already go in-- we're coming back to Dana Pt on a straight course from the 181 we're 24 miles out and there's breaking tuna everywhere--- we've got so many we can't fish them and no bait either-- they're everywhere out here!! -- 6:32pm High tide was at 5:50pm-- Afernoon weather almost glassy- sweet-

------- The Weekends Reports----

\Gray morning- light wind - south- seas good- - stayed partly cloudy for most of the day--- moon's filling stand by for improved fishing--

Spots of tuna still around-- meter marks 150- 200 deep- with once in a while they would be at 50-60 feet- that's when we tossed in the baits and got bit

left the parking lot at the 209--- headed S/E not much for us so far-- 10:am

you still on the 14--- no headed to the 150 we've got 4 tuna so far-- how's you do ? yellowfin 3 on bait off the 277,

Nice sized Yellowfin tuna-- one on the yo- yo --two on bait- -- 277, 11:00om

others on the 14 report no luck--

solid tuna in front to the dolphins--- we hooked a couple of em 30-40 lb saw some 60- + there- between east end of catalina and the 277

33: 35/ 119: 01 marlin up-- 2: 00pm

we got 6 tails allready-- what were you doing --drifting? -- slow trolling with the dines-- 150 area--

Boats who stuck it on on the tuna grounds did well- 5 or 6 fish- a couple lost,- fair fishing- but still encouraging to be out there--- they even popped up late in the afternoon outside Dana Pt. Marlin fishing was reported good above the SB island with action on drop backs or in the jigs- roving bands of seals - weather got better and better and the afternoon hours up there was nothing short of spectacular- with singles, doubles and triples going, guys and gals off the bows fighting fish and fish in the jigs-- fun fishing!!

Good luck this week- JD --moons filling

------------------ Sat's Reports---------

Radio coverage- incredible changed - from one channel to another reports back and forth-- sounds like the tuna fishing continues and marlin fishing up north has great coverage-- weather nice-- light high cloud cover- sea's are welcoming-

52 over 35 tuna--

same marlin up again 23 / 14 10:20am

hooked four -got three- farmed lost one--

Jeff--Jeff- you want me to gaff that for your

same set of numbers as last week and they're still here!-

We had just passed the 209-- saw a few birds a boil of bait - drove by em' with the jigs and threw a handfull of bait and they came up on the baits-- 11:01pm

Northern marlin boats were spreading out -- find good meter marks on massive bait schools-- some birds and looks good- still looking for the marlin though 11:04am

sounded like the tuna fishing was tought for the party boats-- how'd you do so far for the day-- found a kelp -- got one dorado and one yellowfin-- you got me beat by a yellowfin--

A call from Tim M - thay were up above Sata Barbara Island- a little lumpy seas ther this AM - better mid day-- and lots of marlin for the fleet- also seeing fish jumping, big fish- some jumping on the ends of strings too- boats were into the doubles + there today- others worked the self coming down from catalina to SB - finding fish there too!

-------------------------- Fridays Reports ---------------------

Cloud cover and a mixed sea----- 150 area had a yellowtail bie early on- SD fleet fishing outside Encinitas 15- 20 miles---

Newports Bait-- med- small anchovies- a few mixed sardines in a scoop

E-Mail this afternoon JD took my son Ryan and his friend Reef fishing Thursday in search of tuna. We landed 3 out of 5 ( 2 poorly tied knots) 30-35 lb fish and good 20 minute fights. Long soaks and cutting up dead baits for chum line produced all 5 bites. Ryan and Reefs first local YFT, the boys were pretty happy coming in. We landed our tunas 10 miles off the domes then headed closer to DP in search of yellowtail but no luck. Practicing and preaching conservation. John M

Despite the full departures of boats headed out the harbor today for the weekend-- not many fish reports said on the radio-- weather turned better as the day progress by late afternoon wind from the south at 2- 3 knts- seas have subsided- nice-- have a great weekend-- JD

------------------- Thursdays Reports ------------------

Light cloud cover wind light from the south and seas fair- light wind ripple,

Whale watching boats have found a couple of Blue Whales a good showing of them today - south of Newport and other krill / red crab feeders south out of Dana- Common dolphins were out towards the Oil rigs--

Long Range boats found the tuna grounds off Carlsbad approx at 33:00 / 117:35 -- not much of a bottom structure there, couple of small high spots, 389 392, Currents show the area to have a flow of water at 0.366 kts Dir: 151.31° from N

A call from one of the old masters- Ed Martin having gone out to the marlin grounds on the Retriever out of HH earlier this week- 5- 6 7 miles above Santa Barbara Island ---one day--had 8 or 9 bites, released 4 - lost 2 with broken hooks! Not bad fishing for an old guy!

E-Mail Report ----Hi JD, Rod Neighbors and I fished yesterday on Tarvana. Rod caught a nice Bull Dorado on a one of the lone paddies just off the 267. We wrapped the day up fishing the Santa Ana River Pipe for Yellowtail. Rod nailed a nice lunker on a slow trolled mackerel. Shortly after landing the Yellowtail, we also were treated to an amazing display of breaching by a pair of Humpback Whales that got as close as 25 yards from our boat. It appeared as though they were doing a mating ritual, on occasion breaching simultaneously right next to each other. An amazing sight in 70 feet of water! Regards, Chris A

Bongos 111--- 3/4 day report---- 5 anglers-- 20 YFT- 5 dorado 1 skijack tuna -

All it took was one paddy-- several of the LR boats out of SD and a few privates-- politely fish it-- and they all did well-- not much else above there-- outside Lucadia 12- 14 miles a lone paddy 75 degrees Yellowfins-- and Dorado--

Making a challenge of it-- will be anglers trying to catch a Marlin or Tuna for the Tuna Club of Avalon with their Linen One tournament on antique tackle- wooden rods, old reels and lines made from twisted linen flax lines - Aug 27 followed by the Benefit Tournament on the 28 and 29, the Club has helped the City of Avalon for over a hundred years -JD's has 9 thread Linen line in stock- go have fun with it! -

They ran up to the Marlin grounds above Santa Barbara Island yesterday-- didn't get there till around 10 am - put em' in-- great looking spot- birds pick at the squid on top- Rissos whales around --good sea life-- hadn't been there ten minutes had a had a double on- young man aboard caught is first Marlin, and second and third and forth! They pounded the area back and forth - go ten minutes or a half hour between bites-- made the run down to SBI for the night- windy, swelly, rolly night-- back up there this morning --sea life was there but seemed a different bite, the birds weren't on the pick and a different bite-- still they released six fish for the two days-- Charisma

-------------- Weds Reports ---------

Yesterdays Yellowfin tuna fishing below the 267 - was reoported good- afternoon bite

Marlin bites on the sardines while fishing for tuna off the East end- 5 miles off Church-

Talked to a couple of boys who had just came in from the 14-- they hadn't done much-- beautiful day on the water-- a little wind coming up 2 pm- returning to NB harbor finding schools of small bonito 2 miles out-- they said the radio chatter they had heard was from the 209 and S/E or to the outside of the 209-

- Local party boats split-- some were catching calicos, releasing a bunch of smaller ones a couple of tails and some bonitos- the othere 1/2 went offshore--- 42 yellowfin and a dorado and a skipjack

Cousins Tackle recreates the famed 1220 C Mackerel Clone lure - available at JD-

Hook rigging# 101 for marlin--- it's all theory mind you- they (the fish) may be striking short one season, then next climbing all over the jigs the next - Whacking them aggressively this morning or just tapping them with just the slightest interest later on. Single hook or double hooks- stiff rigged or free swinging or a mix of both. Which is right? New ideas emerge or fade away each year, conceptions change. But the proven theory's over time prevails. The fish are built in a physical way , their mouths bills and jaw bones are always shaped the same, maybe even their philosophy remains the same. You can use these characteristics to improve the strikes and the solid hook ups- Over the years I've developed my own theory - On the question of Single or Double hook Rigs. Double hooks hook or snag more fish, simply two hooks catch more things than one hook- they also catch more weeds and everything else in the water. They are a maintenance issue, you have to check them for weeds more often and keep the hooks straight within the skirts to swim well. Single hooks are easier to work with and will allow the lures to swim and look better in the water. The single hook drives well but it's hooking radius is limited. 6/0, 7/0, and 8/0 sized hooks are most common for Stripers, those fishing light lines of 16/ 20/30 lbs can fish the 6/0 and 7/0's well but an 9/0 is to big to drive. 50 and 60lb test lines can support the bigger hooks. Striped Marlin have a fixed upper bill and a flexible lower jaw that clamps upwards, the inner roof of its mouth is the softest area to lodge a hook in or adjacent to it where that soft tissue joins the jawbone. Hooks have to find a home in that soft tissue, wrap around the rounded jawbone and hang or drive into the hard bill it's self. The style of hook must adopt to the bone or flesh. One theory and there are many- is that the fish either strike or take a lure presented to them- They like to "Strike" brightly colored lures (Oranges/bright Greens/Yellows/ Reds) and "Take" resembling or natural colored looking (mackerel colored, dark greens or dark colors) lures- and this method of attacking the lures require a different style of hook to be used. When Striking or bill whacking at a lure- a hook a curved-in barb style (7691S) catches, snags better than an opened throated one- which if it doesn't hit at the best angle it bounces off. With an more resembling looking lure the fish try to "Take" or swallow /eat it from behind, the hook style (7732) with the bigger "bite" radius will catch deeper in the fishes mouth where it finds the softer tissue. Keeping that hook in a "Stiff" relations to the leader and it's pull helps to drive that hook better. - Gook Luck any questions or ideas please call or email- - JD or just go hookless and drop a bait back!

-------------- Tuesdays reports -----------

Different day- still a south wind / s/sw and light seas much better with high coastal clouds, a patch o blue develop

Not as many weekday radio reports these days as summer begins to wane

Tuna still up with the same old stories--- seeing em' but reluctant to bite-- S/E of the 209

Not much in the way of private boats talk but the party boats were still scoring away on the tunas further south below Dana- outside oceanside-

-And the Yellowtail continue to pester the anglers off the San Pedro flats- good fishing for the tails continues they're in a spawing mode- concidering all the breading stock of yellowatil that have been removed from the "local waters- SD - LB" over the past year, it's over the million count- be good to let some of them go -the resourse will need some in the future- and one or two are enough they're big fish- JD

East of the 267 the tuna bit-and Dorado---- good-


The marlin-- reported on the northern grounds were feeding on squid-- metered on the shallower water north of Santa Barbara Island from 200+ deep-- durung tide change the squid came up - along with it the marlin-- in bunches attacking the trolled jigs- some feeders and a few tailers-


queit on the radio - -- Bongos got the tunas and dorado-- 4:30 spots of tuna up schooling up-

sounded like there were some seiners out ther making sets--


------------------------- Monday' s Reports -------

Strong coastal wind from the south at 12- 15 has put wind chop on it-- cloud cover with spots of blue behind it- off the beach it got better-

Weak transmission--- sounded like Stan was congratulating George on a released fish- and a call to JD's earlier in the morning of a marlin being hooked and released off the Avalon Bank-

The Crusader , Scott calls in releases one at 33:23 / 118: 10 on a Bk/ Pr jig-- while coming home from Catalina island this morning-- Rob on the fish-- good wake up call!

Yellowtail fishing still going on off the HB Flats and above the Rigs-- nise sized fish they'e grown over the summer--

Hey JD, Decided to give the offshore and my wallet a break this weekend. Went 3 for 3 on Saturday, done in an hour. Brought my friend Zach out on Sun, landed this 28.6# guy on light gear. Great Newport fishing! Shando

Afternoon reports say that congrats were in order to Stan from George- -- not much in the way of small boat traffic- sloppy ocean- just getting to the point late in the mid day where yo could actually stand up without toppling over- -- Vick out over the 14 with a report of a good amount of bait terns and sea life about 4 or 5 past the 14 seen s blow up of tunas there early but slow trolling baits went without a bite- inside the 14- 4 miles another good meter mark of bait seen- tide doesn't bottom out till later in the afternoon 5:30 - wind still out of the south 12- 14 knts-

Big Bluefin also in the Mix-- some of boys stayed in the Oceanside tuna grounds--

Fishing Kites were in demand this past week-I've got some of the Boston Fishing Kites on order -another week out -- JD) if your in need of one quickly-- a simple stop at the local 5 & Dime or toy store for the inexpensive kites they have- shape like colorful butterfly's, birds, owls, hawks and even seagulls, - Easy to use, inexpensive if you loose it-- put a small blow up balloon on the back to help find it later /floats and take the time to lay it out beforehand to secure the tie downs, etc --easier on land then sea, comes with it's own cheep kite string which breaks away easy ( square knot helps right above the tie to the fishing line) - and simple and effective to use--- put out a rigged bait some 50 - 75 feet behind the boat while traveling into or cross into the wind -4- 5 knts, toss the bird kite into the wind and she sails up easily and quickly, let her up another 50 - 75 feet-then tie the kite string directly onto the fishing line that's got the bait trailing, tie snugly so it doesn't slide up and down the line, cut off the rest of the kite line so that the bird kite fly's up and takes the fishing line with it- and feed back the fishing line as far as you want-- the bait will be suspended by the bird kite-- pump the fishing rod and the bird kite flaps her wings and lifts up -- the bait skipping higher-- boat driver needs to keep into the wind while angler keeps tab on kite and baits-- have fun- JD

E-Mail-- Same story similar results.. Myself ( the e-mail sender) and Wes from Kens Custom Reel in Oceanside,Ca were able to put another 130# and 150# Bluefin this am. What a great year just getting better. Both fish on 100# Blackwater flouro and 7/0 super mutu

--------------The Weekends Reports -----------------

Who brought the fog--- marine layer on the water- removing as the sun gets on it- - seas good- angling good too

Water's are blueing up- pushing 74 degrees he said--

Spots of Krill and crab have brought in more Blue Whales - spots of up on the surface at the mid-days tide slack-

Released one 8:46, it's his first one--- an weak radio transmission, we've past the 175 headed your way-- see any life?--- seen a few tuna birds off the 175 and at the 172-- inside tuna birds -- found a couple paddys tossed some baits for nothing --We're on way there- same area as yesterdays numbers-- maybe a little south- four or five boats spread out -- all working together were working the Southern edge

A stronger radio reception-- we had 4 hooked up-- one came off--- right where your at---- hooked two of them --one stretched us all out before we could get to it and we released one- there's a pile of them there!! ----- 10:09

Marlin Chatter- (Northern fleet above SB island) Greg's pulling right now-- we went three for five yesterday--36/00 right now-- weather today a lot kinder--10:15am

The tides are peaking mid day for the next week-- good swordfish tides as well as marlins- stand by--

We've got one on!---- it may be a Blue-- and it's spooling us--- it's not stopping we're backing down------ 11:50am--- it's big-- taking off-- --- may be its' a big tuna--- 500 yards-- coming back up now-- -- that's a good tuna---

it's weird-- there's no bait no birds - they're just coming up in the jigs MJG was one of our colors--

the northern, northern fleet --we had one knock us down trolling up the Ridge past the 17 by the 63--- fishing where we where last week-

the northern- northern - northern fleet fishing below Anacappa Island 5 - 6 miles we had the quad there earlier there this morning-- one one out of the four we releassed another boat release two and one other boat had one release

The afternoons returning to the harbor- Long days on the water- sunburnt faces and flags flying- along with a few fish stories of the ones that got away---

------------Tuna Chatter-------------

kelps holding a handfull of dorado for the partyboats- kelps we had yesterday had yellows and tunafish- no dorado-

we got em' boiling all around the boa-t hope we can get one- we got a couple--- the boys were done-- sick - little bit of bait showing-

seeing a bunch of breaking fish---- we got not bait--- coming back from Catalina-- birds-- bait-- fish jumping-- 27 and 57 4:21pm

sounded like the tuna bite quieted down for the day- more yellowtails caught

------------- Sat's Reports ----------------------

Hot-- Hot-- the day's mornin'g coolness is soon open to the glaring sun

This one didn't want to go away--- Todd got one earlier inside these numbers -- come on --mossy on up here and catch a bunch-- came up on the MJG-- Paul K gave it a drop-back bait -- just released it-- Blue Chip-- ---- 33:35 and 19:02- lots of birds-- this fish must have puked up a bucket full of squid-- 9:26 -- tides starting to back off as the slack is at 10:52--- congrats from the fleet!

and in the southern tuna fleet on the 32:40 line fishy looking, but they were again so far today tough to get a bite from and if hooked a tough fish to land--

277 had a fleet- slow trolling sardines--

Bait supplies tough at receivers- mix of mackerel and sardines or chovies

The Yellowtail fleet working the shelf outside Long Beach- only 5 miles out of the slip-- breezing schools coming by every 15- 30 minuets - and some grumpy sand bass too

yea we spent the morning outside Oceanside cutting up chunks-- no love for us there- so we headed out to the 181 - 182-- nothing out there but a parking lot-- inside the 209 a small area of fis were biting- 10:30

another hour of babble and contentious rhetoric-

We just got hung- got two going on the chunks right in out slick we could see em- where you at --- 01 and 34 11:04

at 8 fathoms off the HB

we broke off 4 or 5 landed about 4-

-120 degrees from the 209 16 1/2 miles - 32 :54.55 / 117:37.12 a school of yellowfin- we left em' biting at the boat-- 11:50am terns working-- threw some bait-- they're in the area-- we lost a bigger fish black and purple dasiy chains - broke off 40lb

We're close to you 33:04 / 117:46 - we've got one going -- fish are starting to show-- 12 noon


my buddy just released his third one---- right in the fleet- southern end of the fleet- - we dumped 4--- 0 for 4 --- you seeing anything thing birds jumpers tailers anything-- --- all in the back-- we've not even lookng forward got two guys in the cockpit-- I dumped four --- there's a strong down hill current - a knt - knt and a 1/2 downhill, didnt think I'd get bit charging downhilll like that-- got bit on the MJG on the riggers--- the riggers are gettin bit-- their coming up on the short lines but the riggers are the ones that are getting bit--

big school of sauries up-- just had a marlin up and feeding in it- 12:58

we had a double on---then a third one that hit the lure --- passed up the boat and went in front of us-- wasn't anything I could do-- !- Yea they're here-- it's going to be a good season for them-- we got clobber here earlier--

and I'vw got three sharks on me--- 00 and 28 --we just lost the one fish lost it on 40 and lost two others-- we just keep losing em- and now the sharks! 3:42pm

08 and 35 got four hanging--- bigger models-- 3:46 pm

really big fish here-- got three hanging and we cant see color yet- fishing the 30 and 40-- just had a tripple and pulled three hooks befor- lots of kelps along this line-- Ok-- that what we started with 3:47

We had to leave--- sharks a Hammerhead and a 150lb Blue shark - after spending so much time on the fish -then the fish takes off with the sharks around went 2 for 8 lost a really big fish pull the hook- 00/ 28

We just landed this monster must be 4 ft long -- need to lay down-- fought it for 2 hours-- 4:21pm

We got one!- jig fish---one out of 6 jig bites--- same spot -- I though this was a blue at first--- wrapped around some kelp 300 yards away- next thing e knew war 50 from the boat-- big fish- allright buddy we're going to put them back in-- 4:55pm

boat returning from offshore - just hooked three dorados off a Kelp only 5 out of the harbor- Newport- 6:48pm

Morning hours the radio receptions was extra good- boats from Santa Barbara Island to hear the Coronado Islands - and the reports were good -- by mid day radio reception went downhill- late in the afternoon. a Sat phone call from the Bounder-- they had done it again today with 6 fish ( marlin) being released out of the nine strikes-- all behind the boat-- Andy says they had see a pair of tailers- that found them-- had a pair of double, singles -- Lala released three and Aylson also released three fish , Doug C in the pit- one of the prime area was above Santa Barbara Island along that canyon that comes up at the northern end of the Catalina Escarpment, coming from a depth of 700 fathoms rising to a 172 fathom high spot and further to the 175 fathoms spots and the western edge of that ledge . Pay attention to reserved areas- - I believe all of the other boats up there scored fish too with releases of 1 2 and 3 fish per boat-- When asked on colors- MJG and Petrollo were good for the Bounder-- Congrats- JD

------------ Fridays Reports --------------

With the heat wave there were a lot of boats starting their weekend early hading over to Catalina for the break from the heat- Wind this morning light

from the west at 6- 7 knts with a small mixed sea- a little chunky he said-

Big foamer we slid right into it- working further south than we did yesterday- closer to the border-

This mornings mix on anchovies and small sardines we good baits for the tuna fish dorados and tails- toss in a few dead ones a couple of live anchovies and bait up with a small sardine- all good

Every boat around me is hooked up to a yellowtailed tuna- 10:32

came into a tail end of a bird school hooked three than it all vanished-

The tuna fleet still broad and lot's of boats working from the 267- down to the 209 and inside from there towards the Oceanside bite - 8- 15 off the beach- - the bite has slowed since 9- 10 this morining- yesterdsy second wave started around 12 noon to 1 pm-

Dorado also in the mix- more further south

A check with San Clemente Island Security shows today SHOBA "hot" from 7 am to 10 pm today- basically Sat it's "Hoy" all day and Sunday open from midnight ( sat) to 5 pm on Sunasy afternoon- 4pm Baits starting to show again- fish up- so's the wind-- chunky-

how you doing-- got one --- we got 5 still got one one the line-- west were we started

went as far south ( below the border) as 26 south and out to the 36 line-- nothing but dry kelps-- empty sea-

Im meetering s## of tuna now straight west of Point Loma-- 2:12 we ran to the 181- 182 and back to this

How'd you do?--- did good-- three yellowfisn three bluefin-- lost a big one- and lost a marlin -- it was on a slow trolled sardine-- Yea we lost one too- where you fishing--- East end of Catalina off the 152 - yea thats where we were too- what time you get the bites -- got here around 8 -- they didnt want to bite till about noon. OK thanks-

It was a spot of birds-8 or 10 terns-- there was another sport boat here too- -- the school stuck with us for and hour--- we had em' solid, chunk,s live baits, poppers the works fish all over the deck- seem they were headed north-- we started 53 over 29 and ended up 53 over 30. big school of fish-- epic bite for us - 3:28 pm Dorado we're eating the cleaned fish bits.

13 and 38 we hand fish all afternoon-

Fishing Flag protocol- Common usage by angling clubs-- When entering the harbor and for the remainder of the day upon which the fish was caught or released it is requested the the boat fly the proper species flag. With a released fish a White Pennant or a Wood's Hole Release Flag ( T) is flown below the fish flag, designating that the fish was released and not aboard.

Proper fish flags, Striped Marlin White fish on Blue background, Tuna ( which includes both Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna) is a Blue fish on a White background, only there is not a true yellowfin flag , Albacore is a Red fish on a White background, Dorado, is Blue fish on a yellow background, Yellowtail it's Yellow fish on a White, White Sea Bass- Silver fish on White and Broadbill Swordfish- triangle shape flag, Blue top half, Red bottom half with a White fish.

The SWFSC administers the Cooperative Billfish Tagging Program and International Billfish Angler Survey,

JD's has Billfish Tags --- at no charge--- drop by and pick up some, please check your old tackle box or tackle drawers on the boat for any unused ones- or more importantly if you've tagged a fish and haven't sent in the card- do so- it's important for the survey- thanks JD

The angling community working together to promote ethical angling techniques by tagging and releasing billfish

Tagging Program and Pacific Angler Survey For over 50 years, the SWFSC has provided conventional billfish tags to individual anglers, charter boats, and tournaments across the Pacific. Participating anglers also receive the International Billfish Angler Survey, which compiles information on recreational billfish catch and fishing effort by location. Species of interest are the black marlin (Makaira nigricans), Pacific blue marlin (Istiompax indica), striped marlin (Kajikia audax), Pacific sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus), shortbill spearfish (Tetrapturus angustirostrus), and swordfish (Xiphias gladius). The results of the Cooperative Billfish Tagging Program can be found in our annual SWFSC Billfish Newsletter.

----------------- Thursdays reports -----------

Hot-- Hot---Hot--- inland nice an cool and refreshing here on the beach!! soft southern wind at 2- 6 knts

The LR boats out of SD are up to the 277 and working the dropoff to the outside and up the inside ledge-

saw one turtle--- oh yea one burlap sack wrapped around a buoy--- we left that one alone, don't know what was inside it but we left it alone! -- no number given--

Boats fishing the 150 spot - picking at the sand bass and the occasionally Yellowtail furies of tails every so often

Not really,,, anyone have any luck at the 181-- water temps came down to 69.8 --182 is at 71 degrees

we got two nice yellowfin tunas on the feathers---

Skippy 's showing more and more-- we went east 100 yards and we're into a full on bite of tuna-

4 or 5 miles off the Slide,( East End of Catalina) it's a parking lot now - I'm here along with 20- 25 other boats- we ran out of bait ! 10:45am

come off our bow where we're kite fishing-

we've been following these dolphins we've been getting stopped on blue and white jigs-- and sardines ---we've got 12--- 13 - fish biggest around 40lbs--

There's biting the lift pole!- get over here as quick as you can-- 12:35pm

Seems like many were catching -- as many we're complaining they weren't

Dorado's and tunas under paddies and most not wanting to bite--

we've invited a whole lot of people here-- we didn't invite-- off Solana Beach 12- 13 miles--

Where we were brailing we put 30 on board-- ! We don't have that much bait but we can chunk--- it was pretty spectacular! 12:41pm

everyone just sitting- meter marks everywhere but no one pulling-- the 267/ 279-- we're heading up to the 14 to see what there--

E-Mail-- JD Cowboy just released one on the tide outside the horseshoe kelps in 37 fathoms jig fish doorknob green white chuck !! Congrats--JD

ran out to the 209---- came back into the 267 is where we got the bites--- later this afternoon--

Wind -- which seemed to be building-- held off a bit--- still a bit chunky out there but liveable- Towards the late afternoon the wind had backed to a light flag lifting-- warm!

You just get a jig strike-- sure did-- real short one---ran out 20 yards--- right in front of me there's a whole school of porpoius

------------------------------ Wed's Reports --------------

Clearer skies and a fresh wind from the west, seas still good- a little mixed this morning but started to flatten out mid morning- Tuna fishing remains active inside and below the209 and towards Oceanside- not as many bits - some with chum and some Mw/ live baits but not a lot just yet- 10:14am

How long you been workin him?-- an hour and twenty-- 10:15am

45 min-- chunk bait, real nice grade of fish- Bluefin-- took it right off the swim platform-- 2 miles from of the rocks off Catalina ( East End)

55/48 working uphill-- pretty slow-- a few paddys and only one dorado to show for it-

we were outside 15 miles saw the yellowfin -sat on em for an hour- wouldn't eat a thing- working in towards the beach now to the 33-36 area - 8-10 off the beach- there was a guy in there eariler this morning who had all he wanted-

43 over 45 good doardo

03/ 32-

We're headed in- got a couple of fish-- different day than yesterday-- yea totally different these fish don't want anything today -- not like yesterday- - and you don't need many of these fish to fill the box!

50/42 -- 47/ 35 drifting near a kelp paddy bluefin- 12:28pm we got what we needed 30lb fish-

wind picking up- A lot of sheep out there---

rumor 30 miles up- and 30 miles offshore--- Albacore off Morro Bay or Pt San Simmion-

5 anglers- 10 bluefin and a yellowfin-

fish count 14 bluefin 6 yellowfin and a dorado-- everything was over 40 ;bs

4 anglers 5 BT

38/18 and to the west spot after spot of bird schools - 4:55 Wind was up- sloppy and nasty for some of the boats-- in tight to the beach looking for yellowails off Huntington--

big bonito-schools of em' showing up in the SD waters-

-----------------Tuesdays Reports -----------------

The whole boats bent--- , come on it- OK we're crossing your bow now--!

Overcast cloud cover- no sun here on the beach till late midday- seas calm a little cross swell this morning but it seemed to flatten out to a glassy mirror,

Took a break this morning and took my small skiff out for a row this morning-- not finding much in the way of bait at the harbor entrance ran down ( outboard) to Abalone Pt. found a couple of mackerel there- one slipped away the other into a bucket- out three miles to a bump on the chart and a foam line, birds some dolphins and a whale, Sent a rigged squid down 350 ft and slow rowed the mackerel for a peaceful 2 1/2 hours- no bites- - back to work- next time- JD

05 43/ we're bent- 12:43pm

The partyboats were having a difficult time finding kelps that were holding -- some smaller dorado's-- better outside / south towards the 302-

Frigates-- Man-of-War birds-- I'm looking at a pair of them now--- 09/ 42 we've got limits on the Bluefins now looking for a Dorado- metering bait and tuna 140 feet deep- 1:12pm

1/2 report for the Patriot out of Newport---Jackpot was settled with a 58 lb Yellowfin both bluefin yellowfin and Dorado in their catch today-- not bad for a 1/ 2 Day

weather stayed nice maybe some afternoon wind tomorrow- from the counts it appeared most of the charter boats did well and some of the smaller boats had only a fair catch- -

---------------------- Mondays Report --------------

we've been on the 279 (267) for most of the morning--- there's been a little action -- but not too much-- OK we'll keep looking-- 10:18am

About 7:30 last night. Two marlin flags and four release flags on Each outrigger...the Bounder comes in after a long weekend-- nice fishing!

You still fishing still fishing -- big fish--Sweet-- The boats were working uo above the Oil rigs outsie of Huntington/ Long Beach- this morning to the outside of the 150 -- yellowfin under the terns--

E-Mail from Hoose-

JD, Good fishing for marlin fleet up on the 17 last weekend. I had Ben Babbitt from WON and my buddy Frank Kosi on PROSPECTOR. After going 3-3-0 on jigs with stiff single hooks, we switched to ballyhoo and squid chain teasers I picked up from your store and released two of the three fish on circle hook rigged ballyhoo. Cheers, Hoose

Customer just dropped in-- handed me a $20 bill for thanks for the web site reports-- It's very much appreciated come this wintertime- every $ makes a difference - thanks-JD- he had been out to the 14 Mile Bank in his small Parker boat this morning, grease slick - made the turn left towards the 267/ 279-- found a school of tuna and they found his friend bait-- est 30lb yellowfin on a spinning gear- heading back, a pod of dolphins off Salt Creek a dozen miles- got a chunk of bait in while they were cleaning up the boat- looking over at a rapidly dwindle spool of line- and another 30 lb yellowfin-- sweet!

E-Mail Hello JD, Launched out of Dana at 5:00 this morning got to the 267 and there was no life so proceeded to the 277. Half way there we come across a nice paddy all to ourselves. Started chunking and got a dodo and nothing else - fished it for 15 minutes left and circled back 15 minutes later - 2nd stop got a personal best 53lb. YFT... we went one for two on the YFT and one for two on the Dodos. Fish and boat clean and in the garage by 1:00. Fosters time

14 over 42 as soon as the wind picked up it didnt seem the same-they were eating the baits-- runnung with the porpoius we've got bite within minutes--

Got out in front of a porpoise school threw a bait-- 10 sec-- 65 lb YF T-- almost 74 degrees out here-- below and outside the 267-

------------ the Weekends Reports ------------

Strangely quiet on the radio this morning - yet there must be a thousand craft on the water-- I guess everyone's busy? Seas flat - high overcast layer- the dark shape of Catalina on the horizon, trailing paths of boats heading out the harbors-

This morning's mail- JD we got him 50lb YFT on 20lb 2hour battle sunk the gaff and mad him real mad! Pulled me overboard and my friend grabbed my foot as I was under water. The gaff just slipped out of my hand and he took off again. Good thing we were still hooked. As the guys yank me on the boat the deck hatch opens and my foot goes right into the shaft log. Blood and broken toe but who cares get the fish. Then I grab the flying gaff and we get our second chance BAM! got him. After all that the first gaff pops up 50ft away. What a day we went 2 landed 31 and 50lb and lost 7 fish. They only bit the small stuff. Domes! will send pics AM Tired! Chris Fish Me

They had been out to a loaded kelp paddy this morning--- -- everything they could ask for--- then the bait pump died and all with it too- they tried everything, chunks, iron -could see them but no bites for them--frustrated they ran back to the harbor--- swicthed boats and headed back out again to the kelp! tThe day was young--

E-Mail- Hey JD, We hammered them yesterday done by noon. ! 277

20 aand 07 was good-- that would be 32:20 and 118.07

if you got to the 277 east end of the island early with the chum you had a good chance you'd catchem em-- after 1- 2 pm it had slowed down for the day--

On way to West end spotted several spots of YFT 8-12 off. Later slow trolled some baits on eagle reef and my son thought he had a yt- turned out to be a big fat 26" Calico. Found a bunch of 1-2 lb bonito there as well

The Blue Chip with 4 Releases- Nice!

A Sat Phone call from the Pacific Pioneer ( released three)- and a afternoon report of the marlin fishing that had happened after last weeks blow up by the 17 Fathom Spot- -- above the West End of Catalina Island found along Southwestern shelf of the Santa Monica Basin, on a chart the "Boot's toe" points at it 17 miles away , approx 1/2 way from the W/end of Catalina and the Channel Islands-- did they pass us up or are they coming in from the west?-

A mixed school sizes fish with reports of 80 lb fish and 200 lb fish- weather backed off on Thursday and Friday was good for the Bounder, Andy at the wheel , Doug C in the cockpit and a pair of fisherwomen , Lala and Alyson G. Fridays 7 fish and Sats 5 fish catches took the honors for the weekend, spread of four jigs got one fish , then two, then threes- they went hookless and dropped back mackerel, I think they had 4 on jigs and 8 on baits-- , KK Special raised them, MJG, the mackerel clone and purple and Black as well as the peterello and Eye Candy's all doing their job- Fridays water temp 70 1/2, Sat it came down a bit to 68 and as low as 65 , bait moved away and today it seemed to have dried up - a few fish for the fleet today- a morning sleeper an tailer here there but quieter today----- most of the fish came up behind the boat to the jigs, Of the 13- 14 boats that were it seemed everyone had 2- 3 4 or more fish released. Weather was flat calm! Nice


-------------------- Sat's Reports ----------

Sat morning calm seas- Beautiful morning on the water the day looks promising- - caught a dodo on the way out to the 14, saw some boils but nothing would take -was the first radio report I heard this morning- but I was 3 hours shy of the mornings tales-

You in the fleet of boats--- no we're inside the fleet we've got a paddy beautiful loaded- I'm at 19/ 57 it's loaded-- 9:14am

Newport's bait receiver got a load in the morning- fresh live bait-- then take em' offshore, kill em' and cut them up into chunks!

They tell me the half day boat got into both yellowfin and Dorado yesterday-- That'll keep the decks busy!

there's jiumpers --- fish all over the place can't get 100 yds without a jig strike-- 10:12am

Marlin on-- that the same kelp-- 19/57 10:51am, Slack tide 10:52---

The distance and land geography keeps us out of the radio conversations above the west end of Cat-- Santa Barbara Inland and up towards the Channel Islands , Harrison's Reef over on the coastline where the marlin have been reported-- hope to get a better idea as the day goes on up there- JD

Hey JD, hooking EM up on 'REEL TIME', Live sardine chunk bait...... Thanks, JIM

He said they came up to the 14 after getting bait from the NB receiver- good sardines- got to the bank and there were four boats on this kelp-- first two baits in the water and they had a double going-- after they it was chaotic-- by he time we left there were 20 to 30 other boats around- seemed alike they were all hung-- furthest boat back toward newport and they too were hung-- called in another buddy out of Long Beach -- by the time he got there he said a 100 boats there and most were hooked up! The boat looks like a mass murder!

Strangly queit for the day- I guess most were busy--

You really couldn't miss them-- looked like the whole San Diego fleet of long boats were there, East end of Catalina Island to the 277 and the backside- off the backside drop-off- Yellowfin and Bluefin tunas the whole fleet was there-- nice grade of fish to 30- 50lb stuff and some bigger ones bullied in their way - pushing out the small grade ones. chew off's we're not uncommon.

That westerly wind came up -- blowing stiff at 5 pm

good luck JD

277 and the Catalina Escarpments as it drains into the Gulf of Catalina's northern ledge the tuna were moving to the west


------------------------- Fridays Reports------------------

Wind fair out of the South Southeast this morning--coastal mixed seas-- he called em' seasick type seas", early morning mix of seas kept me back, bouncing around in a little row boat is a little uncomfortable and a bit tipsy in my boat- next time-- high overcast leaves the viability only limited by the light marine haze. Getting off the beach 4- 5 miles the seas were better-

Boat after boat left the harbor- the bait receivers had long lines-- enough time to ready all the lines, tie on new leaders and such- the fleet split some to the south for tunas, some to the islands for refuge from the city and some to the west in search of gold and silver fame. Marlin fishing, not that you eat many of them- more of a challenge, the sport of trying to catch one. Reports of Striped Marlin ranged from Morro Bay down to San Quntine, baja Mexico. Still trying to understand these fish a little better the NOAA International Billfish Tagging programs are encouraged, free tags and instructions are available, here at the shop . You might check your old tackle box or drawer in the boat for any un used tags you still have and put them to work this yeare water kinda choppy were going to try maybe for the 43- we're like 11 from it now- the kids on board are sea sick, we've two fish, I can see all the little black birds and terns headed that way--- Like a washing machine -- we;d go for a little was it gets better then again its gets bumpy again--- it's not bad where we are-

Boat headed west found the traveling good as they came up the inside of Catalina- and only a small lump coming down from the west- prospects look good for the fishing up these this weekend-

Making Bait at Newport's west jetty was good even a couple of swordfish sized ones mixed it- 7:00am

Yesterdays catch off Deckers charter- then they went chaising calicos with flyrods--

We've found this kelp-- it's one stop shop-- we've been on this fish for over an hour must be a large one 33.14/ 117.51 8:37am

we got one realy nice dorado off a paddy on the way over -- lost one fish eariler the hook straignted! they here-- we've got two nice yellowfin- there dorado and we're on a bigger fish now-- come on down-- ( I think off the east end of Cat) 8:38

One over a hundred and a couple at that 50- 60lb range-- we got the big one on the downrigger ----where were you ---- up and inside--- whats your sat phone #---- it was much better this morning-- we're still marking em' marking big fish-- just slow trolling baits-- 9:15am

at 09 and 40

Just putting em off the outriggers and putting way-- way --- way back on fifty and sixty fluorocarbon leaders- Just had a double 10:14 am East end

Michael comes in the shop looking for several of his reels that were in the shop for line and repairs - he left the harbor 4:30 this morning with only one rod and reel and a gaff- bought some bait at the receiver and found the 14 Mile Bank at first dawns light- made a tack to the southeast towards the 267 and a return tack to the bank, a single kelp right on top of it holding - it was all he wanted a big yellowfin tuna and a big bull Dorado back to back then back to the harbor by 10 am- !

-E-Mail Report- Hey JD, Here is a late report from yesterday. We launched out of Dana, bait ok. Water temps ranged from 70 out of the harbor up to 74 at the 267. Water a beautiful cobalt blue Stayed in this area & found some tuna that wanted to play after long soaks with a chum line We went 4-5 on the yellow fin! Great Day!

An phone call- interrupted- Got to go we've a triple going---

------------------------ Thursday's reports---------------------

Limits of four by 10:30 was all that was said---- 10:30am

Got a couple of tunas now we're on the troll looking for Dorados- good customer came in last evening- stuck his head in the door and said he'd caught a good sized dorado 10 out of the harbor south on a Purple and Bk cedar plug- blind strike out of nowhere-

not seeing anything-- dirter, trashy a little colder- ( yellowtail grounds 150 area)

Newports Bait receiver had a fresh load of 6-8 inch sardines and a fresh load of anchoves at 3 and 4 inches--

Water temps from 65 to 75 degrees

27 and 42 there's a big kelp with good tuna marks, but with the bait we've got almost too big for these tunas-- wish we had anchovies- about the only thing we'll get em' on would be the mega baits they're all down 100- 150 feet the guys with the mega baits are picking at em' -- 20 -25 mixed fish got three going now-- these bait 27.2 / 41.7-- this kelps got plenty of fish on it- I'd hate to think if we had a box of chovies -- we tried fishing with chumps-- it works we;ve got 5 or 6 going--- 11:50 the decks happy as a clam at high tide--

Got a dorado--- That's not all--- We've got high hopes

267 out of Dana had the tuna , boat sardines or chunks worked- you could tell by the dangling chunks of bait still hanging off rods and reels left the rod holder as the boats came back to the fuel dock-

And a Mornings E-Mail--- This was the best fishing trip ever. I won the jackpot on a 60 pound bluefin. I caught four bluefin two yellowfin and a huge Dorado. Not one of those necktie Dorados but a big monster fish. We were at the 43 just off San Clemente Island. We slayed fish all the long day. !!! The guys on deck call me The Slayer.

The mid day radio blahs- but afternoon hours reports start to come in-- Hey JD you here--- we're here off the East End of Catalina-- Pretty good yellowfin tuna fishing here-- for the past two days-- just put on a 50 lber on the deck -- on a chuck-- chunked mackerel or sardines? the sardines didn't seem to want the cut mack's - we've have something like 12 or more fish every 10 or 15 minutes --and a dorado too-- weathered not bad maybe 10 knts not capping-- good place for the weekend !

And a HOOK UP MARLIN comes on the radio-- 3:40-- standing by- Slack tide today 3:14-

---------- Wed's Reports ----------------

Blue skies this AM, wind already up fresh from the southwest- , seas have a wrinkle to them-

An excited voice almost indistinguishable - get over here--- --- three miles--- , there's four boats all around and hooked up

we've got our tackle failures -- got 1-2-3345-6 rods that have been destroyed-

The fleet outside and south of Dana-- not much in the way of bird life or much of anything else to look at except for some boats hanging around and drifting-- using their graphs to meter fish in the 50- 100 ft depth- just pull up a chair and start cutting bait for chunks-- works-

You busy-- come on over it's wide open yellowfin-- we're jut watching didnt want to shut it down-- naa- come on over-- OK we'll go half way and see what happens 2:44pm

Overall not a lot to look at today-- boats traveling said they could see some spots of Bluefin up along the Ridge below the East end of Catalina- by the time they got up to them -they had sunk to the 300 ft depth-and hung there-- spot after spot at 300 ft depth,

Slow trolling sardines on light 20 lb tackle on the bank off Avalon-- they had a Striped marlin bite, 3 ft leader- which raced off- while clearing the other lines-- "I think this one's hung too"- out pop's a much larger marlin-- they think Blue which does it's gray hounding jumps and breaks off- the first marlin comes off too- left with nothing but and experience!-- stand by for some big fish this year- break out the heaver gear!--

we haven't done much today-- very rough water -----put on a lot of miles--- one bull dorado , green water moving in

-------------- Tuesday's Reports --------------

literally threw a handful of those small anchovies for chum-- must have been 200 little 4-5 lb dorado's came up- we're looking for something else now-

Weather hot and what coastal cloud cover there was went away early in the day-- seas calm on the inside --- a mixed swell- wind to the northwest outside the Channel islands, good tailing weather coming our way. RP left that little high spot off in the Catalina Basin and came back the where the Excel had been most of the night near the 312 - the big Bluefin must be living there-

It like the Sahara Desert out here-- Find anything--- ?

we got a fifty pounder- we're here on the 277 11:40

Logan Tom's Release, Hi Jd

Here's Logan's fish from this weekend up by SBI. This Sleeper ate 2 baits and spit one. We DQ'd it for the club as he handed rod off mid way after getting sick, but got back in the saddle to finish it off. Shane Hurt got a second fish casting on tailers. Great experience for him and a blast for us. Jeff, Pete, Geoff, Shane. Black Fin

We're just east of the 14 now-- covered alot or water so far-- came down from the East end of Catalina-- then into the beach a ways and now up here inside the 14--- covered lots of water -- we went quite a ways to the left wasn't much to look at--- a changeing of things- wish you good luck--

Couple of interesting water temp images ,

Left at 65 to 75 degrees for the past three day composit, the RP sat on the warm spor on the Avalon Bank- came down to that warm spot outsie the mackerel bank ( inside San Clemente Is) they went in towrds that hot spot Southest of the 209 some 10- 12 miles wher its 74 degrees,

A broader image of Baja showing a force of water flowing up above Mag Bay water temps from 60- 85 degrees.

And a third images with a wide view to the West showing 72 degree water to the west/ northwest for 400- 600 miles , I wonder what lives out there?

good day for fishing-- catching not so good-

Tides about to turn- we'll see waht happens- Slack tide 1:17pm-

samll sardins out of Newport, Dana was OK and LP had decent bait- sardines-

Birds just started to show up-- is thay guy up ahead hooked up on the bow-- 18/57

nothing wind opend picking away here at em- nice fish 25- 30lb fish- chunking or the partyboats had bothe mackers and anchovies- dines,

Wind from the west began it blow--

------------------------- Mondays Reports -----------------

Weather nice light wind from the south- seas good- light marine coastal clouds went away early--

Paryboats were happy with dorado catches

Inveresting this morings check on the AIS- the Royal Ploirius came up and spend the pre-morning hours off the A Bank- the Tuna Club of Avalon looking out their clubhouse windows could see Long Range boats right out their front door- by 10 am the RP moved down to the 277 Bank

Swordfish boats up and out early on the A Bank too-

And as the season develops more and more marlin reports-- streching from San Diego waters up to Point Dumea nd the Channel Islands and just aboute every high spot in between

Hey JD, I love your site. Thanks so much for all you do. Great day with a buddy sport fishing yesterday on my Cabo 216. I caught, held and successfully released my first Marlin yesterday morning. The rest of the day we were blessed with beautiful seas and many fish to share. Tight lines! Leif A. Oceanside.

Hi JD, Great weekend of fishing on the Surly Mermaid. Find the right kelp paddy, and it’s one stop shopping. Kept 14 YFT and 8 dorado for 2 anglers - released all YT and most of the dorado to catch another day. Didn’t have to burn much fuel to get into great fishing. :) Cheers, Ali

Got some doreitos-- 31.6 and 40.7 on the top end of the bank-- lot's of lost dorados-- line tangles 12:44pm

E-Mail--- JD thought I would share this nice BlueFin caught Sunday with my 12t loaded with 20 pound that you just serviced for the 10 th year in a row and my JD t shirt... Yea 40 min battle... Jack pot.. Thanks Bob

Vick calls in with a catch of tunas using vairious line lines for theanglings clubs points- dorado and tunas- the waters south of Newpir off Dana had a fleet of boats out too- kelps were huddeled around by a dozen boats each trying to keep their distance and most had a fish or two going in the couse of the day-

The RP who had been fish on the Avalon Bank earler predawn hours came down the Ridge below Catalina's East end - played around the 277 fathom spot- then to the outside dropoff at 33.06 / 118.10 and stayed there for most of the day.

Fishing Regulations for Pacific Bluefin Tuna the California Fish and Game Commission adopted a reduced two-fish recreational daily bag limit for Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) as well as new requirements for filleting all tuna on vessels south of Point Conception.


---------------------- The Weekends Reports ------------

Gray sky, gray ocean, almost dead calm on the beach- seas lay flat darkened only by the horizon line- outer waters north expected to have some wind later today

Another flood of boats came out of the harbors this morning-along with the tide- - packaged hooks and armed with new gaffs the fleet made their way from predawn hours to the gentlemen hours of 10 am off the dock-

Radio chatter was kept to a minimum with more substance to it as the tide started to top off-

Flatfall lures were even harder to find on the shelves as their catches get reported-

Radio recption quiet -- almost maybe the lowering cloudcover or most of the marlin fleet went up west or behind the island . A catch of a dorado reported

he's giving us the flipper-- stayed up for a while --- we played with him but he wouldn't take what we had- water 72.5 degrees

Boats that went west scattered as the day went on- there's good marlin fishing up there-- a long ways run- and not much of anywhere to hide if it starts to blow up-

Kelps off the east end of Cat reported to be holding dorado this afternoon, west end had a spotting of marlins jumpers, etc, lots of kelps- and turtles Risos Water temp's up on the 172 went from yesterday's late afternoon 74 degrees to this mornings 69.5 degrees- uphill current and building west swell sent most of the smaller craft home and the tails appeared under kelps inside the 14 this morning-

let the back side of this moon go away- stand by- JD

Just in from Baitmasters--now at JD's

Select Ballyhoo w/Circle Hook Features: • 9" - 10" Select Ballyhoo • 10' of 150lb. monofilament leader • Mustad ultra point 11/0 3X strong 39950NP • 1/2oz. chin lead • 2 Bait per pack • 18 Packs per case • Bait of choice for: Dorado, Tuna and Striped Marlin #11008 Price : $25.95- Case Price $500.00

Super Select Rigged Ballyhoo With Lead Features: • 9" - 10" Select Ballyhoo • 10' of 150lb. monofilament leader • Extra strength Mustad 10/0 3407SSD hook • 1/2oz. chin lead • 1 Bait per pack • 36 Packs per case • Bait of choice for: Dorado, Tuna and Striped Marlin Item: #11004 Price : $ 12.95, Case $400

Medium-Double Hook Wire Ballyhoo for Wahoo Features: • 8" - 9" Medium Ballyhoo • 6' of #7 stainless steel wire leader • Mustad 7/0 3407DT hooks • 3 Baits Per Pack • 24 Packs Per Case • Bait of choice for: Dorado and Wahoo, : $18.95, Case $300

Select Ballyhoo Unrigged Features: • 9" - 10" • 5 Baits Per Pack • 16 Packs Per Case Pack - Item: #10003 Price : $16.95, Case - Price : US $260

---------------------- Sats Reports ----------------------------

Boats out covering all the bases- north, south and in between- good sealife seen only 3 miles out of Newport- Yellowfin off a paddy 209 area-the ridge below Clemente to below the 43 and to the southeast long range and private sportfishers were in hopes of one of the giant Bluefin- Massive Kelps off the West End- birds not much else reported-- so far- strong tide flow today


05 and 36


Numbers given out without much else-- other than "they're biting", can be confusing if you are not familiar with the area -- when looking at a nautical chart the numbers represent the back half of the true position- 33.24 / 117.55 or just inside the 14 Mile Bank--some general reading between the lines helps to centralrize the area as the 33 can be 32 degrees latitude which can throw you off 60 miles

Hi JD, We caught these nice ones yesterday at gray light on a kelp paddy about mile west of the 267. Adam found the paddy in near darkness. They came up in our underwater lights... Very cool! Also, caught 7 rat yellowtail Adam, Joe and Dave

Hey JD took local legend photographer Johnny Connel fishing and he landed his first DoDo ever! I hope he likes my photo Dock Holiday

We just hoooked one but spit the hook 10:50am , We're working out way back towards you- -----Kyle- who was the first anger and who's the second one ? Congrats---

We're on feeding frrenzy right now-- it was dead all morning then it just went off --- how many --- I think--one sleeper, two on jigs, Kyle had a jig bite that ate a dropback and on a feeder now. 11:01am ( Slack Tide today-10:58)-

three up and out from the numbers I gave you-

fish the chunks-- for the tunas were at twenty tunas now-and Ive got two hanging now-- lots of stuff puddleing from five poundres to 50 -

-E-Mail this morning--- - Hard to believe this season can get any better! Friday outer banks of north county 4:30 am first bite came on a Mack on 100# Blackwater. Thirty minutes later 205.5# of bft on the cert. Scale hit the deck, stuck it out a while longer and got another bite on 80# landed #2 for the day and this one went 140#

18/ 04 got em hanging-- have a dozen of those 18-20lbers- 1:09 pm-- stumbled on it- saw some puddlers, soaked some sardines -- been on it for about 4 hours now---- they we're eating it-- chunk sardines in the corner---- dorado- nice tunas- just had a 200 300 mako swim by-- my buddy's been on one of those big chunky dorado's, he's hooked it on the light spinning rod--on it for about an hour-

we got four in the box-- think--- all on the flatfall- couldn't buy a bite on the bait all on the metal-- parking lot at the 267--- sardines were used as chunks

We got Logan in the corner pulling on one-- sleeper-- 1:29pm

Pete said he's got a pair up-- we ran over --threw two baits, it ate both baits--- spit one - Logans on the other --- it came up throwing squid---- -- released-- he's resting now--

saw some 5 6 lbtails then the 30-32 lgs dorado

Just landed the second fish 2:00pm, we've got one 100 lb fish in the boat-- we're on the second fish now---- ate the chunks est 100 lb been on it 2 hours now and just hooked up on another one --- Fishing with Decker! Not to mention the other dozen smaller tunas and a hefty Dorado to boot- Good day on the water!

11 over 37 pulled up had double and triples for 4 hours flying the dines-- no time for soaking --- they were just all around the boat -- wouldn bite anything heaver than the 20lb Fluoro-- 11 for 19

Hey-- JD we fishing that 267 FAD- spent 2 1/2 hrus there this morning--there chunking and live bait we got 8 out of 12 yellowfin--

Brent Rose calls in with a Marlin report est 140lbs fish came in on a jig-- and they got a bait back to it-- about a mile above the 175 those rods you made for us were amazing- thanks--- Congrats- JD

Jason Blower on the first fish and Camden Blower released the second one- both 20lb dacron lines- congrats- JD

-------------------Friday's Reports---------------------

Marine overcast light wind at 1-3 knts south seas flat- strong tidal exchange today-

We picked up two dodrados off this kelp-- I ca seeyou about a 1/2 for us we're inside you- had our shot at a quick bunch of fish- 0 for 3

doing OK hand fiull of paddies mostly dry one held a dorado

Im 09 over 52--we've got 2 on and there's a third one hanging-- 10:13am

Whale watching boat was remarking about seeing a marlin ever day or so-- out near the Oil rigs---

boats fishin south to the 14- 267 and 209 areas report only fair fishing --- a kelp holding dorado was the Golden one-

You here Stan-- where'd everyone go--- you get it ? -yes the third one, two sleepers and a dropback just getting lucky--- getten em' to bite- where everyone go-- - some went up west-- we're south- 2:45

Everythis was on the dark colors-

little flur in the morning -- mostly dorado a hacdfull of yelltail - for all the kelps we stopped on-

at 25 fathons there's---- at 34/ 16 theres's a whole fleet of small skiffs and they're pulling on big fish-- looks very fishey dont know if it's yellowtail yet- Ive seen two guys pull fish overboard and they were heavy- I couldn't see what they were but big fish- there's fish and birds and gargage everywhere- 4:28pm -----Tuna pretty good ones! I see em' here on the meeter- its bluefin watched this guy get three-where are ya--- at 35 16 now--- one just boiled off the side- green water and bluefin-- 4:33pm

Young man 6 years and his dad- in after a day of boating in yonder seas-- down by the Domes off San Clemente - fishing for the tunas, dorados and what else would bite, six year old gets the rod handed to him here hold this-- Dad--- I've got a bite- Marlin eats two baits , one comes free and the catch and release the fish- nice catch!

------------------ Thursdays Reports -----------------

Marine haze along the coastal waters- light west wind beginning to breeze up by mid morning- seas nice- fishing improving-

That photo of a Big Marlin from Hawiaii whereas it was sent to a friendin Mexico- then to another friend out on the 209 fishing- who had forwarded it to another friend here on the beach who forwarded it to me and I to you-and you to someone else- goes around pretty quickly these days doesn't it-

Dorado showing better for the morning bite between Newport and Dana and to the south from there--

Andys got some fish hanging - one of the partyboats- another having not found anything so far was thankfull to join in -

Decker calls in with 2 Dorado and 2 Tunas-- not a whole lot going on for the fleet- they picked up their Dorado off a kelp and the other one open ocean with a few white terns making dips.

The day seemed queit on the radio- at least I didn't hear much-- there were boats out but the winding of reels and ringing of the cash resister made too muxh noise to pay attentions to the radio! last night another big giant Bluefin in at 177 lbs weighed at the club !! testimony towards the small 2 speeded reel and braid line they had used- 43 fish

Hey JD, Good Karma went 1-2 on stripers this morning. both jig fish. second one just about spooled us before throwing the hook. BIG fish. fun day some pics of the first fish Evan K

Nice healthy fish being filmed

Changes to Recreational Tuna Regulations Now in Effect The California Fish and Game Commission recently adopted changes to recreational tuna regulations. The new regulations are effective as of today, July 30, 2015. The changes include a statewide two-fish recreational daily bag limit for Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis), which applies to all bluefin tuna possessed in California waters, regardless of where they were taken. Additionally, there are new requirements for filleting sport-caught tuna on vessels south of Point Conception. Changes to fillet rules for all tuna species south of Point Conception were needed to allow for identification of species by California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) law enforcement.

The regulations now require all filleted tuna to have the skin intact and be cut into six pieces as follows: Four loins (two upper and two lower)

Belly fillet including the pelvic fins and urogenital vent

Collar with pectoral fins attached Each fish must be placed in its own bag and clearly labeled with the species name.

Tunas may also be kept whole, or in a manner that retains these identifying characteristics.

------------------------ Wed's Reports -------------

Light coastal moisture overcast went away by noon- seas calm with a light west wind- Boats out scattered loosing for fish- one here- there type of thing-

E-Mail from Anonymous-- 10 miles on a 175 heading- more birds, bait balls and tuna then I have seen all year. No fish in the box. Had great 4” deans- soaked, slow trolled, run and gun, and anything else we could think of- no bites. Frustrating- I’m taking a week off from fishing! Maybe a Kite would have worked………. Anonymous-

We picked up one dorado of a paddy, lost another-

Swordfish plane up early-- --- Tight to Clements island there were some up yesterday--

got em on that deep diver- Yo Zuri- plug-- dark color--

Still a tough day out there-- seeing em but only a few bites on the Bluefin- the Yellowfin racing around with the dolphins were catchable if you were quick and stealthy and could get a bait to them, along with some tossed live chum helped-

Dorado - gaffable sizes were closer to the beach and smaller 3- 5 lbs- were in the outer waters

The BAC weighs in a couple of the big boys-- Bluefin over hundered pounds- 130and 150 lbs- !!

And just as I was going out the door-- the phone call of a Black Marlin being caught on the 209!!!! further details to come!!! False Report- Sorry- JD

not sure who, where, how and on what-

but got this photo late in the evening- Full Moon bite?

E-mail from Costa Rica- Foxi Lady--


------------------------- Tuesdays Reports --------- -

Taking the day off was time to work on the boats for many- several weeks of battle fatigue and wear needed to be attended to.

A break in the action as these tunas dove foe cover after all the buzzing around overhead these past weeks-

Doardo started showing up in the kelps locally again-

A close inspection of yesterdays water 65- to 75 shows that strong So Calif. eddy effect on the water like a vortex spining whatever kelps and whatnots around centering it'self near the 209 for now- unless that flow of warm warter against the beach pushes upwards between Cat and the mainland- and flows to the north.

Behind us there's a big foamer up- and off to your port there were some dolphin with tunas on it-- couple of boats on it- thanks- we just got a dorado off this kelp. Yea is a hell of a foamer---I can see them in my Gyros and - I can't go-- we have to stay here and look at this whale-- I can see em' it's a big foamer there's one boat on it right now ---came flying in and stopped right on that foam-- we'er here on the inside towards the beach, couple of us here watching whales--- and tunas!-12:15pm--- I got em - they're still up-- where headed right at them- 12:19

Swordfish baiting- Yellowfin and Opah on a kelp-

I was out here all day yesterday-- there wasnt any of this there- cool to watch- foamers off Dana this afternoon-

baited a marlin came up a tuna----- baited some tuna and came up dorado --

A call came in from the Bounder-- saying they had released a marlin -- Greg Regrats the angler-- off the West End of the island-- 172- Fathom Spot about a mile inside towards the island-- came in on a Mackerel Cousins Electonic Lure-- both bites were on it.73-74 degrees- 8-10 knts of wind- water blue-

The Oh Joy -west end lots of tunas showing with foamers and terns everywhere-- hard to get in them --

Bigger tunas off the 43 where the Red Rooster and the New Lo Ann spent the day-- By noon NLA had only landed 6 of them- hooked maybe 20 fish only landed 6 weights est at 120 to 175lb Bluefin--- !!

For boaters headed into Mexico- stronger enforcement of rules- from LA Tines

and the New-- Tuna Regulations

----------------- Mondays Reports ------------

Start of another week of fishing- - slower fishing over the past few days, mixed swell this morning with a short wind chop and swell, getting better mid morning- water temps seems to have dropped also a bit 69- 70 degrees inside the island- a few tunas popping up here there- but no Bonanza yet so far--

Tides and Moon filling all this week Blue Moon on Friday-

Between the 152 and 277 we got one tuna

Long Range boat Red Rooster cane up from Mexico on the long rang trip - this morning fishing near the 43 fathom spot-- been there for most of the morning-

E-Mail this morning-- Hey JD, team Good Karma here, had a good morning of tuna fishing and then went to look for the yellowtail at Catalina and got a dorado 100yds. off of seal rock..!!.

Another E-Mail-- JD: Hope you are well. Wanted to let you know that we found one off West End on Sunday. Not much to see but metered bait most of the day. Ended up 1 for 2 on the jigs. Rough but fishable and didn't’t see another boat the entire day. First marlin trip of season, good way to start it off. Pat on Billfish -- Congrats- JD

Balboa Angling Club's Offshore Helen Smith tournament

Biggest Tuna - Andrew Gabriel- 52lbs, Yellowtail at 13 lbs by Sr eve Ervin and Dorado was Phillip Di Rocco --High Angler was Andrew

Swordfish days - we saw two today one near the East end the other down towards the 152- couple of yellowtail and a dorado- another seen inside the 267-

Quiet on the Western Front today-- a fewer smaller dorado and tails off the East End kelps- not many reports on the tunas today--- "lots of kelps around , soaked on em,, for nothing"

Interesting water temp pattern forming- watertemps from 65 to 75 degrees yesterdays temps-

Hi JD We just got back from our family trip to Cat with the kids. Got these 20 lbers slow trolling macks on backside. Double hookup was fun playing deckhand for the kids. They were beyond excited! Great season so far! Eric N.

Hi, this was last Friday morning, 24th a bit late, but it was a great long weekend! 5 miles straight out of Dana point. Used Live bait caught 6 between 7:30am-9:00am Andres

---------- The Weelend's News-------------

Balboa Angling Club--- Balboa Angling Club-- the call goes out on the marine radio the first thing I hear in the morning's store opening- -- no reply, then JD's you on this side- yes-- the Sleepers hooked up with a marlin--- Vick's the angler and Arron at the wheel, what lb tackle--- 80#! jig fish--- OK got it --- go back to work, thanks JD- 9:02am -- nice way to start the day!

go down a couple - we tried the west end a little too much wind and swell for us-- we're back here west of the 14 --- best life we saw yesterday was three four miles inside the bank

good bait in Newport this morning- !

Meetered the tuna at 140 feet down, unwilling to come up to the tossed chum

Sleeper calls in again--- lost it 10 feet from the boat - before he couple get a hand on the leader- the short daised chained tuna rig was just a bit short the First Marlin of the Clubs release is still open- - tough- just a few feet short!

slow troll a decent sized dine --- we've a 40 or 50 lb bluefin off the 14- 9:50

Quiet on the inside- and bumpy outside- different day today blue skies early in the day west wind starting to lift the flags by 10 am

cedar plug five out of Newport just landed a Dorado-- 10:51am Sprayit!

the Kelps were stingy today--

Too much boat pressure yesterday- the weather different today- moons 's a little different- not much of a tide- whatever the reason- not as many fish caught today-

----------------------- Sat's Nuts Reports --------------------

Everything floating either saw tuna, was hooked up or wanted to be- Coastal waters hand many small skiffs, bigger yachts and jet skis. weather allowing it today-

Tuna regulation go into effect this next week- limit only of two Bluefin and restrictions on fillets / cutting up-

Freelance was wide open- the VHF radio was alive today- not only alive but spouting forth a constant barrage of fish talk-- catches locations, numbers- who's where what- you on this side, Parker next to the skipjack there's bluefin boiling out in from of you--- we got one on a slow trolled sardine -----got on on light tackle 12lb- that reel's reel seat needs more glue!- slow troll dines-- feather's were better, how slow is slow --Dramamine anyone need it--- 1 -1/2 knts we got three already --yellowfin- slow pick ---you here with the rest of the fleet----- we're west of the north the 9 in that deeper water fish popping -- we just keep the slow trolling -- water 74 almost 75 - yea we're up here- too seeing em' but no bites----- try slow trolling -- the bigger fish were here spent a 45 minute on it spit the hook at the boat-- I started to listen to the AM radio fish radio show-- but ------Sea Mint that guys know what they re doing stick next to the-- what's the limit on these things-- yea go to the other channel-- just keep drifting this area every time we get one-

hey is that you---- doing any good just puddlers on small chovies cant get a bite-- Newport was said to have sardines--

between he 14 and the 209--

we've been trolling fish traps for hours - nothing-- that's great your in a good spot?

there's so many paddies out here anyone getting anything from them?

Like I said I was going to listening to the AM radio fish talk show --- but this was more interesting and live!- nuts out there today glad most will have a chance at something-

yellows on a kelp-- we're outside you number from yesterday-- yellowfin all abound breaking-- beautiful day out here -- the bait the line was too long this morning we got plenty of mackerel --- we just went by a turtle!

Just cracked my second day of beer- 9:30-- it's going to b a long day !

you seeing em" just jumping there see under the birds-

boiling all over the place upper 9 we got one on- 9:31am

calling stupid bigger sportfisher who drive right through a school of breaking fish and birds and boats all drifting next to it -- hey Guggin why don't you just keep on going" what a Guggin!

got the guys in the water lots of life under it-- like 30 dorado they haven't gotten one yet-

got two on bait just had a jig fish come unbuttoned

hey Spanky give me a call--- the othere boats around us are hooked up -- we've got 4 on deck - he gives out his phone # 714- ### ####-

Go up one--- go down two- Pearlies, go to the club channel,

we watched you lose that fish--- unfortunately 9:49am

Moon's half full---- filling all next week- things should get real interesting!

there's about a 10 ft Tiger Shark out here!----

Must be some sort of way of measuring ( maybe the insulting radio chatter) by the numbers or beers consumed in relation to lack if fishing done and its ever increasing ratio- more beers worse fishing and more disturbing radio chatter--

the bait sourounding his boat - hiding under it--

19 and 43 will get yu close enought - go to the other one 20 /43

tuna!!! --- shark !!!!-- turtles !!!

Tracy on the Blue Chip had a marlin hooked today--- jig fish-- but fell off after a while

between the 267 and 209- they were up foaming- 10:20am

Hey that you JD-- we're here off Carlsbad-- had a puddler here- tossed in a chrome and blue jig- on 30---- just got it to the boat est-- 140 lbs Bluefin Mark D.

we're out of bait multiple tuna dorado and yellowtail

100 lb fish maybe 80 lbs, at least it's a 2 speed- little talic reel- red spectra ---it'll be a while-- paty boat with fish hanging--

then we fought a marlin for 45 minutes before it sawed us off- it was beautiful- and we got dorado and yellowfin as well off that paddy! 12:24pm

04 over 04 ----it was a big one ----- 277 between 209 lost there---- they we're all over 10 that high spot between the two banks

54 over 31- 54 / 31-

we're right here on structure a good temp break-- it blew up here ten minutes ago-- just stick it out-- 1:41pm

We got 8 fish today -- thanks -- that new line on my buddies reel really helped him - he got 4 of them-- and that Fluoro Carbon 25 leader was the difference-- the other guy had just straight 25 and he couldn't buy a bite!- I got one of them off a frozen squid and a 4 oz torpedo sinker set down around 100 feet and the other one on that Flatfall- seem to get bit better on it's sink than the detersive-- just south of the 14 -we started late didn't get out of the harbor till after 8am- --didn't take long we set up near one of the sport boats - had to change over the hooks smaller sizes--- by the time we got out there they only had anchovies but they worked well-

Baited 6 sleepers this morning-Blue chip--- -- up off the west end-- another boat says they baited sleepers on the Ridge ( 181-182) this morning also baited a swordfish-

E-Mail JD, A kids first, thank you!---- Just wanted to thank you for all your web reports and tackle tips in the store. Caught a lot of fish in my life but none meant as much as this one I helped my son Ben get yesterday outside Dana. His first bluefin Brandon D

Bongos III calling in--- we've got one yellowfin--- one bluefin and 32 yellowtail !!!---- ahh--- oh yea the bluefin is triple didgets! 40lb tackle hour and a half

And the Bull Pen - ranges out towards the west end of Catalina and Santa Barbara Island-- baiting 3 sleepers, having 4 jig bites one hung on for a while before falling off and baiting a feeder-- they'll Here--

It's been a full day-- good luck tomorrow-- maybe a bit of wind in the afternoon

---------- Fridays Reports------------------------

Nice morning-- looked like just about everything that could float was headed out the harbor this morning-- for a Friday- busy- the Bait receiver here in Newport was sold out by 3 am-- another load of mixed sardines and chovies made they way to the bait receiver around 5:45am- never had a chance - they sold it directly off the boat and again were sold out quickly-- back out at it again to see if they could find some daytime dines or fin bait-- - baits and chum was the method out there this morning.

5- 12 south out of Newport were - with good visibility this morning- I counted 118 boats scattered with bunches of 8- a dozen in general areas- most were just drifting in the calm seas- tossing over a steady chum line-of cut bait or some of the live baits- -- spots of smaller 20 - + tunas popping up between boats- the white terns belayed their presence-

Hey JD - this is Rob- got three yellowfin tuna so far--

Fellow the other day said they taken a chum bucket added some weight to it and sent it down on a heaver 80 outfit some 250 feet deep, jiggled it once in a while to help spread out the chum-- left it there for an 1/2 hour then slowly wound it back up--- the tuna followed and they had good fishing--- pays to think!

Got a good sized Yellowfin about a 35 lbers just a minute ago-- the Dorado were big - there must have been a dozen under that kelp- 1:44pm

25 over 57 just leaving a plunker bite 5 yellowfins and a couple 60lb Bluefins--- 2:20pm

33:00 / 117:36

Spotter plane spots bigger fish at 06 and 47 on a Kelp--- couple of spots -- fish over 100 lbs sliding Southeast-- 4:14pm

Bait report from Dana-- 6- inch 4 inch

Vaughn and Charlie had another good day, this morning eight off Laguna left him biting didn't need any more fish.

Hi JD, we got this dodo and the female right near the 267 FAD #’s yesterday

Thanks to Peter for deploying that and you for promoting it! Jenny A

Hi again, Forget to send this one too, my son Jack and I with a healthy pair of BFT and YFT caught today amongst the fleet on our boat Lilly June. Jenny

Anyone got any yellowfin in the past hour--- yep- 3 off the point- south- just put on a 25 lb yellwfin - 4:20pm 25 over 46 another spot to start your drift with chunks--

FOXI LADY REPORT Costra Rica First 2 days of a 7 day trip starting very well. Got a new puller, Dave Peters (Dana Angler Fame) He's doing pretty well, 3/6 on blues 1st day + 1 sail, 2nd day 7/12 blues + 1 sail. only problem is he's 6'6" and dosent fit in the chair!! Hoping he's going to last!! Really messes up my invitations to Kobe, and Lebron they need to bring their own chairs. Weather dead calm, fishing the Imperial Fad 105 miles out to sea.

----------Thursdays Reports ----------------------

Ocean looks like glass this morning a soft swell mirrored overhead by a layer of soft clouds - nice to be on the water if you were- on land tough!

first radio report I heard-- every baits a bite!- We've got two Bluefin a yellowfin he's got one on so have I and we've got two hanging! 8:33am

Get right off my bow-- worked hard this morning to get them to come in--

I counted 70 boats!

14 mile bank anybody doing there-- 6 in the box and heading home---- I'm trrolling and havent seen nothing

Just like parking next to a party boat within range of casted jigs or in their chum line not the best way to become friends out there- as well as the "new" methodod of just drifting with baits and some chum or chunking up whatever you had as dead bait to get the tunas to come up - not the best way to make friends if you pull into thier drifted lines with baits- pull off the side, up wind but not in the baits-

Tuna Trading ---anyone want to trade a bluefin for yellowfins - I've got three yellowfin---- Bluefin---back--- Bluefin-- yellowfin-- 11:30am

King dorado ---6 yellowfin a bluefin and some King Dorado.

A good customer of ours Ken - trying to put a fish aboard - after several years of frustrations--- the skunk is off the ship- -- head out the harbor 160 degrees, 8 miles find some water that looks fishy, a kelp, etc, just shut it down take some of those sardines that didn't make it from the bait receiver- , chop em' up and toss em' overboard in a steady chum line- have a couple of fresh live baits in the water-- - the rod double over and the fight begins-- brought it to it's knees- nice 50 lb Bluefin Congrats- the skunk os gone! JD

Sorry-- didn't get much of a radio report this afternoon--- spent most of the time spinning line on reels and tieing fishing knots - overall it seemed a morning bite but throughout the day a radio report or two three- saying they had a long soak with mackerels producing bigger fish-

reports of more and more dorado in the outer waters

and a swordfis was caught

Hey JD, Not sure if you heard but my friend and fellow Tuna Club member Sawyer Jones landed a nice 160lb Swordfish the other day near the 209. Fight lasted over 3 hours on 50lb tackle. Congrats to the crew on the Burning Daylight and Capt Hunter Heatly.

--------------------- Wed's Reports --------------------

Overcast sky- seas calm and smooth- nice day on the water- light west wind at 4-6 kts- Time to go fishin

Fellow walks in the shop early he'd been out to the 14 Mile Bank already this morning and was back in the harbor before 10 am-- fishing just south of the 14-- had a seal bite and then a Bluefin does a nice salmon leap right behind the boat - that keeps him interested in staying they- and a Yellowfin takes his sardine- which he gotten from the NB bait reciever- good sized baits but they did't live that long--

Aloha JD Almost 68 degree water! Thanks and see you in the shop soon! Those fish are chewing up my tackle! Mahalo! Joe F Bluefin

We scratchd ou one yellowfin -- where you at-- jst inside the 14-- 10:44am

Local Partyboats scoring of the bluefin outside Oceanside to the Domes- out 12- 15 miles

footballs out front of El moro

And Balboa Angling Club having their Annual Helen Smith Offshore ( in honor of a wonderful past Club secretary and of course her husband Gil they help make the club what it is today) tournament this coming July 24/ Friday and Sat with awards on Sunday at the Club-4 pm- Best of Luck- JD-

just the one fish-- -- we got one small bluefin but we let it go-- that'll bring you good Karma!--- just the one so far-- awesome kelp stand by--

We're done we've been done since 11:30 this morning-- headed back in now--

05 and 90? kelps holding dorado 289 had Dorado too

Weasterly Breeze came up-- early in the afternoon-

they were done in a hour started with tuna and Dorado at 3- 5 off the point--- all you wanted .

started with yellowfin ended up with straight bluefin--Party Boats out of Dana

we got one bluefin and three yelliwfins- got the yellowfins off a paddy by the 267

overall the tuna fleet had good fishing today- got a little crowed outside Dana and to the south

with the upcoming tuna touranments by local angling clubs it's going to be a shootout- best of luck JD

--------- Tuesday's Repots ---------------

A light west/ southwest wind at 3- 5 knts- seas still have a slight south swell very travelable -

So far a quiet day-- the life was up till sunset yesterday- whales, birds, bait up at 7- 10 off the beach- this morning-- a different day the life seems to have gone down or moved--- there is a uphill current this morning-- , bait and some good meter marks inside the 267 earlier in the day-- it too seems to have disappeared- of note the long range boats of of San Diego- Royal Polaris coming from the San Martin area yesterday --steamed uphill last night and this morning was fishing off Oceanside!---

is that right I'm reading 74.5 degrees-- thats what I've got too!

Party boats were scorring well- south off Oceanside -Yellowfin

wandered all around this morning- a few kelps with Dorado- or Yelowtails-- the tuna were not as easy to find--- till ---while heading back in to Newport 1 -1/2 to 2 miles from the jetty-- acreas of small footballed sized yellowfins up -- then down---- a run and gun type fishing- 30 over 52, 74.8 degree water- blue-- 2:45pm

59/00 seeing a lot more actitiy, not seeing the massiness but there some pretty fat ones around-- 33.00 / 117.40 ----- -32. 58/ and 117.38 -----125 lb fish up spotted by spotter plane-- 4:21

There more and more-- as you head that way ---there some 40- 60 lb grade fish right in front of you- 4:24pm

within a 1/ 16 of mile there's a 100 tons on your starboard and 200 tons on the port- -- about 15 boats length at your eleven o-clock-- 4:39

11 o-clock--- 11 o-clock there's some bigger fish-- 10 -- 8 boat lengths--- head a little left-- sinking out-- by that kelp- small breeders

Did you get that visual-- definitively some larger ones- they were in the middle of the pack they may have sunk out spooky

must be two schools-- -- just stay where your at-- -- they were on the same heading as you are--

The day slowly wore on- with the heat and humidly it's a blessing to be here on the waterfront enjoying what seabrease we get- best of luck to you if yu get out tomorrow-- today was a down day for most-- I did hear of a 131lb Bluefin taken slow trolling mackerels inside the 267- so there still the big fish around. Intersting to see the Royal Poliris came up the line and camped out for almost the entire day outside Oceanside- Check out LIVE SHIPS AIS

------------------- Monday's Reports -------------

A couple of football fields were up early-- then went down-- leaving one wondering where they went-- we got one so far, inside 14 Mile Bank-- 10 am

Bumpy this morning- wind from the southeast and a short 3- 5 ft swell- wind wrapping around the east end of Catalina Island and the swell making it uncomfortable there too-

Kinda quiet on the radio today- a few reports throughout the day-- went out to the 181-- didn't find much, any idea where to start tomorrow?-- we had our shot at them-- just couldn't get them to bite anything-- what were you using for tackle 30, 50?- we even went down to 20 - no bites- -

Whatever the reason, storm- wind- swell that low pressure system/ barometer took a dive and so did the fish- metered at 150 feet deep for most of the day-

7- 10 off the beach from Newport southwards

this coming weekend the Tuna Club of Avalon will be having one of their annual tuna/albacore tournaments-- a check with San Clemente's Island Security shows that Pyramid Cove will be open for anchorage and the area round it on Friday, Sat and Sunday -- light line only at 20 dacron-- be a challange to see which will be bigger Yellowfin or Bluefin-

------- the Wild Weekend---------------

Hey JD well we did it again. About a hr after the shot we got the 153# Bluefin in the boat on Friday. What a week weighing the 165.5 on rod and reel and now this 153.2

JD, Thanks to you for posting Pete's numbers, and thanks to Pete for making and dropping the FAD. We left DP at 4:30 am on Saturday, slow for us off San O so headed to the FAD at the 267, arriving around 10:30. Had meter marks right off the bat, shortly we had our first hook up with a 26 lb YFT on a fly lined sardine. Got back on the numbers, then I caught the one shown in the photo on a 160 gram flat fall. We got one more, a 33 lb YFT on a sardine, then the bite shut off. 3 hookups, 3 YFT, 3 very happy anglers! Thank you!!

JD- here's the bluefin from yesterday on the Kani Nalu on 14 mile bank. Thanks! Todd!

today-- not much going on since early mornings dawns bite off the Domes

Bait was around -- deep but much else after 10 am-

Bait off Newport 21/51

21/40 the Joker had a marlin hooked-- not sure if it stuck---- dont think so-

27/52 just inside that 70 degree water

Dorado and yellwtail outside 267

West end of Cat 125 holding bigger Yellowfin- not hungry--

Rain came in- chased everone off the water-- rain delay-- swell short perid coming in tomorrow morning-

Hurricane names for 2015-- Andres Blanca Carlos Dolores Enrique Felicia Guillermo Hilda Ignacio Jimena Kevin Linda Marty Nora Olaf Patricia Rick Sandra Terry Vivian Waldo Xina York Zelda

---------------------- Sat's weird weater and fishing report ---------

Stormy seas offshore San Diego calmer as you went north-- catches of Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna--abound, drifting, soaking and trolling. Dead calm here in newport 10 am- swells forecasted from the south-

Hey JD-- the phone says first thing in the morning-- we've got a 35 lb Bluefin on boats-- we're 8 out of newport -- never had seen such fishing-- tuna everywhere-- seas flat and glassy

Radio chatter leaning on the insanity level -

33. 02 / 117. 33 anyone want any tuna-- come on in--- long soak 40 lbes tunas all day long-- ( I think he was driving everyone over to another boat!)

guess what I've got next to me---- I got a swordfish next to me--- and there's a blue whale up too--- where you at-- off Dana--- need any help--- not yet-- 10:39am

14 Mile Bank-- had some nice fish too- got one and farmed another one after a long battle-- 11:14

Just waiting for a foamer-- there's a ton of bait here- from 50 to 150 feet deep 11:18

Had a bluefin hooked up-- fighting that one when the other rod went off-- dodo and there was another one following it-

East end of Catalina got a "Hanking" big swell wrapping around the end of the island-- stand by

slow trolling baits Vick hooks up-- an hour later----- came unbuttoned 1:45

A tip called in- saying they had tried just about everthing they had trying to induce a bite - 6 suid

How you doing--- we've been following you -- didn't notice if you knew we were following you--- that might not be a good thing-- yea- we're wondering around out here in no man's land--

As the rain approaches fromom Dolores- boats scurried back in- mostly wet- tunas in the ice chest and smiles on faces--

Vick hooks up again 2:05 on light tackle-- stand by-- lightening thunder rain squalls- wind picking up from the south-- - slow trolling baits and both spit it-

Found some quality yellowfin away from the crowds!! Not another "fishing" boat in sight all day. Fun fishing! KK--- Halco's, x-raps. With the mammals, and yes, backside. -------

Seas flattend as the wind died, swell starting to makes it's apearance

Hey JD-- Thx for perfect leader, Pat S

Went out on FishMe with Chris F. today. Saw tuna jumping right in front of the boat 10 miles off Oceanside. Threw some sardines in with some chum. Boom 3 hits, 1 bluefin 2 yellowfins. Fun day out in the rain. -Kyle

JD you sold my dad this glow flat fall and said good for bluefin - he got a bluefin on it today off San Ofre. Old guys rule!!! Hoose

overcast errie weather--

Good luck tomorrow!

------------------- Fridays Reports ---------------

Nice glossy seas this morning with a overcast cloud cover - the ocean and overcast sky only broken with a dark line on the horizon, building swell from the south and a small swell and wind chop from he west as the day progressed-

The Tuna fleet spread out from the harbors this morning- every harbor entrance, parking lot and bait receiver had a rush this morning- you'd have to say Dana pt was most active with the small boat fleet pouring out.

A report from boat traveling off the backside of Catalina out looking-- prospecting for bigger game-- finding porpoise and 50- 75 lb Yellowfin-- above the West end of the island not much - a few kelps that were not holding-

Outside the Domes /San Clemente the tuna fleet - soaking baits scored on fish-- one here--- there--- a bite here or there off the smaller skiffs slow trolling the mack's around

Reports of the tuna up and foaming around-- frustrating for most with no bites-

A small aluminum Bass Tracker skiff boats a est 75 lb fish-hauling it over the gunnels just about tips them over!

big fat bluefin--- 14 mile bank he said 2:31pm

scattered talk- mostly no fish or a shot at one or a sighing if fish around them- or other gibberish

scratch report filters in over the radio-- only got one about 120 all on the troll-

What was the result on that double you had---we got the one on board and still fighting the other-- what lb tackle-- 20 light tackle

one guy had three bites in the past few minutes--- 3:44pm

Hello JD, Took my son out and we found them at 8:30 8 miles off Dana Point. 1 hour bait line at 5:15 so we went with iron only. Went 2 for 5 and fought a lager model for 45 minutes - could not move him on 30lb. once 40 feet under the boat and came unbuttoned. Fish sat there and regrouped for 5 seconds before swimming off. Fish stayed up for 1 hour and it was a wild show.. Proud moment for a dad seeing his son get his fist tuna. I can die happy now.

What's the difference from a Yellowfin and a Bluefin-- all sorts of remarks- it's got yellow fins! , if the peck fin reaches its eye it a yellowfin-- if it's caught in mexico it a yellowfin--

We brought something up that's got this thing on is nose like a sword-- any idea what it is--- -- --- -- - he opens for oddball remarks-- Sturgeon-- Narwhal

JD just radioed you from the BIG G here's the picture of the 8 yellowfin and one bluefin up to 45 pounds. Thanks for the great reports.

Here's a photo of the 1st Dorado of the season for the DAC caught by Craig C. on Hooked.

8- 10 straight out of Oceanside - good morning bite-- also 4-7 off the domes

150- 200 depth marks for most of the tuna day-

warmer water held em'- Have a great weekend- JD

---------------- Thursdays reports --------

My how the week flys by-- coastal marine clouds fading away mid morning- seas fine a mix of swells light 3- 5 knts wind w/sw,

Wiki-Wiki--- calls in Hey JD we're one for one-- not too many boats around us-- seen a couple of foamers - tunas up chasing baits-- made a drift with some baits and Pat got bit- about halfway from Aliso to Salt Creek and out four miles or so- nice! 10:25am

Call from a young man this morning-- he'd been out in his 14 whaler, spotting a kelp paddy several miles out of Newport-- ( 4) using a darker colored Flatfall lure ( it was overcast) makes several casts and hooks a nice 20+ Yellowtail- - sun came out and he switched to the Glow in th Dark yellowish colored one- they wanted that one-- having caught enough- returned early in the day-- job done!

Dana Point and below to Oceanside the bigger tunas were caught- sardines and mackerels were the baits - word comes that kite fishing helped in the presentation to the spooky fish and cut up chunked sardines that didn't make it as live bait worked great- several fish caught - when cleaned had all their chunks in them!

Boats -- wandering as the course of the day goes by- out to the west of the tuna fleet it stays at 67 degrees -a few birds -- they to wandering not grouped up- feels cooler atmosphere starts to fill later today with a change at almost 4 pm today and high at 10 pm - Bait and sealife conditions are moving around--

west wind freshend after 3 pm

Inside the 267. Solo. 25lb and 35lb. Also 1 nice yellowtail. Good day

Overall slower today--nothing wonderfull for the amount of boats--

Shimano must have seem the post about no Colt Sniper - receiced in a small supply yesterday!!- for sale today- !

Hey JD nice day on the water today-10 miles out towards the 267 picked up a 15 pound class bull Dorado in my giant 13 foot Whaler Dan Salazar

--------------------- Wed's Reports ----------------

A phone call and a VHF call finding the tuna at 10 straight off Dana- puts him inside the 267/ 279 fathom bank- another call asking --Still gotten them down there---- affirmative the answer-

Hey JD you on this side we've got a Bluefin tuna --and another Hey JD bluefin- congrats- JD ! -

weather fine with the coastal layer of clouds beginning to creep back from the shoreline and a soft gentle wind behind it--

We whacked them so far, got 8 or 10 lost just as many - we're headed in-- filleting them on the way in-- 10:44am

Schools of Bluefin attacking the sportfishing party boat yesterday- leaving havoc and a 75 lber landed -no lives lost-

the tuna fleet stretches from outside Dana towards the south and the Power Domes off San Clemente -- some trolling most slow drifting with baits-

E-Mail this morning-- Hey JD, Hooked the fish at 1 20pm yesterday and sunk a gaff into,the fish after eleven pm were think 150# maybe bigger --

165.5 lbs on 50# Izor line and sixty lb Blackwater flouro for a ten hr fight!

Another E- Mail-- Hey JD this is Mike B Went out today and got a few big bluefin 5 miles out of Dana. Came on to a massive boil where bluefin and yellowfin 40-60lb were jumping 3-4 feet out of water causing hundreds of bait fish to fly out of the water. Landed some 40 lb blues and a my friend Jeremy landed a massive female dodo. Thinking largest to date of the season!!! Also found a school of hundred pound plus tuna but they dove and disappeared before and hook ups.

We just got a nice 30-40lb yellowfin we got in a blind strike out of nowwhere- still cleaning fish- be in soon-

Yellowfin 16 off the point ( Dana) they're biting-- 12:51pm

Long Days- both on the water and or land these days- the tuna fleet seemed to get quiet mid day till the later part of the day when the tide started to fill in- wind backed off - coastal cloud began to appear again seas settled very nice for a afternoon tuna soak- Baits been the key-- good healthy frisky sardines the bigger the better had the bites- mackerel had a few bites too! bigger fish ate them- bridled baits work far better for trolling then just pinning one thorough the nose holes-- they can get foul-hooked back into the baits as well as the baits do not live as well with a hook pinned through them-

Also to get a bait deep---

---------------- Tuesday's Reports ------------

Still shy of the tuna grounds in my small skiff this morning- they were out another couple of miles and being short on fuel and battery life I elected to stay over the bait on the inside with hopes of a marlin or swordfish- but nadd for me - nice day though, wind from the south picked up after 10 am - mixed small swell and wind chop - making bait at the harbor entrance a little difficult -tight to the jetties were sardines, off the kelp beds below the harbor smaller mackerel.

biters in the corner-- the fleet were scoring on the grounds outside Dana and south

Strong tide swings over the next couple of days-- increased coastal flow.

A check with San Clemente Island Security- show the island is open for Sat and Sunday-- word of cushion for anchorage- keep an eye out for south swells from tropical storms

6 7 off Abalone water cleans up a little better- couple of fish on the troll here- there--

E-Mail- Hey JD, Thought you would want to know we drove over your fad on the 152 yesterday and it is still there. We were out of bait and on our way in so we just trolled over it a few times and moved on, but it came up on the meter right on your numbers. Chris ( Note- they'r really not "my" FAD's I just posted the informations on their positions. They were put there by Pete for the general publics use with hopes that they will provide better fishing for all and they prove themselves that others my be deployed in the future by clubs, F & W etc.

THE FADS ARE AS FOLLOWS: off Catalina is the 152 spot located at 33" 14' 589 / 118" 10' 656.590 and the 267 spot is 33" 17' 845 / 117" 48' 419 , these # are very close and depending on current, tides etc, should work, Appeciate you Help, let us know how you do- Hopeful this will be the beginning of more to come

So Calif water temps- Ranging from 62 to 72 degrees- --it's warm still on the beach and cool offshore- that break from the 209 up toward the 14 should be holding a lot of bait-- maybe even a swordfish!- or two

A call comes in -- from Vick- who having caught several of the tunas over the past few days was wanting to catch one on lighter tackle for a club record this morning--- -- released 7 of them so far-- had a foamer around him for 45 minutes - whales and baits all around him- the bait schooled up under his boat for cover- which to Vick's pleasure just drop in a bait and you had a hooked up great fishing-- one fish hooked on 16 lb test line--- just went away-!-

After the tide changed the fish seemed to have gone down

we put four aboard around 9 am --about 4 straight off the headlands ( dana)

Thanks for pulling the plug--- Andy-- yea we've pulled them before--

wind picked up - freshed from the South when that cloud cover went away- -

Tides will still be strong this weekend for

Too Much Wasabi !-- whew--ee - way too much wasabi - we served up with a fresh platter of Bluefin-- caught 6, lost a few, found a paddy 7 off Laguna and soaked some baits- be patience was his advise-- we picked up one bite a 100 yards from the kelp--- then another and a double or a triple-- loose some- get some but always it seemed we'd have one hooked up --spent the better part of a hour there-- by 10 am we were done and spent the rest of the day cleaning fish and having a few drinks - having Bluefin served up on platters with way too much wasabi!!-


This weekend if your not Tuna Fishing and stay in the Bay for the 7th Annual Newport Harbor Bay Bass Open Saturday, July 18, hosted by the Balboa Angling Club. A entry fee of $60 covers all anglers (3 maximum).

The rules includeSpotted Bay Bass only with a minimum of 13”. Lures only. No live or dead bait, no trolling, and there will be no line testing requirements. Lines in at 5:00 a.m. and lines outat 1:00 p.m. All fish must be weighed in by 2:00 p.m. at the Balboa Angling Club. A 3 fish total weight will determine the winners. 1st through 3rd placetrophies will be awarded to the winners. . For more information on the Balboa Angling Club and an Entry Form for the Bay Bass Open, please visit 2015EntryForm


It's right around the corner, after catching monster sized yellowtails all winter long now into the summer months and Giant Bluefins Tunas and the Yellowfin it'll be time for- Striped Marlin fishing-- Coming this Sept 11 and 12 will be the Master Angler Billfish Tournament hosted by the Balboa Angling Club and in conjunctions will be the Great Marlin race

so gather up your club's teams and get ready!

Balboa Angling Club 34th Annual Master Angler Billfish Tournament (UPCOMING) Balboa, USA 2015 September 11-12, 2015 34th Annual Master Angler Billfish Tournament Balboa, California, USA 2015

The Master Angler Billfish Tournament, hosted by Balboa Angling Club, is one of the most prestigious and longest running marlin tournaments on the west coast of the United States and where striped marlin were first added to the IGFA Great Marlin Race in 2014. This year, the IGMR will be returning for the two-day tournament on September 11 and 12, 2015 and invites individuals and teams to sponsor tags and participate in this amazing conservation project! The sponsor(s) of the malrin that swims the farthest linear distance (the location of where the marlin was tagged to the location of where the tag pops up) will win the 2015 Balboa, USA IGMR! The overall winner of the IGFA Great Marlin Race (the sponsor(s) of the marlin whose tag swims the farthest of all in the entire race year) will be honored at the annual IGFA International Auction & Banquet in January and will receive complimentary lodging for the prestigious event. All tag sponsors will receive periodic updates about marlin tagged in 34th Annual MABT as well as a comprehensive race report about the behavior of their fish after the race is complete. In the past year, the IGMR has deployed 63 tags on billfish during 10 tagging events and since the program began, the IGMR has deployed 180 tags on billfish in 16 countries around the globe (97 blue marlin, 56 black marlin, 6 white marlin, 8 stripeld marlin, 7 sailfish, and 6 shortbill spearfish). Combined, these fish have swam a total point to poitn distance of 108,995 nautical miles and counting! There is a real need to deploy more tags on striped marlin to better understand population connectivity on a global level. The more tags we deploy, the more insight we will have, and the better we can protect the future of our sport. For more information, please visit our website or contact Leah Baumwell: IGFA Conservation Coordinator Leah Baumwell at ,


------------------- Monday's Reports ---------------

Hey JD you on this side--- yes-- Just put on a 35 lb bluefin tuna- 11:17am we're here outside laguna --- we're you on a kelp- birds?--- dolphins and birds you should have seen it-- they were leaping 3 -4 feet out of the air- traveling fast with the dolphins - we just happened to be in the right place at the right time- they came right by us!--

A plunker bite some would say otherwise-- slow drifts with a large sardine-

- -- how' you doing so far---got one blue and one yellow- 11:37am

Strong uphill current sweeping along Dana to Newport-

E-Mail this morning from Chris--

2 miles out of Dana. Wow, great day, so close to the harbor. Farley

and a late afternoon relayed report of a marlin caught 4 miles outside El Morro this afternoon by Tommy T.

And another E mail from another deep water dandy-- Chris W. There were a lots of boats out and scratchy fishing. We got one Bluefin on the trolled X-Rap just outside the fleet about 16 miles SSE from Newport off the Domes (6-8 offshore). Marked lots of tuna, tried trolling, live bait and slow trolling live bait no success.

Got a dorado on live bait under birds. Flat seas, water was 70 degrees and murky blue. Back to BYC by 1pm for cocktails. Great Sunday Funday!

So Mike pulls one out of the hat-- on the way in with improvised rod and reel tackle he spots a few terns and a bit of life a mile and a 1/8 from the harbors entrance ( newport) why not dump in the last of the mackerels he had from the morning's search and clean up the boat before heading in--- nope the rod and line buckles over and he's on with a 35 lb Bluefin-- no gaff aboard, he tire's out the fish to where he can make a quick hand grasp on it's tail-- hoisting it aboard the hook falls out and the rod and Penn Int reel slips overboard--- into the drink it goes and into the boat the fish goes-!-

I've got Fish blowing up right behind the boat-- 1:44 pm between Laguna and Dana-

---------------------- the Weekends events------------

Starting to get tropical- Stand By- it's coming--- beautiful day on the water this morning-the seas leveled and now freshen with a light west wind at 2- 5 knts -- the fleet's out!

North of Main Beach and northwest -- more blows up that way- Whales

I just put on a 30 lb'er-- we're 3 up from where we started this morning-- -- up the coast--- there's acers and acers of boiling fish, I got this one then four other boats came in and they went down-- but they're here- just pulled it in 2 minutes ago-- we had pretty cool stuff for awhile--- about 4 outside of Dana Pt. 10:32am

Massive boil came up unbelievable- haven't seen anything like this -professional whale watchers statement--

Amazing 5 times the size I've seen before and there's some big fish it it- too-

JD Ran out to the coordinates you gave off CDM and found a medium size paddy, threw a sardine on it and got hit almost immediately by a bluefin, had it on for about 10 minutes got it to the gaff, then lost it in the props, we also had a nice bull dodo follow one of the sardines to the boat, he wouldn't take it though, really spectacular showing of life, saw 9 blue whales off Laguna and porpoise mixed with tuna that kept sinking out as far as you could see, it was really amazing Robert B-- Reel-T

E-Mail this morning- -- It's Davy S Trifon's friend - Just wanted to say my Dad and I trailered down to Dana, waited 45 minutes in line at 6:00 AM for horse sized mackerel and ended up with the YFT on the flat fall jig - so many boats out today! But I got our first tuna on the Toxic Tuna (our Whaler) and can't wait to do it again - thanks for keeping your blog we read it daily

Hi JD - We were fishing tuna schools about 10 miles off the coast below San Onofre yesterday when this young great white came up to the boat. It stayed with us for a while. My son Michael took the video and picture with his Go Pro. Thought you might want to see it. Hope all is well. Gary

A phone call from a customer who- being in a four story building in Laguna Beach saying thorug their binoculats they were watching tuna jump 3 and 4 feet out of the water-- and he was on the beach! 11:50am--

We just got a triple on -- 40 lb'er in the porpoise--- 2:42pm

the line finally wore out 8lb test for 2 1/2 hours of battle looking for a woman's world record!

Hourly through out the day either a boat would talk on the radio of tuna hooked up or the amount of boats on the water still trying -no fish and some were lucky finding a foamer develop right around them- - by the lat afternoon hours the boats came back in the harbors flying yellowtail and tuna flags-- skiffs saying they went 3 for 5 before getting broken off- colt snipers- slow trolling sardines or the macks

should be a promising week ahead-

--------------- Sats's Reports ----------

Coastal clouds with high altitude clouds above- wind in the forecast later today- starting more apparent in the San Pedro Channel .

A call comes in this morning from Steve on the Honey- being polite he asks how my day was going--- after just cleaning and raking up the beach out front of the store a couple of stupid kayakers with their w/p radio blaring aware and messing up the beach left me a little grumpy- asked how Steve's day was going--he says they had just released a hefty sized striped Marlin on 20 Dacron, young angler Jake, 14 years old from Newport did a great job in his 1hr. 50 minute battle- amongst the other 150 boats that wanted to get a close up view 5 off the Power plant off San Onofree-- a 4 ft leader and a purple and black feather-- the same one that caught a Dorado a week ago!- Congrats to Steve, angler and crew!

Angler: Jake Nadelman Wire Man: Steve Nadelman (Jake's Dad) Boat: HONEY Capt: Steve Bridges Tackle: 20# Dacron on a black & purple Albacore feather and 4' leader. Time: 1 hr 50 min with Jeff Rodriguez (co-Captain) and Jeff Hartman aboard

300 to 350 fathoms off Main Beach Laguna- at least 6 Blue Whales and other types of whales in the area- one of the best shows the whale watchers had seen all year--

E-,mail Dorado- 4 off Dana -blind strike

Donny called in--JD-- We got 10 bluefin yesterday, biggest was on 20 dacron at 49 lbs, off a paddy we found at dawn below Oceanside towards the upper 9, spent some time on it-- almost ready to leave when one of the guys hooks up on a deep dropped jig-- spent the next 4 hours pulling on fish, one about ever 20 minutes, 6 on bait and 4 on the jigs- the flatfalls took two of them we also got a 25 lb Dorado- on the way back to Avalon around the inside of the 209 we came up on one of these foamers 3 to 4 ft of spray as these 150- 200lb fish erupted on the kelp paddy- we couldn't get within 100 yards from them before they'd sink out

the Mackeral Banks also had the tunas

we got one, we're headin in now-- got one on a deep drop chrom iron-

mid afternoon---- there's schools of Bluefin five miles outsie Cronna Del Mar---- 33.31/ 118.02 -3:18pm

and a phone call from Tex, he couldnt have been bette, he's 36 lb yellowtail was topped by his friends 60th birthday40er! -Happy B!

---------------------- Fridays Reports--------------------

Morning hours found a clear sky with a few coastal clouds around- wind light from the west 5- 7 knts seas have a slight wind bump to it. building

Took my yacht out this morning- made the run down the coastline - made 4 baby bonitos on the bait rigs - stuck em' in a bucket and headed offshore several miles in a light morning's chop- found some shearwaters sitting and a few kelps scattered- made a half dozen cast with he famous colt sniper lure- maybe on bump but that was it-- worked out another 1/2 mile and put one of the bonitos on the 50 lb dacron trolling outfit and skipped it along- who knows what would eat it-- found another larger kelp and skipped the bonito near by- got rolled on and the rod doubled over- an nice 20lb yellowtail wolfed it-- 50 lb dacron did it's job- --then back to work- good way to start the day-

We're trying to get these tunas to go--- off San Clemente/beach Bluefin

5- 7 off Dana the kelps were holding-- whales there too-

Now that the cloud cover gone away we can see a better image of the water temps- surprise- surprise - the only hot waters from from below Dana Pt to the 14- over towards the outer oil rigs then back to Long Point - everything that like warm water will be concentrated there-

We came up to three or four other boats that we're all hung--- slow trolling the dine's -- we just shut it down and were bite instantally we got 5 and lost five -- thought they we're all yellowfin till we got them out of the box, the bigger two of them were Bluefin- 5 or 6 off the beach-




Warning--- HB is closed--- helicopters flying up and down the beach looking at white sharks 5:15 pm

We went one for one today-- took him almost a hour to land --- on a spinning reel!-- Big Bluefin- Decker--


And another E mail this afternoon- JD We covered a lot of ground outside Dana to the 267. Found lots of birds, lots of bait, lots of krill and many whales. Fished a dozen kelps for nothing. Soaked several great sonar marks like this one, but nothing for us today....









Hey JD... the whales may be "far out" off Laguna but they're "tight" off Newport. Breaching humpback from 3pm trip today right off #2-Newport Coastal Adeventures---- Boy that would crush my boat! --JD















----------------- Thursdays Reports --------------

Almost a broken sky with spots of blue beginning to show earlier in the day- no sun to speak of yesterday on the beach today looks a bit clearer and maybe some wind on it- am wind at 3-6 kts west southwest - light swell mixed


I wouldn't call it frantic, I'd say it was hurried - the phone call this morning describing the tunas that were foaming 5 miles off San Clemente Pier- eating every jig they had- he had two 30-40lb fish aboard already and they were fighting more- -- had to go!---- like I said a hurried call-

JD - I called you from on the water this morning - . Bluefin wanted the IRON Chrome & Blue Tady A4. Hooked 4 landed two - one swallowed the jig deep and chewed off - the other was a bait fish I had in the holder as I was fighting one on the iron. Another boat had been on them for 45 minutes and killed them - lots of schools under tern 8 miles off the pier in 70 degree water. Back at the dock at 10:00 Jeff N



And another E-Mail---- Hey JD, My dad called me this morning from the ESCAPADA and said they had two bluefin onboard and were pulling on another one. They were just 3 miles off the coast working their way southeast towards Dana. Lots of yellows on kelps too. Slow trolling Newport Bait Barge sardines got the bites. Said some larger models mixed in - pulled hook and had another one chew thru #30 lb fluoro leader. Weather was flat and slight drizzle. ~Bob

- Not much else that was sent except-- 33.10/ 117.44 and a photo!

the mornings show - went down-- those who did a long soak still kept a pick at them-


EL NIÑO/SOUTHERN OSCILLATION (ENSO) DIAGNOSTIC DISCUSSION 9 July 2015 ENSO Alert System Status: El Niño Advisory Synopsis: There is a greater than 90% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, and around an 80% chance it will last into early spring 2016. During June, sea surface temperatures (SST) anomalies exceeded +1.0oC across the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean (Fig. 1). The largest SST anomaly increases occurred in the Niño-3 and Niño-3.4 regions, Positive subsurface temperature anomalies weakened (Fig. 3) due to the eastward shift of an upwelling oceanic Kelvin wave, which reduced above-average temperatures at depth in the central and east-central equatorial Pacific (Fig. 4). In many respects, the atmospheric anomalies remained firmly coupled to the oceanic warming. Significant westerly winds were apparent in the western equatorial Pacific and anomalous upper-level easterly winds continued. The traditional and equatorial Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) were both negative, which are consistent with enhanced convection over the central and eastern equatorial Pacific and suppressed convection over Indonesia (Fig. 5). Collectively, these atmospheric and oceanic features reflect an ongoing and strengthening El Niño. Nearly all models predict El Niño to continue into the Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, with many multi-model averages predicting a strong event at its peak strength . At this time, the forecaster consensus is in favor of a significant El Niño in excess of +1.5oC in the Niño-3.4 region. Overall, there is a greater than 90% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, and around an 80% chance it will last into early spring 2016 contribute to a below normal Atlantic hurricane season, and to above-normal hurricane seasons in both the central and eastern Pacific hurricane basins

.---------------------- Wed's reports ----------------------

The ocean gray like the sky above it only darker, broken paths of current or wind lines on the seas. Wind light to fair from the south-

Hey Joe - come on out we've got 5 on board now the largest is I'd guess 40 lbs- tails we got ' early clo